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Medford Mail Tribune
:iiON, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21, J 909.
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ORCHARDS, $168,Q00
Owner of Pacific & Ej.um Invests in Rogue'
LRivcr Valley Fruit GrovcWill Subdivide
and Offer it in Five 'and Ten AGre
Tracts Holds Splendid Records
JOHN li. ALtMOX of NYw Yurie rity, owner ol
till Pacific j'c ICa.stern railroad that is bcintr
cxtmided over the Cascades to an fasten,
connection, and projector of a trolley line to trav
cii- the iiivcr valley from' Ashland to
Ci runts Pass, has purchased the famous Snowy
Hutte orchard ar Central Point from IYed II. Hop
kins lor 1(iS.0U(); The sale was made hv Dr. .!. F.
The orchard is one of the best known in the val
loy and the pioneer commercial orchard of (his
Hcotion. It consists of 1500 neren oj choice varieties
of apples and peal's, IfiO of which an; in hearing,
the remainder ii younj; trees from two to four
.years old. A fine modern country residence goes
with the grove, which makes an ideal home.
Air. Allen will subdivide the orchard into five
and ten-acre tracts, which will be placed upon the
market, reserving a portion for himself. The bal
ance will fill the increasing demand of homcseek
ors for small tracts of bearing orchard, a demand
impossible to supply hithorlo.
On this tract is located
10 1-2 acres of Winter Xelis
a net yield of 1).(X)0. or
ami HiIh yonr nottuil Mr. MoiI;Iiih
$17,00". the cut Iro crop of pear be
ing hoIH ill l.'l.l'J a box In Now York
city. Many ears of olioleu Newtown
I'llipliiH nn now en route to tlio Lon
don tuurkiit, Tin total o-np thin year
will net over I 10,000.
l''our yours nuo Kroil II. Hopkins,
a prominent I'ortlituil clubman ami
Krnln broker, purcluiHori tlio orchard
for 30,00 from Olwoll lros., who
not out 100 uert'H 20 yoarH ago. 8hico
ImyliiK, Mr, 1 1 opk Iuh liax applied
lioilorn luminous motliuiW, urnfrod thn
umrofl(iilib) varieties to prof Italilo
fruit, planted now grove anil built
an elognnt country home. Tho pur
chaser secures 4 800 hearing apple
trees, 5225 henrliipt ponr trooH. H00
young npplo trees and 52C0 young
pour trow. It ranks today with tho
"lwat orchards In tho valley and tlioro
for tho bent In tho world.
Tito liii'RO proportion of Winter
NellH, Unrtlott and Comlco pears, to
aay nothing of tho Nose and Howell
potira mi tho plno, guarantee! a
groat futuro for thf orchard. With
tlio additional ncroaKo coming Into
bearing each yonr and tho rorirnft ap
ples uncli year bringing In Ini'Kor re
turns, within flvo ymrs thin orrhnrd
will lio aniiually skipping no less than
100 rum of fruit per yoar. This, In
John Sumorvillo litis wilil liis
lior hIio in tlio I'alni-NoidoiHioyor
Iiniltliug lo W. K. Wliisonanl who
ouiiio lioro ii Hliort Hme niuco i'roni
Toxiih. , Mr. Wliinminnl oitme lo Med
foid Nookkig location and fiiulkiff
ono to bin liking in tlio husiuosa oon
liclel by Mv. Summorvillo miked
wlml (ha prico wan, paid it, ndu iu
now in i()HH)Hnion. Ilewovor, iioesoa
ntrty ooiuo and bonaos may go, but
Ituiioh flUtys on forover.
IV. J, N, Coghliut of Portland,
who owiih an orchard ndjoiniiiK the
Tronson Guthrie orchard nt Enjclo
Point aud 1ms bean spending a montk
.koro, loft Saturday for hla home.
the wonderful block o
pairs, WMieh produced
per tree in 1307.
munition yltli tho fact tbat the
Snowy nwtto orchardK havo tho host
transportation facilities uf any large
orchard In tlio ralloy, with paeltlnK
Iiiiiircr pot only on the place, hut on
tho ralltoad Hwltcli an well, in.iKeH It
a certainty that the now owner ha a
hDuitniia In purchhtio,
Tho fine limine, the complete and
modern burn, packing Iioiiho and Im
plement xhedrt, together with ample
accommodntloiiri for tho large force
working In tho orchards In tho hunk-hoiim-H,
tho wator workH, tho com
pleto drnlnngo Hyutoin, moro titan oev
en mllOa of tiling being now litHttillcd.
and tho fact that Irrigation wator In
already available on tho place, uialWH
It one among tho bout.
Tlio entire oulpiiiout In Included
In tho deal, and tlu) now owiioih will
find (ho way paved for Immediate and
offectlvo work.
"I coiiMiler that Mr, Alton ban
made tho lJnt buy In tho valley,
Rtntod 9. A. Nyo, of York & Co., "and
ono that will bo Imnmiuely profit
able to him, whether kopt Muct or
tint up. Tho orchard will W Hhlp
ping a hundred cnr of fruit a year
very Hhortly. RHbdlvlxlon up of tho
big orchard lu what Is needed," and
thin Ih tho KeiieriU Huvtlment among
realty doalortt and orchardiQtH,
(Hull Trltiiiuv Hpoolal Rurvlcn.)
ASilfiANI), Or,, Nov. 20.--.Miu
fruelit &,Son, ownors of Hie t'umonh
"Peaeliblow INinuliKc" oiclinvd in
tliirf (ity, received oft'ioial notifica
tion yoHtordny Hint tliti peiioliui ox
liibitod by tliuin nt tlio A-Y-P oxjio.
nitiou had boon iiwardod tho nolo
ini'dal. TIiIh orchard haw won tho
gold modnl on ponnliot. at nvory largo
oxpoHlthni hold within tho past 1(1
yearn, oxotpt tlii St, Lorfla Louwi
nun Fair, when thoy failod to tuako,
any exhibit.
U, E. Hovor, tho nursoryman, has
Hrtld ovor four carload o ttursory
stock tills yonr nnd expoots to mnlto
It five boforo ho sonsou ond3.
hkM btifcjMt in
Great Suit to Dissolve Company in
New Jersey Won by Govern
mentWill Be Appealed
to Supreme Court.
ST. I.OIUS. Nov. Utl.:-The iiovem
iiiimiI today won the genii Milt to dih
nlve the tSiiiidard Oil oouiiaiiy ot
New .Icttv, the parent ItoekeVeller
eoromrntion of .iil(10,OI)0,OHO capitul.
Tito deeNion was uiiiiouuoed in tho
t'nited StatON eirouit eourt by Jude
Klmor M. Adaiim.
Tho ovomiHont eo-ie, bnuihl un
der tho direetion of fonuer I'resideut
Roosevelt was oonduotud by Frank II.
fCellopj. Hriooial deputy attorney jon
ornl. The only oxcuptiom? inado in
t'uvor of tlw oil trust aro in relation
lu Homo of tlio minor suhsidury eom-
panio.s, whioh wore iiaiuod ati defoud
nntK, TIioko, it in held, uro not Hourly
shown lo ho dnmiuiitod biny tho tnnt.
1.11' a ft-. .... i
iim- i.iu-i i ni .in iihjn,
Tho orders of Iho eourt, nffeeliii!?
tho nioiiHtor Itiwkofellor incorpora
tion, do not tako effect for thirty
This onM ik ono of tho most ro-
luiirkahlo in hto records of jiirlspriid
oncii. I'lio dofoiiKo wan conducted bv
Aloritz Rouontbnl, tjio fainoua thous
nud-dollnf-a-ibiy nttornoy, wtfh he
t li:LJl tA?,?IV?l.0"B Jh
;- ..F.u.W,. auvi.oojr!, 01 OW
York City.
Tho hennnga oxtonded in various
7 uvur r ; sm Ta im
..-.. 1 ...
' "'' "H"-uw.v-
(Continued on Pago 2.)
III II I I 1 1 I I I I , .
mm.m w wi iBMniimr inwn it 1 1 i r mrw ir if niii minr ri , wnwrTwn
- 1 11 1 ' 1 ' kl"
Rogue. Rises and Does Considerable
Damage No Let Up in Sight
Says Weather
"Tho wcatkor man says it
will rniti toilny nnd tonight.
At '2 a. m, tis morning throe
nnd 'JO-JOOths iiiche.H of rain
had fallen during the past -IB
hours Nearly five inches
have fallen thin mouth. If it
Roeft ovor sovon, as it gives
promise uf. doinj;, look out lor
shattered records for the
mouth of November.
. ;
v-4--f-f 4-j. 4. .4.4.4...;""' ,"ti"v.-'i ..... ii nuju. wu., mv,i
would be ever scon 1 alive agtiin.
I 0,M',, ,,,y n",,l,,s-
Old J. Plow kits certainly oiieiiud' 'ii.v lb" bhiokonod eliarrwl bodies,
the faucet and lius forgotten to turn
it off. Three iuohoa of raiu has fal-
len during the past ,ltl 'hours ami It
is stftl coining.
The storm is one of the heaviest
on record for this time of the year
aud tlio wator of the Rogue und its
tributaries aro rapidly roadiing high
wator murk. Snvon foot of water N
now going ovor the du.ni tit Oold Ray
and tint fishwiiy is entirely sub-
merged. Tjiq log boom ntNho dtnn
h.,s b,,ke., loose nnd over :i.. of tho
low ve been carried dowh stream,
T,lQ hvUlQ ItJfty lWg
not oxpooted,
4 no nuoo WUVIk ill
Tho false work ut tho now county
lride across Roruo river at Wood-
villo has been taken
taken out by tho high
(Continual on Mtg 4.) . j
Cherry Mine Disaster Has Lost Part
of Its HorrorWild Scenes
of Joy When Hen Return
From Grave.
CHERI5Y, IM Nov. 20. Like the
dead risiitf: from tho tomb, liiing: men
wore raixist from the St'. Paul niiu
here this afiernomi.
T,ho wildest scenes of joy followed.
The wives, disced as widows, aud
the children who have mourned Hie
jnpparontly certain loss fo thir fath
ers for h while, lire besido themselves
, Willi Hairiness.
I It seem almost inconceivable, too
good to bo true, for all hope had fled.
Tho fannies of-these moa had not
ll.n L.i.,l,tni,l V,,.. 1,..., 41.
burned beyond recognition, wore
hoped tor, ten mourned us dead for
seven days and nights, and half of
.tho teghth lor thorn tj rise trom the
seared tomb, still alive renly nnd tie-
("ally able to speak to their loved
ones, nns sent tno torn ami terror-
striokens from paroxyms of grief to
tlio yildest joy.
Tlio mou thought thoy had been in
their black prison for only one day.
'J'iwo bad pnssod unrecorded. Thoro
was nothing by whioK it could bo
,Wo worfl 0,y wuUjB, tf d;e
one man, "mo one cared to- try t toll
bow b"K it was. .But none of ns
bought it was more than nlny."
ttori Food With Then.
They hud sotuo food with
St. Croix Burns at Sea Near Re
dondo Believed Entire Crew
and Passengers Were
'.Vesel Passed by City of Topcka
rio Sign of Life on u
(rnitfil Vtv I-mkmI Wire.)
LOS AXGELKS, Xov. 20. It is
JbcHoved thnt -100 people lost their
lives this evening when the steamer
St. Croix of the Xorth Pacific Const
SteauiMp company burned 14 miles
north of Santa Menicn.
Los Anjjeles papers aro sendiuj:
out bulletins that the St. Croix
burned to the wnter's edge and thnt
she was beached in na endeavor to
savo her crow.
The steamer City of Topeka ar
rived nt Kedondo tonight and report
ed passinj; tho burning steamer.
Not a person wns: in sight on Mm
The ship wns a mass of flames
and the City of Topcka was unable
to get very floso.
No boats or life rafte wree in
.sight. There was considerable
wreckage flonting about the vessel.
The sea was cnlm but n heavy fog
had settled over the wnter. No ieo-.
plo along the coast had mot any ser-
The City of Topeka, after nscer
twining that there was no life aboard
tho hinging ship proceeded to Re
dondo nnd reorted tho wreck.
nit c i ii i
ine or. irotx ieu oan reuro at ;
o'clock this inorning for Snn Fran
cisco. Strenuo.iis efofrts tiro being made
to learn moro definite news of the
which sustained their lives. Put the
verv fact that tkov worn unable in
Kioto the pasage of thus was probablv
tho explanation of its lastinir long
pi'iinuu 10 save mem.
I Instead of eating meals for seven
'dny.s. they had. in this living tomb.
been satisfied with the food thnt thev.
I. 1
thought woiild hist them ono dav.
Thoy were nearly starved without
knowing it.
After thoir
ty-two had been
bioiiL'ht ti
Upeotors lit
wo tlte mine in
to return 'to the
It was not long boforo the news
was Unshod that ono hundred more
HvillL' men lmd Ihipii fnnml in fin.
other ehambdr, hnving passed Miroueli
much tho same, experience as tho first
Slail With Joy, v-
When this news was spread through
the town, already mad with joy, went
into wild expressions f exultation..
Some of those recovered may die
f romwonknoss, but.it is hoped that
(Continued oa yaga 8.)
Tronson & Guthrie's Car of Spftzen-
bergs Win Tory Them Prize of,
$1500 and Title "Apple
Kings of America." .,
Other Prizes Ara Won by Exhibitors .
From Rogue River Valley lS
Ashland Gets Prize.
( Halt TrlliUno Special SerVlcu.)
SPQINK. Wash., Nov. 20.
Tronson fc Guthrie of the Roguo
River valley are tho "Apple King
of America." Their car of Spitzen
bergs, e.viiibited at the Spokane Na
tional Apple Show, wns awarded the
sweepstukes prize of .$1500, 11 gold
medal and the tilte "Apple King of
America." Tho award is a popular
one in this city where for a 'vsok
past admiring crowds havo com
mented upon it.
S. P. Rolph of Ashland, Ore., to. I;
second prize in the ten box dtspi.-v
of Newtowu Pippins and third in the
ten box display of Spitzenbe'rgs.
J. A. Westerluud of Medford. Ore ,
took second prize for a plate dis
play of yellow Xewtowns, nmong4 12
The Rogue River vnlley has at
tracted much attention in this city
by the excellence of its displays.
Utich iniiuiry is beug made concern
ing the valley.
Pope Stmt Out.
Charles Pope of Ashland, Ore.,
was picked for winner 011 Newtowns,
but the judges failed to award him
anything because the fruit was not
tinwraped. Pojw was not given tiruo
to unwrap his fruit. Considerable
ill feeling was displayed over this
by Oregon exhibitors.
The nple shoiv. closed tonight with
a gigantic miction of the displays.
The show has bee n success in spite
of the bad weather throughout the
weoJc. Thousands have attended. .
Yuklinn is Sore.
Troiib.o has began in the npplo
show. North Yakima fruit gtmver
allso discrimination, saying that W.
W. Sawyer of Yakima .should hnvo
taken the sweopstakes with 11 car
load display of Jiunos' Golden und
allege thnt the prize winning exhibit,
that of Trouson & Gitthrio, was in
fected with "Haldwin Rot," huetiuo
of its unripo condtion while Snwyer'u
truit was porrect. Thoy attribute
the discrimibintioH to ho fact that
Oregon had men on tho board of
judges whilo there were none rfom
No Moro For Tttciu.
Tho Yakima exhibitors declared 111
an intorviow given the Mnil Tribnnn
correspondent thnt thoy4 will never
!8ond fF"'t to Spokane ngain. Ilow
levor' th0 mJortiy soora sutisfiod
with tho award given as tlio Roguo
River fruit was the center of admir
ation throughout tho week. Most of
the best curlond exhibitors aro l
sold to oastarn and foreign
markets. 1
Discovery of appfa maggots in a
(Continued on Pago 2.)

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