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A PPT 17 1C T"NTfi OTT TTTTT? VlOTJ TH1? 1,G won hy a car of Ro&,,c Tiiver aPP'cb tlijit won the sweepstakes
j. x A-JM-J AVXll V-T VX .1 A XI- vr VIL1 with fruit from all sections of America, proving conclusively that Rogue
t'ltltwl IV'm Ammm'ImI Ion.
I'll 1 1 lAHi Willi HfJMII'L
Tho only paper In tho
worlir published III it city tlio
mIxu of .Mudfonl having n
lt'iiNcd wire.
Gunboats Belnu Overhauled and
Transports Arc Fitted (or Use
at Moment's Notice Prince
ton Steams South.
France Sends Cruiser to Protect Her
People Situation Is Growing
Very Tense.
(Unltr.l J'rr.i I.eunod Wire,)
SAN FUANCI8CO, Nov. 30. The
contents of n Ioiik cipher mosBnggo
from Wuxhlngton to Admiral Thomas
Phelps, roimnnmlor of tho Mnro Is
land navy yard, nro bellovcd to con
tain orderti that may dispatch ouo or
mor of tho army transports now In
port to tho Nlcaraguan coast.
Th metuwigo, which la tho longest
official telegraphic communication
received nt Mnro Inland slnco tho
RpnnlMh-Amrrlcnn was, h not to bo
opened until Wcdnosdny, according
to Instructions that accompanied It.
At Mnro Inland and In this city It
Is rumored thnt thin In tho first ctnal
play against tho Zolnyn government.
' Tho Riinbont Princeton, stcamliiR
southward from Scattlo for tho Cen
tral Amorlran troulilo rono, Is duo to
nrrlve in this port tomorrow. It has
boon fiiiggested that tho lotiR code
" mosnngo benrs Instructions to tho
rrlncotonV commander.
) Troops, supplies nnd ammunition
.. nro ready at tho Presidio to bo trnns
l ported to Central Amorlcn nt n mo
ment'n notice, nnd should tho mos
snRo contain liiHtructlons for n move
In thnt direction, not a moment's
; tlmo would bo lost.
Overhauling flunhoat.
NAVY YAItn. PuRot Sound, Wash.,
'i Nov. 30. AntlclpntltiR ordorn from
WnshlnRton dlrectlnR thnt tho Riin-
hoat WhoollnR bo placod In commls
Blon to hurry to tho NIcnraRtinn
coasl, that ship, which linn been out
of coinmlHsfon hero for novornl years,
Is now nlonRsldo of plor No. 7 and
workmen hnvo begun ovorhnullnR hor
, Rims nnd onRlncs. Tho WhoollnR car
ries tho snmo nrmnment bh tho Prlnco
Mexico May AM.
MEXICO CITY, Mox Nov. 30.
Thnt Mexico ni)d tho United Stntcs
may net In conjunction to put nn end
to tho civil fitrlfo thnt 1n rondlnR
Nlcnrngua was tho stntomont todny of
Rennr Mnrlscnl, minister of forolgn
nffnlrs. Ho ftirthor Btntod thnt Mex
ico probnbly would Intervono In tho
ovont thnt NIcnraRiia beenmo em
broiled with nny of hor neighbor re
publics. Roporls thnt tho Moxlcnn govorn
ment would oxerclso Biiporvlslon In
tho nppolntment of n president to
Riteeoed Zelnya worn donlpd by tho
foreign minister. TTo declnred that
Buch procedure hnd not beon BiigROBt
od. Frnnclsco CnRtro, NIcnrnRimn min
ister to Mexico, todny received n ca
ble from Zolnyn denying omphntlcal
ly the rumor thnt ho hnd ronlRncd.
lie cnnflrmod MnrlscnPfl Btntomont
thnt Moxlco might bo nflked to effect
nn nmlenhlo Bettlomont of tho dis
pute Zelavn May HiiiTenilcr.
WASHINGTON, Nov. .10. Mlnlfl
tor Cnstrlllo, dlplomntln roprcsontn
tlvo of tho provisional Rovornmont of
Nicaragua todny recolved n cnble
mossngo from Provisional ProRldont
(Continued on pneo 6.)'
I . i rr -a rvrr
Judge Alfred Coiikllug t'oxc, whom Vice President Sherman recommended
for the vacancy on tho United States supremo bench, Is a native of New York,
nnd his resldenca is In Utlca, where tho vice president lives, but the federal
circuit where he presides Is In New York city. He was appointed to the fed
eral court by Theodore Itoosovelt. Judge Coxe Is the son of the Itev. Samuel
Hanson Coxo and a nephew of Itoxcoc t'oiikling and Mixtion Arthur Cleveland
roxe. lie was graduated from Hamilton college In 18IS and received the de
cree . f doetnr of laws rroni Columbia In 1POJ. From LS08 until his appolut
, 'iient to Hie federal bench he practiced law in Vtlcn.
, r-
, a
Chief Declares to Interfere In Do
mestic Difficulties of Sam Ling
Dun and His Caucasian
Chlof Shcnror averted possible In
ternational complications Monday
morning when ho refused to Intor
foro In tho domestic difficulties of
Snm SlnR Dun nnd his wlfo. 8nm is
n followor of ConfucliiB, whllo Ills
spouso Is of tho Caucasian rnco. Thoy
hnvo several chlldron nnd hnvo boon
residents of Medford for tho past
povoral months, Monday mornlnR
Snm cnnio to tho conclusion that n
little discipline, a la Chlueso. would
bo good for hla whlto wifo, bo pro
ceeded to administer it.
Tho oldest son of tho couplo flod
to tho Btreot nnd, Qjicountorlng Chief
Shcnror, told him thnt hla fnthor was
beatliiR his mothor. Tho chiof, hnv
InR knowlcdgo of tho pocullnr rnclnl
relations of tho family, nnd not do
Blrlnp to involvo tho Rovornmont in a
controversy concerning tho intornn
tlonnl qucntlonB llkoly to bo involved,
1 1 t it. k - 11... . I . 1 I ... 1 1.
loin (no yciuiiKsiern mm ii ma iimuu i
would Bvonr to n complaint nRninflt.
rj . . L L I-. ... '
snm no woum pvocoen 10 noi. dui b
oxompliflcntlon of orlontnl syfltom
wnn bo forcoly thnt Mrs, Sam could
noj nppnnr or ho had convinced hor
of tho error of hor wnya in tho menn-
tlmo, for tho roquircd wnrrnnt wnB(
not sworn out, nnd penco tompornrny
rolgns in tho Chlno-Amorlcnn house
hold. Fred II. Hopkins la BpondlnR a fow
dnys In Portland on businoss.
. 1U LIT
Flood Spreads Over Such An Era of
Low Land That There
Is Flood in Great
Duck hunters nro thinking of clean
Ing up tho guns to put nwny for tho
rest of tho season, for tho sport has
been nbout killed, and unless n
change comes uoon it will bo hard to
got tho birds. Tho flood spreading
over n Buch a Inrgo area of lo-v land
hnB 8cattorel duck hunting to tho
wlndB nnd ovon tho most optimistic
of tho trlbo of local nlmrods hnvo
llttlo hopes, of tho sport picking up
vfter tho freshets ro down for tho
winter rnlnu hnvo JuBt stnrtod.
Tho flood cr.mo nt n tlmo whon
thoro was ovory prospect of duck
huntlnR picking P. A full flight of
cnnvnBbacks had yet to nrrivo nnd
populato tho tules of tho Uoguo, al
though thoro hnvo beon somo fair
kllln on tray bands.
With ponds of wnter ovorywhoro In
tho low Bocttons nnd Uo oloughs nnd
tules woll supplied tho blrdn from
now on will hnvo nbundnuco to food
on,' which will keep them scattored.
Old Jupiter PIuvIub hnd nn nwful
tlmo Oils yonr. For tho first two
wookfl of tho Bonson ho hold off his
offering with n surprising bnshful
nosa nnd iib a result tho birds wont
olsowhero to got fresh food nnd wn
ter, Thon tho rnin bag was opened,
This brought hunting to n fairly high
Htnndnrd nnd for n week limit hngs
worn Bcoured with moro of a fro
quoncy than any tlmo previous, nnd
the huntors woro nmlllns. nut thos,o
conditions lnstod only a fow dnys,
Mail Tribune
Elaborate Plot Discovered Whereby
Bold Kidnappers Were to Make
Away With Oil
Walls of Rockefeller's Estate is
Closely Guarded and All Strang
ers Are Stopped.
CLEVELAND. O., Nov. 30. Tho po
lice today nro seeking two men, said
to have been Implicated 1n a plot to
kidnap or assassinate John D. Rock
efeller. Mcssaccs bavo been sent
broadcast advising the police of the
country to apprehend the suspects.
Tho Information was furnished to
tho police by Sawyer Smith of Miner
va. O.. who Bays that ho overheard
tho men talking of the plat at Alli
ance. O., on Sunday night. He says
that the plotters discussed elaborate
plans for doing away with tho oil
Rockefeller has abandoned his
plan of attending a farowell meeting
nt tho Euclid nvenuo Baptist church.
Tho walls of his estate aro being
closey guarded to prevent tho ap
proach of any 6trnnger from any di
rection. It is reported tho kldnapjiers wore
to hold tho mngnate for a ransom of
A. R. MLenn of Grants Pass is
anions the arrivals nt the Xnsh.
Medford Will Clash With Grants
Pass in Final Game of Season
Saturday on Local Grounds.
Next Saturday will bo tho Inst
game of football of the season in
( Medford nnd nt that time Medford
high school team wil meet Grants
Pass higliy school. This gnme bids to
bo tho best gnmo ever plnyod on tho
loenl grounds ns tho tenuis are even
ly matched nnd the Grants Pnss team
has tho loynl suport of nil the stu
dents nnd has excellent coaching nnd
lit wns only after repented efforts
that Medford wns nblo to score tho
jono field goal ngninst them in tho
gnmo three weeks ngo. It secpis im
possible for eithor tenm (o cibss tho
!gonl lino of tho other.
i Conch Hall of tho Medford tenm
said nt n recent interview, "Tho com
ing gnmo without ft doubt will bo thq
hnrdost gnmo of the senson nnd I
nm nfrnid if we do not hnvo the loy
nl support of both the high school
nnd tlio citizens of Medford thnt wo
will meet our Wntorloo, nnd dtho title
of championship which wo hnvo nl
most won for Medford will go to tho
town thnt supports her tenm. I know
tho boys will do tlioir ymrt but thoy
must hnvo support."
whon copious showors falling steadily
put too much wetness in tho marshes,
This wns tho beginning of tho ond,
for tho rocont storm took a foot about
thon and has slnco plnyod havoc.
Attornoy A. L. Honmos of Jnck
Bonvtllo wns a Medford visitor Tiies-day,
Ant A K
Orcflon Historical Society 1
nitv Hnll
I HA ItHlL !Ui
Council, After Informally Conferlng
and Going Over Finances of City
Reach Decision Rate Will
Be Half Mill Lower.
Large Amount of Work Has Been
Done But Council Sees Way
to Lower Rate.
In spite of the fact that the assessed-
valuation of Medford is lower
than It was last year, and that never
beforo have such strides been taken
towards civic improvement, tho tax
rato for 1910 In the city will bo low
er than this year. Tho council has
reached this decision after several
informal- mcotlngs and., after much
pausing over the finances of the city.
The tax rato next year will in all
probability bo 17 mills In tho city.
During 1909 the rato was 17 1-2
mills. While tho reduction is only
a half mill, still this represents much
when it is remembered that tho as
sessed valuation of tho city Is lower
and that nevr bfor has there been
a year during which greater strides
have been made for civic Improve
ment. Tho council will meet in special
session this evening.
Many Citizens Bringing in Small
Fruits and Vegetables
for Show.
While tlio fruit men hnve been do
ing stunts in tlio way of winning
prizes nnd bringing honor nnd fnme
to Jnckson county, ft few citizens
linvn been nroexossincr nloncr other
v fc
j lines, ns witnoss some of tho samples
.shown nt tho exhibit building.
For instanco there nro some Eng
lish walnuts grown by R. M. Clemens
on tho Dr. Geary fnrm on Griffon
(Creek which nro on par with tho pro
'duct of nny section of tho country
J. S. Hnmrick hns n monster sugar
beet on show thnt weighs 23 pounds,
nnd wns grown on Hear Creek bottom
soil without irrigation.
Goorgo Jnckson of East Medford
matches him with n beet of similar
sizo nnd ndds another weighing 21
pounds for good measure. These last
two woro grown within tho city limits
and nlso without irrigation.
In tho dnys before tho attention of
tho pcoilo wns nttrneted to tho grow
ling of record-breaking pears nnd np
jplos nn attempt was made to establish
, tho sugar bcot industry here, but
nbout that timo tlio orchard men be
gun to got returns, and tho land thnt
would produco good boots without
uti availablo market wns found to
bo cnpnhlo of porducing tho fruit thnt
always brings n price. It is pot
among tho impossible things, howov
cr, thnt Southorn Oregon will bo pro
ducing n lot of tho character of stuff
nbovo inontioncd ns a by-product of
tho young orchards now beiii" plant
ed or to bo planted in Jho near future,
prize at the great Spokane apple show in competition
River fruit-is the most perfect grown in any country.
Rainfall Amounted to 8.40 Inches-
Last Year It Was 2.22 In
1886 There Fell 9.07
. 1
The weather man says:
-f Occasional showers tonight.
Cloudy. Wednesday, Decern- -f
bcr 1, fair. Total rainfall to
. flute, for ; month v 8.40 Jnch.es.
TfovcmbcrIo'ofl, 2.22 laches.
November, 1880, 6.07 Inches.
When Miss November, year of our
Lord, 1909, passes out Into tho night,
making way for dear old December,
sho will go knowing that she will
loong be remembered, for while here
sho has shattered all November rec
ords for 23 years in the matter of
rainfall, she has touched tho lowest
notch In temperature of any previous
November, and has caused the old
Itoguo to act very roguish indeed,
rising to Its highest mark slnco 1961.
Tho coming of December alono is
all that seemingly can stop her from
goln? still higher, for rain is prom
ised tonight, fair tomorrow. Mon
day night 70-100 of an Inch fell,
making tho total rainfall for the
month S.40 inches. Ono year ago
.tho fall was 2.22 inches. In 1S66
9.07 Inches of rnin fell during the
For two days only did the tem
perature go down. It touched 25 one
morning nnd the city and valley were
keeping close to tho -fir, hut old Sol
soon came ou and up jumped the
mercury to 50 or 60 nnd there re
mained. Roguo river, rojolcing In tho little
Joko of November, went off on n llt-
tlo excursion of her own. Gathering
forco from all of the thousands of
hor tributaries, largo and small, nnd
calling for aid to tho snow-clad hills,
sho roso until sho was tho highest
ever known slnco 1S61. Thirteen
feet of water poured over the crest of
tho dam at Gold Ray and tho work
ers In tho powor house stood on n
floor six Inches under water.
Hut tonight Novomber must givo
way to her sister, December. And
ns Is befitting, sho promises to go
In a shower, cxortlng overy effort to
Increase hor record. Her business
manager, Mr, Weather man, says it
will bo cloudy with occasional show
ers tonight, fair tomorrow.
(United Tress Leased TYke.)
STOCKTON, Cal. , Nov. 30.
Cntehor Jnek Hliss of tho St. Louis
National League club, one of star
fMnyers who aro touring the west, lies
today at St. Josonh's Homo in this
oity suffering from n severe1 frnctuio
of tho right leg, sustained in yester
day's game with Connio Mack s Phil
adelphia' Athlotics.
Bliss singled in tho fourth inning
of tho game, scoring Mitchell. He
tried for second on the throw to tho
plato and wns compelled to slide. His
long spikes caught, in tho ground
Tonight tind Wednesday
rnin; cloudy. Monday
high, (50 ; low, 52, rnin 50. '
No. 217.
Never Before In History of Medford
Were Postal Receipts as Large
as for the Month of
Last Month Was Heaviest But This
Month Will Leave Them
Far Behind.
Never beforo In tho history of
Medford hnvo the recipts of the post
offlco been as heavy as during this
November. Assistant Postmaster
Woodford Is at work today In com
piling his monthly report, and what
ho has found so far has surprised
him. Tho stamp sales alono this
month will total over $1400.
Tho receipts from money orders
has grown by leaps and bounds since
tho largo force of men havo been put
at work on tho Pacific & Eastern.
These men send considerable money
homo to relatives.
Last month tho postal receipts
were tho largest ever known in the
history of tho local postofftce, top
ping by $200 tho Christmas month of
last year. The receipts totaled
$1906.14. Tho receipts a year ago In
October were $1517.26, while for De
comber, always heavy month, they
were $1733.49.
This month they will go over
Arthur D. Coulter of Seattle, Well
Known in Business Circles, .
Looking Over Rogue
River Valley.
John A. Torney has returned from
a business trip to Seattle and brings
with hint Arthur D. Coveter of Seat
tle, who Is well known in business
clrclos as a past master at Interest
ing capital tn new enterprises. Ho
with two other men raised $524,000
to build and equip tho Arctic club
t Seattlo, tho most olegantly equip
ped club ou tho coast. His object
hero Is to investigate tho opportupnl-
tle3 offered for the vestment of
Mr. Coultor will bo shown ovor
tho valley and made acquainted with
its many resources. Ho no doubt,
llko ninny others, will become inter
ested and aid not alono the valley,
but himself nnd friends.
(United Press Leased Wire.)
LOS ANGELES. Nov. 30. O. F.
Bnhcook, presidont of the Babcoek
Advertising company, is under arrest
todny on a felony wnrrnnt chnrging
criminnl nssnult of Mecca Bylcr, a
pretty 14-year-old girl, who is tho
solo support of an invalid mother.
twisting his log, nnd snapping" a bono
a few Incites nbovo his ankle. Physi
cians stntqd tlint it is doubtful if tho
catcher wil Ibo ahlo to do henvy work
for Itis club whon tho 1010 senson
I Ell I.V

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