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Full Leased Wlro Iteport.
Tonight anil tomorrow Knlr
-nnd warm.
Tho only paper In the world
publluliod in a city tlio Bite of
Medford having n lonsod wire.
No. 126.
14 DEAD. 50
General Grant and Regular Army
Officers Teaching New York Militia.
All of tho automobile own
era of tho city and valley aro
Invited to attend tv mooting
to ho J'old Tiiflxtlay evening
In the roomii of tho Com
uierclal club when pormauont
organization of a local auto
mobile iiKHoclatlon will bo
f-.- "rr
f-f-f 4- -H- -f-f -f 4
Medford Mail Tribune
inuuro iu :
QUELL 18 !
j,.. j-nm .j. L, ,tLl a ii , nx.j,F rrmtm ifo
x '... - sr m. y. Hml -. - P-. A-re-.
niotlnn Last Night Worst In History
of City Police Unalilo to Copo
With Situation Nc0lntlons tor
Settlement of Strike Are Sus
pended ly Mayor.
COI.U.MHUS, 0., Aug. JG.-Clovor-niif
llatniiiii today ordered thu 1'irnt
regiment Ohio cavalry of Ciiiiiiointti
and troops of imvulry and a buttery
of nrtitury into ColumbtiH for riot
duty. Tim govuruor'H ordur 1'oIIowh
wornl in tho history of tho 8 t rent car
HtWko hero. Card in many sections
of tlio city worn dynamited and tlio
police am iiuublo to maintain order.
i iiiiuiiih wiin mmiii iw uj miimtu
tlio High atrvot lianiH. A number of
porno im wore injured during tlio riot
ing, LTt riot culls woru hoiiI in and
policemen revolted uguiiiHt onion to
rido on tho cars manuvd by strike
breakers. NogolialionH for tlio nottloinonr of
thu htriko woro practically HiiKpontled
today. Tho mayor advised tho com
pnny to suspend i(8 Horvico at huii
dowu. Tho chamber of commerce opposed
tlio advioo of thu mayor, declaring'
that tlio city authorities should not
'letnporir.o with IiiwIciiohh."
Tho troops worn called on tho in
itiative of tho governor, Mayor .Mar-
hIiiiII not nuking for soldiers. '1 he
governor concluded thai tho mayor
wax not able to hiiudlo tho situation.
(Imiornl John C. SponkH is in com
mand. If tho troopn now ordered
out are not Hulfioiont to control the
hitiiation it in probable that others
will bo summoned and martial law
Fires in Wcncha National Reserve
Aro at Last Under Control Prob
ably 10,000,000 Feet of Fir De
stroyed. DAYTON, Wahh., Aug. lfi After
burning over 700 acres of valuable
timber, the fnrorit fires iu tho Wcu
elia National Ho&urvo, !1() miles eat
of here, havu been brought under
control, according to information
-brought to Dayton today by John
Church mid Juke ICeudnll. Men tire
Kt ill guarding over tho burned area
to prevent a re-Kindling of tho blaze,
hut tho threatening danger is past.
Jt is probable that from fi.OOO.OOO to
0,000,(I(IO feet of Tamnrae fir has
been destroyed by tliiH, tho most du
Htruetive fire iu recent years iu this
locality. Headquarters have been
established at Teal's place, on Aso
tin creek.
Mnnagor Doll of tho NubIi hotel
announces that that popular hostel
ry Ih to bo vonovnted, ropaporod,
reenrpotod and refurnished through
out and brought up to (Into, Tho
rooniH will bo looked after first, fol
lowing which will coma tho office
A now lavatory la to roplnco tho
proaont ono, and tho botol koop
nbronBt of tho city Improvements.
"Whllo wo cannot protend to bo
In tho eanio Claris with tho big now
botolH bolng cotiRtructod," snld MY.
lloll," wo will maintain a clonn and
romfortablo botol, and with our Bit
porb business location will not lack
for patronngo."
Mr, lloll recently purebnaod a half
Qod In which Adam was created. rlous tlmo tho Lord's neoplo aro
If His Orders Aro Obeyed Then
Every Official Will lie in Contempt
of Court It's Either That or
Leave Their Jobs Says Governor.
OUTHU1K, Okln., Aug. JG. If the
statu oftlclalH obey tlovornor HaB
IcoII'h order, lumiod todny, to inovo to
Oklnbouia City, tboy will bo In con
tempt of tlio Htnto Hupromo court,
which ban forblddon tho romovnl of
the cnpltol from Guthrles. If tboy
refiiHo to join Governor's HnRkeU'B
executive force, already at Oklnbomn
City, their offlcoa will bo declnrod
vacant by tho governor. UaHlcoIl bag
given them until midnight tonight In
which to oboy IiIh mnndato.
It In considered likely tbnt tho of
flclnlH will rofiiHo to oboy tho gov
ernor. deeming tlio chances moro fa
vorable for thorn to nbldo by tho
court'o ruling and fight against re
moval than to dlHobcy tho court.
Attorney General Went today or
dered Auditor Trnpp not to cnHb any
warrantH for expenses Incurred by tho
fow Htnto offlclnlu who nlrcady bnvo
moved to Oklahoma City.
One state official dcclnrcd last
night that bo bad declined to comply
with HanUeH'H demand on tho ground
tbnt the govornor did not bnvo con
Htltutlonnl power to order tho re
moval. Tho nupremo court has yet to final
ly pass on tlio question of romovnl.
Joseph Woiye and Family Narrowly
Escape Death When Machine in
Which They Were Riding Turns
Turtlo and Crashes into Fence.
Joseph Wolko of GrnntB Pass, a
prominent hard ware dealor of that
city, who with bla family whb mak
ing a trip to Medford In bla "Tour
IhI" nutomobllo, had n narrow escapo
Sunday evening when bla machine
turned turtlo near the Phlpps placo
on "Sticky," crashed Into tho fenco
and reduced It to a scrap pile.
Fortunately Mr. Wolko and his
family escaped without Injury, and
after nocurlng a team, proceeded on
their wny.
Tho condition of tho machluo bears
intitu teatlmony to tho narrow oscapo
which Mr. Wolko and his fnmlly bad.
It Iu complotol) demolished.
QUKIIKC, Aug. Lr. Fifteen days
in which Dr. II, II. Criimon and Miss
Ethel Lo Novo might npponl li-om u
formal order of extradition to Eng
land will expire at midnight. The
couplo will not bo turned over to In
spector Dew of Scotland Yn'rd un
til then. Two steamships loave hero
Thursday for Great lhitnin and Dew
has not stated yet which ono ho will
board to lake his prisoners home.
"I urn glad all urraugomouts have
been mnde," said Crippon today.
"You can't take mo buck soon en-
InteroBt In tlio Nash from Dr. J. P.
Itoddy. Ho lo nn oxporloncod botol
man, having oporatod tho loading bo
tol In Grand Forks, S, D for a num
ber of years.
Frantic Flcscucrers Are Endeavor
Inn to Savo Thoso Improsoned
Beneltli Men Were at Work on
Wall Which Suddenly Collapses
and Buries Many Beneath it.
TOItONTO, Out., Auk. 3fi Four
leeu men are known to bo dead and
fully fifty mora aro buried under a
fallen concrete- wall ht Mcfisenn, N.
V., according to a diKpatch received
here today. Frantic rescuers nro
trying to tenr away tho ruiiiH and
snvo thoso improHoncd beneath.
The men who were killed were
working on tho wall, which wiih in
tended ns tho foundation for a power
house. Without warning the wall
gave way, pitching forward on the
have been taken to Cornwall, Out.,
and OgdeoiiHhurg, X. Y. It is be
lieved that fully fifty men aro still
under the Ions of concrete.
Florence Nightingale, "Queen of
Nurses" Passes Away and Will
bo Buried in Westminister Abbey
King Sends Condolence
LONDON, Aug. 1G. Florence
NUIgbtlngnlo, bcrolno of tho Crimean
wnr, who died Snturdny at her Lon
don home, will bo burled nt West
minster Abbey. SIio will bo borno to
hor sepulchro In stnto cscorcd by n
military cortege This Li contrary to
onojjf her Inst requests. Mlsa Nlght
Ingnlo wished her funeral to bo sim
ple but tho soldlora of tho British
army nro petitioning that It bo made
n pageant.
Ab a nequol to tho death of tho
"queen of nurses," John Flnoghnn,
her orderly during tlio Crimean wnr,
died today. .
ThoiiBnndB of telegrams of condo
lence nro pouting In, expressing re
gret nt the death of England's he
roine. Tho king sont a personal rop
rcscntntlvo to express tho grief of tho
roynl family.
Efforts Bccinrj Made to Have Chief
Insurrjcnt Spccak in Orcnon in Bo
Half of Insurgent Candidates for
Congress Is Coming to Wash.
POIITLAND, Or., Aug. 15. Ef
fortB aro being tuado today to got
CongroBsnmn Victor Murdock, chief
liiBiirgout In Knnsns nnd rloso friend
of Koosovolt, to Bponk In Portland
tho lnttor pnrt of this month. Ef
forts will also bo mndo to have him
speak In tho First district, In which
D. F. Mulkoy, nn lusurgont, Is con
testing for tho republican nomina
tion against W. O. Havloy stand
pattor. Attornoy W. A. Lafforty, a caudl
dato for roprosontntlvo from tho
Second Oroon district, has boon In
communication with Congressman
Murdock ovor tho matter for sovoral
days, and asnln todny wlrod him,
pressing him to como hero and mnko
a speech.
Ho will bo In Vancouver, Wash,,
about AuguBt 2-t, In tho Intorost of
Congressman Mllos Polndoxtoi. ..j
lo ( things" (Matthew xxv, 21).
J'liotoa by American Preen .Vaaoclallon
Major General Krulirlck D. Grant nnd Scenes of Kncampmcnt of .Mllltla and Itcgular Army nt Plna Plains.
The citizen soldiers of New York and the New England stales, n regiment or two of the regular army and officers
from ull brancbvri of Uncle Suin'8 military service are encamped nt Pine Plains, In tbe northern part of tbe Empire
Stnto. Probably tbe moit Interesting figure among the great number of gayly bedecked mllltla officers Is Major Gen
eral Frederick I). Grant, commander of tbe department of the east, who Is the ranking oIlcer present. New drills
are being tnuclit the state soldiers nnd modern devices for wartime displayed nnd their method of use made plain.
Portable pile drivers, emergency brldgm and wlrelcs telegraph apparatus are only n fow of the new things that
the regular nrmv olllcers are tencbtug the novice
Death of Edith May Woodill at St.
Michaels Md. Possibly May Have
Been Brought About by Mrs.
Charlton Murdered in Italy.
BALTIMORE, W., Aug. 15 The
death of Edith May Woodill In tho
secluded bungnlow of "Lamo Bob"
Eastman nt St. MIclinols. Mr., nnd
tho murder of Mrs. Mary Scott Cns
tlo Charlton p.t Lake Como Italy,
nro linked together today by tho Bnl
tlmoro Sun.
Tho Sun suggests tho possibility
that Mrs. Charlton was tho woman
reforrod to In Eastman's lottors as
having killed Mrs. Woodill with n
chninpalgno bottle.
It Is stntoi that tho residents of
Tnlbot county, Maryland, rocognized
pictures of Charlton and his wlfo as
thoso of tho couplo Boon with East
mnn boforo Mrn. Woodill was mur
dorod. Persons 'professing to havo seen
tho pnrty at tho bungalow Bay thnt
tho pictures ubllshed of Charlton's
wlfo and of Portor Charlton woro
thoso of tho man and woman scon at
Eastmnn's bungalow, says tho Sun.
Charlton worked for tho National
City bank horo In Juno, 190D. Tho
Sun centinues:
"It Is possible that ho may havo
loft horo nnd cono to St. Michaels,
whoro bo mot his futuro wlfo, Charl
ton visited St. Mlcbnols four or flvo
tlmos nnd liked tho placo."
Tho bank rocords show that Charl
ton was not nbsont from duty any
business day In Juno, 190D. Mrs.
Woodill was murdorod Jnno 31. East
man shot and killed hlmsolf shortly
nftorwnrd whllo being pursued by
deputy sheriffs.
. Tho Sun rocounts tho riotous
scones at tho bungalow nn described
by neighbors and rofors to tho quick
tompor of Mrs, Charlton nnd tho fact
that sho drank heavily.
Tho coroner's Jury roturnod a ver
dict that nn unknown porson killed
(Continued on Page 4.)
Now Necessary to Rehear Testimony
at Inquest Over Remains of Wom
an Believed to Have Been Mrs.
Belle Elmore Crippen.
LONDON, Aug. 15. Owing to tho
denth of Coroner Thomas, it v.a-s
found necesnry todny to re-benr the
preliminary testimony in the inquo-t
into tho denth of woman believer!
to have been Mrs. Belle Elmore Crip
Experts testified that the woman,
in life, wns of llr. Crippcn's f'izo
nml that sho hail died after a surgi
cal operation. After three hours ol
totimony, Deputy Coronor Scbroeder
adjourned further henrings until
September 0 nt tho request of Soli
citor Newton, representing Dr. II
II. Crippen. uecu&cil of his, wife's
murder. Solicitor Williamson repre
sented tho prosecution nnd Solici
tor J. 11. Watts acted in behalf of
Mist. Ethel Claire Lo Neve, who tied
to Canada with (ho accused man . . .
Moss & Co. of San Francisco nnd
Portland with branches throughout
tho country, will open a stock brok
erage office In Medford in room iv,
Postofflco flock. Tboy will supply
dally quotations on Now York stocks.
California oil and Nevada mining
A. J. McAllister of San Francisco
Is In Medford looking after tho pre
liminaries. J. Nlsonscr of Portland
will bo local manager. '
Tho Illinois Central era ft ore might
mnko much moro money by furnish
ing information concerning the uorve
tonio thoy consumod.
French Man-bird so Far Has Made
Perfect Score in Great Aeroplane
Race in Which the Prize Is $47.
000 -One More Leg on Journey.
AMIENS. France, Aug. 15. Fa
vored by the first calm weather since
the start of tho great cross-country
aeroplane rnco LeBlanc, the "Fal
con," completed tho fifth nnd next to
the last leg of the 4SS-milo contest,
when ho arrived at Amiens today
from Dounl. Ho left Doual at 5:20
a. ni gliding lightly to tho ground
49 miles nearer Paris at 6:20 o'clock.
Aubron, holder of second placo In
tho race, took IS minutes longer to
make tho flight.
A low hanging fog hampered tho
nvclators when they set out nt dawn.
Orders wero telegraphed ahead and
in nccordanco with these Instructions
straw-stacks wero fired. Pillars of
smoke from thoso shot up through
tho mist to serve as guides for tho
aeroplanists. LeBlanc and Aubron
both flow, however, braving tho ob
scurity, of tho fog and using tholr
Barring an accident, LoBlanc is tho
suro winner of tho contest for tho
prizes, which total $47,000. His rec
ord Is considered perfect. Ho has
negotiated 421 miles through tho air
In four hours, 21 minutes and 20 sec
onds. Aubron, his nearest competi
tor, has covered tho samo dlstanco
in 11:29:58.
On Wednesday tho f Inal aerial
dash will tako placo. From Amlons
tho mnn-blrds will fly to Paris, light
ing on tho parade ground at Issy,
Just outsldo tho fortlflcatlonB south
west of tho cnpltol.
Tho race started from Issy on Au
gust G, tho chief Incontlvo bolng tho
$20,000 offored by Lo Matin u Paris
Ian morning newspaper Besldos this
each city through which tho aoro
planes woro drlvon added to tho quo
ta of prizes,
Wolmnn Is tho only American on-tercd.
Twenty-one Pavilions Housing Fruit
of Artists and Scientists of By
gone Days Perish In Flames
Forrty Persons Injured no Live
Are LostCrossed Wires Cause.
BRUSSELS. Aug. 15. Tho great
buildings of tho Universal exposition
of Berlin today form a smoking pyra
of nearly 120,000,000 worth of the
world's most priceless art treasures.
With tho approach of dawn tho flro,
which started In the telegraph build
ing and swept half tho "whlto city"
to destruction, had been controlled,
but the damage wrought will bo Ir
remediable. Twonty-ono pavilions, housing tho
fruits of artists and scientists of by
gono days, containing precious can
vasses and fabrics wero consumed.
No Uvea Lost.
No lives wero lost and 40 persona
were injured.
Tho buildings woro crowded with
Sunday throngs. Tho avenuo des Na
tions was crowded with sightseers.
The Bruxellcs- Kirmesso resembled
tho packed streets of an American
seacoast summer resort near eomo big
Tho fire started from crossed elec
tric wires In the telegraph building.
Soon the flimsy structure was ablaze
and firemen, fighting desperately
wero unable to stay tho flames. Tho
French and English buildings, fairy
palaces of latn and stucco, offored
food for tho fire, which, fanned by a
high wind, gained headway rapidly.
Troops Called.
Police reserves and then troops
wero hurrlod to tho grounds to escort
tho panic-stricken people to safety.
In the first rush for exits following
tho alarm, most of tho casualties oc
curred. Frantic men trampled wom
en and in children in nn effort to
save their llvs. The flames had
reached tho Kirmesso boforo tho
crowds had left tho place and with
tho roar of the flames In tholr ears
men and women sought to escape. In
dividual acts of bravery wero lost
In tho seething crowds thnt sought to
pass en masso through the gates. Tho
arrival of tho gendarmes and soldlors
and English buildings wero In flames
"Coney Island." Soon tLo French
and Eigllsh buildings woro In flamos
and tho flro leaped to tho Avonuo
Des Nations, licking up tho fragile
buildings that housed tho exhibits of
foreign nations.
Many Buildings Bunted.
Tho exposition practically was des
troyed, but many pavilions outsldo
tho exposition woro also burned.
Hardly had the flames died down
beforo lootors woro at work. As soon
as tho troops arrived thoy woro
Northwest Commercial Superintend
ent of Pacific States Telephone
Company in Medford Looklnu
Over Valley With Local Manager.
For tlio nurnoso of looking ovor
tho vallov outlining many improvo-
raonts in tho local system of tho Pa
cific States Tclophono company, W.
J. Phillips, commercial superintend
ent of tho company in tho northwest
bus nrivetl in Medford and in investi
gating nil pnrts of tho vnlloy novum-
pnniod by local manngor IJ. u.
Tho company bus iu mind oxIoiihivo
improvement work nnd plans, will ho
announced after Mr. Phillips com-
plotod his investigation.
1 -. IJKf
1I--W, - ft ft ftrtwnrtiiln1fii

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