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Scrnion by
chakles t.
Pnlor Brooklyn
JitincNlowii, N. , AiiKtiHt 7. I'nntor
IttiNMitll of thu Urooklyn Tabernacle
today nildrcHHed a very largo tnootliiK
of llllriu HtudfiitH In Oloron Audi
torliiin. Tint wcohIoii won it (Juuoml
Convent Ion of llllilo HtuduiilH. Tho
nudlciico wan I'ntliuati.'d at nearly
fl.000. TiikltiK for IiIh tuxt tint nbovo
wonlri, tint upealuT mild:
Thu Mule, to lio unilorMtood, tittmt
bo vlowvtl from Un own utamlnolnt.
TIiIh, ii h llllilo NtiidontH, wo nro learn
ing iiuiro n nd inoro particularly every
day. In tho piiNt wo Imvo rend our
Milton "ii-mIi1o-1ovii." Many read as
it duty; otlierit iih u Hurt of clmrm tlint
would iilnciito DIyIiiii JuhMco and
bring u Pit lm favor. Now wo nro
learning to read tlio llllile In n coin
uiou-neiiNu way, mid to uho our reimon.
log fucultlcM In connection with Itii
ntntnuieiitH and itroplieclen. Ah n con.
ROipjeuce, whllo otliiTM urn falling from
tlio fiiltli-nouio Into Intldellty Ntylel
Higher CrlllclMin and Evolution; olli
era Into fanciful wrcitlngx of tlio
Word of (Jod wo aro coming to appro
clnto tlio llllile ait the iiiohI nnfo and
mine Hook In the world. Corrwiponil
Ingly our faith In God IncreaieH-fnltli
In IiIh WlMdoin, JiiHtlco, 1-ovo and Pow
er to iiccoiiipIIhIi nil tlio good purpofen
which Im purponed In lilumolf before
tlio creation of our nice, CorreHpond
Innly. too, wu are coining to npprecluto
more than ever thu value of the great
Hedceincr itud of tho irreat nacrlttco
for hln which lie nccomplUluit nt Cal
vary. Wo are coming to nee tho truth
of what we once coutddcred poetic
UceiiMo whe;i wo wing,
"TlnTn'K a ttliltnvM In fJmJ'u mrrcy
Ilko tlio l(toiirna of Ilia mm."
We lire Hi-lng inoro clearly oh tho
dnyn go ly the meaning of the Scrip
ture which divlareH that ovenliiiilly
tho Itiileeiner "hIiiiII nee of the tnivnll
of hln noiiI anil he HiitlHlletl," We per
celvo now that the little handful of
iinlntH walking In tho Mantcr'n foot
Hteji from I'entecoHt to hli Second
Advent ami Hunting In tho "Flr.it lies
urroctlon" Ik not the end of Dlvlno
Iove for our rare, hut merely It Iks
KlniiliiU "A Unit friiltM unto God of
hln crenlure" (Jitmcn I, 18). Wo nro
now beeltiK that, according to tho Dl
vlno purponf, the catling and election
of tho Church to the nplrlt nature,
to tho dlvlno nature, mum ho com
pleted before the m-cond ntep In tho
great Dlvlno I'liiu nf Hnlvntlon tipglnn
tho recovery of tho world from win
and death condition, to human per
fection nml I'nrnillMo rentoreil
"L.t Dead Dury Their Dead."
No Itlhle tople require more careful
dlHcrlmhiiitlou In Iih hi inly tliuii deed
the Miliject of death. Thin In mainly
heeaUHo of the general confusion of
mind which eniiie upon Clirlxtoudnin
during the long eeuturlei of the
Cliurch'H comparative dnrl.noHi, when
lllhle.i (the Lump of Cod upon the
ChrlHtlau'ri path) were m-nrcc, and
when few could rend tlio trtillm of
prlcelexx value, that wero chained to
lecteriiH. In eouHeueuco of this con
fiiHlnu wo hear Intelligent people talk
Ignnrniitly and Htupldly respecting
dentil. They make confusion woruo
coiifouiided by telling iih of Adnm'H
Nplrltual death and discussing "nut
untl" death mid "the death that never
dleM," etc., etc.
To got tho Hlblo view of death wo
need to hruxh nwuy niicIi foollHh hub
bllngn mid eonllno ourHelvcH to llllilo
language nml thu rational thought con
nected therewith. For Instance, ac
cording to thu lllble, there Is no "nat
ural death"-lt In not natural for man
to die. It Im according to the Hlblo ar
rangement mid uiiiu'h nature that he
Hhould live-live eternally, iih do tho
migcltf. If obedient to tho Dlvlno com
imimli. Death, therefore, Is tho un
natural thing! Do wo think of iingolx
iih dying, mid of heaven iih tilled with
cotuutcrlcHY Have they doelora and
uiidertakerH (hero? Surely not! Yot It
would ho Jintt iih proper to Hpenk of
natural de.ilb umougHt the migelH iih In
respect to men.
Tho term Hplrltuul death ho frequent
ly iiHcd respecting Adam and hln full
Is wholly uiiHcrlpturul. No mich ex
pression Ih found In tho Illhlc; neither
Hiich u thought. Adam could not dlo
ii Hphilunl dentil, Iicciiiiho he wiih pot
u Hphit being. Mo wits an earthly ho
lug not mi migel, hut u num. Ah the
SciiptureH deelmo of Adiun, "Thou
inndcHt hlin a little lower than tho mi
gelH; and erowuest him with glory and
honor, and dldnt net him over the workn
of thy hands"! "over the beiiHtH of
tho Hold, tho Huh pf tlio ncii and the
fowl of tho air" (IlehrowH II, 7; l'milin
vlll, r, (li.
It Ih, therefore, iihsurd for lia to
coutlnuo longer to Hpenk of Adam dy
ing a Hplrltuul dentil, while admit
ting that he wiih not n nplrlt being
It wiih Hlmply tho inaii Adam that
died. IIIh death, however, did include
tho gradual pioeeases of decay, tind
ii (Tee till not only his Iioiich mid laun
ch's, hut iiIho IiIh hraliiB IiIh every
mental mid moral quality, Tho huh
tenco, "Dying, thou slnilt die," took
hold of him iih mi entirety; hence
wo tlnd, iih the Scriptures declnro,
that there is "none rlghtoouu; no,
not one" uono meiitully, morally or
phyHlcnlly right. All huvo binned,
All come uliort of tho glory of
God In which Adam was created.
"For lliii tiiiwi w (he Coipcl piriclinl
!ki In litem llml are ilraJ, lint llicy tnilil lie
judjrd acnfilin lo mm in llio rVilii IajI alive
according to Cud in the iinl"(l Pdcriv., 6).
' OOO1"'1'1""1 9"9'''t 9 Q
From the moment of dlHohcdlcnco mid
Dlvlno condeiiimitlon Adam mid hln
nice Imvo been Judicially dead mid
gradually going down, down, down, In
degradation mid Into tho tomb,
HiK'iiklng of tho dying race from tho
Judicial ittnndpolnt our Knvlor called
them all dead. lie dechinW that none
Iiiih oven u reckoned life, except unci)
iih by faith accepted him iih their Life
giver Bnvlor. IIIh wordH are, "Ho
that bath tho Hon hath life; ho that
hath not tho Kon hIiiiII not nee life;
hut tho wrnth of God ubldeth on hi in"
(John III, ,10). Hpeaking to ouo who
believed on him tho Kuvlor kuIiI, "Let
tho dead bury their dead"; go thou
mid preach tho Gospel (Matthew
vlll, tr.'), From tho right Htnndpolut
IiIh meaning Ih evident. Let tho dead,
tho condemned mid legally dead world,
look out for IIh own uffnlni. You be
come one of my followen and carry
my mcHHiigo of life and hope to iih
many iih have earn to hear!
"Dead In Treipaiati and 8ln,"
TIiuh tho whole world of mankind
through heredity, through Inherited
weaknesses, through participation In
tho nentcnen that came upon father
Adam Justly, are nil Judicially dead In
trespasses mid In hIiih not one of tho
men Ih worthy of eternal life upon tho
only terms mid conditions which God
can offer namely, perfection, and obe
dlenco to tho Dlvlno standards.
.Ichum preached the Gospel amongst
those Judicially (lend through trespasses
mid hIiih. A few had thu bearing ear
mid accept isl the good message uud
gave their hearts to God mid accepted
tho terms of dlsclpleshli to walk In
tho Mnsier's footsteps In tho narrow
wny faithfully unto denth willingly
offering, Hiicrlllclnlly, their little nil In
tho Hervlco of God, IiIh Truth, IiIh
rlglitooiiHueKH, IiIh people. These few,
na wo have een, tho Knvlor recog
nizes ns having life tin having "pnsned
from death unto life" (.lohu v, 1! t);
novcrtholoHH their change wnn only a
legal one. Actually, according to tho
flesh, they weru still Imperfect, fallen.
dying. Hut by Dlvlno urrmigemcnt
their new mliiils. their new wIIIh, wero
ncccptcd of God In Christ mid their
llesh ignored ns dead, mid they wero
begotten by God of tho Holy Spirit us
Now CrcnluroH mid beenmu hoiih of
God. Ah hoiis, they were free from
nil tho previous condemnation that
came upon them iih membcra of
Adam's nice freed through the Impu
tation of the merit of thu Iledeemer'H
sncrlllce applied on their behalf. Thus
they attained the liberty of tho sons
of God freedom from nln-condcmnn-
tiou. So wo read of them:
"Ho came unto IiIh own (nation
Jews) mid his own received him not;
but to oh many iih received him, to
them gave ho power (liberty, privilege)
to become soim of God oven to them
that believe on IiIh iiiiiuo (IiIh greatness
n Messiah), who wero begotten not of
tho will of the flesh, nor of innn, hut
of God" (John I, lit).
A Htmllai' procedure lias been in prog
ress throughout all this Gospel Age
from Pentecost until now amongst tlio
world of mankind Judicially dead. It
has reached ti considerable number;
but not many great, however, not
many wise, not many rich, not many
noble, not many learned, chiefly the
poor of this world and tho mean
things, the Ignoble things (I Corin
thians I, 2().'.'S).
"Wo Aro Saved by Hope."
Whllo Hponkiug of believers begot
ten of tho Holy Spirit and Now Crea
tures In Christ Jesus us having passed
from death unto life, tho Hlblo, with
equal ospllcltuess, tells us that the
resurrection of the mind, thu will, of
the Now Creatine, Is not tho comple
tion of his salvation. Ho Iiiih received
a great blessing, a great salvation;
hut whnt ho now enjoys Ih merely u
foro-tnHto, un "ouriioHt," or hnnd-pny-ment
of thu gient blessing which ho
will receive eventually, If faithful to
his Covenant unto death. Tho fruition
of tho hopes of tho New Creation will
ho attained In the end of this Ago lit
the Second Coming of tho llodoomor.
when hu conies to set up his Kingdom
In power mid great glory for tho bless
ing mid salvation of thu world, when
"every kneo shall how and every
tongue confess" (Psalm vl, 23), The
Scriptures point tho New Creation, the
Hotly of Christ, tho "saints," the
Church, to that Illustrious day ns the
tliuo when they shall experience their
glorious change from earthly to heuv
tidy conditions when In a moment, In
the twinkling of mi eyo tho resurrec
tion power will lift theiii wholly out
of earthly conditions to tho perfection
of tho "Divine Nature,"
Describing this "First Itesurrectlon"
of tho saints tho Apostle suys, "It Is
sown hi dishonor, It Is raised in glory;
it is sown in weakness, It Is raised In
power; It Is sown u natural body, It is
rnlHCd a spiritual body" (I Corinthians
xv, -111, -II). Ilesptvtlug this glorious
:onsuinnmtlon of the hopes of the
Church, thu Apostle declares It to be
tlio end of our fiilth. tho salvation of
our souls-"tho grnco (salvation) that
Hlinll bo brought unto you ut the revo
lution of our Lord mid Savior Jesus
Christ" (I rotor I, 111). For that glo
rlous tlmo tho Lord's pooplo nro lo
wnlt pntloiilly, realizing Hint, iih New
CrenturoH, they nro being tested by thu
weaknesses mid frailties of their old
bodies reckoned dead. Thuy nro to
show their loyalty to God by lighting
u good light ngnlliHt tho weaknesses of
tho ilcsli, against tho allurements of
tho world mid tho snares of tho Ad
Tersnry, Thle Light Upon Our Text.
Consider now, in tho light of the
foregoing, tho moaning of St. Poter'H
tfkt-ilu iiujmI tiu tnt 4ftrt ll'n twitil fit
ITU I lH linVU n WIJ( IUAII II V 'VI.,-'
how tho Gospel messngo from Unit to .
Inst linn been preached to u (lend wor.d
to a world under sen I unco of death- .
to n world dead in trespasses and In i
sin mid unworthy of Dlvlno notice. I
Tho message linn not gone forth to
ovury creaturo yet. Tho Dlvlno pro
inlso Is that eventually every eyo shall I
rico mid every ear shall bo unstopped,
mid then "tho knowledge of the
Irri shall nil the whole earth" nml
"every kneo Hhnll bow mid every
tongue confess." Hut that will be
during .Messiah's Kingdom nf right
(HjiisncHH, which will Inst for n thou
sand years for tho world's uplifting
That tlmo has not yet come, licit' e
that glorious message which all must
hear and those glorious sights which
nil must see mid nil confess are not
yet revealed. As yet the messngo can
he appreciated only by n comparatively
small proportion of our race, "oven as
many as tho Lord our God shall call."
Tho Itedeemcr says that they must
not only be thus "culled of God," but
that they must bo "drawn" by him, In
order to be blessed during this Age.
Ho snys, No man can coino unto me,
except tho Puttier which sent mo draw
him, mid lie that cometh unto mo (thus
drawn) I will in no wise reject (John
l, II, 37). For theso few of the dead
world the Gospel In thu present time
Is Intended. No others have thu ear to
hear. Hut whllo those who hear are
few In comparison to tho inllllous of
thu world who do not hear, neverthe
less they are many in comparison to
tho still fewer who accept tho call un
der thu conditions mid limitations of
the narrow way of sclf-sucrlllce.
"Many aro called, but fow chosen" to
this high calling of Jolut-helrshlp with
the Itedeemcr In his Kingdom.
Hy mid by when all eyes and cars of
understanding shall he opened and the
blessing of the Uml through Messiah
shall lie world-wide. It will not be
merely a calling to righteousness that
will bo extended. A command will be
enfon-ed by disciplines, "stripes," "cor
rections In righteousness," to the In
tent that the "dead" world In general
may bo blessed mid bo resurrected
lifted up. up. up, out of sin mid death
conditions to the human perfection be
stowed upon Adam mid his race In
creation. Only the unwilling mid dis
obedient will dlo the Second Death,
from which there will hu no redemp
tion, no recovery.
Live In Fleth and In Spirit.
Those who hear tho Gospel mid ac
cept Its terms of consecration unto
(loath of the flesh nml are begotten of
the Holy Spirit as New Creatures,
"partakers of the divine nature." have
so to speak, a dual existence from the
time of their begettnl of the Spirit.
From God's standpoint they nre New
Creatun-s begotten to the divine na
ture, which. If faithful, they will fully
obtain In the "First Resurrection."
Yet according to all wurldly concept
of the matter they nro still human be
ings, very much the same ns they were
prior to their consecration and Spirit
begetting. The world may. Indeed, bee
certain changes more or less radical In
their conduct mid words, but. like as
not. these will uppoar to the worldly
merely as fads, fancies, eccentricities.
Perhaps, Indeed, ns In the case of St.
Paul, they may tie considered ns "he
sides thoui'uivos" mad. Hence, as the
Apostle declares, "Tho world knoweth
us not, oven ns It know him not"
(I John III, 1). The world did not
know Jomis to bo begotten of the Holy
Spirit, the Son of the Highest, etc..
nor does tho world yet know thnt he
Is highly exulted ut tho Father's Itlght
Hand. So also It Is with tho followers
of Jesus. They similarly Imvo re
ceived n Spirit begetting mid, similar
ly. In due time, nro to experlenco the
glorious clmnge of tho "First Itesur
rcetlon" mid bo perfected on tlio new
plnne of the dlvlno nature.
Judged of Men Judged of Qod.
Note again tho Apostle's words re
specting theso Spirit-begotten follow
ers of Jesus, the "llttlo Hock," who
wnlk In his footsteps of self-sncrillce.
Ho snys that theso will bo Judged ac
cording to men In the ttesh, but ac
cording to God in the Spirit. Men not
knowing us us Now Creatures in
Christ limy think of us and approve or
condemn us they would think of mid
npprovo or condemn others accord
ing to the flesh. Tho world will not
seo that In theso Now Creatures there
Is a bnltlo In progress tho Now Cien
turo seeking to conquer tlio llesh and
to bring It Into subjection to tho Dl
vlno will, but not always able to do so.
All wo can do Is to do our best,
whether our best shnll bo as good ns
or better than that of our fellow
c rent ii res who aro not Splrlt-bogotton,
hut who may bo less depraved by na
ture nobler by heredity. Our con
solution us New Creatures Is that we
are not to be Judged by human judg
incut, but by liini who culled us and
drew us to himself, who hnuctllled us
through the blood of the Cross, mid
who begat us with his owu Holy Rplr
It to his own dlvlno nature. He will
Judge us according to tlio spirit ac
cording to our minds, according to our
Intentions, accoidlug to our efforts, To
tho faithful who at heart aro overcotu.
ers the Lord eventually will suj. "Well
done, thou good and faithful servant!
Rnter Into the Joy of thy Lord. Thou
hast been faithful over a fow things;
I will make tlico ruler over many
thliiKs" (Matthew xxv, 21),
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afatawiJffeg irfii irr.lrmr'ffiar nViti 1 1 ilitfiMn irf,ii

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