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Portland Peach Market at the Open
Inn Liberally Supplied With Fancy
Fruit Fair Prices Prevail for all
PORTLAND, Or Aug. 1C Tho
w'ock opened with a good general
trade in tho fruit market, with
peaches naturally the most active fea
ture. Dealers reported that thero
were nil of flvo carloads of Oregon
peaches on hand at tho outset, and
further express shipments enmo In
during tho day. Most of theso wero
Crawfords, which in all respects are
considered tho best that como to the
Portland market, and they camo from
all tho poach growing districts of tho
Tho heaviest shipments were from
tho Ashland district, and reports
from there today aro that this week
will very nearly finish the movement
of Crawfords from that point. From
The Dalles and various parts of the
"Willamette valley thero will bo offer
ings of Crawfords all of this week
and probably all of next, but dealers
say this will in all probability be tho
biggest week of the season in the
movement of Oregon Crawfords.
Following tho Crawfords will como
tho later sorts, Muirs, Elbertas, Sal
ways and others, so thero is little
danger of tho peach season coming
to an end soon. From this time on
California peaches will be a small
factor In tho local market.
On the street today the best Ore
gon Crawford3 were quoted at GO to
75 cents a box, but sales ?.t 75 cents
-were limited. Some dealers for the
time reported G5 cents as the top.
Peaches more or less off In size and
quality sold at 35 to 50 cents. Buyers
were much In evidence on the street
In the morning and Immense quanti
ties of tho fruit changed hands.
Grapes wero slightly easier, the re
sult of fairly liberal offerings and a
restricted demand, the interest in
peaches for the time overshadowing
other lines. Malagas, Muscats and
other sorts held at 75 cents to $1.25
a crate.
Other fruits also, and for the same
reason, wero more or less neglect
ed. We
Spanish Steamer Sinks in Collision
and Heavy Loss of Life Follows
Fog Retarded Work of Rescuo by
Other Ships
MADRID, Aug. 1G. Thirty
Two passengers nnd seven of tho crow
of the Spanish steamer Mortos wore
drowned today when tho ship sank
near Tarlfa Point, after a collision
with the German steamer Elsa. Heavy
fog enshrouded tho vessel, causing
the accident and preventing tho crow
of tho Elsa from saving many of the
Mortos passengers or crow.
Man Has Bride Arestcd
Denounced by her husband to Re
servo Policeman McClnnaghan at
Broad and Filbert streets, Mrs. Ma
rie Haurj't 19 years old, a brldo of
nine months, was arrested on the
chnreg of stealing $20 and a gold
watch from her father-in-law, Chris
topher Haury, Sr., of 1020 Wolf
street. The husband showed a note
which he said his wife had written.
Tho writer declared she had another
husband living.
Haury said that ho and tho girl
were married secretly, but that his
father took them into his home. Ho
declared that his wife has left him
several times. "When his father camo
tho woman had left, and ho missed
$20 and a gold watch. Ho sworo out
a warrant for her arrest before Mag
istrate Hughea.
Mrs. Haury went to seo her hus
band in an effort to induce him to
take her back, he said, and go with
her to Washington. He told her to
wait and led her to Broad and Fil
bert streets, where he had her arrest
Minnie A. Xetherland vs. Samuel
G. Xetherland; divorce. Colvig &
Reames, attorneys for plaintiff.
F. L. Tou Velio vs. John K. Allen;
action to recover money. Gus New
bury attorney for plaintiff.
State vs. Antoino Dupray; trans
cript from justice court at Big Butte;
selling liquor without license.
Make a Specialty ef:
Finest Job Printing Establishment in Southern Oregon.
We Carry the Stock and Employ the Mofc Skilled Printers, Enabling us to
Furnish Perfect Printing on SHORT Notice
Call and see samples of work and get our prices
We Print That Universally Read Daily, The
to 2,600 Homes in Medford and the Valley.
Jealousy Prrompts Man to Shoot
Fireman on Docks In Portland
Asks to See Victim and When He
Comes Shoots.
PORTLAND, Or., Aug. 1G. Aur
11s M. Richardson, a barber, was
charged with murder today follow
ing tho death of Jesso C. Halo a
fireman, who Richardson killed' in
tho sight of a halt dozen men at the
entrance of tho flroboat headquar
ters on tho East Washington street
Jealousy Is said to have prompted
tho deed. Richardson is married. Ills
wife witnessed tho tragedy from a
position a short dlstanco from tho
entrance, where sho had stationed
Richardson called at the ttreboat
headquarters and asked to see Hale.
When the fireman walked to tho en
trance tho barber pulled a 3S-callber
revolver from his pocket, and at a
dlstanco of four feet sent four bul
lets into his victim's body. Mortally
wounded, Hale was taken to a hospi
tal, where he died soon afterward.
MISSOULA, Mont.. Aug. 1G. Cer
tain that the man was murdered,
county officials today began an In
vestigation to ascertain tho Identity
of a body which was found sowed in
a gunnysack on the Zimmerman
ranch near Bonuer yesterday.
The body was found in an aban
doned outhouse. Tho arms protrud
ed from the seams of tho sack.
Tho coroner and county attorney
have left for the scene.
Quake Is Felt.
MUTIERES, France, Aujr. 10. A
severe earthquake was felt here to
day but no damage was reported.
For a time the population was dis
auited. Order, however, was soon
With Home Sweet Home They Brliifl
Tears Many Attractions Aro
Promised at tho Din Show of Bar-
num & Bailey.
A herd of elephants playing real
music on brnsstmml instruments is
one ot the surprises ot tho Barnum
mid Bailey circus on Monday, August
'JO, nt 10 a. ni., will visit Mcdford
in one performance only.
These elephants do not mako mere
noise. They play. Their repertoire
comprises u half dozen old songs
that juverbody knows. Tlioy piny
"Home Sweet Home" for mi encore;
not as skillfully, perhaps, us Sousa's
baud, but a least so that the merest
child can recognize the air.
They play n big mnrch unmoor
with roal ginger. The drummer uses
his tail instead of the conventional
buckskin stick. They march around
the arena with the regular and pre
cise step of soldiers. A chorus of
graceful young women works in con
junction with the elephants, greatly
to its attractiveness. The perform
ance is the most striking novelty
in animal acts ever introduced in a
circus ring.
Another trained animal specialty
that is making a strong appeal is
presented by a company of Hungar
ian stallions trained to perfection.
Kurropo cnlis it the greatest horse
act in the world. Tliey form brig
ades, pirouette nnd executo all the
intricate figures of a long-drilled
comic-opera chorus. At tho conclus
ion of this the ring is set like a stage
to represent n roadside inn. A big
white nuimnl is the landlord. Anoth
er horse arrives for supper nnd a
night's lodging. The tavern keeper
lays n smoking feast before him. The
diner hns recourse once too often to
n big black bottle and goes to sleep
in his chair. The landlord wakes'
lum nnd helps him to his bed. Morn
ing comes and Mine Host rings the
breakfast bell. Hut the guest re
fuses to get up. The landlord then
takes him by the car nnd drags him '
out. The boarder starts a row and
a third horse, dressed as a county
constable nrrcrts the disturber.
Charlie the First easily tokes fir-t
nlnco among the nhitnnl actors He
is n ohinipiuior.o, liul ho is tho liont
uorohnt mid bicycle rider in tlio
world, llo (loot! nit not on onu of Iho
singes without any direction, .lupl
iter, tho noronout horse, taken n title
,iii n balloon and shoots off fireworks.
jTlio thriller extraordinary is Dospor
l mlo's uuul leap. Ilo plunges from
the dome of tho lent to (ho ground,
lighting- upon his uuprotlootod chest.
Other novelties tiro offered liy Vic-
K" FT'Jur h,K!7'lr
urtitst in tho world; the Konyot tuui-
1" of eipiestrinns, from (loriimtiy;
.the I in Fnl llo hrotthors, from Franco,
the world's strongest men; tho Not lio
I '"'M l,,P".V of wire dancers, tho
! J,orc,,i, f"Hy of acrobats, tho
i'KM'iiiui iiwiuiy oi riuors, tlio
Siogrist-Silbon company of norilisls,
ttlio Ahreu family of Mexican norro
bats, tho Dollar family, tho seven
famous l'atty-Franks, Paula Tutors'
monkey and dog comedy company,
and the fifty funniest clowns in tho
In tho tuoiiiigorio is the greatest
zoological surprise ever spriingg on
the American public. It is U only
Imby giraffe horn or exhibited in
America. It is just three feet in
height. Its mother is twenty-two
foot tall. The morning parado is
the greatest street spectacle ever
devised by a circus. It cost over
Ilrcuthc Ilyotucl for Two Minute and
Stuffed Up Head Will Vanish.
If you want to go rollof from ca
tarrh, cold In the head or from nn
Irritating cough In tho shoreat tlmo,
breatho Hyomol (pronounco It Hlgh-o-mo)
It will clean out your head In two
minutes and allow you to breatho
freely awako or asleep.
Hyomol will euro a cold In ono
day, It will rellovo you of disgusting
snuffles, hawking, spitting nnd of
fensive breath in n weok.
Hyomol Is mndo chiefly from oucnl
yptol, a soothing, healing, germ kill
ing antiseptic, that comes from tho
eucalyptus forests of inland Austra
lia, whoro catnrrh, asthma and con
sumption wero never known to exist.
Hyomol is pleasant and oasy to
breatho. Just pour a fow drops Into
tho hard rubb-r Inhaler, uso as di
rected and euro Is nlmost cortaln. ,
A complcto Hyomol outfit, Includ
,nK lnlalor nnd one bottlo of Hyomol.
costs only $1.00 nt druggists ovory
where nnd nt Chas. Strang's. If you
already own an. Inhaler, you can got
an extra bottlo of Hyomol nt drug
gists for only 50c.
A Chanco to Secure Your Choice of Hluhost Guaranteed Pianos at
Mlnhty Small Prices.
When pianos good oiiosuro ob
tainable at u dollar a week, and
when thu costliest of liighost-giiulu
piuuoH usually selling for $rr0, aro
to ho had for loss than LTio a day,
and when such pianos in addition to
being sold on such easy limns are of
fered ut tremendously reduced prices,
it is no wonder that yesterday wit
nosed tho biggest piano-selling rec
ord ever niiulo in Mcdford.
Although wo hnvo received u now
shipment of pianos, it will not take
very long to dispose of our remain
ing slock, at tho rnto pianos wero
going Inst week.
Wo aro noted for always furnish
ing tho licit for tho money. "Tho
very best of everything ut tho prioo
that's right." A call of inspection
mid investigation on your part will
convince you that pianos good mien
dcKJudublo ones tho kind that
everyone loves and cherishes, wore
never heretofore, obtainable at such
low prices, nnd, what is more, on
such wonderfully little payments.
Itcmcmbor, Mr. Piano lluyor, that
wo are in n better position than any
other concern on the const to make
you "the price that's right," nnd pay
ments lo suit your convenience.
Think of thu thousands of pianos
wo buy yenrly. Over forty largo
stores of our own mid any number of
dealers whom wo supply nt whole
salo. Thero is no modern economy
known that wo do not take advantage
of in order that wo might give bolter
value and better satisfaction to our
patrons. Huying nnd shipping by
"our special harness system," in Ire
mnudous quantities, factory inspec
tion of our pianos by oilr expert rep
resentatives, who aro constantly In
tho east, a binding guarantee with
every piano sold, a corps of export
tuners nnd regulatory all these have
contributed toward making tlio big
following we now have and making
our busiues what it is.
There is hardly a piano of any re
nown whatever that cannot bo found
either in our retail stor or on our
floors in our inuuciiHO wholesale
House. I hero is not n mnuuliiotuivr
who does not realize the importance
of placing bis agency with Kllors
Music House And the miinufuolui
oi'M have good reasons for wanting
to place their iriiiuus with us. "For
do wo not sell us many pianos as miy
throe largo stores on tho coast T
Think of it, Mr. Piano Purchaser.
Over fifty-five of tho world's load
ing makes are carried in stock at nil
times. From America's oldest and
supremo tho grand old Chiukoring
to tlio genuine Autopinno the Intent
creation-there is scarcely a name,
well favorably known to the piano
trade, that does not find representa
tion in Kilcrs Stores, Tho Kimball,
tho Lester, the Smith & llarucs, tho
I.eland, tho Ltiwsou, the Haxcllon.
the Deckkcr, the Schumann, the
Hobart M. Cable, tho Hallel & Davis,
the Marshall & Wendell all theso
and many others are significant of
piano excellence.
Our Great Demonstration Salo Posi
tively Closes In ono Week.
Our success in this great sale has
gone far beyond our fondest hopes.
Wo fully expected to sell a great
many pianos during this sale, but
never did wo dream that wo would
dispose of tho groat number of pi
iiiios which have been sold to homes
in mid around Mcdford. Realizing
that a great many people have not
hud the opportunity of calling ut our
temporary store (at Week' & M.'
Oownn's Store,) we have ordered ami
will receive Monday another ship
ment of high grade pianos, which
wo must dispose of by August 'JOlh.
Re sure nnd call early. Como
while you enn get a good selection.
Kvery piano must go. Nothing re
served, nothing held bnck. If you
cannot call, write us and wo will
have our representative call on you,
giving you prices and terms.
Kiler's Music House, located with
Weeks & Mcdowan Co., Medfoid,

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