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Medford Mail Tribune
Hank clearings today wero
Fair llnr. ill. I; Max. 77
Mln. ill; Menu. 54.
No. 6.
Flagrant Violations of City Ordi
nance Providing for Equipment of
Buildings With Proper Apparatus
Am to Bo Presented by Officials.
Frame Apartment Houses Are Fire
Traps Doors of Work Shop
Locked On Saturday.
LOS ANGELES, Ciil., March 2!).
As ati uftennuth of the Triangle
shirtwaist firo horror in New York
Saturday last, seven arrests were or
dered today by Building Inspector
Backus for alleged flagrant viola
tions of the city ordinance providing
for the equipment of buildings of
various clashes with proper appa
ralus for i'iro protection. The war
rants issued were for owners of
frame apartment houses, and Backus
declared (hat ho will proseeuo every
property owner in Los Angeles who
is violating the city ordinances con
trolling the protection of human life.
Firo Chief Ely, discussing the lo
cal situation, said this afternoen:
"I have been fighting for more
fire escapes nnd I am going to keep
on fighting until all of our buildings
of every class arc properly equipped.
There are many frame apartment
houses, particularly in the hilly dis
tricts, that well, God help us if
they ever catch fire."
NEW YORK, March 2. District
Attorney Whitman today examined
,lf() witness most of them survisors
of Saturday's fire, when 1-13 lives
were lost in the ' destruction of the
Triangle shirtwaist factory. All
agreed that tho doors leading to the
sairways and tho pasenger elevators
wore locked when tho fire started and
laid largely to this fact tho enormous
loss of life.
It wn.; decided today to postpones
the funerals of the 20 unidentified
victims of the firo for a week, when
u great labor demonstration will be
a feature of their burial.
Wholesale Unofficial Denials Come
From Washington Following State
ment That Hincs Helped Elect Lor
lmer Taft Wanted It So.
SI'IMNGFIFLt), March 21). -
Wholesale unofficial denials from
Washington aro streaming in heie to
day to 'tho senate's Lorimor investi
gating eoinmittuo following following
a statement by Edward llines, the
lumber king, yesterday that he helped
to elect 'Lorimor because Senators
Aldriclt and Penrose told him Presi
dent Taft wanted Lorimer chosen.
The committee may ask Penrose
and Aldrich to tostify as to whethor
they ever niontioned President Tuft's
name fn connection with the matter.
Rcycrs Coming Home.
MKX1CO CITY, March 2S. It was
learned bore today Hint Gonoral Bor
nnnlo Hoyos had loft Rome last
night for Purls and that ho will bo
horo In two weeks. Reyes will not
tako a Bout In tho cabinot, but will
bttcomo active commandor of the fod
oral troons In Chihuahua.
With the exception of tho ministers
of foreign affairs and of tho Interior,
tho now cabinot was sworn In horo
today at noon.
New Judge for Cox.
CINCINNATI, Ohio, March 20.
Chief Justice Jones of the Ohio oir
,..,li istiirt lms deuided that tho af
fidavit submitted by Prosecutor Hunt
o.irfSninnt in .Tndwas Stt'tnt' nnd
Smith as trial judges as in tho onse
(.f Boas Cox indicted for perjury.)
Judge Jones will nnmo Hip men Avho
wil try the Cox cai I
Such is Belief of John I. Hughes,
Capitalist, a Witness in Legis
lative Itrilivry Investigation
SPRINGFIELD. Ills., Mnrch 29.
William Lorimor, "tho greatest man
since the time of Christ." Tlmt is the
opinion of the Illinois senator held
today by John I. Hughes, a capital
ist, a witness la the legislative bri
bery Investigation being made here.
Hughes extensively praised Lorlmer
and declared that ho urged every
member of tho lower house of the
legislature under investigation to
vote for Lorlmer. He denied, how
over, that bo used any money In the
senator's bohalf.
Fdward J. IHiiob, a Chicago lum
ber dealer, made similar dculul and
said ho talked with only senators Ir
connection with tho Lorimor candl
Prospectors Assert That Kartli
Threatens to Krtipt in Siskiyou
Yellowish .Itla.e Is Show.
RKDD1NG, Cal., March 20. The
usual soinl-annual story of throntcn
ed volcanic eruption In tho border
rango of Modoc and Siskiyou countlei
as told by prospectors near Lookout
arrived horo today. Tho only now
feature of tho tale" is that a yellowish
blazo was seen to shoot from tho side
of Glass Mountain. Tho flamo ex
tended half a mile, say the reports,
nnd tho phenomenon lasted thirty
minutes. Lour rumblings accom
panied tho mighty fireworks.
"I Don't Give a D " is Remark
When Told That Ktlim Good
rich 'Was Divorced.
ST. LOUIS, Mo., March 29.
"Never again" sighed Nat Goodwin
today. "I have had enough wives."
Goodwin had been asked if ho were
going U) try tho matrimonial game
His fourth and latest wife, Edna
Goodrich, actress yesterday secured
n divorce In Now York.
"I don't glvo a damn," ho remark
ed when told tho court had sovered
bis matrimonial bonds.
Is First Feminine Base Hall Magnate
Robinson Dies and Leaves
Hulk of Property to Niece.
CLEVELAND, Ohio, March 20.
llv tho will of Stanley Robinson.
nrlncliml owner of tho St. l-rouls Na
tional Loaguo baseball club, which
died horo a few days ago, a woman
bocomos tho first feminine baseball
magnate. Robinson's nleco, Mrs.
Helen Robinson Hrltton, Is bequeath
ed all tho dead man's baseball Btock
and other property to mako up three
fourths of the estate. Her mother,
Mrs. Sarah Robinson, gets tho other
fourth of tho magnate's holdings.
AhlmtincagKlo, tho Informer, Gives
Ills Testimony Against Prisoners
Charged With Murder.
V1TEHBO, Italy, March 20. Ah
hatmonirtrio. thoinformor, object of
execration by tho ! Camorrist
momboro on trial for tho murder ot
Ounuarro Cuocuolo nnd his wife,
continued his tostimony today at the
trial. The recital was exactly liko
tho written confossion tho informer
gave the authorities. Disorder oc
curred wlion Knrico Alfuuomtho,
Camorriet loador, sheuted: "You
aro infinitely woreo thun Judas."
Steamers Collide.
NBW YORK', Mnrch 29. Tho
tfteHtiior Cedrio collidod yostordnyju
the bay with tho steamer Mnroqui
jne, from Trinidad. Tho big cedric
smashed into tho Maronuijno's port
quarter. Thon, backing away she
triod to pass to windward nnd hit
tha'Mnroauiine drain. Promnt action
by the liner's officers provontod any
wnie on board,
Duo to President Taft, Army Off!
ccrs Say, if Peace Comes to Mex
ico Think President Dictated
Message to Diaz Forcing Move.
Tired and Worn They Rush Import
ant Base in Lower California
and Capture It.
SAN ANTONIO, Texas, March 21)
Peace in Mexico, army officers hero
today believe, will, if it comes, bo due
directly to an alutiinntum earned
from Washington to Mexico City y
Minister Lima tour. His message lo
President Diaz is believed to have
dictated by President Taft and the
threat of American intervention is
thought to have been the means of
bringing to tho Mexican president -it
last to a realization of tho necessity
of u compromise.
Conference Tomorrow.
To go into conference with (he
Mudero family, former ambassador
to tho United States do la Burnt will
arrive here tomorrow. Ho will be met
by Francisco Madero, senior, and his
son, Alfonso. The party will then,
it is said, go toward Monterey, whero
they nro to meet Limnntour. It is
roported that then tho whole party
will go to Chihuahua, whoro Fran
cisco Mndoro, jr., tho rebel leader,
will participate in tho negotiations
under u flng of truce.
It is believed the Chihuahua ncgo
tuitions will be only fonnnl and that
both sides hnve already virtually ac
cepted tho torms of peace.
Important. Hattlo Won.
SAN DIEGO, CaCjL-irch 20.
What may prove to bo one of the
most important hattlet: of tho Mexi
can revolution is reported by passen
gers arriving hero today on the
steamer San Diego, in from Enson
ada, capital of Lower California.
They say that on Monday, Alamo, a
small town 80 miles south and cast
of Ensenada, was captured by a
band of 200 rebels under General
Tho little town was attacked by a
skirmish parly of rebels last week,
hut tlioy were merely scouting. In
Monday's engagement Berthold was
wounded in the leg.
Insurgents Were Worn Out.
The insurgents aro said to hnve
been in a pitiful condition when they
roaclicd Alamo, having traveled on
foot and in a hurry from Tccarte,
near tho Mexican line. Most of them
were without shoes and their feet
were by cactus and sabgerush. In
addition they till suffered from
thirst and had but little food to sus
tain them ill their long march.
When tho little band reached Ala
mo it is said some of them wore
nearly crazed by suffering.
Tho capture of tho town was al
fost bloodless, as tho rush of the
insurreclos was so fiorco that it took
all tho fight out of tho federal de
fenders. Berthold Leads,
Berthold is said to have been in
front of his men every step. Ho is
receiving medical attention from Dr.
Foster of Alamo, who at first re
fused to treat him, but was prevailed
upon by force to do so. His wound
was received in a scrimmago while
Berthold was in the net of getting it
horso from a seller close to town.
Ensenada is not well enough do
fended now to warrant tho bonding
of a largo body to tho relief of Al
amo at once, ns all tho men who can
bo spared have .go no to Tecarto and
toward Mexicali.
Colonel Miguel Mayot and 010 fod
orals with some artillery wore to
leave Tecarto today for Mexicali.
The Alamo situation may cause him
lo return to Eiuenada.
Tho capture of Alamo is taken to
mean that tho rebels will try to
maintain a base there. This is the
first real engagement on tho ponin
suln nnd tho presence of tho rebels
in that section of Mexico may prove
to he a real thorn in tho side of the
federal forces.
Even at your favorite store you
will find unusual buying opportuni
ties at particular tlmea "sale,'
"barguin," etc. And your favorite
store's advertisements will keep you
fully informed about these ovents,
New York's $27,000,000 Capitol
Building Gutted by Flames Causing
an Estimated Loss of Over $6,000,
000 Defective Wiring Cause.
State Library Containin 400,000 Vol
umes Gone Legislative Cham
bers Blackened and Soaked.
ALBANY, N. Y.f March 20. Firo
scorched and wnteij stained, Bhowing
a net loss of $0,000,000, not Includ
ing thousands of precious nnd trrc-
placablo documents, tho Now York
state capltol today stands pnrtly In
runs following a fire that raged for
seven hours in Its .courts and corrl-
Tho state library with Its 400,000
volumes, was destroyed. Tho sonato
and assembly chambers aro smoko
blackenod and soaked with water.
Tho offlco of tho department of
education, tho court of claims cham
ber, tho sonato flnnnco committee
room, tho offlco of tho scunto presi
dent pro torn, tho assembly library,
nnd tho document and clonk rooniB,
all woro gutted.
.iU7,00,00 Wasted.
Tho Great Western stairway with
Its great architectural beauty Ib
blackened and Its marblo chipped.
Tho western wing Is flooded and tho
roof of tho north wing Is sunken.
Tho $27,000,000 that has been
pourod into tho capltol by tho state
for many generations has boon wast
ed. Tho groat building, tho prldo,
and also tho sluunj) of tho omplro
state, was plannod in 1803 to cost
$1,000,000. Tho construction prov
ed too tempting a ctftinca for graft,
and so far $27,000,000 has been
spent upon It, and still tho original
plans were unfulfilled.
Tho capltol Is in such a stato of
chaos today that no ono can toll
what may bo Its fato. it Is a sad
wreck at cursory glance, but later
Investigation may show that enough
of its beauty may bo salvaged to war
rant rehabilitation.
Flimsy DccoraloiiM.
Tho question arising hero Is wheth
er tho Btato may now bocomo more
economical and erect a firo proof
building lo houso Its dopartmonts.
It Is admitted that millions of dollars
worth of decorations woro placod up
on flimsy flre-tomptlng framework.
Tho democratic legislative caucus
had adjoumod only an hour boforo
tho firo started. Defective wiring
had been reported yestirdny in the
assembly llbrnry.
Snioko was scon Issuing from tho
northeaBt corner of tho building
shortly boforo II o'clock this morn
ing. Documents, ornato hangings
and the rich furnlturo woro fuel tin
on which tho flames gnlnod groat
headway. With no appreclablo chock
tho firo spread to tho assembly cham
bor and its corridors. Tho flames
communicated to tho western stair
way and Its million dollar celling,
ono of tho finest mural paintings In
tho world woro destroyed.
Flromon risked tholr Ilvos In a
bombardment of falling masonry to
stop tho ndvanco of tho firo. It
swopt nlong toward tho sonato cham
ber and attacked tho Btato library.
Old Documents Hum.
By 3:. 10 o'clock tho assembly lib
rary had been wlpod out with Its
shelves of documents and papers,
somo dating back to 1770. All docu
ments of tho sonato Judiciary com
mlttoo of tho presont session wore
FIvo minutes later tho state lib
rary was burning, filled with In
flamablo matorlal, It became a fur
nace Hint drovo back tho firo fighters.
Unable to save the library, tho fire
men attempted to savo tho offices
on tho third floor. Tho smoko baf
fled thorn and drovo them out.
Whllo tho flromon wero fighting
to save the state's most precious
doc urn outs thoy wero being aided by
a constantly IneroaHlng force of vol
untoerB. Stato senators, nssombly
men, dorks and attaches thronged
tho corrldorH and committee rooms in
advance of the fire and stoumad out
of tho building, staggering under
loads of books and pnpors.
Archivist Von Lehr today express
ed the hope that tho greater num
ber of tho moHt valuable papers had
been saved. .It will bo soveral days
before ho can estimate tho losses. It
Burr Mcintosh
Rogue Valley
Burr Mcintosh, lecturer, nctor, nr
tlBt and prince of good follows, In
tends to extensively advertise Mod-
ford and tho ltogue Itlvor Valley In
his future lecturo nnd for that
purposo spent Wednosdny spent yud
nesdny sight seeing In tho valley
and taking photographs of orchards
and picturesque sections to add lo
his collection. Tho best photos will
bo published In Burr Mcintosh's
monthly, and also bo used In hlsloor
turo upon "our country," and should
Michiuan Pacific and Michliian Pu
ijet Sound Companies Combine
Vast Tracts Arc Held by Them in
British Columbia.
imTltOIT. Midi., 'March 20. -A
.f'J.fiOO.OOO lumber merger wag oon
Mimtnufcd last uighl al Grand lip
ids, il was leu rued today wlion I ho
Michigan Pacific and the Michigan
1'iiL'ct Sound comoanicti combined.
The companies are distinct organi
sations, cacti powoHHiug omoiihivo
fiinlmr lioldillL'H ill tint WOMt lllld Itl'it-
isb Columbia. The .Michigan I'uuifiu
company holds ;i2,000 hitch while the
other company controls .uu note
on Vancouver island. Tho former
corporation it capitalized at $1,000,
000 and the latter for 1 ,000,000.
I'AKADKNA, Cal., March 21).
Tlml I here will be laitling dewlop-
.i il I ft i .. ..
mem in I mi Ho-caucii riniun i'ii.-c
within the next H hour is the be
lief today of Chiel of I 'alien Wood.
Wood hnx received a despatch
from Cliiciitfo which resulted In a
conference betwoon him and tho de
lect ivo in chaiito of the case, It
was rumnwd that another woman
may he brought into (he ensu.
The officer uro busy troiiK Ihu
alleged forged deed up'ti which the
woman giving the inline of Lilllnu
I'axUui is alleged to huvo triad to ne
gotiate a loan,
Colleue Infants Want Green Caps.
COKVALLIK, Or.. Muroh 3Q. -Green
cu for wear by the freshmen
the rent of the year thin is what Hip
first year xtudeuU have voil for
thBinselvtis ut O. A. f., and oiy wuit-
iiiK the iiHiietion or tlia upper uiaa
mau to don Hut verdant budge. Tn
inut institution the uppar classes
have to Tore the cap on (lie young
uter.; at O. A. C. they take care of
Uiefllr.fi Kf4
Is known that all the Dutch and cl
qiiUU p-'iiidn it loimuiiu'd and
that the hhitoilial Van ItennsfUei
collect lou hnti bi-eii destroyed.
Is to Feature
In His Lectures
bo tho means of advertising this sec
tion widely.
Tuesday evening Mr. Mcintosh was
tho guest of Col. nnd Mrs. Frank 11.
Hay at dinner at tho Nash hotel.
Tonight at tho Medford Theater
ho will bo heard In a ono net play
followed by a lecture, which thoBo
who have heard, pronounce woll
worth whllo. The lecturers illustrate
ed by over 100 colored slides nnd In
Its course, th"o friitli of tlio Japnneso
Mexican war scare will bo portrayed.
II 00.000 RE SAYS
Publisher of Cliicajjp Record Herald
States on Stand' That "the Inter
ests" Raised Hiirjc Amount to Elect
William Lorlmer Senator.
SI'ltlNUFIIOLI), 111., March I!!).
Flat declaration that "tho Interests"
had mined $100,000 to elect William
Lorlmer to tli United States was
made hero today by II. II. Kohlsaat,
publisher of tliu Chicago ltecord
Ilorald, when ho yns examined bo
foro tho leuato Investigating commit
too which Is probing the l.orlmor
KohlMint thrlcM rolteratod his as
aurtloii when atkud rogimllng an edi
torial In 1 1 lit paper which declared
that a large ninth fund had been rain
ed to lend tho "blond lams" to the
sonato. Ho declared hu had good
grounds for hi auurtlou, and when
usked If hu watt mire of bis Informa
tion ho ttald In certainly was.
Brown Not Map Wanted.
PORTLAND, Or., March 20.
OfMi'ifff Brown, a laborer urrontcd at
Malum, suspected dm the muiderur of
five yeur old Mm barn Ifolxmun In
Portland has been released from tho
city jail. The authorities were sat
ittfied tliu ( hu wax not lh man waul
ed. With lirowu proved innocent, Uiu
detective are aw much iim ben to
day tiH the day the child's body was
uuuovortMi an u longing nmisu on
KllHSell r.llfft.
Clilcano Greeks Aid Camorra.
ClC,0(), 111., March 20. The
exUUmce ut a plunder band In tho
iullau ipiHrter to oolluct funds for
the dftfentte of the Camorra gang on
j trlttl at Vltf-rbo Is awarted hure today
by u local newapuuer. It lit allogod
that lieo.oeo tuiM been culleetod from
KultaiiH bt-ie Tha money principal
ly is r i the deferiM of Lulga and
(iiU-iil Aifim, Chicago Italians on
tual at Vitubo. Tho postal monoy
.vnler records show that largo Bums
have bufii sent to Vltorho rocoutly.
Government Turns Its Attention to
Development 'of Crescent City Har
bor and Medford Is Wanted to
Glvo tSatistics and Data.
Engineers to Make Survey of Harbor
Next Month Wants all
Available Data.
Crescent City harbor lias received
attention from tho government and
tho city authorities of tlmt city aro
calling upon the Medford Commer
cial club to coutirbute facts nnd fig
ures bearing upon tho proposed rail
rond from this city to thointorior.
Tho river and harbor bill which
carried tho provision for a survoy
of tho Crescent City liarbor has re
ceived tho siguaturo of tho president,
nnd engineers will arrivo in thnt city
early in April for tho purposo of
making such a survoy.
Tho Crescent City authorities' aro
in receipt of n letter from Lioutcn-.
nut Colonel John Middle, corps of
engineers, U. S. A., in which ho states
that ho would liku to havo their co
operation in obtaining all facts and
data, available in regard to demands
of present nnd prospective commerce
that would bo effected by contem
plated improvement.' lie asks for
complete detailed statistics of tho
character and amount of Iho com
merce concerned, and iho"" Crescent
City authorities in turn huvo ma do a
request in Medford.
Manager Charles A. Mauboouf of
tho Commercial club will at once for
ward lo the Crescent City pcoplo, tho
slaislics regarding lonnago and tho
liko uvnilablo should tho road con
templated bo constructed.
The improvement of tho harbor
(at Crescent City will lead lo tho con
struction ot inland transportation
lines. While it hurt not been an
nounced officially it is believed that
tho Pacific & Fastern will eventually
bo extended lo tho const and "Cres
cent City is tho logical point.
When (he present survey of tho
harbor has been completed congress
will be usked for mi appropriation to
complete (io work recommended.
Anticipation. Awkward Situation
When Congress Gathers He Is En
deavorinn to Stavo Off LaFolletto
WASHINGTON, I). C March 29.
-President Tuft, anticipating awk
ward situations when congress meets,
today is using every possible effort
to slave off the LaFolletto resolu
tion demanding mi investigation of
the unity and navy mobilization on
the .Mexican border, lie thinks that
if a majority of the BcnutorH are
confidentially acquainted with the
real cnuso of tho war move, he may
escape embarruHsmoul in being
forced to formally define the altitude
of theadmitiistratiou to other coun
tries. a m -i hi 1 1
DKS MOINKS, Iowa, March .20.
Flection of a United States senator
from Iowa is expected to break tho
long deadlock hero tomorrow, Tho
republioaiiH probably will hold u cau
cus tonight and soluct a general can
didate. . .
Borden Resigns.
OTTAWA, Out., March 20. 11. L.
Borden today resiguod the loader
ship of the consorvntive opposition
in tho Caiuuliun parliament.
if 7

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