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Medford Mail Tribune
Villi Tonight mill Tomorrow
Sllii 1 1, Muv ni), Menu no
Kurty.Klrnt Vimr,
l,illy nixili Vimr.
No. 55
Collapse of Peace Negotiations in
Mexico and Resumption of Strug
gle Comes Unexpcctcilly First
Clash Is Expected nt Saltlllo.
Do La Barra Issues Statement Oc
clarlnn That Resignations of Diaz
anil Corral Will Be Sent to Cham
ber of Doputles This Afternoon
Provisional President Declares That
Wall Street Interests Approached
Him and Offered to Finance Cam
paign and Pay Cost of War.
Diaz Claimed to Have Broken Treaty
De La Barra to Have
Given Double Cross.
IX PA HO. Texan, May 2C Col
lnpno of ll' pcuco negotiations In
Mexico mill n ri'Miimiitloii of lh strug
gle iikiiIiihI Dlnx cnino unexpectedly
today when Provisional President
Mmlnro, tumil u( tho rebel forces, or
dered a renewal of hostilities,
Tho first i'IiihIi In expected to count
t Hnltlllo, ('oiihullii.
Tim cause of Mudoro's notion V
mild to bo it refusal to allow lilm to
iiniiid tint governor of Omhulln and
ponnlhly of thirteen other Mates
where tin iinliiH.il thin prnvllcgo un a
guarantee of guod rultti Iiy tint Dliu
Full details of tlu break uro not
ot obtainable.
Mndero's orders for n rexutnptlon
of tin wnr are roused Iiy it claim t hat
(tin Dliu force liiivn broken the
treaty ami to it growing belief thnt
ho Is boltiK "iloulilo-rroHHcu"' by I"
)m llitrru. Ho Iiiin apparently ninnit
oni'il hope of effecting Dliu' with
drawn! without further ttluoUnlii-d.
Open Resentment at Diaz' Delay in
Rcslijnlnfi Expressed by Popu
laceMany Are Injured.
MEXICO (MTV, Miiy 25. Minister
On l,ii llarrii Issued an official state-
meat hern today declaring that tho
resignation f President Diaz iiml
Vice President Corral will bo mint to
tho chamber of deputies lliU nfter-
noon ami thai tho provisional govern-
nuMit will Immediately thereafter ns
suiiio definite form.
Do l,u Harm declared (luit he him
..tit will lake tliu oath an president
ail Interim. Mndero mul IiIh cabinet
nn expected to arrlvii hero tomorrow
nlKht or Btindny morning.
Virtue, However, Spurns the Vidian's
' Offer and Will Die Poor but
Honest If Necessary.
tntrtoday ordered Colonel
with 120A Insurgents to take Saltlllo
whoro 1,000 federal umltir Colonel
Onrrla arc In gnrrhinn.
Tim trouble grow out of tho fact
that tlu? Coitliulla legislature refused
to elect V. (u rami a. a MatlorUt, a
governor In compliance with tho
terms of tho rebel chief's bargain
with Dine.
l.ato thin nftornoon Madero's army,
learning Hint Dlnx hail not yet resign-
ml, demanded to bo allowed to march
ngnliut Mexico City, anil Mmlnro at
unco gave tho word to prepare, for an
advance on Clilhiiithiin.
Tho situation Ik of tho gravest, anil
unions quirk and full retirement In
mailo by tho Din, faction, there U
little doubt tliut blood will flow f roo
ty again In .Mexico within 2-1 hours.
Governor Names J. Frank Huubes to
Be Fish and Game Commissioner
in Place of W. L. Finloy, Resinned
Is Developing Lime Quarries.
HALEM, May 25. (lovornor W'oid,
today appolntod J. Frank Hughes or
Gold lllll to bo stuto riHh and game
oonimlsloiior, to tnko tbo plnco vacnt
oil by W. L. Finloy, who reslgnoa
when oloctod Htuto gamo wnrdon.
Mr. Hughes l pngugod III develop
ing tho limn quarries udjacont to
Id Hill nnd Ih nnHoclntod with tho
Hush family of Bnlom In tho construe
Hon of kilns and rutlroad.
K, C. Hubbard, who bus conduol
od tho Hnv'oy tlioatro i'or Ibu past
two .Vouvh, nnd who introduced tbo
first moving picture hIiow botiHo
tlio Ilijoti in MoiU'onl, Iiuh hoM out
nnd will nnnovo to JHioiioh. AyroH,
Argmitino, in tlio noar futmo. W.
O. WilHon of Bowanl, AIuhIsh, Is tbo
now proprietor,
"Hub" bus a largo olrolo of I'iIoihIh
in Moilforil w)to will rcgnit lo hoo
blm loiivo bill wbo wlnb hint well in
hiH now vonltivo,
MKXICO CITY, May 25. I'nvi
iloiil Dm r. potliuly will rtsign today.
Tbo hcrioiiK condition of bi health
nnd Hie ilaiiKtr of anarchy ircnaed
by biKt niKlilV rioting hero Imvo
oniiHcd bim to dceiilo not to delay bn
reiiremeiit furtber. After a hlei-plum
night Diar. found Hcuttored crowd
about tbo palace tliiw morning, nil of
Ibeiit deiiinntliug bin immediate res
igiintiiiu. It wiih offieiallv unuoitui'ed
hero today Hint hovcii jwreonB wore
killed mid .'10 Heriously wouudeil in
the riotH ut tbo palace hore lant night.
Openly )ppt.o Dlnx.
Despite a neatly drirrle of rain, big
group of men and women paraded
tbo Kireetrt here thin morning in the
vicinity of tbo palace, undur the
watchful cyoH of tbo federal troop.
Tbo crowdH carried banners in
Mirihrtl "Viva Mndero" and otbor
roMilutiouiiry uiottocH, and have ap
parently thrown off all dinguiho and
entiio out openly agniimt tbu Diim re
It it believed that only tlio nMitr
iineert of Alfredo Domiiigucx I tin t
Diax mioii would reHigu prevented mi
iiHxault by tbo mob on the palace a'd
tbo Koveruiuental building biHt uigbt.
As a rextilt of tumult wbiub ragud all
about tbo palace, four persons are
known to have perished; moro than
100 were wounded; tbo window. of
the palace were Hinu'.hod to Hplinler-,
ami there wan great damage wiou-jiit
throughout all that Hcclion of the
Iloth tbo Chinese and Japaneso
IcgatioiiH have piotontod to tho Mex
ican government against tho slaying
of their countrymen in the mnssnero
at Torreou, but there is no ovUin
aHHiiraueo that tlio tragedies will bo
inveHligated or reparation iimdo.
At the present time witli nia7. on
the ovo of icsigninc anil tlio whole
governmental machinery of the
oountry disjointed, tbero h little
probability of any official satisfac
tion for tbo Torreon affair being
given either to Japan or China. That
may oomo when Miuluro and his
friends take control.
Following tbo publication of tbo
offioial announcement that Diaz, will
rosJgn this afternoon tho members
of the dlplomatio corps -hero oalled
at tbo palace to pay their farewell
visits to tbo deposed ruler.
JI'AltKZ, Mexico. May 2.'.
Hulked in their plans for American
intervention in Mexico by tbo atti
tude of President Tuft, Wall Street
iulerents, accoidiiii; lo Provisional
I'renMunt .Mndero here today, are
now hooking to buy their way into
favor with Duty, probable Mtieccmnr.
Mndero said tint t bo was ap
proached yesterday by a man ropre
honliuu millions of American money
who offered to finance hi presiden
tial campaign mid to pay part of the
expenses of tbo routliition if Mndero
would pmmWo certain privileges nnd
ooneoKhiniis in Mexico when he came
into power.
"I represent the people of Mex
ico," Mndero snys ho replied, "who
have been (.'round down with monop
oly and privilege. That is what all
the trouble is about. You surely do
not expect mo to allow it to con
tinue.." Hand of TrtiHts Keen.
; .Disuuwsiiig Iheiucideiit here, Fran
cisco Mndero, senor, said:
"Interests havinc inounixilics in
America arc trying to get my son on
the band wagon, hoping to control
any government be may fonn. I will
not tell the namo of the man who of
fered the money, but I will say Hint
he represented men having interests
in Cincinnati, Chicago, Pittbburg and
N'cw York. 1 talked to bim myself.
My son told bim ho bad already re
fused outside aid in bis fight ; that he
would continue to do so, and that he
intended to drive all monopolies out
of Mexico."
Asked if ho would say whether tbo
offer to the younger Mndero came
from Wall Street interests, tho elder
said that it did.
Confusion In Mexico.
Advices received liero today from
Mexico City say tho greatest confus
ion reigns in official circles there.
This is ovident from tbo fact that for
days high olficials who hitherto have
been most loyal to Dina have been se
cretly telegraphing Mndero asking
orders from him and thus hoping to
gain his favor.
iVo nro not rospoiihiblo for any
uprising in Mexico City while Dine
remains in power," said Mndero here
today, "hast night's uprising in tbo
capital was duo to the fact that the
people did not believe that Diaz
would resign as he had- promised.
I haveinstructed my representatives
at tho capital to promise the people
in my name that Dinx will quit tbo
Censures Court
- .... tTjyLw. J
hUr Mr vw bum
WASHINGTON. I) C. May 25.--Unlted
Stutes supreme rourt jtiHtlcc
Harlan's Standard1 Oil opinion, ex
preuitlng In It MtrpiiKT languuKO li'.a
dlHHcntliiK views thnt when he deliv
ered them orally from the bench, was
filed today In tbo supreme court. Har
lan scores tho other Justlccx for "In
torferliiB with tlio people, tho source
of all leglslntivo power."
Ho believes tlio majority opinion,
Instead of beuoflltlni; btiMnesg, wilt
result In much litigation and that Its
Injurious effects will be felt for years.
Ho agrees with the majority of the
court In convicting the Standard Oil
us n trust and ordering Its dissolu
tion, and In the strongest terms con
doms tho court's "Judicial usurpation
of legislative functions." His ar
Kumunts against the reading Into tho
law of tho words "inrcasonalilu" Is
made nt great length.
7ftirti.il TdYtWrmBtk'.
Sarcastically quoting tho statement
that tho majority decision of the
rtgurt modified the lower court's de
cree in tho Standard caso "In nilnoi
matters, Justice Harlan siUded: "I
apprehend that these modifications
may prove mischievous." I
Harlan then referred to tho enact
ment of the Sherman law, reciting
tbo conditions which brought It about.
It compared that time with tho con
ditions existing during the days of
slavery, and continued:
"If tho conviction of tho corpora
tions were universal tho country
would bo In real danger from tho
slavory thnt would result from the
exaggerations of capital In tho hands
of a few Individuals or corporations
who would control for their own pro
fit nnd advantage exclusively tho en
tiro business of tho country, Includ
ing tho production nnd sale of tho
necessities of life."
Attorney for Alleged Dynamiters
Holds Conference With Accused
Men and Asserts His Conviction
of Clients' Guiltlessness.
Refuses to Discuss Purported Con-
fession Made by McManigal
Had No Part in Dynamiting.
LOS ANGKI.KS, Cal., May 2G.
After a two hours conference In the
county jail with John J. and James
II McNamaru. charged with Ortle
McManigal, with having dynamited
the building oft he Los Angeles
Times Clarence Darrow of Chlcagi.,
who will control thed efense of the
brothers, granted an Interview this
afternoon to the United Press repres
entative. "After a talk with John and his
brother." said Darrow, "I am convin
ced that they had no part In tho de
struction of the Times building, I
am Just as firmly convinced of their
Innocence as I wns of tho Innocence
of Moyer, Haywood and Pettlzone, af
ter my conference with them. I shall
do everything In my power for the
" I cannot say Just how long I shall
remain In Los Angoles. Of course 1
shall stay here until after tho pre
liminary hearing Juno 1, when I most
probably will return to Chicago to
attend to SQme unfinished business. 1.
shall return here In time to 'shape the
defense for tho trial."
Darrow would not discuss McManl
gal'B alleged confession.
desporate oncountor In tho honvons
botweon tho king of birds and a mnu
bird occurred during today's ivjnrtrld
l'niis aviation race, which resulted
In another victory for man. Aviator
Gilbert wlillo flying high In tho nlr
was altackod by a lingo onglo, which
dai'tod at hi in with great spood. Gil
bert druw a rovolvor and shot tho
oaglo, which foil to tho oarth boalow,
With, a superhuman effort ho gained
control of his aoroplauo and reached
tho ground In safety, , .
D13NVI3R, Col., May 25. St. Louis
(Tony) Von Pulil, who suyaho came
hero to mako a balloon flight over
PIko's Peak with "Jack" Cudnhy of
Kansas City Is dying today In St.
Luke's Hospital b n result of n shoot
ing nffury, said to Imvo arisen over a
chorus girl of tho "Follies, of 1910,"
now playing hero.
II. l Henwood, a Now York trav
elling Is under arrest, Tho shooting
occurred In tho bar of tho Drown
Palace Hotel, whoro Von Puhl nnd
Henwood woro both stopping. Von
Puhl knocked Henwood down and the
lutor drew n rovolvor and fired flvo
shots, Two bystandora woro struck
by flying ballots but nolthor was ser
iously wounded.
hook among tho classified ads' for
tbo nddresH of your noxf bnavdinjr
place I.
LAKE MOHONK. N. Y., Muy 25.
Declaring that "no man in public life
has shown such an erratic nnd, in
ternational aibilrution as Hoosevelt
consistent courso toward internation
al arbitration as Hoosovelt," former
Secretary of State John V. Foster
talked "right out iu meeting" on bis
attitudo toward the Anglo-American
arbitration treaty at tbo pence con
ference hero today.
Poster, who was speoinl ngenl for
the United States iu tbo Ilehring sea
aibitration in Paris in 18(Kl and who
was behind tho scones in tlio fa
mous controvert.' over Alaska, which
at ono time threatened to embroil tlio
United Slates and Groat Uritain,
"Karly in Hooscvelt's public ca
reer ho displayed strong hostility to
arbitration. In 181)5 ho attacked
President Harrison for having sub
mitted tho lU'hring sea matter to ar
bitration, Hut when ho assumed tho
responsibility of tho presidency it
was ho who sent tho first case to
Tho Hague tribunal and invited other
nations to result to tho game court,
"Hoosovelt vropood to settle tho
Alaska boundary dispute by sending
an army to occupy tbo territory iu
dispute with Cheat Uritain and to
bold it by foice, though bo finally
yielded to Secretary Hay's pacific
advice. After bo has playod Id bis
heart's content
terms; 'Co
From All Sections of Country Inquiries Are Pouring In Regarding Situ
ationWork Being Resumed On Many Mines New Blood and Cap
ital Being Introduced Prospectors Arriving and Taking to the Hlils
-Neglected Resource About to Come Into Its Own.
Only Surface So Far Touched Op p and Other Quartz Mines Steady
Producers for Many Dec ades Prospects Bright
j for Immediate Future.
That the mining industry In South
ern Oregon is about to be revived
on a great scale Is evidenced by the
great amount of comment created by
the two rich strikes recently made In
Josephine County and tho wide pub
licity given them. From all sections
of the country Inquiries aro being re
ceived dally by local business men
while In Medford mining is the prin
cipal topic of conversation. Many
mines which have been worked for
years are suddenly springing Into
prominence as new blood and capital
is being Introduced. Many prospec
tors have taken, or are preparing to
take to the hills, and it ferns as if
mines, which a're ono of Southern
Oregon's leading. If neglected, re
sources are about to come Into their
M. L. Erlckson, supervisor of the
Crater National forest has Just re
turned from the Applegate whcrehe
went, on forestry .business, nd he
states that there Is much activity
manifest In that section.
Old claims arc being relocated
while many prospectors are searching
for new locations.
Jackson county minesh avo pro
duced over $35,000,000 In gold and
SKATTLK, Wash.. May 2.-). War
rants against John L. Wilson, for
mer United States senator, brother
of Ambassador Wilson of Mexico,
and owner of tho Senttle Post-Tntcl-ligeneer,
together with W. W. Chnpin,
his son-in-law nnd business mana
ger, nnd Ernstus Brninerd, editor of
the Post-Intelligencer, charging
criminal libel, wore issued by Prose
cutiiiK Attorney Murphy this after
noon. Tlio warrants were issued nt the
complaint of Colonel Alden J. Bleth
en, editor of tho Seattle Times, who
was indicted on three counts Tues
day of conspiracy with Chief of Po
lice Wappenstein nnd others in the
open town regime.
The J'ost-Intelligencer commenting
editorially on Zlotlien's arrest, "re
joiced to see n criminal get his just
dosorlt." and made a bitter attack
on Hletben.
Tho Hlethens nUo filed suit for
$100,000 in a civil libel proceeding
ngaiuM the Post-lnteligeucor.
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Mny 25.
Cnbles to tho "Chlnoso World" horo
today from Poking say Prince Chun
Iiiib rocelyed porinlssion from tho Na
tional Assembly to revoke tho decroo
of bnnlshmont and death against
Loung Kal Chow and Kong Yuwol,
lndors of tho famous Chlnoso empire
reform socloty, called tho Pow Wong
Tho men woro proscrlbod by tho
Into Dowagor Empress Tsal nn for
plotting tho ovorthownl of hor Inflti
enco over tho young emperor Wwang
Su. Wwang ' Su, It Is snld, wns
frlondly townrd tho accused men and
warned them In tluio to eacapo.
come one of this sections principal re
sources. In Medford little has been discuss
ed during the past w.eek but mines
and mining. A air of confldcnco
seems to pr vail that at last this re
source, so long neglected, will rccolvo
the proper attention.
This Is the pioneer mining district
ofO regon. Gold wns Ifrst discovered,
on Jackson creek In 1851, bringing
thousands of fortune-hunters over
Siskiyou mountains from California.
The vast acreage of old channels,
gravel bars and aurlfertous placer
deposits, together with the abundant
winter rains nnd numerous streams,
combine to make this section one of
the leading hydraulic placer districts
in America. Placer mining has al
ways beon largely followed hore. Fully
$35,000,000 In virgin gold has been
produced from tho several dlggins
since the original discovery. Jackson
creek diggings along have produced
nearly $6,000,000.
.Though this, .district has a tiumbac
of producing quartz mines this fea
ture of the gold mining industry Is
In Its infancy. Quartz raining has
been followed here for almost at long
a period as placer mining. Many not
able discoveries have been made.
There are 52 quartz mines In tho
simply the surface has been touched.' districts tributary to Medford, and
With modern equipment and suffl-'more than thrice that number of
dent capital mining Is certain to be- claims.
Proceeds to Go to Treasury of Un
ion Pacific to Keep It Up to Pres
ent Mark, in Spite of Expenditures
Incident to Double Tracking.
NEW YORK, May 25, Announce
ment was made hore today nt the ot
flco of tho Hnrrlmnn railroad system
that a bond Issue of $25,000,000, by
tho Oregon-Washington Railroad and
Navigation Company has beon au
thorized, the proceeds of which are
to go to the treasury of tho Union
Pacific. This action Is intended to
keep tho treasury of tho Union Pa
cific up to tho present mark, in spite
of expenditures Incident to tho double
tracking of the system.
Homestake Property Near Woodville
Bonded 'by Seattle Mining Man
Who Will at Once Commence. Op
erations on Large Scale.
faith,' may wo now expect this er
ratic, but patriotic, citizen to fall in
lino with tho great mnrch of interna
tional nenco nnd to sunnort tho cront
tent with' his favorite monsuro which is ennobling, his isuc
wnrdiee, hypocrisy, budj cesser's administration?''
Over H00 articles are on exhibition
nt tho local high school, showing
what tho students of tho domestic
scioncc and manual training depart
ments aro doing this year in tbo way
of being "handy." Tbo exhibit is a
splendid ono and reflects much credit
on tenehors and pupils.
Tbo exhibit will bo open this after,
noon, and all are invited to attend
Tho Homestake mine near Wood
vlllo owned by tho Gold Ray Realty
Company has been bonded by Captain
Walter S. Urown of Seattlo, who In
tends to put a largo crew of mon at
work at onco developing tho property.
Captain Brown is au old tlmo mining
man who ownes many properties In
tho northwest and In Alaska.
The Homestake mine has beon
operated for a number of years and
Is said to havo produced over $200,
000 In gold. Of late years It has boon
In litigation, tho legal tangles but
reently being straightened out.
OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., Mny 2:.
Tho Oklahoma Grain Dealors' asso
ciation adopted resolutions hero to
day strongly opposing tbo Cnnndian
reciprocity treaty, alleging that by
lotting in tbo Canadian surplus it
would lower tho prico of wheat. The
grain doalors nlinost unnuiiuously fa
vorod tho resolution, while tho millers
present opposed.
Fifty now postal depositories will be
gin operations Juno 25. This makes
a total to date of 27G postal bankB
nnmod by the department.
Among tho now weotorn officers
nro; Oregon City nnd linker, Oregon;
Chehnlls nnd South Bond, Wash
ington; Gooding, Idaho; Hamilton
nnd Havre, Montana ;nnd Douglas,
HIGH RIVER, Alberta, May 25.
Within tho last J9 hours moro than
a foot of snow Iiuh fallen hero. Road
traffic- which was completely tied up
is being reopened. A thaw la prei
dieted within 21 hours, . u

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