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City Hall 7v
Medford Mail Tribune
Fair and coeler -MfjM; fait
Ma. 7.1 1 Mia. M. ,
Porly-Kornnrt Year.
Dally Hnvmith Vmr.
NO. 166.
Morami Considered It Dost (or the Country lo Elect Republican Candl
ilntc Roosevelt Did Not Personally Solicit Funds Out Request Cnmc
From Bliss Groat Consideration Shown Financier liy Commltlcc and
Ovation Given Him by Spectators.
Frequent Political Conferences With Perkins and Mcllcn Admitted Did
Not Expect Any Returns for Contributions as He Has Found Grati
tude a Very Scarce Article liar rlman Did Not Solicit Aid of Moruan.
poiit Morgan, America's ritmuqn mun
oy king, received" n remarkable ovn
lloit Intro Unlay when ho loft t ho wit
uon stand nflor tolling the Bonnie
campaign contributions Investigation
committee of IiIn firm contributions
to tho riuil)llcuii campaign of 1001
mid 1008 "for tho gd f Uo gov
ernment ntul Jlio people." Mmt mid
woman drawn to Out hearing by tho
rnot (tint tlio world's greatest trust
j-jirtnltiir wjih to testify Htooil on
their chair ami cheered tint fninqim
financier iih ho krt tho committee
Shovtii (treat ('iiiilitirntloii
No wrangling marked tint tctl
mony of tlio banker. Inntead hcwu
treated more considerately than nny
wltucs yot culled botoro U1o probers,
iv ' iHnritoTXUeIoTirei."'R inoiiiliitr
of th cnmiulllco, qulxxod tho hunker.
11 Ik imickUoiib worn mkcil In n sub
dued tonn ntul presented to thu wit
ness pollluly nml with doforonro.
Tho manner In which I'otnoreno ques
tioned Morgan illf foi oil grently from
tho nnthoil ouiil nl In tho examl-
nation yosturdny of Senator .tnsoph
M Iilvon of Montana who inmiiigcd
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt's pro
convention mnipitlKii. Then ques
llotiK wro hurled bnrk nml forth
with lightning rnplillty, senatorial
courtesy being ontlroly dlsregnrdod
In tho wrangles.
Morgan scorned to enjoy tho sltun
Hon nml iixprcsspil willingness to
ro-nppenr before tho loinnilltim,
hhould ho ho needed ngnln. Ills
testimony was ninrkud by uiiortlonH
Hint whntovor IiIm firm may huvo
iloiitt for tho ropnhUcnn party In tho
way of contribution!! wns for tho
good of tho people iih woll tor tho
good of tho government.
.No Itiituriih Kh'I'1
"Whntovor Morgan anil I'omimny
limy hnvo given," was not becauno
s wo expected nny returns. It ban
been my experience that gratitude Ih
n very nciirco commodity with poll
tlolmiH. Wo illil It for thu people
ami tho government, Wo thought
wo roiilil alii tho pooplo by contrl
hntloiiH to keop tho republicans In
power. Hud wo believed tho conn
try would hnvo boon bouirfltod moro
by tho election of tho domocrntlo
HACllAMHNTO, Cal., Oct. 3. -Work
accoinpllHliod mid under way
by thu board of stato harbor coin
inlHulohorii J. .1. l)wyor,neorgo M.
.1111 and Tannins 8, WJIIInms, In pru
parntlon fpi tho IpcronHoil trufflo o?c
piMitod upon coinplotlon of tho Pauu
mii Canal, Ih ant forth In a Htutomont
IhhuoiI horn today.
Uiulor tho Dwynr board an up
prulaal or rontml npaco In tlio furry
Htntlnn at Hun Priiiiciluro IncroaHon tho
xtnto'a Income by $135,000. Uokh
lar whurf uMnlKtimoiitH rontu woro re
duced ton per fiont to oncournno Hhlp
Iiiiin compuutori to uho tho port.
Tho hoard hnH nuthorlxod tho (iroc
tlnn or now ploiH and forry Hllpn
coHtlUK approxlpuituly $1,002,041 and
plaim a roiluotlon In tho cost of.trnns
portliiK freight from onu end of tho
yutorrront to tho othor.
An oxtoitHlnn of the Hcnwall 1,000
foot southward f uIho uiiiouk tlio m
provymonls nnnpwucoo,
cmidldnto our contribution) would
have Kouo In Unit party."
There wiim no viulieliv'uon hIiowii
in tlio exiiinliiiilieii nl' .Morpm. Neith
er wiim ho hitlijeeted lo the tilliiiK
Unit lias marked Hie upiiearunee oi
oilier wiluunxuH. Svuiitor INijuler
who did the Uctioniui; wiim extreme
ly polite. Oii'"e I'n.vntcr licked Mor
pm why lie did not otijuel to ivint;
n M'cniid eoutriliutioii nller aivin
Hi.) 100,(100.
l'ornt I ho $tr.O.O0ll
"I lind l'orf;otl!ii nil about the fiixt
eoutriliutioii nl tlio time," wn the
uiiHwer, "When Ihey enlled for tho
weeond xtiliferiplioit they nuked for
'jn.OOO. 1 told them Hint .f'O.OIKt
win nil that would ji've and lh.it
HoHled it."
Whuii Chninunn Clapp exeiiHed
Jlorjrmr livMldil-'ltiMiHoir lo' tit
fnet tliut tho wilueM-i wiih entitled o
expense iutuirml in iimki;iK tho trip
Intro from Now York. Munnii
"Oil, never mind llml," ho xnitl. "1
Kiiet I etui Mtniitl Hint."
Duell IcNtificd thnt in HUM tluec
iiiKuraueo eompauieK eoutrihuti'd
f.r)0,000 eneh. The United Slates
hleol enrpornlioin lie Miid, pivo .flO,
(100 Hint year.
MorKnu wiih on tho Bland before tho
rontrltiutloiiH rommlttco for forty
five minuted thU morning.
MorKiui K'tvo IiIh teHtlmouy In a
unlet nud even voice. Ho wiih treat
ed with tho KrcatoHl deference by
Senator Payntor who did tho ques
tioning for tho committee. Allhouh
the financier admitted that tho bank
liiK company, which ho IiohiIh, con
tributed to tho MM) I campaign lie
wanted It thoroughly underHtnod thnt
tho money wiih kIvoii without any ex
pectation of a return. Ho nlno em
phiiHlRod that part of his testimony
to the orroct "thnt whatever IiIh
firm did In tho way or contributions,
IIh moinberH belloved It waa for the
(Continued on Viiko C.)
DOnnliAS, An., Oel. II. Tlieie
jh nu iuurcusiui; snntimeut of unroot
hero over the uctivUies of Moxlonu
fedeniln in this oily. It duvclopml
today Hint the fmlornls huvo over u
HiiMiler of a million rounds of earl
I'itlnoH, several hundred riflos ami u
supply of ilyiinmilo sloreil in u wure.
lioiiHit uenr Jhe oenter of tlio city.
The miiultioiiH nro kiiuiMuiI hy Mox
ienu ficerel horviee np;eut.s ntul Amer
ieuiih nro Hlopped on tho hlt'cots nud
(ilinoil usiilu if they atlempt (o pass
tho l)iiil(lin(,'. Onu Amuiienu who te
henled tho oulor to "umvo on" ws
knocked down ly it Moxhmu deloo
live. No urresla luivo been made.
Itielmrd Dinx, u e.ieau neeret
HOtvico iiKout iu tlio employ of Con
Kill (Jiumta, miiToudorcd himself to
Hlniriff 'Wbeelei tliis luorninp lie
wiih wanted for purtiitlpiitiou iu Mob
tlny'H mid on tho Uolol Mexico,
wliicli reunited in the unost of Con
sul OuoHtti and two American nnny
A milllavy rovlow was held by tlio
federals. nt Akuii Prleta, Sonoriii tlii
nfternoou,, abiioml Snujinon roviow
injf bis force of ljOOQ troops,
NI3W YOltK, Oct. 3. "Send nil
nulRiirltwH mid Macedonian to Hul
parln." Thin Ik tho iucksiiko poHtcd hi
front of tho Mnccdoiilti-nulpulmi or
gaulxntlon hero today. It wnt) Kent by
thu president of thu cuntrnl to in in It
toe In Sofia.
While there nro only about 2,000
Unitarians and Mncodonlns Iu Now
York, It U tmld InrRo colonies of
thcKo nntlonulltlcrt live in Knst St.
I.ouIh. South ChlciiRo, PlttHburg and
other Industrial content.
I.KSTKltWn.. Oct. H Two men
killed nud three- M'rionly injiued to
day, ik tho toll paid by n roup ol
laborers win climbed aboard a bel
lior eimiuo to uol to Ciuim Kennedy
from Iioip, llnvo miles nwny. Tho
coupling between the head engine nud
the fioilit train broke, but the hel
per cuiiino continued on with .speed
inU'hcoked, smashing' into tho ca
boose. Tioo killed were (hiNt ICnr-
xellls noil flrj;i' lluiitius.
Tlio Chicago llecord-llerabl and
New York Herald nro hiking u striiw
ballot Op thu presidential contest.
Sunday (Sept. "JO) tho Record ller
n hi says that WiNon lends, with
Koosevcll second nud Tuft third.
On tho face of the returns, if the
election oro held Ibis week,, Wilson
would huvo n majority of the elector
al voles, hut nothing is certain in
politics, nud fivo weeks is a period
in which shifts nud ehnugus nro ever
iintuincift. ,
Tho enuviiss shown Wilson is hold
ing the seventeen stntes carried In
11108 by llryan, while in addition lie
is tho favorite candidate in stntes
thnt until this year, with its intricate
political complexities huvo been re
publican strongholds.
In tlio homo slules of all throe
tiuudldntoj Wilson is luading. Iu
Ohio, whore (bo republican party is
split porjuips w'nrse than iu any other
oommouwculth, surface, indications
nud thu loglo ill the situation favor
In Now York,, loosovlt's home
Htato, Wilson is in the lend, Now
Jersey, of which Wilson is governor.
will go dcnioeriitio.
In rook-vibbed Now England tho
canvass places Wilson in tlio lead.
Mnlno tuid Hhodo, Wud would go lo
1NOIANAPOMS, lnd Oct. 3.
Arriving hero at noon today Gover
nor Woodrow Wilson lost no time In
giving to tho press his full endorse
ment of tho nonilnntlon of Congress
man William Sulzor for tho gover
norship of Now York.
"Tho freedom of action shown lu
tho Syracuso convention In making
Its choice Is n great satisfaction to
mo," ho said. "It named a man high
of principle and Integrity and whoso
Independence Is uuqucstlonnbln.
Sulzor deserves the suffrage of men
of very caste. In fact both candi
dates hnvo already shown character
mid cnplclty."
Wilson tolosropbrd congrntuln
HniiH to both Sulzcr mid Glynn, the
Now York candidate for lieutenant
IIltOCKTON. Mass., Oct. 3. Presi
dent Tafi mid Mrs. Taft .today visited
tho Hrockton fair. One hundred
thousand persons cheered them.
Wilson if the election Were held to
duy; Massachusetts, where for two
years democracy has been steadily
ascendant, is tending toward Wilson,
nud so ure Vermont ami Connect!
out. In nil this territory the contest
now is between WiNoii nud Hooso
velt. In New Uaiupihiro at the pres
ent, time it lies between Tnft and Wil
son. &i
In the western stntes, which are
regarded as tho grcntjbattlol'iold of
tho campaign, Koo-evolt is display
ing gieut strength. The ipiostion of
final supremacy depends on how the
voters who nro now noncommittal
deeido to vote. ,
Illinois, for instance, is the scene
of tv battle between ltoosovc.lt nud
Wilson, in which tho bull moose has
the hotter of it. J
Michigan is now a Roosevelt stale,
Wisconsin is the scone' of a neek-uud-ueek
raoo between. .Wilson and
Taft, with Wilson apparently losing
ground nud Taft gaining it.
Minnesota, on the other baud, is
regarded as Roosevelts" !y fiO.OOO
wore tho election held next week, but
a strong Wilson sentiment has muni
feslod itsulf within tho lust few
weeks, 1
Tho Dakota aru thotseat of ram
pant Koosoveitism, lmtrQYon jboro
' X
NKW YOKK, Oct. 3. With 2,000
passengers aboard the- btcamcr Ma
cedonia was commandeered just be
fore the time bhc was to hail for
Piraeus today by the Greek consul
general of this port. All pusfcengors
nml baggage were dUchitt;ciI and
the commander made ready to sail
immediately for 1'hiladelphiu to take
on n cari,'o of ammunition.
Before suilin-r for Europe, tho Ma
cedonia, the consul general said,
would return .to New York for the
reservists of Greece and the Ilalknu
states who desire to return homo to
tako part iu the threatened war witli
Turkey. i
A cablegram from his government
today instructed the Greek consul to
notify nil the. Greek reservists hi
America to return home.' Similar in
structions were received by Ihe rop
resenlnlives of Scrvin, Montenegro
itud Bulgaria.
THBXTON., N. J., Oct. 3 Aviator
WiiImIi was killed hero this afternoon
when be fell from his mnebiuo dur
ing nn ascension at tho fair grounds.
conditions are so mixed thnt it is no
ones victory nt present the Lu Fol
letto element in the two states holding
a "balnneo of power" position, as iu
Minnesota nud Wisconsin.
Iowa, like Illinois, contains a great
Roosevelt sentiment, but third putty
complications are favoring Wilson.
Indiana, the dome stato of Thomas
Marshall, democratic candidate for
vice president, is regarded as demo
cratic this year.
Iu the Rockies, Colorado, which
was iu the Bryan column iu 1008, is
so split that the situation is full of
uncertainties, Roosovelts rceont visit
stirred up tremendous enthusiasm,
hut thu canvass and all other sur
face indications show that Wilson is
holding the democratio vote.
Missouri shows indications of giv
ing Wilson a plurality of 20,000 this
Kansas is claimed by all three par
tics, while iu Nebraska it appears
that Wilson will bo stronger in
Bryan's home state than Bryan him
self, The great state of Pennsylvania
with its thirty-eight oleotoral votes is
shown by the canvass to favor Taft
at tho present timo, although some of
the surface indications favor Roose
velt. It is unoertiiiu territory. .
State Supreme Court Decides That
Roosevelt Electors Will Ic Upan
Ballot as Republicans Primary
Law Pronounced a Bad Oti
Republicans ef Fourteen Districts
and Democrats of Six Dfefran
chisctl Justices GrilljjLaw.
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Oct. 4.
Tnc thirteen Roosevelt electors wilt
go nn tho November election ballot
as the electors of tho republican
party and the thirteen named by the
bolting Taft minority at the Sacra
mento convention,' will not go on, so
that tho Taft voters wilt be without
a candidate. Such Is the effect of
the unanimous decision by the state
supreme court today sustaining the
demurrer of Atorney General U. S.
Webb to tho application by the Taft
Itcs for a permanent writ of mandate
to compel Secretary of State Frank
Jordan to designate the Taft thirteen
as republicans and lcavo off the
Roosevelt thirteen.
The decision waa given by Chief
Justice Deatty Immediately after the
oloso of argument between Attorney
General Webb oa-,ose.slde aad-farT
zner Mayor Rose of Milwaukee and
Attorney Cleyburg on too other.
Jrlmry Imvt Had
"Tho primary law Is a bad law,"
he said. "It disfranchises one third
tho voters of the state and disfran
chises tho democrats of six sentorlal
districts and republicans of fourteen.
The law ought not to havo been
passed. But It Is tho law and this
court must be bound by IU"
There was no attack made on the
consttutlonallty of the law by the
Taftltcs In their petition.
Attorney General Wobb's strong
est point was that tbo federal consti
tution gavo tbo legislature absoluto
power to prescribe tbo manner of
choosing electors and there was noth
ing to bind them legally to voto for
any one candidate.
"If the legislature passed a law
that anly the clecto'rs of Modoc coun
ty had tho right to select the electors
to voto for president, tho law would
havo to bo observed," said Justice
AngclottI and tho others concurred.
Test of Republicanism
The court ruled that tho Califor
nia state law prescribed what con
stituted a republican and that the
action of tho national republican
party had nothing to do with It. Tho
test of a republican was onerely that
ho register as such and If ho run tor
offlco that bo certify his caudldacy
as a republican."
Tho petitioners had maintained
that the olghty-soven bull moosors In
tho stato convention ceased to bo re
publicans when they renounced tho
national republican platform.
Tho court hold that this was a
political question aud not one with
in the jurisdiction of tho court.
Tho court could not attompt to har
monize political factions.
Wko Church Luw
Attorney Roso made tho statomont
that ho had novor heard of such a
primary law In any other state and
Justlco Bounty said ho never would
hoar of a similar ono. Roso llkoncd
tho republican party to tho Presby
terian church aud cited a decision by
tho court that when ono branch of
tho ahurch seceded It could not uso
tho name of tho parent church. In
tho course of his decision Justlco
Beatty defined tho difference as ho
saw It between tho republicans and
Ho said tho latter wanted a pure
democracy out of tho country In op
position to tho ropubltcan theory of
ropro8entatlvo government.
WASHINGTON. Oct, Up to an
early hour this afternoon no official
report of tho reported ussiiBslniitlou
of Allan McCaughun, Mrs. Cliff and
Herbert Russell, all Americans, by
revolutionists had been Tecelved.
Perte Refuses DmmmIs f ItHuM
States fr Refwmw h Maiii'inf
War Fevtr Sweep SKIwwm Em
pfre and Unite AN FietltM.
Servian Refhneftt RepuISM TwMifc
lattaliwi White Cmsfcfl.FrMrtlfr
Scheels Ctesed to Mwtmiyt.
VIENNA, Oct. 3. A Servian regi
ment repulsed a Turkish battalion
while the latter was crossing the
Servian frontier according to a de
Hpatch just received here.
No details were given.
Reports hero from Montenegro ay
that all schools there are closed and
the people greatly enthused over the
mobilization of troops and the possi
bility of war with the Turks.
LONDON, Oct. 3, Sir Gerald Low
thor, British ambassador tb Turkey,,
today telegraphed the foreio office
that Turkey does not latent ,t-fight
the Balkan coalitloB Hales fttr4 te
do bo and that the Sulfas t wUttagt
to establlth the referaa dcuMUHtati
In Macedonia but that they eaaaet
be accomplished as speedily aa the
Utaifc.ftaik tmmirsi. .. -
Stripped sf IU diplomatic vrMag4
this Is taken by diplomat M.taak-i
mount to saying The IPwrte will '
Turks to Strike Qfekljr
Both news and government des-'
patches from Constantinople Indicate
that the Turks are preparing to
strike quick and hard at Bulgaria,
which Is considered the head and
front of the Bulgarian, Servian,
Montenegrin and Grecian alliance.
The Turkish war office, It Is reported,
believes that a few regiments will be
sufficient to hold Greece in check It
the latter attempts any landing la
Salonika and that the bulk of the
Moslem armies will be free to sweep
through Albania and Monastir and
give battle to the Servian,. Montene
grin and Bulgarian forces oa the
northern border of the Turkish zone
of Influence.
In the city of Constantinople, dis
patches say, a fervor for war la
sweeping over a) the tactions who
havo fought for supromaey since the
fall ofAbdul Hamld. They are said
to bo forgetting their differences and
In every way tq he holding up the
hands of tho government In Ita ap
parent determination to tight to the
last tho proposal to dlyorce from,
the Turkish rule Macedonia, Albania,
Old Servla (Noyipazar), and Crete,
as Is demnndod by the ultimatum of
tho Balkan allies.
(Continued on Page 6)
INDIANAPOLIS, Intl., Oct,. 3,
Tho soloctlon of a jury to try the forty-eight
members of the International
Association of Bridge and Structural (
Iron Workers, charged with Illegal
ly transporting dynamite was com
pleted this afternoon. Thu taking
of ovldonco witj start at once.
The twolvo men who proved ac
ceptable to both tho prosecution and
dofoiiBo are: Samuel Morrkou,
Janioa N, Smith, Seneca Chambers.
William Jackson, William DImjIh.
Frank Daro, Job TkoMt Allen
Spautdlng, Martin Davis, T . Braok
shlro, Frank Sutton and JH Bar
ger. , ,
Samuel Gompers, jirwldaa't ef the ,
American Federation ef'LaWr Had
Detective Wllara J. Jlri,,wlw r
down the evidence wkl' rtuWd l
the return of Indletweats 'ti4at ta
aiuuuail man. have ImMim MMRMMtd
to appear here and It M kftV4 tfc(M
win uw wHiuiiy in? uii wi

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