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Mrs, M. R. Kllirf, of Glendale,
toother qt'irV.J. E. Knyart of Mod
ferit, Re of the eldest pioneers, of
Southern Oregon., was thrown frpnj
hor feors Sunday "while riding nefcr
her honie, and susYalne&patnfiil, but
not serteus bruises. Mrs? KUlff id
80 yosrs 'bld'and fs well known to
west af the od residents of Southern
Orefcon. " She was riding to Her homo
after calling upon a riclghbor, when
the1norso sjio wb rtuMng; became
frightened, throwing her to tho
ground. Mrs. Elllff, despite hor
four-score year, h bate aVd hearty,
ana nan aiways'twpn a lover at ma
open 'air, and this will act In her
favor In hor misfortune
Medferd Con oratory of Music and
Languages, College Dldg Tho only
music eofaool fa So. Oregon wjth a full
corps of teaetiera. Send' for catalog.
J"(J. 'Melius of Dry 'creek was In
Medfordf' today with an exhibit of IP
pra rrem one or ms ran uutior
trees' which weigh 16 pounds' or more
than a pound each. He placed tho
pears on exhibition at tho Commer
cial' Club.'
Or, Riokert, eyesight specialist.
ever Kentaer's.
District Woathtr forecaster' Heals
of Portland jnassed through Mcdford
Thursday7 on his way to Klamath
Falls where he plans to makp a study
of weather" conditions. His conclu
sions wllf be published for the bene
fit of Klamath Palls ranchers.
' 8. A. Newell, ladles' tailor, 4th
floor M. jrC H. YUg.
Joe Socman, ex mayor of Gold Hill
Is In Mcdford on a short business
L,. C. Coleman who owns prqpcr-
ty near Medford and who spends
aiuqh of his timo hero is visiting
friends at Bostoi), Mass.
Garland stoves and raagea, lubrl-
eatlHg ells. Ft W. Shapleiga. Hard
ware. No, ITS, South Central.
Frank B. Walte, of Suthorllu.
passed through here yesterday on
his way to San Francisco, following
his return from a business trip to
St. Paul, Minn. While la that city
he-heard Woodrew Wilson speak.
"The poUtieal1 situation la the Easf,"
814 Mr. "WaMtc, "lr just1 like it Is
here. v Everywhere you hear republi
can's who never -voted' anything but
their party 'ticket declare vthey are
going to vote fer Wilson in Kovem-
Oak and ardwe4'f 4.W mad fS'SB
rTeeV. ' Geld Ray 'Realty Ce.,
Sixth and Fir.. '
gpriatt Wells; one of the'mariy welj-to-do
stockmen of Illy, Klamath coun
ty, wastn MedfsreV Wednesday.
"Mr. and Mrs. Claire Merey left
Wedaedday evening . for Portland
waertr'Jfr: Morey expects to engage-l
in bminess. They were accompanied
by" Mrs. Chas. Mason, sister of Mrs.'
MereVwho kas'seen visiting In Hert
ford Several week's. -
'Oysters, Oysters, Oysters, direct
frea the Oyster beds at Hetel Med-
Mr. and Mrs. Can Gilbert former-
ly'bf this 'city, Lut wne have been
liVlng'for the past 'two years In Rose-
buTg, have returned to Medford and
expect to make this place their future
' Diamond 'Edge tools and cutlery,
picking Gaskets and ladders. F.
W."8baplelgk Hardware, 28 South
Central.' ' '
"A grass fire on Rose avenue was
responsible fer an alarm shortly af
ter' noon today. The fire had been
con trailed' by the timo the boys
reached the scene. No damage was
done. , ' '
' Drf '"Ri'ckert, eyesight specialist,
over' Kentner's.
"Lost",' Tuesday afternoon', a pair of
eye 'glasses In case. Finder will
pteaSe leave them at Mall Tribune
The regular monthly social of tho
Ladle Auxiliary of the Baptist
church met with Mrs. Marsh at hor.
home on Peac'btreetTliesday-'iiftf-;
iiuou oi hum weuK, & guouiy iiumuur
wore present who onjoyod tho uni
que 'Program1 ind music which was
foljowehy cjlnty refreshments and
a good ' tlttio "socially.
Try a Vapofr bath for that cold. Dr.
It. J. Lockwood, Gurnet-Corey Dldg.,
phono Honio 14 fi.
' Prftyer .meeting tonight at tho
Presbytorlan church. Tho 'Btudy of
the Sunday school lesson also'. Meet-
lng'"at '8 . in. All aro urged to be
''Dr. jMorrlsou has removed hU of
fice from thu Bt. Murk's bloclc to
rooms' 211-212 second floor Guruett
Cbrey building. 17Gt
Lewis' Ulrlch and Frank Coleman
of 'Jacksonville relumed Wodnesday
fiOBi attending the ltoud-Up at Peu
dfeton, ' ,'
Mrs. W. F. Shields returned yea
tertlay' morning from her trp to
penrfsyUnla."1, She, reports "having
had a gdod timo ahd that PennsyU
yaiila is solid for RooBevclf.
if.' C'Parr ws down from his
Dead Indian homestead Wednesday,
Vapor baths and sctentltla mnssngo
11.00 for men nnd women. Dr. It
J, Lockwood, chlroprocter and norvo
8perlallst, 303 Garnet-Corcy Uldg.
phpnp Home mS.
Mr. and Mrs. 11. K. tinnua of
Jacksonville were n Mcdford on their
way to Grants Pass Wednesday.
" Thomas Loughlln of Portland
spent a few hours in Medford
Wednesday, visiting Mayor Canon.
They wero friends In Wisconsin In
former days.
Kodak finishing, tho best at Wes
ton's, nnnnslte bonk slhrn.
J. "A, Kitgqur and hts family of
Bvans creek visited In Mcdfprd
Sid Nlcliol, who recently returned
from British Columbia with his fam
ily, has bought Joseph Martin's stock
of merchandise at Jacksonville. Ho
was formerly engaged n business In
tho county seat.
' Oak and hardwood ?!. GO and 15.00
per 'cord. Gold Ray Realty Co.,
Sixth nnd Fir.
C. S. Sorgent, J. Martin and hla
family of Coleman creek wore among
tho mnny from outside iii Mcdford
Ross Mooro, Tom Farlow, Frank
Farlow and Torn Kinney of Lake
creek aro In Mcdford disposing of
a largo number 'of cattle.
Mcsdames W, R. Coleman, G. K.
Ncubcr, J. M. Cronomlller nnd A. R.
Thompson of Jacksonville shopped In
'Mcdford Wednesday.
See R. A." Holmes, The Insurance
Man, over Jackson County Bank.
J. H. Hammer, who is developing
a mine In Willow Springs district, is
in Mcdford, recovering from injuries
sustained In falling from a ladder.
H. D. Mills of Butto Falls and
Joseph Ceppart of Big Butte trans
acted business Mcdford tho forepart
of the week.
Carkin & Taylor (John H. Carkln,
Glenn O. Taylor), attorneys-at-law,
over. Jackson County Bank Building.
C. H. Hoslcy, G. X. Anderson and
E. B. Lodge of Ashland were busi
ness visitors In Medford Wednesday.
Harry Luy and F. W, Knowles
were down from Jacksonville Wcdncs-
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BMm& y.iV ;Mm$mvnWWF$WMWt
' BitoV briwum& rrffi wwWn
ijus , lSSSSSSSSmiS v it t
W-v isiiiiHlLR' G"jr , K,
( )iBnstiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiBPP- - -rvjBra--vTi - .
kiiV4r;,HiHBflfliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiV W'iiiiiiiH
iiiiim'P ; -miVviiiiiiiiiWiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHBiiw Br' 111111111111a
kiiiiiM JiiiiiiBiiiiHiiiiiiiHsLLiiVBIiiiV?"'- iiiiiiiiiiiV
Kk 'KiiiiiiiiikiiikiiiiiiiiiiikVMBiBkiH' k aiiiiiiiiiiS
klHr- LiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHrcKB' -' B11111111H
b ' HiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHBna9kW a M
HdIHP SllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllSflQBiBlBBlllH&.lillllllllS
HKu.illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllMHBLllllllHK 1111111111V
1.. --rT TJjjrrTTi " mi " t " 1 trrm-- "-- -M
mm confession)
DMTUOIT, Mld 0-t. !l. Cuiil-.s.
hUut lu tho umrtRr tiM(ilti Hiimn,
eleven yenrs pltl, u ev'UW W'lik'h hn
liusalcil tlu Uqtfoit iiollou fvvi tv
tlih'tueii yonw, wnn mmlo Jiotu, today
hy nuorti Drown Kpontllur, n liiio'
or. lie ulMt nitroiHPd (0 tliiv niuiihir
of twelve ycivr old Mnliltlo li'ls,
whose iiiutllntcil ImuI.v wh fomui
neur Iter home lunl Tuesday infill.
The liody of tlto Urttwn wuh iiIw
iiiutilntetl. Spomllor U said to liuve
eoulV.ed to two other uuuttorH, tho
vietim !n each tcaxe loiii( a little girl.
UAKKRSKiniil), Cat., Oct. a,
Through (ho overturning of u tour
ing cur, running at a IiIkIi rate of
speed, Mrs. Walter C. PoterHon,
daughter-in-law of former suporvlsor
Peterson, Is dead today and Mrs, N.
P. Peterson Is probably fatally In
jured. Henry W(rt,h, who whs driv
ing tho car who it It turned turtle, Is
Hovoroly bruised nnd Injured Inter
nally. Defective Htcerlng gear la said to
havo been respountblo for tho accl-
n . ,
N'KW YORK, Oct. :i, That thu
ithvvat(n' mark establlahud diiilin;
m yoar'n world clu)UMluunhtp hasu
hall uorles wlum tho first itny'n re
ootptH woro 7T,000 will be eclipsed
ihls year, Is the predloitoti hVo toilaj.
It Ik ntliiat(d that tlo recelptH of
tho opening day here will uxruuri ISO,
000, Owing to tho activity of Hpcuitla
tors last year many scatH leniatoed
uiimoUI, It is claimed, hut under tho
uuw nrnuguimmt all of thu 40,000
soatH aro oxpuctnd to bo filled.
mJNO, tfoV., Ool. ;i. KnllnwliiK i)
Hlvolut til' upoptoxy I', A. I' .Inliininii
of Hllai, one til' the HiH'ii ili'imionillii
)I'0hIi1imiIIiiI eli't'lorrt tiled Ihero euily
lutlny. The viicnni'v imulu ly tlolm
noii'n (loath will ha Illicit hy llio Ntalu
t'ltnt nil coiitmlttce,
I ! !Ulf
SaltH, ('(t)tiiiet and Cultiarllc PUN a to
Violent -They Act mi IIoucIn iin
IVppec AcIm in NtHlillH
day afternoon.
Get Mrs. Reynolds
lipiinyiii,. ;i
' J re
f!,,.?-.y;J,r5rt- !!
j, m "lf WW
"' IMP
bread at DeVoe's. t
,'Laae Wyland of Antelope and J. H.
Gay of Central Point tarried a few
A. Alford and Henrj- Helms of
Talent spent Wednesday In Mcdford.
E. D. Wftstoa, coatRercial photog
raphern, negatives Hade any time or
place fay appointcaeat Pbone M. 1471
- J. Hellenthal of Juneau, Alaska,
manager of the famous Treadmill
mine, located on Douglas Island,
spent a few days in Medford this
week. He formerly practiced law
with W. E. Cref s In the far north.
y. XV. Brlstow of Portland Is trans
acting busiaees in Medford, for the
F. E. Beach & Co. n
Oysters, Sre knew Sow to serve
them any style. Hotel Medford.
H. B. Treason of Eagle Point and
J. 1. Radar of Phoenix were in Mcd
ford Wednesday.
unas. uasauy or isazeiie, cat,, a
well known cattle buyer, was aboard
the 'southbound train one day this
week, en route from Portland.
Mrs. Lewis Ulrlch of Jacksonville
is 'visiting her' sister, Mrs. "Frank
Bennett of Bend.
Pbone us 'your orders for milk,
cream, butter and bntermllk. Two
delivery's dally". It. It. Creamery.
J. W. Maboney is down what was
formerly known -as the unsurveyed
district of Big Dutte. He has just
Ceen' advised from Washington that
he lost the 'contest over his homo-
stead, but will carry proceedings
Alex Thompson of Jacksonville and
Mrs! Win, 'Jones Jr., visited Mrs. J.
G. Martin of North' Medford, who Is
quite III during the week.
Tho Medford Hydraulic Cement
Drlck and Block Works specialties
fresh llmo, bard 'burnt clay brick
cement brick, ornamental "brick for
fire places, floor tile, cement build
ing blocks, pier and cooping, columns,
sills, arches, caps, fHiwer stands and
vases, etc., 10th and Fir St. Phoo
C41. 167
Chas. Uuulen, who Is mauager of
the'jacksonvillo brick and tile manu
factory, was In Medford Wednesday
en routo to his homo in Central Point.
They shipped a carloa'd of tilo to
Josephine- county this week.
W. l. Pullen" of Llvo Oak, Cul
a. former resident of this valley, Is
hero on a visit. '
' "Mrsl'T. IJ. Tongue, with her daugh
ters, Mrs. Elizabeth Freeman nnd
Miss Bertha Tonguo of Portland,
has been In 'Medford visiting with
M,rs. A. E. Reames, another daugljto'r.
Chas. II. Veg'iie oi Ashland was
awarded the' contract for building
tho armory In tho graulto city, his
Vd being 129,300. ,tinqpk & Travor
were also blddors. The contractor
expects to, get, the basement walls
and 'foundation, finished boforo win
ter' setjj In. '. The excavation for tho
latter will bo nine feot deep,
William Lesg, euglneer's storekeeper on board tho WMc- Star line steam
ship Olympic, has followed the sea for more than thirty years. While he was
lighthouse keeper or the Steep Islnml Lighthouse, on Uio Chinese coast, about
one hundred and llfty miles from Shanghai, in 1002, Mr. Lcgg picked up it
living tnormald. The body of the mermaid, now stuffed and In a glass case. Is
twenty-four inches long. Below the waist It resembles n ftsh, being a dark
greenish blue. The head nnd shoulders ore of the regulation human flesh.
Mr. Lcgg Is called "The Tattooed Man." Ho is very religions and hs-i had
tattooed across his chest forlpturnl texts and across his stomach the moit won
derful picture of the Lord's list Supper In colors. On his back are tattooed the
Lord's Prayer and tho hymn "Xearer, My God, to Thee.
Doing Something Vorth While
(From Tho Oregonlan) i better tho quality of plant productM.
According to tho Mcdford Mall- These, slniplu, truths ought tq he
Tribune, Mr. Enoch R.Smlth, on his brought homo particularly to tho
little four-acre brush farm, situated j young men whq attend our agrtcul
near Gold Hill, Jackson county, tajtural colleges. Xheae students aro
dolnjj something worth while. Let It given nil qt the scientific training
be understood that to do anything
really worth while ono must do some
thing of benefit to humanity nnd tho
world at lnrge. To do some great
deed, far personal benefit of aggrand
izement is worth while only In a sot
tish sense.
Wheat straws six feet In length,
65 to 100 springing from one current
kernel, with heads averaging six
Inches, presaging a yield of at least
100 bushels to the acre, Is a possi
bility for Southern Oregon that has
been exclusively demonstrated by
Enoch M. Smith upon his little brush
land farm just west of Gold Hill.
From this short paragraph it seems
that Mr. Smith has succeeded In pro
ducing a quality of wheat that will
give a yield heretofore unprecedent
ed.. So large is tho amount given
per aero that it may, in operations on
a commercial scale, have to be dis
counted somewhat; but there seems
no doubU about tho accomplishment
of aj;rcat purpose by this briiHhlund
farmer, and great should bo his re
ward. Someone has said, In substance,
tlmt'the man who makes two blades
of grass grow whoro ono grow boforo
Is conferring a blessing upon human
ity. And It Is true that anyone add
ing to the world's production ndds to
tho world'u happiness. If any man
could discover sopio mcana, pf add
ing ono grain of wheat to each wheat
head grown, or but ono grain of corn
to cacti car produced, or but one po
tato to each hill raised, he would con
fer a greater blessing upon humanity
than the builder of many cltorf or the
discoverer of a second Cotnstock gold
It scorns strange that w few um'lor
take plant breeding. Most men who
plant needs seem mitltlriod to go on
year after year simply planting and
harvesting with to thought an to the
why .or whqroforo of roproduUjon
beyond tho Idea that they piust have
good seed. Yet more than likely each
of theso plauters would exercise Judg
ment and discretion In breeding live
stock. Beyond n few homely facts
ibout planting pumpkins and water
melons contiguous, or tho mixing of
citrous and cantalojio, und a few
other simple truths of that kind, they
know nothing about tho clone rela
tionship of plants, tho pollination of
blossoms or tho fundamental princi
ples of reproduction and crossing of
One does not have to be a scientist
in create now varletlcu In plant llfo.
Perhaps1 Mr. Smith will toll you that
ho learned all he knows as ho went
along. Certainly Luther llurbank, the
?iost successful plant, grower of our
Imoe.iwag not a scientist when he .be
gun ua boy to. Increase the yield aud I ,
necessary to start them of t at onco on
tho road to doing something worth
whllo for themselves antV their fellow
men by Increasing the yield or quality
of tsonio of our staple products and
by croatlrig somo now fruit, vegetable
or ceroal. Let these young men study
tho evolution of tho tomato. Let
thorn learn how it 3U) about that tho
ifttlo Jerusalem cherry of sixty or
seventy joars ago, then cultivated
and grown ns a houBe plant for decor
ativo purposes, has coma to he one of
our chief vegetables. The field Is
large, the workers few, tho competi
tion ncgllgiblo, hut few- occupations
offer more satisfaction or better pro
fits than study of plant life.
SEATTLE. Wash., Oct. a, At
least 100 people hau cauuo tuduy to
congratulate thoinaelvoa bcoiiuwe of
tho preseuco of intntl of Harry Sltnnu,
driver of a delivery automobile.
Simon was going down a steep hill
when his brake failed to work. To
avoid running Into tho mass of peo
ple at a congested corner, Simon
steered tho muchluu Into tho curb,
and passing over It struck tho big
pinto glass window of tho Graham
ludlcs' furnishing huttsu. Simon es
caped Injury.
NEW YORK, Oct. .1. Chairman
McComlm of tho democratic untlounl
committee here denied the testimony
of Senator Dixon, HoomcvoH'h cam
paign manager boforo tho senate cam
paign contributions Investigation
committee regarding the democratic
pre-conventlon expenditure.
Chnlrmnn McCombx and his asso
ciates are ready to testify boforo thn
W II. Pace, superintendent of thu
Jackson county poor farm, transacted
buslncxs In Mcdford Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. I). E. Evans of
Iloguo River aro In Mod ford on a
short butflpcfta trip. ,
Mr. audv,Mrs. D. W. Henderson of
Williams creek nra In Madford on a
ihort business trip. ,
HUSTON, Oct. ;i. -Stephen Dow, it
former prominent, member nf Ho
ton'ft stool; 'exchange, wiih arrested
hcr tliix iiflernooii for tho larceny
of .?U.0()0 from tho Franklin ami
Algoinali minim; ffouipanv.
Oow in president ami iliicclor of a
hcoro of mining goiicerjig nnd wan
itituft'stcil in thu i'omjmi(v which ho
in nlli'cil to Imvo robbed.
iliiiiiimlrt ot men mill women of
.small means am hit hard hy tho al
leged pcr'tilutjotiri, Dow, until lie wart
expelled yonlerday, had been u inem
hcr of tho Htuck uxulimige for eigh
teen yearn.
DintiKt Attorney J'ulloticr tins af
leinooii declared that a Hwoopin in.
iUHligatiou of tho htock exohaugrt
voiiM follow 1)iiv!h iiih'hI,
Why Such Nimble
Feet? TJZ
So Moro Tlrrtl, Aching, Clmfitl. llll.
tertnl, CttlloiiHCil VttaU fof Tlioy
Now Danco witli Delight.
Send for Free Trial Packngo Today
No More Dandruff,
Falling Hair,
Gray Hair
Men and women do inu want n
splendid hoad of luxuriant hair free
from scalp Itch nnd dandruff?
Do you want hair so bowttchliigly
radiant that It compels tho admira
tion of all who sen It?
Do you want a scalp as immacu
lately clean and bright as a newly
minted coin 7
If you do, get a no rent liottlo of
PARISIAN Sago todny, at dealers
everywhere. The girl with tho Au
burn hair U on every carton nnd bot
tle Ask for lWIUNIAN Sago and see
that you get It. Chas. Strang guar
antees It.
gg.ff.,1 . tH . -BI,.J.I l-...jWI,i,.,.WI
TiUo a Cavcarnt tonight ttijd thor
oughly (.'eaiiHii your Llvnr, Htutuuuh
Jiml (UiwiiIh, and you will surely (eel
groat by morning. You muu anil
women who liavn headaclm, coated
tongue, can't nleop, aro bllloi(n, uier
vom aitt upet, bpthoroit with a
i hIcU, gtiHsy, illnordoiml atoiuach, 'or
havo liacltache and feel all worn out .
Are you keeping your howelc clean
with Quyarnts or piorely forcing a
pnsiiagewn' every few days with
salts, cathartic pills or cantor till?
TliU Is Important,
CnscnrMii limnedlatuly eleaiiHo anil
regulatn thu stomach, remove thn
sour, undigested and fermenting food
and foul gases; take tho oxcoHit lillo
from tho livor aud carry off tho con
stipated waste mutter nnd polioii
from tho liltestlnoH aud bowels.
Heiueinbor, a Cascaret loulght will
Htralghten A'ou out by morning. A
in-rent box from your drugget mimim
healthy howpl action; a clear head
nnd cheerfulness for months. Don't
forget thn children.
Our Dread, Pics, Cakes and Pastry
are Tho Host In town. Call nnd sco
them. Good norvlco and ipilck de
livery. Home Phono 3'.'.
Prof. G. C. Beach
firniluato of Odeon Conservatory,
Prices reasonable Violin given
with full rouno. Address Prof,
lloacb, care Mull Tribune. Mando
lin and Guitar.
I ' JH.JV. illiiLi-J
Steam and Hot Water
All, fTorlt OunrsittMa
" Frlc ltiMioubU
Xewarf loo, Satraae or till Mi.
VUlo aosi. loiu .
Tho rounty court imtjl u regular
session Wednesday but did not trans
act any county buslncsa UHldu from
routine matters. -Thoy audtted the
Jillls, heard roports of roqd stipqrYl
nors and adjourned,
FOIt PALK- Twin Thor moloroyelo
fbr hi1o cheap at V. U. Martin's
Dlcyclo Shop. , 172
Like blithe, merry music TIK
piukcK your feet fairly danco. .Away
go tho actios and pains, tho' corns
and callouses, tho Idlstors and bun
ions. TIZ draws out tho acids and poi
sons Unit puff the feet. No matter
how hard you work, how long you
dance, how, long you aro on your foot
TI brings tliut Inflnlto-'calni and ro
poso to tired, aching feet that puts
you at case with yourself aud ull tho
Try a TIH foot bath nnd your
wrinkled brow will smooth out as it
nover did before,
Wrlto today to Walter Luther
podge & Co., 1233 H. Wubaslt five.,
Chicago, III., for a free trull, pack-
ago of I'M or go to nny drugvBtoro,
department or goilora! storo and got
a package of TIZ, ati cents box;.
And see. tua you buy Tlii demand
TIX. Don't uccopt a substitute.
Medford Real Estate
& Employment Agency
20 acres, 4 Vi miles out from town,
10 acres clonrod, small houso, 10
acres can bo cultivated, price 1 1,000.
100 acres with water right, largo
houso, closo to town, It. K. D. every
day and telephone, price f 3,000.
147 acres, 19 mllon out, lift acres lu
cultivation, G room hoiifo and largo
harp, $7,500 or will trad" (or city
80 acres, 12 miles out, no Improve
inentu, all good noil good for grain or
fruit, prlco fJf pur acre.
C acres Improved, 2 miles out,
tools, chickens go with tho place at
Wo havo, all Muds of hargalmt
country and city humeri bo sure and
como mid sou us boforo you buy,
Wo want somo good city property
to trado for acreage. -i
OlrlH and women for general lioumv.
work in and out of city,
Chamber maid.
Laborers, ruuch liaudM.
yiiqw JiIom,e, H,
, PlcJte. NfU l(Mjl , 1 ,
Monoy on hand at all tbnea
to loan on improved ranches
and city property at lowest
ritea with "on or before
Phono 8231 aaoO-O.BIdp.
A Change of Feature
' i " i r ii r I. " n
FOR BALK Scotch , Colllo, finely
anarked, AIso( furnlturo, 1021
Cs'uragnu t. Phono Home 337-X,
V 108
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Medford, Oregon
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Martin J. Reddy
The Jeweler
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