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Medford Mail Tribune
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Partly clody May. 7ftt'Mt.
Kartyacnnd Tr.
Dully Hflvmitli Ynr.
!NG. 108.
n 1
. fj
16,000 VOTERS
Senior Senator Asserts That Call
From Twelve Per Cent of Orenon
Voters Ought to Meet His Response
'Popular Government' Candidate
Mure Extended Statement as to Can
didacy and Platform to Be Issued
Next Week by Candidate.
I'OHTI.AND, OH. f.-lVitcd
Slates Hi'iiittiir .Iniinllinn llotinio,
junior, totlity accepted un indepen
dent nomination for re-election mill
will go on tlio official liiillnt in the
November election iik a "popular
government candidate." Senator
Bonnie's acceptance of tlt nnuiiun
(ion followed tin) riling with Sccrc
tiu'v of Slate Oleott lit Salem or a
p.-lillon biutifil liy hIxIppii tlmtiHiiiiil
Oicgou voter urging Itiita to run.
The petition were circulated unit nil
the Mgunturew wore obtained within
live days.
"Since the people Iiiivp adopted n
ciinxtitiitinnni provision," sit id Sena
tor Bourne today, lrmltliiiK eight
per pent of tht voter? to prnpoe a
law iiniler the initiative ami to do
inaiiil the referendum iiikiii a tuea
Htire by petition of "live per pent of
the otern, I feel that this petition of
twelve er pent of the voter of Ore
gon N n eall to whluh I ought to re
, ' KlHtrniPHt Coining M
Tim xenntnr promised to make n
mure extended xtnlcinent regarding
IiIh candidacy ami the platform on
whleh In) would stand early next
Senator Bourne's entering the fight
for election to the United Slate ncn
itte was made after he had apparent
lv been eliminated from the seiuilor
inl raee. Ho wan defeated for the
reptihliean nomination In the slate
primaries nomo months ago after lh-
moHt uniipio campaign ever mndii hy
a candidate, for a high office. In
fuel it wan no campaign at all.
Ileforo tho primaries Senator
Honrne nstnulHlied Oregon and the
nation hy announcing that lie would
ninko no personal appeal to I ho vot
ers, lln iiHxcrti'd that he Mood pat
on his record us a progressive repuh
liean and iih a pompelenl rcprcKonta
tln of Oregon in the senate.
Made No Campaign
"The people of Oregon are on trial,
not I," said Itoiirne. "If the voter
wn'fft me, well Mid jtood; if not I flhall
ho Vfut infird with their verdict at the
Senator llotirno during the cam
paign preceding the primaries did
not enter Oregon, CniiMoqucutly he
was bua ton hy Hen Selling, a Port
lupd merchant, though hu polled a
heavy vote.
Senator llotirno was prominently
mentioned tit thu Mute convention of
thu hull moose parly recently in con
nection with thu nomination of that
party for United States Huaator.
When thu hull mootto hailed to nam
iuato Sunator Honrne hi friends be
gun tho ulroiilation of potitioiiH ask
lug him to run on an independent
Albert Cowlen Ih tho author of
"Tho Yellow Peril,!' ono of tho latest
vaudeville ptuyp.
The hookworm Iiiih nrrlvedl
While il exiHtcpou In .lonephino and
DopgliiH tiouiitlu and Ihrouglioiit tho
Wllhimotto valley Iiur long buoii hub
ladled, tho I'irnt living Hpeelmun in
Oregon Iut4 bvoil oornilled in thin
i'ity, It Ih mi Imported animal, how
over, whleh iicoountH for Hh pawnee
Dr. K, H, 1'orlor nnd I'rofeKsor P.
J. O'fliifii avo' tho two vaqnuroH who
roped and hog-llud (ho terror of thu
Houth, Bnltl terror Iiiih been propor
l.v labeled, boUlod, olaHRll'led, osi
i'iedt pickled and placed upon thu
Democratic Nominee Tells Packinu
House Employes to Support Party
"You Think Will Do Best What
You Want Done"
Great Rally at Lincoln Tonlnht When
Both Bryan and Wilson Will Ad
dress Crowd.
OMAHA, Neb.. Oct. ."..-While
pacing through the yard al Cedar
Itapiilrt the private ear of Woodrow
Wilson, democratic nominee for pres
ident, wan Mruck hy a freight oar
early today and the observation plat
form wrecked. No one wax injured
in the colliNion and Wilson did not
I'pon bin nrrlval here Wilson was
greeted by Chorion Hryan, Seiinl.tr
Hitchcock ami Mayor .lame Unlil
man. The demoeratie nominee deliv
ered nix npeeehen en route.
Talk to Parker
Addressing the workmen at the
packing hotiM'H here, Wilon wild he
favored a federal department of la
bor. "I do not nk you to vote for
me," hiild Wilson,' "hut to vote for
the parly yon think will do bet
what you want done. If you vote
that way, you votn an American nnd
I mIiiiII be willing to accept your ver
dict.; 'Af great demoVrntlernliy at which
Oovernor Woodrow Wilson, the dem
oeratin eaudidatc for president, nnd
William lenniag Ho11" win be the
principal speaker will be held nt
Lincoln tonight. Itefore leaving for
Lincoln. Oovernor WiUon told tho
newNpapermon Hint ho wan more
than sat'tRfied with hi trip.
.Magazine Article Check
Governor Wilson alo told of writ
ing a magazine article, di-cusing
the campaign ismic. Later, he said,
ho received a .ffiOO cheek from the
puhliNlicrx. He returned tho check
explaining that he could not receive
cnmpen'oition for such an article.
The inagnr.iiie editor intoMed, how
ever, and Wilnon finally siiggeMed
that the money bo given to (he demo
cnitie national committee. The com
mittee, however, rejected the money
on the ground that the pithliHhor is n
corporation. The matter wa finally
arranged lv Wilson accepting- the
check nnd turning over the money
himriclf to the committee.
TAMPA, Kin., Oct. G. Residents
hero nre In a Btnto or terror today as
a roHiilt of olght nsHn-slnntlona tn thu
past two wuoks anil jtwonty-ono fires
within throo dnyH. Tho pollco bo
llovu tho crimen to bo tho work of
n domontod negro,
Thu cllmnx of tho reign of crime
wan reached when KMndoa Civnloa
wiir nhot to death ih ho sut In front
of hla utoro. Tho police, taunted by
letters from a man who boasts of
committing tho crlmoH uro comploto
ly bulked In their attempts to offuct
his capture.
Tho hook-worm was discovered a
day or two ago when a patiunt called
upon Dr. Porter for treatment. Dr.
Porter Himpceted tho hook-worm nnd
called upon Prof. O'flnra for the
propor ohiHBlfieation. iih tho profos
Hor provioiiHly probod hook-worms
omiHldurably In tlm Houth whero John
1), Hookofollcr poured out his mil
lions to check Hh ravagoB. Tho ono
now In on.pt ivity hero otiino from tho
Philippipo iHlandrt nnd in of tho AHia
IJo varloty whleh differs slightly from
lln Bouthorn friend,
.--V Bu. .? fck W w - -
75,000 WATCH
HraBK won tho grand prlx
I'ulnin Is reported ditched.
raco, Do-
MILWAUKHi:. Wi., Oct. 5 Willi
a crowd of 7.fy)00 speetutors in at
tendance the grand prix automobile
raco started hero today at 10:10 a.m.
Tho course is in excellent shape for
tho event which cover n distance .if
110 mile.
Hnmey Old field drove the Fiat en
try instead of David Ilruce-Itrowif
killed hero during tho Vauderhilt Cup
Driver Illinium, Fontaine, Tetr.
laff, Hughes, Do Palma., Wishart,
Clark, Ilei-gdoll, Hragg, Honiu, An
doron and Oldfield Htarted in tho
orflcr named. Teddy Totxlaff of Los
AngeloB, who is ono of the favorites
In tho betting, received an ovation
whim ho appeared on the track.
Aviator Fit-h, carrying u photo
grapher, flew over tho course, the
latter taking pictures of tho raco.
Until Hurman nnd Wishnrt were
forced to withdraw from tho raco on
account of accidents to their ma
Ju the thirty-first lap Tet?.Inff
broke his distanco rod and withdrew.
Ho was thou leading with an average
of sovonty.two miles mi hour. This
put Hragg in tho lead with 'Ju'J miles
in 12:in;IO. Do Palnin was second
and Hergdoll third.
In tho thirty-neeond lap Hurman
relieved Horau.
OtllCQ, Cal Oct. 5. lUInd for
somotlmo duo to an Illness, George
Unlloy of. Plncorvlllo, nptartut. Is to
day rojolclug oyor tho recovery ot
his sight caiiHod by a boo sting,
Unlloy was changing n swarm ot
boou from ono hlvo to uuothor whou
sovoral of tho lusocts stung him on
tho fnco and oyollds. To his amnzo
nioiU ho Biiddonly discovered that ho
could soo ngalu,
aoy was about to Journey to Sa
ertimonto to consult an oyo apoclnl
1st whou his sight was rostorod.
t- i ....TCL..W i'WW'LiSit.t.i
ntrv.A4ii.rp iiu until i
f. t-X o Ct
prt- (n. JfW uk(A-
-Way okir C a
"i, Lpv
MXyv-v i&&AtoAfc'
W- A. nogerf. the well known cnrtoonUt. whose drawtux uure ueeu i
ujlltar to readers of the New York Herald and lta allied papers for years, receutlj
slipped ami roll while attempting to board a ear lu Newport and broke Ui
right arm. Ilntbcr than disappoint those Interested In hU prcseut polltlea
cartoons Mr. Itogers Is eudenvorlng to continue his work with tils ten Hand
Tho above drawing W tho cnrtooulat's first nl erupt. The letter was written t
Mr. Itogers lu explanation ot hU left handed efforU.
Unless the democrats and republi
cans send representatives to nrguu
tho issue of the day with tho Third
Tenners ut tho Fair Grounds Tues
day, tho Hull Moo.iQ is going to toss
ii bomb that will shatter their parties
to splinters. The bomb is in the
shape of a letter written by u Med
ford citizen ndvWng his party man
ngors to keep away .from tho Iloooe-velt-Waro
racing rally, barbecue, and
This is the awful throat niado by
Chief Hull Mooser A. K. Ware. The
enemy must either cough up tho ad
mission feo and dehato Teddy's hero,
ism or suffer comploto annihilation.
Tho Hull Mooo has said it, it was in
the Sun it muM 1P so.
And now tho (ptetirm is, who wroto
that damning letter?. Who was tho
Lvillianf lie must ba uncovered ere
diro vengennoo overtnko both old par
ties, oven If old sleuth in tho guise of
Sherlock Holmes SiugW is employed
to unravel tho mystory that is likely
to rank with that surrounding tho
man who struck Hilly Patterson.,
It Is generally supposed that Dee
Kceuo wrote the letter. Hut tho gen
-m. 1. a.rm.
u )
' II. . .. 1 .
M-r"y j
VOvA- XA-.ey
CCfc 5tiJrX
ial solitary advocate of ouo Bill Taft
explosively donics it. In fact ho
goes further and denies that thero is
any such letter. He says that what
ho thinks of the Hull Mooso is too
strong to he put in a letter.
Mayor Canon, as spokesman for
the democrats, also denies writing
any such missive. "Thero aro no
'dear Maria' or 'dear Harriman' lot
tors from tho democrats on filo" he
declared, "so tho democrats don't
fear exposure."
Suspicion now points to Ed Root
as the guilty party and circumstan
tial ovideuco is strong. Ed admits
tho showing is against him mid thai
us spokesman for Debs is likely to
tako tho slump against tho Hull
Mooso. Hut Mr. Hoot asserts they
didn't get tho letter honestly, It must
have been stolen. lie says:
"Thou shnlt pot steal" ought to
apply to Bull Moosors as well as the
rest' of us. Hut they stolo stngo
thunder from tho socialists- and
probably stolo tho letter, Its tho
fashion nowadaysdidn't somebody
steal n book from Teddy which ho
had nil thu t"uo m his own pocket?"
Four Sailors and Marines Killed, Six
Wounded and Hundred Nlcaraguan
Federals Slain in Decisive Battle
of Revolution Rebel Chief Killed.
Loss Means Collapse of War Num
ber of Rebels Slain Unknown
Southerland in Command.
WASHINGTON', Oct. .I. -Four
Americans were killed, xix wounded
and one hundred Xienragnnn feder
als were killed yesterday in bnttle
with the Xicnragunn rebel near Coy
otcpa, Nicaragua, According to tele
gram ret'ehed today by the tftntc
department from M. Chnmorro, the
Nicnrnguan foreign minister.
Fought to n standstill by -a com
bined force of Nienragunn federals
nnd American marines nnd sailors
uuder Admiral Southerland, the army
of General Zeledon, the Nicnregtian
rebel chief, was routed and Zeledon
himself, wounded, wn captured near
Masaya, where he died.
The casualties of the rebels in the
engagement are unknown nnd it Is
nlso unknown whether the American
dead nnd wounded nro marines- or
Zeledon refused Southerland's de
tnand -to surrender and entrenched
behind n hill near Coyotepa. Then
the. Americans and the Nicnrnguan
federals deployed on two Mile of
the eminence and attacked under a
murderous fire.
me Amencnns jireo on tne rcDois,
for more than half an hour aftur
whieh Zeledon's forces, still fightiuR
desperately, evacuated their position
nnd fled with the Americans nnd Ni
cnrnguan federals in hot pursuit.
Many of them were captured but
Zeledon himself eluded his pursuers
for several hours before he was tak
en. More than 200 of the Niearngit-
an federals were wounded in the en
gagement. Zeledon's denth leaves the revolu
tion in Nicaragua without a lender
nnd its speedy collapse is expected.
Tho American minister nt Managua
today confirmed reports of the buttle
which lasted thirty-soven minutes but
failed to report on the casualties.
President Din, had offered Zele
don amnesty if he surrendered. The
rebel chief refused and the attack
on hi stronghold followed.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 4. Although
no witnesses were scheduled to testi
fy tho senate contributions investi
gating committee which is investigat
ing campaign contributions to the
democratic, republican and progres
sive campaigns, met hero today to
nrrnngo for next week's hearings.
Congressman MeKinley of Illinois,
who managed President Taft's pro
convention campaign will bo the first
witness called when tho henring is
resumed Monday,
Onnsby Mellarg, who argued tho
Hoosovelt contest cuses before the
republican national committee and
Dan H. Hauua who is alleged to hnve
contributed heavily to Colonel Hooso
velt's present campaign will testify
Tuesday, Others who are to testify
later include Charles D. Hilles, chair
man of tho republican national com
mittee, Charles P. Taft, tho presi
dent's brother; George W. Perkins,
William It. Hearst, Vino Chairman
MoAdoo of tho national democratic
committee and Prank Mpusoy,
Chairman Clupp announced today
that tho committee hopes to close the
inquiry boforo tho general election in
Quarter Million Men Urnta- Arms by
Monday In Twa Armies, Or.a ts In
vade Bulgaria and the Other Jr
via Mebs Demand MatMcre.
ulgarlan Parliament Oiem Greeks
Buy DtstreyerR frem ArtentiM
Sames Declares Independence.
V s
war In tho Balkans wag made
practically certain here today when
It wa8 officially announced that Tur
key will mobilize 250,000 tnea la
two armies by Monday. -No details
are given out as to what Is to be the
Turkish battle plan but it la believed
one army will operate in Albania
against Montenegro and Servla while
the other will be utilized agalnat the
Slavs on the Bulgarian frontier.
Tho Servian minister to the Porte
today demanded, that Turkey aur
render seized Servian mnsltiejjia sf
war which had beea seised In trass
port. He threatened that uniesa Ills
demand is acquiesced wltfata twenty
four hours, diplomatic relations will
be severed.
Mobs here today smashed Mm win
dows or the Italian, Greek and Bui
garlan legations. The war sirlt Is
hourly growing and the streets are
lull of mobs who deaH.Bd,'ttrTar-
key declare a Jehad MdezternHnnte
every Christian la the Balkan prer
Inces, ' ': "
nttlfcarian Parliament 'Meets
SOFIA, Oct. 6. Opening the Bnl- .
garlan parliament here today, on the
anniversary of his country's Independ
ence from Turkey, King Ferdinand
referred briefly to the military meas
ures taken by the government but re
frained from speaking of the: threat
ened clash with Turkey. Tho only
reference made to the Balkans situa
tion was when the king declared that
In the event of trouble of sr.y. kind
he and his ministers would rely on
the people's representatives to do
their duty.
LONDON, Oct. 5. It was learned
here today that tour Greek destroy
ers recently purchased from Argen
tina are en route to Philadelphia to
take on ammunition before starting
for Athens.
ImIc of Sames Rebels . ,
SOFIA, Bulgaria. Oct. C lender
command ot the brigand chief San
dansky 2.500 Bulgarians today' car
tared and burned the Turkish bar
racks at Oschtimaya, '
PARIS, Oct. G. Despatches hero
today from the Turkish Island of
Samos, declare that Us people have
declared an Independent republic.
Massacre of Turks
CETTINJE, Montenegro, Oct. 0.
Despatches received here today tell
of tho massacre by Bulgarian troops
of the Turkish garrison In the moun
tain fortress of El Kabel, near Pnz
zoras, last night. Tho death list is
estimated at from 300 to 800. tho
Turks being slaughtered by (he Bul
garians boforo they hod up opportun
ity to resist. t
1 f ,
BELGRADE, Oct. G. Great en
thusiasm marked the opening' of the
Servian parliament hero tody, by
King Peter. The most significant
feature of tho event was the fact
that the address read to the members
previously had been font to o(I for
eign legations except the Turkish
representatives. The king's message
was warmly received.
i , rl-
TUCSON, Ariz,, Oct. G-Gefre D.
Plttman, a rancher living ferteM
miles north of here, was. Instantly
klltod by a stroke ot llghiulB, !'
man's neck was broken, hki Wfpr
splintered nnd one kee tern off WM.
burned by the stroke.
- il
'LV- T-l'lt

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