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Kedford iIail tribune
T 8fKV
llD rKlNTlNU CO.
HflLrte MeJfard TrttStmK The South
rn Orgnnlnn, The Aihland Tribune.
Mll Tribune) llulMInK, 3f.-27-30
If atreet; phone, Mala 3051;
OHOROH PUTNAM. IWUornhd Manager,
,lfcjterrt r record -elasii matter at
Mcnwnt. Oregon nJer the act or
March S, 1879.
Official Fr9r of th City of Mm! ford.
Official Paper Of. Jacknon Countr.
Ono year, by wl).,...,.....,,..E,on
mho moiun, ny man
I'er wfttith, delivered by cirrler In
trni I'olnt....... ..... ......... .50
Saturday only, by mail, per year.. S.r
Weekly, Jier year................ 1.50
jacKsonnue ana vxn
vPally average or'o.cvcn months end
Inir November SO, mi. S7G1.
Leaned Wire Vnlted rresa '
Tho Mall Trlbuno la on aale nt the
Ferry Nw Stand, Kan Francisco.
I'oriianu Hotel now stan.l,
Kowman Js'owa Co.. Porllnnd. Ore.
W. O. Whitney. Seattle. Wash.
Metropolis or Southern Orernn and
Northern California, and the fatct-
urowinK cuy in urcicon.
Population U, & eenau 1310 SSIOJ
Five hundred thousand dollar Gravity
Water Synlcm completed, Kivlntr finest
supply pure mountain water, and 1T.3
miles Of streets paved.
Postofflco receipts for year esrtlne
jsovemter ?o, mi. ijoc increase of 15
tier cost.
Bahner fruit city In Orefton Roruo
,nivcr ctiitzcnierjr nppiea p-on awcep-
atakPs price and title f
Aw- Ktuc of the World"
at tho NwtlOMU Annie SJiowr, Spokane,
.1909, and si car of Newtown won
' Ptrat rrhie In Idle
nt Canadian International Apple Show,
Vancouver. n.C.
SACRAMENTO. Oct. 7. Tho foi
lowing jnves numbers of. cars of de
'rftlaoHst fruit hii))C(l- from all points
sm California for the week (7 daysj
iMidinjj Ftiday evening October 4th,
Peaches: 15 cars, Tlio actual
movement of peaches in car lots hit's
ceased. We have no more of anj
. variety to offer. A few scatter!"?;
local shipments arc still beinp made,
but nothing in car lots.
Pears: 43 cars. Fall and winter
varieties of. tcars are now nearly
cleaned up. " There arc still a few
co iv, however, that will ro forwurd
(Iiinnjr the nest ten days. Tho qual
ity of all fall and winter pears has
hoe unusually fine this season, and
tins fruit is sivliiff splendid satisfac
tion. '
Weather during the past week has
boon fine, but at the time of writing
is rather threatening. Uain has fal
len in, California touth of the Tch
achapi, Should it reach the grape
sections of central California, great
harm would probably be done to tho
few remaining Tokays. Corniehons
and Emperors would not suffer.
Comparative 'Statement of shipments:
Afl iUlBltJrll?'iPKBi
1011 Scjih 28th. ' 15)12
k aiQ 1-4- ..., Cherries 244 3-4
" 223 1-2 Apricot 305 1-2
11IG3 .'K4 ....l'cnehes 1G03 1-4
1333 1-1 Plums 1773 1-2
t 'JUG ' Penrs 211(10 1-2
2014 3-4 Gnipcs 3182 1-2
H .w. Sundry fl 1-4
8702 1-2 , . . JM)72 3-4
( Sjjobel Si Day issue under dak' of
New York, September 28, the follow fellow follew
ing: Wty-cight curs Wednesday,
M tra Thursday, 71 cars Friday,
iimkcft a total of 330 cum sold here
this week.
Pears: 30,000 boxes nuelioued
'here this week:; Jlarilotts practically
ended, and tho hulk of the arrivals
aru full and wiulur icar, both from
CalUopriu and ihc northwest. A
few Hurllctts very soft, selling low;
:but aiiy hard stouk selling wol above
$3.0(1.' Some Clairgeaus and Ilurdys
in boxes selling from $2.00 to $2.50.
, Several cars of California Comioo
sold here this week, largely from
$2.25 to $2.75 per half box. We also
hold ix car of. Cpmice in half boxes
from .'Medford, Oregon, itvuragod
$1.60, aiid some Hose in half boxes
wore taken lively at from $2.00 to
$2,75 per half box. Number of cars
of J)'AnjuiiH in riving, boxes selling
largely from $2.50 to $3.50, and some1
half boxes of beautiful fruit sold
around $2.00.
, App'1'8' Several ears of Jona
thans arrived hew, and all (hose,
showing good color, 4 tiers, have
ihroiKht from $2.25 to $2.75 but the
tciiiullm- sixert art) not wanted, and
we advise ear friends not to ship
wimll apples hero, Weather uicur
' nd (V)ler, tiud this should help the
.hiV)Niid for appli's, allhaiigh we ax
mi heavy arrivals next week.
JO&ATlf A& foourno lias "been ioiiiiiiutcd as independent
eamlidatG for United States senator without effort, upon
his part, bv a petition signed by .16,000 voters. The signa
tures were secured in five
ucniami existing lor uis rv-iuuuium us suumur.
Senator Bourne was defeated at the primaries for tho
rt'lublioan nomination beeauso of tho illegal expenditure
ot money made against him, and beeauso he made no cam
paign in his own behalf, letting his record speak for him.
But the people did not know his record. Only five
newspapers in tlio state supported him. The majority,
taking, their cue from the
Uejously suppressed and distorted faets, maligned and
misrepresented him throughout his term.
Senator Bourne was rejected by a faction of the re
publican party captained by personal and political enemies
not by the people of Oregon. It was the same taction
that nominated IJowcrman and always opposed popular
!Mnnv of those who voted
state to gratify pott animosity have already repented of
tneir action. They have petitioned tor the chance to recall
(lie primary decision which was a shame to the progres-
sive cause in uregon. Their reasons arc set lorth as m
part follows in tho argument filed by tho committee in
charge of the petitiens:
Success of a candidate through violation of the corrupt
practices act would break down rather than uphold the
primary law. ' .
onathan Bourne has made good.
"lis defeat was a wrong to the state.
AW must right that wrong. , ,
lie Avon recognition and influence in national affairs.
He led the fight in Oregon and nationally for popular
election of senators.
. He originated the presidential primarv law.
He gave Oregon a nation-wide
good government.
He has the best committee assignments ever hold by an
Oregon senator.
He is chairman of the committee that handles the
largest appropriation bill.
He is the only Oregon senator overtoil the appropriat
ions committee.
Ho votes in committee on more appropriations than
any other member of either house of congress.
. Besides aiding in securing the regular appropriations
for Oregon,, his individual efforts secured the following
now items:
Oregon City Locks .. ..................,...... $300,000
Tillamook Bay and Oar
Nehalem Bar .t. .
Sluslaw River .,....
Crater Lake Park .........
Portland Poatotflce site
Coqullle Itlver ..j .n...,...
Columbia. 30-toot channel ......
Oregon Slough, North Portland .......
Coos Bay dredges .
Celllo Canal, increase to
Adoption of the 30-foot
of $3,770,000.
Adoption of the Crater Lake improvement means
$642,000 more.
He constructed the parcel post law and secured its
He was a leading advocate of the Postal Savings Bank
He was a leading advocate of the corporation net earn
ings ta-, which produced a revenue of $29,000,000 the first
year. t ,
He .originated the government business methods com
mission, -which it was estimated would save the government
300,000,000 a year.
Passed through the senate a relief bill for Sherman
county settlers, carrying $250,000; fish hatcheries, $50 000;
Portland postoffice building, $1,000,000; also federal build
ing bills for Astoria, Oregon City, The Dalles, Coroillis
and Koseburg.
Prevented removal of army barracks from Vancouver.
His wireless telegraph bill passed and has been copied
in other countries. There has been a greater national de
mand for his popular government speeches than any other
speeches ever delivered in tips country.
During the past three years he has reached 20,000,000
people by speeches and magazine articles advertising Ore
gon. He devoted his time to( official duties and neglected
political interests.
His efforts, secured for Oregon the largest appropria
tions ever received, which money was spent in Oregon for
the development of Oregon ' resources.
He was tin effective worker for relief of innocent pur
chasers of Oregon and California railroad grant lands.
His amendment to Panama canal bill enables interstate
oiumercc conunission to prevent ownership of steumbqat
line by competing railrotid, thus protecting shippers.
Boupne i,s the greatest pcrspnal asset Oregon ever had,
AVe should utilize this asset not destroy it.
Senator Bourne will be more useful to Oregon in his
second term than in his firs,t. He has done' more for iw.
Hiaio m ma iirsi term man any oilier senator uregon has
had. He is in a better position than ever to do effective
service lor Ins constituents.,
We are at the beginning of a new commercial era. The
construction of the Panama canal has already turned the
eyes of the Avorld to the Pacific coast. Oregon must lose
no advantage in claiming her share of Panama canal traf
fic, and to secure this wo must have river and harbor work
pushed with all practicable speed. We cannot afford to
drop Mr. Bourne from the senate.
The re-election of Senator Bourne is not a matter of
politics, nor of prejudices,, nor of personalities. It is a
matter of business, and of, public utility, in which every
oood and patriotic, citizen of Oregon is vitally interested.
Those who put tho good of the state the good of the whole
people aoove private pr political prc,iudicct will vptc for
Senator Bourne, who has yielded to tho'demand of thbso
who signed the petitions, and is a candidate for re-election
to the senate of the United Stutea.
v rkn f r T
days. They- show the popular
reactionary Oregonian, ma
to sacrifice the welfare of the
reputation as a leader in
ftnJBVKV,"-"' .,r,:y".ji .:"
channel project means a total
! TICK y'r"- v-. - l.V - 'V t I if.ti
A crowded house Rrootod Or. Asiuu
Slmw In this city Saturday uvouliiR
ntnt tor two hours listened with
fcrcnt interest to her remarks on
equal BUtfragc. A brilliant speaker,
Dr. Shaw early won her aiullrmco
which followed her clooly.
Sho was Introduced by Mrs, Conk
lln of Grants Pass, president of tho
Southern Orcgou,K(pml Suftrago club.
Karllcr In tho evening Or. Slmw was
entertatnod at in tmmiuot nt tho
Mod ford Hotel.
Dr. Shaw said' In part:
"I'll hdl yon why the great west
is adopting woman suffrage and the
cast is not. It U because thi virility
of the nation, tho flower of the man
hood and tho womanhood of the na
tion, and the higher class of Iho
foreign immigration are living in tho
wos. In the cnsjl we have the dregs
of that foreign immigration, white it
was tho prugnsrive citueuship that
wine hero mid jn'ople the Pacific
slope. In tho cast wc hear of Ore
gon through tho Oregon apple and
tho Oregon system. The Oregon ys
tern bus come to stand for nrojjrca
moh in those thing iKilitical that s
toward tho betterment of the condi
tion of tho huuuiil family. Woman
buffrngu is the next tep in (he de
velopment of thu Orcein sytem.
Not Mkc Grandmother' Time
"Industrial and commercial con
ditions Jmvo changed," said Dr.
Shaw, "and with them woman's ih
sition hart Hkcwi.-e changed. Tho
average man today want to ride in
an airship and his wife to ridu in an
ox-cart, liko grandmother did. The
women couldn't do that if they want
ed to. The hand of progress moved
by man's desire for financial gain,
has taken from the home tho spin
nine; wheel, tho loom, tho preserving
kettle and other ancient household
facilities and substituted labor-Miv-
ing machinery. And now if a woman
wants grandmother's job j.ho must
go into the store, tho factory or the
"Ju the olden duy grandmother
could regulate the hour of her la
bor according tocher personal withe.
She was suprema'hiUiui. iter grand
daughter of today can't do that. She
hafl nothing to sny about man-made
lawn that force her into the com
mercial world, ulul thut'ri' why she
demands tho ballot. Woman doc not
wnnt tho ballot simply tovote; she"
wants the ballot because it's the only
medium by which she can secure so
cial and economic justice. She does
not want the ballot simply for the
sake of voting, but does wmit wh'it
the bullot will bring her."
United States Not Vet a Ilepuhllc.
Dr. Shaw said that thu Uh'iI-mI
.States, which puriwrtcd to bo a e
publiufWUK not a republic at all, uud
would not bo till all thu: people wore
it parly to its govcrment.
'noiucii arc people tiic same as
men," -she argued, "and a govern
ment is simply its people. When you
make luws iu which only one-half
tho people are represented you have-
not placed (he country in the class
of u republic; yon have- simply CX'
crted tho power' of sex aristocracy
lou lmvo nn insuperable barrier
against mie-hulf of your citizens and
as long as such n condition exuts
your claim of being a republic, is
false. Who will diputo that if a
new constitution wore to bo framed
for tho United State! today that
there would bit no hcxltniicy in grant
ing suffrage to voiiimi7
Candidates Straddle Issue
'Womuii's right to tho bulla! is
now generally iecogiii.ed all over
the United States, and thu politicians
can not much longer deprive us of
thut right. Am, three of tho presi
dential cnudidutcs arc having n sorry
time trying to conciliate the elements
of their parties, who are divided on
the. question, Mr.tTnft luis been or
dered to favor equal suffrage west
ut tho Mississippi and to oppose it in
the cast; he is obeying orders. Mr.
WjJsoii lias boon ordered to keep
still about it, nuil all wo heard from
him so far on tho question is that
he has been debating it for thu past
nine mouths, uuil lie is still debuting.
Mr. Itoosevelt wan ordered to como
out and shout boldly for it ul over
the country and' he, too, is obeying.
Four years ago ho was afraid to ex
press un opinion on it. None of
those men nro fooling us a bit. They
aro all out for office, and they'll have
to reckon with 'female voters sounor'
or later, If the western states
give women Hie ballot, which they uro
sure to do, it will' give those states
such a powurfuUufliiciico in nuligiial
elections that ihcjeast will be forced
to fall in line."
Antiquated Argument
Tho womuu wkofdid.not want ti
Me- was taken 'ttfttimk for her nog-iu-lhciniingcr
njtltudc, and Dr.
Shaw thought that becauwo Home
WiM iwi .wuutJq-yotv those .tflut
did should md bo deprived of (ho
"Along with tills miHiiimtcd aigit
nteut wo stilt hear such lUserllous uh
houHchold ipinrrcls and nelent of
family In uveal if equal suffrage. My
friends, married cuuplos who aro
prone In quanvl will quarrel wheth
er they disous politic or not. And
such persons usually quarrel nhiiul
the most trivial things on earth,
when a little patlenco would avert
such unptciiKuulncss, This lias' been
my observation in my 23 years of
traveling as n lecturer, during which
time I have been iu Ihoiisands of
houses uud some homos. Aw to a
woman's neglecting household duties
if she were to vote, that is. rank ah
surdity. Do you think a woman can
Hot take a few minutes' lime two or
three days out of each your to drop
a piece of paper iu a box, after work
ing the rest of the year for several
hours a day, without injuring the
welfare of her futullyf
"I only ask the men to put them
selves in our places for u moment if
they cnu, and see themselves govern
ed by Chinese, negroes Dutch,
Kreach. Italians, every voce uml col
or, without an opportunity to say
what tho laws which govern usVhall
lie; paying our share of tho btIN
without saying- what tho bills shall
On Klcetloii Day
"Some people argue that Women
do -not want the nallot because it
would not bo safo-for her tu go Into
tho madly excited rabble about the
polls on election day. It is i)sih!u
that men who are so uminblu and
pleasant uud civilized IHIl days o
the year that wo are glnd to live
with them, will become ou election
day such raving beasts that we dine
not walk the streets? Do Ave lock
our doors and hide ourselves away
on election day now? "No; it is
merely the old unreasuuiug fear of
the unknown, mid a false conception
of man of what government really is.
Tho government lies neither in the
gilded dome at Salem nor iu thu men
who sit beneath it. any more than the
kingdom of Clod lies there nlpnc; like
the kingdom of God, it lies within
ourselves. Take a away, and all
the other 'uses' and there would he
no government.
"Woman suffrage was defeated in
Oregon iu the past chiefly through
the floating vote that is the vote of
unmarried and childless men, and men
who had no permanent place of res
idcMce. The homo owner, thu perm.i.
nont resident und (ho rather, the
class who are doing the most to
build up the community, are wilh us.
(live women the ballot and the float
ing vote will bo outnumbered. Its
influence will go.
"The men know lots of things thu
women do not; tho women know u
lot of things of which thu men aru
ignorant. Hut the men uud the women
together know everything. Let them
vote together as they live, uud you'll
take u tremendous stride toward thu
bsUenucut of government.
"Now, the woman ask tho men to
use the erasor once more. Strike out
the word 'able' mid substitute tho
words 'good citizen 'Jl years of age
or over, otherwise qualified.' Tin
would -not be revolutionary; it would
be evolutionary; it would ho thu lust
stop iu evoking un nctuul republic
out of (i monarchy ruled, by sox aris
Olie of Interest to Our Headers
Oood news bears repenting, and
when It Ib confirmed after u long
lapse of time, oven If wo hesitated to
hollorc It it first hearing, wo fuel
sccuro in incepting Its truth now.
Tho following cxr-orlonco of a Mod
ford mill is confirmed after many
years. '
A. Z. Hoars 2,'M Fifth St., Mod
ford, Oregon, Hn;a:' "Since publicly
recommending Uoan'H Kidney IMlla
lit 1907. I have tmed thorn occasional
ly and tl'y '.ln always brought
good ro-Of'la. I was afflicted with
Kcvoro pri'.f.i :i my back and I of ton
found It ImuoiBlblo to tdoop.Tho kid
ney socrotlous passed too frequently
and thii weakness wad a source of
much annoyance. Hearing Dorm's
Kidney Pills highly recommended, I
procured a box at ilasklim' drug store
uud by tho tlmo I had finished tho
contents, 1 could see that tlioy werol
tuo right remedy ror my trouble
Gradually tho pains and other diffi
culties disappeared and my health
Improved. I cheorfully recommend
Doau'a Kidney pills tooVorono af
flicted with kidney complaint."
"When your back Is lamo-r-re-mombor
tho uamo." Don't; simply
ask for a kidney romedy - ask JIb
ttnctly for Doan's Kidney i'llls, tho
name thut Mr, yours hud tho reme
dy backed by homo testimony. CO
'conta nit stores:' KoBtorMHI)urn'C'o,,
Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
Ws mtrrV very edrnfrilfs'llae of
drarteries. faci eilrtlm, ftvlHMfc-vete.,
Mini iio ail 'clauses of unhfrlBtMlag. A
)ixlul man to look after tills work
exclusively and will Klvo as good
service as Is nosslbla to get In even
tlio lart'imt clllcs.
Week k MoQoyran 'Co.
. t
It's a Bearl
A Grout Big "Silvor Tip"
.Hoar nil ly mountou -n vim
that you would not buy for
less than 00.00.
Ono Mongolian Spotted Leo
nard fully mount od n
litfh priced Uug, cheap at
2 other exponsivo Orion! al
Rugs Leopard skins with
black bear border, rare spe
cies, $150.00.
Ono South American Black
13aglo -mounted -valued at
Tho iiui? collection and tho
"Best" littlo $3800.00 Bun
galow Home in tho city goes
for tho modest sum oC $2;175.
Tho. house wo just completed
tuid built for it "Home"
new and clean, carries $2500
insuranco which k not near
tho cost.
Road Description
This artistic bungalow is
28x55 feet on a largo lot 50x
140 foot, located on Rose av
enue, n paved street, close
in, whoro ovorbody owns
their own homes and many
new tun's under construction
well built and finely fin
ished, doublo constructed,
which is a rare thing in this
Small fuel bills, porch clear
across the lront with large
cut stono porch piers, large
living room 12x28 feet with
firo placo of whito glazed
brick, nmplo floors highly
polished, nice grills, chum
closets and built-in cabinets
and bins in tho kitchen, solid
brass electric fixtures and
solid brass hardware to
match laundry trays with
hot and cold water, largo
sleeping porch, two-toned
window -shades, beautiful
tinted walls, jiico Jnwn this
is one of the plans heing used
so much at Long Beach, Cal
ifornia. If there aro any
houses of this quality and lo
cution in tho city for sale
you will find them listed
around $1000.00.
"With this homo wo throw in
for good measure $600,00
worth of Oriental Rugs nil
lor J?r237o.OO hecauso we are
moving oast in October. Oct
busy and own a ' JRenl Home'.
If there is "one" thing you
should try to buy "Good" it
is a "Home." A cheap
"Shack" of a house in a
"Bum" location which you
oxpeot to call your "Home"
will always bo an eyesore to
yourself and family; build
ing material has increased in
price about 20 in tho last 3
months, and you would have
(o hustle to build this house
"alone" oven if 3'ou own
your oWn lot for tho price wo
aro offering 4t today. Wo
will builcl no inoro in "Med-
iord" so if you want a liouso
that wjlHast a lifetime, wo
invjto your most careful ex
amination of this property,
$1100 cash will handle tin's
deal, fust tho price of a
small "auto." Which will
increase the most in value,
tho Auto or tho "Home?"
' Inquire'
H. E. GATES Owner
23 Rose Ave.
r 'J
Clark fie Wright
- i 1 v
Public Land Mattau: Final Proof.
Deiort Landi, Contoit and Mining
Caiei. Hcrlp.
Call us up for all kludi of lSxprowi
work quick dollvory. our epoolalty,
Fbgiiq I'aQifJo 3301 - Blnnd uj NnnU
f i
01 AK
Under Direction I'coploV Aiuunemciit
Co, Supremo lit l'lctiiro Production
H' n "101" IIIoom "ItU11.
"TlllJ tlliAUT 01' A COHHAOK"
rilm Do Arl
I'owcrful Western Drama .
A rattlluR good ThnuhdiKcr Comedy
Your loiow our mimic and offuctrf
nro unexcelled.
nnrr "I'd l.ovo lo'Mvo In Low
land With Olrl Mho Yoii;''
Simir I))'
Hpeclnl Added Attraction
SIioxvIiik all ttvoittit of lm)iortnucu
durliiK hU vUt
Mntlncr Dully
uniu Nir.Miu-:itH 0
itoii vviirri:
Tho Colored Kutnrtnlnor
. .
(3) .... ,
''VUl.TUItlCS and noyivS';
Thla l 11 I'lory with n moral and a
warnliu; ") too tdala
' (3)
JIMMIi: TO TDK itiwcei:
A tuoltt clmrmliiK and Kracuful pic
ture. U l hand colored and wtu
iiiado Iu Japan bv Japuiico nctorn
of ntdllty.
Added Attraction
"HI'MT" ItlOOItAI'll
Two IUk CotnedlcH
"A.V I.NTiami'lTKD KliOIMi-MKNT"
"Oh. You IlloKraphl"
MftUnee Saturday and Sundny,2 p.m.
Matinee prlcca Co nnd 10q
. ralng I'orformancQ .7 p.jn. .,
Admltaion evonlnua ,10a and lfio
Special all thin weulc
llondcd by Mr. t'aul Diablo, thu
merry laugh hmhor . ajid Blutjor.
Supported by tho ., . .
Tho dainty and clinrmlnu now
brottca and lni;()rn.
A vory unhiuo aiid clover juvciillo
flliiKor and comedian.
A comploto chanKo t vaiidovlllo
each and overy ov'cnliiK, with a
chniiKo of pIcturcB ovory T)ioHday,
Thursday, Saturday and Stiudny.
l'lcluro proi;r(ani for tho aveuliitf:
THU ,'1'VaoiiKAjV ,K)IjI iu .
C. 0. Q,
'"Wi H,wfvi??,,H oia ft'0UT,r
tub uiJAUT or i:s,Mi:it,M)A
VltnKraph '
A Ki'lpjdui; WeHlorn nlolodraii)a
, , piHou )0 anil, I (J, ,
Money on hand at, all times
to loan on improved rajiohos
and' city property at lowest
rates jWttli "pn qr ..boforo
Phone 321 830 G.-O, BHlg,
i 'J -i ii"

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