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Medford Mail Tribune
Hlioncr tonlgtk nn4 tnwior
row May. 71 J Ml. J!, ,
PortjMioi'niiil Tear.
Dully HovvmUi Ynr.
NO. 170.
Yotina Joo Wood Hero of the Day
Dy Narrow Squeak Boston Finishes
Eyelash Ahead of New York
Rally In Ninth Innlnij.
Did Jeff Tcsreau Loses Sprlnu in
Seventh liinlnu and Red Sox Pile
Up Three Runs.
NI3W VOItK, Oct. K Joo Wood
(if HokIiiii delivered the. goods today.
Result: IloNttit, 4; Nov York, 3.
Ily 0110 of Uiomo very narrowest of
Minimi; ft which muho baseball, Hon
Ion rintnliutl unilor the wlro today an
eyelash length alien tl of tint (llnnta.
Inn tint distance wuh aufflclent,
lllg Jeff TcHrenu, upon whom Niw
York lintl pinned her hopes of win
ning the Jump-off gamo. didlvnd
tint 1 1 cit t lit) lint! In MtocU and that
IhihI wiih n mlKhiy flno commodity for
nIx Innings, hut In tho seventh thu
tcrrlflo Mtrnlu under which thu
Of ii r It Olntit hml horn working look
Hid miring from his mighty rlRht
nrm, mid (ho Red Sox. who hml boon
uiiltliiK nnil expecting ihU very thing,
connected with his fmlliiK efforts for
Hi rod rutin, chalked up tho basis of
n pair of singles niul n brace of
double. Till trio of tallies, trvkin
lopiither with n lomi run scored .In
tho fxlhlhnlfiK? did' the business
for Huston,.
Wooil Item of Game
Young Joo Wood, making his Inl
tlnl world'i series how, thn same an
TcMroitu, Hupplonmntod hi arm with
his bond to hotter advantage. Hy
using hotter Judgment mid saving
something for tho IiibI, tlio smaller
innn munagod to go thu distance.
i:vui In hU cose, however, tho nnmo
nl ruin which worked thn undoing of
Tesrcnu, got In It work In tho tlnnl
hupnIoii, mid with ouu man down, tho
lloHtonlun faltered, mid for n moment
It lookud as thoiiKh ho would go tho
wuy of )iIh advursnry. Throu singles
In ii row torn off hy Merklo, ilertog
mid Meyers, gave tho (Hants n run
u ml put thorn within n slnglo tally
of tying tho iicoro. At thin stage,
however, Wood tightened up. and by
splendid hondwork hold tho Olants
safo mid put the. first gamo of tho
world'H Bcirloa "on Ico" for thn Ameri
can League champions.
Xcrvo Bucking Moments
Novor In tho history of baseball
worn nmro norvo-rncklng momontB
known thnu In thn lmit Inning of tho
gamo,, and wlion It was nil ovor tho
crowd Hlmply wilted.
Joo Wood wna thu hero of tho
hour mid only Speaker, wjth his
triple, approached "Hmokoy Jon's"
Mint Inning
HoHton lloopor walked. YorkoH
nut, Doylo to Morklo. Speaker out
Hiimo way, lloopor going to tlUrd.
rcontfiuioit on "pugo2.)
NKW YORK, Oct. 8. When Hie
(rial oC CliioL' Liuiiteinmt ChurluH
Heokor uliurj,'eil with tho mnnlor of
Onuihlur Moiimiu ltofionlliiil in front
of tlio Hold Motropolo in July wan
ruHiunuil HiIh inoniitiK tlio work of
Holootiii),' n jury wuh eoutinueil. Only
omi lentnllvo juror 80 fni' lm lomt
noolcer iiofflonully is lukiiiK n
jn'omlueut part in pushIhr on pro
Hpoollvo jtuorrt. IUh iitlornoyH in
viiriulily nut on tlio nomiHod innn's
HiiKKeHtinn unit tlio priHonor In iiIho
eltiHoly following Dlfltriot Attorney
Whltniim'a qnoutloMH, Hooker told
liin cliiof flounaol, John l Jfotntyvo,
Hint he wnntod only youtiK nuin on
tho jury. Those, ho said numt ho men
pf Htronp; will. Itqokor, it was u
iiounued today, will tnko tho uttind on
IiIh own lioimlf,
Fivo juvoi'h V'oro oIiohoij today
whuu thu lunolicon roowsu wna oullod,
Ben Selling A, E. Clark and B. Lee
Panet Visit Medford-Othcr Politi
cal Spellbinders Ocscrntl Upon
City in Quest of Votes.
J. Frank Burke Left at Once for
Arniaflcddon Where He Battled for
the Lord and Local Bull Moose.
Tltrm nuiillilnlen for tho United
SlnleH penult deHcemled upon Med
ford Tiioiiduy mornliiK In iiiel of
tint IIIiibIvo vote.
Hull Moom, 8tniidpattorn nnil tho
I'rolit aro roprommtcd. Tho threw
rmidldiitea In Medford are A. H.
Clark. Hon HoIIIiik and II. I.t'e I'liRet.
In addition to thexo candldatoH a
uuiuhor of cnuipnlKn omtorn alno
denrended upon thu city. Ahioiik
llienn Merv J. Frank llurke, H. IC.
Kennedy, and A. II. Carter, all of
While Clark and Paget loft for tho
fair KroundH or ArmaKeddon to par
ticipate In thu much heralded poltl
cnl round-up mid hattlu for the Lord,
Hon BellliiK devoted hla time to u
Kitm hov cmnpalKU about tho city bo
lii conducted by Charles S. I.ebo
and Will Von der llollon.
Tho orator of tho day at tho fair
urouniU. J, Frank Ilurko of Portland
I loft early for ArmaKeddon to baltlo
for thu Lord and volon. A. K. Clark
will IlkoM'Uo battle but tonight and
at thu N'atntortum.
Hert K. Kennedy formerly of Maker
City and a candidate for Rocretary of
statu on tlio Hull Mnosn ticket Is also
with tho party.
A fair aired crowd Kiithored at
ArmaKeddon at noon today to listen
to tho oratorical battlo for tho Lord
(and voton), OwIiir to tho weather
iih largo a Kathorlng as thu manage
ment expected was not on hand. Tho
larKor number left about 2 o'clock
for tho raco track to see tho raced.
TACO.MA, Vn., Oct. 8 After Imv
iiiL xpeut ulmont three dtiyH on the
wituehH uliind in Iiik own defense,
durinj which time lie wiih ubjeeted
to u grilling eroKS exiimiimtion hy
the goxeriimeui pro8eeulor.s'in nil ef
for to lirenk down hi testimony,
CjinrleH K. HouhIoh, of I ho I'm'ifiii
CoiiBt Coal eompauy ehnrned with
eonnpiniev to defraud tho govern
ment in tlio fiiruihhiug of coal to
army posln in Alanku, was today ox
eiiHi'd and tho defeiiHO refiled its ease.
The government wuh only ntilo to
Hhako Ilonston'rt tetdimony in minor
details, thu witness nkilll'ully parry
ing. i i i i
SAN FRANCISCO, Out. 8. Willi
tho hope Hint thu primmer would ru
Hloro a portion of thu jewels belong
ing to MfH. J. J. Ynloutine, wife of
tho former president of WoIIh Fargo
unit oompnny here, Police Judge Wol
lor released John Sommers. u for
mer btroot our eoudiiotor here, today
on irTiOO hail.
Frank Norria, aged lit, who wuh
raised in Jacksonville and Medford
and whoso parents reside in this city,
wuh Binotherod to death In v sawdust
bin at Weed, California, Monday
morning. IUh body will bo brought
to thiH city for intonnont Wednosday.
NorriH was omployod as a fireman
in tho ongiuo room of tlio Wood lum-
bor company's plant, Tho lingo en
gines nro fod with sawdust and, dur
ing h work ho wiib often oallod up
on to go into the bins and etuvt tho
NKW YORK', Oct. 8. Wearing the
Hume old uniform that they wore
throughout the 11112 campaigns the
Brixton Red So.x mid tlio New York
Giants appeared on the Polo grounds
about 1 o'clock this uitcruoon ready
and eiiger to begin thu battle for. the
world's Imsehall championship. More
than .'10,000 leather lunged, funs were
on hand, and the din turned louse was
Manager McOrnw and hi National
league hopes were the first to appear
It wns exactly Jli:l8 o'clock when
the New Yorkers started from their
clubhouse. Thirty thousand voices
joined in n rousing welcome. Five
minutes later the Ronton Hcd Sox,
led hy Manager Jake Stahl, appeared.
Several hundred Boston rooters, led
hy Mayor Fitzgerald, rose en musse
and joined in n vociferous welcome.
Wear Old Suits
Last year the Giants started the
series in new black broadcloth suits.
Todny both teams put on no frills,
hut wore the same old clothes jo
which tliey fought tlieii; way to tho
top in their respective leagues. Both
teams were a soiled looking- hunch
hut proicntcd u formidable nppear
nnce. Captain Larry Doylo of the fliaiitst
the keystone of Mcflrnw's infield was
presented nn automobile just before
tho batteries for tho giiinu were an
nounced. It was given him by r.n
automobile concern, lie having been
picked Ijv leading baseball writer
as tho most valuable individual play
er in tho National league.
Mayors Present
Mayor flaynor of New York and
Mayor Fitzgernld of Boston were
among the most prominent "motors"
present. Tho mayor of "beantown"
is an ardent rooter for tlio Red Sox,
hut ho quit the rooters' brigade long
enough to pose with New York's
mayor for soveral photographs. Then
Filv.y grabbed his megaphone nnd
rushed back with tlio Boston rooters,
Umpire Klein officiated behind the
hat. Kvaus presided over tho lmso
decisions. O'loughliu took care of
(ho left field foul lino nnd Rigler
looked after tho right field lino,
Jesao I,. Lanky In to produce a now
comedy callod "Tho Tralnod Nurao."
sawdust toward tho chutes through
which it fod into tho-firos. It was
in doing this that ho eamo to his
death. Tho saw dust started with a
rush and hoforo ho could escape was
buried many foot deep in tho dust.
Tho nooident was observed at ouco
imd men started digging him out.
This required nearly n hour nnd
when found life was e.xtinot.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Norris nro well
known in tills city and nro highly respected,
WASHINGTON, Oct. 8. Tho doom
i to the Ananias Club were opened be
fore the Hcnuto campaign contrlhu
j tloim InvcitlKutlng committee here to
'day by Wayne MkcYeigh In an at
j tempt to rush Charles Edward Bus
I sell, the noclallst candidate for kov-
ernor. ofNswYoB. through as a
ontly denied to the committee that h'o
had told Judson C, Weill ver, a re
porter for Hampton's Magazine, when
ilussell was editor of that periodical,
that he was present when Colonel
Theodore Itooscvclt Is alleged to
hare demanded by telephone a sec
ond contribution from J. Plcrpont
Morgan for tho republican campaign
of 1901.
Testifying before tho committee
yestarday, Ilussell 'declared, and his
testimony was corroborated hy Weill
ver, that MacVcagh had said ho was
present when the second contribu
tion was demanded. Kussell and
Wolllvcr alleged that MacVeagh had
said Morgan called Roosevelt "a
bankety blank maniac,"
Itcpmllutcs AWIIIvc'm Story
Today MncYeagh testified that he
novor saw Morgan telophono to any
one, and denied that ho and Morgan
had over discussed campaign contri
butions, Tho witness also repudiated
Wolltvor's story by declaring that he
novor had been In tho habit of giv
ing out Interviews.
"No such event," declared Mac
Veagh, "over happened In Morgan's
office. I aBked Welllver to come
mid soo mo. I told him I would
talk to htm only as a gentlemen and
not for publication. I did not tell
him uf anything that occurred In
Morgan's office
"I wuh In tho office of II. McK.
Twombley when the latter was called
to tho telephone. A innn wanted to
talk to him In tho "long distance
booth. Ho returned and said ho had
talked with Harrlmnn, who had been
callod to Washington and who found
that Boosovelt was anxious to raise
conslderablo funds Ilarrtman agreed
to raise $2 10,000 and expected
Twombly to glvo $50,000. Ho said
Hnrrlmau Intended to glvo $50,000,
and Twombley led mo to bellevo that
Morgan was to glvo $50,000. Twom
bley snld thero waB nothing to do but
to moot Harrlinan's request."
(Continued on pago 2.)
TAMP1CO, Mexico, Oct. 8, While
watching a spectacular firo in a ware
house thirty porsons, speetutors and
firotuon, were killed ly an explosion
of powder in tlio burping structure.
Moro than 100 others aro sufforiug
from injuries today. Thoso hurt
include many women and children.
The warehouse was a government
institution and it is believed tho fire,
which caused Hie explosion, was tho
work of an incendiary,
When the trial of, the forty-seven
members of the International asso
ciation of Bridge nnd Structural
Ironworkers, charged "with illegally
transporting dynamite, was resumed
todny before United States Judge
1 AndersoiLjiiorq tlnvn fifty liotvl
clerks and hotel attaches were on
hand ready to testify. The govern
ment, it was learned, through the
hotel employes plans to trace the
movements of the defendants during
tho time they are alleged to have
been involved in dynnmitings.
District Attorney Charles W. Mil
ler continued his opening statement
to the jury todny. It U probable
that he will not finish until tomor
row. Miller discussed MeManignl's cam
paign in New England. He charged
that Frank Iliggin-, and' Michael
Young accompanied McMnnignl to
Springfield where the new municipal
tower wns dynnmited April 10, 1911.
He asserted that Iliggins boasted
that the e.plo.-ion eost the Boston
local .fHOO. Then, he said, Young
nnd Iliggins went to Hurt ford and
wrote John J. MeNnmnra that they
had been there a week laying the
foundation for nn alibi.
NKW YORK, Oct. 8. Owiug to
the opening; game of the world's base
hall series and tho Balkan trouble,
the stock market was unsettled to
day. Canadian Pacific declined one
nnd fractional losses wero recorded
hy New York Central, American Sug
ar, Amalgamated and others. The
western stocks and coalers advanced
sharply but buying was discouraged
by the heaviness in Steel, which fell
to 78 3-S. At noon a belter tone
wns noted.
" Tho market closed steady.
A party of officials of tho interior
department arrived Tuesday and loft
shortly after to visit Crater Lake.
Thoy are enrouto to Yosemite, whore
tho annual conforenco of national
park officials is hold. In tlio party
nro C. S. Uoker, cliiof clerk of Hie
department, who lias direct clmrgo
of national parks, Frank Bend, chief
clerk of tho general land office, W.
E. Kelly, chiof clerk under Mr. Uckor
and E. M, Dixon, inspector of tho in
terior department. Mrs. Uckor also
nccompanios tho party, which was
escorted by Will O. Stool.
"I havo good cause to remember
Medford and tho Medford Commer
cial club" said Mr. Uoker. "In Jan
uary, 1000 I was going from San
Francisco to Portland, whou CO Med
TACOMA. Wn.. Oct. S. Locked
away in a packing case in a Chicago
warehouse are duplicate lUts of all
contributions received by the, republi
can national campaign eomtniteo dur
ing the campaign of 1004, and copies
of reports which passed through hia
hHudM-.Prlial-lUt- of- nrntriWor
for almost ten years are included.
This wna the gist of a statement
made todny by Elmer Dover, former
ly secretary of tho national republi
can committee who was interrogated
todny in federal court by United
States Senator Wesley L. Jones, a
member of the sub-committee now
engaged in investigating campaign
Dover declared that while secre
tary of the national committee, Trea
surer Bliss turned over to him lists
of the contributions and contributors
and that he had copies made. He said
if the investigating committee desires
he will produce the papers.
Gave $15,000 Himself
Contained In the documents in
storago Is information which is great
ly desired by tho Clapp congressional
Investigating committee now in ses
sion at Washington, which are ex
pected to shed light on many dis
puted questions concerning contribu
tions to Roosevelt's 1904 campaign.
Dover testified that ho had per
sonally contributed $15,000 to tho
campaign fund of 1904, for tho estate
of Mark Hanna. This was the larg
est single contribution he had per
sonal knowledge of.
Dover denied that he had been ofJ
fercd a cabinet position by George
W. Perkins It ho would support
Roosevelt In, the present campaign or
that ho had been offered $50,000 to
take charge of tho campaign.
Manager ltyllesby Company
Dover is now general manager In
tho northwest for tho H. M. Byltesby
company of Chicago, which controls
most of tho gns companies In this
section. Tho Investigation was con
ducted at tho request of Senator
Clapp qpon telegraphic communlca
tlon received hy Senator Jonos.
ford Commercial club boosters board
ed the train en route to Salem lo
storm tho legislature. Tho chief of
tho yell chorus had the horth noxt
me, and I heard nothing but Crater
Lake and Medford till night. Nover
slept a wink. However, since I havo
found out what it was all about, I
am sorry I did not join in to help.
"Crater Lake pork lias boon neg
lected, but now tlio army engineers
nro at work, and a largo fund avail
nblo, it will tnko its place among tho
important national parks. Wo are
hero to seo tho park nnd look over
tho situation to co-opornto in its im
provement." Tho party will return Thursday
and bo eulertnined at lunchoon by the
Commercial club before leaving for
San Francisco,
Confirmation of Declaration Hectivttl
at London Fassperts HsmnM
Turkish Minister Idfevttl
Impassible to Prevent War.
Bulgarian and Servian ParHawwNi
Adjourn After Emfewtrhtf PNtUri
ts Go to Any Length, .
LONDON, Oct. 8. Confirmation
of the report that Montenegro had
declared war against Turkey was re
ceived today by the Montenegrin con
s?ul here. He said that passports
had been handed the Turkish charge
d'affaires at Cetlinje, and that the
Montenegrin representative at Con
stantinople had been ordered homo.
Diplomats in London are greatly
depressed over Montoncgro's early
declaration of hostilities. They be
lieve that it will now be' impossible
for the powers to prevent Balgarin,
Servia and Greece from issuing a
simtlnr declaration.
i Parliament Adjourn,.
VIENNA, Oct. 8. After empower
ing their rulers to go to any length In
enforcing their demands udoh Tur-
kkeytJltlj. JbilaaAB .and. Sflrvwut'-fifcf --
iiuu!i.-iii uujinuiieu, aecoruMig io
despatches received here today. It
is- predicted that the Macedonians
will rebel against Turkey.
SOFIA, Oct. 8. On behalf of tho
European powers, the Austrian and
Russian ministers here made joint
representation to the Bulgarian gov
ernment nt noon today, expressing
tho disapproval of the powers over
the warlike attitudo in the Balkan
Tho two ministers urged prompt
cessation of the military concentra
tion'. Peace With Italy.
on his return hero from Ouehv.
Switzerland, Rcchid Pasha declared
today that he succeeded in bringing
about an important point in the
peace negotiations between Itnly and
Turkey. He predicted a speedy set
ing for tho purpose of dedicating tho
Ohio state site at the. Panama Pacifio
exposition, Governor Judson Ilnrmon
is duo to arrive hero tonight for a
week's sojourn. Members of tho
Ohio society in California will meet
tho governor at Benicia and escort
him to the city. Upon arrival, Mayor
Itolph will weleomo tho islting ex
ecutive, and he will be escorted to
his hotel by nn ecort of police.
tho immigration authorities here who
nro making an effort to1 locate the
launch Sampson II which nosed its
way through tho Golden Guto and is
said to have lauded contraband Chi
nese coolies, had provious warning of
tho launch's coming is assorted here
today. A message, alleged to have
been received hero from Los Angeles,
"Havo positive information (hut
tho launch Sampson H is qn way t
Oakland Creek to laud Chinese, Ji
liovo Qrcgory and Dave Main ah
board. Will probably vU with rjK
tive, George Thomas, enpHver, ad
dress unknown; see dirwtor,"
Tho boldness and daring of the
smugglers astouiiihed th i&ikniitbM,
particularly in faee of HMumt Ml
and convietions. It is sU4 tfc
received $10,000 fur thw'r erjo,
f l

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