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. .IjjLU-J. -.-
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I)r, d, IP. Hcddy and son Paul, ac
companied by Walter Ti. McCallum
returned today from Spokane. Mrs,
ItOddy who has been fccrlonsly 111
therp will return within n day or two.
l' Clemon, who in In charge of
an orchard located near Medford,
transacted business In Medford one
day thin week. o did H. P. Andor
mm of Phoonk precinct.
Medford Consovatory of Music and
Languages, Collego Hldg. Tlio only
music school In So. Oregon with a full
corps of teachers. Send for catalog.
li. K. Oman la making regular trips
to the court house In the Interest of
tin; Jackson County Abstract com
pany." fUJ
Thoso of you In need of alterations
or repairs on your clothing will dr
well to have them done at the Pan tor
lum. L. G. Porter, who has been quite
sick for some time, Is a bio to be about
Dr. Ulckert, eyesight specialist,
over Kentner's.
Mr. Gardner of Phoenix and Isaac
WoolfofWcsl Medford. Civil -war
veterans- "were among their Medford
comrades a few days since.
Call the Pantorlum on either phone
and their driver will 'call nnd get any
clothing you may haV.to be cleaned
and pressed.
D. B. Grant, a real estato doaler
of Ashland, had business in Medford
S. A. Newell, ladles tailor. 4th
floor M. P. & II. bldg.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Pattlson and J.
V. Myers of Central Point were re
cent' visitors In Medford.
Garland stoves and ranges. lubri
cating oils. F. W. Shaplelgh Hard
ware, No. 28, South Central.
Lost, October 1. a pair of oyo
glatses in case. Finder please leave
at Mall Tribune office.
Now is the time to have your blank
eta and heavier bed clothing put in
order for winter at the Pantorinm.
W. K. Price of Albany is in Med
ford. He has rented his farm near
Tolo to R. E. Smith of Gold Hill
Oak and hardwood $4.50 and $5.00
per cord. Gold Ray Realty Co.,
Sixth and Fir. i
H. A. Getchell and J. 13. Rtnehart
of Jacksonville, tarried, a short time
In Medford Monday morning.
Hats' cleaned and blocked Pantor
lum. Born, in Griffin creek district,
October 2, to Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur
Kane, a daughtef.
Oak and hardwood $4.50 and $5.00
per cord. Gold Ray Realty Co.,
Sixth and Fir.
W. M. Owings and R. W. Hitch
cock of Eagle Point precinct were
liuslneas visitors here Monday.
Diamond Edge tools and cutlery,
picking baskets and ladders. F.
W. Shaplelgh Hardware, 28 South
J. J. Skinner and J. W. Bonar of
Grlfflu creek have been in Medford
soveral times lately.
Suits that you think are scarcely
good enough to wear, can be thor
oughly renovated at u trifling cost,
by the Pantorlum.
R. J, Colo of Hilt. Cal.. made a
Grant Harrison was among the
many Gold Millers In Medford during
llio week.
Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Kane of GrlN
fln Creek spent Monday afternoon In
Vapor baths and scientific mapsago
$1 00 for men nnd women, Br. R.
J, Lockwood, chlroprocter and norvo
specialist, 203 Garnett-Corcy Bldg.
phone- Home 145.
Chns. E, Terrell is down from
Lake creek. Chas. lloefft of the
same district was In Medford Monday.
Small rugs cleaned Pantorlum,
Furs cleaned and rellned at Pan
torlum. H Wlthlngton was In Central
Point the forepart of the week on
business concerning that municipal
ity. Kodak finishing, the best at Wes
ton's, opposlto bonk store.
Mr. nnd Mr. P. J. Shropshire of
Highland, tal., are visiting at Hie
homo of Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Spann
ing on South Ivy street.
Alfred E. Clark, progressive can
didate for senate, will speak at Nat
J. E. Toonej of On kin ml, Cal.,
spent a couple of days in Medford this
,(Contlnued from, Page One)
Lewis filed to Snodgrass. No runs.
Now York Dovoro'fannod, Doylo
out, Wagner to Stnhl. Snodgrass
singled over Wood's head. Murray
walked, Morkle popped out to Wag
ner. No run.
Set'ond liming
Boston Gamed up. Fletcher
fumbled Gardner's grounder, Gard
ner safe on first. Stnhl forced Gard
ner at second, Tesronu to Doyle. Stnhl
out stealing, Meyors to Doylo. Wag
ner walked. Cndy filed to Murray.
No runs.
Now York llcnog popped to
Stahl. Meyers fanned. Klotoher
fanned. No runs.
TlAtxl lulling
Boston Wood walked. Hooper
sacrificed, Tesreau to Morkle. Yorkos
out, Doylo to Merkle. Wood taking
third, Speaker walked. l.eWls filed
to Fletcher. No runs.
Now York TVsrean fanned. Do
vore walked. Doyle dropped a Texas
Leaguer In short left for a single,
Djore reaching third. Doyle got a
scrp'irt en his Texas Leaguer. Snod-
grass fanned. Murray singled oer
seen d. scoring Dovore and Doylo.
See R. A. Holmes, The Insurance Mur-ay out trying to mae second on
J, Colo of Hilt, Cal., made
trip to Medford Monday.
eyesight specialist,
Dr. Rlckert,
over Kentner's.
The bridge acrosa Bear creek ns
Jackson street. Is completed and tn
approaches thereto will soon be It
Is a first-class stnn mro and tll
prove a great convenience to many.
Plumes cleaned and curled at the
Wm. Von dor Helleu and his fam
ily were over from Eagle Point Mon
day. Portieres :?aned Pantorlum.
Miss (iiwti Henry, stenographer in
the law office of A. E. Reames, was
In Jacksonville Monday afternoon.
Try a Vapor bath for that cold. Dr.
R. J. Lockwood, Garnet-Corey Bldg.,
phono Home 145,
Win. S, Barnum, president of (he
R. R. V. IL. and his wife left Mon
day evening for u visit at Portland
ami othor northern points,
Ladles suits, skirts and jackets
made oyer, or repaired neatly and
Well at tho Pantorlum.
1 have a lot of old magazines which
I will give away, lldbm 4, Jackson
County Bank Bldg.
Dr. Morrison has removed his of
fice from tho 8t. Mark's block to
rooms 211-212 second floor Garnett
Coroy building. 170
Tho Ladles Aid society of the
Christian church will be entertained
Wednesday by Mrs, Clark and Mrs.
Walters In tho Perry addition. Mem
bora are urged to be ut tho It. R. V.
railway at 1:30 o'clock to take tho
Weeks &McGowan Co.
jr fJion 8371
ffbotissi X, W, Week 07X
A. X. Ott 3492
Man, over Jackson County Bank.
MIsr Marlon White visited friends
living In Central Point Sunday.
Phone us your orders for milk,
cream, butter and bntormllk. Two
dellverys dally. R. R. Creamery.
L. C. 'Brown of Jacksonville was
In Medford Monday, en route to
Grants 'Pass.
Hear Clark at progressive rally to
night. The Nat, 7 o'clock.
James Fitzglbbon. the Foots creek
grangor, spent Monday In Medford.
Carkin & Taylor (uohn H. Carkln,
Glenn O. Taylor), attorneys-at-law,
over Jackson County Bank Building,
Miss Maud Harr, a teacher In the
Central Point schools, was a recent
visitor in Medford.
Get Mrs. Reynolds home made
bread at Deyoe's. '
Alfred Norrls, who has been at
Weed, Cal., for some time past, has
returned to Jacksonville.
Ladies especially invited to rally at
Nat this evening, 7 o'clock.
. R. L. Burdic. the Talent merchant
whose safe was robbed of notes and
mining stock, was in Medford Mon
day, lie says that the paper was
found along the railroad track, where
It had been thrown by tho thief, who
evidently was not a resident of that
E. D. Weston, commercial photog-
rapbern, negatives made any time or
placo by appointment Phone M. 1471)
J. M. Sweeney of Portland, or
ganizer of the Glen-Rogue orchard
scheme, arrived in Medford Monday
to look over the situation. The pro
perty is in tho hands of a receiver
and suit has been begun to foreclose
a mortgage of $15,000 upon it.
Progressive rally at Nat, 7 o'clock
this evening.
Clarence L. Reames, democratic
candidate for Joint representative,
has gone to Douglas county to look
after his interests.
Burglars broke Into the Cudahy
Packing company's ware house oppo
site tho city hall Monday night but
secured little of value. A ladder
wa3 raised to a second story window
and entrance effected.
Scuator Von der Hellen left Sun
day to attend the annual reception
to the board of regents at the Oregon
Agricultural collego.
George W. Dunn of Ashland spent
Tuesday In Mcd.urd.
Notice is hereby given that there
are funds on hand In (he city treas
ury foj- redemption of the following
warrants, interest on same will
coaso .at datn of this notice.
Warrant No. 1 on Lateral 0, district
No. 3.
"Warrant No. 2 on Lateral 23, dis
trict 11.
City Treasurer.
Dated Oct. 8, 1912.
C. S. Manning and his son H. L.
Manning recent arrivals from Harri
son, Idaho, hnva purchased the Won
der Store from C. J. Beach. Tho
present owners ure thoroughly fami
liar with this lino of work and are
promising to add many new features
to the already quite compteto Htock
now carried. Mr. Manning, senior.
left Monday evening for Idaho to re
main three months In clearing up his
business there.
FOR , RENT Five room modern
house, with gas range, 715 W. 2nd
St. 175
WANTED Valley proporty In ox
change for Southern 'California,
Clark Realty Co, 172
FOR SALE Close In residence on
paving, $800 quick salo. Clark
Realty Co. 172
LOST Rod vest sweater between,
Voorhles and Medford or on East
Main. Return to Mail Tribune
a hit.. Speaker to Cady to Wagner.
Two runs.
Fourth liming
Boston Gardner fouled out to
Herzog. Stnhl fanned. Wagner
fouled out to Merkle. No runs.
New York Morkle fanned. Her
zog singled over short. Meyers out,
Wood to Stahl. Flotcher fanned.
No runs.
Fifth liming
Boston Cady out, Doylo to Mer
kle. Wood out, Merkle unassisted.
Hooper fanned. No runs.
New York Tesreau fanned. Do
vore fouled out to Lewis. Doylo
singled to left." Gardner recovered
tho ball, threw to Wagner andj
caught Doylo trying to stretch his
hit. No runs.
Sixth Inning
Boston Yerkes flictl to Suod
prnss. Speaker tripled lo center.
Lewis out Doylo to Merkle, Speaker
scoring, Gardner funned. One run.
Xow York SnodgTtiHs wife on
Wagner's error. Murray attempted
to sacrifice, but popiicd to Stahl nnd
Snodgrass was doubled nt firt.
Stahl to Wood. Merkle popped lo
Wagner. No runs.
Seventh Inning
BOSTON Stnhl out,, Doyle to
Merkle. Wagner singled to centor.
Cndy singled same place. Wood roll
ed to Doyle, who dropped the Im'l.
Fletcher picked it up and stepped lo
second, retiring Cndy. Doyle nud
Fletcher get nssisN. Hooper dou
bled, scoring Wngner. Yerkes dou
bled, scoring Wood nnd Hopper.
Mayor -Fitzgerald, in Gnynor's box
led Boston cheering. Speaker up.
Speaker fnnned. Three runs.
New York Herzog fnnned. Mey
ers hit by pitched ball. Fletcher
forced Meyers nt second, Yerkes to
Wngner. McCoraiick, batting for
Tesrenu, flied to Lewis. 7o runs.
Eight liming
Boston Cnimlnll now pitching for
New York. Lewis nut, Fletcher to
Merkle, Gnrdner fnnned. Stahl
fanned. No runs.
New York Dovore out, Vugnr
to Stnhl. Doyle gut, same route.
SnodgrnSs popped to Gardner. No
.Vntli Inning
Boston Wngner doubled to the
left field fence. Cndy sacrificed,
Herzog to Merkle, Wood out, Crnii
dnll to Merkle, Wngner being lipid nt
third. Hooper lined out to Doyle. No
New York Murray filed to Hooper.
Merkle singled over second base.
Herzog singled to right field, Merklo
being hold on second. Meyers
singled to right, scoring Merkle. Her
zog took third. Meyers took second
on Hooper's throw to tho plato. Beck
er ran for Meyors. Flotcher fanned.
Crundall fanned. One run.
Summury: Hits off Wood eight;
off Tesreau five; off Crandnll one.
Three basehlt: Speaker. Two base
hits, Hooper, Yerkes, Wagner. Inn
ings pitched by Wood, 9; by Tesreau,
7; by Crandall, 2. Struck out, by
Wood, 11; by Tesreau, 4; by Crand
all, 2. Double-play, Stahl to Wood.
Umpires: Natlenul: Klem and
Rgler; American, O'Loughlln and
!L1 It. II. I0. A, M.
Hooper, rf m. 11 10 0
Yerkes. 2b ..Z3. V 0 10
Smoker ef ., II 0 10
Lewis It ....... 0 0 2 0 0
Gardner !)h ... 0 0 t I 0
Stnhl lb ,,......?. 0 0 (110
Wagner rh 1 2 ft U I
Cndy c , 0 1112 0
Wood p ..,. 10 110
4 27 10 I
New York
It II. PO. A. K.
Dovoro If ... I 0 0 0 0
Doylo 2b ... .. 1 2 ,R t ,0
Snodgrnss ef ....... 0 1 2 0 0
Murray rf . rt 2 ,0 fi
Morkle lb '.A l I it'bO"
Herzog !lb 0 2 l 0
Meyors e ... o t t! I 0
Flotcher ss .. 0 2 2 1
Tesreau t !. 0 0 0 2 0
McCormlck x 0 0 0 t 0
Crandall p a 0 0 I 0
ii. i i ni, i. n
3 .S 27 14 . 1
It. 11. E.
Boston 1 ti 1
Now York s, ,. :i S l
(Continued tiom par.o 1.)
MacVengh asserted that ho had
nothing further to say to Welllver.
ho eontilbutod $10,000 lo Benjamin
11. Odell'B campaign for governor of
Now" York. Ho could not recall
whether hu contributed to tho fund
which tho late W. 11. llnrrltnan" Is
nlleged to have iuIhoi! (or Colonel
Roosevelt's civiupnlgn,
Depfw deolared that after tho cam-
imlmi Twniiihloy ushohsimI him $17(
000 more. In lllOI, tint witness said
Hiu Htuto Inndorn told lilni hu could
not be ro-oUuHed to tho nonnlo, nnd
ho was offered tho nMltnHnmlorhli
to Franci'. Later, lib salt), he wum ro
elected to tho huiuUo Diinew wild
Unit Colonel llnoac-volt denied that
ho over" hud offered
"I ImVM boon snmowhat of n Juke
all my llfo," snld Dopuw. "To hu
nskod to cnntilbiitu mid thou to hnvo
them try to trick mo out or it mml
In tho Hoiutte wnx iiutto ii Jiilto on
Will Ybu Spend ONE DOLLAR
to Elect Wilson President?
How deep is your conviction that this government ought to he in now liandit, in
clean" hands ?
How much are you in favor of a clean slate from Wihon and Marshall :lenr down
the line to the very smallest olfices in your locality?
The Democratic National Committee has everv reason to hcliove that .every t pro
gressive voter is willing to spend a dollar to elect Wilson and Marshall and( their tielcot.
And that thousands arc anxious to contribute to tho Wilson Campaign Fund in
amounts of 2, $5, $10 and $20. v
To such we make our appeal. To such wo must look for victory. ',
Drpeiv I Culled , j
Chauncoy M. Depow, former sen-,
ntor from New York was tho next.
witness. Ho testified that In 11)01'
makes pot and pan;
spick and span
Pots and pans collect more
dirt and grease than any other
cooking utensil. The one best
way of cleaning them is to use f
Gold Dust Gold Dust not onlyl
takes off the outer surface, but ,
digs deep after germs and hid- j
den particles, and makes them j
as spotlessly clean and sani-
torv as wnen new. i
If you want your pots and
pans so bright you can see your
face in them your pots. and
kettles spotless and germ-proof,
use Gold Dust in cleaning. It '
will do the work, too, in half j
thetimeof theordinary cleanser i
and save most of your labor.
Gold Dost docs the bulk of the
work alone; you merely assist
Da not ui Sop.
Naphths, Daraz.
Sod. AnmsoU or
Kt roten wild Gottl
Duit. Cold Dual
hat alt dattrabl
a pet ftctly harmlaaa
aad lasting farm.
Time An Important Factor
' This Is another cine where time la money.
The enemy have their lunds supplied Instantly by
the Interests.
Wc have only a lew d.ivs and contributions to be effec
tive must bea received at once.
There Is no question o( the money o( the People being
able to dcfc.it the money of the Trusts.
llccause it Is greater even In volume and will be used In
str.iightforw.trd telling v.iys.
Hut to be effective It must be received and ucd within
the next few days.
Quick action Is abnolutely ncccswry. Let us have your
contribution or the lln you make irp from your Irlcuds and
co-workcts today if possible, tomorrow ure.
How Your Money Will Be Spent
Woodrow Wilson, our sund.ird bearer, has never had
the time or disposition to talk about hlmsell.
He tins never used spectacular methods to place himself
In the spotlight.
His crcatest work has been done without ostentation, In
the most expeditious, dignified manner.
Flic crc.it mass of voters do not know what a realty
crc.it mini Wilson is. They do not know nil he has done.
They do not understand all the featurcs-of his platform.
c must tell them.
To educate this great nation of voters, especially the
clear thinking Independent Democrats, Republicans nnd
Progressives who choose their leader on his merits, means
the expenditure of a vast amount of money.
Wc, propose to use your dollars in just this way
judiciously, and without a penny frittered away lor an tin
necessary item.
Wc know you have confidence wcuill do this thingand
Why the Dollar Counts
In this campaign the issues lie between the forces of
Representative Government and Popular Government.
In Representative Government only a part of the people
have inllucnce those with no political faith, who spend
fortunes In any direction where their own cntla arc fur
thered (or money.
In Popular Government all the people have Influence,
because their executives and legislators do not dare to
thwart the expressed will o( the people.
Representative Government, as ever, this year Is being
sapportcd by the money of the Interests. It Is beiiu; spent
' lavishly to give the voters a wrong Impression of Wilson.
Popular Government, this year, to win, must depend on the
truth being told aliout Wilton. Wc must publltb bis record
and plattorm broadcast so that no one can controvert It.
Your 81. vour &i. vour W. vour 810 or 820 will count and
ount to win if spcntin this work. Endorsed by
AV. TI. Canon, State (-'onmiitteoHiiui, to whoniHiibs-i'ition.seau l)t haiKU-d. if urolVrrcd
Head a List For the Fund
It you know several Wilson voters, nt work tn a place
where there are Wilson voters, take up a subscription Inmi
all of them, t
Place vour name and the amount of imr subscilplton at
the top of the list and get the others to join you,
Mention tho tiamo of thin paper on your lint.
Then mall the list and contributions lo C. R. Crane, VU
Chairman Finance Committee, Democratic National Com
mittee, W0 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, 111,
This is the most helpful work you, as alt Individual, can
do for clean government next Hi casting nur ballot li
Wilson and Marshall on November filh
How to Contribute to the Wilson
Campaign Fund
Sign the Coupon In this corner and fill in the amount
you give. Then attach yourAlmiry to this Coupon and mail
today to the address given on the Coupon.
Issue- nil check, utonoy order nnd nddrcnti all con
tribution to 0. R. Crnne, Vice Chairman l-lnaiico
Committee Democratic National Committee, 'JOD Mich
igan Avenue, Chicago, HI. '
Then write a letter to this nrwspaper QMnfi yU" llim
as a contributor and stating your reasons why ou believe
Woodrow Wilson should be elected President of the United
States, in this way you will 1m? listed as a Wilson cuif
iributor. A Souvenir Receipt, handsomely lithographed,
well worth framing, will be sent to ou. Vour letter will
help the light by encouraging your friends.
Do everything you can to hold up Wilson's hinds In hi
clean campaign lor the people who do the work and fight
ing of the country,
Woodrow Wilson Campaign Fund
To C. It, CRANC Vf. Ct.alrrM.rt (Inane. Comlll...
Tho DtmKralki Ncllonat Commltlaaj 000 MUklaan Avanua,
CMaattt, IIIW..
AsabalUvtr In Ilia protilr JnU of vniniant rrttr
riiWiUiilhaca.rvlMno'of WimOrvw Vllmn fur I'lrtMant f IU
Urill'tt Muira, unit U Ilia rnl Iliac ha mar ! tlifl offlJn fr
liiii!tl, untrammatnl. ami nblUaUit t mnt but lie rwopt of ihv
country. I wlah tfirentilbtita llinniah ytm l!auinf( J
towald Ilia rilxnta of "iv. WltkUiVa ctAM(ln.
It V n State
'Utth.COLO DUSTTWINSJoyouruotk"
Plowshares Ground
Cars for Hire
Phopjiix. Ore. Phone 816 F-4
LOST Monday ovonlng on Bams Val-
Inv.nmilriil Point i-nnil. flnsu front
to automobile lamp. Houdlnot that ypi ' BOt "
Connor, Lower Table Rock. 170" ' an,eofl "
No More Dandruff,
Falling Hair,
Gray Hair
Men and wompn do you want a
splendid head of luxuriant hair froo
from scalp Itch and dandruff?
Do you want hair to bowItchlnKly
radiant that It compels tho ndinira
tlon of nil who seo It?
Do you want a scalp as Immacu
lately clean a.nd bright as a newly
minted coin?
If you do, get a CO cent bottle of
I'AHISIAN Sage today, at dealers
overywhero. Tho glrj with tho Au
burn hair; is on every carton nnjl bot
tle AbU for PAWHrAN Sage and sco
Chas. Strang guar
Wednesday, Oct. 9
riic season's biggest
Woods & Clmlker's
Massive Production
U. S. A.
Dainty Sweet Pretty
Magnificent Settings
Unctuous Comedy
Unique Costumes
An Kxtraordlnary Kxtravnganza
of Kxtraordlnary Kvonts of Two
liomlsphorcHl A Dramatic
Triumph of Vorltablo Merit, Pre
sented by a Well Selected Company
of Players!
I wimii
Prices 91.00, 75, no mid an cnits.
Kent Hulo nt, HitHkliiH,
v s&r .-a -ar.
I Complofe 1
t Sfoek J
.1 Ktt'KliUY lllU'AIUINfl
Medford, Oregon
ropilrcN cnt'cfiil tliouttlit nnd tlio proH'r ronfldiuiro In
firm to vwimuiL uliNoluto xalUfiutlmi. To 110(0 tho
proper I'ompnrlHoii you niiist (nsju-ct tlu'in from u Inrgo
mid well Ht'kvled hi !.-, toich tin I urn nblo to mIioiv. In
(IiIh wjiy you becomo IboroiiKlily fiiiiilllm with viiIiivm
mid feel luomrcd of Niifo mid ueouoiulenl huyliiK
lliroiiKli my bludluc Kiinniiilee.
Martin J. Reddy
The Jowolor
Near Postoffico
Merchant Tailoring
You don't buy an Overcoat every year, and when
you buy one you should got ji good, comfoi'luble one.
Chinchillas are in great popularity. I. have a selection
ol' fine Chinchillas.
Ovorcoats from $20.00 Up
iMado to your nieasuro.
rr -fi j, nr -"-' """--"---j
4. am sure that 1 can be of Veal assislidico to you ,in
the purchase of your .Fall Suit. !I nialce to your
'nieasuro ai:
', All Wool Blue Serge Suit from $10.50 Up
1 make to your moasuro v
Rain Coats from $11.50 Up
T. havo made a special study of garmont making,; and
can ndviso you intelligently. You will not kuow'how
good umterial you can really afford, or what splmdiV
style, cut and finish you can obtain, uniil you co'uu)
in and talk it over,
209 W. Main St.
. if 1
i' i

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