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4 Mr, ami MrsM K.'WwhW of Ali-
land -.pent thuntdny with friends n.
Med f aril.
1, W. Andrew of I.os Aitjtclca,
11.", Ih "In .i edford on n short busl-
.iiiwwstrlju J-
Ir, vRtoKert, eyesight" apc!allt,
svof Xeiitnvr's.
I str anil Mr?. M. Clemens 'havo
returned from n visit at .tnclsKonvlHu.
8. A, Novell, ladle tailor, 4th,
floor M.TPVAH. bid.
Three. noH, a dor d a InrRe J. Logwood, ciiirojiroctor ami narvo
CftllfoYfik KriKKly hr, drlftol intoiBJat8t, 203 Onmett-Goroy lildg.
MfdronUoday and attracted much at Plo lIO'o 145,
Mention. 'Tho loar waa a larejj Bjiecl-
mefti$r the California ieclp.
,Te' ladles of the M. K. church
Roulht will arve a chicken pie din
ner At the jiaraohaRe, 2B North Oak
ifalWldny owning, tho 11th, com-.
men-!iiR at r, o'clock. Price 50 centa.
Kveryone Invited. l"3
Corn grown the jtrosent season
upon the Siskiyou ranch near Gold
Hill, by T. Van Hovenburg. haa at
tained a height of eleven feet on the.
average, ami Is decorated with f
ylfld of fourteen" Inch ears which will
harvest at lcaat fourteen hundred
.bushels, says the Sow. Au Rome
iwas not hullt In a day. neither was
khis signal success at corn culture ar-
rh-cl at In a alnjfto fortunate season1
!Vnt, Is the result of careful breeding
which Tiaa extended over a period of
fortr years. The present season the
crop was planted between the row a
'of an Infant pear orchard, and tho
;hrobdlnagian crop serwd the double
purpose of shielding tho young sets
from the vigorous sun and yielding at
the sfttne time an Immediate and sub
stantial profit upon the land and
labor employed.
Those who have not registered for
the coming November election, should
do bo before October 0, as registra
tion closes on the 19th Inst.
Mrs. Allco Seely Edwards, a
teacher and healer of divine science.
who has been spending her vacation
In Medford, leaves for her home la
Denver in a few days. Mrsj Ed
wards has met with the (New Thought
society, an organization of Medford
women, on different occasions and
her talk has been Interesting and
Those of you In need of alterations
or repairs on your clothing will do
well to have them done at the Pan
torlum. C. M. Ruch and A. S. Ktelnham-
ef;- ttf rA'p" pTtf(W"trt Mfcjcted-'iju attmw
In Medford Wednesday.
Oak and hardwood 4.50 aad 15.00
per cord. Gold Ray ' Realty Co.,
Sixth and Fir.
"-Mrs. O. Harbaugh, Mrs. J. Percy
Wells, Mtesr Lizzie Reuter and Mrs.
Coulter Of Jacksonville wore Medford
visitors Wednesday afternoon.
Call the Paatorlnm on either phone'
and" their driver will call and get
any clothing you may have to be
cleaned and pressed.
Sheriff and Mrs. W. A. Joaes have
returned from & short trip north.
Hats cleaned and blocked Pastor
lum. Chas. J. Nunan of Portland is niak
lug his former home In Jacksonville
a visit. He was met In Medford by
Mrs. J. Russell and Miss Frances
Nunan', his sisters.
Now Is the tlmo to havo your blank
ets and heavier bed clothing put In,
6rdor for winter at the Pantorlum,
Hats cleaned and blocked Pan
torlum. '
.Oak and hardwood ?4.G0 and $5.00
jwr' coydjf Cold Ray Realty Co.,
S.T.- Sandr'y, game warden and
S. lWefffof Refeue River spent Tues-
day ulsht In Mudford.
Suits that yo' think are scarcely
good enough to wear, can be thor
oughly renovated at a trifling cost.
by the Pan tor) urn.
Dr, E. Klrchgeatmer spent "Weiliies-j
day In Medford ou professional bus!'
ne. .
Dr. Ulckert, eyesight specialist,
oyer- Kentner's.
t Dr, E. If. porter of Medford has
been appointed health officer of Cen
tral Point.
Mrs, J, Tlce has received the sad
news that her son, Charles Tlce, died
at Ooldeadule, Wash., ou the 0th. Ho
was bora In this valley, near Medford.
45 years ago, t widow and the chil
dren, survive htm, as also several
brothers and sUtors.- Tho rematns.
will be brought hero for Interment in,
tho Jacksoin Ho ceiuetory.
Try a Vapor bath for that cold. Dr.
R. J. Lockwuod, Garnet-Corey Dldg.,
phpne Home 145,
Plumes cleaned and curled at the
PsntorltiHi. j,
O, H, Lawler has returned from a
professional trip to Denver.
mj vsoas atn
mm vbMMsi r. w, wmzi am
v A. . Bn
4 XJkt AWUViXt
f &&
.isw ,jy-:-M
Joltn Clark, tho minor, ha re
turned from n protrnctcd prospoctlnR
tJw). A. Morse of Talent twin Ih
iMetihml tho forepart of tlio week,
wulferrliiR with prohibition leaders.
Dr. Mbrrlxon has. removed his of
fie frotn llio St. Mark' block to
rooms 211-212 second floor Garnett
Coruy building. 1"G
S. Gardner, wlio was norlonaly In
jured by a belated, explosion of dyna
mite, .it tlu lltiaznril :nlno In Klk
crock district, Is convnNwctnfr. '
Portiere's uieaned tentorium,
.lr. Webslcr and his family who
arrived from Pueblo, Colo., a abort
tlmo ncc, have located In Medford.
Vapor hatha and scientific maasaRO
J 1.00 for men and womon, I)i It.
J. Korkwond. chlronroctor and imrvo'nov Chnriex W, Miner, who iomwv
. ---, .
A 1. Vrtwter left ou Wednesdny
afternoon for a short business visit
In California.
Small ruga cleaned Pantorlum.
A. C. Manning. James uwena and
Win. .Carter of Wlmor precinct wore
In Medford and Jacksonville Wednes
day. M. F. & II. Co. for furniture.
CI. W. Denhain and Robert Wilcox
wore down from Talent Wednesday.
Rupus Edwards, who Is developing
a, promising property In Hohemln mln-
fng district, bus' roturnel to Med
Ladles suits, sktrts and jackets
made over, or repaired' neatly and
well nt the Pantorlum.
Rev. W. A. Swlnley of Ashland of
ficiated as moderator of the annual
convention of Congregational
churches being held at Hood Riven
Seveuty-flvo delegates are In attend
ance, among whom Is Rev. -A. C. How
lett. of Easlo PolnU
M. F. & II. Co. for stoves and
ranges. '
A. C. Allen of Hollywood orchards
was a business visitor In Medford
Wednesday afternoon.
Furs cleaned and st lined at Pan
torium. Col. George P. Mlms of Seven
Oaks was among the many from else
where who transacted business In
Medford Wednesday.
M. F. & II. Co. for rugs and car
F. B. Dorfus of Weed and J. Stub
blcfleld of Klamath Falls are in
For goodness aake. havo R. A.
Holraesthe Insurance man write
your insurance. He knows how.
John, Mooney was in Medford re
cently on his way to Prospect from
M. F. & H. Co. tor comforts and
- John .ThorBdlk was-T-over .from.
Jacksonville Wednesday afternoon.
Chas, E. WHklpsos. who Is in the
forest service of tho U. S. govern
ment in Doa'd Indian district, Is
making Medford a short business
visit. '
T SeeM. F. & II. Co. for draperies.
' Mrs.- P.p. Jackson of Grants Pass
was a 'Medford visitor Wednesday,
j--Miss Issle McCutly and Mrs. W.
R-Colenian of JscUsonvllIo shop pod
In Medford Wednesday afternoon.
. ..M. F. & H. Co. Yor O. V. D. food
choppers, $1.25 to $1.75.
A. E. Reames made Jacksonville a
professional visit Wednesday.
- II. U DoArmond, he attorney, was
in Grants rasg weuBOiiiay on legai
Rev. C.'J. Bauty of Jacksonville
frarrled In Medford. one day this
week. " "'
Mr. and Mrj L. E. Henderson of
Williams creek are'jn Medford on a
short business trip.,,
'John A Westerlund has returned
from a campaigning trip with Geo.
W. Dunn.
Horace Peltou and family of Sams
Valley, have returned from an out
Jafc.at ProsjMjct.
The fliiuiml shoot for the Mail Tri
biinc silver trophy offered four years
ago to the Medford Hod mid Gun
club will be held Friday ufleruooii at
the club grounds just north of the
city at :t n, m.
Each coutcMunt will shoo! at fifty
birds.. According to the rules gov
erning the coulcel-. for the trophy it
luiinl be won three times before l
bo('ome the permanent projicrty of a
t ,iiHlvetiy of Cuban Kevolution
HAVANA, Oct. 9 This being the
forty-second anniversary of the- be
Rinnlng of tho ten years' war (18G8
1S7K) for Cuban 'independence, the
day was observed as a general holi
day. Business In Havana was large
ly stispeuaoii ana an public ana many
private buildings weru decorated In
honor of the occasion. On tho whole,
however, the celebration was not at
tended wth as much enthusiasm as
usual, owing probably to tho present
disturbed, condition of the country
una tiiu uncenauny over mo result
of the approaching presidential elcc-
A$iifcr9 --Hp' -n v .
u mm
iN'DIAXAPOMH, In.l., Oct I. 10.
'Tlenn limine nl imee."
Tlu is the telegram Ii A. Chuiey
or Sun KnmeNeo, former memlier nl
the iweeutivn ho:i;d of llie lutentiw
tional ANoeiniioii of Hririe and
Structural lrnuworkew is nlli'Ked
have sent to M wife from HoHm
inmiedinlel.v after Ike ilyiminilin of
the l.os Angeles 'finies newspapiu
pillltl. ,1 IIIIIMI riUMIW I MM III' I V
Vniloil .Slnt.w DtKliJet Attov-
. '....-.
eutiitj the. orty.-evo ol tho iron
workers' uiuu,ou clmrgi'sivf illegally
trnnjortmj nanlUe. iuterruptwl
the examination of v itne4t.es i to
h's ewin of tho federal eourl
huijj enough to liurl this noeuxntimi
into the fnw of Iho Sun Krnneistut
lalmr lemjor. Milter sjnted he iv
gniilod the mos.agt n- showing con
clusively thnt Clnuoy know the Time,
huililing win to ho ilyimmiled, nml
wnrnins: Mrs. Clnney to eleur his
homo of any inorimiimling eviilonoe.
Telegram Not Ftmnd
llcpito MillorV churge, it wn de-
voloK'l Inter thnt the heml of the
I'o-tnl and We.-lotn Union Tolegrnph
companies in San FntneiM'o nml Hus
ton have been tumble lo produce cop-,
uw of Clancy's alleged me-nge to
Mrs. Chuiey.
Kdwiml Hawkins munncer of the
Western Union office tit Mimeie, Iml.
this morning produced n onrhon copy
or t telegram which Uockiais nlleged
to lve sent from Peoria to Peter
Smith nt Neweutle, Iud.. asking
Smith to meet Uookin in Cinciunnti.
nl s(c.t,n.'?e, tKWK Pae !-
Wagner stole second and a hit meant
Red Sox' victory, Cady caught one
square and true. Mke a bullet it
whistled far to right center and 30,
000 spectators roared over an almost
sure -victory. Dovore started for the
call. By one last .desperate dash he
came in lino, reacnea up over nis
left shoulder with his back to the
crowd, and by one of the greatest
catches of tho year saved his pals
from a uro defeat.
New York
R.,H. PO. A. E.
Devore It 0 2 2 0 0
Doyle 2b 0 0 3 10
Snodgrass cf 0 .1 0 0 0
Murray rf I 1 v 5 0 0
Herzog3b' ....l 1 1 3 0
.Meyers o ,.. - 0 t , S 1 0
.Fletcher ss .'.,-0 gl 3 I 0
Marfuard p '...a.'.-Q, ' 0 , .0 2 0
w -i pn mi
Totals ... r.,..2 ' 7 V27 9 I
Boston " ., '"It
S R. II. PO.Al E.
Hooiwr'rf '. . 0 g 10 0
Yerkcs 2b L--0 1, . 3 ip 0
Speaker cf ...."JZtlO ? 3 -r 1 0
Lewis Jt Xt "2 v4 0 0
Gardner 3b 0 1 0 2 0
Stahl lb 0 2 1110
Wagner ss i.O 0 13 0
Carrlgan c . 0 0 3 10
O'Brien p 0 0 15 0
Englo .. 0 0 0 0 0
Ball . ; 0 0 0 0 0
Bedient ji . -.0 0 0 0 0
Cady 6C , 0 0 10 0
Hcudrlcltson ...-0 0 0 0 0
. . i
Totals l 7 27 15 0
Biiglo batted, for Carrlgan In
elghtW-'' ' 'f "
Ball .bat'ed for O'Jlrlen In
elshtlL ' t
illendrtckson ran forBtahl In
ninth. 1
Score 'by Innings:
New York 010 010 0002 7 1
Boston 000 000 0011' 7 0
Summary: Struck out. by Mnr-
quard (tS by O'Brien, J. BaHea on
ball: Marquard 1: O'Brien. 3. Two
base hits: Murray, , Herzog, Stabl
Gardner. Double play; Speaker to
Stahl. Sacriflc hits: Mcrkle, Card
ner, Marquard. Sacrifice fly: Her
zog. Stolen bases: Fletcher, De
vore, Wagner. Hit by pitched ball:
Blanche Walsh will start shortly
on an extensive tour of the country,
beginning at Brooklyn.
FOR RENT Completely fnrnjshel
apartment consisting of living,
dining room, bedroom, modem
bath, kitchen aud sleeping porch.
One block from Hotel Medford.
Open for Inspection dally from JO
a. 'in. to 4 p, m. Also have for
gale, garland kitchen range, roll
top desk and revolving chair,
Apollo piano player. 132 North
Ivy street. 172
WANTEp Intclllent, neat woman to
represent tho NuBouo Corset Co.
In Medford and vicinity, a clean,
wall paid work. Apply at once,
giving name and uddreas. Nu
Bouo, care Mall Tribune. 172
WANTED Good dairy hand. Steady
employment to right inuii. Inquire
Ticknor-& DoolltUc, Ross Lane.
h '
4 liWWWl-l; f tMIM-- ft tt '
i? '1
1AAHKNA, Cnl, Oel. HI. -doing
Nuthlonl.v insiino Mr-. Ii l. Snitill
bridge onrly thU morning iittomiileil
to kill hor sop, ugod LM) nn, her
daughter, nbtfilt (ho sumo nge. Slio
wont Into tho wm'x room hclorc ho
was awnVo, ealloil him nml wlu-u ho
tinned oorshol liim liohind the our,
fracturing hin skull. Hot' dnuhlor
onmo hinniiig from uitothor part of
tho house nml tn iumiiio woman aim
ed at hor, hut hofoio xm could fir
the woundedi young mini leaped fruu
bed, mmj!0i Iho gun mid emptied Iho
cartridge-, ou the lloor. Mrs. Small
bridge was anvsU'd. Tho hoii may
5 .V
1j '
laud commercial oraalxatlous nr to
day In tho activity of tho Pulled
States dljtrlcUcourl jn seizing mis
branded icoodo. in, tlm city. Tho firms
of Allen and Lewis. Lang ami. com
pany, Wadhamat and Keer Brothers,
Wadtmms and company a,nd Marau
Ehrman and company, grocery con
cerns have Kults pending against
them for the. alleged handling of mis
labeled goods.
Two of the firms aro said to lm,vo
cocoanut In their possession from a
San Francisco haiihe la which cvrtaln
quantities ura'alibatltuted, In part for
tho real rocbaniiu In strict violation
of the pure food Inw. Mure milts
are oxpected.Ji
.fienernl Wood In Seattle
SEATTLE. Oct. a. .Major Gen-r-al
Ionurd Wood, chief of staff of
the United States army Is today In
specting conditions at Fort Casey,
Fort Flagler and Fort Worden on
PuRet Sound. He caino to Seattle
yesterday after inspecting Fort Law-
David Belasco Is to produce four
original plays this season.
"Women's Rights"
There are over 100,000 women In
Oregon. The majority of them do
not want to vote. A small propor
tion' in any glve'rf'Com'munlty Is ask
ing for the ballot, la that not true
In your townT Vhat do the rest
Many of the 'mare actively op
posed. To put upon these women a
responsibility from which they have
hitherto ben exempted and which
they do not wish to nsstimc, is not
"Woman's Right!"
Many of them "are Indifferent. The
Indifferent male voter la one of the
serious problems of the present elec
torate. Would you add to It a large
body of votes avowedly Indifferent?
The demand for woman suffrage Is
the demand that woman shall as
sume an equal share with men In the
responsibility of carrying tho govern
ment of the city, the state, the Nation,
It means she shall enter with him
the political rena. , For It is an
arena. Politics Is not a conflict of
opinions, It Is a conflict of wills. It
carries with It public meetings, pub
lic debates, public marchings and
counter marchings, public discussions
of public questions, aud of tho char
acter of public candidates, and all
the other Incidents of a campaign.
It Is not democratic, nor Just, nor
fair jto draft this large body of wo
men Into this campaign against their
This Is the sixth time tho voters of
Oregon havo been asked io vote upon
this question In splteof the fact, that
every two years the opposition to it
has Increased so that In 1910 suff
rage carried In only one county in
Oregon, and In that oao by five votes.
the total vote being 35,270 for suff
rseg, the smallest vote for It since
1900, and 59.0G5 against, a majority
of 23,795.
The Oregon SUtq Association Op
posed to the Extension of tho Suff
rage to Women asks that you give
this amendment your earnest consid
eration, and that you defeat Itfthls
time by so great a plurality that the
suffragists, local and Imported, must
bow before the will of the people, of
Oregon, and acknowledge thnt the
majority rules 111 America.
Tho Oregon Stato Association Op
posed to tho Extension' of the Stiff
raeg to Women.
(Paid Advt.)
Wo carry a vory compldo lino Of
drprlv, foot curtains, fivture. et.
and do all clangs of uphol-terliip. A
special man to iook aner uus wur
czcluslvuly and will
?;iva an jfooa
o got in even
service as is posslbls
the largest cJlluo.
Weeks & McGowan Co.
Steam aud HotWatur
,v Elating
All Work GiinrnutixK
frlcs llonsuunbU
U Howard Block, Sntraitne on Bth nt
Mom me.
I Am Willing To Prove
" '"I'CWdireYoo
i ...' s
To That nc1 I Am Giving Away $10,000
Worth of
In older to show beyomt nil iloithi
that 1 am In Mh.csIoii of a medicine
that will cure kidney trouble, bladder
Ktvtt awny
iiuui.m or riu'iiiuuumii. i win turn ymr
uimisuui iioiiura- worm
nt tliln ittdiclnr, !! nuyn mifTiTlnu
twin ihw ulK'iaiH'M can K"t a ih f it
alHHiluiKlv frv. All tluvt Ih iittviuuiry In
t rml. inn yiur itdiliv.
I i;n'i imn tlmt you are lo into n 4
nrt 6r It br nil ur ft and nay mu If I
cumi. i nit .imit I will Sfiul leu A
box of till" UKMllclnv ittwHitutvly frv of
cliarsiN u itlft tiTim nn to tli urlo Acid
thent wtiKro anil how ttit'y may U cuml.
J win not e-K'i iyiii,i)i fr UiIm rt
incdlrttif. iter tvotutl 1 uvcpt It now or
Inter ir loir n!it it. It is ft, In the umI
liiwnlns' r iii whi-,1,
lor twwi.nv y.trM -a. m"mr or u
cj-ntury- t have tn-ru trying to ctniMucv
IliC public tltt 1 bitvn Mimt'tlihitf umui
liif, ttictliln utr timii othw imvi
for th mr r mui,ini, chnmle lm
niatlsm, for totturlng Widiwy iKiducloi,
for aimelnK,oil'ti urinate, imt t
u. ft-w
axlr u ttat tlusy allow ni
III Hl'IHI tlmill
io uniiriiin in my
sttreiy tatr.
To tlij rnd I have t nlde Wn tlinu
w uonjir, niucu wm I'" UrM HI cim-
tmnd toy loitlirlnn. Much of It U nnuly
now to tw rnt mil. till of It frJi nud
mmltird. Tlitre will m fiionuii for nil
(tirfrrrm, lli.nicli tlt-r, l. IhinimimU of
lli-in. .n.l nnyon who nilt It rm
act -)in, of It trvv lint In order Hint
I xnaU Know thnt you lime u ttleux
for which thl uirdidne Is intended. 1
Mult Vfttl 111 1UII1 ,11.. fulfil., .if V.llll lAMfll..t.
ii.iru in convince juii uiiiy try
uurutn unMiirvcKxrii y ntil Kf tin All ."".". V' '"" "" . ,"''"T " i"n
liow and -ri Hm- t iiiiyon" " d for uwir.llnic to lw na t-omoly
ltn-rrart.-k tlnoollr. 1 am hi a ihwIiiuu " (rry .Utull with nil riiilrmi'niM.
W etniN. Iliftt 1 h!cc rt tn-Mllcliif tint iH "U'-'f'?" ''JV, A wl11,1 I'.V.V J","l-''
enrcs thne diM;a4 I tlon't at them I'" '" iirUmlf.. It will lintl, "ihiHim
RftAr 1' ""'vfrntf I !),n' VW'b'l.JJBlJr u'l'n"!'''''?,
aynilitmna. If you hiiVf any of ili synt- " " n" aiixlou to ! cutrd iind don't
torn- In tli, flat printed lior,, yon nerd want to aptml any money LOOK I NO for
tny miHliclnr nml ir you will writ iiwimir,-. wrl, mt, HpiuI th aymnioiiM
..III tolik.tl.. KA...I IUi.i .. I..... .. I. .... I 111... W ....J, . ... ,.uam ... . ....
. iiJ fni'l iM u ,1,1 ,i lim
with full otrrctloii for y,itir u' Look
tin aymptomi over t whirl) avmiitoma
you hm. Mini writ" me aImiui ir fol fel fol
eow: Oi-nr Ur, I nolle. Kfinptouia
niiniUrr" hr put down thw munlim-,
Klve your ner, full midrcna, nml wnd It
io -i". My n.lilrio- l tir r Pmnk
Lynott, 9165 Oeapm llldj: , ChlcnKt, III
Thf trn tlnnmiml dollnm I urn Mud
Ins; for llio coniiHiUmtlnc of my in"d.
cliu' In only n k of tlm immiv t nm
ttevotlntr to Oil rnu. for tlm ptxck-iK''
of iiiiNllcIno I 'iul you will lx fully pr
paid nt my cxtwua,'. from any aland
lolnt vmi view It. VOt Incur no fxitcnir
or oblUcullon Jut It'll othpfa who you
know an Mtiffrrlnc who avnt you the
medicine that cuml you
T ttm prnnihln to sl.e nwny trn thou
and dollura' rfrll oC nitHllclne, and I
Wilson Stands For a
Will You Stand By Kim?
Woodrow Wilson it a vattly diiTcrcnt order of man than you find airtonc the rank of many good men in
practical political lire.
Woodrow Wilson is not among the cr: malority of politicians Bijd liutiiiesi men, otherwise estimable
characters, who believe that the end Justifies the meant, who arc honest in a commercial or political cn.ie.
The candidate of the progressive voters of the country not only docs not believe in the doctrine of
"anything to win, "but he insists on plain old fathioned honesty in every detail of his campaign.
Woodrow Wilson proposes to win on the merits of his candidacy and platform or not at all,
"Clean hinds or no fight" is Wilson's ultimatum to his supporters throughout the country.
No Tainted Money For Wilson
Not a dollar of questipnablc money will be spent to elect Woodrow Wilton.
The Democratic National Committee is heart and soul in accord with the candidate's views.
And the corrupting influences, with no political faith, casting about to win a foothold in the new govern
ment with bribes of ill-gotten gains, have despaired of reaching Wilson or bis campaigners.
((They have gone to the enemy, whoever that enemy mny be. It is a matter of common knowledge llitt
the Interests" are using ali their political funds to defeat Wilson.
This makes it your fighr.
What the American People Need to Know
The people have constantly made the mistake of believing that this is a money-ridden nation.
Such is only the casc insofar as the People fail to get together and so permit the few to control the dishonest
representatives they, by mistake, cleft to office.
The actual money power of the People is still greater than that of the Interests, ' . i n, -r
The Progressive People of die country, if they get together, can buy and sell the Corrupting Influences
and destroy their financial power. ..,,
So Woodrow Wilson and his managers believe that not only is it fhc only clean method btititbeitutst
practical method for the Progrestivc People of the country to supply the Woodrow Wilson Campaign Fund '
"The People to Fight With THEIR Dollars
Thir year a 'popular president is to be elected with the People's money. '
The Woodrow Wilson Campaign Fund is to be collected from the rank and file of the Progressive Voters
of the cpuntry.
The bill of the Democratic National Committee are to be paid, not with the thousands tif the Inlercsts,
but with the individual dollars of the earnest, eager voters who desire clean, efficient government and who arc
willing to heln Wilson as he wants to be helped.
ijouey thus needed is not spent In Improper ways or In any manner similar to the way In which the fund- nl the
Interests arc disbursed
Hut we have to tell the voters of the country about Woodrow Wilson. Wc have to tell thrm what he ha done.
We have to tell them what he sunds for. We have to point out to them the Important planks In hfn platform. All this
means that to hold up our end we will be obliged to spend as much money as thoie who oppose ur..
This means that every man or woman who believes In Wilson should be willing to contribute tit his cause.
Let the supporters ol Wilson help us to spread the Wilson gospel to the four winds,
Let the l'rogiesilvc Voters battle this year with their pockctbooks as well as their ballots.
We Solicit Popular Subscriptions Can You Give From $1 to $20?
Of course, you can and you are Rlad to support the came In this way.
Practically every voter can afford to give tl to aid the Wilson Camialn, A ?' many c,ni 8lc 'J. A great
many can give 5. And there are lots rind lots of progressive voters who will he eager hi dbhate IronTsiU tti VSD.
Thesq am the kind of contributions we want. ,
And we will be proud to receive f ro,n thousands, who can only afford 91, their 91 contributions. ' We 'wint to hear
from every man who lu i a dollar to give. '
Thl year tf.r man with the dollar must defeat the government traduccr who spends his thousands,
, J Get Cub Subscriptions
get the1 otiTeroin'S SRS&f """" " W,''" """' ,,Cad w,,h " l '"'"
CommhlS wtlSft CranC' V,CC C,,aIrmn' F,na"CC C,,""I' "'I'0'" N"0a'
No loyal Wilson man can do more than this to assure Wilson's victory at the polls In November.
How to Contribute to tho Wilson
Campaign Fund
Sim tho Coupon opiotlio and UU In tho amount ou ulre.
Tbn attaeb sour monrr to UU Coupon una mail today to ttio
addre iMrcn on tbo Cuuon.
Imuo U c kclu. money eld on and addVoii nil conlrilwllon
! C. R. Cra. Vlca Ctilrmn, r" lnui Cominltlco. Of motrttle
N-tfoud Comumkf, SOO Michigan Avenue, Cktc-tfo, III.
Thwi wrlla a letter to till paper sl-lne rour nrno n n con,
trlbator aod itailnit tour reatoot why jua tieltvo Woodrow
WtlwQ tliinild bo elected 'fU1cnl of Iho UnilOtI .Sutc. In thin
way you will to Illicit u n Wllnon cionlilDulor. A iSourenlr He.
ctlpu lianaoBilr lltlioirraiiliril.wiell wortb fiuuilmr, will Uo 101 io
you. Your leiwr will Imlplu the listit by riicouravlsif jrour IrlwuU,
Do averrtblng- you aan to bold up Wlltoq'a hand In bit -laan
etmpalira for tbo peopla Hbo do tho vrorU aul Uiibvliu ot Uia
eountry. .
W. II, Cniipn, State Coinniittcinin9 tp, wliomsubsenptioiis'canboliaiulcd, if proferred
Moiioy'on'liniid ftt (til tinuis
to loan on improved rnnohoa
and uity propuHy nt lAwtsl
rules willj ' "on or Imfore
fchcmn3231 ,820 6, C Blrtst
, , , , Dlt.T,ntANK tYNOTT
who LiUtni wy S10.O0U werll.o(mJlcio,
win no unit t nm nr
proml-tnir to -u
any uffi-rr wln tvrl(f) u hIkx of
nun inriiiciiic iiini run iiii.'inuiii" fin., or
! thane mid I lll U Unit I win mty
l tlltll Mill IIKii ll Vitlirlr n lh. l u.ii.
" "..- - i a mil' hii in i-iii'iu vii iiiiii m nan
own nL 'I'lmt l,...u ,. . ...,!.. .;..,.."", v ' "
Owlnx in tlm ri nnniber of r,..
'tiumts, I lmvi hint rn iliuuniihl morn
tp'plo r my niHllml IhmiH printed. Tliln
"' " "" nun m in iuii nun cimiMinx
rnitirt ilmcrltillon-, syinptom. caiuw,
onfrcl- nml run- of hlilnry. hiuJil.T oiij
rhruiiuiilc ill.Hiri, All who wrlin for
llio frn mnllrlnr Iwlll Ik xrnt i copy of
this aratid llliintrntnl in.-.llml txxh llio
Inrurit ,r wrlltiit tin tlirux dlrn-r
for friw umI Rvnrnil untriiiiitmn
ji ymi ikhi nii'iiicuin nik-ii in i imv.
i.f.v. .nil, ,vi iiip nrur inwi J UU IQtlAy.
These Are tlie Symptoms :
I Call In lb hark,
?Ti, rrroumt ,lrlro lu urltial.
liurtitntiroli-inHilon urli.
. flt firirnrrf Ii, ilirl .nl.l.r.
11 tlA,.V
,Tw,niir ,r,M,ifH
r, In Hi,. tiipli.
llilrl...jll,.rUiir-...ll,,li,, .
M I'nlii r triiv uiiilnr tlalil rib.
,1. ,...a.......7... t. It . . I r
Inn .. iim (.....l.lj.
i ikv
I I CtlUlMlllMI Mt lirll.. k.UU ,,.u l..u.k.
II I'rtli, III III h, Ji.lHl. '"
II Colo In llw iirtk or lMn.t.
II Call, ,tf a.ffrl,ri, tUm kLInra.
... w .in .it wrfi,ii ,,,,, ju,
in Cnlu Mrlltii(i4 ilu.n.1
I'jli, Olnl -,ir, III tir,,r.
Arl or rliriuiMi rlciinallain,
TaC.K. CM W.VIm Chili
in imcrilio
AWII,rlniUVrrMl,IJl,Hiq,i,i, ,,) , ,(,, f,
ill JT t Wud,ow WUwn lif 1'rMl.lf nl ft Ilia Ui,l.l HuiM.tml la U i.J b.l
tin lur w m. cUlf lfliiidl, uulrvtiiinf 14, li4 HU(lrl tu ,iuu tint Id
,,-., ,,,,,, yniu
taiiit lb iiuw ( Our.
Name , , , ,
Address,,. ,,,,
Endorsed by
Medford Real Estate
& Employment Ag'ency
uf iu'im'h, 'i mllijii from Mmlfoi'd
on tln rlViiV, lift nrron not to fruft
wlih corn plitiitud luitwuoi) tliu rows.
;tr. iicroH of tint Iioh) noil In Dm valley,-
ritlNfld It ,fl 0 u wnrlli or small
voitoliibloii ou thin lust yoilr, now II
room buugiilow, now liu-go biiiu ami
nil nut hulldliiiwitlnch nml all toobi
uit with IJio pltuo at fnfi uir itoro,
1 1 noroN, I Mi inlliMi out of Cen
tral Point, It) anion III tUyone-nlil
pours, .'10 pouch ireoH In hearing next
your, It Is all extra good gitnlun litnil,
no biillilliiKH, price loTtll piir ucui.
ISO unrctl of (ho b'oMt gruln or fruit
Iniul In1 iho vnlloy. 'mi InilMlhmi, If
mill at, nine will suU'foi' $ail''pur
lulro. '' " '
nVlHlinii all klmls'nj oily primmly
lo (ilfnr for Mitlu nml oxelmuge, ciiuio
mid sootiiH. . , ,
(lam) lot In oxclmiigq for unto,
OlrlH nml woimiii for gouoriU linimo
work In ami nut of tho city,
WitltroMt, chnmbor iniilil.
Applo pickers, riiiioh liniiilti,
Plinnoltltt Home, II.
)tpti-l(tt Nwsh Hotel '
Plowsharos Ground
Cars for Hiro
Phoenix, Ore. Phono 8 10 I'M
vun itiiitv and qualitv
Our Ilrcnd, I'lcit, Cftkon and Pantry
nro Tho Iloil In town. Call and non
thorn, Good norrlco and quick de
livery. Home Phono 33.
Iti:iNKINO UltOHi, Prop.
. a i.j i.
Wilson Campaign Fund
lvif e.hi"V runM Ciliio, , d ,
XtlMl Cwtralfln. BOO Mkhlaiu Ivi.. CMcua. hi. '
cuniilnuiK lliitujn tun Hit iuih of I
Wllwn't hhii.aIku,
, t
,,,,,,,'.,,,,,,, 4,,, , '
. i .. . , .
,. "
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