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ED Kail tribuni
ij , K, ' p ?
-''v. i i ' .ill,
"' TVw JtMtmoemtlo TimVs, The Mcd'ord
iH. The Me.Mortl Tribune Th South
nt, Orwconlm, Tho .Ashland Tribune.
vOTMm MaII Trlbunn Hiilldlni
Nerth Fir street: phone, i
Home 7i.
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am 302t;
OlIORQRPUTKAM.Ktlltoranil Manager
- Wntre4 s necoml-closs mnttor st
Hertford. Oregon, ndor tho sol or
March 3, 1f?.
the initiative: bills.
Official rfxsr of the City of Mdford.
. Of f latl t PAper of Jnckneii County.
One year,, by RiatK.x .... 15,00
On month, hy mall ,50
Per month, delivered by carrier In
MeiiraH, Jacksonville and Cen
tral Point. ......... .......... . E0
iturjr onir. by mall, dot year.. 2.n
Weekly, per year................ 1.50
fiwoRK cmcm.vnox.
Dally averaRO or rlven month! nd
Injf November JO, 1911. 9761
Leaned Wire Vnlled rrcaa
Tho Mall Tribune ts on sale at tho
Ferry New stand. San Francisco,
Portland Hotel New Stand, Portland.
nowman.Now Co.. Portland, Ore
Vt. O. Whitney. Seattle. Waah.
fetropolI of Southern Oregon and
Northern California, nnd tho fastest-
Brnwinp city in Oregon.
Population U. S. census 1910 SS10;
estimated. 1911 10.000.
Five hundred thousand dollar Gravity
Water System eomplotcd, Rlrlne finest
supply pure mountain ymter, and 17.J
mllea of streets paved.
Postofflce recelpta for year endlntr
November 80, 1911, show Increase of 13
per cent.
Banner fruit city In Orctton Ttoguo
Itlver 8pttxcnbcrff npples won sweep
stakes prize and tltlo of
. "Avple KIbk of the WorW
nt tho Notional Apnlo Show, Spokane,
1909, and a enr of Ncwtowna won
, Pint Prlae In Ittin ,
nt Canadian International Apple Show,
Vancouver. It. C
Firs Mae fat 3911
at Spokane National Apple Shaw won
by carload of Newtowna
Tho store owned by Fnbcr & Me
Donald at Central Point was cntcr-
and Tobbcd Tuesday iiwlit. the
thicveg making away with ft larp
" amounl of tobaeeo, elothinj and the
like. The burglary was similar in
iinny respects to the one? jut pro
ceeding it reported from Talent m.d
Gold Hill. It is likely that tits simo
' thieves liavo done the work.
Two more box ears were roViul n
Mcdfortl lafct night. The police ore
werking: on tho case but so far have
failed ta.obtaw.n clue, to the. identity
of the thieves.
'A delegation of
arles on their way
"Were entertained
church last night.
foreign mission
to foreign fields
at the Baptist
A number of
HP HE Orcgouinu long termed Oregon "tho fool ot tho
family' because Of the state's adoption of direct leg
Along the same lines of patriotism, it is trying to make
out the voters fools in the matter of voting upon initiative
and referendum measures upon the ballot.
HM.jiht.t i.ftiji OO HtnnnitliAit f-.i Kit ij4-jw) ljlt lifwilt it.
printed in full three months before election in tho state
pamphlet, nnd is cither self-explanatory, or is accom
panied by arguments pro and con. In addition, the advo
cates iud opponents of the measures indulge, in statc-wido
campaigns in the press and on the stump.
It doesn't take very much time or very much brains
to go over the measures and arrive at a decision. Yet,
according to the reactionary Oregonian, it is a super
human task.
It is the part of good citizenship to study the solution
of governmental problems. Tho chief value of the Oregon
system is that it educates the people in state issues.
Of the 33 measures to.be voted upon, six Avere referred
by the legislature, three are referendums upon bills passed
by the legislature and 29 filed by initiative petition.
Eleven of the measures concern road building, and eight
concern taxation both subjects that everv citizen should
lamiliarize himself with. Tho others concern a varietv of
subjects of more or less interest.
in the forty daj's of a legislative session, from I00 to
oOO measures are introduced, considered and passed upon.
The legislature doesn't average in intelligence much above
the state's citizenship. If the men we send to Salem are
capable of acting intelligently upon 500 or more bills after
a few days consideration, the electorate ought to be able
to pass intelligently upon 38 measures after months of
In previous cars, excellent judgment has been shown
by the people in passing upon initiative bills. There is no
reason to suppose that equal judgment will not be exer
cised in the future.
Instead of advocating that the people vote no upon all
bills without consideration of any, good citizenship re
quires the press to urge due consideration of each measure
submitted for only by raising the intelligence of the
masses and inducing people to consider public measures,
can true reform in government come. But good citizens-hip
is.the last thing that concerns a reactionary paper
and good government the least thing desired.
realization of prevailing injustice permeated ileopor into
even tho densest mind,
The world moves, oven if at snail's pact, but even tho
pace of the snail is too swift for Tnft, who looks upon
established conditions as a divhiq order not to bedtsturhed.
1 ' ii i .I.,, i t,i .L.m',.,!. ,1, ,,, , i..t,..
Why Republicans Should Vote for Wilson
Med ford people interested in foreign
missions were present and the visit
ors gave Interesting talks of the work
before them and tho problems to be
met. Thoy leave today for Berkeley.
Calh and will Mil on the steamship
Korea from San Francisco, October
Tho visitors Included Dr. and Mrs,
A. T. King. New" York; ev. A. I.
TCaamlth. New York; Miss Alma B.
Ilroadhead, Pennsylvania; Jllss Alma
It. rittman, Pennsylvania; Miss J. L.
Dahl, Minnesota; Itev. and Mrs. W.
E. Bailey. Xcw York; E. II. Clayton,
Xew Jcr6oy; Mrs. E. H. Clayton, New
Jersey: itev. and Mrs. P. H. Rose,
Connecticut; Miss Alice if. Stannard,
Illinois; Rev. and Mrs. A. E, Bigelow,
California; Miss A, E. FredorickBon,
Colorado; Ml&a Minnie B. Pound,
Canada; Rev. and Mrs. W. It. Manlcy,
India, and Rev. J. T. Proctor, East
Rev. and Mrs. W. R. Taylor of
Ohio preceded tho party to San Fran
Tho young women's Anionia Bible
class mot Tuesday evo at tho home
of MIbb Lois Sanshor on WeBt Tenth
street, where a very enjoyublo eve
ning Vas spoilt and "college girls"
refreshments served, Tho following
officers wore elected for tho noxt six
months! Miss Catherine Mears, pres
ident; Miss Bertha Daley, vlco-pros-Jdenl'
MFbs Noru Dalley, Becretary
treasurer; Miss Ella Rollins, visitor;
MIbs Bema Roberts, entertainer. Any
young ladies In the city not attend
ing Home Sunday school are Invited to
mcetwlth tho Amomas at tho Baptist
churolt next Sunday morning at 9:45,
ProKecutlug Attorney Mulkey will
bogin'at onto an active campaign
against violators of tho law In Jack
Bon oounty prohibiting minors In
pool halls, and miado tho second move
in this direction Wednesday when ho
caused tho urrost of J, L. Garom and
W, B!AThurbor of Talent on this
charge; Tho pair woro fined $25 and
coats 'in Justice Taylor's court, which
they wtltf.
This Is tho' second arrest within n
month In, Ui I h county on llila charge,
th;hfr ow belt'k at Jacksonville.
BEN" SELLING, who still considers Crater Lake a local
affair, is openly hostile to the equal rate bill submitted
bv initiative to the people by the Medford Traffic Bureau.
Mi. Selling states that" the bill reads fair, but that
General Freight Agent Louiisberry of the Southern Pa
cific, mit him wise to its infamy.
Of course the railroads are opposed to this bill, which
gives interior towns a fair show. So are the Portland
jobbers, and the state railroad commissioners they control.
fco are the Portland newspapers they mtlucnce.
The bill would destroy Portland's monopoly as a dis
tributing center for the entire state and end the railroads'
graft of the small towns. It would permit the development
of the rest, of the state, dwarfed and stunted b' Portland's
present fatuous policy,' and the extortionate and discrim
inating railroad rates.
In every effort Medford has made for equitable rates,
cither at Salem or at Washington, it has had to fight not
only the Southern Pacific but the Portland Chamber of
Commerce. It will have to continue the fight until a square
deal is secured. ,
It is not surprising that Mr. Selling opposes the mea
sure. Portland for half a century has been Oregon to him.
That's why wc don't want him at Washington but a man
big enough to comprehend the needs' of other localities
than the metropolis.
Before Mr. Selling condemned the bill, he ought to
have consulted its sponsors, the Medford Traffic bureau,
ns well as the railroad otncials. Halt the remedial and
beneficial legislation of the country is condemned by the
railroad, and if Mr. Selling accepts their opinions ih the
senate what kind of a scifator wilL he make'? Do 'the
people want a Southern Pacific senator?
Yet Mr. Selling says Medford is a fine little city, up-to-date
and metropolitan, with four fine clothing stores,
and whether defeated or not he is still its friend. Jle
didn't 2rove its friend in the Crater Lake bill. He is not
its friend, but the railroads' friend, in its effort to secure
a square deal in freight rates.
That Medford is progressive and up-to-date, is not due
to Mr. Selling, but in spite of him. That it continues its
growth and prosperity will be due to its own energy and
pluck in fighting for a square deal.
Having a proved friend in the senate in Jonathan
Bourne, Medford and southern Oregon want to keep him
(lly Rudolf Spreokula)
Whou making n choice from among
tho rnndtdtttcn for president or
United Stntoa to bn voted for on
November fifth, our cltlxcua should
first put afttdc all partisan fcoUiiKS
that aro not related to fundamental
differences In principle. Tho tariff"
question has In recent years been
about tho only pollry In which ,thb
republican and democratic parties
have seriously differed. Tho Rcpub
llcau party ostensibly standing for
a protective- tariff, while tho domo
crnts coutend'for u tariff for rovenuo
Wo have had sixteen years of un
interrupted republican rule and tho
tariff ovll, which during those years
tho duties Imposed havo exceeded tho
requirements of protection, bringing
outrageous profits to tho few, and
enabling shrewd manipulators tb
orgnnlxo couiUIcm trusts with wat
ered stock and ovor-capltallzatlon,
until tho burden of tho Increased cost
of living, placed upon tho average
cttUen, Is unbearable and promises,
unless checked at once, to bring a
vast majority of our people to tho
point of popular uprising.
Under tho present requirements of
tho government, a tariff for rovenuo
would bo of necessity, bo sufficiently
high to afford ample protection to
all legitimately capttallzedlndtiatrlcs
In this country, and et bring tho cost
of actual necessities within tho roach
of all, Tho present administration
has failed to keep Its platform
plcdegs In regard to tho tariff, and
that the people resent tho breaking
of these promises Is mado clear by
tko large number of republican rep
resentatives In Congress that havo
been retired by tho voters during tho
past two years.
The republican convention Ignored
popular disapproval of tho present
administration when It nominated
President Taft and Vice-President
Sherman. CCow, tho defeat of tho re
publican party at tho November elec
tion seems certain and proper. Tho
re-election of President Taft Is Im Im
eossible: therefore tho republican
voter must choose between Colonel
Roosovelt, the nominee of a soli-appointed
convention, nnd Woodrow
Vll8on, tho dumbcrntlc nominee, who
Bocur'cd hin nomination through tho
offo'ta of progressive domdernifl at
tho Baltimore convolitlon.
If tho 'pwH'lo n Hi v'iH't I"
their dotlro to eliminate hit political
bossrsand correct the trust ovll, thoy
will Htipport Governor Wilson at tho
coming presidential election, (lov
oronbr WUhou Ik openly and fear
lessly opposing poltlcat bosses, oven
tnoso bosses who havo ofVorcd to
support hliu III tho coming election,
while Colonol Rooxovott aimlonvu
unly thouo bossen who oppose hlpi
Evory fire, American looks for
ward to ownlhg and managing a lumi
nous of his own, rather than bo a
tnero snlnrled man of Home big trust,
and yet under tho method of more
governmental supervision of trusts
by federal commissions, an proponed
by colonel lloosovelt and his third
tend party, nil Independent buslitoBH
enterprises would noon becomo a
thing of thu past, and wo would bo
como a nation or clmkH, with no In
centive for Imprdvlng methods of
manufacturing nnd other Improve
ment that competition always stim
ulates. Governor WlUon and tho demo
cratic platform, upon which he stands,
proposo regulated competition, which
will give every man with bruin ener
gy an opportunity to demonstrate his
real worth, and compol oven tho
trusts to keep abreast of thu times
In the conduct or their buslncsr: and
tho American peoplu att a whole will
get tho beneUl of chenpeucd cost of
production, and our nation will be
certain to hold a foremost position In
tho commercial world for nil time.
Governor Wilson, If elected, will
be ablo to bring about needed re
forms because ha will havo tho sup
port of a congress, the majority of
which Ih democratic, while by elect
ing cither President Taft or Colonel
Roosovelt, wo would have tour moro
years of agitation, but no rcnl Im
provomont. It scorns clear that un
der present conditions, republicans
should vote for Governor Wilson on
November 5th; therefore, as n life-1
long republican, I unhesitatingly rec
ommend that course.
Conserve Humanity First
(Woodrow Wilnon nt Syrneue.)
Why is it we ;Oii!erve our natural
rourete if we could by n sort of
mngie of iiidunlry truuMnule them
into the wclath of the world And
who tnii!uiiilHi them into that
wealth if not the, hkill mid the touch
of the KTOnt bodies of men who fjo
daily to their toil nnd who couti
tutu the great body of the American
What I urn interested in in having
the government of the United Sluten
more rom-urucd bo ut human rightu
than about property rights.
Property is an instrument of hu
manity; iiiiiiuiiiily isn't mi iuutnt
ment of projH'rty. And yet when
yon kcc men riding- their great indus
tries tin if I hey were driving a car
of Jus&criiAtit, not lookup to hco
what multilmicri prontrutu them
selves before Iho car mid Ioho ttieir
lives in the eruihiii;.' effect of their
industry, you wonder how Ion;,' men
are going to hu permit (ed to jliink
more of iheir machinery tfiaii tlfey
think of their men'.
Did you ncvcr'Hiiiik Hint men lire
cheap mid machinery Ik duuY; and
many n hiipuriu'tcudciit will bit dii
mibed for ou'rdriviujr u ilvlieute ma
chine who wouldn't be ilihinbtxed for
over-driving an Overworked iiimii.
You can discard your mini and
replace him; thorn nre other ready;
but you cannot without great cost
discard your mucliiue 4Uid put j ji
new one. You nre not looking upon,
your men im Ilik$jif41f-i7ijftf$
- I j J. J4-1 4-g.J.iLig;
foundation part of your whole Imim
ncss. I nay, therefore, that property, 'H
compared with humanity, as com
pared with the vHul red blood in thu
American people, must take bccuud
place, not first, mid that we must see
to it that there Is no ovcrcrowdiu;;,
not had xiinitutiou, no iiuiict'CHsury
ftprett of avoidable iscases, that wo
men nre not driven to imKjHjh!e
iuskh nnd children nre not permitted
to spend their energy before it is fit
to be spent; that till the hope of the
race must bo preserved according to
their individual need nnd not ac
cording to nrogrumri of industry
"What is the use of having indus
try if we die in pioduciii itf If we
die in trying lo feed ourselves, why
should a feed ourselves?"
I would u great dual rather lose
in n cniise that I know some day will
triump ban triumph in n cuimn that
I .know sumo day will lose, Liberty
knows her children and hIiu can wait
for them to recogn'ue their kinship.
for crfch sot of, old False Teeth sent
us lllghcst prices paid for old Gold,
Silver, 6Id, Watches, Drokon Jewelry
and Precious Stones.
Money Bent by Roturn Mall.
I'hUa.' Smeltln Refining Company
Established 20 Yean
MS Chestnut' St., Philadelphia, Pa.
To Dentist
1rYO?jfl Ji."y. your Gold Flllngi,
Gold Scrap, and Platinum. Illghost
IJ J.)!. J X
' ), J t 1 I
A T brother Charles' expense, the bill boards of the
-t. country are being placarded with the same old line of
stun tliat Mark iiaiina inaugurated.
"Vote -for Taft and prosperity," as if Taft was the
creator of big crops and good times.
If ho is the creator of good times he must also be the
creator of the high cost of living, of bad times and de
pression. Taft has not kept up with the people, not only in com
prehension of popular demands, but in campaign'methods.
People have become too intelligent to be taken in by such
guff as that upon his bill-boards.
Taft is responsible for the Pavne-Aldrioh tariff which
fosters and creates the trust which makes the rich richer
and the poor poorer, which no matter how great the pro
duction of wealth helps along its inequitable distribution.
Mil-.. ...-,.. i . . i i
uiuru Jiuvijr was a Mine WHOU grower political, HOCial 01' rniilUK hair; '-hut your real sur-
and ccon6inic unrest irc vailed than at present when a'1""1"0 wm ho "r,,Mut two weokB'
i i
It's a Bear!
A Oreat Big "Silver .Tip"
Boa r f ally mounteda rug
that you could not buy for
less than $300.00.
Ono Mongolian SpottodLoo
nard fully mounted a
high priced ttug, ohcup at
2 other expensive Oriental
Hugs Leopard hIcuib with
black bear border, rare spe
cies, $100.00.
Ono South Aniorican Black
lDiiglo mounted valued at
Tho Hug collection nnd tho
"Best" little $23800.00 Bun
galow Home in tho city goes
for tho modest sum of $22175.
The house wo just completod
and built for a "II'ome-"-r
now and clean, carries $12500
insurance which is not near
the cost.
Bead Description
This artistic bungalow is
28x55 feet on a large lot 50x
110 feet, located on Rose av
enue, a paved street, close
in, where everbody owns
their own homos and many
new ones under construction
well built and finely fin
ished, double constructed,
which is a rare thing in this
Small fuel bills, porch clear
across tho front with large
cut stone porch piers, largo
living room 12x28 feet with
fire place of white glazed
brick, maplo floors highly
polished, nico grills, china
closets and built-in cabinets
and bins in the kitchen, solid
brass electric fixtures and
solid brass hardware to
match laundry trays with
hot and cold water, large
sleeping porch, two-toned
window shades, beautiful
tinted walls, nico lawn this
is one of the plans being used
so muclf at Long Bench, Cal
ifornia. If there aro any
houses of this quality nnd lo
cation in the city for salo
you will find them listed
around $1000.00.
With this homo wc throw in
for good- measure $600.00
worth of Oriental Hugs all
for $2375.00 because we are
moving east in October. Get
busy and own a ' Real Home1.
If there is "one" thing you
should try to buy "Good" it
is a "Home." A cheap
"Shack" of a house in a
"Bum" location which you
expect to call your "Home"
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ing material has increased in
price about 20 in the last 13
montlis, and you would have
to hustle to build this house
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your owti lot for tho price we
are ononng ic today, wo
will build no moro in "Med
ford" so if you want a house
that will last a lifetime, we
invite your most careful ex
amination of this property.
$1100 cash will handle this
deal. Just tho prico of a
small "auto." Which will
incronso the most in value,
tho Anto or tho "Home?"
H. E. GATES Owner
WHi1! ito' ap'
Complete rliuiiu.0 of pictures
overy Tuesday, Thursday,
Hutimtuy ami Sunday.
CoiuploWi chniiKu of plctiiroti and
vaudnvlllo at thb I'Ko (oulKht. l'lc
turu program for uvoi'iIuk; .'
beautiful rural draiua that nppenhi
to'ovory heartICsHailny. '
v ' lllORraph ' ' '
comedy drama of two old salt wa
ter doRH Htilltf. -
run guiw.VH pity
c. o. v. o.
Tim DlAlll.O IW.MII.V Rlvii a com
pleto eliuuKo of vaudcvlllu oncli and
every ovuiiIuk.
. i .
- 4
Dispenser of RaRolou UaRUm.
IllbKrnph Fcaturo
Written especially for tho Vltn
graph company by Will Carleton, tho
"I loonier Poet," with Mr. Maurlco an
Susan II. Anthony.
Tho feature of this picture In tho
fluo panoramic view of tho Round
up. There oro plenty of lively Inci
dents, such ns ropliiK and brniidlut.
with a good vein of comedy throiiKh
Special Friday nnd Saturday '-'A
Nation' Peril."
IIIr sensational feature In two
reels, special niattiioo Friday afternoon.
Coming Thursday, tho Carson Trio,
harmony Blnglnjf. Home act.
Matinees Saturday and Sunday 3 p.m.
Matlnoo prices Co and lOo
Evening Performance 7 . in.
Admission evenings lOc'ond ISo
23 Rose Ave.
To bo poHHcHHed of a head of heavy,
beautiful hair; soft, lustrous, fluffy,
wavy and frco from dandruff Is mere
ly a matter of using u H'ttlo Diindor
Ino, It Is easy ami Inexpensive 'to have
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get a 25 cent ho(tIe of Knowlton'a
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you cannot find atraco of draadruff
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If you want to prove how protty
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trl'ifg 6iie"8inull strand at u tlmo,
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heijutlfiil -In'Jitut n few moments u
iioiigiitfi'i Htirprlau nwuiiH ovoryono
who trios this.'
Clark fie Wright
Publlo Land Mslteru Final Proof.
Dwert Lauds, Contest and Ulnlai
Caiei. flcrlp. t
Tho Home of l-'eaturo Pliotoplayn.
Perfect Ventilation and Comfort.
C 1110
j it -
thi: noc'ioifs deuhm:
tOlUlsou-iOl, full of(tju-lll.
A blg'Thaiihbiisor' '
Dost film 'news In tllo 'World.
lOxcltlng cIiiihu and caituro of a gang
of coiiiitorfeltors
- ' - t c
Kpeclal Added Attraction
Vory'liitoroHtlug, oducntldnul HilKJout.
AL HATIIKR In Now Simjc' lilt
You ltuow our MuhIo and Ktfocta uro
uncxcollod ' "'
Matinees Dally'
Call m tip for all kinds of Exp row
work (julck dollvory our upeclglty,
FI10.UO I'uc.iflg MM Stuna ut Nash
m. SWiTLir,,
00 acre, rflx'nillot from Medfdrd.
good graded road oroisoi the tract,
all free toil, at C0 per acre, $1000
will handle, easy terms 6a balance.
Part Is ercek bottom land, aultable
for alfalfa. Several springs on 'the
place. Timber enough to pay for the
tract, No bulldiugi. In tho Griffin
6reek dlstrJctV ';' K
W. T. York S Co!

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