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Medford Mail Tribune
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Forty.emi1 Tr.
Dully Hovmilh Yrar.
Momentary Upso by Mnthewson and
Bobble by Doyle Give Boston Lend
Which Giants Arc Unable to Over
comeOnly Four Hits Made.
To Reach Crest, Giants Must Win
Three Straight Games, Which Is
Almost Impossible.
It!.-A flush of lirilllnnt htiifl' Unit
iltu'M liuhlni'Hrt iii liiiMcbull by Hugh
Hcdieut a youthful pitching htar of
tlio Heel Sox stuff, coupled with n
momentary lapno of Mitlhownon ami
a bobble by Doilc, gave (ho lied Hox
tltrir third victory In tho world'rt sor
h rni'o hero this afternoon by a
MMini of vo to oiio and mmiI llm Nu
tional league champions dipping '""1
tdidiiig down tin) ways on tbu road to
their Hcuoml uiiHtieeoKHful bid for a
world's chumplotudiip.
Hcdieut, working in u tylo to huvo
done credit to ii WiiIhIi, held tin
UitiiiU hiifo all tlio way and lot them
down with a qiinilt'lt of bit with tbu
nHiill that but a ninto addition fin
ihb in front W now needed by the
HoHlonlaiiH to give tin-in tho world's
rhniiip!oiir.hli for 11U'-'. To reach
the (inwt now tbu Mrdrnw men must
wrviii'b off thrco UorI'n in n niw,
a tuk nlinunl linpotudble with the
Hat Sox machine swinging along at
its present pliidid stride, nnd., with
Joo Wood, the Box' phenom, fagged
to. n to tho mound nualn Monday In
the game, which, if won by HuHton,
will end tlio fi-Anne.
1'ntnl Hutltlen Caw-In
One round, olio fatal midden cave
in, beat tbu (lialll before the great
est crowd that cer miw a iraino in
Htwlon. Starting tbu tbiid inning
Hooper mImnIiimI a ilrivo by Hcrjrog
whlcdi whltzcd Into the loft tield cor
ner for a tlitce base blow. Yorkos
followed with nimlber clashing for
another triple and Hooper scored.
Then Pnylo brought on dbmslcr.
Speaker tupped to Captain Lurry fr
an ea-y but wbllo Yeikos stuck t
third, I lu lot the lap dribble, away,
iuiiI the second run -tlio fatal one
wiih over.
TlmHo two heiirtbfeakiinr diiws,
buiiehed with Doyle's error brought
tlio old muster back to HT. Kitnii
that point on ho out in with tbu tincst
pitching of bin lire. Hut the stand
eauie too late, for Hcdiout had ourb
etl tlm (Hunt rutdi with tbu be-.l
pitebeil uaiiiu of the wcrim. Ho work
ed a far finer kiuho limn Wood had
tibowii nl either start, and bofoiu bin
H)eeil mid crnnkiiiK curves the
(liantH' laaebluu wan Mulled all tlio
IJeM Pitched fiame of Herlon
The lhitor8 put IhroiiKli but one
lally u Hodiuilt wbun Merklti dou
bled lu tbu aoAdith and MeConniek
diou bun homo. Ihooiid tbix moaro
iiHHault bo Mood tbu wild-oyed (liniitu
on their bvatn oikIh and droo them
(Conltnued on 1'uro KIvo.)
saip am
PAIUB, Oct. l'J. OrcuC alunn wan
foil liuro today over roporta that
poaeo uogothitloiiH hotwoon Turkoy
urid Italy Imvo fullud, and tlmt, tlio
Italian floot Ih on route to iittomnt
tlio piibhiiko of tlio Dardunollos and
to capturo UoimUutliioplo. Tho
Dardanollou iiuvuiiro U liunvlly intnod,
and uiniiy hollovb tbu Italluu floot
will moot with dlttaator It huoIi an
attuuuit Is inudo,
Bbould Italy micoood In takliiK
CoiiHtiiutliioplv, diploma!) horo four
It would mouit a ulmultuiioouu lava
Hlon of Turkoy by tlio llulkun Htitou,
ovontiiully roHiiltliiK a partition of
tho QttotoRIi 9mylr9i
"Bald Jack" Rose Relates Story of
Crime -"Rosenthal Too Dannerous,
Get Him Out of the Way" Orders
Becker Alleged to Have Issued.
Go-Between and Collector of Blood
Money Says Decker Was Overjoyed
at Hearing of Murder.
NKW YORK, Ol. It!. "Herman
HoKentliul itnmt be killed. Ho h el"
tint; t duuicoroutt. Yon tell 'Hi
Jack Zelitf and IiIk frieudn to ki'I him
out f tho way."
Kworu deelaratioii that I'obee
Lieiiteiiaut ChnrleH Heeker, on trial
bi'ie for ItohcntliiilV murder in fiont
of tho Hotel Motioxle, nar. this
older to hiiti to reptal to Zilij; and
biit notorious Ka,l (,f pinrneu, was
madu today on the witness btaud bv
"HaM ,laek" Hose, fonner friend of
Heekur ami the tiinn who admits he
aetcil as Heeker'w representative in
collecting "IiiihIi uioiicy" from New
York'n underworld.
lUekrr Ifiiuuncd
Heeker, apparently waH uniiioveil
by Hosc'h teHtimouy. Ho nat anil
glared at tbu witness with a lixed
hture. Hose jao bis testimony with
twitebin eyes and slnlkinc knees.
Ho waH patti and nervous, Htiulioiisly
avoiding Heeker' penetratiu;; Kaxe.
Kuso uwora that bo protested
HKiiMtinnrileriii)r Jtoseiitlml, but
Heeker, ho snid, insisted (bat It must
bo done.
"I waul him croaked," were tho
exact words Kohii nworo Heokcr ued.
"I will take earo of tho men who do
tho job. The Ncnliiilenl at polieo
headquarters is Htieb that (buy would
k'ladly kvo a medal to the man pimo
enough to croak Itosciilhal. Horo is
4100. Oivo it to Zeliir and toll him
I want Itosuuthal slopped. Tell Zvlij
and his friends if they want to savo
themselves trouble thev had bettor
Kt Itosontbal out of tho way at
Zelitj. who himself has been shot
and killed since tho Rosenthal mur
der, Itoso said demurred. Then, tho
witness swore, Heeker through him
sunt another wnrnini; to .dig,
Tlircatcndcd tlio (taiiK ,
"Lclty Louio" HosoiibuiK' and
"Whilcy'' Lewis. Hoso deeblred, wero
told that unless Itoseutlutl wore killed
soon tboy would bo arcsted and
"scut over tho road" for enrr,Ninj
concealed woapoiiN. Then, Hose de
clared, tho ptliKiucu agreed to disinibo
of ltoseiitbal.
Koso also told tho junn-H why ho
believed Heeker wanted Itosontbal
killud. The polieo official and tho
gambler, he said, had ot footed a pait
ihip and opened a gambling house
in -IfUh si rout.
Tbu business prospered, Hoso
hwoio, all KoiiiK well until Hooker
telephoned ItoHeuthal to send over
:r()() at oiieo. Ho,sentluil refused. A
day Inter, Heeker, bo said, again do
mauded tho monoy and was again
refused. Then, Hosu declared, Heck
or withdraw from tho film. Hacker
also Motioned a policeman at tho
door, Koho Hnid. This, tho witness
Bald, killed Rosenthal's business and
tbu latter, becoming desperate, threa
tened to go to District Attorney Whit
man and toll him of HeVikor'ti I'm men
connection with tho place. Then,
Hose bworo, Hooker decided to got
tlm giiinldor out of tho way.
Hoso then told of tho nnudor ninht
(Contlnuod on Page 8) ,
Republicans to
LOS ANGELES, Oal., Out. 12. A resolution allowing
Tuft ropubllcmis to voto for Woodrow Wilson, tho clonio
(U'iitio prusidbntiiil noinineo, without losing their party
standing, is issued today by tho Tuft republican county
(ionnnittee. While not recommending that the Taft mon
vote for Wilson, tho resolution says:
"Wo nevertheless concede that they may do so in the
existing omorgoqcy without impairing their loyalty as
republicans or their standing as honest citizens."
The committeo urged republicans desiring to voto for
Tft- to vvtitQ Jus jwwo m on
Men Accused by
LONDON ( Oct. 12. A desperate
battle botweon tho Turltlsli nnd
Montenegrin armies for tho posses
sion of Uarnnu, lu the vicinity of
Lulto Hciltarl, Is lu progress todny.
A despatch received hero from Cct
tlnjo says the town has boon taken
repeatedly by both Hides.
Another despatch said tlmt a forco
of .Montenegrins was repulsed nt
Tushl after a sharp cngaKOtncnt with
tho Turkish troops.
LONDON, Oct. J 2. Tho foroljjn
'offlco horo continued optimistic to
day over tho war situation In tho
Ilalkan Btatos, while, on tho other
hand, foreign diplomats In Iondou
assumed n pessimistic attitude. Tho
litttor predicted a reply soon to tho
poworn' pica for peaco, with tho ex
pectation that tho Balkan stale will
takn tho position that a settlement is
ImpoBslblu at presont.
Many dlplomutn hero oxpoct liul
garla nnd Sorvia to begin hostilities
as soon as military preparations aro
complete. Premier Asqulth and
David L1od-GoorKO, chrtncollor of
tho oxcheauor, conferred In regard to
tho outlook today.
HAltUiaitUItO. !.. Oct. 12. At
tor dollvorlng sovonty-fUo spcoclica. !
covering ton states, and with his
0Ic0 complotoly worn out, Gover
nor Woodrow Wilson, democratic
nominee fur prosldout, Is today on
his way homo, his tilp ended.
Governor Wilson expressed him
self hero as being thoroughly satis
fied with tho reaults obtained, llo
will speak onco moro upon his ar
rival lu Now York tonight.
NKW YORK, Oct. 12. Celebrating
tho discovery of Amotion 0,000 mar
ines and bluejackets parado 'boforu
largo crowds, hero today.
Tho opening of tho ceremony was
(ho annual ,1'ull roiow of tho United
States AUantut tloet. Tho roviuw
will cud next Tuesday, when Prosl
dout Taft and Soorotury of tho Navy
Moyor will roiov tho fleet from
aboard the pi evidential yacht May
flower, Vote for Wilson
bbpSIHbbIbbH .bbbcSbhHbbbI b w&bbH
bHBSmBbbbS fci jbVHHbKtIbH bbbbKIbfbH
kijSSBbbbV iK .HhMbbWbb bHbHbVu''bS
flBBBByWMBBBBBH -Jif$B$mBBfifiM k 'M
tlio ballot,
trr.v fwwwurTny
"Bald" Jack Rose of Shooting Rosenthal"
wctack" jzmua.
That Woodrow Wlou, gtneruor
of Xcw Jersey, and democratic can
didate for tho presidency of the Unit
ed States, will w-iriTeusily in Noumi
ber and be elcctcd'by an otcrwhehn
ing majority is. tbcj prediction of
Gcorgo K. C'bambcrlHHi, United States
senator from Oregon; who ih in Med
ford to discuss the campaign issues
nt tho Nutntorium tuii;ht. Senator
Chamberlain left tblaftrnoou for
Abort visit nt AMdat3 '
"It ih n groat democrutie year,"
states Senator -Cliiiniberluiu," and
Woodrow Wilson will win easily. Ho
dcbcrves to win as ho is n uplendid
man. Governor Mnrhall, bis run
ning mate, m also a bpleudid man.
Tho peoplo can make no mistake in
electing them."
Senator Chamberlain will speak at
8 o'clock tonight nt the Natatorium.
Ho is one of Oregon's best loved
men in public life and will no doubt
attract a large crowd.
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Oct. 12.
Hotruycd by a pal who aided him
to "escape from the Nevada state peni
tentiary l.luwcbn FelkorK. alias Fred
Shlnnor, who short-circuited a wire
barrlcndo around tho prison, throw
ing tho outlro prison Into darkness, is
today In Jnll hero.
ily means of a key smitglcd Into
hlni by n released prisoner named
Ilyleo, alias Smith, Felkors unlocked
his cell door, nnd ith wlro nippers
cut tho electric burrlcada ou tho
prlbon walls, making good his es
cape. No trace ot him was found
until a week ago when J. P. Don
nelly, chlot of polieo at Hoho, re
ceived a telegram from Sun Francis
co tolling tho whereabouts of Fol
kors, Tho tolegram, It Is bollovod, camo
from Ityleo, who was dlssatlstlod at
not rocotvlng any compensation for
aiding lu Folkors rolenso.
CHICAGO, Oct, 13. Arrlvlug horo
at 'o o'clock this morning, Thcodoro
Uoobovolt, progiobslvo nominee for
prosldout, was greeted by a largo
crowd and glou a vociferous wel
come. In a statomout Issued horo today,
Roosovolt donouncod Governor
ChurloB 8. Douooii of Illinois, charg
ing him with being guilty of "shuf
fling and double-dealing," at tho
Chicago republican convention.
Uoosovolt further charged that
Governor Donoon deliberately falsi
fied rogardlng tho cogvontlou.
LONDON, Oct. 12. Owlug to
charges made In the bousq of com
mons that some of the highest offi
cials In tho British Kingdom utilized
private knowledge of a deal pend
ing between tho government and the
Marconi Wireless company for per
sonal gain, a committee is appointed
today to Investigate the matter,
while tho signing of tho contract will
bo deferrod.
The officials Included in the
cbatrges are Premier Asqulth, Chan
cellor Ltoyd-Georgo, Attornor Gen
eral Sir Ilufus Isaacs and Post Mas-
I tor General Samuel.
During the time the government
was considering tho contract with
the Marconi people and prior to the
time when tho announcement was
made that a deal had been agreed
upon, Marconi stock took a phenome
nal jump from 13.75 to $45 a share.
In answering the charges, Post
Master General Samuel said teday:
"On behalf of every member of tho
cabinet I Bay these stories that mem
bers bf tho cabinet, know-log that a
contract was In contemplation and
thinking possibly that the prico ot
shares might rise, themselves, direct
ly or Indirectly, bought any of these
shares through any other htvo not
ono syllable of truth."
CHICAGO, Octi 12. Debpito his
repeated assertions that bo was
through with tlio fighting guuio for
good, Jnck Johnson, heivyweight
champion of tho world, announced to
day that bo expects to bigu articles
for two battles in Australia under
the auspices of Hugh Mcintosh. W.
C. J. Kelly, representative of Mcin
tosh, is expected in Chicago today,
and will formally offer Johnson $50,
000 for two bouts in tho Antipodes,
with Sam Langford and Sam MuVoy.
In addition to thoso figuroN John
son expects to tuko. on Jim-Flynn in
Paris, which will not him somotbing
liko ,15,000.
A Business
Mnil Tribune. Medford Oro.
Wo desire to sincerely
editorials that aro appearing in your paper, iu-oni purely
business standpoints, wo bohovo senator Bourne should be
re-elected. It is of erroat importance to the state. Oregon
will neod $20,000,000 federal
ten years. Bourne's ouergy,
iioniinittcos can secure theso
for tho past session confirms
Bourne is a member of tho appropriations, commerce,
postoffico. public buildines and fisheries sonato commit
tees. Ho passed on $07,000,000 moro appropriations last
session than any other man.
earnest support and co-operation, Wo believe the best
interests of the staio demand
B9Vr ?opulay Qoverflmout Qlu
Ssensers of New-Born Club D-
nennce Medferd as They OrfMize
te Drive Pirates. Grafters ami
Thieves Frsm Vaults of Cwmty.
TaxnywSr MisM by ArfvertlMMttrf
f Meetinf , Desert tatberrti Wm
Phths is Leaned.
4 4
There will be a non-parti-
ban meetinK of citizens at the
city hall In Ashland tomorrow
(Friday) evening at 8 o'clock
at which time a taxpayers'
league will be organized for
Jackson county to work In tho
Interest of efficient and eco
comical county admlnlstra-
4- lion.
f All persona Interested In
this movement are asked to 4
be present and participate la
the organization.
.Amid a display of forensic fire
works bitterly- denunciatory of Med-
(ord, aeralded by ta above !a-
Bouacemwt ef a taxpayer' awetlag.
With Benton Bowers, E. D. Briggs
aad Brt Grler, aa. apoHwra.ttMS
George W. Dunn club of Jacksos
county was bora at Ashland Friday
night. Thirty-two "noa-partlaaa"
citizens of Ashland responded to the
call and fourteen, by actual count,
quit when the sponsors pled for the
spondullx which was to guarantee
the newly born a lirllhood.
The most startling announcement
made at the meeting tell from the
lips of Bert Grler, who was evident
ly suffering from an acute attack of
borborygmus, to the effect that the
sinful and outrageous course of Med
ford had been "discovered." The
Medford piratical gang having looted
tho vault at Jacksonville, even now
proposed, like Sampson of old to
carry away tho gates ot the city. In
other words, If tho honest and tear
less citizens ot Ashland failed to
throw themselves Into tho broach,
and at once, Medford proposed to
make away with tho vault, sell It for
old junk and pocket the proceeds.
Mulit Presidea
The thirty-two men were called to
order by Ilort Grlcr,,cdltor of tho
Ashland Tldlugs, who explained that
the solo object ot tho "taxpayers'
mass meeting" was to organlzo a
campaign committee for George, W
Dunu and to work for hlg nomina
tion. No other subject ho stated
was to bo entertained. Thereupon
ho called for the nomination ot a
permanent chairman. K. D. Briggs
responded with the nomination ot L.
L. Mullt. former democratic state
senator from Jackson county and
tho nomination was duly seconded by
Brlgga boss, Benton Bowors, ot
Bear crook bridge fame.
Mr. Mullt gracefully acceptod tho
honor and In assuming the chair
(Continued on page 8)
Portland, Oro., Oct. 17.
thank you for the splendid
appropriations in the n'oxt
persistency ana strongtu on
impropriations. His record
it. No now man possibly
We sincoroly ask your
his ro-electiop, regardless of
NO. 174.
iHikHflf Was Set M Fire mi
f Octet 3 lut Hue W;iiv
tkt nlt4 Fk-e Starts fMfcte Md
nil t n
inierier is w rwifwes 'wefi.awe'it
Fffv iWys D MMfMHaL MMI ' pM
.$. L - -CL.
Have Fhre UtJM 'Mmmttjilk
f t ' 'T.i L '-',' - i J.
That a firebug started Un !Wie
which destroyed the Medferd flwatrt
Friday afternoon and endaBjfHtBViae
entire businsa eeciiou of tkcjyer
a time, ia the beliet of Waller Mc
Callum, manager of the b'oa,aBd
the authorities who have been wak
ing a quiet investigation ot thV utr
Xalr. The fact that th'e" iBeatj-e" yr's
fired from the outside on1 the a!gh(
of October 3 and was saved after, i
short fight lends color to, the' report.
In no other way can. TridayV blase
oe explained umess , tranpa '"re
sleeping under the stage akTstaml
the fire. It has taeu.suggeV'Jt1iji'
Ashland's fire-bair wo ntartW,9ii
blazes in that city withm viwi
starting with the opw, botwf '.Uire
baa take-up hU'iOk
, The destruction of tk eperii heiwe
Friday a'fterBeoii VyA fiw lOMjil
biggest blaze cxpnid w,Jmm3i
years in this city. When tfce alarm
i ae, pwee was m mut, v itmmms
the frame awWior M:jrim
proved all thataaeysy ;
could want. The f&ttoW reJ
short order and after the most drffP
" '
cult fight ever made by the Medferd X.
department saved all surrotWdW K
buildings, even Frank Witmn'tr tioc,
directly under the blaring bttihiisg,
It required just six winutes ftoai
the time the alarm tapped for the
fireboys to have five lines ofhoe
laid out and playing on the fanes.
The Medford water system proved Its
worth, the pressure being so great
that the blnzing walls wha they fell
were turned back into the fire- This
saved adjoining buildings,
An absence of wind saved the busi
ness scctibn. As it was huge coats
fell as far north ns the Southern Par
cifio passenger depot while men were
forced to patrol the roofs of adjacent
blocks. Tho heat was intense.
The alarm was turned in shortly
after five, o'clock. In & few momenta
the downtown section was crowded
with eager sightseers. The entire po
lice force patrolled the block stir
roundine tho fire and kept the
crowds at bay and frdm under the
high power clectrio wires. The cur
rent wus shut off Immediately, how
ever by the power company.
Tho loss -will total about $u0$0.
Only $1500 insuranco was carried
Immediately after life firo Walter
McCallum cancelled ull contracts for
"I am ready to start actual con
struction work within 10 days; on u
new theatre if I am not hampered by
other parties in Medford," slated l)r.
F. C. Page this morning; when asked
regarding his plans to build a nW
theatre in this city. '"! name up frem
r.rty Anirolci ennm ttma Hro for this
purpose and the burnlug of the thea
tre yesterday lias precipitates nai
lers. I am prepared to go ahead at
once and am now in telsgrapkU) mm'
mutiication with in teres td prth,
"The only thing which can hamper
my plans will be to have a hJf ''
others start sometklng. If (he twa
wants a theatre HinTwUl bjk y
lending moral snp)9rt I wW tJK ''r:'
worl? in Q days," .'
-.ritj M
j ":

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