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Medford Mml Tribune
cloudy, KMlMt hIiowti-h
Mar. 7.1 .Mln. !.
NO. .I7f.
Dully Hvnlh Y-r.
Mnniunrtl Pilches Pals to a Romplno
Cakc-Walk Victory Rube Breaks
Boston's Attack at Every Turn
Aftrr One Rickety Round.
Collins Pitches Wonderful Game But
Brilliant Work Goes to Seed Last
Game (or New York.
(Ily (truntlund lllco)
NEW YOHK, Oct. H.-')rlvou to
day, tint (IIiiiiIh lil a Inst ru-hlng,
llttlipilWttl llHHlUlll OKnlllNl till Ht'tl
Hox inanhluo today and lorn II apart
wltlilu oho round, Marqunrd pitched
htx puis to n rompliiK, rakewalk vie
lory by tho count of B to 2. Tin
ruin', tm In hlioflriit start, broke the
lloNton attack at every turn ami af
tr on rickety round tho second
Mopped Htnhl'n slashing sluKKcro
wlih II tlllllt.
Tonight tho (Hunts movo hack to
lloKton for another game (tin int.
whew Joff Tenwau nnd Joo Wood
hook up for tholr third clash.
Imt In Iirt InnliiK
Tlm first round today settled tho
buttle. Htaht stuck In Buck O'Urlen
mid the (Hants Wnro ready. Know.
Imk (hey had tholr backs against tho
wall, they rushed tho Hod Box
, HplllmlllKt. which such savage feroc
ity that h wan on tho ropes In n
twinkling, when ho wan slummed
for nix lillw nod Ho runs beforo
Hliihf roTitcr-Xer another pitcher
warmed up and Into tho fray.
Collin followed O'Urlen In tho
second round, rolling- back tho
Oliititn' rushes by wonderful pitching
sum and effective, but hi brll
Hunt work wont to mod. For, work
ing on Hint flvo run lead, tho rube,
after n nliort lapsethrough over
cnnfldonco -settled to his tnttk and
br'xi'il In undor wrap. From tho
second round on ho wan iiover In
trouble, and sharp, uro support by
bis mutes did thu rent,
. AnmuiH a Clmodc
'Unit first assault on O'Urlen wo
, a classic. Doyle led with a hit and
steal. Then, with two out, Murray
singled; Morklo doubled; llorxon
doubled; Mayor, singled, and
' Fluichor dumped a bunt which
Kc.unoxwd tho Indlnu over with tho
fifth run. nut thlH wusn't nil, for
In tho tulddlo of that wild molco and
medley, O'llrlen bnlkoil Doylo homo
with tho first run, and Meyer mid
lloro. Hashed n double steal.
In tiu second round Marqunrd
erred on Gardner's tap, 8tahl singled
mid ,KiiuIi'm douhlo linked to Do
viro's boot cost two ruiiB. Hut
from Unit period on, tho two south
paws worked In matchless fashion
(Continued on page 2.)
N13W YORK, Oct. U, With tho
HiUutlng of guns at 0 o'clock thU
niornliiR tho greateat Amorlcnn naval
rnvlow oponed hero, comprlsliiK 1137
vohioId or all types from drond
uuughtH to colllors.
Admiral Hugo OstorhnuH and staff
foriiTully callod on Svcrotnry of tho
Navy Moyor aboard tho dlHpatoh bout
Dolphin. Tho aquardroa command
or followod. Then tho members of
tho Iiouho and aonato nava. commit
touH boardod the Dolphin and partici
pated In tho Inspection and rovluw,
ProHldout Tuft, aboard tho yacht
Mayflower, waited ouUldo tho har
bor to participate In tlio rovlow,
Tho Dolphin fltartod soaward pant
tho lines of ooaflghtora with tholr
erowri "droBHlnu Hhlp,"
Admiral Ostorhatm und tho dlvl
hIoii coiuniuiulora, ucconipnnlod by
thulr HtuffH, called upon tho preal
dent, who afterward roturnod tho
cull und inupootod tho (loot,
"You Boys Have Rosenthal Croaked"
Is Statement Alleged to Have Been
Made hy Police Lieutenant Who
Paid for Crime.
Meellnns of Gano Detailed Webber
Praised for Good Work Accused
Lieutenant of Police.
Ni:V YOltK. Oct. H.I'ull cor
roboration of (ho Ntory told Katurdity
by "llnld Jack" Itoso that Police
Lieutenant Charles Decker wanted
Gambler llermun Rosenthal "klllud,
dynamited or croaked" wax given
today by "Jlrldgey" Webber when
the trial of llenker on a charge "f
havtni; Inntlcnted the murder of
lloitenthal wax reiuimed.
"If ilia man lloiienihal," Webber
nwore lleckor Hold to him, "ever
ecu Whitman It's all off. Why
don't you hoy have him croaked?
I'll take caro of you fcllowx after
the Job la done."
Itecker Urgisl HimJe
Webber, who In alleged to have
been In charRo of the KangHtum who
killed HoHcnthal, tONtlfled that ho
told Decker hn would "pull oft" tho
Job In a few day. Hut Decker, he
ald, kept after him to hurry up.
Webber then rietcrlhed tho meet-
ln of thu Kunroon on July 16, when
arrangement were completed for
Klaylnx llo-enthal.
The wltnei le-tlfled that he met
Decker, Harry Vallon, Itono and Sam
Kchepp Junt a nhort tlmo before
ltoenthal wan killed that ho located
ltonenthal at the Hotel Motropolo on
the night of tho murder; that he
told tho gunmen, who left Immed
iately for the iicene. Tho wltncstt
ald ho went to tho Motropolo at
I; 10 o'clock In the morning aud
now Hocnthal'H body lying on the
Did n CSoori Job
At C o'clock that morning, Web
ber mild, he met Docker and Hone.
Decker, ho Bald, wan HmtlliiK, and
aid to him, after Blinking handm
"Well Drldgey, you did n good Job.
don't worry. I told you 1 would ico
you through. Tho only thing neces
niiry now I for you boy to lay low
a few dnB."
Then Webber aworo, Hebo gave,
n I in 11,000 to distribute nuiong tho
John F. Mclntyro, chief counsel
for Decker croud examined Webber,
attomptlng to hIiow that ho was a
uier of morphno und opium,
LONDON, Oct. H. Dispatches
received here today from Derlln by
tho JCxchango Telegraph declare
that Turkey and Italy havo signed
terms of poaco,
DKHL1N, Oct. U, KoportB that
Turkey and Italy havo slguod tonus
of peaco was obtnlnod horo today.
It U hollovod that Turkey will aur-
ron.ler Tripoli and Oyronalcu and
will nay a war Indemnity, Tho Bui-
tan will retain spiritual authority
over nil Mohammedans In tho coded
LONDON, Oct. 14. Dosplto con
firmation from llorlln of tho sign
ing of poaco negotiations betwoou
Itnly and Turkey, Lord Morloy horo
today Is mioted ns saying that tho
negotiations aro not proceeding fav
orably, It Is not known whothor Morloy
Is mliliiformod or has later Informa
tion. J, M, Durrlo, who has uot boon In
this country for tlftoon yours, is com.
lug ovor to seo Miss Maudo Adams
In "Potor Pun."
i , , imm in n fiWjB ft? 0 V ; j!T!j-IBOn JiL . n
M.1. H N. r. WmU.
HAWLINS, ., Oct. M. Pos
kos Kent from ItnwliuR, Snriitogn mill
Wulcott todny nro conccutrutins In
the hills Houth of here for n deter
mined rush on the eleven onuvictfc
still nt lurgo, follnwint; jaiibrenks nl
tho alnto peuileiitiary liero Snturdiiy
and Sunday.
Of tho eight convicts who escaped
Sundny, five havo been recaptured.
J. Oilmore, burglar, wiw found nsieoi
in a niniiKer nt daylight. He surren
dered without a struggle. Tho three
men whp escaped Sundny nro slill nt
lrtrj;e. They nro ,Ioo iehiinlsou,
murderer; llitng Ilnckslniui, burglar,
and Janu's Hurke, iniinlcivr. Tlie.se
men nro despernto, heavily nnned nmt
it is certain they will not submit to
capture without bloodshed.
Antonio Pasco, u life term murder
or, who led Sunday's jailbreak. was
shot dead in his tracks.
Tho first break ocmirrcd lalo Sal
unlay, when twenty, conviots, led by
"Hutch" Daltoit, linndil mul inembei'
of tho notorious Whitney Kimp;, over
powered tho keeper of, tho eoll house,
look his keys nnd vMensed their com
rades. Kvery jiriKoner willing- to risk
a battlo witli tho guards nindu u dash
for tho kiiIos. A fusilado of shots.
inside (ho walls followed ami a bed
lam of shouts echoed from the prison.
Tho gunrdn were overpowered mul a
few Boconds luter uoaHy a score of
mon dashed down tho main street of
Rawlins, armed with guns mid knives.
Holding residents of tho lown nt bay,
tho refugees charged into n livery
barn and hastily throw bridles aud
saddles over horses ami rushed for
tho woods. Twelve of tho convicts
woro enptured later.
HLMBH, N. J., Oct. 4. Hocauso
his wlfo charges that ho lurod her to
a burn ou tholr furm for tho purposo
of hanging hor Fred Simpson, a far
mer near hero, Is held today by tho
Baloin county nuthorltlos.
HOIIART, Tasmania, Oct. 15.
Ltttlo hope Is held out for the eighty
four miners still entombed In tho
North ' Mount Lyell ml no bore, fol
lowing the taking out today of five
more dead bodies. This brings the
number of bodies recovered up to
Tho rescuers battled their way
through smoko and flames, and all
attempts to roach tho victims failed
until a dlvitiK gear was pressed Into
sorvlcu. This served ns a protection
from tho terrific heat nnd after a
violent strugglo flvo bodies wcro fin
ally brought to surface. Although
air Is being pumped down tho 700
foot shntt, whore tho entombed men
lino, ltttlo hope of rescuing any of
them ultvo Is now entertained.
Weak, tottorlng and 'exhausted,
sovonty-8lx .men who woro working at
tho 700 foot level, succeeded in
reaching tho surface, battling their
way through tho tunoko that, tlmo
and again, threatened to suffocato
thorn. Ouo died ou reaching tho sur
face. Tho heat near tho main shaft Is
terrific. Hands of rescuers havo
boon forced to return to tho surfuco
overcome by boat and smoko.
SALKM, Mass., Oct, If Tho tvinl
'iff Joseph Kttor, Arturo fliovuuuitti
and Antonio Ciuuso, charged with
tho murder of Anna Lopjzzo, u wom
nn striker, killed in a street gathering
of Lawrence textile workers Inst win
tor wns resumed hero today. A hen
onil voiiiro of JWO, froiiOwliieh u jury
is to bo chosen, was onThund, Thu
talesmen were questioned by Justice
S. r-rrz, -.
$1000 IN 1910
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Oct. 14.
Tho average monthly expenditure of
the International Association of
Hridge nnd Structural Jrouworkers
of 1H10 was $1,000, according to the
testimony today of Mrs. 11. A. Hull
of Omnlin, former stenographer of
John J. MeXnnmrn, former secretary
of tho organization, now serving u
fifteen year sentence in Son Quentin
prison, California. Xfrs. Hull was the
first witness called nt today s session
of the trial of the 47 union men
charged witli illegally transporting
United Slates District Attorney
Charles W. Miller alleged that most
of this money was expended for
ilynaiuitings. Mrs. Hull testified,
however, that tho cheeks were sup
posedly drawn for an "organizing
fund." She also identified union
books and numerous checks, mostly
for $1,000 each, which John McNa-
innm had cashed. No record if
these cheeks, she said, was shown
in the union hoks.
PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 14. Mrs.
Mary Woodcock, original lady bull
mooso proponent in tho state of Ore
gon U ilenil at tin advanced age. For
years past Mrs. Woodcock, had
niarehed at tho head of nil parades
in this city bearing u banner on
which Roosevelt's picture was placed
wid she always received a big recep
tion, Sho first became famous when,
armed with a revolver, she attempted
to draw $1,000 she had on deposit
with tho Title Trust and Guarantee
bank after the institution failed,
It was her custom frequently lo
sil in ho gallery of the city council
chamber aud throw flowers to tho
Teddy Not at Armafjeddon Cham
berlaln Discusses the President
That Is. the President That Was,
and the President That Is to Be.
Declares Roosevelt Is Man on Horse
hack Eager to Plunge Country Into
War Willi Mexico.
Declaring that Colonel Roosevelt
iiM'd the wrung liiliienl reference, aud
hhoiild have MilMilulcd the cave of
Adullnm instead of the field of Ar-iiiiit-ddon,
Senator George K.
Chamberlain ntldre.ed a crowded
house on euinp.-iign isyiie.n at the Nat
atoriiiin Saturday evening. The quo
tation referred to reads uh follews:
I Samuel xxii l-'J: David therefore
departed thence, and escaped to the
cave of Adullani: and when his breth
ren and all his father's hoiie heard
it, dtey went down thither to him.
And every one that wn in distress,
and every ohe that was in debt, nnd
every one that wns discontented,
gathered themselves unto him; and
he became a captain over them: and
there were with him about four hun
dred men."
For Kquul Suffrage
It wns the senator's first speech of
the present campaign and he took as
hw subject tho three presidential
son, . He prefaced his remarks with
nn appeal to the men of Oregon to
vote for equal Miffrnge and give the
ballot to their equal, the women,
whose unerring instinct wns ahvnys
on the side of right atu morality. He
declared that the assistance and co
operation of the women were essen
tial in the fight for better govern
Taft was described as n most
agreeable personality, but one with a
judicial instead of an executive or
administrative mind. He said that
the Into Senator Dolliver's character
ization was most appropriate "An
amiable body, surrounded by thoe
wlio knew exnetly what they wanted."
The judicial temperament is to calm
ly consider the evidence nnd decide
upon its preponderance, nnd as the
only evidence heard by Mr. Taft, was
presented by Messrs. Aldrirh, Can
non, Smoot and other representatives
of tho interests, and no one repre
senting the people was tolerated, of
rourso TnftV decision was always in
favor of those who knew what they
Taft n Failure
Taft, he declared, had not made
good. Not a single promise of the
republican platform of 100S had been
made good through him, nnd he had
not originated one bit of progressive
legislation hence had lost out with
(Continued on Page 3)
LOS ANGELES, Cal Oct. 14.
When City Prosecutor Guy Eddie,
charged with contributing to tho
delinquency of Mrs. Allco Pholps, en
tered Judgo Wilbur's courtroom for
further preliminary hearing, he was
Borved with a warrant ou a new
charge that of contributing to tho
delinquency of Mrs. Alma Jones, u
nineteen year old octoroon. The
moral censors wlfo was at his sldo
when tho sensational charge was
Eddlo was completely overcome by
this now turn of affairs, Ho read
the warrant and fell to tho floor In
a dead faint.. He was currlod Into
Judgo Wilbur's chambers and recov
ured consciousness.
Owing to Eddie's condition, no
testimony was takon today, both
cases being sot for tomorrow morn
lag, when tho Phelps charge will be
further rtlred.
Mrs. Jonos sworo that Eddie had
mailo Indecent proposals to her on
several occasions during Soptemhor.
Work on New Theatre to Start With
In 10 Days and Be Completed
Ready for Opening February I
Will Cost Approximately $30,000.
Will Arrive From Portland This
Afternoon With Architect Fri
day's Fire Precipitated Matters.
Medford will have a new modem
fire-proof theatre rcmly for opening
February 1. 1 Work is to start in 10
days and the structure will cost ap"
proximately $30,000. It will stand on
East Main street opposite tho Sparta
building. The builder will be Dr. r
C. Page.
The report Saturday that Dr. Pngo
would erect a modem playhouse in
Medford, wns qualified bv Dr. I'auo
who stated that the entire matter
rested upon his ubility to secure a 10
year franchise, or contract, with the
Northwest Theatrical association
which handles the majority of attrac
tions in this section. Kor this pur
pose Dr. Page left for Portland Sat
urday evening when he met a repre
sentative of John Cort.
Today Dr. Page wired that he had
secured the contract und had agreed
to havo the new building ready for
opening hy February 1, if wentlier
oondilions- Jiil"not "tBterfevefDr.4"
Page will arrive from Portland thi
afternoon accompanied by an archi
tect who will immediately plan thu
building. Then work will be rushed.
Dr. Page stated Saturday that he
had come up from Los Angeles some
time ago to study the situation nmt
erect n theatre if tlie people of Med
ford would stand behind him. Tho
burning of the opera house Friday
precipitated matters.
The new building will he fire-proof
throughout and will seat 1200 people.
The stage will be large enouph to
handle all of the larger companies on
the rood. Every modern device will
be used in heating nnd lighting tho
building, while the seats will he cho
sen with un eye to comfort only.
WASHINGTON', Oct. 14. That ho
personally paid the expenses of
Woodrow WiNou'a presidential cam
paign for the first two mouths of the
New Jersey goverrior's candidacy -waft
the testimony before tho sennto' in
vestigating committee by William !'.
McComhs. chairman of the demo
cratic national committee.
MeCombs totified that his per
sonal pocket suffered to the extent
of $10,000, Ho gave thu total contri
butions to Wilson's fund ns $103,5(1.'),
including $11,000 from himself; F, C.
Ponfield, Philadelphia, gave $12,000;
Charles H. Crane, Chicago, .$10,000;
Cleveland Dodge and other Princeton
friends $85,000; Samuel Untermyer
$7,000; A. I. Elkina $12,fi00, and
Henry Morgenthnu $20,000.
MeCombs submitted tho account of'
Wilson's entiro expenses, aggregating
$208,183, and showing a deficit of
unpaid bills of $14,017.
The Dodge fund for Wilson includ
ed contributions from Cyrus MnCor
miok of$12,500; Thomas and David
Jones $10,500 onch, Edward Sheldon
$1,000, and Cleveland Dodge $51,300.
MeCombs satd;
"Onco 1 was personally in debt for
hot ween $30,000 aud $10,000. Again,
after tho Illinois campaign, I was hi .
debt again, Dodge helped mo out.
Dodge, MeCormiok and tho Jonos
brolhers nro frioiuls und elussmatiw
of Governor Wilfeon, Thorn Is imt
one. dollar in that .nta,tymant which',
reflects a promise, expressed of im"
Plied." . . ' ;
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