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Max Trndit and L. L. Mullt ot
JAshland heard Senator Chamberlain's
Mdrcss In our rtljr Saturday night,
M'rs, Polk Hull of Griff In, Creek
has.goue, to her, former hofhe lu Iiq
paslj on a visit. Mr. Hull aecom-,
imujed her hs far n? Medford. i
A contract was exacutod recently,,, AWW picking win soon bo at Its
according to tho terms of which onl,h verywncre In Southern Ore-
I'Mlik Rdwafil nnl Wnltnr II. P.nr. S" I'lCKcre lro 111 uemniltl
rlson transfer" to W. J. Huttorfly four
lUlnlng claim in ihe Blue. Le.dse
mining district. Consideration f 12.-
Oflfl. It, a proposed, to limned lately j
mt a forop of men o work develop
ing this property. Tho nine. Ledge
country has long been famous or one
vof the. richest mnng districts in tho
m i pr,
AoaUulAlluliiUL Our CorresnonHents
i , . . .. 1 IT . . . J 4
1 r t T r ' " .
: . . - : : a? . i' : !iz: -i ..
, .. i -.- I
PMS'Jl.15 nix
Horace Peltou. J. C. Pendleton.
and H. l Wilson of Sam's Valley, j
transacted business In Mcdfnrd Sat-! ... , ,, ,.
uray afternoon. Unhy Ss Miller, for tho mt I wo
A. K. U'eanies and l V. Mears eni-s malinger of Hie Hogue River
were In Jacksonville Saturday on j Fruit nlftl I'rodueo nvsoeiution died ,
professional business. ihU mw 0 ,,m wt, si(,0 of ,no vnN
II. Q. Wormian went north or , . e . .. ,.,,,. ... ... u-i.:i-
"... .:.'.'. ...V'. .'. .Sun.lnv pven!nir' train. ' -""V "W" '" - ""
rrr.zrT .. b. .;. ;.. m . ..... ...... nm,w t n.iw,.i
les. to become very valuable proper- Sm,dftv t,vc"'K. visiting Mr. and,' to hi .1iiIh as manager of the fruit
tlcai Mrs- 0. H. Miller. jnOeinliou for the past month it wns
m. .Marstia.il of Central Point pre-
Charles Johnson, an inmato ot
the coti n ty Jail, received a painful
Injury while assisting the men on the
wnpd,saw at the court house last
week,, Johnson attempted to kick a
block of .wood, from beneath the ma
chine when his leg came in contact
with tho saw teeth Inflicting a pain
ful but not serious wound. A phy
sician was called and the wound
jtfssed. Johnson Is, rapidly recov
ering from his hurt and henceforth,
'doubtjess, will have much greater
rcspecfc'for a revolving saw.
For goodness sake, have R. A.
Holmes, the Insurance man write
your Insurance. He knows how.
4 Ernest Langley and K. S. Wilson
Installed a new submerged centri
fugal two-step pump at the court
hmise pumping plant this week to
suppiy, water to the different of
fices rind the county jail. This pump
is driven by a "14 horse-power ver
tical motor And has a capacity of
12,000 gallons of water an hour. It
can be operated at a cost of $7 per
mpnth, which is a distinct saving,
ns, Including repairs, it cost the
county about $10 per month to run,
tho old pump.
Vapor baths and scientific massage
$1.00 tor men and women. Dr. It.
J, Lockwood. chiroprocter and nerve
specialist, 203 Garnctt-Corey nidg,
phone Home 145.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Wilson
of Ashland, spent Monday -with Med
ford friends.
A. R. Moou of Eugene Is In Mad
ford on business.
Dr. Morrison has removed his of
fice from the St. Mark's block to
roomB 211-212 second floor Garnett
Corey building. 176
Edison Marshall, aged 18, narrow
ly escaped death Saturday while
hunting ducks on the desert. A
shot-gun was accidentally discharged
Which tore away the young man's,
thumb and lodged a lot ot shot In
his face and ear. He was rushed
to the Medford hospital where he
was treated.
Try a Vapor bath for that cold. Dr.
R. J. Lockwood, Garnet-Corey Bldg..
phone Home H5.
Mrs. S. D, Anderson of Trail is In.
Medford on a Short business trip.
L. E. Doane of Applegate is. in
Medford on a short business trip.
Oak and hardwood $4.50 and $5.00
per cord. Gold Ray Realty Co.,
Sixth and Fir.
Judge William S. Crowe!! has re
turned from a two weeks' visit on
the, coast.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Schmltt of Jack
sonville were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
13. E. Haney Sunday,
Oak and hardwood $4.50 and $5.00
per cord. Gold Ray Realty -Co.t
Sixth and Fir.
F. aV. Streets, who is extensively
engaged In horticulture on .Woods
clnct spent several hours In Med
ford Saturday.
Mrs. J. G. Martin, who has been
(very sick for some time past, Is con
. J. F. Dltsworth of Upper Uoguo
river and George Dewey -of Evans
creek were in Medford Saturday.
...,..ii.. i...i:.,.. i .1...1 i .)...
i viii'i.iu. nt'iii'titi iii.ii in Mti mi tni;
roml to recovery so Unit hi tletilli
ennie (is a great blow to hi- nmny
friends. Denth eiuiie s the result of
heart trouble, poor circulation liriiu;
ins: on acute indigestion.
Mr. liller was well known in Iiiim-
I ness and educational circles Ihron-'li-
Wilh Hie Ihvrllcll pear neiwim over
tho lloHue HtVttr Fnu I mill Product)
uocintiou ( us ww of uenrly
100 eur.H nverncil net lo the rowoi'S
n rcluru of Ulfi n box. ThU is nil
cxccptiomilly puitl ii'lurin
The near C!ion on I lie whole prov
ed hhisI Mitwhiolorv (his year iiiut
while no rcenrd for prices Ave re bro
ken the nvpriiue prices llinniglioiit
the season were till lhn oonld he K
sired, '"'
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Messrs. Hyrlcy, Lewis mid Wjjiu
iHHpiuu oro iMVlli,nril husiuess vlsl-lui-!
on Vduiilnv.
tnlm 0i nf JiicUyonville wns look
Austin bargent has returned from out the northwest. As malinger of
a protracted stoy In the Willamette j the Rogue Hlver Fruit mid Produce
valley, , nssoeintion he iindei-took to I'min n
T, J. Hamlin, a pioneer farmer,
tarried a few" hours in Medford Sun
day afternoon.
!" Misses Flora Thompson, Amelia
gigantic northwestern fruit associa
tion, which would hnndle tho Oregon
ami Washington crop more ndviiii
logeoiisly. Ho made considerable
Rriit and Ona Humphrey and Estel- J progress along this line ami wns
la Levy ot Jacksonville were recent
visitors in Medford.
Floyd Pearce was over from Eagle
Point. He reports that J. J. Fryer,
the well known pioneer, is confined
to his bed with sickness that may
nrove fatal.
and tho scoring Wospd abruptly1.
The gaine-wav the Inst-onn to he
fought In v XV York Tomorrow's
Kimo goes tp-lioston, and when the
flip was mnderor the deeldlhg b'at
. , i.j-" , .,... ...... tfi
iit'r.ivitiiiii in iHl lilt' villllllH Willi
.iKaln Tuvfcif, tlositon 'pn"the to;s
and gets thotxvo games at liojuil In
order to ueeuie. the xeries.
The scere:
quoted throughout the northwest as
nn authority in such matters.
Being well educated himself, Mr.
Miller interested himself in educa
tional movements throughout the
slate and attended several conven
tions nnd meetings having for their
A. V. Shearer, the miner, was purose the matter of improving edu-
creek, near Rogue River, spent Sun
day In Medford with his family.
Chas, Chapman, who owns a big
stock ranch In Meadows precinct, was
in Medford Saturday on business.
Fred Kllppel Is In Medford mak
ing his mother and sister a visit. He
Is on his way north,
8. A. Novell, ladle' tailor, 4th
floor M, F. & H. bldg.
,Chas. J. toward of Josephine
county is visitiiig his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. S. Howard. He was a
resident of Medford for a number of
S. W. McClendon and H. D. Heed
of Gold Hill were among the multi
tude who met Senator Chamberlain
In Medford.
Pr, Rlckert, eyesight specialist,
over Kentner'H. No drops used,
A, G Hough and Elmer Dunbar of)
Grants Pass, had b'ndnejjs (in 0nr
cJty, Saturday.
TJipo. H F. Engel of Phoenix and
J. McDmald pt Talent were among
tho many whq vlsltpd Medford Satr
Glasses fitted without uso of
drugs. Dr. Jtlckejt, over Kent-
nor's, f
Mrs. J. G. Van Dike of Trail creek
has been visiting her daughter whp
Is attending the Cottage, Grove
down ifroraSteimhoat Saturday.
Ed Helms of Jacksonville spent a
short time in Medrord Sunday. He
was on his way north on a visit.'
Mrrf. J. M. Cronemlller and Miss
Pearl Dox of Jacksonville shopped
fn "Medford Saturday.
H. G. Dox, express agent at Jack
sonville, came to Medford Sunday
for a short visit in our city.
H. E. Shearer, deputy sheriff,
made an official visit to the county
Tho assignee of the estate of Scott
CVlffln of San Francisco a bankrupt,
has applied for his discharge, Mr.
Griffin formerly resided at Toio.
Lawrence Cardwell and Sprague
Riegel of Gold Hill were in our city
J. Halt man, F. M. Tungata and
P. Enqale were over from Jackson
ville Saturday morning.
Miss Margaret O'Xeil ot Horn
brook; Cal., visited In Medford last
Chas. J. Nunan of Portland, who
has been visiting In Jacksonville, left
for the mertopolis Sunday evening.
He was accompanied to Medford by
Ms mother and sister, Mrs. Jere
mlih and Miss Frances Nunan.
Clarence L. Reames left for Elk
ton, Douglas county, to deliver a
political speech. He Is the demo
cratic candidate for joint representa
tive for Jackson and Douglas coun
ties. J. J. Houck has returned from a
.business trip to the Jenny creek
(timber belt.
If you have not registered for the
coming election, do so before Octo
ber 20. Only a few days remain.
,R. R, Minter was over from Eagle
Point Saturday. He owns a band of
,2200 sheep, but will reduce Its size.
A deal was consummated last
week whereby Dunnfngton & Klein
hammer disposed of abont 250 head
of tbe!r beef cattle to Nlchol & Ash
pole of Medford. Work of round
ing up this bunch of cattle on the
range In the Applegate commenced
Monday and delivery will be made as
soon as possible. The cattle will
probably be shipped to Portland markets.
cntionnl facilities within the slate,
"Mr. Miller wns born nt Cnrrolton,
Missouri, in 1871, and wns 41 years,
of age. He was educated nt Wash
ington and Leo university nnd the
Auburn Theological seminary. Ho
entered the Presbyterian ministry
nnd hold pastorates at llcllaire,
Maryland, nnd Polo, III., for several
years. In 100C he left tho Presby
terian ministry and accepted the pa?
tonite of the First Unitarian church
nt Duluth where he remnined two
years, failing health leading him to
At thai time he came lo Medford
where ho purchased a small otulutrd
and has made his home here since.
Mr. Miller wns married in 180S and
leaves a wife and three children,
Kirby, Dorothy and Carl, to mourn
his denth. Tho funeral will bo held
Tuesday afternoon from the resi
dence on the vyost side of the valley.
PrafcfisorOeorge Reboc will-probubls
conduct the services. The remains
will be shipped to Portland for cre
mation. The news of Mr. Miller's death
brought universal expressions of re
gret from his many friends and nf
socinies m this pity. A man of ster
ling qualities he was highly respected
by his business associates and loved
by his friends
uoopur ri vgM'.iit,. ..
Yerkes 2b .wv,
Speaker ?f ,. -.
Lewis If v:;A,t..
Gardner 3b t.C.
St?h !b...p$t.,.
Wagner ss u.u
Uady c .: :X
O'llrlon p .t.fti,,..:..
Eiifclo .
Collins p
PO. A. E.
2,2 0
7 24 9
Totals ...-&.
Hatted for O'ltrlen In second.
New York
PO. A. E.
2 0 0
i 1
7 0
4 I
1 1
6 0
q 2 J
Devoro If ....vm,...,
Doyle 2h
Snodgrusa cf
Murray rf
.UillVrMI! li) ...........
Herxog 3b ..-Ji...
Meyers c ..
Fletcher ss
Mantuard p .v,
'Totals ,.,.:...-.4.:: s
Runs nnd hlw ty Innings:
Boston ,. 0 3 o 0 0 0 0 0 0
'Hits '.. .. V.". TE'l 2 0 0 l 1 0
New York
Summary: Innings pitched: By
O'Drlen. 1 Colllni; Sf Marquard, U
11 27 15 t
.. r.'ofq ooo o q 5
.. U OS, 1 1 0 1 Q il
iug ul'ter his uini; iuleiest nl
llrnden niiiie FrlifiiV. v
Mrs, 'Vo.vlov .tnd Utile, duugliicr,
who have been viilii" n Ihe liomo
of Thomas Cook mid fninil.v of "Our
don How," Icfi on Tuoxdii,vs Ini'u
for her home tit Kipreiic.
Hick HcmsJc loft Ihe fore part t T
the week for lown his old home
iiIi.ih.. I... ...ill :.- ..i v...'...
Muvm in- urn rviiiiuu iiner .mui,
Kuiwas t'reek huincss visfopss
Visitors to Hold this week wcie Mr,
nnd Mrs. Householder, Mr. and Mr-.
Lewis, John .Miirdnu and wife, Mr.
and Min. lligiiibolhiun, fleorgo Tay
lor, Mr. Johnson, "Pi-ophet" l-'oster,
Mr. Kuolts Al Hliolcn ami Mr. Mn-
Mrs. Avery, u former re-ddetil of
this place, has moved to Hoguo Hicr
fo.r, llui present,
-. Mr. Myers, fruit inspector, "f ''en
jtral Point, wns in thi neighborhood
imrc day recently on biiKiuexf..
. Pror. and Mrs. Orceulcaf of Ceu
t'rnl Point was looking over their
Klines Civck ranches on Saturday,
Mr. Kiivk of the Hraden mine bad
the misfortune to lose a valuable
nor-e one nav recently. This icaviw
him without a team, which makes it
veTy hard.
Claude Hitter uinl''wilV ofl'oots
Creek spent a day the forepart of
Ihe week' with Mr. and Mrs. House
holder. II. Multifield of Yoncalla. Ore..
pas-ed through here on Thursday,
lis is Iniying beef cattle and will
tjiiikc a ear loud tdiipmont to ih il
place. Mr. Mansfield was a former
r;..;.i,.t .. 'it.:.. ..i " 1...1
. : v ' ' '""' '"'O'-, inn inny oi
We'arc sorry to say tlinl flraudpa
Yimi(z is much indispo-ed at thi.-.
Vritihg. t
Mr.' nnd Mtv. Hiitiilinlilir wim
0 doing shoppiijt; in the Hub city on
Mis Vim Henderson was iiiliu-r
llniudeii friends not long since.
. we extend heartfelt svmimthv
to Mr. mid Mrs. Korris of Medford
in Ibis their first Mid affliction., M.
and lrs. N'orris were formerly fen
dent of lvane.1 Creek.
I- v
WfLSON BY 12,000
Weeks AMcGo wan Co.
y, yrkouat7i
' Mffct MMl V, W. frki M71
Frank L. Tou Velio, democratic
nominee for county judge, has pur-
-cnasea a six acre tract or Dears.
known- as the old Huffman place at
Jacksonville, from James Gillette.
The placo is a land mark as Mr. Huff
man was an early day pioneer, and
the fathor-ln-law of C. C. Deckman,
the pioneer hanker at Jacksonville.
At present on the place Is a wal
nut tree planted over 50 years ago
by Mr. Deekman who brought the
seed from the Atlantic coast.
The tract is all In Winter NoIIIb
pears, well developed, A ton room
house stands on the place,
Colonel F. h. Ton Velle, democratic
nominee for county judge, bus again
pro.vcn, that hif niak-nnine of 'Lucky'
in no misnomer. The colonel has the
reputation of never touching any denl
that is not successful, urn) his Intent
stroke of luck is to. win the automo-
.biking raffled by the-Medford Kquul
bultrugo ,.11,
The colonel says his luck h run
ning srong tiud sthnji the prospers
n,in lie jviil not royt:.i lnily Xoycm
i),Q.p,.. lV...
That California wis: cast Its elec
toral vote for Woodrow Wilson Is the
belief of R. W. Rodgers of Oakland
Cal., representative of the Duplex
Press company of Duluth, who spends
a great deal of his time in touring
Pacific coast states. Mr. Rogers
was formerly activoly Identified
with politics and lu a close observer.
"California will go for Wilson by
a majority of 8000 to 12000," de
clares Mr. Rogers, "and I make that
assertion after a tour through South
ern California where the Bull Moose
Is said to be the strongest. There
Is a strong undercurrent for VtiU
son and this coupled with the fact
that the Taft republicans plan to
vote for Wilson, makes it almost cer
tain that the state will line up in the
democratic cplurua this year."
Mr.. Rpgcrs announces that while
he is an old line republican that he
will cast his ballot this year for tho
governo'r of Now Jersey,
off Marquard-w.i Two basehlts:
Merkle, Hcrzog.SEnglfe. Thr6e base
hits, Meyers. D6ubleplays: Flet
cher to Doyle toMorkle; Hooper to
Stahl. Stolen bales: Speaker, Her
zog, Meyers. Loft on bases: Bos
ton, 5; New York, 3. Base on balls:
Marquard, 1. Struck out by Mar
quard, 3; by O'n'rien, 1; by Collins,
1. -
Umpires: Klem behind tho bat,
Evans on tho bnses, O'lxiughlln lu
left field: Itlgler In rlghtfield.
Frank Belchor was Saturday
bound over tp the grand Jury In the
sum of $.ri0 on a charge of gamb
ling on cpmplaint sworn to by Pros
ecuting Attorney Mulkey. James
Smith was also held In tho sum of
150 on the charge of gambling.
Thomas Scchorus, proprietor of
the Greek pool Jiall on Fir street,
was arrested and arraigned on a
chargo of permitting minors to play
pool In his establishment. Next
Tuesday In Justice Taylor'a court tho
case will he tried out.
William Andoraon was sentenced
to servo thirty days in Jail for lar
ceny of a razor from a tent belong
ing to E. C Stanton at Tolo.
J. C. Henny will be tried .Monday
at Grants Pass for tho sale of In
toxicating liquor at Kerby, In Jo
sephlno county.
; Notice U hereby, glyon that tho
nnuerxiKncir win nppiy 'nt the- p elal
meeting of tho city council October
21, 1012, for a license to Foil mult,
splrltous nnd vinous liquors nl 22
North Front street, for a period of
six months.
Dated Octphor 9, 1&12,
Card of Thaiiku
We wish to thank our neighbors
who so kindly assisted us and showed
their sympathy during tho Illness and,
following the death of ouV broUjer,
Ceprge Grant.
Not ho To Fruit Growers,
The Garnett-Cor'ey, hardware havo
the agency for the. DpJ)n Povyof Spray
machines, the best machlno mado,
and have ordered a car to come for
ward November 1st. Thoy will glad
ly show tho working of theso iina
chlnes nnd quote tho best prices.
Store co'rnor Main and Qrnpo atroe,t.
This Is to Inform you that I have
purchased tho optical business and
grinding plant of Dr. J, (1, Goble nnd
am now prepared to test and fit your
eyes and grind y6ur lense. Wo
have tli-j most complete and up-to-il.if.t
optical parlor south of Portland
and the only grinding plant between
Portland and Sacramento. We
grind our own lenses so you ran have
your glasses soon aftor fitting and
not bo compelled to wait five or six
days for thum, We can also dupli
cate your broken glasses. All wo re
quire Ih a Jilceo of tho hrokcm lonse.
Tho lenses nnd frames wo uso nre
tho best that can bo procured, our
prices "nro roasonanlo nnd our guar
antee Is good as we aro permanently
located in Medford. Wo can nlno
givo you the v benoflt of seventeen
year's jirnctlre In optometry. Wo
would bo pleased to see nil of Dr.
Gohlo's old customers us well an
many nowi'ones.
Yours very truly,
Doctor of Optometry.
301 Bast Main St. Opposite Kentner's
11 , ... vr ,
Mr. anil Mm, h. v nrnwmi icu
for Portland Frldn) morning.
Tho funeral of Franklin . Hnwk
,Wft hold Frliluy itmviiltig "niler tliti
iyiHPlc.na or the M(i!is. All bind
iic'sh wuh anspjuiilfd during tlyu fnu
oral and there wore' very fmy of
our peoplo that yeio not In ultenil't
niiec. Among the out of lowh rela
tives lu attendance were Mr Heeler
mid family, Mr. and Mrs. i liar
nnrd, Mr, aiuf Mrn. lo l(. Moini
Iioiiho, nf Ahlninl ami M P. Welnh
and family of Medford The' Uln'eM
HUiithH' ntuoi:latou of the vulkvj' of
which Mr. Hawk wns a moiitbor nenl
n largq de(ogat.t(iu l tin fjineroi
ninong Whom were Ueofdo Morrl
uiiui, Huuh Elliott nnd Joe CiihIiy of
Medford. Among other out or lown
people n' attenilnnro were AMcwior
aiid Mrit. '., T. flilovo of Jackson
lh, It. J. mid Mm. Aydlott of Med
ford, Mr. and Mm lll.ilnn of Phou-
nix, .1. ('. and Vernon Ponillolou ot
Table Roek.
Col. It. 0. Washburn wnn trans.
uctliiK huslnuKH here Friday.
John Turrlll of Pppor Kvnnit creek
spent thu Inst ot the neck hure ac
cotupnuleil by his brother Just from
Michigan. Thc'o brothem had not
mot before for eighteen year.
Mr. Snow of (Irauta Pn" visited
friends hero tho last of the week.
Mr. mid .Mrs. Iloldou, Hi',, tho
Misses Iloldou mid E A. Hohtmi ar
rived from Stoqktoii, Cal., Thursday
night and Joined their hou and
brother, T, O. llpldeii here, Thiu
peoplo have routed the Freeman
rexldenrn and ,wll rexldo hero this
Iloyd Potter spent the weekend
at Hiiko.
Mm. T. F and Miss ICiineksledt,
Mm. II. F. and Miss Loin Pearl. Mm.
Mlnnln Penlnger, Mm. F. J. Taylor
Mrs. .1. V. Hnrrliig, Mr. ami Mm.
Wnltom, Mrs. Parker, Jr , Mlm Park
ur, Miss llarr. Clarence Pnukcy,
Howard Duulitp wero among the
many of our cltUeus In Medford
Saturday afternoon.
W. J. Freeman hftH moved to hit
beautiful Hiibii(lmii homo Jiut coiu
ploted. Mlxses Edith inn) Cecil Eniei'ooti
Rpettt Sunday with their mother here
Mm. Chntiuian, mother of Mm. II
N. Aldrlch hns arrived from tho cast
to Join her husband who has been
visiting hero for some time.
Quito nn excitement was mined
hor,, Sunday L morning by n report
that a iitiui ivnti found dead out by
the bridge, Win. Norcross and othem
went out and Investigated and found
out tho mnn was not dead, but dead
Mr. Snow of Grants Pass, Mr.
Blaine of Phoenix and Mr. Little
field of Talent spent Sunday here.
Harry Tuttlo spent Sunday In tho
north end of tho valley.
Miss Dora Smith of Medford nnd
Miss Elva HobliiR of Photmlx spent
Sunday with Mm. It. C. HoIiimp.
Mm. Emma Mebb, Mlns T. Neale,
Miss Stewart, Claude White, Glenn
Owen, O. M. (lurvln, Hatha Oevoo
and Ei Musty were among the Cen
tral pointers In Medford Sunday af
ternoon. One of tho most enjoyable evuutn
ot the sea no n for the young people
was a Sunday hcIiooI class party
given by Mm. W E ICnhler at her
homo Saturday afternoon The af
ternoon wan HlH'iil In iVarloim social
nmiistjiunulM niter "Which dtiborrtlo io
froHlinii'iiln wore served. Tim young
ladlfas iilwiiyH look fonviird t thtmo
imrtlen with inn h nlonmno iui Mi-..
Kaler Is a very I'linrtiilng iiohIi.hu,
Ml 11 WIil''ill
The Opportunity l llftc, thielieij by
Mciirojtl 'IVMlillpiiy-
Don't titliii our wdnffor II.
Don't depend on n Hti'nugor'H ntitU'
Itcml Modfnrd uiiilominueiit.
ItOnd tho Htatouiei;tn b( Mmlfoul
. H i
'I-IJIV , , t . ,
Ami 'decide flir yourself,
line Is one euso or Hi
V llui. inl) I'ioii Mtr-ut. Afuilfoid,
Oie.siiys; "I, nil Jlllt an winr
to refojijinetid 'Donn's ldliuy I'IIIh
loiluy as' I wan In September," 1 107,
when t pilfllrly told of my ixperleneo
with tllin, Biirfoloil from kidney
trothkfdr rtt Itmlt flyo' yoiim ami as
time paised. 1 grow woim Sharp ,
piiliiH darted through thu small or
my hack mill moiiicIIiipm thu iittiiekn '
were so Hovere that 1 c6uld hardly
iilooy. At night my hauk uolunl in
totiMtly and hoiiiiiI sleep was nut of
tho quentloii. lluliig tMtl to try
Donu's Kidney rills. J got a supply
and they aooii gnvo mo relief."
For hale by all dealer. Price f. o
cents. FoHtcr-MHIiurii Co., Mif,fiilu,
.Vosv York, sole tiKelilii fin1 the (tultml
Iteuielilher the
.Hid tiiKe no other
name Dunn'.
FOR SALE-r-A now .planer (known
good make) nnd a now washing
m'nchliio for hnf price both, Mrs..
Llndroth, 0l Walnut St., Ash
land. 178
FOR RENT Six room house and
barn. Inquire 5011 clnrk St. J, f :i
Steam and Hot Wator
v' Heating
Atl Work aunranlMd
Frcca. Itpasonabl
as Xowsrd Block; Sntrnnoa on 0th It
Otiulldnto fr Congress,
J'li'st DiKlrifl,
Nnlionnl Pnwtwuvp- Parly.
(Paid AdverilmMtimit )
Popular Historical Prize
ill., .-immhm
Icil Klaie
r- -j
Wq carry a vnry coinnto Una of
flratrlet. Inco curtulns, rivltmw, oto ,
and do all cIohspm of upliolsiorlnK. A
special mnn to look Uflnr tbls Work
xoliiblvely and Will ya an eood
unrvlci) on Is nonalblo lo f( In ovon
tho Inrgost' oflles. ' '", "
Weeks & McGowan Co.
Pacific afid Rpteii Railway
Medford Druggist
Deserves Praise
L. II. Hasklns, druggist, deserves
pralso from Medford pooplo for In
trpduclng horo tho simple buckthorn
bark and glycorlno mixture, known
as Adlor-l-ka. Thla simple Gorman
remedy first became famous by cur
ing appendicitis and It has now been
discovered that A SINGLE DOSE re-
Ilnwn KnllP atnrnnnli nu , l...
. stomach nnd constipation INSTANT-
WestBounf4 (v , . , .. f , i ,. . ,y East Bound
ToMKDKOL$Dr-Re(id Down From M IDDITOR 0 m ui
No, ;
IIs No. '3
Dblly oxcopt
as noted
1M A.M.
8.130 A.M.
12.45 P.M.
1.30 -2
25 "
, k
Lv iiitie Fulls AV.
Fv .,. ...Derby
A JSnlo Point
A ....Medfoi'd
Ar. . .. Lv,
No. '2
Daly oxcppl'
ih noted
11.15 A.M.
10.3() "
0.45 "
0.00 A.M.
Open to die Children t,f (ireumi I'n
tier III Venm of Age
I'rlies lo be dls'trlbiiti'd ns fol
For tho Jim orlKlual componltlou
(lint to exreed 7S0 wordsi by nni','
child under tho age limit, iui the fol
lowing subject: -
"Why .louallian lloiiriie, Jr., SliouM
bo IteltiruiHl In io Uulh
I r,0 In Gold
For tho not hejit product pu. t ,
2f. In (Jilldi ' j ?
For the third best Jrtdfntl6n
110 lu Cold
For the fifty ljuxt.hj'ift
II ni ' ' ' T" ' " .
IliileH (Jmcriilng CoutcM r ,'
All conteslnulH shojild w,rlttt their...
rompoHltloim'on paper S14 by II
Tho mauiiKorlptu hIioiiIiI nuiuh miv
by Novombcr nth. . "
Tho nwnrds will ha mado not Inter.'
than iWoiuhor 1 lb IS. ;
SikiII 'niiih'o and addrosH corroctlyi .
AddrusH nil rommunlijntlon lo tho"
lloiiruo Popular Govcriunont .Club,
KM Joiirnnl Miilldlng, Portland,' Oro
gou. AjJlt.ypiir grpcor.o.r Mpdnl Iliikory'n
idi.v whiti: mti:,i)
and savo tho wriippois for pillow ,v
The Model Bakery
WIioIohiiIo UI P0tfflI
llrcnil, Pc, Cakes, l'nnry
Spnclnl urdrr for VlrlluliO", wed
ding, ami party cuko,
Always froHh
Home Phono il'J noil .J, Main
. r),15 VM,
4.30 P.M.
NOTI3 TnunB'2mKl3botwGon'RnRlo.'ppint nnd -Butte Oralis will
(I'lnirHdiiygJand Satunjuys ONLY. ..'..,,'
run on -riioHdiiyH,
Money on lmnd at nil times
to loan on improved ranches
and city property at lowest '
rak's with "on or bofqrd'
Phone;323 .32G,a,.gtBJdg-

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