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.U.i.LLJlS I
, Wlllll MOIIIm!m 0 lid IIIIU III' lilt'
ItruiiluMt yiillu-rliiKH wf any Mini in
" Notilhurn Oh'hoii h to he tint liijj bo,vn
uiuil'tiioiii'ii which Ih In lm hold 'in
Central Point, Oclohor '.!.VJ7,
Tllln I'OllI'lM'elll'tt In iiimU'I' Iho lltln"
plt'iix of tint Ntulti Yuuim Mi.ii'h
(.'liilMlmi AhoiwiIIoii of Orison imiiI
In open o ili'lvuiili'H fouilorii .vi'iit-n
of linn mill mot who i!intviil Kiiii
ilny hiiIiooI chihhvrt or Itoyn Muily
Thin U truly it coiilVroiii'ii for mill
hy liov. Tlii'.v will Hurt tlirir own
nflli'orM mill nil iho oiif'i illicit pu
pern will li! picpiucil iiml iciul hy
Iho lioyt, Tluj llicnii) of lliu confor
mico In In ho "l,ciiiliH(,hl, ami (ho
MiiiotiH 'iotii will ('oiiio under thin
iiciul. 1'lciit.y of limu will he kIvcii
for illnnhUfoii on floor of Iho con
fci'Diicu mill i(t fellown me expeel ,il
to net rtnlno how Miikon i'.Iiimk lllli'x of
i nil Iciiilci-hhip for tint liny of muiiIi
cm Uivpui. Anions lliu ini'ii who
it l ii iixpcclcil i ho pioiviil tint (', A.
Phippi, ulnto Kiiuniiv hohool Mipnr
Jiiloiulciiti I. H. Ithoili'H mnl V. i:.
,VrJ(iltt of tho Uri'Kon Mulo coiiiiml
Ice. nil of Piirllmiil, mnl m-vciiiI men
of prominence from point In Miutli
ciii Oregon.
II. A. Unl.ell, the ntalu hoyn work
ecreliiry luir hecn litlu nil town
hetween (Jrnutn I'm -miilNsilniii
iiliil IvhiIn ho expects u Thoohtur
'cmwil yf live wiron ut I'uiitml I'olut
ut time, of thlh eonfurviieu. .Uliliiuil,
Mcilfoid mnl (Irmitn Pa. iiio plmi
oinir to mimI utroiijj ilelcuiitc mnl
huvcrnl of tho Miiullor town uloim
the thai will ho well tcprchcntcil. It ir
cxpeclcil that there will hu no Icnh
than iHOenly'fie reixtriitloiiH by
the time the coiiferunco openn,
Anyone winhiiii; further iufonun
lion ri'Kiudiiii; confcroucCh. nniy !
lain It hy wriliiiir either Hurry Ttiltlc.
Kviicrnl nccittlnry of the V. M. f". A.,
ut (Viiliul Poiul, or II. A. !ulr.cll,
:m.1 V. M. l A.hldp. Porthind.
The hodv of AiiiIiiem: Miiihall.
rnllvJL' tvjn",tT. mid lio.wnc.k or
IiIh eloiMM'(le or 'Vpeeder," were (Un
covered lV the crow of a panning
freihl near Hold Hill IViday. The
laxly lav in the roadway at Iho wcM
emoxiiif;, nhoul two hundred yards
from the Gold Hill iIoihiI, and frnjj
iiiciiIh of the inacliinc were et'ntlervil
for thirty yurdn furlher on.
Train No. II, which pat'il Ihrouh
(told Hill nt ":-.', x presumed to have
hceii that which caused (he dvalh of
the iiufortuiiate mini. The deceased
had liceu in lint employ of tho com
pany for the last thirty ears, and
leslded nt (lloudale, wliurn he leaxcs
a wife mid lurjjo fitiuily. Ho w;ih
fifly'two yearn of ne. Owing to hin
I'icipient visils to (luld Hill hu wm
well known In many citizens.
MtuohiiiitH of tun oily wilt domi
tliolr hI oron ThiirHtliiy uftoriiooti from
2 to C o'clock, an a nioitiiH of iilillnu
thu hoiioflt mud moot Tor tho Uokiio
Itlvar Vnlloy alr iiuhocIuIIoii uicot
to tin liolil tiuit afternoon, Thin ac
tion witH iteclilijil upon Hattirdny,
mid practlcitlly inakon tlio day a half
holiday, luaurliiK a kooiI attendiineo
at (ho fafr Krouniln,
Tim fair iihhooIiiIIoii nt tho clono
of tho auiiiml fair found Itnoir with
$500 on tho wroii): nlilo of tlm IvilKor
and tlio iivtiiitH of next Thiirnday nru
advanced to halaiicu tho IiooUh. AN
ready much luteroHt In holm; nhown
In the day, and homeiuoii nud rldorn
from nn far hoiiOi nn Colon, Cat., ami
iih far north an Kiikoiiq will bo on
hand to drlvn mid ride,
other wolt'liuowii Jaclmon comity
liomoH, 'J'hero will ho n lady'n relay
raco with million from Klamath
I'nlln, Anhland, Jacknonvlllo, Plioo
ulx ami Mcdford.
Tho Houthvrn Pacific nnd Pnclflu
ft Kantern will llliuly run uxctiraloni
from mmrhy townn, tho country peo
ple heliiK nhlo thorohy to t.iku nd
vnntiiKo of the nppcnrnuco of tho
nt tlm Nntntorliiui nnd 111
In thu nfturuoon.
The Fair annoclntlon mo workliiR
hnrd to ma ho tho benefit u Buccenrf
nnd denervo tho nupport nud patron
a Ke of tho people.
Tho feature event of tho tiny will
hu tho wild hull rldliiK. Hoc llulmn
linn nociired four Texan ntoom or un
questioned ferocity for thin ocean
Ion. There nru alio four wld hornon
to ho ridden, nud the rldorn who nro
entered for thin event nrn -Duke
I'hlppH, Colorado Hum Taylor, Hob
Ullletto of Klniunth Fnlln, Itny Ward
of Kurciio, J oo Drown or Altratan,
Citl., nnd othori,
Thoru will he two hnrncHs evcutn
lu which will bo entered David
llnnim, I.iuly Bunrlnc, AtbU and
United Hluten Marino bund nt night
ho raco moot
lowinir uIvoh niiiiihur of ouch of do
cidnoiiH fruit shipped from all points
in Ciilifornln for the week (7 duyn)
eliding Jiiilny rvt'iiluj;, October 11,
Poar .'.'I earn. Ituiliur moro penr
have hecu shipped during thu past
week limu weic exitcetcd. Hninll
nhipinoiitn mo Hllll pilitK forwutil
from the Knu Jose distiiet mid two
or (hrco la(er m'cIIoiih Iiiivo neveral
rar4 yet to forward. Slock Iiiih been
in slnniir iK'iuaiiil mid has sold ut
very salUfaefory pricen. Thu ipial
Hy Iiiik never been better,
Wealhur iltiiiiiK Iho pant week has
been Jtne. Tlio Ihrcalcned htonn
(hat wiih muulioiiod in our hint Idler
mil not maloriallo In linn noeliou of
the Mlutc. Prospect in uood now for
it eoutiiiuaiice of fnir weather until
(ho entire crop is moved.
Comparative slitteincni of ship,
Chorrivn 21(1",
Apricot 'J'i.'l'-
PeaehcH ....:.... IIUCI
PlnniH VMlVi
fcaix .:.' ;tsnHi
Oriipen .M.'i7
Kiindry .: fli,
flmrli'M Tlcc. whoM' molhei
oifler tWule -In Ihln cily, n- laboier
employed on nri:t work at (Johlen.
dale, W'u., died xUeldeiilj Tuesday
iiIkIiI nflcr (akina drink mil of n
bolde niippoMm4 lo oiitaln wbii-'civ,
just ufler hirt return from work. T:.-'"
died In eouvulnloiiKmid mi hit estiva
lion in bciut; made by Klickitat coun
ty nuthoiitlcH. He wiih II Vchm old
mid leaven n wlfo nud two children
After tiiklui; a drink mil of tho bo; In:
Tii'ii broke it and' what (he contents
were In not kiiowh. Hints of foin
play have been ihuili1, and Holbronk
WiihliiKloii of iUW cll hnn left t-i
investigate the uffulr. .Mis. Tiee has
b"cn iilmbht (o hearjioia the uulhor
itien of Klickitat emmtv
I'OIITLAND, Oct. M.-A potato
display biKKitr than tiny ever held hi
the Pacific northwest in promised for
thu Laud Products Show to bo hold
In Nortland November IK-'j:i. The
tiihern will ho exhibited iu .'l()lh
boxen ami there uro many entries in
- this division I'nnuhiK In ni.o from 10
boxen upward. Thu litot (irize If
$100 ami u silver enp anil (here aie
iniiiiy other V'-mlnnis for thu best
Kifly-eiKht distiietH ot' the PiU-irie
northwest have no far applied for
space ut thu show, Thin uiciiih that
tho four Mitten participating will be
well repreHunteil. Thttro In a ureal
ileal of interest In tho district dis
plays of iiKfulltiu'itl products nn
wel is in tho district showings of
fruit. Attractive prir.cn nru offorod
)u both cIoskcs. Thu Portluml Com
iniiniinl elulrofforri a liaudhomu tro
phy (tup for Iho incinbor.of tho Oro
eon )ovuluinicnt leautie, thu South
west WimhjpKloi) Dovtihipinent iifibo
elation orvtliu Smitluuint, asliluj;ton
Ori'KOii Diivelopmenl , Iuiikui Heorino;
thu IiIkIichI in tho distiiet UKiiuiiltur
a ilinplay,
Notice In hereby kIvuu that tlio
uudorHlKiiud will apply at tho regu
lar inoutlnB of tho city council Octo
ber 10, lUlU, for a IIuoiibo to aoll
mult, nplrltoua ami vlnoua llipiors ut
IU North Front utruut, (or a period
of HlX illlOlltllH,
Datod Ootohor , 1VV4, ,
In tho flrnt football Knmu of tho
luason Mcdford wont down to defeat
Hattirdiiy buforo Anhlnud. Ucoru,
13 to ff.
The t;ame wan won tlitoiiKli nupor-
lor work with tho forward pan, turn
iuk tlm trick ropentudly nnd nlmoat
without Interference from tho Mcd
ford endn. Thu Mcdforjl ll;ie clear
ly outplayed Aihland and Hill for
Mcdford outpuutod hfn rival In thq
hootliiK oud. Tho 'back floliU on
both teauin woru nlow lu Kcttlm;
ntarted, Aahcraft. playing thu whole
Kiimo for Anhland,
To Mcdford faun thu Raiuu wan
oueotiraKliiK It proved that nil tliut
In needed to maku thu team a for
mldablo one In practice with the for
ward piiM nnd stiff drill III break
liiK uji tho opponoutn forward panncG.
IloverldKo. Tliomnn nnd jlllll plnyod
In Into ncnaoii ntylo, their work alone
heliiK worth tho price of ndmlHsloa.
'llio tcnniH wllbprolmbly meet aKaln
and Mcdford Hhotild turn tho tables.
Thu local team wilt go north to
piny Kiikoiio and Salem during thu
next two wcukn. Thu now rulon
luado tho K'iut more Interesting and
were n distinct aid to thu offoime.
(Continued from page 1.)
XBW. YOUK, Oct. 11. With
loHHua or from one to two points lu
tho coppura, suiolllnt;, Croat Northi
em. Southern Pacific nud other Is
sues at thu opouliiK. todny'u stoel:
market rocovorcd nomuwlint when
tho heavy uollInK ordum woro ux
liuiiHtod. Thq Kuropouu political
ultuatlou oxurtud comddcrablo In
fluence on thu markot here, Lon
don wan lowor, lu uonio cksoh two
or three points down. Canadian Pa
cific wan particularly weak.
The market closed utoitdy,
llonds woro hcoyy,
' Medford Pnnuni compaoy earrjr
full Una of 1pI bUnki.
Winter Nells at $2.30,
Thu t'ulifornla Fruit Distributors
report thu t'ollowlnj; eulus. October
(I, 101!!: Now York; Tokuyrf, $l.0.;
bulwityB, -lOu; CliiiKHi Mcj Winter
Noliri,..,yo, Hohtput Florin To
ku'yH,' 1.20;Cori)l(ihoils, $1,;W. Oln
ciiina(l: Lodl Tokays, Oou. Phila
ilelphla: Mnlm;an, bSo; . Florin To.
kuyn, OOu, 'C'liieiiKO r Tokttyo, UoV,
Peaches, 0ui ltuiiaiit), 80c.
Industrially, UuIkIiiiu Is thu most
hltrhly duvolopod country In 10 u rope.
It bus ut tho proBont tlmo u popu
lation of about 8,000,000, of which
1,250,006 pursouu aro ouungod lu In
dustrial pursuits, 300,000 of whom
nro wowou,
the M.'ople and wan third in the racT
Colonel ItooNovclt'n record wan din-
eiiMhCil by tho npcaker, who proved
hhnniiK eonvcrhion to progressive
policicn wan of recent date, that what
ho wan now advocating, lie htul de
nounced when chief oxecnthc, ami
that nearly all of bin progressive pol
icies were borrowed from the demo
crats. Ah president, Roosevelt bad
LcxiuuiiU. blilLJ.Aj.taiul!liattc- on
tho tiirjTf, that hf .bad opioscd rule,
by tlio people, liehT up the Oklahoma
constitution because it contained tho
initiative and referendum, mnl sent
Ta ft nut to Oklahoma (o caiutmigii
iigaliiHt it.
, Uccvitt Projrrrvho
Scinitoj Cliainberlaln hinted (hat
not until two years ago had itoosc
veil favored iMipular election of enn
torn, when tlio democrats advocated
tt 20 yuarn. ago and ltoosnvclt could
at any time when president have
forced it through but refused assist
ance. Ah Drcsulcnt Kooscvclt never
favored the iueotiio tax. Itailroud
regulation, which wan advocated by
demoemtn in 1000, 1000, 1001, was
not takon up by Hoosuvclt until l()0r.
On campaipi conlribiittoiiK, Hmise-
felt had turned a somcivault to dc
maud publicity, though . dciuoeraU
hud clamored for it in their platform
for yearn, nnd Itoosovolt opposed it.
.Campaign contribution were dis
cussed bv Mr. Chamberlain, who de
scribed bin conversation with tho
late K. II. Hurrimuii four yearn ago,
and llurriman"s adherence to tho re
'publican party, despite KooscveltV
treatment of him, simply because
1 J ryan couldn't be trusted to name
supmno court justices favorablo to
"our iK'ople." Hu declared that had
tho exosuro of big contributions by
Morgan, Standard Oil and others
been uiiide at thu time they woru
given, Kooseyolt would have been do
foated overwhelmingly. Hu deelurud
ItooKovelt thu mail on horseback, eag
er (o plunge (ho country iu n war
with Mexico ami Central America in
behalf of tho American dollar.
Praise for Vllsoii
Woodrow Wilson ami his careur
woro dwelt upon briefly by the bcak
cr, who described his victorious fight
with tho bosses- in his own Htate.
Wilson, hu doularcil, was a man of the
lilghcnl typo, scholarly, evenly bal
nnoed, and forceful tho bust quali
fied of any of the candidates for the
After tho siH-'itkiug, Senator Chum
horlaiu was thu guost of tho Univer
sity club at one of their delightful,
informal Mippurs, llc'left Sunday
for Hosemirg.
Kuropo bus mi area ot 0,800,000
square miles.
Robert Stewlnrj.
Itobeit Slewing, ng'l !.' yearn mnl
10 months, died al his home, li;t
Palm ntrcet. Saturday, Oct. 12, of
throat trouble, lifter a short illness-.
Mr. Slewing in well known in south
ern Oregon nnd ban been a resident
of the Koguu river valley for the
last seven yearn. He wan u property
owner, owning a buincs location
on West Main 'ntrcet. He was a
nicmber of the Masons Woodmen of
the World nud Moose. The funeral
nervieen were held lit 2 o'clock Mon
day , afternoon from the Week A:
MeOowon chapel; the Kcv. W. V.
Shields officiating. The services nt
thu grave will be conducted by the
Masonic lodge. Mr. Slcuhig is sur
vived bv a wife and three sous, Verc,
Hoyce and M.c,rlc.. Ileitis a native
of Indiana.
Surely Settles
Upset Stomachs
"J'apo'n Dlnpcindu" KmU Indigestion,
(inn, Kotinienn In Five .Mlntitcfl
"Ucally does.' pnljjud stomacliK In
order "really does" overcome Indi
gestion, dyspepsia, gun, heartburn
and sourness In five minutes that -Just
that makes Papc'n Dlapepsln
tho largest selllnfT ntornnch regulator
In thu world, If what you cnl fer
ments Into stubborn lumps, you belch
gas and eructate sour, undigested
ood and ncld; head In dizzy and
nehen; breath foul; laugua coated;
your InsldcH rilled with bllo and Indi
gestible waste, rcrncmbertho moment
Dlnpeiinln comen In contact with tho
stomach nil such distress vanishes
It's truly astonishing alnmt mar-A-qloiiH,
and tho Joy Is Its harmless-ncs.
A largo rifty-ccnt enso of Papo'B
Dlapopslu will give you a hundred
dollars worth or satisfaction or
your druggist hands you your money
It's worth IIh weight In gold to
men and women who can't get their
stomachs regulated. It belongs In
your homo should always be kept
handy In case of a sick, sour, upset
stomach during tho day or at eight-
It's the quickest, surest and most
harmless stomach doctor In tho world.
Clark 6e, Wright
Publio Land Matters: Final Proof.
Desert Lands, Contest and Ulnloa
Cases. Scrip.
The absolute vegetable purity or S. S. S. has always been ono or the
strongest points in Its favor, and Is ono or tbo principal reasons why It is
tho ni'st widely known nnd universally used or all blood medicines. A
great nany of tho so-called blood purifiers aro really nothing more than
strong mineral mixtures which act so unpleasantly and disastrously on
the delicate membranes and tissues of tho stomach and bowels, that oven
if such treatment purified tho blood, tho condition In which the digestive
system is left would often bo more damaging to the health than the original
trouble x-Tot so with 8.8. S. It is tho greatest of all blood purifiers, and
at the same time is an absolutely sale and harmless remedy. It is made
entirely of the healing and cleansing extracts and juices ot roots, herbs
and barks, each of which is in daily use in some form by physicians ia
their practice. Year ol work and research havo proven S. S. S. to contain
everything necessary to purify tho blood and at the same tlmo supply the
system with the purest and best tonio effects. S. 8. 8. euros Rheumatism,
Catarrh , Bores and Uletrs, Skin Diseases, Scrolula, Contagious Blood Poison
and all other blood troubles, aud it leaves the system In perfect condition
when It has purified the blood. Book containing much valuable informa
tion on the blood aad any medical advice desired sent free to all who write.
The University of Oregon Correspondence School
offers. KilKH, with thu exception of cost or nostago on papers nnd cost or the
Unlvorolly Extension Bulletin, to CITIZENS OF OREGO.V, forty UNI
VBKSITY COURSES by MAIL. Ability to proiit by tho courses selected
Is tho only requirement for enrollment in tbo Correspondence Department.
Courses are offered In tho departments or Uotany, Debating. Economics,
Education. Electricity, English Lltcraturo, English Composition. History,
Mathematics, Mechanical Drawing, Physical Education, Physics, Physiology,
Psychology, Sociology and Surveying. Write to tho Secretary or tho Cor
respondence School, University or Oregon, Eugcno, for information and
COURSES IN RESIDENCE at tho University prepare lor tho Profes
ING. Fall semester opens Tuesday, September 17. Address tbo Regis
trar lor catalogues dcscrlptlvo or tho Collego or Engineering, tho College
or Liberal Arts, tho Schools of Education, Commerce Law, Medlclno and
Stomach Sufferers
Pay Nothing
Unless Cured
X Postal Will Ilrlng Trial Treatment
and a History of Famous People
MI-O-NA Stomach Tablets surely
do end all Indigestion aud stomach
iiiUory uud to provo It wo will bond
a trial treatment, an Interesting
hooklot, and toll you exactly how to
banish all stomach trouble and put
yotir ' stomach lit flue whnpo or not
a cmi toTpay,' Just say on a ios
tal' or ',1)1 ,i.bttur, "Send mo freo
trial treaimonj of Ml-Q-NA" aud you
will novor'bo sorry address Booth's
l-o-iia, Buffalo, N. Y, Ohas,
Strang guurnutcos (lioju,
Hold Your Apples and Get Better Prices
Wo can store 17 cars more of fruit. Kates as follews:
200 boxes or less 25c per box for the season. All in
excess of 200 boxes 20c for the season.
Season to April 1st.
Medford Ice & Storage Co.
One and One-Third Fare Round Trip
from all points between Grants Pass and Ashland
To Medford Thursday, October 17th
Aik 'Nearest Agont tor Particulars.
Why Salves Can't Cure Eczema
nlr'fl lh olit-fanhlonoil theory of enr
Ins aznmA 'throimh thn blood hnn been
Riven up hy nclnnilMn, many iilnrnt
fiaivit iKive oeen irieu ror nxin iurmntn.
Hat It hA tn found that th4 nalven
only elotr the pore and etinnot ncnotrnta
to the iniw kln below tho epidermis
where the 4)czem serins ere lodged.
Thl tho quality of penotrailns
probably explain tho trcmemlou huc
ctnm it Iho well known ll'iuM eczema
rmedy oil of wlntergreen, thymol, civ
cerlne. etc., as compounded In D.u.u,
We havo told otber remodle for shin
troubles but non tb w can recrin-
EnLp blRhlynu thl for wa know thnt
.li.D. ntopi the Itch At once, We lint
want you to give O.O.O. a trul. Tbt will
ho enough to prove It.
&fcln" alt other drurtts .hnvvt
D.D.O. Inscription go to thm It you
can't come to lie but don't accept Mom
ble profit eubitltute.
Hut If you come to ou? More, we are
Aflccttnln of what l),DD wilt ilo for you
(hat we offer you a full nlzo bottle on
thl Kuarnnte -If you do not And that
It Inkea nwnv the Heh AT OMnE
costa you not cent.
Do You Want to Sell?
What sorts and quantities, and what prlco? Wo are not tend
erlng for anybody's frulU
Oo you want to consign and chanco tho market? Consul t us
and wc will givo you quotations, In every case we send tho nollera
eato notes. In Kcv York wo una our own salo notes, and do not havo
apples sold by auction,
76 Park Place New York
Jacksonville Brick and
Tile Company
Examine our goods and get our prices before buying
A Good, Substantial
Is tho foundation lor a successful day. Start tho
day right with a hearty breakfast of
Made rroin tho very choicest, government In
spected products. Insist on Columbia Brand.
There arc no substitutes.
Packed by '
Pioneer Packers of the Pacific
Sold and Recommended by
Fouts Company
Allen Grocery Co.
C. L. Scheirrelln
Knst Side Grocery Co
C. P. Krlbs & Co.
B. & C. Cash Store
William Stridor
O. D. Vorblck
West Sldo Markot
R O. Crabflll
Economy Market
C. L. Garsly
Davidson & nutterfleld
W. II. Lydlard
Two Lots, 50x117, Queen Anne Addition
Water, sewer, pavement and sidewalks in, alley
in rear; best two lots in Iho addition.
One Lot, 75x120, East Main Street
Water, sower, pavement, alley in rear.
Five-room house and lot, Kenwood avenue
Concrete foundation, plastered, wired and plumb
ed, lot 135 feet deep, half block Fourth street
pavement, high ground.
Lot South Oakdale 00x175, all improvements
in, adjoins Howard property, faces Dakota avenue,
alley in rear.
Seven acres, V miles north of Medford on Cen-.
tral Point macadam, ditch across highest part.
Any of tho above properties can bo purchased at
exceptionally low prices and terms to suit pur
Noarly a quartor of a century under tho same
Jacbon County
Medford, Oregon
It has succeeded bucauso of
Soundness of principlo
Economy of management
Safety of investment
Courteous and liboral treatmont
W. I. Vawter .President G. R. Lindlov. Vice Prea. '
0, W. McDonald, Cashier '
fit .
lit '
i si
j. i
i 5

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