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Fair imil Warn Slav. tt
MIm. 0 Itrt Hum tt.
lrnrty-atoiii1 Yrr.
Pally HvonU Ynr,
NO. 170.
p "
Deep Wound In Chest Wall But Bullet
Struck No Vital Oman In Transit
Wound Not Probed Bullet in
Chest Wall But Old Not Enter
Luntj Operation Postponed to Al
low System to Recover From Shock
4. . 4. -f.f-
CHICAGO, Orl. Ifi.-J'hyH-
iolnns Iimii1 today tho iol-
lowing bulletin:
"There is a deep litillut
4 wound In Colonel RoomivcII'h
client wall, but tlio liullvt
" Mruek no vital orpin in trail-
" hit. Tlio wound Iiiin not been
probed. Tlio iHiint whore tlio
4 bullet entered In ouo inch to
tlio right uiul ono itn'li below
tlio level of tlio right nipple.
4 Tlio bullet ranged upwind ami
"" inward for four Inolux into
,the nbont, wnll. -There. In no
" evldeiiee: that it penetrated
" tlio lung. "
" "Colonel ltooHovclt'h pnUu
at (IiIh hour U HO 'J-10: bin
"" rchpiratioii 110. No operation ""
" to removn tlto bullet in indicut-
Oil lit tllO pVl'M'Ilt tllllO. Col. "
RoOhOVolt'n I'OllllilioU IH HO
hopeful, but tlio wound in no
iluugcious an to ictpiiru nbso-
"" lulcly rest. 4
4 (Signed) John It, Murphy.
4 Arthur Rcou.
It. 0. Kalo.
Kouiry Ton oil."
CHICAGO, Oct. 15. At oao
o'clock thin Afternoon bin phyaleWua
Issued n Htatomoiit that Colouol
Uuouovoll'a temperature wan 98.!,
IiIh pulso It- and hla respiration nor
null. Tho liullotin mild:
"AbHoluto (pilot Ih what tho pa
tient uoodn. Hla Injury Ih aorloua
and not a more fleah wound."
CIIICAOO, -Oct. 15. At tho io-
IplOHl of ColOUol RoOHUVolt tllO fol
lowing message wan aont to Mik.
Roohovolt, in Now Yolk, Hhuitly bo
l'oru noon teday:
"Respiratory movement good;
pulso normal and build in safe place.
Tho patient in not oxpoolorutiiiK
1'robo otMiiicil
CIIICAOO, Oct. 15. Fearing that
an immediutn probo for tho btillot
would inoreiiHo tho dniiRcr to tho pa
tient, tho mtruooiiB at Moroy lionpit il
horo thin afternoon decided not to
oporntu on Colonel Thoodovo Rooso
volt, who was hlmt by u crunk in Mil
waukee bint nluht, for ut least threo
or four days. Tho phyeioiaiiK do not
oaro to tako any ohiuiros, and prefer
to give their distinguished patient's
h.vhIi'ii) an opportunity to reaot from
tho nhook boforo thoy html probing
for tho bullet.
z Colonel KnoBQVolt, propped up in
boil, Hpont tlio morning rouding t'mm
VolumcH of Hoolology, revolution and
IU-h, Alioe LoiiKwortli, diuiRhlor of
tlio rorinor proHldent, Ih oxpooted to
arrivn from Ciueluuati thia aftoruoou.
Tlio ooIouoI'h privalo oar which
wiih bidotraokod horo with bin arrival,
hua been ootnpletely abnudomid. Tlio
roportcm flookod to tho hospital,
but tho nowHpiipormon booiimo no nu
morotin Hint tho hoHpilul iiuthoritioB
ordorod lliem off tho protnlnoH. They
woro not oven allowed to enter thu
Jjodjiitul yuli
Progressive Candidate Wounded at
Milwaukee While Entcrlnjj Auto
Makes Speech Thouiih Injured
Bullet Is Fired at Close Range tiy
New York Fanatic Who Followed
Him Through Country.
CIIICAOO, Oct. K.. Colouol Thro
doro llooaovrlt, tho proKrcnnlvo can
didate tor pronldont (?aii at Mllwau
l(to nil t'Xhlliltlon of couriiKO mid
KntnonoiiH attor a bullet fired by
John Hclinuik, u Hiipioiiedly Inaniiu
Now York (lornwwi, had ontorcd hli
rlKht chotil Junl bolow tho nlpplo
Hut (or tho colonel, his would-tm
ttHHnnalii undoittitodly would huvo
hcon lynchod or allot down.
Kchrnuk'H hullol wuh (Irod fairly
deep Into thu colonel' body. With
Irl clothing onkcd ulth hlood. bin
whole norvoim and phyiilcal muUe-up
proroundly allocked, Iho former iirtn
lilniit hold htinnoU In tiuml, hU drat
alnyer from mob vlolnc!.
"Don't hurt him," Itoonovelt
ihoiitoil. "Urine thin nmn to mo."
Sell rank won turned over to tho
police, and oxcopt for a Movero ehok
Inu admlnlntorcd hy Colonel Cecil
I.) on of Toxait, Hoouovolt's friend,
ho ovcapod Injury.
Ktory of (lio Klioottui;
Colouol HooKavolt arrived In Mil
watikco at 0 p. in. yvatordny and
dined at tho (lllpntrlclc Hotel. Af
lorwardH ho waa eitcorted to an au
tomobllo by Henry Cochoma, Philip
Itooaovelt, cousin of tho form or
prnaldont; Klhort Martin and Colouol
Ccrll Iiou. Contrary to tho usual
cuKtotu, tho colouol wih allowed to
oulor tho uiachlno flint. Thou tho
othora folluwnil. Hoohovolt wuh
ataiidliiK III tho tonueaii whon tho
allot wiiH fired. Tho colonel hwa)d
hack and forth for a fraction or a
mlnuto, then quickly rocoverod him
Holf. ItalHlni; IiIk hand to tho wound
ho turned to CocIioiiik and whlapcrod.
"8h, ah!, not rt word. Thoy havo
pinked mh. Don't hay a word."
Martin loapod over tho uldo of tho
automohlln and ovorpoworod Hchrank
Colouol I.yon and CochoniH dlHiirmod
tho criued 4iinu. IliindrcdH of ox
cltod mou KtandlnK near Hhouted:
"l.yueh him! l.ot'a atrliiR him up!'
Colonel Ilonrovolt ralKod his hand
for allouco. All biivo Coell I.yon,
who proDHod down hard on tichrutik'a
wliidplpu until IiIh oyua bulKod,
turned to tho former prealdont.
UoohovoU called lyon by namo,
HhoutliiKi "Don't du that! Lot
thu follow alonut"
I'rovi'iitml Vlolenco
Tho colouol thon admontuhod tho
crowd not to roaort to violence, but
(Continued on I'niro Tlnoo
NKW YORK, Oct. Hi. "I tun
Hhooked by tho oeouvoneo, but am
uovortholodH hopeful," Haid Mrs.
Theodora Hootjovelt licro today, u
hho, acuonipauiod by Iter son, Theo
dore, junior, aiitl her duuuhtor, Mins
Kthel, tituitetl for ChiuiiK to bu til
tho bcilHido of thu fortnor president.
"Tho lutost word from my IiuhIhiiuI
(hat ho is in no duiiKor Iuih K'featly
ulluyod my fearH," Mra. Uooaovolt
lidded. "1 want him brought to our
homo in Oyster Bay,"
Tho parly left over Iho New York
Central railroad, Or, Iamhort no
uompnniod them.
NKW YOK, Oot. 1Q. RonsHurliiK
oxpluuntiui) of tjio tmtlivo of hgr liua-
WlBili il fyfeV i7'Tr k:A&J!i
10,000 TURKS
HHIDKMtintd, (Sormany, Oct. 1C.
Tho rapturo of 10,000 Turkish
troopa with conaliloraOly artillery by
MntcuoKrln troopa la reported In a
teloKrntu recolveil fiom Prlnco l'oter
of Mouteaogro to hla former tutor
horo early today. Tho dlapatch
"Cilnrloua lctory. Ton thouaand
Turka with artillery eapturod."
LONDON, Oct. K. -Knrly oxtra
hero today announced tho hIiooHiik
of Colonel Itooaovelt In MIlwAukco.
but atatod that tho prcaslvo preal
doiitlul uomluoo wna dead. A later
extra reported that' thu bullet had
mlaaed him entirely.
It wuh not until noon that tho
real facta woro published. So donao
wore tho throitKS ut tho uowspapar
offices that truffle was blocked for
aomo time.
ICiiual Interest wuh manifested
throuKhout Kurope.
lOin'hANDrOro7"Oct7 IB, Tho
resldontH of tho poiilusula district
uro today rojolelui; ut tho nowu that
tho local trolley concern Ih to build
a doubletracked lino over tho tow
uilloH separating them from Port
laud. Tho lino la to coat ?50,000
and work will bu begun at once.
bnntVh wound was jjn Mrs. Theo
dore ItouBuvoll ht'io toihty by Or.
I'Vaukliu I.iimherl, Miv. HooHovelt's
physieinn. lie talkctl with Mrs,
ItooHovelt for moro thuu up hour, on
dcaviuiuc to eouviuoo her that lior
husband in not in danger. Despite
his efforts, Mrs. Hoo&uvoll'n norven
are uiiHtriiuj,'.
Asked whethor nho was in oondi
tion to K" 1 Chioapi, Dr. Lumhevl
"Any womun is iiIwuyb in eondiliou
to ninko any trip, once hIiu makes up
her mind to ko. Mrs, ltotmoyelt will
not tleoiilo about pun): ( her bus
band's bedsidn until kIio lounis the
dotails of tho opeiation.
Theodore Roosevelt, .junior, mid bis
wife v with Mmi ItoosovoR.
Turkey rejeeleil today tho ultimatum
of Greece, threatening war if iVI
Greek whips hoired by Turkey in the
DurihiucllcH are not rclciibcd at once.
The Greek minister hero if preparing
to iihk for bin passports and with
draw' from tho country us tho first
net of war.
Crubbiuu defeat wtw dealt by a Tmk
it.li force to a lari;i baud of Mouto
no;rin troops at (Iimujo today. Tho
Montenegrins wcie bi-okeu after a
desperate light und completely rout
ed. C'KTTIN.IH, MoutcueSro, Oct. K.
Tbo MoiituiuKi'iu army which Imi
been in mlinjj Albania, today bcpiu
Uh ntlvauco tipiiut Soutari, the mtt
impottaiil Turkish stroiiKbold in tho
uoitberu portion 1 1 that province. No
serious opposition o far Iihk been
eueouuteicd b tho Moutencsriu
NKW YORK, Oct. IB. With
Canadlau Paelllo and American To
bacco tho featurci), prices In tho
stock market opened higher. Uoth
theso Issues robo moro than two
points. American Smultlng and
Home of tho coalers roso ouo point
or mom. Tho copper, stocks woro
alroiiR. United States Stoot crossed
78, whllo Itoaitlui; passed 17S. Tho
market closed atead).
Jtonds woro Htead).
TUKNTON. N. J-, Oot. 1R Cov
ornor Woodrow Wilson, tho domo
emtio nomlnoo for prosldont, sent tho
following moskago to Colonel Roose
velt; "lMotibo accept my hoartfolt sym
pathy und hearty coiiKratulatlonB
that tho wound Is "t sorlous."
President Wires Sympathy to Boosc
velt Says Event Must Cause Sol
emn Reflection to All Americans
Upon Conditions.
Difficult to Avoid the Cunningly In
saneSuggests Laws Again'st'Con
cealed Weapons Be Enforced.
Now York, Oct. 13. PrcBldotit
T.ift today sent a wireless uieaeago
to Colonel Uootscvclt, expressing hla,
deepest aympathy. Tho message
"I am greatly shocked to hear of
tho outrageous and deplorable as
sault upon you. I earnestly hopo
and pray that your recovery wilt be
speedy and without Buffering."
In a wireless message to Mrs.
Roosevelt the president said: ,
"" wish to extend my heartfelt
sympathy to you In your present: dis
tress. I earnestly hope aiwt pray
that you, your family and tho colonel
may bo promptly relieved of all
siiHpciiso by the news thai alt dan
ger la past."
Tuft la llorriricil,
"1 cannot withhold an expression
of Uprror," President Taft said, "at
tho act of the 'maniac who attempted
to assassinate Colonel Roosovelt.
When I expressed regret last night
I was Informed Koosevclt was then
speaking and bad escaped Injury.
"Tho uows, this morning, however
shows his caso to be much moro ser
ious than early word Indicated, and
I feol the deepest sympathy for Mr.
Roosevelt and hla family. I pray
tho wound may provo only a flcsb
wound, and that thera will bo no
"This assault, following tho shoot
ing of Mayor Gaynor and assassina
tions of thrco of the last nino presi
dents, uro events that must cause
holcmn reflection to all American
cltlreus upon tho conditions wlilch
make It. possible tor such dastardly
deeds to occur In a couutry afford
ing its citizens completo advautugea
for civil liberty.
Difficult to AtoliI
"It la difficult to avoid tho pur
pose of tho cunningly ! usance A Se
vern enforcement of laws against
concealed weapons and a moro rig
orous and certain prosecution of
such attempted crimes, whethor thoy
bo ngaiust prominent or Inconspic
uous persons, would bo helpful, but
condemnation by good citizens of
such acts and their co-operation in
preventing tho apreud of vicious doc
trines which would excuso and pal
liate attempts to remody fancied
wrongs by resorting to vlolenco,
would bo moro effective
"I speuk for tho wholo American
people in expressing tho profound
hopo that Colonel Roosevelt will
speedily recover from tho effects or
thu dastardly act."
l.OS AKUKLKS. Oct. 15. A new
trial of a libel fatiit brought by Wil
liam Duis of Piibudcuu iifininst R.
Hearst was granted today by Super
ior Judgo Uordwcll on account of
error. This will bo thu third trial of
tho case, UaiB having been n warded
$;i"),000 in the first und 4112,000 in
tho bocoud heaving.
In ouler to voto nt the Kuiu'ml election Nov. o, you must bo
" registered. t
RogUtrnlion ulut-ou thia week, Saturday, Out. IV, beinj; thu
lust day.
If you liavo not already registered do so nt oueo. J
"" Rejjibtmtloii blnuks ut I'ontnl Telegraph office or nt the
Mail Tribuuo.
- t t n
Supposedly Insane New Yorker Says
He is Only Sorry That He Did Not
Kill Roosevelt Whom He Regards
as Menace to the Nation.
FoHowed Teddy All Over Country
7 is.
From Charleston to Milwaukee
Waiting for Chance to Shoot.
.MILWAUKEE, Wis.. Oct. 13..
John Schrink, the supposedly insane
New Yortocr. pleaded guilty when ar
raigned Hhc district court hero to
day for attempting to assassinate
Colonel Theodore Itooscvelt, tho
progressive candidate for president.
In front of the Gllpatrlck Hotel here
Inat night.
The prisoner was held In $5,000
ball lor the next term of the muncl
pal court, which convenes Decem
ber 10.
Wail cs Kxaiiiinutlou
District Attorney Zabcl interrupted
blm, saying:
"You are charged with a serious
crime. You have tho right to waivo
examination or be bound over tor
a latorhearing or have an immed
iate bearing. Which do you
Schrank said he waived examina
tion, and Judge Ncclan ordered him
Schrank talked freely to tho re
porters. "I am not worrying," ho said,
"about what they are going to do
with me. That Is a trivial matter.
I am only sorry that my intentions
wcro not realized, and that I did not
kill Roosevelt. I am able to stand
tho consequences. Xo man has a
right to a third term."
Schrank said that he onco had a
sweetheart, Elsie Zeigler, hut that
she was drowned in tho Goncral
Slocum disaster, when that ve&set
burned to tho water's edge in Now
York harbor soveral years ago.
Siuco thou Schrank said, ho had had
no sweetheart.
Itooaovelt A Monaco
"I began to consider itoosovclt a
menace," said Schrank,, "when ho
first cried: 'Thief at tho Chicago
convention. I believed his plan to
start a third party was a danger to
the country. My knowledge of his
tory has been gained through much
reading, and I was convinced that he
was engaged in a dangerous under
taking. I was atso convinced that
if ho was defeated In November ho
would cry 'Fraud,' and that the
country might bo plunged into a
bloody civil war. s
"I know Koohuvelt In 1S95 when
ho was commissioner of police lu
Now York, Last mouth I sold my
place in Now York and decided to
out! his life. I followed him io
Charleston and Atlanta, but failed
to get a shot ut him elthor place. 1
left a traveling bag at tho' Mosby
Hotel In Atlanta containing a deed
to property In Now York worth $'-!.
000. Tho deed and bug uro still
there. Thon 1 followed Roosovelt
to Chattanooga, Evutisvlllo, Indiana
polls and Chicago. My attempt to
reach htm lu Chicago also failed so
I came hero."
tt t tttt
Ell 104
Bean Eaters Go Down to Stunning
Defeat in Seventh Game Each
Team Has Three Victories and To-
morrow's Settles Championship.
Smoky Joe Wood Knocked Out of the
Box In First Inning When Six Tal
lies Are Run Up. -'
( lly Grantlaud Rice)
I50STON. Oot. 15. For the fiwt
time in world' liitory, tho champion-
ship battle rocs to the eighth pnnc.
Riisliinu' the pccrlen and unbeaten
Joe Wood even more Mtvngely than
they milled Book O'Brien yesterday
the New York Giant drove "Smoky
Joe" from the field with the Wont
beating he has ever received in bi.
big league career.
In the first a.sault they trippyd
bis hide off with Haven bits and six
runs. Before this fusillade of shrap
nel and canister Boston seemed
stunned nnd crutdied. The impossible
had happened the world wna coming
to an end. Gibraltar could be toppled
over by human hands, for a ball club
had faced Joe Wood nt home in a
test Rame, and shot Jiim to death in
one round. . .-,
Wood Again Tomorrow
Concedinsr defeat aftor this" shoo!
of bits and runs, Stabl uerrieked
Wood to &ivo htm hi chanex? again
in tomorrow's duel with Mnthew.sou.
The big gun will blaze the eighth nnd
deciding game for his people, and it
is almoKt a ccrtuinty tlmt Wood wu"l
oppose bun.
Tcsrenu, working in a driving gate,
which must have raced down from
ono of Greenland's icy mountains
with a sting nnd n whip, wns wild,
unsteady and far below form. Tho
Red So bit him fiercely, but bril
liant support pulled him through.
Woiidurful work by Oevore in right
field, cut off at leant two triplos,
when Jeff was breaking badly, Hav
ing a hogshead full of runs. 'All
through this rickety period McOraw
hud Muthowsou wurming up, but u$
the Giants continued (o whale thu
stuffing out of Hall, who followed
Wood, To.-roaii never was closo to tho
rim of danger.
KecelptM Half Million
Tho Giants entered tho seventh
battle with a world of confidence,
and huviiig fought their way to u
long lend, were never in danger. .
For the first time in history tluj
gato recnipis of a world's scries will
approach the half million dollar mark
which means n net profit of $150,000
for each club.
New York It, II. P.O. A. I J.
Devote, rf .... 2 .1 11 1 (I
Doyle, 2b ,'l a 2 II 2
Snoilgnib-S, of ,. I 2 I 0.0
iTurray, rf ... 0 0 I 0 Ml
Merkle, lb 1 2 10 0 1,
llerzog, lb .... 2 1 0 2 0
Moycn, o 1 11 0 '
Fletcher, hs . . . I 1 2- i,-l, v0
Tesroau, p, .... I) 2v 0.' (1 ,1
WiUon. c 0 -X .24;'' 0 0
Total 11 10 U7- a 1
' ,?
Boston It. ir.'l,Q.A. K.
Hooper, rf .... 0 H I 0 V
Yerkos, 21 0 0 l' -K0
Speaker, of . . .' 1 I- -1 0 1
Lewis, If I I 0 H ,
Gaidner. lib ... 1 1 2 2 I v
Stahl, lb t) ll- 1 - 0, 0
Wagner, hs .... 0 I 4 4 Ji
Cady, o I 0 s J()
Wood, d 0 0 .t 0, 1 U-
Hall, p v . 0 II' 5 ' 1- 0
Totals 4 0 .27 10 li ,
Runs und hits by.JHiitnK: tf'
New York 0 10 0 0 2 l'J),l 11
Baso bits 7 12Q112I l--lli
Boston 0 10 0 0 (UVO I
Base hits 0 1 2 U 1 3l40 0
Summary Innings pitched by.
Wood, lj by Hull, 8; by'lWuau, J)J
Hits o if Wood; 7; off Hall; 1); afR
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