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Medford Mail Tribune
WrAtlicr Mat. JVX; Hkt.
27. Showers tonight.
I'lirly.npronit Yir.
Dully HhvomIIi Yrnr,
10 FLY .
Unconfirmed But Credited Reports
Assrrt That Allies Have Captured
Tcliorlu and Arc In Position to
Turn Last Line of Turkish Defense
Powers Must Act Quickly or Lose
Chance at Intervention Balkans
to Keep What They Grab.
V1K.NNA. Nov. 1. -Imliuutioii Hint
(ho violorioim HulKiiriuiiii, after only
about two weeks fighting, tculiiy, mo
buttering on (ho very gain of fun.
hiiiiitinoplo touched hero today in de
tptittilitfai from tin) front by way of
Scinlin, IlmiKiiry. TIiumo mlvit'iw,
5whloh, thoimh iinroiillnnt'il iih yi-l,
nri' fully credited, wiy (lint (In Mill
guru liiivn itn it n roil 'IYImrlu, iiml IIiiih
lire in position to turn tho taut litii
of TitiMMi defense, milting in be
tween tlit) Mohlmii iiuniei I'lilivnclii'il
from Tvhorlii to Soroi iiml lint cnpi
till of the Ottoiiinii empire.
If llio news from Scinlin U con
firmed, it ix probable (lint within
twenty-four hours llio Bulgarian
will cuter Coi.xlmitinopln or tlmt
TurkMi t'oiimiiwitltr Shot ,
' Ko fur no confirmation linn been
received hero of Sofia Reports (lint
Niirliu I'nulin, (ho TurkiHh comman
der, has either been captured or hliot
In tlio last big clufcli with thu Uulnrw
whore hi nnny was defeated and
forced hack (o thu 'lehnrlu borni
lino f dofoni. Neither bus I ho re
)Mfr( (Inil (ho Bulgnrs Imvo occupied
Hoilnftto, (ho port on the urn of Mar
mora, through which Turkey has
been inuring hor Awian troops to
play t heir part in Iho war, been nliho
lulely confirmed, hittlo doiiht i
t'lituituiiicd hei however, (hat if
(tuiioral Suvoff, thu Itiilgiiriun omn
inaiiilor, Iiuk taken Tchorln (hat ho
has' alfo miiml Kodoxto, ami if ho
bhonhl hnvfl iIoiip bo, Turkey' Ahiiiii
force practically will ho cut off
from Iho struggle ami tho MillunV.
only hopo will llo hi (hu nnny now !n
Iho field.
" Too Quick for I'mwrs
Whether Hid lliilgnrH will ha able
to color Constantinople bofuro (hi;
powers intervene In (hu ipiohtiou
whinh nhtmihlng military obsonor
here. Austria ami Rusiu nru both
tciidy for any oveut utility hut It is
Kiirioimly doubted, if (ho Itulgur fhiK
OIIIIO St il'lilHJ OVVV (!olll;(ltlllillopll,
wluithnr anything t-hoit'of ciiiiiioii
would fori'o (ha C'hi'ixtiaiiH iiKiiin to
ii:liniiiihh Ihu city to tin) domination
of Dm Turk.
Illhi'l DaviHoiii Ifi ynarrt of ni;i',
who livort with hor falhur onu raiudi
on iippiir Kokuo rtvi'i", i riScoiviiiK
Ihu I'liUKiatiilatioiiH of 1'ilciuls l'nl
lowing hor hravory in rimiuihiK lor
fathor Wodiu'Hilay ovoninj; frnni
drowiiluir in a Hwift rapid of thu
Kokiio. UiiiinhIhIciI thu ulrl phiiiiil
into thu walurH, which aro oxtromnly
cold ut thin hoiihoii of thu your, and
Hiutiioodcd in ucltlnu' hor Cut hor HHhoro
after ho hud fallen in. Ho is par
tially purnlizud and (Juiiiiol hwIiii.
Dr. DaviHun IIvoh uoar Iho Koito
and it in Mb ouhIoiu to uot thu water
uHod far family imrpoHuH from it.
On Woiluomlay iil'tonioon ho look u
hiuikiH and Htartod for thu Htroain,
In dippliiK for thu walor ho lost his
Imlniioo nud foil lu. Ilirt dauKhtor
noticed hla fall and without hertitn
tiou ran to a jiolut helow and pluuK
i,'d into hn Htriiam. Tlio current in
Hwift and deep at that point hut hIio
Hiiocoodud hi Ko(tiii(T hor father
aahoru iii Biifoty,
Sofia Sceno of Wild Rejoicing
Enormous Losses Sustained hy
Both SidesTurks Fled From
Luleburnas Demoralized.
Turkish Minister of War Reported
Captured Women Voluntetrlnn as
HOI-'IA. Nov. 1. llollovlne (hut
tlin war Ih virtually over and Hint tlio
ftlllcn will dlvldo nuroiunn Tiirl(o)'.
tlio populntlou of Hofln In IikIiiIkIiik
today In Did wild rut rejoining, Con-
oral Knvoff, (ho IlulKiirliia commaud
cr, In (ho hero of (ho hour anil pic
turcK of hltn (llniilit)'cil on (ho Mtroctn
ami In the cafcrt aro coiiHtaiitly
rlicorotl to the who,
The only iloproHnlaK feature of
Iho ultniitlon In the onoriuotnt Iohhoh
or (ho lltilj;nrn iiml tho arrival hero
of Hovorul thmmnnd woiimlvil taon
from tlio front. Tho luiKpltaln am
crowded, incillcal Hiippllca urn ox
huiiHted, and (hero nru loo few doc
torn to attond o tho.noldlors' hurtii.
HV6nioii,by"tho"hiin(lrodSi aro vol
iinlcorlnK ns lUirRe for tho nhot-torn
liorooN from (tin front.
It Ih Minted hero that tho Turku
tied from l.ulolnirKim after tho lint
(Id (hero In a inuxt demoralized con
dition; that thoiiHnjicU of thorn woro
cnpturoil, and other thotmntidH nhot,
tho IlulKarlnnH ciiptiirliit; an onor
moim supply of arms, ammunition
and fltoroii,
ltoporlH (hat Niuliii PaHha, tho
TurkiHh inlnlrtter of war, wau cap
tureil at l.uleburKiis aru uncon
firmed. Tho HiilKurlau foreign office to
day In draftlm; a protunt to tho
poworH at tho action of a Turkish
emitter hIioUIiik a Huti;arlnn IIkM
homo at Capo Mine, lu tho Ulnck
INMANAl'OUS, Ind., N'o. 1. - A
different attitude (owanl 11. S.
Hoekin, present hoorotary-treasuror
of thu International Association of
llriilgo and Struetural Ironworkers
hy tho '10 other union men charged
with illegally truustortiug dynamite
marked today's session of (lie court.
Tho first hint that thu other de
fendants ilitendcd (d abandon Hoekiu
itamo at (ho opening of court, when
United Stales Senator J. W. Kern, of
counsel for Iho defense, asked thu
court to instruct (ho jury that tho
evidence offered yesterday hy I'M
ward If. Hroniiau, an agent for the
department of justice, nud .1. A. (I,
Bailor!', of counsel for tho National
Kreelors' association, should not ho
considered against any of the defen
dants except Hoekiu,
Hoth Uadorf and Itreniiuii caused a
commotion among (ho union men by
their testimony (hat ovory dofumlant,
on trial owed Ins present position lo
information given to government of
ficers hy llookin.
N10W YORK', Nov. 1, . ltoputod
during thu latter yours of hla llfo to
ho worth uovural million dollars, tho
Into Patrick MeOarron, n power In
politics, at ono tlmo, died u hunk
nipt, aoeordlug to a statement on
fllo today with Surroijato Kotuhum
lu llrooklyu today,
Tho iiBsuts of McCnrron woro
llutyd at fl0,000 nud hla llablll-
tiotl saco.ooQ,
Vaudevlllo Actress Admits That Her
Husband Charles Conway, Circus
Clown and Diver Killed Sophia
Slnjjcr by Blow From Door Knob
Money Needed for Operation Upon
Leu Robbery, Not Death Intended
at the Time.
CIIICAOO, Nov. J.-JIiiv. Sophio
Singer, (ho Itiiltiiuoro hciron, was
miirdorod hy Cluulos (.'oinvuy, a dr
oits clnwii and profomional liih di
ver, iu'1'firiliiiir lo ii confession mado
to tho iMilici; lino (his afternoon hy
jlleatrii'i) Ityall, Conway's wife. The
' woman made a eon ('onion, it is al
leged aflor Mio had hcoti Huhjeeted
to a three hourV jjrillin.
; "Conway killed Sophia Singer,'
she is alleged (o liue (old (ho dic'.
, "llo Htrnt'lc her on tho head with :i
lirass doorktioh which ho uxrd as n
'hilly and then tied hor up so kIio
I'oulil not ivo (ho alarm."
"Conway and 1 had ippirrolled. V
woro Imlh aiiurvj. 1 liiiriUy.knc.w what
I wiiH iiqintt when ho HiicKled that
we idh.MisH SuiKiir. I was afraid
to refuse to do ax hu KiiTd.
"Conway told mo that ho needed
money (or an operation on his Icjr,
and that ho did not intend to kill her.
I never unw him stuff anything in her
mouth. Hu only intended to Mini her
and then tin her up m die could uot
give tho alarm. We look WorthruVi
clothes and, loiuing tho houxc hy (ho
hack door, oaughl an iiitcrurhuu car
for Hammond, Ind."
Mrw. Conway said (hat Mis Sing-Jr
t-onway woro (piarreliug when
sho loft tho room. Kcturning later,
sho Haid, Sophia was lying on the bed
tied, hut that she did not know bite
was dead.
NBW YOltK'. Nov. 1 Hut onu fea
ture marked tho opening of tho stock
market hero today, thai being a two
IKiint raiso in Canadian l'aeifie,
llrooklyu Itapid Transit gained at
tention, however, hy a rise of 1 point
ami Heading, Union I'auifio, Steel
and Amalgamated recorded fraction
al rises. Tho volutnu of business
was light.
Tho leaders woro forced down for
a while hy fractional offerings. The
whole market maintained a perfunc
tory trend owing to it being a liulf
holiday uhronit ami an adjournment
called hero out of respect to tho luto
Vice President Shoripnn, Call monoy
advanced to niuo par cent.
Tho market closed firm.
Itnmls woro steady.
I';i""7l". !' L
'pimmiMR post
With tho dismissal hero today of
an Indictment against Louis Glass,
ouco vlco president and general
mnnagor of ttm Pacific States Tole
phono unci Telegraph company, by
Superior JiiiIko William L. Lawlor,
tho last ot tho alleged graft cases,
growing out of tho Schniltz-Hiief ro
glmo Is wiped out. This action was
taken at tho Instigation or the dis
trict attorney.
"My action In rofuslng to grant
the district attorney's motion last
spring to dismiss tho Indictment,"
said .Itidgo Lawlor, "was duo to tho
dismissal of tho indictments against
Kmtl 'I minor and Thoodoro Halsey.
Thcso moa I bolluvod would bo Im
portant witnesses for tho city. Now,
however, that the district attorney
tolls mo they cannot bo located, I
docldod to wipe out the last vostigo
ot tho old graft cases."
Olnss Is at present lu (ho Philip
pine Islands supervising tho Instal
lation of n telephone systom for his
SALUM, Mass., Nov. I. Whon
District Attorney Atwlll concluded
tho reading of a pamphlet on tho
"history of tho 1. W. W." In tho
trial of Joseph Cttor, who, with Ar
turo .ftlovauulttl and Antonio Caru
so Is charged with miirdor growing
out of tho Lawrence toxtllo strlko,
tho stnto rusted Its caso toduy.
As part of tho state's ovldonco tho
bullet which killed Anna Loplczo
was Introduced. Tho dofonso ex
pects to call at least 100 wltnossos.
I! VW.aNw, . wXv-rv. . n
., l . 1
Portland, Orogon, October 28, 1912.
Frank L. Ton Vollo,
K, V. 1). No. 2, Mcdfofd, Ore.
Ty dear Sir and Friend: I have lem intending to
writd'yon and to congratulato you upon your nouUna
(ion for County Judge. Ii tho poopti of Jnckson
County approeiato n good man and ono who, I am
sure, will look to tho interest of tho taxpayer and
tho development of tho County, thoy will give you a
cordial and united support.
It goes without saying that I want to see you win,
hoth because of my high rogard for you and because
I know that you will make a faithful and an efficient
public servant.
"With kindest personal rogards and best wishes
for your suqeess, I am
Yours vory sincerely,
(Signed) GEORGE 13, bHAMBERLAItf.
i .""j.u.um
NEW YORK, Nor. 1 "Wc have
nlrcady won. Whntevor is tho re
sult of tho balloting next Tuesday,
tho progressive party hng been
founded nud put on n lusting basis."
This wns the statement mado here
today by Colonel Theodore Roosevelt
tho progressive nominee for president
who is in New York to attend the
progrefcbive rully nt Madison Square
Garden tonight, at which Oscar
Straus, progrcs&ivo nominoo for gov
ernor of New York, will bo the prin
cipal speaker. Tho former president
is not down for any set speech, but
it is probable that ho will make a
five minuto talk.
"Tho old boss-controlled republi
can organization," continued Col.
Roosevelt, "is a thing of the past;
tho dream of tho people for social
justice and the rot urn of government
into their own hands has been formu
lated into a party program nud an
organization which will curry on tho
fight until it is won.
"It is immaterial ns to tho part I
piny in this program. If I am nble
to servo that is suffiuicut. If an
other man can servo hotter that is
ccpinlly satisfactory. Tho inuiii
main thing h that tho movement go
forward to definite results."
HAVANA, Nov. l.Althougli tho
presidential election is progressing
quietly horo today, tho absence of
news from tho interior is believed to
indicate trouble. Both tho liberal
nud conservative elements are confi
dent of victory.
PARIS, Nov. 1. Fears that Bul
garian occupation ot Constantinople,
which now seems certain, will pro
voke an attack from Austria, repris
als by Russia and a consequent gen
eral European war are general today
among French diplomats. Should
Austria strike to maintain her pos
sibility ot expanston In the Balkans
It Is declared a general war will be
To dato Austria seems raoro rea
sonable than had been expected but
It is feared Bulgarian successes are
rapidly pushing Austria's patience
to tho breaking point Many obser
vers think tho Powers have delayed
too long and that they should havo
Intervened promptly as soon as It
was seen the Turks were beaten.
Now, It Is said, ttaero is gravo doubt
that thoy can agreo upon a program
beforo General Savoffs troops en
ter Constantinople and It Is posslblo
that event will bo tho signal for
Austrian demands which tho victor
ious Balkau allies will rotuso to
meet except with tho bayonet.
Russia today Is the only power in
favor of a federation of the Balkan
States which now seoms a certain
ty F
CONSTANCY, lioumunia. Nov. 1
Tclcgrnms received from Constanti
nople say members of tho Turkish
cabinet ro fearful of a massaoio
there, not only of foreiguors, but also
of tho non-combatant population of
Constantinople. They feur that if
tho Turkish troops aro driven from
the city by tho advancing Bulgarians
thoy will kill and pillago on every
hund ns thoy flee.
TOI'EKA, Kims., Nov. 1. This
section of Kansas U shivering todny
ns n result of a four iuoh snowfall.
Tho storm is reported to bo gouerul
throughout tho fatate.
MILWAUKEE WB., Nov, 1. Mil
wuiikeo is tqday covered with the
first show of the sohoii, .The full
w8 very light.
NO. 191.
Gasoline Scheener Osprey tf WmI
derburn Driven by Gale Ifttt Jetty
ami Overiw-nWCrtw Parlttal
and Vessel Gees lettem Up.
Vessel, a New One, Is PtwHM tt
Pieces Against Recks Ne Traee
ef Lost Men.
MARSIIFIELD, Ore., Nov. 1.
Vainly attempting to steer the craft
around the jagged north jetty of the
Coos Bay bur early this morning the
crew of the gasoline schooner Osprey
a Rogue river nud Oregon coastwise
vessel could not avoid jamming her
into the jetty, overturning tho craft
and drowniur the five occupants.
None of tho bodies have been recov
ered, or even sighted.
The dead are Gus Johnson, captain
of the O-jprey; Chester Johnson, en
gineer; Joe Peitsch, deckhand; N'd ?
Harving, deck feand;,, Cafrtalu
II. Johnson, former master ' ot
the steamer Berwick of Ban Fran-
I cisco, who was a passenger, and.Ed
lir i.. t.i: .i i.. ... ..
Several of the crew of the (Hjt
Rescue nearby coutd make out Ih' the
dim lights the struggle the Osprey
was having with the elements, nud
laid to at n safe distance to effect
possible rescues. Tho Rescue mun
njed after n hard effort to throw ;i
line aboard tho Osprey; just before
she turned bottom upward, but Cap
tain Johnson, acting like a maniac,
threw the line away from him, and
a moment Inter ho was swallowed up
in the foaming waters.
Aviator Silas Cbristoffcrson flew'
out from Marshflel'l nt daybreak und
circled the jetty several times in tho
effort to find any of the bodies Unit
might have floated seaward. He did
not find n trace of a single one of
tho drowned persons, '
Tho Osprey was a comparatively
new boat nnd was used to tho run
between Wedderbnrn, nt the mouth
of Roguo River nnd Coos Bay points.
She was owned by tlio Wcdderburn
Trading company nnd was said to
have been one of the stnunchost
boats in the Oregon coastwise trade.
UTICA. N. Y., Nov. 1. With
2,000 men, representative citizens of
Utlca, marching ahead of the hearse
I dcsplto a heavy rain, a (lowor cov
ered caskot containing the body of
t!To lato Vlco President James S.
Sherman, was taken from the Slier
man homo hero today io tho rotunda
ot tho county court houso, whero It
was laid In state, and where It will
remain for several hours.
Thore was no pomp nor display
whllo the body was carried through
tho streets.' Neither was there any
baud or military escort. The march
ers wore Just friends ot the .dead
statesman. The Chamber of com
merce, the Elks of Utlca and the
Royal Arcanum were represented In
tho line.
The body Is to lie la Btato frew 3
o'clock this afternoon until 8 p'etok
tonight, The funeral s to be hId
tomorrow from the. First PreabyW-'
lan church, the largest la" Utl, It
was found that the Duteh Rferwd '
church, where Sherman alwayavwor
Bhlpped, would be too small fr fun
eral purposes.
The 8hermu famllytoday rluv
tantly consented to a military mH
from the hureu to the ea4wy.
About 3,0 members eaek front 41m
militia ooihmnIw of Utloa will aoav
pW I fWrt' . " ,' ,,

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