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Medtord Mail Tribune
Weather Mm. 7 Mhi. 1
U7. Hliowor tonight
tdfi it..
Cortj'-Mfpnnil Yesr.
Dully Hovmith Yr,
Sultan's Beaten Troops, a Merc Rab
ble Vainly Trylnq to Check March
of Victorious Duloars Into Con
stantinople Suburbs Taken.
Only Few Hours Intervene Before
Forces of Czar Ferdinand Will
Have Realized Dream.
YIKK.VA. !. -. Massed along
fnrlilk'iiUiiiiN from Vflivrl, on tho
Ken of Marmora, to Kern Hiinm, on
lint Itlnck Ken, Ntrntii PmhIiu'h beaten
Turkish iirmy, n more rabble, today
U making it Inst stund against the
victorious Bulgum almost under tlio
shadow of tin) Mostpio cf St. Sophia.
Hiniill forces of tltii lliilgurinns liavo
penetrated into Urn submits of tin
iitv mill, ns tint fortifications shel-
tciing tlio Turks are admittedly
crumbling, it U expected Hint but
few hours euti intervene before tlu
forces of Cxnr Ferdinand will have
roollcd their dromn mill tint Turkish
isiwcr will forever lie broken in
Hat ago Itctdxtmirn
Nuinrrlonlly superior lint hopeless,
ly disorganised, tlio Turk nro still
pulling up tin icnMhiico of savage
hatred, to tlio llalgar advance, Itnt,
penned within their dofeiiHeH, this re
sistance nwiils little, mill outside ill''
lines llio few tmilioH or Turku still
opposing ihc Hulgur advance tiro re
treating steadily.
Constantinople in terrorised nt Hie
iiiimlneiieo of its full, ami order is
preserved only by martial law. Do
trnnlned to prevent, If possible,
otuirui 'ijiiijrAnJ'yu't"8'1
iiiid UiifTorelBti population tun 'larg
ish authorities have bodies of troops
patrolling Dm MrcotH mid nil ills
lurl'nrH nro promptly thnl.
, Mpru, tJmn 1W.000 Tnr,.s urn in llm
I'lit.ll, fully lo.OOO )tl!l!U' keen
I brought, in front the frouL on Thurs
day mid l-'riduy nlone. Kvrry hnspi
tnl in tlio city ih full to overflowing
mid nlremly n shorliigo of food mid
iticdioul supplies in seriously felt.
Nerlw nt MommmiIi
Snliordiiinta in interest to the
world dnmm ul Constantinople, hut
indicating tho certainty of its eiul,
nro tlio few dispatches filtering into
VIenuii of tlio progress of the lliilkiiu
wnr in other sections of Turkey. Lat
est itilvieen from the wed iudieiite
Unit tlio Dulgnra mid SoiIih from Us.
kup nro closing in relentlessly Umii
the eoinmiilid of Zekki Hey nt Mop
astir, mid Unit, cooped up in tho eity
'iiinl removed fnnn the possibility of
succor, his foreo soon is likely to ho
wlM'd mil or nipl in I'd hy the nllics.
Utile news. Iiiih bemt locoixed from
Hciitnii, mid it U doublfiil if tiny
Kcnernl uhniiuII Iiiih boon ntteuipli'd
thorn by tho Mnnteitoj;riu, who,
ilimlilloHK Informed of tint pi'oki'ohn
of tho HiilKiiriuu nnny, mo Milified
In hold tho Turkw in their dint rid
Hiife, kiiuwiutr thnt with tho full of
(.'onstnntiiioplo, tho wholo huokhnno
of Turkinh roin!iinoo to tho ulliim
will hpoedily oruiuhlo to nothing'.
Tho Hinno ooiiditinn, uppuiTiitly
piuvnlltj bofurn Snloiiikn.
i .
1IIS1IKI:, Ark, Nov! 2. -Kiwim 1'.
Chiifiu, prohihltiini omididulo for the
i'OHidauoy, wound up bin ciiinpaiun in
Arir.ouii lodiiy. Chut in Iiiih trnvollovl
'J.VHIO iniluH in ninety-six ilny, mul;
ini: mi itvoniKO of hIx HpcoehoH daily.
"A Vote for Dunn Is a Vote Against the
County's Best Interests," Declares J. S. Howard
Ooorgo W. Dunn in my friend. I
supported him ut tho primary, 1 liavu
known hlH family for ihoro titan two
k'oro youi'H. I have Iho highest re
gard for them. 1 would nut know
ingly Bay or do anything .which would
hurt tho foollugH of M"iv Dunn or
any inctmliur of his family. Yot I
feel (hat I must protect my own
interests, all of which are iu Jaoksou
county, To do this I iuuhI east toy
ballot November filh for r'rniik L.
Ton Yollu for county judge.
There' nro u number of reasons for
(his stand on my part. 1 did not
take It Without dun consideration of
Ijll H"UVfr iHVlvod J! U1I4 ojoelloj),
President, Cabinet, 'Senators, Diplo
mats and Other Prominent Person
ages Present at Burial of James
Schoolcraft Sherman at Utlca.
Offer of Guard of Soldiers Declined
and Simple Ceremony at Home and
IJTICA, K. V., N'ov. 2. With
Provident Willhiin II. Tuft, moiiihurx
of IiIh enhiuet, senator, cMUijrrehij
men, diphiiiiutH mid other prominent
petoiiap' preneiit, the body of
JnuiOM Sehoolerafl Slieruuin, ii:u
president of the United Stale, wn
burled here today. There wan no
display, tho scniooK beint; of tho
simplext order.
1'iesideiit TiiflV offer to fiirni-.li
ii jjiitinl of regular soldiers to escort
the body to the crave was declined
by tbo uiomborH of tho dead states
man' family. The president and
other prominent olficinlx armed in
IMiea at 1 o'eloek. I'rt'shleiit Tuft
went ul ouee to tho Slutrmau home,
whore, ho sympathised with Mrs.
Khermuti mid her three sous.
A privalo prayor serviee, nt wbieh
only President Tnft mid members of
Sherman's immediate family were
presout, wiis offered be-ido tho eof
rin by ltev. Louis Hidden. The ens-Ui-L
was removed from tho Shermau
homo to the Firsl Prcsbytcrlun ehureh
whero the puhlie services were held.
Tho Hev. Vr. Hidden nuuiu offieintcd
berc, assisted by Dr. Dniin Hicelow,
wlili tin ltev. Dr. Slrvker deiivcriiiir
tho fiiucnd oration. Musia ns fur-
inniii'ilT iisr n iii'iiivni iiii.ii' !ii...i!t ...it.
the ehoir from Christ ehureh.
From Iho ehureh tho cortege pro
eceded to Forest Hill ivmetory,
where the body wim plneed in the
erypt of Iho Hiiheoek mausoleum.
Mrs. Ilaheoek wan Sheniimrn mother
in law.
l'OKTI.AND, Kov. 'J. (MinrKiiiK
that Hen Selling, leular republicmi
eaudidalo for United States senator,
iolated the eorrupt pruetiees net, in
sendinu liO.OOIl elretiliirH lir tho Oro
on eleetorale, nt u eost of from sit
to ton thousand dollars, Senator Jon
athan lloumn today issued a stroiif,'
eondimiiiatiou of Selling. Selling
olaiuiH that at tho (into ho promul
jilted the literature ho was not legal
ly a eaudidalo boouiiso ho did not
lilo his emnlidiito'H petition until n
hiibhotpiont date.
I'llICACIO, Nov. '-'. A monster pit
rado, following' n hij,' imiss moutiui;
nt tho seeoud rcuimuiil armory horo
this nflornoon with n display of tiro
works !oiiihl will eloso tho oaiupai;:i
of Kiikoiiu V, Debs, tho Kooiulist uun
didato for president. Dt'hs will re
turn tomorrow to hid homo nt Torro
Haute, Iitil.
Tho most ilal reason for voting
for Frank It. Ton Velio is tho differ
once iu tho charaoteristiort and inclin
ations of tho two men, Hoth are
splendid gentlemen hut whereas Mr.
Ton Velio is 11 man of wide o.por
teuoo and broadness of mind Mr,
Dunn has had little experience in
business, is provincial, knows nothing
of public questions aside from u rigid
economy -mid thin I feel 1h fatal to
tho welfare of Jackson county. To
tills may ho added his antipathy to
Muilforil and Medford'u needs.
No corporation or municipality oau
rightly progress, or take tho load
Without going into debt. They prato
9f u f5QO,0W imUVMSHr j?
Messane Spoken by Candidate at
Two Meetings In New Jersey and
Read at Democratic Rallies All
Over the Land.
Tariff Reduction Must Be Handled
by Prudential Persons So as Not
to Disturb Enterprise.
NKW YOHK. Nov. -.--Woodrow
WiUoii'u liual mesHime to the volcrs
of ihu rouutry was read at democra
tic rallies in nearly every community
in Iho United States this afternoon.
Wilson himself will read his appeal
for election to the presidency at two
iiirctii.pt iu New Jersey touidit. it
is in part as follews:
"W'c stand fneo to face with a
groat decision, a decision which will
affect tho wholo course of our na
tional life and our individual for
tunes throughout tho next generation.
Wo must make that decision on the
fifth of November. It ciinnol be
isistponed. Wo cannot oto without
making il, mid if wo do not vote those
who do will make it for us.
.t Four Years
"The next four yeais will deler
uiino how we are to solve tho ipies-
lion of the tariffs, iho question of
re forma Hon of our whole banking
and currency system, the conserva
tion of our national resources mid
of Iho health mid vigor of our peo
ple, the development of our means of
IrmisiMirtation, tho right application
of our scientific knowledge to the
work nml healthful prosperity of tho
wholo population, who worlr in the
fields',"' iii "Iho Tifoioriesr' or in the,
mines, tho firm establishment of a
Klioy based uxn justice nml good
will, mther than ii'sin mere commer
cial exploitation and the 'selfish in
terests of it narrow circle of fiiiitn
eiors extruding 'their enterprises to
the cuds of the earth, and tho extcu
won of tho assistance jf tho govern
ment to those mitiiy programs of up
lift mid betterment to which some
of tho best mimb: of our ago have
turned with wise hope, and ardor.
Tlio Tariff I'rot'lcm
"There is much to bo done, and it
must bu done iu the right spirit mid
in Iho right way, or it will deepen our
troubles, not relievo them. Tho tariff
question must bo solved in tbo inter
est of thosa who work and simjiiiI
mid plan mid struggle thoso who nro
finding u foothold and working out a
career, those who touch tho sources
of strength mid are quick with the
pulso of a common life, for tho Hike
of "tho power that tills the fields mid
builds tho cilios and not for tho sake
of special groups of men who dom
iuato and control their fellows and
regards (ho toil of millions of men
merely iih an opportunity to make
uso of their established ndvautuge.
It must bo handled by prudential
persons, so thnt no honest toil may
ho interrupted, no honorable or use
ful cntorpriso disturbed; must be
dealt with by .slow stages of well
considered chnngc change whose,
object shall bo to restore and broad
en opportunity, and destroy nothing
lint special privilege and uuwhole
somo control. Thoso who haudlo it,
thoroforc, must bo men who under
Hlaud tlo general interest and have
devoted Ihomholvcs to worving Y-t
without fear or favor.
Toronto, Out,, furriers will organ-
mere bagatelle compared to (ho
wealth of this great county. Wo
want mouoy spent but spent rightly
and Mr, Ton Velio can best do this.
Tlio vlciousuoss with which Mr.
Dunn's friends have attacked Med
ford and her citizens, and their source
iu rogard to tho Med ford bridge, as
well as tho remembrance that Mr.
lltiun, us county judge, was. very re
luctant to maku vepuirH upon tho old
0110, has led mo to believo that 11
volo for Mr. Dunn is a blow at my
own interests. Therefore I will east
my ballot November 5th for Frank L,
Ton Velio, mul I urge my friends to
do likewise,
Judge Crowell to Judge Dunn
Mr. Dunn: Art you in favor of building county
bridges on comity roads 'whore bridges are needed'?
Then why are you silent as to the new Med ford
bridge t ,.
Why did you let your friend Mowers delay the
county bridge on the-county road over Bear Creek iu
Med ford 1
Are you in favor of keeping the fruit inspection ser
vice of liitckHon (loiinly up to its present high standard'
As a director of the First National Bank of Mod
ford, why are you antagonizing Medford's rights and
You did nothing for the public roads of the upper
Kogue JJivcr during the ! years you were County
.Judge would you serve them the same way again,
if elected now?
What single thing of public benefit did you ever
originate while you were County Tudge before?
You cnn'tnanic any for you were simply a "drifter"
and not a "doer" of things. That is whr vou were
called "safe." Isn't this true, Mr. Dunn?
I voted for you before, but I won't do it again, Mr.
Dunn. Do vou know why. Mr. Dunn? If you do, ex
plain it to the public, Mr. Dunn.
Yoinis verv trulv.
Win. M. Colvijr, president of the
Medford Coutmcrtnil club, lias just
returned from a tri through western
Oregon, wherqt he has been devoting
his sole, mid exclusive attention in u
campaign for County Home (title con
stitutional nmcndmtiit in the matter
of good roods, Mr. Colvig scnt two
days iu l'ortlmnlwlieru ho talked
to Inrgo.cnJwdjJiOflllifc various Ktrcct
(Nisitiou to (be bill by any one. In
Douglas county tho voters arc tak
ing 11 very active interest 111 the mea
sure. One or the brct argiunents iu fa
vor of the bill is tho fuel that several
of tho rural counties nro anxious to
uvuil themselves of its privileges.
Tliny not only wuut good roads, but
they want tho work to start us soon
as Kssible; and this being a consti
tutional amendment mid not tin en
actment like many of the cudiii
road bills it vill not require any
interpretation by the courts.
The laboring men of Cortland, to
whom Mr. Colvig addressed his prin
cipal remarks, are almost uuniiimou
ly in favor of the bill, because, it will
bring a great deal of eastern money
into Oregon on tho sale of lioiitfo.
Tho amount of road labor that will
ensuo will employ all the idle hand
mid teams in lite state, and tho re
sult will bo we will havo good roads
and tho money will bo largely left
in tho hands of our own pimple. Coos
county has sent out 10,000 circulars
fuvoring tho bill. It is hoped Hint
every voter in Medford will immedi
ately upon muling this mark his
sample ballot "36i)-Ycs.
NEW YOltK. Kov. 'J. To control
tho Manhattan Ufa Insurance com
pnny, with ;C8,000,000 of outstnud
ing insurance contracts, and total
assets of $22,000,000, is tho record
of Ira C. Krlngel, uged Ho, heralded
hero today as tlio "boy wizard of
Tho feat of Kringel rivals that of
Thomas F. Ityau iu buying tho Kqult
able Life Assurauco Society from
James Har.cn Hydo. Kringel begun
his Wall Streot career as u corpora
tion nolo broker.
HAVANA, Nov, 2. General Men
ooul, conservative candidate for
president, claims h has carried the
provinces of llnvauu, Santa Clara
nml Cumnguey, thus insur'ui;: his
election, Ills opponent, Seuor Znytxs,
liberal, does not concede defeat.
No disorders have been ropoilcd
ft $ msir ?! ft? WiH
! OF
VIENNA, Nov. 2. With Iho Dul-
gaiiiiiis hbowing utter contempt for
death, the bloodie-t battle of the
wnr is raging today in tho vicinity
of the bridge over the Maritzu river
at Moras, according to a despatch
received hero by the Hcichost from
. itB corrcM)iident with the Hulguriun
!Tho Turks, the despatch said, tire
ficbtinc "writh remarkable- stubborn-
' iiess, hurling froh resert'ei'"at 'the
Htilgurs with every sign of weakness
in tho battle line.
l'AlHS. Nov. 2. It is rciwrted in
official circles here that Germany
has approved the "form" of interven
tion in the Ualkaus which Franco
proposed, mid Grout Britain aud Kua
siu approved. No program it is re
ported has been reached as a division
of Turkish territory. It is unknown
whether Austria will npprovo the
plan and until she signifies ussent it
will not bo believed ltero that all
danger of n general European con
flict has passed.
Germany, Nov. 2. Turkey has asked
tho llnlkuu allies for an armistice,
according to nn unconfirmed de
spatch to the Frankfort Gazette hero
from Belgrade.
NORFOLK, Va., Nov. 2. As a ro.
suit of an explosion in tho boilerroom
of tho battleship Vermont, six per
sons wore scalded, two fatnlly, djing
later, hero today.
1'nrt of tho boiler burst filling the
engine room with steam and giving
the victims no chmico to escape. The
injured men wero transferred at pnea
to tho hospital ship Soluco and
brought to Norfolk.
SALT LAKE CITY. Utah, Nov. 2.
Because sho refused to iiuto tho
American flag as paH ul'"tlle"dnt!y
patriotic exorcises here, Lena Kilor,
(aged thirteen, stop-daughtdr iif u
local socialist, is today expulled from
the public school.
"I will not salute," thu girl de
dared. "If I must salute some flag,
it will bo tho red flag of soelalWm,
becmiso I think it stuuds more truly
v.. iti i.. .....1 i..r i:..A o .1.'.. fi.ihi
nn iiuuujr "u jusuyu mini uiu outiai
am stripes," I
1 PU
E 16106
Ideal Weather and Sloppy Field Sees
Tigers Go Down to Defeat Game
Largely a Punting Duel in Favor
of the Crimson.
Brickiey Badly Hurt r;nd Carried
From Field in Smashing Through
Tigers Rock-Line Wall.
CAMHIUDOK, Mft.. Nov. 2.-
Ideal weather prevailed here today
for the football game between Har
vard aud Princeton, but owing to
yesterday's rain the field was very
slippery. Oaker. Princeton star
halfback, being light, wag unable to
get started In practice on tho slip
pery field.
Princeton won tho loin and kicked
off. The first ten nil notes of play
was devoted mainly to punting, ncl
their side being able to gain on
slsttcntly. In tho second period Dewltt of
Princeton punted to tho Tigers' 32
yard line. Harvard got the ball and
Ilrlcklcy made a successful field
goal from tho 18-yard line. Then
followed another punting duel, Dc-
Witt finally kicking the ball over
the Harvard goal line.
Princeton got the ball and on the
first formation, by a forward pass,
Andreas to Pendleton, gained 25
yards. A second forward pasa fol
lowed, and Waller ran another 25
yards, scoring a touchdown. There
was no further scoring during tho
second quarter.
Score, at end. first balf, Princeton,
1 j liBrvard., 'ASrW' w ' A
When tho third period opened, H.
Dakcr replaced Pendleton. A series
of ji unts were exchanged. Owing to
the slopplness of tbo field, Baker
fumbled the ball on a pass, and De
wltt did likewise Brickiey drop
kicked from the 17-yard lino and
scored. Another scries of punts fol
lowed and Harvard got the ball on
Princeton's 43-yard line. Brickiey
tried for a placo kick and again
scored for tbo crimson.
During the early part of the fourth
period tho ball seesawed up and
down the field. Hardwlck of Har
vard finally Intercepted Princeton's
forward pass and carried tho ball to
tho Tiger 25-yard, line. Then Hard
wick, Brickiey and Dradlce, smashed
through tho Tigers' rock-like forma
tion. Hardwlck, with a final effort,
broko through tho lino tor a touch
down. Brlckloy was badly hurt. Hard
wlck booted tho hall between tho
posts. Thero wua no further scor
ing. Harvard mado six points In tho
third quarter by two field goals, and
then scored seven points in tho
fourth quarter with a touch-down
and goal. Final score, Harvard, 16;
Princeton, 6.
District Attorney With Backbone
Wanted, Says Governor West
E. E. Kelly, candidate for prose
cuting attorney has recolved the fol
lowing lottor from Governor West;
Executivo Department
Salem, Oct. 26, 1012.
My Dear Kelly:
I have been watching with Inter
est your campaign for electlou as
district attorney and owing to our
friendship and tho fact that you are
gong to stuiid fqr a strict ouforce-
Don't Forget to Vote
300 X YES Equal suffrage.
311 X NO Kills initiativp on anicndmonts.
323 X NO Kills initiativo 011 legislation.
325 X NO Grange county road bill.
345 X NO Harmony county road bill.
347 X NO llavmony county road amendment,
358 X YES Medford rate bill. , ,
360 X YES Home rule county road bill.
371 X NO Destroys tree speecb.
Elsowliero the Mail Tribune prints the ballot for
tho benefit of Us readers. Out it out, mark it and take
it to tlio polls. Sample ballots can bo secured at "the
Mayor's office, Jackson County bank buildinjr.
mr m i'f 9 v vmfivin,
NO. 192.
McConibs Says Democrats Will Carry
Every State IrVlh Union HHfcs
Asserts Republican States Will
Vote for Taft.
Only Two States for PresWent Says
Roosevelt Manager Utah ami
Wyoming. . fc
NEW YORK, Nov. 2.- Tlio usual
modest claims of infringers of the
political campaigns of the three lead
ing candidates were put forth hero
today ns follew: '
W. . McCoHibs, democratic; Wp
will carry every stnte in thomrjoti
Wc will not concede- any etatc. WJ
hopo for the greatest victory gained
by any candidate in the history of
the country."
Charles D. Ililles, .republican: 'l
have no doubt that President 'fft'ft
will be re-elected on Tuesday. He
will receive tho support of thereli-
nblo republican states, and gcttijig
these alone will assure him ofa. ma- M
jority in tho electoral college."
Joseph JL Dixon, pregressive: "l
predict a landslide for Roosevelt.
Taft has a chance of carrying only
two states Utah and Wyoming and
he may lose Wyoming. Roosevelt is
sure of California, Colorado, Con
necticut, Idaho. Illinois, Iowa, In
diana, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, v
Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, N4
Hampshire, Now Jersey, New. Yolk,
North Dakota, North CarvTwa.. Ore-.
gon, Pennsylvania, Sowth Dako'n.
Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington
SAN DIEGO, Cal., Nov. 2. Al
though acquitted by u jury on a
charge of murdering Kuthcriuo Toli
vcr, wife of Inventor C. II. Toliver,
Hubert G. Lewis remained .bcliiul
prison burs toduy. District Attorney
Utley declared that Lewis roust also
be tried for Jho tuUrdcr of the worn?
mi's husband. Both wero killed by
Lewis 011 tho night of Muy 25.
The jury held that Lewis was in
sane ul tho time of tho bhooting.
ALBANY, Ore., Nov. 2, Ikcuuso
ho waived preliminary examination,
Ralph Henri' of Newport, who shot
and killed George Dodd at Corvullis
because of alleged alienation of his
wife's affeotioiiB hy Dodd, is being
held hero today oil a ehariie of mur
der in tho first degree.
ment of tho law, I am hoping for
your success. "
This day calls for mon In tho dis
trict attorney's ottico who have back
bone and ability, and behoving you
havo both, you should bo .elected.
With kindest regards and -'best
wishes, I am
Yours sincerely,
Mr. E. E. Kelly,
Medford, Ore.

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