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HfW Hfitorlcal iMfeto
City Hall $
Medford Mail Tribune
' pf, v
Weather Max. fI7j Ml.
1!?. Hhower tonight.
fnrty'iiKPonil Yrnr.
Dully HnvmiUi Vrsr.
NO. 193.
All Previous Methods of Forecasting.
Thrown Into Dlscnrcl All Parties
Claim Victory Bcttlnn Favors Wll
son Prouresslve Strenuth Puzzle.
National Headquarters Deserted,
Most of Managers Golun Home to
NEW YOKIC, Nov. I. Willi nil
pri'viniiH method of forecasting
thinun into tin tliMi'iiril, and the
greatest "rtllt'iit vote"' in llin li1wryV
of lln nnlion lined up in every doubts
fill stiilc, 'ttm presidential election
which will I ii l.o place tomorrow lilili
fair to hung up lecnrdrf in many
ways. For the first time bltico the
1 m HiliKt party wax nit active factor
in Anglican lift there in it third pnr
Iv with n chance. How much it
I'liattiM) oittv I lie count of the votn
xv ill tloloniiliU. Hut the fact that nt
tin head of the national progrcsMivo
pailv Is Coloni'l Theodore HoohvcII,
finned for hirt luck, ami that it has
nn active working organization in
every Mit I it, makes i it moil potent
factor in tlut result. Bhoithl thorn he
a democratic InmlhltnY, an linn been
claimed by tint niaiiaKciH of that par
ty nml xeeinlnglv indicated hv news,
paper poll in initiiv localities, then
llie prityiCHhivo organization may
Iimh the chance of capturing the reg
ular repnhliean orgiinirntlnii in many
of lint Male.
The lust won! eitme from the rnm-
personally belieyo the situation war
ratilK (heir cnthtiNiiiin in known oittv
to themselves, Iml the most cnlhttsi
f ti party man cannot romplaln
over the modesty of the individual
malingers. Vet masked behind the
claims is" the admission privately of
at leiikt two of lu inauiiircrH that
their piddle utterance reflect more
of a hope tliuii anvlhinu' cle. They
miv that the impossibility of solving
the "ilent" has Iiopii ho impressed on
(Continued on prku 3.)
POHTIiANt), Ore., Nov. .-l!n-coiiruKod
hy tlto mtcceKit of tho wo
men of California, Idaho mid Wntdf
liiKton In obtalnliiK Iho ballot, the
anffniKottOH of Oregon today liavo
every reaiion to bolluvo that tho
mnoidnuut to tho statu coiiHtlltitlou
crutttltiK thorn tho ballot will carry
at tomorrow'H uluctlon. Tho Tnxpny
crn' I.onKiie, of Portland, however, a
fairly good hnrometer In piiHt oloo
tlooun, doea not urso tho votern In
thlrt partlnitlar ono way or tho other,
on account of utronnoiiH onpoHltlon
to Hiiffmiio coining from many ipinr
tniH, nomo from tho women them-
Tho Hiiffiaiie cnmpnlKit, directed
hy Mi-0, AhlKitll Scott Dtinnwny, al
thoiiKlt containing Ichh hue mid cry
thun tho WimlilnKton and California
eampalmiH, liaa been a thorough mid
piiliintakliiK one, Tho defeat of tho
mmtBtiro 1m itonorally concede, how
over, on nccouut of tho Ktmid of tho
Tuxpnyoru I.oai;iio here, mid tho
Konornt Ittdlffcronco thrntiKhoiit tho
Htnto toward tho cnmpalmi,
Tho copy of iho ballot printed in tho .Mail Tribuno
oonininoe n typographical error in stating voto for
two candidates for short tonn county commissioner.
K sliould road, voio Tor ono. .Don't voto for two -it
will Invalidate your voto upon this office.
Copy of ballot can bo obtained at Mail Tribune of
fice or at Mayor's offico, Jackson County bank building-
Mark your sample ballot before entering tho polls.
Tt will save time. .
Main Force of Oalkans Army Com
manded hy Czar Ferdinand Is Bat
(linn With Sultan's Troops In Sub
urbs of Constantinople.
Rumors That Defeated Turks Are
Belnn Driven From Fortifications,
a Disorganized Mass.
SOI'IA, Nov. i. Tint mnln foree
of IlulKnrlti'n nrmy roinmutiricd by
Czar I'e nil n nml Ik htittlltiK with tint
Bnltitit'n troops In the suburbs of
CoiiNtmillnople, aeeonlliiK to advice
received Intro totluy. Tint attack on
tin) tout linn of Turkish ilcfoiiMfH.
which cross the peninsula nt Kara
lluriiii on Hid lllttck Ken, ruiiuliu;
through Chntnljn to Hlllvrl on the
Him of Mitrniora, wns iHarlett at
The can In re of ('otiHlautlnopIc by
tint Unlearn, It In expected here,
will he accomplish)!! licforo iho Turk
IhIi commanders can re-orK.inUe Uielr
retreatliiK forces. The suburb of
C'oiiutnntliinph' are directly behind
tlut fotlllcnilous nt Chntnlja.
VIKNNIA, Nov. 4. Terrific flKht
liiK between tho TurkH under Narlin
I'mihn and tho vlctorlotiH HnlKam In
lit proKr today nt tho very kiUch
of CoiiMtmittnnple, which luiddn the
city tho wlldcHt rlotlitK Ih endanger
ItiK tho itafnty of ttm Cbrlxtlnn poptt
Intlon, according to reportH just re
ceived hero from tho Utilitarian
Latest ndvlccn went that the Ilul-
titicntionii at unntaija ana rumors
nnt current that their" attack wan
Miiccciuftil mid that tho defeated
Turku are hclnt; driven, a dluorsan
tzed mnHii, Into the capital,
It U nUo reported that tho rlotliiR
In Comttnntlnoplo followed an at
tempt by the mob to elze food, tho
Koverumcitt hnvlntt commandered at
inoHt the whole tmpply of edlblcn lu
the city. It Ih tutld tho uiobn threat
en to overcome the weakened Kr
rUon, and If It la true, It In feared
here that a ceiternl inasnacre will re
NOKKOl.K, Vo Nov. 4. HoulilitK
Hhelter from a terrific uale which
mink tho three miiMted Hehooner John
Mnxwoll, half it dozen vchbcIh nru In
the harbor at Hampton HoadH to
day. Tho Norwegian slonmor Nore
tiKit waH KerloiiHly ditmnKed hy tho
Htorin. The battluuhlp Mluneuotn Ih
ntaudltiK by thu hiiIIIiik Rhlp Olcnlul,
whtelt was alno d manned In thu cale.
It lit reported that the Norcmia Is
oft thu Virginia enpen, hero hold
filling with wator.
CI.RVUI.ANI), Ohio, Nov. 4. Kn
route to Clncluiintt totluy PrcHldenf
Taft mado sovoral stopH and upoko
briefly on evory occasion,
Urging overyono to voto, tho pres
ident lidded: "I urn not hero to
in a ko a political nneoch hocittiKo
your liilndH nro mndo up by thlH
Tho prosldont will ronoh Cincin
nati this ovonlng, wltoro ho will ro
colvo tho oleuttoit roturiiH.
? N 1,1' 'SOii hi ,"''" Ki"v 4fo
r. S. K -"V -A. j i Z.
" ..eji t. rv vi-iii tj
.ludge CroxM'll to Judge Dunn
Mr. Dunn: Arc yon in favor of
liuildiiig county htidgos on county
roads where bridge nre needed
Then why nro you hileut ns to the
new Medford bridge i
Why did yon let your friend How-
era delay tho county btidgo on the
county road over Hoar creek in Med-
Are you in favor of keeping tho
fruit inspection service of Jackson
county up to its present high stan
dard 7
Ah n director of thu First National
bnuk of Medford, why lire you mt
liiKoniiing Medford'.s tights nnd in
terests t
You did nothing for thu public
roadh of tho upper Hogue river dur
ing tho A yearn yon wero county
judge would yon servo them in the
same way again, if elected, now?
What Miiglo thing of public benefit
did you ever otiginato while you wore
county judge before f ,
You can't iniino any for yon were
simply n "drifter" and not u "doer"
of tilings, Thnt -is why you were
called ".snfo." Isn't this true, Mr.
I voted for you before, but I won't
do it agnin, Mr. Dunn. Do you know
why, Mr. Dunn? If you i)o, explain
it to (ho public, Mr. Dunn.
Yours very truly,
Medford, Nov, 'J.
NKW YORK, Nov. -1. With Cnun
dinn Hacifio down u point uenrly till
the leading htookrt oxtiept tho Dill is
ue.s wero lower nt tho opening of
tho stock market hero todny. Frac
tional loHsi'8 wero recorded in St.
Paul, Southern Pnoific, Steel nnd
Amalgamated Copper, Trading was
very light,
CoiiHidoriiblo, apathy was notice
able in tho market today due to thu
uenrnesH of tho president inl election.
Townvds noon after IiuhIiichs had
remained in u rather Htiitioiiary con
dition, St. Pmil (mil Hill issittm hIiow
ed omo nctlvo fcnturcrt nnd firm
Hess, Aronoy opened nt 7 per cent.
Tho market closed firm.
Bonds wero oiiby,
Judge Crowell to Mr. Dunn
Jttdgtj Outiii to Judge Crowell
To Jfr, Crnwell: Auswerint; your
jiniptirivs in the Medford Tribune, let
inc Mty thnt 1 nm in favor of building
bridges on county roaiN where
bridges nre needed.
I nm not Hente-n Bowers' keeper,
legnl ndvier or malinger, nnd nm not
rcsiwnsiblc for hw nets or conduct
either with respect to tho Medford
bridge or nny other of his acts.
Tho question of tho liability of the
county for the const ruction of the
Medford bridge ishefore tho supreme
court nnd what that body determines
is the duty of the county in regn id
thereto I assume will be carried out.
I nm in favor of strict, rigid nod
adequate fruit inspection.
As ii director of the First National
bank of Medford, I am, mid have til
ways worked for, the upbuilding of
the city of Medford mid intend to
continue so to do, whether elected
county judgo or not.
It in true that I did not do as much
for the upper Rogue river roads ns 1
desired to, duriu;iiiy administration,
but it wns because there were so
many impassible roads nearer the
center of population, that tho funds
nt my coiniuund wero exhausted.
Judge Ciowell, if )on had built it few
permanent roads during your admin
istrntiou 1 could havo done more for
tho outlying distiicts.
Wo built somo roads into Medford
ono south, one toward Jackson
ville, ono towittd Kuglo Point (the
one you built of straw when you were
county judge). Now, honest, judge,
isn't tliis true?
Now, judge, if I wns ''simply n
drifter" nnd "not u doer" when 1
was county judge, why did you so
strenuously mid ardently support me
for re-election four years ngo? Do
you want to nckaowledgo now that
you bo fur forgot your duty ns an
American citizen that you supported
for public offico of re-election n
Yes, Mr, Crowell, I know why you
won't voto for nto for county judge.
It is not u matter of vital or public
iniportauco how you vote, but sinco
you hnvo naked, tho question nnd
Hceni to think tho public nro tip-tne-iit"
to see how you vote on my candi
dacy, 1 will tell yon and tho public
also. It is beeausn I, us u director
of tho First National bank of Med
ford, Oregon, voted to change tho
nuinngemont of tho First National
bank deposing you as mnnager of the
bank and (.'looting Mr. Alford in your
rwtw TfAtU
H.4.W -.. -.
Judge Crowell to Judgo 'Dnnn
To Mr. Dunn: !.ook across the
page nt the questions I nke.d you
Saturday, nnd note that while your
attempted reply possesses some un
kind remarks of me, yet your answers
nro not candid but evasive, partly
duo to the mental methods of the
Medford attorney who composed
,our reply. Will you endeavor to be
more candid in making your answer
to those questions, nnd theso addi
tional "new ones?
Remember that I nm not on trial,
but thnt your former administration
of the judgeship and yourself nre the
questions nt issue. Have yon the
business' experience nnd training,
the knowledge of systematic meth
ods, tho breadth of mind, the ability
to learn, const met, and execute the
intricate business affairs thnt con
front nn cxecutho and judicial office
in the large and growing affairs of u
progressive community like Jackson
When you wore judge, why did you
neglect to build the bridges needed
over the Roguo river nt Woodville,
Gold Hill, nnd Reese creek, nnd thus
compel Judge Neil to mnko tho outlay
for these needed improvements?
When you wero judge, why did you
sit still in your office for four years
instead of going over tho county to
find where road improvements wero
needed, whore bridges wore unsafe,
and whore orchardists wore getting
full protection?
Why didn't you answer about Med
ford'.s county bridge and telj us why
you neglected to call off tho captain
of your campaign, Denton "Dowers,
from delaying its building? You say
you nro Medford's friend. Why didn't
you show n little of your friendship
in this bridge nintter? A friend in
need is n friend indeed.
Why don't you como out, Mr. Diiiitt
like a candid man, and answer my
questions, and say in plain blunt
words, like these I addressed to you,
"Yes I will protect the orchard in
terests, and keep up tho present ef
ficient inspection system." Your pre
tended answer is no nnswer. It ex
cites just suspicion thnt you intend
to destroy tho present fino system of
orchard inspection, but that ym
havo not the courage to pay fo now.
Why ditl county expanses iuoreuse
every your that you wero judge? The
figures below wore taken from tho
circular which you distributed to se
cure tho nomination, tho samp cir-
i mi ii. . i , ,
(Continued on Page i)
Signers State That Matter Was Pre-pared-Before
Experts Had Gone
Over County Books and Reported
and That It Was Only for Primary
None of Signers Consulted or Asked
About Use of Same In Present
That the circular tent out by G.
W. Dunn to Jackson county voters,
signed by T. E. Pottencer, E. It.
Catman, F. It. Amy and O. C. Gar
rett was unauthorized by the signers
nnd use! !y Mr. Dunn without their
knowledge or consent is the state
ment that the signers themselves
make. The circular was sent out
agelnat the candidacy of P. E. Mer
rick at the April primaries and re
prntcd by Mr. Dunn without author
ization. Mr. Oatman Is open In advocacy
of Colonel Tott Velle's candidacy. Mr,
Pottenger and Mr. Amy still support
Mr. Dunn and Mr. Garrett says that
be did not authorize the publication
of his name thereto In this cam
paign and that publication of the
document at this time was not of his
volition. Mr. Garrett would not
have signed this statement as the ex
porting of the county books up to
July, 1912, and the report of two
grand Juries, as well as other facts
not of an official character, put a
new face on the issues thatwere not
apparent In the spring primaries.
It 1b also discovered that the
signers ot theI)jitataeatAatnri&&.
did not" originate the document, that'
It was prepared by the Dunn mana
gers and It was made to appear to the
signers that It was to Contain the
names of many citizens and it was
not realized until after publication
that these few names were being
singled out backing a statement the
full value ot and meaning of which
they knew only what was presented
to them.
As far as the fall campaign Is con
cerned the signers were not con
sulted. It was not given out for
public print In the fall campaign
and the first known of its use was
Its circulation through the county in
Mr. Dunn's letter.
SALEM, Ore., Nov. 4. Frank
Kelly and Walter Davis, both serving
terms of from two to five years, for
burglary, sawed their way out of Uic
kitchen at the state penitentiary here
Inst night, scaled the walls of the
prison and mado their escape. A
posse is scouring the surrounding
country, but is yet without results.
Tho men wero employed as trusties
in tho kitchen. The escape wns made
between the counting of tho men.
Tho convicts took advantage of a
rniny night which made it impossible
to track them. Kelly is a youth of
nineteen years and wns sent to the
penitentiary from Douglns county.
Davis is thiity-ifivo yeurs old and is
from Union county. The escapo is
the second by sawing through tho
bars in the last venr. The former
escape was captured in Seattle in
April urtor having eluded tho ofti
cors for five months.
Tho Mail Tribiuio has mado arrangements to secuvo
f ul election returns from all sections of Jackson county
by telophono Tuesday nigilt and will remain open all
night, whilo its United Press leased wire, supplied by
trained nows gatherers over tho entire country will
furnish national returns.
A huge stereopticon lantorn has been installed and
a hugo screen will bo mounted directly opposito tbo
Mail Tribune office. On this screen will bo thrown
bulletins of tho returns.
Do not telophono to tho offico for results as tho
lino will be very busy throughout tho night.
Postal telegraph bulletins will also bo displayed nt
tho Nash hotel and tho "Western Union bufletins'at
tho Hotel Medford,
Great Gains Made by frank L. Tey
Velle Much Money Is Wagered M
Result With Dunn Men Now Seek
ing Odds.
Clean Campaign on Part of Qemscra
' tic Nominee Meets With the Apfrt
val of Electors.
Ilnvins: done everything possible
for their respective "rntjses tho nn
didntcs for local nndfdistrict offices
will rest tonight nnd awnit the out
come of. the balloting Tuesday, ntar
one of the hottest campaigns con- '
ducted in .Inckson county. Every
office has been hotly contested, there
having been workers out for the na
tional, state, county nnd precinct
Every indication points nt this
time to the defeat of George W. Dunn
of Ashland for county judge -by
Frank L. Tou Velle. Mr. Ton Velle
has made great gains throughout the
county during the past HO days until
what was thought to be nil almost
impossible result has now been ac
cepted ns the probable one. The cam
paign for county judge has been ono
of the wnrme-it of the local fights
nnd overshadows everyother content
in interest. Considerable money tyiu"
been offered during the past ifeiv
days on Tou Velle to win with but
very few takers. What bets havo
beeaLlJULvalwevMUbly -been
due to" odd's'r"flffrBdir Du'nii b
not considered longer A good even
rrioney proposition. ' ' t
Many for Toa Velle
While Mr. Tou Velle hns bepn very
active in his tour of the county htv
has refrained from doing nny mud
slinging during the campaign. This
however did not mean that he would
allow the friends and advocates of
Mr. Dunn to nccuse him of crooked
ness, one attempt of that kind mett
int; with n prompt responso on the
(Continued on Page G.)
LONDON', Nov. 4. Whether fo
advise to directly attack tho Balkan
allies for peace is u question thnt Ih
beiuj; discussed today from every
point of view by diuomats here- Tho
European powers do not desire to at
tempt force against the allies to end
the war, realizing thnt Russia would
take sides with tho allies in sucji nn,
It is generally believed hero that
if the Stiltnu will ask for terras tho
powers will supervise tho negotia
tions and see that the' allies do not
grab too much territory. Eveu Aus
tria, it is believed, would participate
in such nn arrangement. The only
danger in this plan in the possibility
that tho allies might try to get tho
territory that Austriit wants. In thnt
eno Austria plight decaro wnr on
the allies and sioze the desired terri
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