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Map Showing Medford Voting Precincts for General Election
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Learning (tint Abo timber one of tho
republican machine loaders of New
York, had Advised his follower to
imimnrt Wilson "Jf Un'y don't feel
like voting tho republican ticket'
Colonel Koosevolt today issued a
redhot denunciation of Grulicr. de
claring 'ln;R',adlco proves positively
that lhre Is an Alliance of the Now
York republicans and democrats, as
he bis hitherto charged.
'.Orubervs attitude." said Roose
elt,!,"illu'8lratc8 anew what Is shown
by tho conduct of Penrose, Names,
Crane and the other republican
bosses. They haven't tho slightest
expectation of winning and their sole
purpose la to Indirectly aid the demo
crats to beat tho progressives. Fi
nancier and bosses of this type are
really-non-partisan. If they can't
keep control of their own party they
consider it next best to put the
democratic bosses In control."
Roosevelt speaks at Mlncola this
afternoon and tonight will wind up
his campaign by an address here.
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The iiall at the 'Kat Sunday evening
wns -packed to overflowing when
Kev. Edilh Booker or St. lxiuis de
livered licr suffraRe addre. Tlio
speech was one of. the nblet ever
hcanl in Medford the sneaker ure
senljnj: her cmwe in a different light
and scoring heavily with each ndint.
Starting with the text "I commend to
thee Thoebe, our sister," from St
Paul, Mr. Booker took up Biblicnl
and profane history to show the pre
cedent for woman's Tijjht to an equal
oice in .Rovernment. Mr. Hooker
ncnks ns one inspired mid made n
lasting irapreSion.
PHOENIX, Arli.. Nor. A .With
complete organisation in every coun
ty of the state suffrage leaders to
diur declare that voles for women
wlll carry at the polls tomorrow.
The strongest, .allies of suffrage
for women "'In Arizona Is the .West-,
era Federation of Miners, which is
a power in state politics, controlling,
it icjielleved, more than 4,000 votes.
All the party platforms favor equal,
suffrage afor Arizona, but the demo
crats and republicans havo made
little effort to present the issue.
BOSTON. Nov. 4. Tlmt the com
injr innrrinse of Mr. Clrover Cleve
land iufrt Professor Thomrts U. Pres
ton is iorfectlv sntisfapton- to him.
is the statement here lodnv of Rich-
aril Kolseoni Cleveland, son of the
bride lo he.
Young Cleveland, who is a student
at Phillips Kveter Academy, declared
he i kCd his prospective step-father
verv Iniioli.
TOPBKA, Kans., Nov. 4. That
Kansas will fall In line with other
states In giving the ballot to women
was the confident prediction of suff
rage leaders here today who assert
that the amendment will be adopted
by 30,000 majority. The suffra
gettes arc well organized in all but
eight counties of the state, and
there will be an active worker sta-
tioned at all the polling places to
The women workers, It was esti
mated today, had delivered '2000
speeches during the campaign, cov-
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I'liuft xu,uuu uuitra ul itriruuij ';
automobile. "
It is believed, however, with the
aid of the .federation of miners and 'not he re-elected.
the socialist's, the suffrage measure
will easily carry In this state.
COLUMBUS, Ohio, Xov. 4.Tlie
odds that Woodrow WiNou, democra-i
tic nominee for president will be
elected range from one to ten here
today and bets of ten to one are also
being offered that James M. Cox,
democrat, will be elected governor of
Een money i offered that Taft
will run second in Ohio and one bet
was made at lli to 1 that Taft would
(Continued froniFago Ono)
them Mih t they have just' taken known
possibility, added to it a general av
erage of other figures and then made
public -what they hope will ho the
Nutional headquarters of the big
political parties are deserted here
today. All the muior employes left
Saturday and only the big chief re
main. Some pf the headquarter arc
uliwidy .packing up their furniture
ready for the final exodus.
All tlic political manager reiterat
ed ttoijny thejr Saturday forecasts
President Tjift will receive the elec
tion retuniN at Cincinnati; Governor
Wilson nt Princeton, ntul Colonel
Roosevelt at O.vster Bny.
Republican headquarter;; heie will
he entirely deserted tomorrow night,
mo$l of the managers going home to
Chairman William If. MoCombs
npd William Q, McAdop have prom
ised to make brief iils to demo-
crntie headquurtciv.
rjenntor Joseph M. TJixon, George
Perkins, Governor Johnson and
Frank A. Munsey will bo at progres
sive hendqunrters heie tomorrow
niunt. Governor Johnson will make
luVlnet speech of the campaign nt
Hpringfield, Muss, tonight,
1 M! (Whrsler Dlrs at Salem
Mii Snrah Whislor, sistqr of C. K.
Wldslcr, of tills clfy, died at Salem,
Oreou, Friday night.
Tlie'rwnulus -were brought loMcd
forfl S")y aftoruopu on train No.
35 and Jfuuorul servict'8 wore held at
theiOdd Fellows cemetery immediate
Jy following (ho arrival of tho train.
Mr. Wkinler, who accompauied tile
Jwiii8 here, was met nt tho depot
Jiy a great intmher of the niemberK of
BHl.GRADK, Nov, 4. The corning
session of ilio national assembly will
adopt a bill itrovidiug for Hie an
nexation of the captured districts of
Novinuzur. Kohhovo. Kiiiunnovn. 11k.
ICMwil lodao of KlkH of this clly and Jam. Velos. liiliond and Dibia. nc-1
vtfa accompanied lo tho cemetery by cording to Bcmi-officinl nniinunco
hi. ment hero today. '
Weddinq Bells
B. R. 3IeCahV,a practicing attor
ney of this city,' and Corn Ilotaling
were married at tho residence of
Jlr. and 3frs. J. If. Carkin of South
Ornngo streets, on Siinilav, Xovem
lier JJ, 1012, Rev. K. 0. Eldridge of
ficiating. Only a few of the immediate,
friend nnd relative vere in attend
ance at, the wedding. Atter the cere-,
mony a splendid dinner was served
after which the happy couple took1
the evening train for Portland where
the groom hns- law busiiavrt to attend
to and where they will isit for a few
The groom had previously built
and furnished a beautiful hungnlow
nt 310 Portland avenue, in Huh city,
and in which they will take up their
residence after their return from the
north. Mrs. McCabc j'k a sister of
Mr. J. II. Carkin and has resided in
Medford about a year. Mr, McCabe
bus been a practicing attorney in
thin city for a number of yearn with
offices in tho Gurnelt-Corey block.
Edwin Howard Janney and Sarah
Denlson Rellay were married by the
Rev. W. F. Shields, pastor of tho
Presbyterian church, at the home of
Mrs. C. II. Oennlston of West Main
street In this city on Sunday, Novem
ber 3, at 2:30 o'clock.
Only tho near relatives of tho
couple witnessed tho ceremony. Mrs,
Janney is ono of (Medford's fine
young ladles, and a niece of Mrs;
Dcnulston. Mr. Janney Is a young
business' man of our city, his bust
less being that of an abstractor;
They will mako their homo ou West
Mala street and all their friends wish
them evory possible happiness,
Cut ifhis 'Out and Take It to
the Polls With You Election Day
How to rote on various initiative and referendum measures iikiii tlm
X 305 No.
X 307 No.
X 300 No.
X 311 No.
After cntefut consideration of the measures on the ballot, the Mail
Tribune advises as follows
X 300 Yes. Equal suffrage.
X 303 'No. Creating office of lieutenant-governor.
Divorce oflocnl and state taxation amendment.
Permitting different tax rates on classes of properly.
Jlepcnl county tax option.
Majority rule on constitutional amendments.
X 312 Yck. Double liability on hank stockholders. Amendment.
X 314 Yes. Statewide public utilities regnlnlfon. Referendum.
X 318 Yes. CVentim; Cascade county.
X 320 Yes. Millage tax for University nnd Agricultural college.
X 323 No. Majority rule ou initiated laws.
X 325 No. County bonding nnd road construction nct.l Grange Bill.
X 32(3, Yes. Creating slate highway department. Grange bill.
X 328 Yes. Changing date stnte printer bill becomes effective.
X 331 No. Creating office of hotel inspector.
X 332 Yes. Eight hour day on public works. ' '
X 334 Yes. Blue Sky law. '
X 330 -Yes. Prohibiting private employment of convicts.
X 338 Yes. Relating to employment of county and cityJirisouers.
X 340 Ych. State road bonding act.
"X 343 No. Limiting state road indebtedness.
X 345 No. County bonding act. Harmony hill. s,
X 347 No. Limiting county road indebtedness. Jlnrmonyinmemhnent.
X 318 Yes. Providing method for consolidating cities and creating now
counies. "
Income tux amendment.
Tax exemption on household effect.
Tn.x exemption on moneys- and oredits.
Revising inheritajx'e tax laws.
Equitable freight rate bill.
Home Rido Toad bill.
X 302 Ych. Aboliohing state senate.
X 371 No. Atiti-Freo Speech bill.
X 372. Yes. Appropriation for university. Referendum.
X 374. Yea. Appropriation for university. Rofoiendum.
X 377 No. Taxpayers bank scheme.
Where to Vote Tuesday
If you llvo east of Hear creek and
north of Main fit rout jou llvo In Med
ford North Hast precinct and should
vote at the Pacific & KuHtcrn depot
If jou lire cast of Hear creek
and south of Main street you live
In Medford South Kitst precinct and
should voto nt fi2S ICast Main street.
If ou llvo nest of Hear crcnl; and
east of the Southern Pacific trucks
and north of Main street ou live In
Medford 'North Central precinct and
should vote at tho city ball.
If jou llvo west of Bear crcok
nnd east of tho Southern Pacific
tracks nnd south of Main street you
llvo in Medford south Central pro
duct and should vote at 218 KaHt
Main or Hoyden's former placo of
If you llvo went of tho Southern
PaclfU tracks and north of Main
street you llvo In Mnlford North
Main precinct and should nto nt
Smith's Hall, one block north of
Main street on Ornpo street.
If you live west of the Southern
Pacific tracks and cant of Laurel
street or South King street, nnd sdutb
of Main street you llvo In Oakdalu
precinct and should vote nt 217
West Main, a storn room formerly
occupied by IJIIcrs.
If jou llvo west of Ladrul street
or South King street, and south of
Main Street you live fin Medford
South Main peclttct and should voto
nt (5 0.1 W. Main. ..
ranr u ' iui zns
I'lrnlj of 'I lieui In Mcdforil, mill
(ood IteiiHon for It
X 350 Yes.
X 352 Yes.
X 355 No.
X 357 No.
X 358 .Yes.
X 300 Yes.
Klcmeiitnl tax bill.
a .iuz xcn. AMouoiiing state senate.
X 304 Yes. Graduated tux measure along singlo lax lines.
X 300 Yes. Abolishing capital punishment. -iff
X 300 No. Prohibiting boycotting. ft
fit MM 'W"f ! HUH! Mi. I'M H"ffr4"M Hi-H-
"We'havo'tlife'fincst lot of ferns ever grown in Metl-
ford. Prices arc Tight.
Cut flowers that are fresh, Bulbs, Kohg Uushes
a fine line.
Bhone3241. - ,923 E. Main
4frfM"M H M I i I W 4"-84--H--h4 I M X
. . "Therms jj nd .hqre's n but ,
that don't spell anything. Wonder what it's gom' to
'be; what Is It Bill?"
C,'slandsyfor glt otA of tho way,' and S'
means ''spare the rod and spoil the child's that's what
It's goli,' to 1m."
Wouldn't nny woman lm bnppy,
After years of backache mifforltiK.
Days of mliory, nights of unrost,
The diittrcMi of urinary rlouhlus,
When slut finds freedom.
Many readers, Mill pnfflt 'by tho
follewing: '
Mrs. Juno Savoy, 1023 Ninth St
Medford, OrcKon, says; "I first
iikiI Du.tn'H Ktduuy Pills while II v
Idk In Idaho. I had suffered a Kteat
deal from kidney trouble, nnd until
hilt seoiuod to help me, l bud In
teiiHO pnliis In my buek, hips ntnHtlil
neys, when I started iihlng Donn'ii
Kidney Pills, but was soon relieved
and finally cured by this remedy,"
Tlui nbovo statement must carry
conviction to tho mind of every read
or, Don't simply nslc for a kidney
remedy ask distinctly for Donti'n
Kidney Pills, tho nnmo that Mm.
Sovey had tho remedy hacked by
homo testimony, nnc all stores.
PoHter-Mllbiiru Co., Props., Buffalo,
N. Y.
"When Your Hack Is Lame Re
member tho Name."
Jacksonville Brick and
Tile Company;
Examine our gootls and got dur prices before Inlying
Elsevvhpro. , , ,
S 2 r(M-. Ititliw NrW OHI.IANJ
iilnch. W,t uuil mi.
llHUlliiirr .lpriuu I In
riiiieilurlii I r. (ill,.
I rn. in
IUI) Powell St., Snn Francisco, Cal
or local aKont.
Skin On fire ?
I." - t
Just tlln mild, slmnlo wash, ho -weli
known ll).P. J'resorljulon rur ICcxwina,
ami tlio Ite i Ih tront.
A trial will prove it.
W have sola otlior ronimllcH for nUIn
troutiln tint iioiiu Unit wn coulit ituuiiiii.
tf-u iim we can the U.D.IJ rnmml), ir
tho I rst rcuiilnr slxo 1i0 lioltlc iluen
net do lauolly uu wu ouy, it will not
wist von. a eeiil
Wo parry 1i very domhlote llns'of
driiDorlon, Ineu ourtnliiM, nvtures, ato.
mat do ull oIiinshm of unliolslerlmr. A
upcolul itiun to look after tills work
exaliiNlvuly ntul will Klva au Hood
eorvloo ns Is iiosiilblo
urn mrcm eitius,
uet In oven
Wookfl & McGtowan Oo.
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