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Medtord Mail Tribune
Weather Mat, lilt MI".
27. Hliowcr tonight.
rt)rly(aiid Tonf.
Dully Hnvmith Yciir.
cs i-.u j..--I:.-
Wins Out In County by 313 Votes
These Flrjures Will Bo Changed, If
nt All, Only Sllulitly When Official
Count Is Made.
Complete, returns from Jankaou
county kIvo Frank I. Tou Vollo for
county Jmluo n mnjorlty of 313 vote.
ovor (loorgn W. Dunn. TIiobo fig
ure nru believed to lio correct Itut
Ihn official count tuny change tliom
allghtty, Tint vote on Judgo stands
JU 00 for Ton Vullo, mill 2203 for
Clarence Itcamo linn tlio ilUtlne
tlon of most decisively defeating !
opponent. In Juckaon county with
Flounce. Hock, a small precinct to
hour from bo Iium n loud of 1.138
ovor C. 12. WhUlor. In Douglas
M m
county ho lost by aliout 400 making
IiIh election an fa by H00 or 900 Tlio
voto In Jackaou county now stand
a 7 4 n for Itoamea, H07 for Whlslor,
Judgo K. K. Kelly defeated Her
bert lluniin ntioiit an bndly. llo linn
a lead of 1.113 ovor 1 latum with
Klouonueo Itock only to hear front.
Kolly lout JoHcphlno by aliout ISO
vntoa. Tito voto hero was Kelly
. 2K43, llnutia. 1020.
John A. Wcatorluiid and John
Carkin havo biou elected to tho
legislature, defeating ltnrkdull and
DoArttioud. 'Ilio total voto lit: Writ
i-rlund. 1033; Carkln, IN45; Ilark
ilull. 175; l)oArniond, 1700.
W. O. Loovur Is elected county
eoiniiiinhlonor for Tour yours ovor
George Lyman by 1137 majority. Tho
. olcoinplto,luiiil, Loovor, 2485:
Lyman? J trill,
J. O. Smith la commissioner for
two )carn winning ovur W. C. Daley
bv 209 votes. George, II. Millar
socialist of thla city wan In thla rnco
and received r.00 more ballnta than
tho head of tits ticket. Tho voto
ntoed: Smith, 20ae: Daloy, 1721:
Millar, 083.
George (innlunr of Talent do
f.Mlcd W, II. Miller for county rlork
by 350 votes, llo received 2309 to
AiiKHkt I). Hlnglor doclHlvoly de
feated Wilbur Jonoa having a load
of S28 votes. Tho voto wan 2000
to 1871.
Frod Col v Ik was ro.oloeled conn
ly rocordor defeating Itohort L. Tay
lor by f33 voles. Colvlg, 20 H;
Taylor 1581.
J. -M. Croiitmilller defeated IaiwIs
Ulrlch by 11 voto of 3515 to 1832.
W. T. Grlovn waa ro-olcctod aa
sensor by avotn of 2257 to 2138
ovor Martin McDouoiigh.
A. i:. Kellogg for tho fourth (Into
wan nlactod coroner defeating W. W.
UnMlior by u voto of 2208 to 1818.
Glenn O. Taylor wan ro-eloctod
Justice of tho poaco by a voto of
008 to 708.
Hnnkln Estos was vlctorloua ovor
John Bollinger by a voto of 011 to
POIITLAND, Oru., Nov. 7, Tho
umull of thu woman uuffraRo auiuiid
inunt U titlll In doubt, nltliouKh iuill
culloiiH tiro Hint It will carry by leuu
than 1000.
Tho oarllmil reimrls to tho of
' font that Portland voted down tho
iiipaHiiru heavily, whllu tho real of tho
, Hluto wuh luiiliitHlnliiB II by u hMkIu
' inarKlit of votoH atlll uoom to hold
Kood anil tho (luoatlon now la will
tho I mid In tho roitmlmlor of the
, ntato ovoitoiiio tho udverao voto In
Portland and eoiitlBuoua territory.
SAN DIKflO, Cnl., Nov. 7. Wil
liaiu Kettner, dumoemi, in reeelvinu;
ooiiKnituliitloim today 011 hin victory
ovor B, O. Kvuiih, proBroHwlvo vepuli
lioaii, in tlio rttoo for uoucrroyauiun
from tho olovontli dlHtriut. With r'J
out of thu 480 pruuiuutH iniaHiuK tho
voto for ilio whole district wuh:
Koiiuer va,oo8. mm 30,194,
Practically Complete Returns in
Jackson County Give Wilson 1076,
Roosevelt 1280, Taft 713, Debs 474
and Chapln 135.
Woodrow Wilson curried Jackson
county by 11 imii-Kii of about 700
voles over Roosevelt. Practically
complete returns nl noon today give
Wilson I7(I, Roosevelt 1280, Tuft
7i:i, Debs 171, Cliapln 135.
Jouiilliiiu Bourne, Jr., carried Jack
Mu comity for United Stairs senator
defeating Tlurry Lane by fit) I. Hell
ing wiih u very poor third. Tim re
titriiH prnotioally oomploto iivo
llounio 1II0K, Lam) MI7, Hollin- ODO.
Clark I'JO.
Kobort (I. .Sulitli of Jiickhou ootiu
(y probably lout the oounty by 11
narrow margin with vnn than 100
oton to hoar from V. ('. Iltiwlcy it
loaillni' I1I111 ly 72 viilcri. The -vote
hliiiulH W. C. Iltiwlcy j:7.rl Smith
Tlio vole for ncorotiirv tf ntato
hliiiidn, praollrally oemploto: Olcott
U2.-0, Itymi n:i(l, Konnr.ly (1.I.
I. I). Moikle roooivoil i!0U." vole,
for Hairy hii-1 food ooiumihbioiior ami
(). II. I.cn nox
lll'DAI'KKT. Nov. 7. ICafiiccvH
urrijjnK 1,-0 from t5CMlni,Ajl)Hiilnr
"wliiiifi Villi in holding out titruiust' the
iuvcKtiiic Montcuc)riii nnuy, Miy tho
city is Hhmly ulutviii. IlotU miI
dicrH and iioucomhtilault tiro lim
it od to ti hjiikIo tpcnl n day. and HiIk
iiutiHihta only or rion and witter. All
the cntllo, ahoop, hornc and dort
lmvo hocu Heizod by tho Tnrkixh mili
tary nuthoritioH and all private ntorcs
lmvo boon ooinmitndoorod to enable
tho rcrtiMiuieo to the ChriMtiniiH to ho
iMiatpouod (o tho Iiiht doKporale ptsp.
To add to tho prtwatioiis of the
Tiirkihh dofcndorM, the wouthor is bit
torly oold and fuel in hourly becom
iiiK' scarcer, il trees and hlirulis
in tlio city already luiviui been
burned. All tho bliow are closed,
and there i not n mi n; con in Sou
I art,
The irfuKOfK nay Ilio Mouloneniih
tire keeping up n Kloady bombard
iiiout day and tiicht.
HIOUX IWLL3, S. I)., Nov. 7.
Itooaevolt la ahown today to havo a
plurality In South Dakota of about
5000, In oatlmittoa baaed on tho ro
porta from half tho countlca In tho
atato. Twonty-olght of tho alxty-ono
countloa glvo Itooaovolt, 21,008: Wll
aott, 21,207.
Tho roturna on tho govoruoralilp
flRht aro alow In comlug In and the
result Ih atlll In doubt.
SAN FllA,NClSCO, Nov. T. Who.
tlinr California's electoral voto will
bu oast for Wilson or Itnoauvelt for
president of the United States do
vulopmeuta today indicate may take
mi official count to deuido.
Claims this nl'turnoon by tho pro
gressives of Los AngeloH county, a
ItooHuvelt stronghold, if sustained by
developments, indicate, that tho re
suit will bo very close. Willi moro
than 700 prcoinelH of tho oounty'ri
7'J7 repoilod, tlio progressive figuros
gSvo ltooHo'c!t 8r,f00 MuUl Wilson
o.V-OJ. Tills in u plurality of 20,1105
votcH, which, it ia believed, will bu
nearly If not quite, sufficient to off
set -tho load of Wilson north of To
liuolutpl Pass, and may throw the
Ntato to thu former president,
Itotunis tiro, still slowly soopiiifj in
from tho northern countios of tho
ptoj wh.Ieb( tujen ,ytb. .tho prof-res.
News That Qulnars Have Qroken
Through Last Defense and Taken
N Constantinople Expected Butch
try of Christians Probable.
I'AKIB, Nov. 7.--XewH Unit Ilttl
ipirian troopi lmvo broken through
the IttHt TnrkiAlt lofem and seized
Comtlaiitiuiiplo ii expected hcru any
moment, Tito reiMirt that Cr.nr For-
diitaiid Iiiih decided not to actually
enter the Moslem capital in not cred
ited hero, tiltlioiiKli it !h Kcuenilly
expected that u C'hriutian imiKHiteru
will follow Huluiiriau occupation.
Reports icecived from Constaiiti
uoplo nay the Milton i preparing '
tratiMfcr tho Tttrkiah capital to
Ilriihti, in Ahiu .Minor, takitit hin
army with him. If this in done the
mtiMHiicro of 'J00.O0O Kuncnn rcci
denlrt in Coiihtiintiuople i believed to
bo certain to follow.
Tho butchery by Turku of hun
dreds of G'lirtMiuiiH at ltodoHto m
oonnnaed by today's dchpatehoH.
Women nnd chitdreti, it wok mid,
were thrown into lite fltimeH of thi'ir
burning homoH.
All reMirts tierce Hint the battle
foiifjhl between Teborlu and Serai
was the Moodiest of tho war. The
Moslem fought dcerulcly but were
timiblu to ttilliatiiud the Kliihhini; Htil-
gnriait attack, and Car FordiuntidV
men finally triumphed. Of tho '10,
000 TurkH cucap'd in the battle, only
a few oaonpod. Tho of Niuitti I'asha,
tho Turkish miuixter of war, who with
in commniid of the Moslem force, is
not known. It in reported that he
ended hi life when the tide of battle
turned iiKiiioxl bis forces
'- Jin nfton?oo' cite'li-,'froVrt Till:
grade reKirled tho oapttiro of Moti
itHtir by Ilio Servians, but no con
firmation of tbiri bun been reooived.
Scutari h the only Turkish strong-
hold believed likely to hold out for
tiny length of iimo airniubt the us
Kiutlt of the Ilalknn allien.
LINCOLN, Neb., Not. 7 Korly-
nlno of tho 01 countlca In Nobraska
comploto Indlcato that Wilson's plur
ality will reach 35,000. Morel) cad,
democrat, has been elected governor
by 11,000. Tho republican-progressive
atato ticket othcrwlso la success
ful. Norrla' plurality for United
Statu uenator la 0000.
CONCOHD, N. II., Nov. 7 Revised
election returns show that tlio Now
Hampshire legislature will bo demo
emtio by u majority of throe- on joint
ballot, thus assuring the election of
tho Mcinoorntiii gubernatorial nom
inee, Samuel Folker. None of tho
candidates for governor received a
majority, thus throwing the election
into tho legislature.
sivo figures, from tlio south, have
practically obliterated tho Wilson
loud. So many precincts, howovor,
tiro still to bu heard from in thu north
that, with tho southern dispute, it is
impossible this afternoon to say more
limn that Wilson's chances of curry
ing tho hluto appear to bo fairly good
but that his plurality, if ho bus one,
is likely to bo small.
So motigro aro tho returns from
tho north that it is nut yet certain
whothor William Kent, independent
jn-ogrossivo, or Judgo Zumwalt, dem
ocrat, has been olootod to congress
in tho first district, which strctohos
up tho const to Humboldt and Del
Norto counties. Indications avo that
Kent will win and this, the nrooreti.
wives say, is an added indication that
thu Wilson voto in Unit section of
tho north will bo lighter than was ox-peeled,,
With Half the Vote of tho State in
Democrats Lead is Nearly Thou
sand Beurnc' 4000 Votes Behind
Clark Pells' Slight Vote.
I'Oim.ANtfijov. 7. "Hming iiun.
ed Koohi'velt l'Wj"f, ecoinl plaee in
the Ortgou iftHriiK President Taft
Huh afternoon wmi wilv HflO votes be
hind Woodrow Wilson and npponr to
be gaining tetdily on the prcbitlcnt
eloct. StandpatUrx here tire becotrt
tug excited nnd claim that Taft inuy
yet be a winner oil the final count.
POHTLAND.'NW. ".--The Oregon
senatorial mcs I" Mill uncertain.
Harry Ijine, dctnecrnt, oppcarh to
have a slight advantage but Ken
Selling; republican, still figure
Klrong. Jonathan Bonnie, present
inentnbenl is hopclcslv beaten.
Late thtt nltcrlioon it seenix us if
Dr, Hurry Lane; of Portland, n dem
ocrat, will probably be Oregon next
Toiled State) ficnnlor. Nearly half
the vole of the "state in in, and the
totals give Uno a plurality of DO!)
votca tiver Selling and seem to nsstire
his oleoliolt. Itottnie U n,8:i8 vot-is
behind Lane and no longer figure
in the ooiitcst.
In Hounie'ri tlruiighod. Mitllno
mall oounty, Luue defeated him by it
plurality of 585 votc, Outside of
Multnomah county Lane Iuik a slight
load over Sellittc but it N doubtful if
(hit will be maintained.
From Hourly 20 outside counties
nt noon the vote stoed: I.nue IT.oOe:
Scllinc lfl.!)8j Bonnie 13,8,.7.
A. K. Clark, prpfrosstvc candidate
litis a totuoC.OJJjfJjito.tbp'present
Iionr. ' v
The single tax measure proposed
for Multnomah county ItaR lost by
prohnbly ,00U or more, while the
stntcwido measure will co down to
defeat by n vote of from two to one
to three to one.
Tlio blue sky law i leading fine in
Multnomah county but throughout till
tlio- remainder of 'tho statu is being
snowed under.
A. W. Lnffcrly was re-elected to
congress from tlto third district.
Ben Oloott, for secretary of state,
is making n nmawny rneo of it.
latest relunia place Taft bt 82(1
voles behind Wilson, ami the ptand
iwitters getting excited, elniming that
the president may yet carry the
County warrants arc nl par tts far
as Medford InnHiess men tiro con
cerned. A concerted movement this
morning on the part of leuding busi
ness men resulted in many of the
merchants advtftisiug that they
would accopt county warrants nt par
at their places of business when of
fered in trade. Tho move originated
with II. C. Garwtt of tlio Guriiett
Corey company and tho idea spread
"I consider Jiekson county war
rants today tiro worth par," slates
Mr. Uaructt, "and shall so accept all
thai am offered mo nt mystoro in
tho regular oourtO of business, un
less enjoined by Kenton Bowers. By
tho election of Frank' h. Ton Vollo
doubt of tho future, in the .county is
County warrants for tho past year
have hovered about 00 cents.
TOPKKA, Kan.. Nov. 7, Latest
returns today Indlcato that Wllaou'u
plurality In Kunws -will bo about
10,000. Tho tloaocrata clulm tho
Btato by 10,000." .Governor Stubba
concedes hla defeat for tho senate by
Thompson, democrat Tho atato
Returns on Amendments' Arc Very
Slow Owing to Great Interest in
Election of State and County
Woman rftiffrtige, has carried in
Jackson county probably by 500
voles but return are slow oil the
itiiiciidmcntn owinu; to the greater in
terest in lite election of ofUcials.
Indications are that tho majority
rule bill is lost by n large majority
in the county.
The double liability law for banks
hurt curried.
The stutc tax bills have all been
defeated except the income tax and
the exemption of household effects.
The Home Hule road bill ha cur
ricd heavily in this county. The Med
ford rate bill will carry by it smaller
The "Blue Sky" bill has carried
by a small majority at has the bill
(renting Cascade county.
The utilities regulation bill has
earried by big majority us has the
iiiillage tux for the university.
Tho stnto printers bill carried ns
did the 8-honr bill.
The state harmony road bills were
defeated except the state aid bill and
the convict bills.
The single tax bills and ttboltshittg
the btittc senate lost out.
It looks as if the bill abolishing
capital punishment had carried by a
narrow margin.
The antt-frcc seeeli bill and the
boycott bill were uctcatcd.
Scotjt's tnxpayera bunk bill. litis
Wecncjlefeated: - l - , .
QUKUKC, Que., Nov. 7. All pass
engers on the Steamer Royal George,
which went on the rocks In tho St.
Lawrcnco river last night woro taken
off Bhortly after tho vessel atruck.
according to tho statements of sev
eral of tho passengers hero this af
ternoon. They reported that tho
pilot mistook the lights of a schoon
er for tho guide light and ran the
steamer out of her course. There
was no contusion aboard, they said,
when the Itoyal George atruck.
CHICAGO, Nov. 7. -Encouraged
bv their heavy vole throughout tho
country, the socialists plan to sturt
their 1910 presidential campaign nt
onco. To this end Mnhlon Barnes,
socialist campaign manugor, said to
day tho party will establish ft news
paper in California but as .yet no city
bus been decided upon.
The socialists estimate that Debs
lulled 000,000 votes, and assert that
five assemblymen have been elected
in Nevada, and that possibly George
Brewer, socialist, has bocu elected to
congross from Kansas.
unanimity of pro-Wilson sentiment in
this city is uhowu in tho rather re
markable fact that tho democratic
ottudiduto carried ovary assembly
district by a substantial majority.
Tho solid Wilson support is regarded
as nil the moro romnrkablo in view of
tho fact that eight of the 13 nssem
hymen elected nro bull rooosers,
Residents of this city fear u recur
rence of tho shocks which shook At
lantiu City luto yesterday afternoon.
Weather Director Judkins stated that
tho earthquake probably was onusud
by the settling of tho lower strata of
the island's foundation. He did not
VOHsidgr it u rouj ewr(hquuke.
Bourne Carries City by Vote of 844
to 432 fcr Lane, 132 for Selling
am! 147 for Clark Olcott Has 516
Majority -Other City Results.
Medford trim Wiloon a plurality of
101 ovor Hoo-eu-lt and &J5 over
Tuft, and gave Bourne a plurality of
412 over Ituc, 082 over Selling, and
097 over Clark. Smith for represen
tative got 39 plurality over Hawley
and :i2.'J over Campbell. Olcott for
secretary of state had (110 over Ken
nedy. Ton Velio for county judgo bud
the banner Med ford vote, receiving a
majority of 127." over Dunn. Kelly
for prosecuting attorney had 1017
over Hannu in the city, nnd Kcamcs
for joint representative 724 over
Con Leevcr for commissioner, four
year term had 274 over Lyman and
Joe Smith, for two year term bad 241
over Daley and 328 over Miller.
Singler for sheriff led the county
officers with 3.V) over Jones. Grieve
bad 40 over McDouoiigh for assessor,
Croncmillcr for treu;tirer 17 over Ul
rich, Ussher for coroner 2.j3 over
Kellogg, Miller 50 over Gnrdncr.
In the representation fight Bark
dull bad 701 votes, DeAnuotid 713,
Carkin ooO, Wcslerlund 051, Morse
182. Satobwell 150, White 205.
The total Medford vote wtm:
For president, Taft 234, Wilson
750, Cbapiti 37, Debs 101, Hoosevelt
For senator. Bourne 844, Clark
147, Ijiho 432, Selling 182.
For congress. Campbell 204, Haw
Icy 528, llicharils 151, Smith 587,
SIHIman7G. --'
For secretary of slate, Olcott 888,
nenncoy --.
For joint representative, Kcutncs
1100, Silsby 134, Wltisler 400.
For prosecuting attorney, Hannu
343, Kelly 1300, Leracry 103.
For eouuty judge, Brceso 8-1, Dunn
250, Tou Velio 1Q25.
For, county clerk, Bowman 108,
Gardner 7SG. Miller 830.
For' commissioner, 4 year term,
Leever 824, Lyman 530.
For commissioner, 2 year term,
Daley 508, Miller 424, Smith 752.
For sheriff, Jones G79, Singler
1020; for assessor, Grieve 822. Mo
Douougb 770; for treasurer. Crone
miller 709, Ulrich 782; for coroner,
Kellogg G3G, Ussher 880.
GRANTS PASS, Ore.; Nov. 7.
Returns received at noon for Jose
phine county give Bourne 308, Lane
200, Selling 240, Clark 110. Wilson
will curry tho county by u small vote
ovor Roosevelt, with Taft fourth to
Dr. Smith is probably elected sena
tor, Blanchnrd representative, Smith
sheriff, and Coburn elerk. 13 out
of 20 precincts give Kelly 384, Huu
nn. 507.
Tho entire republican county ticket
litis been elected by majorities run
ning as largo as 432.
Both Grunts Pass city and tho
county as a wltolo havo gone wet, tho
former by 87 and tho county by 04
CHICAGO, Nov. 7. Progressive
louden, hero today refused to con
cede Colonel Roqsovelt's defeat in
Illinois but they would give no fig
ures. On tho other baud, Demourutio
State Chuiruiuti Boorchcstein esti
mated Wilsous plurulity at from
5,000 to 10,000 mid Governor-Elect
Dunne's plurality ut about 100,000.
MILWAUKEE, Wis., Nov. 7, -With
ton countios yot to bo heard
from, Governor McGovern's plural
ity for ro-oloctlou Is 2500. The miss
ing counties, the democrats claim,
will Increase WU9n' plurality-.
NO. 196.
Tou Velio Receives 98 Votes t
Dunn's 712 Which Was Nat Quit
10 Per Cent of Total Vote Cast
Hawley Bests Smith There.
Theodore RooaoveK carried tho
flvo Ashland precincts by a small
lead of 10 votes over Wilson. Ho
received 343, Wilson, 333; Taft,
1C7; Shafln, 72, and Debs, 71.
W. C. Hawley won over Robert
G. Smith by 1C0 votes, receiving
355 to 205 for Smith.
Harry Lane carried Ashland over
Bourne. Ho received 321 votes,
Bourne, 1S9, and Selling, 136.
Ben Olcott was an easy victor
over Kennedy receiving 417 votes to
Kennedy's 1S3.
For county Judge George W.
Dunn secured 7S2 and Tou Vellc, 98,
In tho race for prosecuting attor
ney .Herbert llanna carried Ashland
Hanna received 410 votes, Kelly,
280. and Lemery received 23G In
bis own town.
Clarence Iteames ran well In Ash
land receiving 36G votes to Whis
ler'o 244.
The Tote on representative was
Barkdull, 205; DeArraond, 22C;
Carkin, 387 and Westerlund, 381.
For commissioner, four-year term,
Leevcr received COS, Lyman, 204..
For two-year term, Daly received
270. Millar, 124, and Smith 381.
Gardner received a fog lead over
Miller. He received 5G7 to 283 for
For sheriff Ashland gave Jones
287, Singler, 506. ,
For recorder Colvlg got 478, Tay
lor, 232.
. Fer -treuurerrwllr8ot. . a,-.-two
to oac vote. Crofiies9lIter"C4f;
Ulrhfh. '237.
For assessor. Grieve secured 411,
McDonough, 35S.
For coroner KellOg received 470,
Ussher, 314.
NEW YORK. Nov. 7. -The stock
market was qulto strong during tho
early trading today, showing an In
creased public Interest. St. Paul
led other stocks with an advance of
2. Southern Pacific, tna coppers
and some specialties were strong,
the Harrintan shares increasing yes
terday's gains. Hill stocks woro
Tho market closed Irregular.
Bonds woro firm.
NEW YORK. Nov. 7. Control of
tho United States senate Is In doubt.
By latest returns tho democrats havo
gained four senators. The seats
from Orogon, 'Michigan and Wyom
ing aro doubtful. It the democrats
get two of these they will havo con
trol without any combine with tho
NEW YORK, Nov, 7.H U ex
pected hero that the republican na
tional committee mooting which will
bo held in Chicago next Tttosduy wilt
select John Wuuumuker pf Philadel
phia ns tho republican vice presiden
tial citudidato to rvplucu tho lata
James S. Sherman.
- it
Ante Smashes Plato Glass Wirntow
An automobile, own.nl by the Ore-
.gnu Gus and Kleotrio CfGKipwny, back
ed into one oi lite large piuie glass
windows of the Medford Furniture
and Hard ware company rYeduiMidHy (
afternoon compleUly' dswiolwkUijf
the window, whish wmm ( y M fft
in size. The tlrivsr when" rauMltK G
bis car discovered toe late tWf ft'w r
ill reverse 'gear ' -
,.. '
i '
i . I
: 4

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