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trefon Historical Into
City HtH " otadB
Medtord Mail Tribune
h -4 ,,
Light ftfiowern Mit. (HI J
Mln. 4.
KnrtyaiKtmiil Ycr.
IJMlIy Hevviilli Yvnt,
NO. 203.
Advance of Buliiars Upon Constanti
nople Unchecked by Peace Talk
Other Dalknn States Serve Notice
Upon Sultan.
Allies Want All Conquered Territory
and Would Force Sultan to Move
Into Asia.
Wit ml in; Unit Bulgaria nlono doc
not liovu Hid authority to grunt an
iirinlMleo, it ti it lliul tlit) other Balkan
htii tin nitlnt lit toiiB'iiti'il beforn mi eh
n iiiovti mm lie tnnili'. wiitt nerved on
tho Porto hero todny by tho forolgn
rnpriMtiutntlves. Thin U Indicating
Unit Bulgaria linn notified tint pow
er of K determination to occupy
('ontnulnnil and Unit Cxar Fordl
until! will limlut on hnrshor terms
thorn already suggested.
AriuMIco I'lmlgiml
HOIM A, Nov. 15. Ofrtclul nn-
nciiiiicemout wn pindo hero today
that tlio n'tincdtcil nrmlttlco with
Turkey Iioh not yet been sinned, but
Hint It I prepared ami only nwuliH
tin arrival of Cnr Ferdinand from
I In front (or approval.
Until nil the ntithnrlted repremm
tntlvt of tlio llalhaii allies nlgn tlm
agreement. It In nnnonncijd, UulKarlu
UUiUlittftHiil,, ... .
It I reported hero tlint the terms
of tho proposed nrmlHiIro Include.
Bulgarian pompmImi ot Constanti
nople. Servian orcupatton of Moiia.
tlr. Greek occupation of Jntttno, nmt
.MnntmtcKrlii occupation of Hcutnrl.
Allien Want Territory
, When permanent peace U ar
ranged. It In reported, the nllleH pro
pomt t o Insist on tlio retention of
nil iho territory they have occupied,
(ho luteruatlnuallxolloit of CouHtnntI
uoplo nitil Hntoulkn, n Mr war In
demnity and tlio completo retire
ment of the Sultan from European
RUDA PIJST, Nov. 1C RoportH
froiSt thy Bulgarian today Hay the
Bulgnrs nro advancing regardless of
jieaco negotiation. It Ih reported
tliolr vniiKuard hm reached Kilo at
the Hlack Sea ontrnnro of tlio Bos
phnriiH and that the main army Ih
within tlio TchulaIJa llnea and nil
vnucJiiK on Conntantlnople. Occupa
tion of tlio city In believed to bo In
evitable, iih tho Ottoman rctdBtnnco
In orumblliiK hourly.
IIK.CHADI':, Nov. IS. Tho Serv
ian vaiiKuard today captured Do
lirnmlra, flvu mllea from Mouaittlr.
When the innlii body arrive an at
tack will bo iniulo on MonuHtlr.
l'OUTUAND, Ore,, Nov, IS,
Frederick A, Hrowor, head of tho 1
A, Hrovver etimpauy, CIiIcuko, wIiobo
Hpcclullty Ih placluK tlmhorluud
bouilK, In h'oru for u fow days to
placo at leant $5,000,000 on Oregon
timber mill lumbor manufucturliiK
plautH, TIiIh Ih taken to mean that
this lurfto Hum will bo put Into elr
otilatlou In tho Htato In tho very
near future. Hrowor Ih hero it ro
Hpnimo to n numhor of nppllcatlonri
for loaim to dovulop OroKoti tlmbor
WAfllllNOTON, Nov, IS. Tho
wont mpoi'la of cumpalKit oxpoiihoh
rocolvod liuio. by tho olorlc of tho
houuo today Hhow thai former Con
KicHinaii' Nloliol'iui hotiKworth (loaton
for ru-ulootlou upunt ? 1 D7H.
Crew of TItlrty-flve Men Worklnjj
on Divide nt Head of Poormans
Creek A. Welch Said to Be Ncno
tlatiuii for Darnurn flontl.
Surveyors of Medford and Crescent
City Railroad Also Location Line
Bark of Jacksonville. , . ., . .
I'nill Doiiiiin'r of JacKiiouvllle Ih
nuthorlly for the Htatoment thai W.
H. Illinium owner of , tho lto;un
((Ivor Valley railroad U working u
crew of .'tS mutt on a railroad Krndo
on tho divide above Jnnkuouvlllo
at Moorman' creek. Tho men are
bultiK boarded nt hlit brother' ranch,
and I'd ul Diitutiier b:ik ln-eu Hiipply
ltti; them vcKetnhlcK. Mo Ih poslllvo
that the men ate not of a HiirveyliiK
The onrJucorlnt; corps of the now
ly Incorporated Medford & Crchccnt
City railroad are bmty locatltiK the
llnu of tho projected railroad, which
luii no coitiivctlon with tho Itanium
It U HiirmlKcd that Mr. Ilariiuiii Ih
tryliiK to hold the pann through the
bill by KrndlttK the right-of-way.
Ho recently bonded IiIh rallronil nud
Hitrveyed nil extetiHlon tbrotiKh Med
ford. It Ih rumored ho Intended to
auk a frntichlHo.
HJx-JOPOTled. tUaUA.-lclu pro
tuctr,3fiFtho WIlfatnVtYu Valley trac
lion linen now taken over by the
.Southern Pacific, Iiah been negotiat
ing with Mr. Illinium for tho pur-
chano of his railroad. Thin would
unto Km eventual nrqultltlon by the
ftotithcrn Pacific to bead off tho (III!
lines, mid the proponed Medford and
CroHcent City railroad.
The Southern Pacific haa promlnod
OrnutH PaH people to build a rall
ronil to Crexcont City at once and no
gotlntlotiH are expected lo he com
pleted next week for Immedtnto con
struction. OF
LOS ANOi:i.lCS, Cnl. Nov. 15.
A tuovumeiit to ralxo f'JS.OOO for tho
ItiveHtlgutloti of tho election recently
held In Loh Angeles county In under
way today, headed by Kudolph
KprockolH, the Man FrnnclHCo million
aire head of tho WIIhoii committee.
HireckelH alno plaitH to InveHtlgato
tho county reglntratlou bookH,
rollowlug tho Usuauco ot a writ
of matidato ordering tho county mip
ervlHors to appear In tho appellate
court tomorrow mid hIiow cattao why
certain Loh Angeles preclncta ultoutd
not be thrown out, the uttpervUors
Htarted a recount of all tho ballots
they had conn ted no far, In order
to provont any errors creeping In,
Tho dUputod preclnctu wore laid
nnld for later cotiHldoratlou.
j.j. jj, ..
LONDON, Nov. IB. "Had tho
Turkish Holdlor boon supplied with
even otto biscuit dally ho. might hnvo
hold bla ground ngaltiHt tho luvad
oih," cables tho 1mdoii ToloBi'oph'fl
Comitatitlnoplo corrosiondeut horo
"Tho Turku hnvo beon dofoatod
nioro from starvation than any other
factor, Tho responsibility Ilea solo
ly with tho administrative classes,
who, rogardlng tho llalkaii Btatoa
coutomptuotiHly, hellovod tho Turkish
army invluolblo,
"Tho Turkish army luia no gon
orals who saom to havo graspod tho
most olomontury principles of mod
ern warfare. They havo no com
mlHsiiry tralUH of any sort. Under
these conditions tho greatest battles
of iiiodorn times wort) entered, Not
n single fluid dressing station ex
McManltjal Relates History of Ex
plosion and Implicates Tvcltmocu
and Clancy as Conrnirators and!
Aliettors of Crime.
Other Witnesses Verify Details One
Sold Dynamite and Other Canvas j
1NIHANAPOLIS, Nov. 1.1. Bworu
ilccliinitiuii (hut the 1mt Kiijgcliuu
to ilyiitiinltn tlio lM Angeles Times
liiiililint.' ciiini) rniiii Dial' Tveitmoc
of San l-'rnneinco, n-erctiirv f Ih"
C'nlifoniin Huihlinu Trnile ('oitueil
wiih iniult by Ortie .Mc.Mtttiignl here
todny in tho trial of union men
oluirgetl with illegally IratiMporling
ilyiiiiniite. K. A. ('limey, nnntlier
Han Krnneioeo labor leader. .MeMnni
gal hftid, HHinteil in caiT.ving-out the
McMiinigiil texiificil that full do
tailrt of the ilytiumitiu were given
him by Juiiich .MeNiitnarn on a hunt
ing' trip near Couover, Wis. AIoKn
in arn mailc bin coiifchninn, lie said,
after he hail nrrtificil McNitniani of
shonlitij; at him willt revolver.
Tti'lliiioe Impllcateil
"Jim told me" .Me.Mnuignl dcelar
ed, "tlint Tveitmoe wiih the big pay
miiMter on the rontl. He n!tl tln:re
never wh nuythiiiK lo fear out there,
for Tvcllwno'wil tire'frieilirdCiO'''
MeCnrlliy of Sun Kraneiseo in fact,
Tveitmoe was the renl mayor. II was
Tveilmoe and Clancy, Jim said, who
furnished David Kaplan ami M. A.
Schmidt to go with him to the Giant
Powder company, near Sun Francis
co, to assist in buying the. explosive
with which the Times building was
"Jim regretted that so many peo
ple were killed, hut (.edited sorry that
(Icueriil Otis hail escaped. On the
way hack east, he said, ho was fright
ened because so mnuy people were
talking about the e.xpioMon and imag
ined everybody wits looking nt him.
Finally, Jim told me, ho could stand
it no longer, got off the train nt Salt
Lake City and remained there for
two weeks, hiding In the home of J.
B. MutiKcy.
On limiting Trip
"I went to Vorceler nud caused
two explosions there on October I).
Then, about a month Inter, when
things begun to toel: had for Jim,
John Bent mo with his brother on the
hunting trip."
Me.Mamgiil wiih tcnt)orarily ex
cused nfter finishing his testimony
about dyiiiimitiugs on tlio 4'aeifie
ooitht, nud Cleorgo Phillipi of Oak
land, assistant supotiutcndcitt of the
(limit Powder company, was 'called
to (ho stand. Phillips testified lo
selling TiOO pounds of gimit powder
September 2!l, 1010, to three men who
arrived at lite plant in u bout.
Tho louder, lie said, gave the iiame
of J. 1). Hr.vson mid Phillips identi
fied n photograph of James 11. Me
Namnra its Hrysoii. Phillips, said lie
(Continued on Page Five)
isted and not a slnglo field hospital
was established. Tho artillery was
sent Into action carrying In tliolr
calssoiiH but enough shells to last a
fow hours, and with no reserves
noarer than fifty jiiUqs, Thero wore
whole brigades tlint bad not a single
maiisor rlflo In tliolr hands."
With Turkey hopelessly beaten In
Its Rtrugglo with the Ualkan ulllos,
tho possibility of serious conflict
among tho victors when tho ttmn
comes to divide tho spoils ot war Is
soon today by diplomats horo. Czar,
Ferdinand's ambition to bocomo ruler
of a nation that may bo reckoned iih
a world power Is given oh tho bnsls
of tho prediction.
Dispatches lutlmnto that tho other
allies would stand ttnltodly against
Uttlgurla, Hhnuld Ferdinand proolalm
himself Cnir of all tho llalkaus.
I . -
Bujsr pBiM Lmmm sBsBBssHssslssssssssssssFffV'ksFsHsTisssssssssss
KiTtuHsKV tnnBIBsssnaHsK.,WK tswBssnflssKssBKKb 53!3SsnCH
n i ' i w wm imuhi ii i1 1 ' i mmm mi imw iiuPMMi
ssKZra0VBsEl!SsftC f-sFjBsB shI ssEflssDssssPVssWBBlisBPssBsHssss
BfVWBKJAElJW: mmmmmmmmmVS&LVmBLmmmWmmmmmmULmLmmmW'BBSkmmmmmm
i i I
SubieT suBiis m 'mm denial
m$am Towiowm of murder plot
nounced by hi co-dcfcudnuK ns n
"liar nnil traitor," Kdward Clark of
Cincinnati, n former Iiumiicos agent
for the International Assuciatiou of
Hridgo and Stmclunil Irnnwurker-,
this afternoon va called to the stand
to give evidence against the foity
seven union mtii on trial hen for il
legally tmnwtiiig dynamite. Clark
threw a bombshell into the ranks of
tho defense when nt tjie. outset of tho
trial he suddenly pleaded guilty to
tho dynamite indictments and mi
pounced his intention of turning
state's evidence.
Clark shook with uorvousne
when he took tho stand, .sludioiixly
avoiding the glances of the other de
fendants. He bogun his testimony
by reaf finning his plea of guilty. He
said he met John McNmnnra in 190.")
hut did not know Jim MeXatniirn. He
met IFnekin, he said, in 1II0S and
Ihett at the reipte-t of the prosecutor
pointed out Ilodiu from the other
defendants. He al-o said he was well
acquainted with F. M. ll.wui, presi
dent of the Ironworker' union.
$74,0110,000 ESTATE
NBW YOItK. Nov. IB.--With his
coming of ago today, Vincent Astor,
son of tho late Colonel John Jacob
Astor, who peiUlmd in tho Titanic
disaster, will n&umo control of tho
fortitno iQfl him by his father,
amounting to $14,000,000.
Young A3tor'a first birthday pres
ent catno froinShorlff llarbttrgor,
of Now York, wio appointed him to
momborsblp In tho third panel of
tho shorlff's jury, which hna tho
distinction of Mug composed en
tirely ot rich men.
WASHINGTON', Nov, l.'.- Owing,
to n Kiidden rehip of Souator Uay
ner of Muryhiiiil,'lK) s seriously iil
from neuritis, ineiiibovh of the family
are at Iho hcdsiiK' l)iTQ today, Kenr
is entorlttined ll'ftt Seniilor Itnytun
will uo survive.
LONDON, Nov. M. Opposition if
Speaker Lowthcr from his portion of
authority in the, house of commons
is seriously considered todny by len
ders of the liberal mimiuistratiou.
Tho charge is freely made in ex
planation of thU action, that the
speaker made no serious attempt to
cheek the violence on WeiTncsday in
the ltouso of commons becoue of his
suspected sympathies with tho op
ponents of home rule in Ireland. The
liberals predict that violent scenes
will continue in tho commons so long
ii liwther wield- the baton.
There is no doubt that I.owther
could be dethroned ns speaker by the
administration, but it is not certain
if a stioee-sor to his office would he
elected without complications which
would compel the resignation of the
It is understood that some course
of net ion will be mopped by tho nd
tninistrution leaders before Monday.
CHllWOO. Nov, l.V-Former Unit
ed States Senator William Lorimer
will be operated upon for appendici
tis tomorrow by Dr. Arthur lknn.
His gei.ernl condition is reported to
bo good.
CHICAGO, Nov. 15. Jack John
son, negro heavyweight champion of
tho world, under Indictment for vio
lations ot tho Mann whito slave act.
was released on $30,000 ball hero to
day. Tho bonds wero signed. by the
negro's mothor and Matthew Bald
win, a veal ostuto dealer.
Assistant United States District
Attorney Parkin said tho bonds woro
witlsfactoty and Federal Judge Uar
pontor ordered Johnsop'a release
Tho champion was ropresontod by W.
F, Anderson, a negro attornoy, who
succeeded In having tho amount ot
the ball rodttced from $,70,QQ0 to
Johnson was present whon his
bond waa approved. Ho woro u
pearl gray overcoat and carried a
Hold jioadod cauo.
"I couldn't stiuul being cooped up
A 0
NEW YORK, Nov. 15. Taking
the stand in his own defense against
the charge that he aided to murder
Gambler Herman Rosenthal here In
front of the Hotel Metropole "Dago"
Prank Clroilcl today made general
denial of the charge. He declared he
did not even know Rosenthal. He
corroborated the story of other de
fendants, saying that "Bald Jack"
Rose lured them to the scene ot the
murder In order to Incriminate them.
Clroflcl declared that the only pur
pose "Whltey" Lewis, "Lefty Louie"
Uosenburg and Harry Horrowltz.
"Gyp the Illood," had In solus with
him to the Metropole on the night
ot the murder was to satisfy them
selves that ltoso had not "framed
up" a caso to land "Dig Jack"
Zellg. their gang Icador, In Jail,
Clrpflcl closely followed tho story of
the killing already told by the other
It is reported hero today that the
famous Silver Horn mine tit Frisco,
Heaver comity, Utah, caved in from
the 300 tn the 1200 foot level, and
that between six nud twelve men are
missing. No confirmation of the re
port can bo obtained.
with those horrid and vulgar crimi
nals," ho told tho reporters. "That
mau Brown, my cellmate, was par
ticularly disgusting. Tho couvcrsa
tion ho handed out certainly was
tho limit."
The negro grinned when ho saw
his automobile stnndlug in front ot
tho federal building.
"I nm going to take a twcnty-flvo
mllo spin hi my machine right now,"
ho said on leaving the court room.
But ho didn't. Instead ho was ar
rested by two dotecttves for assault
ing a newspaper photographer. Ho
was takon to a pollco station, whore
ho gava bond for his nppoarance.
Thou ho wont homo.
Baldwin announced tills after
noon tlint he signed tho bond for
Johnson's roleaso as a favor to W.
G. Anderson, tho pugilist's negro attornoy,
Unknown Maniac Stops at Poor
Farm and Seizlntj Rifle Attacks
Mrs. Pace, Wife of Superintendent
Pace Routs Him After tattle.
Police on Lookout for Man Who
When Last Seen Was Fleetif
Toward This' City.
J. N. Pace, superintendent ot too
county farm Is recovering today
from a terrific battle with a maniac
at tho farm Wednesday evening, at
which his life and that ot Mrs. Pace
was at stake. Mr. Pace succeeded In
wresting a rifle away from the
stranger and with It drove bint front
the place. The man was last seen
going toward Medford and the au
thorities are now on the look out foc
Wednesday evening the man, who
Is described by Mr. Pace as a short
heavily built man, dark complex
ioued, calle'd at the poor farm. He
entered Into a conversation with Mrs.
Pace and during the course ot this
talk he made an Insulting remark.
Mrs. Pace resented this and leaping
for a rifle ho attacked her. Mr.
Pace called by her cries ot alarm ap
peared on the scene arjd Immediately
grappled with him. Then ensued a
terrific battle. Mr. Pace finally
succeeding: In wresttngntf"TlfTe;from
htm. With this advantage he suc
ceeded In driving the maa from the
place. A few shots, judiciously
placed, hurried the man down the
county road toward (Medford.
Mrs. Pace states that she believed
the man drunk at first but his
strength and the manner in which ho
handled himself during the fight with
Mr. Pace led them' to later believe
the man was out ot his mind.
Mrs. Pace Is suffering Beverly from
the shock but was not Injured bod
ily. L
SALT LAKE CITY, Utith, Nov. l'u
Caught in by n cave-in of the fam
ous old Horn Silver mine nt Frisco,
Beaver county, two pretty girls,
Misses Daisy and Hnzel Alexander,
nged 10 and 10 years respectively;
daughters of Roy Aloxnndor, the miuo
foreman, with eight miners und two
mule sightseers, this afternoon ate
buried beneath thousands of tons of
earth mid roek. Rescuers working in
fifteen relays succeeded in restoring
communication with five members of
tho imprisoned party, including tho
two girls. They were located nt u
spot near the 300 foot level.
"Wo are not injured," was Iho
word scut up the tube by Miss Daisy
Alexander. "Wo havo tho lunches of
some of the minors and n little water1.
Wo nro not suffering."
BOSTON, Nov. If). An autopsy
performed hero today over tho pody
of Mi-s Mnrjorio Powers, n stenog
rapher, found dend ill ti bathtub In
tho Rovero Hotibo hero showed that
she died from natural causes, A
statement to this effect W"H issued
this afternoon by Medical Examiner
"Miss Powers," ho said, "was not
murdered. Neither did nho commit
suicide. Death was duo to natural
onuses enlargement or dilution of
tltq heart.'1 A
Miss Powers wn3 found dead ytw
terdny nflornoon in tho room which
sho had occupied (he night before
with A. T. Cummings, a wealthy pro
duce dealer, by whom she was wht
ployed. CuiumiiigS was urreM
pending tho outcome of tk autopsy.
'i i

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