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Shower tonight awl Twrs-
Corly'iiiponil Tnr.
Dully ilnvniith Y.Br,
NO.' 205,
i ji
r .
Zokkl Pnshn nnd Three Generals
With Remnants of Western Ren
incuts Surrender After Stubborn
resistance Both Lose Heavily.
Fearful Sufferlnu Amonn Soldiers
Who Flht Knee Deep In Marshes
for Several Days.
LONDON, Nov, IS. Thn surrender
of Moiinwtlr to thu Horvlan ItivcutliiK
nrmy Im reported Hi In afternoon from
lltlruiln. It In imtil In tho dispatch
received by tho Horvlan c.overniiuuit
Unit three Turkish generals and
Ui.000 Turkish soldiers woro cap
'olikl Pasha, with tho remnants of
various westoru Turkish rcKlmouts,
wnn Hip defender of Monastlr. It Ik
known t hut ttukkl I'anliti was In des
perate straits, Jitllltnry men hero be
lieve ho Iiiim h no n forced to cnpttif
Surrender Cnnflnueil
Dispatches received hero later In
tho tiny confirmed tho full of Man
nntlr. Tho Turku, It wnn said, put
up u stubborn resistance ami the
Servian losses woro heavy.
Tho (Differing aiming tho soldiers
on each ultlo ,wh .. frightful. . For
several dayinthey fought knew deep
In thu marshes which Nurroundcd
tho town,
Ho far oh could hn learned here,
tho Greek force which was on roiito
to reinforce thn Brrvlans, hail not
arrived whon tho Turk lull garrison
Hnvngrn of Cholera
VIENNA, Nov. 1 Tfrrlbla stor
ies of tho ravages of cholera among
tho TurklHh troops nod tho treatment
necordod thu vtctlmn aro told toilny
In thu Frankfort Unxottc. Ihiudrodii
of Turkish soldiers, afflicted with
tho disease, nro reported dying with
guns In their hnndi. Tho railroad
In tho vicinity of Constantinople nro
lined with corpses. Dying men are
kicked ruthlessly from tho trnlm.
Threo thousand ntrlckon soldiers who
arrived at Ht. Stofano In hox earn,
woro loft for twenty-four hourH, with
out inodtcnl attention, food or wittor.
Several timed In storming Moslem
fortification, tho Ilulgnrliiu troops,
meeting with weak rcshituucu, found
tho TiirkUn eutroiicliumntH filled
with dead nnd dying eholorn victims.
Appro I to Powers
Dispatches received from Cnnntnii
tluoplo Into today Hay tho foreign
residents hnvo appealed to tho rep
resentatives of tho powers not to per
mil either tho Turkish or Utilitarian
troopu to oiitor tho city while cholera
Is rnglng.
Whoeltmlo arrests nro roportod In
tho MohIoiii capital In connection
with an aliened Young Turk plot to
OHtalillHh a ropulillo tiudor Chufket
Pasha. Tho government's position 1
hellevod precarious.
PKKIN, Nov. IB. Clilursn troops
nro today lioliio; i'iikIiuiI to Mongolia
whiuli it in lioliovutl IttiNiit h tryiiiR
to Ki'"b, Tho Mongolian (llgullitriim
linvo uicd thu Kijyeinment to koiu!
li'oups nnd I'ffHldoiit Yuan Shi Kui
evidently iin Hiirrendered to tliu war
)inty. IfoHlllilioH u re imniiueiil,
RIlANOirAI, Nov. 18. TliouHitmls
o(! ClilnoHo tiro unrolling hero ih vol
nuteoi'rt ill tho ovqnt of will1 witlt
KiibhIii, A iiiiish mootliiK nt Uaittott
Iiiih ileiniiinlcil of the Kovoniinont uu
Imiuoilluto dculnnilioii of wttr.
b y act bycaufornians
Two Thousand Marines From War
ships to Guard Embassies Move
Quietly Into Constantinople Brit
ish Guard American Embassy.
Reports of Turkish Victories Denied
Action by Powers Forecasts Fall
of Capital.
ST. IM:Ti:itHIIUKO, Nov. 18.
Another appeal for o-matloii o( ho
tlllllrN wnn made by Turkey thin nf
tornoon, throiiKh tho Hmmlnn nn
batnmdor at Constantinople
1ONDON, Nov. 1H. Two thou
and marines and bluejackets from
tho warships of thu powers wore
lauded In Constantinople this after
noon. Thn Turkish government was
willing that the powers should laud
the forces but thu marines were
moved Into tho city quietly as iho
authorities feared to arouse tho an
gcr of thn masses.
Unitarian diplomats hero deny re
portH from Constantinople that the
Turks have been victorious In the
defense of the Tchntalja forts, nod
the action of tho powers lit latidlnK
2000 men Is believed to ninko It
virtually certain that thn Turks aro
not holding their own In tho defense
nf tho city.
r llrltlsh marines nr guarding tho
United Stales oinbussy lit Constanti
nople. Karly despatches that the
American guard ship Scorpion had
landed clKhty American marines to
protect tho embassy wero untrue.
Tho Scorpion Ih one of tho smallest
of Kuardshlps. and was ablo to fur
nish only six mou. England, It Is
stated, let Ambassador W. W, Hoc.k
hlll have 110 men to protect ills of
ilce. CONSTAN.A, Houmanln, Nov. 18.
Despatches received hero from
Constantinople state, that tho rate of
Increase of cnolorn cases among tho
Turkish troops has reached r.000 n
ST. PETHItSllUUG, Nov. 18. An
official despatch to thu TurkUli am
bassador here stated that tho Hul
Knrlnnx had resumed tho attack on
tho dofuiisos of Constantinople and
Hint tho Moslem troops woro more
than holding their own. Tho mes
sai;o added that thu Turkish victory
yestorday was complete.
SAKKM, Mass., Nov. IH. Art nro
nioMiunitti iieeiined of the murder of
Atiuii LoplxKO, togethur with Joicpli
Kttor mill Antonio Ciiru.so, hh tin out
Krowtlt of the ldtwrenee textile strike
took Die witness stand hero today in
UU own ilefeusu.
OMAHA. Noli., Nov. 18. That
prominent Nebraska progressives nro
behind a move to induce Colonel
Theodore ltoosevelt to return to tho
republican party and continue his
fight Tor progressive principles
therein, heenino known hero today.
Professing to voico progressive sen
timent in tho state, a letter written
to Colonel Itonsovelt hy John O.
Yelsor of Qiiiahn, progressive leader
in thu recent caiunnluu. ttriroH the
uhuiidnnmeiil of tho third party
movement, In imrt tho lottov says:
"Your fiuht is not acainst tho rank
and file of tho republican party
tho overwhelming majority of whinh
Is honest hut niriiinst a few orooks
who obtained control, Tho people
woro wttn you at mo unoitgo oonvon
tion. Ym woro justified in slarlinp; a
Many Witnesses Confirm McManl
jjal's Narrative Destruction of
Times Builillnp. Retold Finding of
Bomb Under Porch of Otis Home.
All Defendants Insist on Testifying
in Their Own Behalf Tveltmoe
Implicated Again.
INniAKAI'OI.IH, Nov. IS.-rnlt-fornin
witnetfiM occupied the ntten
tion of the jury in Hie Tnilcd Stntes
court today in the trinl of forty
xcveii union men clmrced with ille
gally trausHjrtiiig dynamite. The
firwt wilncfH was JoNcph Itriiiglinin, n
l.os AligeleH utrect cur conductor,
who told of fiudini uu inforunl inn
chine at I he home of I .1. Zeehnndel
nrr, fceeretiiry of the Merchants nnd
.llllufuelurerM no'.ocintion.
Detective K. llico, who opened
tile Nititcnse, was the next witncxH.
He Hiiiil it coiltniued n clock and n
(itnutity of explosives. Uice nlno
told of findiutr.nuotlier xuitcnxe lin
ger the porch of the home of Ocncrnl
II. O. Olix, the moruiiur tifter the
Timert Ituildiuc whm dynamited. II
exploded when ho left it Sit tho park.
Phi kill lim Dynaiullc
Willmin l.viijupf Oimitr Cnlf tor
mcr employe of the Oiant Powder
company, tcHtificd that he packed the
fiOO pottndK of nilro-glyccrino sold to
J. H. McNttmurn and io .lax, H. Mr
Nnninra. It wjih learned liero this
afternoon Hint nearly till of the de
fendant insist on testifying in their
own behnlf. Kdwnnl Smvlho of
Springfield, Illinois, paid ho would
have tit least -i. wituosKcs, anil that
mnnv of lii-c co-defendiints also
would hnvo n large uuinlier.
John Hendricks, a Lo Angeles de
tective, kiivc n detailed description or
the Times dynamiting. His testimony
wns corroborated by (leorgo Ilolines,
nnother detective.
.lames Ornham of San Fmncixco,
a file cleric for the Asiatic Exclusion
league, was the next witness. He
identified Olnf Tveitmoc, the lengue'si
secretary, flrahnm snid Hint before
Hie Times explosion ho frenuently
snw Tveitmoo with .Schmidt, Cnplnn
mid Anton Johnnusnn.
Saw Tveltmoe Frequently
Mrs. Oraco Oamphell, former pro
prietress of a holel nt Corto Mudern,
Cnl., where Joliniinsoti, Cnplnn nnd
Schmidt lived, described visits slie
nlleged Tveitmoo made to her place
Ho wns frequently nccompnnicd, she
snid, by strangers, just beforo tho
Times oxplosion, all holding lengthy
conferences with Schmidt and Cup
Inn. Mrs. Hello I.nvin of Sun r'rnncisoo
testified Hint Schmidt stayed at her
house for eight mouths prior to thu
TinicH dyniimitiug. On October 1,
11)10, a day after the explosion, she
said Schmidt hurriedly tool; several
suits of clothes from her homo nnd
did not return.
'hack fire,' and succeeded to tho sat
isfuetion of tho majority of tho rank
and lilo of thu republican party. We
rejoico that an unity nf timid offiu
iuls lost their positions beonuso self
ishness hud submerged their patriot
ism. "Yon hnvo trimmed thu political
cmbetttluig officials and ouii now do
a great sorvico for u regenerated
party of past honor. You deelnrod
you could not stand with tho old par
ty, as constituted, mid tho result has
luum that it is very differently con
stituted. You have never commit tod
yourself permanently to any now par
ty, but only to proRressivo princi
ples. The, now party was merely a
tompornry party of protest to provont
tho dolivery of a party of honor to a
gang of thieves,"
BSJHHbISHSK Hfefekk r mV -1. HiHlf
Rear Admiral
.. ti Cc lira.
Hear Admlro OHlirb'iw. In romuini.d of ibe Atlantic flwt. v. Ill tie the
prluclp.it figure at ClurlMob, S. (X, when Hie licet 8einliIeJ there on Its
io m hern trip.
POUTI.AND. Ore. .Nov. IS. W.
II. Allen, Krnyhnlrod businessman, Is
today dying from the effects of
chloroform taken with suicidal In
tent and Jack Klgo, Oypsy violinist,
C, D. IlronncrN. It. Healy, H. L.
Itowc, Knrl Van ilutenm, Earl Hrown
Lionel Oenn, Itobert Johnson, K. Tay
lor aro tindor $5000 bonds each as
tho result of the unearthing of evi
dence connecting them with alleged
Illicit conduct toward young boys.
The Investigation woa started at
the Instigation of V. .M. C. A. offi
cials. All hnvo confessed with the
exception of Itlgo, who Is notorious
because of his escapade with the
famed Princess Chlmay several years
ago, ainl Johnson who has not yet
boon examined.
Pernio In a prominent architect,
nnd all of the others aro prominent
professionally or lit a business way.
Tho in on confessed to forming n
vlco club for the recruiting of young
boys. It lA authoritatively said that
no person actively connected with
tho Y. M. C. A. was connected with
tho unprintable affair,
Dr. Harry h. Start and Hr F. J.
Ilodgman wero also arrested In
connection with tho, scandal but Dr.
Ilodgman was renleafscd and Dr.
Start Is being examined this after
noon. It Is suited that, tho evidence
ngntnst tho phjslclaus Is far from be
ing conclusive.
St. Vincent's hospital reports this
afternoon that William 11. Alton,
will doubtless recover. Allon stout
ly maintains his Innocence. Doctors
Start nnd Ilodgman aro prominent In
tho city.
Fifteen porsons wero badly Injured,
two fntnlty, today whon. a Northern
Eloctrlu street car was struck by a
frolght train and knecked: off the
trtlo near tho Feather rlvor bridge
Tho car was crushed llko art ogg
sholl whon t fell thirty foot to tho
ground and all tho passengers wore
sovoroly Injured. William Carpen
ter," proprietor of n moving picture
theator horo, nnd Lowls Stone, a oar
pentor, aro roported to hnvo been
fatally- hurt. f
A honvy fog proventod tho train
inon from realhlng tho dauor un
til too late.
Dm pe
Hugo Oittrhauj.
DEItLIN, .Nov. IS. As a warning
to Servln, Austria Is believed today
to bo preparing a demonstration of
overwhelming military strength on
tho Hungarian-Servian frontier, and
a naval demonstration in the Qnltlc.
Sofia Intimates that Uulgarfa has
assured Servln of strong support Ifl
ourvia ueucs .uina io tnioriero
with tho planB of the allies for the
partition of Turkey. Ninety thous
nnd Austrlnns are known to bo with-,
In striking distance of Servla. The!
situation Is regarded as most oml-
nous for the peace of Europe.
NEW YORK. Nov. 18. Jttdgo
Wnhl, attorney for tho gunmen on
trinl for the nctual murder of Gamb
ler Herman Rosenthal, summed up
his case today, and denounced "IJnld
Jack" Hose, Sum Sehepiw, Harry
Vallon and "Hridgey" Webber. Each
side is allowed three and a
hours for argument.
Justice John . Goff plans to do-1 assumed charge today of his own
liver his ehargo to the jury tomor- varied Interests,
row. Heretofore Edison has allowed
Wnhl cnlled Ifose a gnmbler and others to direct his many corpora
au admitted liar, and asserted Unit tlons, but he will now take personal
he lured tho defendants to the scene ! control.
of the murder in order to shift tho
responsibility upon them.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 18. One
cent postngo, nn extention of tho par
cels post, and rural free delivery
service; tho establishment of federal
aid for post roads and a readjust
ment of railway mail pay, aro some
of tho post office reforms to be in
stituted by the democratic nilmiitta
tuition, according to information ob
tnined hero today. Democratic senti
ment in the house and sennto is
against any further extension of the
civil service in tho post offico de
partment at present,
It wns stated that President-Elect
Woodrow Wilson will be urged to re
scind tho executivo order promulgnt
ed by President Tuft, putting fourth
class postmasters in the olnssifted
list. Dcniocrnts, it is snid; boliovo
this policy is impractical.
Supreme Court Upholds Decree of
Maryland Federal Court Dissolving
Ctandard Sanitary Manufacturing
Company and Allied Concerns.
Patent Monopoly Law Does Not Ob
tainOwnership of Patents Net a
Justification of Monopoly.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 18. The
I'niled Slntes supreme court today
upheld the decree of the Maryland
federal court disolvinir the Standard
Sanitary Manufacturing company
nnd allied concerns, which form the
sotnllel bathtub tru-.t. The concerns
were ordered diohed an in restraint
of trade, in pite of the contention
that the decree invaded the patent
rights of the trut.
No decisions wero announced in
either the anthracite trust or the
railroad rate ones.
The court recessed until December
Trust busters regard the bathtub
decision as the most important since
the Standard Oil decree. In the
"patent mono)oly" decision Inst year
the court held that the owner of a
patent could dictate terms tinder
which the patented article wns to be
sold. It wns feared that this might
npply the same reasoning to the
Shermnn anti-tmtt law and prevent
the government from attacking trusts
which controlled through owning pat
ents. The decision, however, denied
such a view, declnrinc that the de-i
fendnnU' ownership of a patented
.ur-icje. did no L.-j notify- tlit-Hi.."m..'M-dncting
a nionnixily. It wnsTdeelared
that they violated the Sherman law
whether the patented article figures
in the ease or not. j
HAMILTON'. Bermuda, Nov. 18.
The Quebec Liner Dermudlnn. with
resident-Elect Woodrow Wilson and
o's party aboard, arrived here today.
The Dermudlan docked this after
noon. The mayor went out In the
official yacht, to take Wilson off but
tlte president-elect declined, preferr
, Ing to land with the other passen
gers. I A largo crowd greeted Wilson,
. who spoke briefly.
NEW YORK, Nov. IS With tho
resignation of Frank L. Dyer, as
prosldent of the Edison company and
allied Interests. Thomas A. Edison
Dyer acted as head of the Edison
enterprises for moro than ten years.
Information gathered by house
democratic investigating committeos
shows tUo postal service is burdened
with unprofitable business which
should bo otfset by business now car
ried by the express companies. Log
islntiou to remedy this will ho urged.
That tho dissolution of tho Stan
dard Oil and tobacco trusts may be
come a reality without wniting fpr
congressional action is tho belief cur
rent here today. This because Louis
lirnndcis, acting for tho independent
oil nnd tobacco men, protested
against tho iwtion of Attornov Gen
eral Wiekershnni in declining tn ap
peal rrom the decree of the UniteiJ
States circuit court whon it approved
the rcorgunisnitiou plan of these
trusts. Now Hrandeis is talked of as
tho next attorney general.
Maniac Tells of Murderino Children
by Torture and Attempting to Kill
Twelve Others Following Brutal
Assaults Little Hope of Capture.
All Schools Closed at Buffalo in Re
spect to Memory of Last Victim ef
BUFFALO, N. Y., Nov. 18. The,
arrest of the maniac flayer of seven-
year-old Joseph Josephs is now but
a. question nf hours. It wns author
itatively stated by the police this
afternoon that they know the identity
of the mnn but do not know his pres
ent whereabouts.
Chief Gilion of Lackawanna says
the arrest may be made tonighf. Un
til a year ago, according to tho police
the innn wns employed by the Lack
awanna steel company. He is said to
bo a member of a socially prominent
family nnd a valuable cmployo when
in his right mind. Sometimes it wns
paid, he exhibited the characteristics
of n pervert. Finally the police say,- ,
lie wns discharged nnd went to Bos
ton. He remained in Boston, it wns
said, until Sunday a week ago.
BUFFALO, N. Y., Nov. 18. With
all schools closed in respect to hiu
memory, Joseph Josephs, boy victim
of a maniac murderer, was buried
here today. Mrs. Josephs, prostrat
ed by the crime, was unable to attend
tho services, which were held fn St.
Charles church. ." .
The police admitted today Hint
they liavo little hope of eapturing-.tUe.
murderer. Before the boy was slain
a year Hgn, M was put iri a VBult anil
there slowly tortured by tho maniac.
Finally he was choked to death.
One of the last postcards the in
sane murderer wrote to the police
said: "Like Rnnipio's, ghost, my '
crimes will not down." The enrd
also said that the fdnyer would sur
render Wednesday.
Chief of Police Gibson, of Lack
awanna, where the boy wa.s slain,
thinks the murderer is a wealthy nnd
highly educated man. His postcards
confess to four murders nnd twelve,
attempts to kill children following
NEW Y6lK, Nov. 18. Tho police
here are investigating today the
deaths of a number of children which
have never been explained, believing
they probably were victims of the
"Buffalo post card murderer." One
of tho postcards seut to the Buffalo
police confessed to tho murder in
Central Park hero of Michael Kurk,
in 1002. Tho records show- tho slay
er fastened his teeth in the child's
neck beforo death.
BOSTON, Nov. 18. The nolico ore
scourine; the city today for clues that
might lend to tho identity of the '
"Buffalo postcard murderer," Tho
postcard confessing to the murder of
Joseph Josephs was written at the
Tremont Hotel here. ,
SALB.M, Ore., Nov, 18. Governor
West today paroled W, Coopor Mor
ris convicted of embezzling funds be
longing to tho derunct Oregon Trust
nnd Savings Dank. He wag nen
teaced to a torm of from one to ton
years. It dovoloped In the trial of
Morris that ho tried to apply tho
bank's funds to the rejuvenation of
a dilapidated railroad, the promotion
of tho Golden Eaglo department store
In Portland and other ventures either
totally unstable or apperently so.
ATLANTA, On., Nov, 18, After
tin illness, J. M, Terrell, fanner gov
ernor and United States senator, is
.dead at his home here today, Terrell;
hiicceoded At S. Clay, in the S8rwitj "
and held tlitf place .until the eMiofi
of Hoke Smith, present niuimiKHt, ,

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