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Ilnln Max. n) MlH. JM.J
PrecJp, .2W.
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fortjMMwiml Yrar.
Dully Hnvmilli Year.
NO. 20G.
pfflicifiitmiBiciasiiiiiiraifi.nitHisiHiiiistiisofitist 'pniiD piimmpm iai l ihtcocqtq
C(y HaM
rcrv. -"
DURING battle
Corpses Llo Thick Within anil With
out Lines From Black Sea to Sen
of Marmora Dantjer ot Pestllcnco
Confllctlnrj Reports of Attack.
Bulijars Claim to Have Broken Turk
ish ninlit Turks Claim to Have
HOI'IA.-Nov. Jlt.HHlRtirlttn plt-n-lioU'itlnrl)jii
wern appointed lioru to
day lo arrange a general iirialHtlrc
wllli Turkey.
(Iriil bronk In ilio short Iml tor
rlllc war by which thu llnlknn stntcs
hnvo lirokrn tho power of Turkey
lu-Curopo rami) today when tho Hut-
gnrliiiis besieging Coimtnntliioplo's
defenses nt Tchnlttljn agreed lo tin
olulil-liotirn nriulullco to bury tint
Tlio slaughter ilurlim dm Hulgnr
attack on tlio Tclmtnljit defense
during dto hut few ilnyii linn boon
nwful. , Corpse llo thick within nml
wlthonl the linen from the Mack Hen
to tha Sen of Marmora, nml it ce.v
tlon of liontllldrH wns seen to bo ab
solutely necqwinry unless both the
contending ttrmlos were to bo swept
by a pcstllunco boforo which the
carnage of bullet nml bayonol would
.uluJtutolUwinc?.,.,,, vVr ,
lO.oiM) lmy Nbiln
.No eittlmnto tins yet been mmlo
public hero of Uio number who hitvo
fallen In (ho rontlnouii fighting
along thu Tehnlnlja llneM, but thero
In no (loulil tli.nl from CIO.HOO to 40,
(100 men are ileml nml woumled on
both sides, nml It In more thnn prob
nblo thitl this figure slll bo fnr ex
Conflicting report still rnntlnuu
lo seep Into the city nit to tlio pro
gress mndo by the Hulgnrn. Some
reports have II that tho 'iMrklnli right
practically has boon pierced, Thcso
reports i-omo from unofficial sources.
Official roportH nro dint tho IlulRnri
hnvo met with MurloiiK HetbnckH, and,
while moMl government hnvo little
erto been to rosy, thin Inst nccounl
Ik credited and Is given greater
weight by tho proclamation of the
brief armistice.
May (.'berk Ailtnuro
It Ih now bollnvod horo that there
Ih mill a possibility thut tho Ilulgnr
advance inny bo nhocked by immo
arrangement boforo tho Servians
loiiio up. If hucIi an arrangement
Ih not made nml tho Turku docldo to
(Contlnuud on pago 2.)
VIKNNA, Nov. H).-HelutioiiK lie
tween Austria "nil Sorviu are htrain
eil today In Hi" breaking point iih ii
result of thu reported bityoiioltiug of
AiiKlriiitt Consul I'rooluihku til I'ris
leml hy Kervjim troops, wlio iiIho ore
ullegcd lo liuvo turned llioir maehiiie
guns on (lie inliubitiiuls of I'risrond,
killing 11 inuu, il.'i woiiiuii nml ohil
ilreu. A lolcgriiiu received hero (oilny
from I'udu hist hiiyn Hint when Km
puror Kriuu Josef won (old of Uio
luuidonl ho Hitirti
"Wo nro for peace, bill not for
ptiiieo nt any priee,"
Tlio Viiiiiuii HolclmpoBt (luiiiamU'd
loilny Hint AiiHtilu iluuluro war on
Korvlit. Tim paper wh:
'The iinbriillml iiiNoleueu of ltol
jirailo ret,rli'ili)H Iiiih moaloil u Bpiril
in Knrvlii whlei Ih intolerable."
Tlio ildWH of tho tillered bayonet
linu of CoiihiiI ProuliitHkii wiih veoeiv
eil hero from ho eorroHpoiulout "of
the UnidlmpoRl nt Urn front, llo in
Haiti lo lmvn I'l'ijuivcil hin iiiformution
from Koldribrii,, tho fii(;itivu Albitu
m i
Supposedly Insano Man at Los An
geles Threatens to Blow Up Sta
tion With Box of Dynamite and
Chases All Out of Building.
Capture Effected by Ruse After All
Bulldlnrjs In Mclnlty Had Been
wu anui:u:h, ci.. Now io.
After threatening to blow up the
central polite million and holding
more than to more of policemen at
bay for half an hour, Alberl lavn,
tttxiy yenrn of iiko of I.oiir Hunch nup
poned to be lunnne, wiih oturpowered
shortly nfter noon today by del ce
ll von who braved the iliuir.i'rtt of n
largo box filled with dymimlto which
the man tried to explode on their up
DuvIh entered the Rtatlou Jimt be-
fore noon, floiirlnhlii); the box, which
wax eiUlped with n trlKKor and
fiiKe. After nuiiouucliiK thnl he lie
tended to blow up President Paul
Hhoup of the Pacific Klectrlc mil
way, he trained the box upon of fl
ee ra who tried to noire him and or
dered them from tho building. The
officers fled.
IliilldhiK Vmnteit
lo r about hnlf nil hour the mnu
held uiulUputed pomchhIou of tho
Htnllon, while Chief of-l'ollto Sebua
dan ordered tho jirloticrH removed
from (he ndjoliilug city Jnll, caiiHod
all nearby bulldliiRH to bo vncnted nnd
cloned two Hlreetn to traffic.
Tho rapture wnH effected through
a rune. Detectives Knmuto Ilrowne
ami ritxuerald approached DnvU
from opiiohltn dlrectloiiN and an the
man turned bin deadly box toward
Ilrowne, Detective Joseph Hoslck,
creeping up from behind, dealt him
a Dimming blow on the head with
a club. At thu name Instant llrowno
holxod tho box, nml with Fltxgornld,
tore to ptcccis tho mcchnnlHiu which
tho trigger controlled, nnd which al
ready bad Htarted,
'.otitic! With lnamltv
In addition to thu box, which cote
tallied Hiifflclent dyuamlto to wreck
tho building, Davis' pockotn wore
filled with other sticks of tho ex
ploftlto. llo also carried a t.' calibre
After Davis recovered conscious
ness ho said he enme to l.os AugoloH
yesterday, llo rofuscd to tnlk fur
ther, nfter ho had given bis nanto
and address.
DAHO BY 1100
1IOI313, Idaho. Nov. 10. It Is to-
day officially statod that Woodrow
Wilson carrlud the Htato of Idaho by
1100 votes, With ouo Biuall county
Incomplete, mid all others official
tho vote on president stands: Wil
son, III, Oil); Taft, II'J.SIO; Itoosovelt,
Uft.niO, It Is oxpoctod that tho of
ficial gubernatorial returns will bo
compiled In their outlroty shortly.
They will show ilalnos, ro publi
can, with a good load over Ilawluy,
HKMilN, Nov. 10.- When Booiulo
(leinoorutio party miiuiigouiciit h oall
iutr for 'tremendouH deinonHlnilioiiH"
for poiiiie on tlio purl of tho hooIiiIIhIh
llerr Wemlel, u inemhur of tlio (lev
Hum ruiulistiiKi writes from tlio huuiiu
of war that liuil tho Kooiulists in Cor
viif iinil Hiilunrin doolarod u military
Htrfko "not ii dozen would liuvo obey
ed tlio oull." llerr Woiidel writes
that tho HoeiulislH, like others, wore
onrrjod away by tlio uulliusitism for
M'HF with tjje Tjr)i?.
am ' mmm tt lliF&rmm'immmmmmmwll
III mmmWmiBm Mmt' r? Jfll
111 $$mmmmWmm. P " mm mmf't -f' '&&' II
I mmmmKmwilmmmmmmWmWmmmWmmW8firTmmmmmm. $Smmmm:Z. i " ? mmmmW
llll mmmmmmmmWkJmf " I mmmmmmmWmWBmmmmm I ---W--BEBmUWmTmmWmmmmmmmMM IlKXVOA M mmmmmmmmW
lllll 'SImmmmrlmmmmmmWlSSSrJmmmSm w&A'jS&ZKlTZ
(iOSIIBN. N. Y., Nov. IP. At tho
opening of Ihe Irml here lodnj of
Attorney Nmtoji V. OHmou of Kew
York City( neeiiKed of ngmlciii Mis.
ItoMt Snabe, it dient. Diet net Attor
ney llotlgerrt outliuud the slutc's.cuHO
I'riotiiiu vkuh ovidenL belweeii f3ih
hoii nnd his lawyer. The defendant
frecpii'iitlv interrupted the nltoniey
for tho defense, ltobert Kldern. dur
ing the interrogation of witneshPri.
A dozen vvitiise told oT Mrs.
SznboV dentil nt (IreeiiNsood laku
Inst July.
MlhWAUKK. Wis.. Nov. 11).
The nllenlsts examining John Schrnnk
itHsallant of Col. Hoosovolt, will re
port to tho court that Schrnnk la In
sane, nrcordlng to ouo ot their mum
burs today.
NKW VOIIK, Nov, 10. Coloiiol
Theodore Iloobetelt, when Informed
hero today of tho decisions of tho
nllonlstH In Mllwnukco that John
Schrnnk was Insane, rotusod lo nmka
any comment.
MIIjWAUKIS, Wis.. Nov. 10
Judgo Itnckus wiih angry today when
ho learned that tho alienists' find
ings against John Schrnnk had bo
como public, llo will request tho
nlloulsls to continue their examina
tion but withhold their roportH for
a few days,
VANCOUVKIt, M. 0., Nov. 11).--Two
Cliiuaineu wore burned lo death
nnd another lies in thu general lumpi
tl hero Kiifferitig from u fraetured
le us tho result of u firo which
broke, out nt 4:U,f) o'clock this mor
ning in it Cliiiiose lumidry at 171
Second iivouuo west, Fuirviow.
Over thiTo suoro of Cliiunnieu uro
Haiti to liuvo Hlopl in the building larit
piglit and it was only by daring leaps
from the hcuoiuI htory windows that
most of diem niived I heir lives.
Mirny of them wero surioiiHly
bruised wlion they jumped to tho
sidewalk liolmv and the miiii wlioso
)ig was broken was hurt in that way.
llis utuuo is Loo Lous-
mmmzm-MMmmrzz m
TOM'S K1VKK, N. J., Nov. 1!).
.). Frank llickey, a ehemist, wtih nr
reslcfl today nt Whiting, N. ,1., by
Sheriff Chilton. The police or Huf
falo, N. Y allege that Hie key is tho
tannine murderer of set en year old
Joseph Joseph-, who wus tortured,
mistreated nnd thru ehoked to death
at I.aekawuuua, a Buffalo suburb.
Tho Milieo sav lliokoy i- nUo re
sponsible for the deaths of mi vera I
other ehildren.
Tho accused man was hniuuht
hero from Whiting to nwait die arri
val of officer- from Iluffalo. lie
denied all know ledge of the murder,
chnrueterir.iug lu nrre.-t as nu out
rage. Hiekey n-frted he eould eas
ily prove his innocence, nml appear
ed nn.ious In face ids licensors.
Tlio description of Hiekey wus
telegraphed to Sheriff Chilton by
Chief of Police- Kckhii, who usM'rled
Unit Hiekey was formerly employed
by (lie Laekiiwniiuii steel plant in
Buffalo when .heephs disappeared.
Mink-fly V handwriting, Ifcgun alleges
corresponds with thnt on postcards
mailed to the Itnffnlo police l'lom
Boston anil oilier titles.
PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. Ui.Suf
frngo circles are today discussing the
monster bamiuet in tho Mu Itunnmb
Hotel attended by 500 friends of thu
ciuiBo of both tu'es, Including (lover
nor West of Oregon, aovornor-Uleet
Lister or Washington nnd Mrs. Abi
gail Scott Oiiiilwny, "mothor ot sut
frngo." Tho banquet was In tho nature of
n testimonial to the last iiatuod, nml
tho ngod lady, although bont with
rhnumatlsm, preshlod at tho affair,
nnd mndo n brlof spoeoh.
llolb West and Llator mndo n stir
ring appeal for tlio raiiho, and tlioy
wore supplanted by ninny olhors ot
hardly loss Ijnportuuco, who wero
seheiluleij (or bflet Bl)0chea,
W- - ir9B;
Y. W. Eirert hurled his hat into
thu mayoralty ring today where it
now r'imiscs by the side of two oth
ershats of J. K. Watt und J. W.
.Miteholl. One more is expected, thut
of C. K. (lutes.
Mr. Hi fort's announcement of hi
cuudidaey was mndo loduv after his
friend.-, had endeavored to have him
enter the race for the puht two
weeks. It is conceded thut ho will
run well. Me was u member of die
council for four years and chairman
of the water committee which built
the present gravity water system.
It is reported today by friends of
C. K. (tales that they have induced
Mr. Gates to run but hu has us yet
failed to make a formal announce
The socialist party is almost cer
tain to muuo a ciiudidato so in Jami
nry thn citizens of the city will have
a clianeo to choose from four und
possibly five men.
Tho city council will tonight chooso
n registration hoard which will meet
for 10 days beginning December 14.
They will hImi decide whether a re
corder nnd councilman are to lie
elected whero vacancies wero filled
timing the past year.
OREGON IS 10,269
PORTLAND. Ore., Nov. 13.
Compilation of the compluto unoffi
cial vote ot tho stato today shows
thnt Wilson defeated Iloosevolt by
exactly 10,200 votes, and was 13,384
lit ndvnuco ot Tuft. Tho final fig
ures glvo Wilson, 47,097: Itoobovolt,
37,738, nnd Tart, 34,613. For
United States senator, Harry Luno,
domoorat, bus 1,701 over Don Solllug
und 13.33S over Uouruu. Selling's
vote was 12,474 ahead ot Dourno's.
Tho totals for tho stato finvo
Luno, 40,177; Soiling, 3S.413, and
Dourno, 35,930. A. K. Clark, on tho
progressiva tlakot received 11,071
votes for BQnalor,
Gannmen Accused of Slaughter of
Herman Rosenthal Convicted by
Jury After Brief Deliberation
Goff's Instructions F.ivor State,
Jurors Decline to Leave Courtroom
for Lunch Court Practically Ord
ered Conviction.
NEW YOIIK. N-v. 10. .nJr fir-
ty-two minutes deliberation the jury
sitting in the case of the four gunmen
charged with the actual killing of
Gambler Herman Itoscutluil were
found guilty this afternoon of mur
der in the first degree.
The convicted men are Hurry Hor
rowitx. alius "Gyp die Blood," "Lefty
Iconic" Hosi'iibiin:. "Dago Frank"
Cirofieiri, ltnd "Whitcy" Iewis.
Tiie gunmen paled when the verdict
wus announced, evidently not having
iippreeiutPtl the portent of Justice
GofFj, churge to die jury- The mur
derers trembled as they stood at the
bar, too terrified to speak
The court nnnouncd he would not
hear motions for a new trial until
10:30 o'clock tomorrow, tho hour set
for iniMting sentence.
Case to bo Appealed
Former Ifuglstrate Wable, attor
ney for the defense, said thnt he
would wove to net- aside the verdict!
and would carry the cn.se to the court
of appeals. District Attorney Whit
man was not present when the verdict
was returned.
As soon as the jury hud returned
its verdict the prisoners were hack
to the Tombs, Justice Guff going into
lits chambers after ordering deputies
to clear the court room at once. A
crowd of hungers-011 in die corridors
were quickly hustled into the streets
and the building was cleared in less
than three minutes. This action re
sulted from fear that friends of the
convicted gangsters might start n
demonstration in behalf of the con
victed prisoners.
Court Favors Stato
Justice Goff's charge consumed
three hours. It was regarded as ex
tremely favorable to the state, prac
tically demolishing the defense's case.
It virtually directed thu jury to con
vict the accused men, say the defense
Tho court said the entire dofcusc
rested on the stories told by tho de
fendants and commented "on tho pe
culiar coincidence of each tuna's
story agreeing- to that of die man
preceding- him on the stund." Ho ein
phnsized tho criminal record of the
defendants and directed the jury to
detcrmiuo whether it was possible to
invent a story and ntiek to it through
n long cross examination. He length
ily discussed tho law as it applied to
the evidence in this particular case.
CHICAGO, Nov. 19. Lack of
prosecution in tho case against Jack
Johnson, nogro pugilist, charged
with tho abduction ot Lucille Came
ron, a ulnetcen-ycar-oltl old whtto
girl of Minneapolis, resulted lu tho
charge belug dismissed by Judgo
Hopkins In tho municipal court,
Johnson was In court accompanied
by a bodyguard ot tour Inibky no
groes. Luclllo Cameron Is btlll couflnod
In Jail at Ilockford, 111.
Johnson Is at liberty 011 $30,000
bonds on a charge ot violating tho
Mann whlto slavery act.
TUCSON, Ariz., Nov. 10. A heavy
eurthtpmko shook lasting forty-five
minutes was reuorded hro today on
tho seismograph of (ho United States
magnutio observatory. It was estim
ated thut the center of tho disturb
ance was 400 miles distant, probably
to the southwest,
Author of Initiative Rate IHI De
scribes Effact of Measttre-rCwH
modify Rates Net Af f wtMltWess
Higher Than Under New Law.
Bill Does Not Advance a Single Rati
Duty ef State Commissi tn tt
Protect Shippers. .
(Author ot Initiative flato Bill)
Author of initiative hate Dili,
It has been asserted that the now
Oregon railroad rate law passed nt
tho general election, cancels com
modity rates. This Is but ono ot
many mis-statements being circu
lated to prejudice the public against
tho measure.
If the commodity rate Is In ex
cess of the maximum rate fixed by
the bill, the maximum rate prescribed
in the bill will prevail and automatic
ally cancel tbe commodity rate; on
tho other hand 1C tho commodity
rate, present or fixed In the future,
Is less than the maximum rate' pre
scribed in tbe bill, tho commedlty
rate will be thu lawful rate.
Principle Involved
Tho bill prescribed maximum car
carload rates, and d 081. prescribe
absolute rates nor minimum , rate.
Tbo principle Involved u'tlw.same aa
contained In tho Canadian Commla-
slSii-Taw and'tuT "ffiM&SUOmiS&Z
merco Act. I. c, a standard maxi
mum rate basis Is provldod above
which neither the railroads nor tho
railroad commission may fix carload
rates, at less than tho maximum car
rates, at less than tho mexlmum car
loads prescribed In the bill. Neither
tho railroads nor tho commission
may fix less than carload commodity
or class rates without automatically
fixing tho carload rate on tho'artlcio.
Tho bill prescribes certain relation
ships that shall always bo main
tained between a less than carload
rate and tho carload rate regardless
of whether the less than carload
rato is a commodity rate or a class
Nu lUttcs Advanced
The bill does not advanco a slnglo
rate, neither in spirit nor letter, and
should the railroads arbitrarily at
tempt to advance tho Ipsacr spepcial
or commodity rate to tho maximum
rates prescribed In tbo bill, It is tho
duty of the railroad commission to
protect tho shipper, Tha people ot
tho stato of Oregon hnvo adoptod tho
measure with a large majority, and
tbo commission Is a croaturo oft tho
people, and tho people bavo said In
substances to tbo commission "we do
(Continued on Page G)
LOS ANGELES, Nov. 10. Huvis
ing tlioir first report that five per
sons had lost their lives, thu police
auuouuceu ipuay mm uio- kiiuwii
dctilhroll of tlio firo thut destroyed
tho St. George hotel here early today
contains three mimes. They tire:
Mrs. Charles Harrington, US, uu
actress, whoso stage nuinu was Ellen
Joseph Martin, 118, jewelry clerk.
Julius Miilouo, 'i'), hotel engineer.
Mrs. Harrington's six mouths old
baby girl is fearfully burned mid
probably will die. Others who nro
believed to ho fatally injured are
Frank J. Bock, who received it
sprained hack, and ills wife, tvliotie
back was broken,
Mrs. Harrington was killed b'fulls
incr from die fifth floor. Her baby
was found in thu hull outside (lie
room, whence she fell. It It Ixdievud
that slio loft tho iiifwut tw-nporttrily
to find a wuy of tM0He and wh
overcome by vertiyd wk'de hwfctaf
from u window
,T ''M
' 1 " .

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