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Medford Mail Tribune
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Ilaln tonight anil tomorrow
Mn, 41 f MIm. ad.
lporty.nroml Ytsr.
Dally flnvmitli rrnr.
NO. 209.
n .Ji
Thirty Thousand Greeks' Ordered to
Help Dulfinrlnns Before Constanti
nople Scrvln Also Semis Troops
Allies to Risk All In Front Attack
Most Bloody and Desperate Battle of
War- In Prospect Greeks to At
tack Warships.
ATHENS, Nov. JU.-oliiiliimliiiii
Unit Hit' Balkan allies will venture nil
on n tcriifin frontal nttuek mi the
lines (if. Tcliutalja lit I lit; hope of for
ever mushing Turkey with ono blow
came hero today when ,'10,000 (Ireek
lioops wero iinluu'd to help (hi) Mid
gut iaus before Constantinople.
In pursuance of tho evident plan,
Sorvia is uxpeoted also to send a
heavy force to join (leiiernl Suvoff
and it ih repelled on uppntcutly good
authority t It it t while t ho land attack
h being delivered the (Ircck licet will
effect a diversion y a determined
nlloiii'pl to run the cordon of I'd it h
there and force the passage of the
While no official confirmation i
obtainable, it irt tho general belief
Imni llial the (rek from the ieiuily
of Salonika iiih! .MomiNlir inul t 1m
Sorvinns from tlm latter forties will
rush at onco toward Constantinople.
Them it U believed, they will In; join
rd hy ocry Hulgur who ran be spur
i'd from thu iini'dmcnt of Adriuti
ople. Terrific Untile In Pnnccl
.. .VXUIuUifiaurqlnfjirccjiicntH Genorul
"WhuVoff probably will lio'lii n position
otieotlveiy to upHinn tlm freMi Turk
ish levies from Asia, who liavu rnl
Hod to tho defcaso of llioir capital
and tho clash of armies in likely to
lie ono of tho most Idoody and des
perate in tlm history of modern war.
The Turkish Imttlenhip llamidielt was
toned into isn't hero today and dock
ed, The vessel had keen torpedoed
ami liuilly damaged, lint whether it
mini; any of tho Bulgarian torpedo
boats which atlaeked it in the lllaek
eu could not ho learned.
righting Continued
SOFIA. Nov. 22.Oflieinl an
notineemeiit (hat peace iicgoliutiniis
with 'turkey had heen resumed, hut
that thu fighting eoiitiuued about the
Tohatalja forts wan made lieu? today.
It lit expected (hat the allien will
modify llicir lerniH,
CIIICAOO, Nov. S'J.-Tlio ChieiiKo
Daily NewH prints tho following do
spatuh from Canton, China, heiu to te
day: "Tho lieutenant wnora! IIH deh
iljiHtled Llmiloiiuiil (leiiural CIuiiik
Wing Moil),', commander of the (Tan
tonerto i'oreerf Koilij? to Mouj;olia, (o
hold tho territory for the republic,
Ited UrotftJ NOehitioH are prepaiiu to
follow tlm army.
" 'hut tin fi(,dil and unit onco for nil
these foroijju invasions' is thu war
cry that has been raised in Cnnlon.
An aiili-ltusNiim society opcutj head
(inurtura liero tomorrow."
KU PAHC), 'fox., Nov, 152. Unilu'r
oriJorn to ro-tfeku tho Imrdor town,
PnlouutH, cuiHuroil yoHtonluy by tho
Mexican rol6 furuou, four buiulrod
'foderal riidnforeoouta nro today 'bo
Iiik niHltod from tho Ohbiis Giundo
dUtrlut. United Stutea troopH pa
trolling (ho 'border opnoidto i'nlomus
have atrlut ordern to provout any
reboln crosultiK tho lino,
Most Extensive Military Movement
Underway Mobilization of Re
serves Ordered All Railroad Cen
ters Active Troops Ready
Austrian Archduke In Consultation
With Kaiser Wllhchn-Naval Dem
onstration Planned.
LONDON, Now 22.Thu Aiihtrian
government Iiiih called six moru army
corps of iommvch to the colors, nc
cording to a dispatch teeeived here,
today from Vieiiua.
1IEWLIN. Nov. 22. The Wisehc
filling thin evening claims itidisput
alilo authority for the statement that
Austria has "commcnccil tho
extensive military uiovenieutH
Vienna telegraph that the miuiKtry
of war Iiiih oidered the inoliilir.ation
of the three fin I chiht-et of rexencx.
All railroad cciileiH are most active
and preparation) for the traiiswirla
(loii of troopn am iudiealioiiK thai
jjtave cxcntH are hook to ho expected.
liKKM.V. Nov. '2.1. -The attitude
of AiiHlria rcmdiuj: Servian inva
sion of the Albanian coaht may lie
tletermined al a conference which
ix on here today between Kaihnr WIN
helm and ForeiKii Miuihter Kidcrliu
Waeuhter of (lenuaiiy, and Arch
nuke Franr. Kordiuand of Austria.
Tho visitor wan met at the htalion by
the kairtor and Kiderliu-Wncrhter and
tlM' diHcussion over the Hulkan ituu.
Tioiihtarrt'd ntonco. 7
lnvorified refmrtk here mv that
Austria is planning an auli-Kervlau
naval ilemouxtratiou alonu tho coast
of Albania.
NKW YOIJIC. Nov. JJ.-New York
society women today are expected (o
fall in line with the innovation in
tarter decorations Mt at the horse
hhow by Mix. lfennaii Oelriehs.
An Mr. Oelriehs started to mount
the broad staircase at Madison
Sipiare (Inrdcii, she daintily lifted
her skirt and a diamond (uhscI,
scintillating brilliantly, stood out in
slrouu relief against n black silk
slocking. Thu cluster of gemn was
suspended from a point a little below
the kueo and Mrs. Oelriclm rained her
skirls so all could see. She also
wore a diamond doj? eollur this
about her neck.
HAMILTON, Ilenuuda, Nov. 'J'-V
"You uru no genlleumn and 1 will
thrash you if you do that iiRam!"
This is what I'resident-eluot Wood
row Wilson told a photographer here
today who persisted in taking a snap
shot after I he goenior had refused
him permission. Wilson's face Hush
ed and ho clinched his fists ready to
"do business" if tlm photographer
snapped him ayain. Tlm photogra
pher, however, humbly apologised and
tho incident was closed.
(Joveruor Wilson and his daughters
spent (ho ufleruoou bicycling.
Hldna Alloa, leador of tho Allen elan
tif outlaws today was Bontonced to
fifteen yours lprluonmont (or tho
part ho pluyod in tho murdors com
mitted by tho. Alien gung lu Hills
vlllo uouuty eourt houso. Alton whh
coitvlutod of socoud dogrco murder,
Doth Allen and his wlfo brolco dawu
whoa sontonco was pronounced.
California's Governor Censures Ap
pellate Court for "Hypocritical
Pretence of a Judicial Decision"
and Urjjcs Fight Be Continued.
Asks That Every Effort Be Made to
See That Los Angles Vote Be
Squarely Counted as Cast.
HACKAMKNTO, Cal Nov. 22.
ChuraeterlzliiK thn dcclnlonu of tho
apiiellate eourt lit connection with
tho I.ok AiikcIoh election ultuntlon an
uiijiinl mid rererrliiK to thu tircscnt
Htatim that ban reunited there from
the cliitlleuK" of certain precinct re
turn favorable to KoobovoU hh duo
to tho efforts of "hired thiii;i) nt tho
polls" and "tlm hypocritical pretence
of a judicial decision" after thu polls
wero cloned, Governor Jobnuou to
day sent a lout? telegram to .Meyer
l.lfiHtier, of l.os AukcIon, urKlng that
the fight of the progressives lie vig
orously continued.
Johniion expresses hlmneir as being
Utile concerned now how tho elec
toral voto of California, blnglng
largely on tho los Angeles count, Is
cant, but Is gravely concerned how
thu vote Is counted. The message
to Llcnicr fallows;
tolniMiii's .Me.ssngo
"It Is reported In tho- press that
progressives, because of the decision
of thu court last evening lit tho mat
ter of tho tauvass of tho Los Angeles
returns, arc going to ipilt. 1 trust
this report Is erroneous.
"As I understand tho situation the
voto in certain precincts la your
county Is known and tho result In
theso precincts Is unquestioned. A
proceeding was commenced In tho
nppollato court to lutvn tho result
declared othorwlso than as known,
and to hnva tho voto certified by
yoai supervisors otherwise titan as
cist. It being aBsurtcd, that this last
rodiilt by a technical construction
construction may bo obtained,
"It Ih of llttlo consequence now
how tho electoral voto of California
Is cast. It Is of gravo conscquonco,
how tho voto of tho citizens of tho
statu of California Is counted,
Hypocritical DecNIon
"Voles legitimately cast by our
men and women must bo counted as
cast and votus legitimately cast must
nut bo prevented from being counted,
either hy thu hired thugs at tho polls
or tho hypocritical pretense of a
judicial decision after tho polls arc
elosed. I hope, thoroforo, that ovary
effort will bo made by you and
every other progressive In Southern
California to sco that tho voto of
I,o Angeles Is squarely counted as
cast, and that tho decision of the
votors of J.on Angolos .shall not be
nltcred or overturned by unjust Ju
dicial decision or othorwlso.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 22. Wil
Ham It. Hearst, tho publisher, will bo'
0110 of the first, wftno.ssoa called be
fore tho Clapp Hoimtu committer
when it resumes no.xt month its in
vestigation of campaign contribu
tions, it was learned horo today,
Standard Oil political gifts and
congressional activities will bo thu
lino of Hearst's examination. Hu
will ho asked for unpubliHhod lottors
hotwoon Standard Oil offiuials and
congressmen. How tho Hearst pub
liuatiotiB obtained alleged loiters from
tho privato files of John 1). Arch
hold, addressed to Senator Penrose
mid former Congressman Sibloy of
I'ennaylvanlii will ho another ques
tion. When Arohbold was n witnosj.
boforo tho Clapp oommitteu ho de
manded that Hearst testify, doolnring
soino of )iis 'ArohbohVs,' lottoys hud
been stolen and 6omo forgod,
General Reorflanlzatiou Is Scheme of
New Administration Useless
Army Posts t Be Abandoned and
Cavalry to le Reduced.
Bureau Aristocracy Aliened to Have
Been Built Up by General Wood's
WASHINGTON, Nov. 22. That
the war department will be the most
severely shaken up of all the execu
tive department? with the advent of
a democratic iioaiiiiisttatiou uu the
belief today Of democratic leaders
KcorKuiiiwition of (he army, forced
hy the democrats in the house dur
ini' the hibt srMHimi mid already in
swiii,', is (he hit problem for (he new
admiiiinlratioii. The last hotic
sought uusucecsfiilly 0 reduce the
cavalry ,'13 1-3 er (rent. The demo
crats vainly iittrmplcd to abandon as
useless several nroiy sists.
Major Guncnil Leonard Wood,
chief of staff, in a possible demo
cratic (argot. Thul a bureau "ariH
locrncy" has been built up in the
general staff has lit-en openly chiirj
ed. Abolishment of sfop-watch sys
tems for workmen 'in thu urcunls i
another pnimiscd reform.
Fortification of the Panama canal
will be completed under the next ad
ministration. Tho democrats arc
openly opHned to extensive or ex
pensive armament of the canal. They
favor its policiuj; rather by battle
ships to avoid in&tnllatiou and main
tenance cost afnv$ artillery with'
ninny giinn and men.
SAN DIKGO, Cal., Nov. 12.-The
cruUcrs Mars land, Colorado and
California, arrived in port today, ea
teriiiL' the harbor under full steam.
Tho torjiedo flotilla is nlso in ort
and (he entire fleet will indulge in
maneuvers and (argvt practice.
Hear Admiral Southcrland, in com
mand of tho Heet, told tho United
Press that he and his men were
especially glad to return to tho Unit
ed Stales, after a long stay in Nica
ragua and other tropical ports. He
said the trip up tho coast was un
eventful, except for' a hard storm
encountered off Acapulco, Mexico,
llo said the Nicaragua!) tumbles
huvo been settled satisfactorily.
Lilllo illness was reported ou
hoard tho warship. Tho Heet will
remain in Krt nt least a mouth, according-
lo present plans.
NKW YOKK, Nov. 22. Hesuuip-
tion of hostilities in tho ISnlkaus is
ascribed us reason for thu sagging
of prices nt the opening of tho stock
markot here today. Except loi 1
iidinn Pacific, vliich drooped a point,
thu losses were fractional. Louis
ville inul Nnshvillo was among tho
few stocks that advauoed with noted
Profit taking hero today followed
tho sharp rise in prices during yes
terday's market, Sneoulation nur
rowed down to a fow well known
issues timl pool operations appar
ently wero suspended.
Tho market closed weak.
Honds wero steady.
SALEM, Mass., Nov. 22. The
closing statement for tho state in
tho oaso of Jos. Ettor, Arturo Glo
vunuitti and Antonio Caruso, charg
ed with murder of Anna Lopiezo at
Lawrenoo was niado today by Dis
trict Attomoy Atwill,
Tho case will probably go to tho
jury tomorrow.
Indications Tjiat Jud(jc Anderson Be
lieves Government Has Made
Strong Case Against Edward
Smythc McManirjal Continues.
Dynamite Stolen From Quarry, Kept
in Union Vaults Until Taken to
Jones Barn.
Strong Indication that Judge Ander
son believes the govcrncnt has pre
sented a strong case at least against
Kdward Smytho or Springfield, III.,
ono of the union men on trial hero
for Illegally transporting dynamite,
is seen by Indianapolis attorneys to
day by the action of the court In In
creasing Hmytho's bond from ,'00U
to $10,000. Tho amount of ball
demanded for James A. Kay, nlso of
Springfield, was not changed, It re
maining at $5000.
Stole Dyiiaiull,.
Itcsiimlug his testimony today.
McMaulgal declared he stole 1200
pounds of dynamite from the Franco
quarry company at Bioomvlllc, Ohio,
early In 1911. He said ho trans
ferred tho explosive piecemeal on Inter-urban
cars and trains to Indian
apolis. This dynamite, ho said, was
Kept In the vault at the Ironwork
ers headquarters hero until it was
transferred to Jones' barn.
John McNutnara, McMnnlgal said,
objected to promiscuous storing of
dynamite about the Jones farm,
fearing that boys might use tho
boxes for t&rgcts and kill themselves.
McNamara, Ortle saId;cauttonedhIra
to remove tho trademarks, saying
It was a mistako to leavo tho trade
mark ou nltro-glyccrincs purchased
at tho plant of tho Giant Powder
company at Giant, Cal., as It fur
nished a cluo to the dynamiters of
tho Times building in Los Angeles.
Trailed by Detectives
McManlgal testified that Burns
detectives trailed Jim McNamara
and himself on ono trip from Ohio
to Indianapolis, whllo they wero
carrying dynamite. Tho dotectlves
ho said, examined tho register of a
hotel at Tiffin, Ohio, where they
stopped. Ortio said ho wont to To
ledo and remained there three days
In an effort to learn whether Ohio
papers printed anything about tho
stolen dynamite, taken from Bloom
villo. McMnnigal testified that before the
Iroquois explosion Jim McNamnru
thawed dynamite in n suit case on
tho radiator of Oitiu's homo in Chi
cago, lie said tliat lie and Jim visit
ed It. IT. Houlihan, ono of tho defen
dants, tho latter saying that I'nddv
Ityan, u member of thu Chicago local.
had investigated tho Iroquois job and
that it was all right to pull it off.
Tho Iroquois explosion, MeMnnigal
said, did but little dnmngc,
1U00 porsous and possibly hundrods
moro, lost their lives In Tuosday's
earthquake Is roportcd hero today in
a despatch from tho stricken Moxi
can districts.
Communication with piuny points
is cut off but tho towns of Acambay
and Timllpa appear to have suffered
most. At Acambay u church was
filled with peoplo attending onasa
when tho tromor shook down tho
walls, crushing ovoryono within
In thu center of tho stricken roglon
a lurr.o hill suddenly burst Into an
active volcano, hurling smoko and
rock in ovory direction. Tho scene
of tho disaster is less thau fifty
mllos from horo.
SOFIA, Nov. 22. Now eotnuiuni
oatious from tho powers urging that
tho Balkan allies modify thoir de
mands on Turkey wero received horo
this evening,
Iron-monger's Proposal Meets With
Almost Unanimous Disapproval
Taft Does Not Want Pension But
May Approve Plan for Future.
Congressman Henry Suggests That
They Be Sent to the Poor House If
They Can't Care for Themselves.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 22. Govcrn
cnt officials and other prominent
men hero today almost unanimously
disapproved of Andrew Carnegie's
plan to pension fnturo retiring
presidents or tho Uultcd States. It
was tho general opinion that the ac
ceptance of a pension would be be
neath tho dignity of cx-presldcnts.
President Taft, busy on his aios
sago to congress, was Inaccessible
today and his vlow could not bo ob
tained. Congressmen arc discussing
the possibility of congress providing
for former chief executives. Many
favor tho plan advanced by William
J. Dryan to scat them either In tho
house or senate.
Tuft to Decline Pension
President Tart docs not want a
Carneglo pension but ho would
not comment on tho pension plan
now because of his friendship for
Carnegie. Friends who have dis
cussed the matter with President
Taft say ho probably will endorse- the
plan but will decline the pension
himself, first, because ho may run
again and docs not wish to bo obli
gated and second .because bo saved
money during his term and besides
having property In Cincinnati is re
ported to havo saved $100,000 from
his salary as president.
Congressman Henry of Texas said:
Send Them to Poor House
"If It has como to a point whero
former presidents can't tako charge
of themselves wo ought to make
some provision for their admission
to soma charitable Institution."
Senator Porter J. McCumbcr of
North Dakota took an opposite view
of tho matter.
"Tho scheme strikes mo favor
ably," ho said. "Former presidents
should not bo dependent upon pri
vate charity. I'm advocating a "bill
giving them $10,000 annually as
past commanders-ln-chlct of the ar
my and navy."
PORTLAND, Ore, Nov. 22.
That Gleun Gault, ulnoteon, killed
nia step-ratner, 1). .M. Lultzel near
Oregon City two years ago because
of unbearable persecutions practiced
toward his mother and himself, is
today tho opinion of tho pollco, fol
lowing tho "shaking down" of tho
clear-eyed stripling.
Tho boy sticks closo to his first
story that ho did not fear arrest,
but confided In tho otficors 'because
ho "simply bad to toll someone about
tho rrtuio to rellovo tho awful
W. L. Taylor, an old ncquulntaco,
visited tho station today and stated
that tho boy had an oxcollent char
actor. Officers will tako yoiinh
Gault to Scott Mills, tho scono of tho
murder tomorrow, and ho will show
thorn whoro ho burled Loltzcl's body
aftor slaying htm with nn axo.
DETROIT, Mioh., Nov. 22. Com
plete returns from sixty-one of eighty-four
counties in tho state, not in
eluding Wayne county, in which De
troit is situatod, gives a plurality of
14,250 in favor of woman's suffrage.
Detroit rolled up u plurality of 1-1,000
against the measure. Tho delay in
reporting tho Wuyno county voto
caused suffragettes to make charges
of fruud. J
Alexander Szafsvar Hanged at San
Quenlln Walks to Death With Firm
Tread and Has Nothinrj to Say
Pronounced Dead in Two Minutes.
Murder Committed in Drunken Frenzy
Attempted to Slay Himself Af
terwards. SAN QUENTIN, Cal., Nov. 22.
Walking with firm trend and showing
little or no emotion, Alexander Szaf
svar, wife murdcrdr, mounted tho
scaffold 111 the state peniteut'iary
here this morning and nt 11 o'clock
sharp tho trap was sprung whiuh
shot him into eternity. He wan pro
nounced dead nt 11:02. There were no
features connected with tho hanging
other than that tho condemned man
endeavored to turn around whilo
standing on the scaffold. It was
necessary for tho hangman to lioht
Ssafsvar over the trap while adjust
ing tho noose. He had nothing to
About nine persons besides prison
officials witnessed the execution.
Szafsvar was 42 years old, a na
tive of Hungary, tailor by occupation.
He shot mid killed his wife Kmma, in
their home in Sna Francisco, April
5, 1910. Szafsvar was in n drunken
frenzy when he committed tho mur
der. After shooting his wife he at
tempted suicide but failed to inflict
a fatal wound.
Milton, u ten year old son, wit
nessed the slaying oC ids mother. His
cries brought neighbors, who,conyey;
ed the dy.lng woman to the'ParJcEm
crgency hospital, whero sho died
three minutes after, boing placed up
on (ho operating table. Szafsvar fled,
following the assault on his wife, to
Golden Gate Park, whero ho sent n
bullet into bis own head.
Tho boy Milton (old tho police that
his father had been drinking heavily
up to a week beforo tho shooting,
and on the night of tho murder de
manded money from his wife. Mrs.
Szafsvar gave bun $1, asking him to
leave und permit tho family to eat
alone. At this the husband flew into
n rage, drew a revolver and shot
down his wife.
Lestur Jones, youthful desperado,
at tho point of a gun Thursday af
ternoon, forced Marshal M. D. Jones
of Jacksonville who was attempting
to place him under arrest, from
his carriage and after making tho
officer march u mile up tho .road
abovo Jacksonville, suddenly turned
and plunged Into tho 'brush making
his gotaway. Sheriff Jones was
notified lato last night and this
morning took tho trail aftor tho
young offondor. Lestor Jones is
wanted for breaking Into sovoral
houses nt Jacksonville.
The warrant for tho boy was Is
sued Thursday. Marshall Jones of
Jacksonville took it, secured a rig
and loft to mako tho arrest. - A
short distance abovo Jacksonville ho
camo upon tho boy. Driving up ho
told him to got Into tho rig. Tho
bo asked him first to road tho war
ruut. As tho offlcor was doing this
tho boy suddenly drow a gun and or
dorod tho marshall to got out of tho
rig und keep his hands in tho air,
This ho did. Ho was then marched
up tho road a considerable distance,
whero tho boy relluvod him of his
guu und ordered him to turn up a
side hill. Thu boy -watched him un
til ho wus distant about a 100 yards
whou ho turned and plunged Into tho
thick brush nearby.
It was dark before Marshall Jona
roachod Jacksonville and reported
tho affair to SherUf Jones, At day
light tho shorltf took the trail.
Young Jones la said to by rwpou-''
Bible for the plllajjlng of iwvwal
houses at Jacksonville.
Although the on en all bear Out
same name they are HotitelaUd. ' ;
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