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Office Mali Tribute Building, 2S-27-29
North Fir stret, telephone 76.
The Dcmocrnllo TlniM, Tho iMlford
Mall. Tlw Medford Trbuna, The South
ern Orgonan, Ttie Ashland Trbune.
8ne year, liy
nn month, by
nt month, fiv mall
I'iF month, ilrllver"rt by carrier In
Mwlfonl, Phanlx, Jacksonville
and Central j'oliit .. ... 60
Saturday only. y mull, pr year 2
wkty, par year ..... l.aO
Official Papor of the nty of Madferd.
Qfflula) I'atwr of Jackson Cminly. ,
tiulerad na snn.nd-rlaa matter at
Mwlfcrnl, Orvgon, under lit act of Mareh
3, IST9.
Swern Circulation for 191 . 2I8S.
Hull leaanl wire AwKwHated Press tils-pntCh-.
Subscriber!! falllns to recelvo
papers promptly, phono CIrcu-
latlpii Manager nt 250-11.
CO It A Yci, ntlany loddlos shocked
nt bmu idea of now low cut dless.
Isn't t .lust 1'oh.sIIiIo Tlutl the Ihvs
i n ;lf Hug?
(From llnrlior SprlngB Republican)
Dr. Orahani announces that his
dental offlco will bo closed for vn
cta'Hq'n when tho weather In nlco and
open for buslnuis when tho wonthor
' llfttinil during several weeks this rail.
ji, '
' "Children should ho horn not
oftaucr Hum onco In three yoors,"
saya it writer in Hnrpor's Weekly.
Tho, Trim Typo
Hon I'n, whnt Ih n dlplomat7
l'n A diplomat, son, la a young
man who roummhora n lwily'a birth
day lint forlH her an. Philadel
phia Lodger.
A- "'Isor, while counting hi" Kohl,
IaIM rt ftve dollar wlllliiiu, I'm told;
lie hunted nil night
For that little old mile,
Anil tho next day tie died of the cold!
' TimIiij's ISolliiugci'
Tho colonel of hii Irlih riinlinout
iioIIoihI tlmt Piivnto Hooimy Mtuok to
llliu oloiioly at every ndvunno. Finally,
liniiollml by rurloilly, ho brought
Itoouoy before Uliu.
"Itoonor." btgnu tho eolonol,
"yoii'vs tuck by m woll thU tiny?"
"YU r," rilll Uoonoy, unlut-
' lH, "wo old HMitber ht to m'
il8 by. ttck (o th colonel nnil ye'll
' h HH rtht. thtmi eolonla nlvar sit
Slella'M Itamttlu CVtunler
Jinny liDiiiuly girl aie impnlar ho
OHMin tho ehle OHa llkt ( ntft them
km n eontvMt.
"Ituy a balo or bomla and help tho
iliM."-Cltleio TrlbuH.
The llnmniei' Slilkiv. ontl Hie Simk-
or Is DonmnI
(frem Itarlnr, Wla.. Journal-News)
JttMph lMtwi, who runt the
apriakllnii earl, had Harry llawmer
arratU eaierdv ou aa'aaaault and
tailor? ehai
Our Siivei Cmi' MuitAkwrjiw
"I'll MWr heur Jark'a foUtl
H tku JHerck ka tb elrk attlliM
tUlkt. MHIlH1"
"QrnaliU. aaatuV
"Ajtl th partor lamp will Hvr
bMrt Idw for blm again I"
"Ynii dHH't waM It?"
"II will Hvor ait en tka aid g4uak
aofg agulH aiMi ctlt nt t WMHyaf
"Hufrid. girl!"
'ToBlgkt I'll bunt H that U Imvi
hHlaw Im My btw drv.-art"
WUl agrtk 4M ha iat"
"I'm gulag to rhurrk my wwt
hart -I'ui- I - "
Miy. old girl, liy?"
)i. nine Tin goiug to nurry
him' '
UMMty LlHteHrU
An invwMtor (avenud a fvatbar
JI uhlclt he iH)uld govtra Ik
The If. i biui up ttajkt
In a U vory mlgU.
in.l in daxicii ii. pull glfjglir
WlM .
i. ' .i ,. 1 1 . ' " 'Jim
THE loudest advocates of tho Medyuski vchonding plan
whereby it is proposed to issue $1,020,000 bonds to
reimburse property ownei's lor improvements made under
the Bancroft act, are the very men who clamored loudest
for the paving, and are directly responsible for so much
being: hud. They sitritcd and circulated the petitions.
When an effort was made by the council to cut down
the width of paving on North Riverside, West Jackson
.and other residence streets,
the property owners, it was violently opposed by the same
men who now want to shove the burden of payment onto
tile community.
Many of the.e ardent advocates for rehondinj; bought
acreage," laid out additions and secured the paving as a
speculation in order to enhance the value of their prop
erty and effect iis quick sale. Because the were not suc
cessful, they ask the community to reimburse them for
their failure.
Other of the prominent bond advocates have recently
acquired, at a nominal price, vacant lots upon payed
J. .....4.- ... ir li irltailaiiM i,illitlni mt tllnivri tall lif, lintlll
jSlreeis, jlJUl ll nic lL-wuuuiiin
bursed enough to pay lor their speculation.
AVe hear much of the hardship entailed upon the poor
home-owner. There are. of course, such instances. Hut
a "lance at the delinquent, list in the city recorder's office
shows that it is not the poor home-owner who is delin
qiu nt as a class. They lmv.o paid up better than any other
dass. It is the wealthy or near-wealthy, the automobile
owners, and principally the speculators who own vacant
lots, that arc delinquent.
The greatest beneficiary of the rebonding scheme will
he the Southern Pacific, which has paid something like
$50,000 for paving assessments. The city would of coui'se
refund this with b" per cent interest, and the community
pav the bill in taxation.
The issue raised as to the
bonds is an eleventh-hour evasion.
and sold in trood faith. The
tained in the supreme court. The bonds are valid obligar
tions or they would not have been purchased. Thev con
stitute a lien upon the property affected that cannot be
lifted save by payment of the principal.
The bonds and interest can be collected. Those who
now assert they are invalid themselves paid part of their
assessments. The fact that the council has never made a
ousinesslike effort to collect either principal or interest,
and that people will not pay unless pressed, is what has
brought us to the present crisis and given birth to silly
schemes to avoid payment of legal debts.
Tiebonders are deploring the publicity given the city's
finances in the press, claiming that it "injures the city."
They should have thought of this beforehand, like good
citizens, and not forced publicity. Had they paid the
obligations they individually contracted, and not tried to
make the community the 'goat,'' they would have been
spared the agitation they themselves created. Nothing
could possibly injure the city more than springing a crazy
scheme like the Medyuski plan, that will make Med ford
the joke of coast finance.
Publicity is necessan, even if it "injures the city" to
let the people understand the situation, so that they may
not still further complicate a difficult situation. It is nec
essary to prevent the greatest possible injury to the city
by plunging it needlessly into a maelstrom of debt with no
resultant development benefits. It is necessary to prevent
a blanket mortgage being placed on the community that
will retard progress and entail smothering taxation, drive
awav enterprise and population.
If the bonds are voted,
The muddle created will be thrown indchnitely into the
courts. If eventually held valid, they cannot be sold ex
cept at heavy discount. The paralysis of the city will re
sult the paralysis of death. '
The future prosperity of .Mcdftn'd isat' stake and de
mands the defeat of the Medyuski rebbudiiig scheme
which, like a whitcd sepulchcr is fair to gaze upon with
out, but within full of dead men's holies.
KV. W'M. srXDAV. who
considerable criticism
agitation, will take up the light against child labor. Hack
in the cranberry inrushes of g.iod old .lersey; in the fac
tories of enlightened Pciinsvlvauia and the grand old I'm
pi re state of New York, where they spurn, so Mr. Taft
chuckles, to try any of the epcrimeiits of the Oregonuuis
in government; the employers systematically rob the
nursery and primary school of little tots and put them to
iweful labor, as earlv as their fourth year.
'Hiis ih done to earn larger dividends for coupon clip
neTx ami stockholders to blow in extravagant and luxur
ious living.
The employment of children as they are used in those
states would invite a lynching bee if perpetrated in Ore
Mr. Sunday had his attention called to these condi
tions in I'iltaUmrg and I'ateivon, and declares that he'will
iwe all hi nbilitv in fighting for the laws to put the baby
killers and cradle-robbers out of business.
Heretofore Mr. Sunday has contented himself with
fighting the devil. On iiuuiy occasions he has laid face
Uowu on his stage tutd with voice directed to the centrr of
the earth, dared and defied "old devil" to come tip and
fhjht like a mail. I hit old devil never came, h is a way he
FioiM the day Martin Luther threw hi iul. bottle, at
Malau to I be pnmMrt hour ttirrv ih ih ivconl ot .-Itl tlevtl
fWrlitinir buck r even defc iiiiinur hiiuwli in i'rii
Tbj? mn tar thin w that Satan dwioa iiinaarir a8iv
rrigtta kiiifc or emperor. He figfeU like ilte kai4fr
liUMUC ll UN HMtljlK NtMl Mlllti'lN. UftV Uatf KAtacr "F ltt'
wtr, we i utuMnlwJ tiny and nigbi.
in order to reduce the cost to
si - ju - iih; rii riiv, win in- ii-nii-
vn if lTv rii i no I. micro r :iei
F Ait -- J(i 1
The bonds were issued
Bancroft act has been sus-
their legality is questionable J
has earned nuiclj praise and
bv hw'meth'oils' fit religious
spite of all his challenges and "defis," lr. Sunday
ever able to eoke a word of retort from his sataiiic
wns IfCV
majesty. Jiut now that Mr. Sunday has grasped his
grenade and gun to attack the followers of old devil in
their entrenchments we predict a different kind of a con
test than the shouting of anathemas against Old Xiek.
We pray for the success of Mr. Sunday in battling for
the little ones. His efforts along this line will in our opin
ion produce more lasting good than the so-called convers
ion of sinners.
Jf the world improves it will be because the children
of today and the next generation will be born, taught and
trained in a better environment. Let the dead bury the
Give the old sinners to old devil, but the precious little
men and women in the cradles and nurseries today are the
men and women who will rule twenty years hence.
Mr. Sunday can do much good. We believe he will.
His work along this line, we believe, Avill open a new life
to bini. Ife will soon see the cloven hoof and smell asiihyx-
intiny mises. Jle will find
closed and barred. Newspapers that praised him for his
work that kept the proletariat so tremblingly in fear of
Clod, that thev forirot the natural rights of man, will
deride him as Ji dangerous demagogue who is trying to stir
up class hatred and foment discontent on the part ol the
working class against capital.
As a result, Mr. Sunday's salary will decrease, but his
spirit may -wax stronger, and he may be able to drive the
money changers and hypocrites from the American tem
ple of public opinion, as his Master did from the temple
in .Jerusalem.
We predict for Mr. Sunday a hard fight. Calling old
devil hard names may seem a little rash, but he will find
it innocent pastime compared to conflict that he will
arouse bv threatening the incomes of old devil's chief re
tainers. ' jv
Fellow Cltlzenir I am sorry there
linn been ko niiith IdttorneaH over thin
bondhiR project. Had 1 thought In
tho beglnulnit It would have rroated
bo mtirh nntiiRonlam nnil inallro. I
surely would have hesitated low? be
fore auKKOMtiug It.
I can oHKiiro you, what I hnve done
haw not been rrom a neimo of person
ality or Reir-nRKiandizoinont but with
a Hlneere doslro to help tliofsc whom 1
felt were belnR opproned.
I am free in admit that after pay
ing my paving aaeimnicntR for sever
al years, anil on aomo of my property
paying the whole amount (In the mis
taken belief that thus I was clearing
this property of Indebtedness) I found
this same property was still held un
der "general obligation bonds" (vir
tually a blanket niortgage)and would
continue to bo no held until nil dellii
ItivnclvH of other property owners
was paid.
Now thoso "gonernl obligation
bonds," cover every foot of land wllh
or without Improvements that Is
within the corporate limits of the city
of Medford. Thus proving n cloud on
nil title nnd n rich harvest for thoso
who participate In clearing those
titles. And that was not nil, tho
taxea on my proporty was rontlnually
being Increased io maUo up them do
llniiiencle: than when I looked
around anil found numbers who were
bettor able to mnko their payments
than I was, and who roftmed to do so
on tho ground they did not havo to,
and used their money for speculation,
it dawned upon me that here was n
distinct Injuatlco not only to myself
but to manv others, who, laboring
under the same mistaken belief ns
mjiolf, have pinched and scraped to
keep up their assessments.
Since I have been yom councilman
I )uo endeavored faithfully to do my
tluur for tho maaaea. not ror the
classes. My platform Is "JiuitlQo to
all favors to none". Thoreln I sup
polo has been my mlstaka for had I
been willing to play tho political
game, and consulted and worked for
the ravoied few. by advocating the
rebonding without the reimbursing,
thus making thoso who had already
paid, pay tftic by taxing thorn to pay
ror tho dolliKiuents. douhtl 1 could
have aavnl myself,- anil would have
been commended by thorn and tholr
allle tli h.h uppers; so proclaiming
peaie when there Is none, thus allow
ing the smull property holder to he
swallowed m without a protest.
M polio has alwajR been to pay
tbe same ratio as others, and not ask
or rovfhe ant more for my money
than others Kt. Not pull a political
wire so as to get the us of a publle
utility isiuMi as water) without pay
ing In ath.ui, and only paying sums
sfler blu discovered.
Not tut vine acreage at a nominal
prl. then immediately cutting It up
Into lots n beonufo the bottom
dropped out of tho market ami the
lots caanot cqhIIiuio, to lie sold for
twice as much us wns pai'l for an
acre. iHjaesl. lImr, giitl spew forth
srlee. bs. i no aKd to piy a fair
tuxatlaH. . Miiae am del$-
I deplore the p,awonfiUly tkat
erpr into Una onjQV,rsy aad sIn- '
etlv hop. to bo (prlViM If I hai
Imrt a i.nen fM&rfel, I raa truly '
ay I hold mo mulitn toward aayoe.
tar wh ha- Hshl te "W opln-
(BH, t luf trtri IH JI awwni
fMfcMIs to tut fgg Jgm I M
fMUMi thm not itaaiae fr "
lUsiihib ii flat la MWr tf theaa
fart. i ovl a tm U n.e
M ttv have l Us Ml, tbcH
whttas loudly t H t ."
Ikal a mat m taaUjfc DfcU isHanr
IH f ahum tf JM fWs
doors formerlv opened to hinfl
on Its own merits fei:ow citizens and j
as you havo endorsed It both oii.tiirtfwm j
mid by appointed comiulttee, if It also
meets our approval I should much
profer to efface nil personality from
It anil name It on the ballot as 'The
People's Plan". However should this
not meet your approval I am ready to
stand or lull ulono with It; then
should It bo defeated no one else nerd
feel humiliated. I want to thank the
citizens committee nnd other friends
who hnve so faithfully worked for
this measure since the mnss meeting
and hope they will never regret what
they have done. Now I am not seek
ing any office, as has been Insinuated,
ror I do not like politics, and will be
glad when my lerm ol office expires.
Let thoi-o who wish it have the empty
honors of office, as for me, If through
my endenvors only one, poor, honest
ninn or woman hns his home saved
to him thereby, 1 shall feel rally re
paid. If I did not feol this monMiro to bo
the most equitable way out of a ser
ious dilemma, I should nevor havo
roumoled Its adoption, but I truly
bolleve that II It passes our town will
begin to look up again, and as our
towns people reallzo their bunion has
been divided, and through this divis
ion they are able to walk erect with
each portion, thou thoo who havo
been so desperately rrlghtenod at the
bogey they have conjured up. will
come sn Ing thoy nre glad It passed.
The budget commltteo which Is com
posed of the council finance commit
tee, the recorder, nnd the citizens
nuxlllary. committee, Mossrs. II. An
derson. 11. A. Thlerolf, .1. A. Perry,
K. II. l-'ehl. A. C.,Iliibbnril and II. V.
I.nmsden. met last Friday afternoon
to make up the budget for tho ensu
ing year.
Tho budget for 10 IS wnH:
State ami county tav
. . IS
... in a
33. S
The builgat for t!)lti will approx
imate about as follews:
State and county tax K
School ..... , 10
City 10
Saloon dortelt .. ..- 3
Interest on prosent bonds . S
Total.. Hi
Now pbwse to romember. the equi
valent nt ID mills must be met .mv
how whether the rebonding plan car
rlfvrt or not. If the lebondlng plan
carries then au additional I'.' lull'-'
will bo all we will Imvt) to add to tbi
owing to the tact that we will save'
I per rHRt Intenwt w tho pict'iitj
It has buon stated by the opponents J
to this moasuio. that we would hae
to sell tho bands to the highest bid I
dor rogttrilloM ot what their offer i
might be. That is an absolute falsit '
If this monaure carries it is m desire '
to cull for ooalod bliU. If bids should f
pree iittsatWfurtort tha count ll h.isj
tho right to reject an) and all bid ,
Through this tafoguard we will not
have te Mtcririre tbem. It has loi
bMti hariMst an h) man), thai w
wore RolHf to put iha city In debt one
Million dollars more This is also .i
falslt v and Known to b sutii h thoe
who make tb aaaerttou, for th ar.
f tilt v awar that this patina '"-t
(be neighborhood of on. million '
frKn A Pl
O w
Lady Anlllant
, . n-Mt'i i.nrr
I'lumca M. 47 and 17 J
j.bUno. rVrlo. Ismisitr
A. 191")
lars $4 70 000 has been paid leaving
a balance (still unpaid and covered
bv bonds) of $f.r.o.ooo. This draws
r.',x interest. Now, If we bond for
J 1,030.000. we will Place It at 5 per
cent and this will save 1 per cent on
JSCrf.000. Than with the remainder
we will pay back to the people tho
$470 000 thev have advanced to the
city. Some say this $Bf,0.000 Is not
owed by the city. Pray hat Is the
meaning of n general obligation
bond? I have alroady told you in
this same article, but will here repent
ii nmiersl obligation bonds" covers
overy foot or land with or without
Improvements within the corporate
limits or the city of Medford. There
fore not one root or property either
on or orr the pnvetnent Is exempt un
til these bonds are cancelled.
I have tried to slmpllf these mat
tors so that every one can understand
and have not tried to magnify or
complicate by wild figuring and Irrel
evant comparisons, as the opponents
of this measure hnve done.
Citizens, I want you to think ser
iously of tho principle of this measure
forget me entirely for It Is not person
but principle you shoulil work for,
think of the hundreds or homes this
measure will save, and the hundreds
or thousands of dollars It will prevent
being squandered In litigation. Now
citizens, plense read this over caroful
y and give It your iteepi'st considera
tion, do not let tho hareface ralsltlos
and scurrilous personal attacks blind
and deceive you for on know If you
step on the tnll of n venomous ser
pent he will writhe and throw his
venom In all directions. Ho not let
such things distract you from tho
true Issue of this measure, which Is
not a selfish one. hut "tho groatest
good for the greatest number". Don't
look at and Judge this measure from
a tr rsonul standpoint, but think deep-
l o' what It will do for the mnsses
In helping them out or their present
deplorable condition. Thou don't
rorget to go to the polls on November
Oth nnd vote according to your host
To the IMIter:
Your Issuo of Wednesday evening.
Oct. 27. contains an article from our
friend and city rancher, Mr. 0. K.
Marshall, In which ho seems to take
exceptions to a few lemarks I made
In answer to u previous artlclu writ
ten by him.
I rirst want to thank hint for giv
ing me some or the credit with Mr.
Meibuskl, ror the origin or this most
popular rchoiidlng nnd refunding plnn
nltho I do not think I deserve it. Mr.
Medyuski is iiiite able to rather this
much loved child.
When I sny much loved child, I
mean It and can prove It, as we havo
the nmnos ol nearly S00 property
owner nnd voteis In our oMce, who
wish to see the Medyuski halie adopt
ed on Noomhor fth.
Now I will heartily ngroo with Mr.
Marshall that the taxes In all will be
raised to pay the interest on the
whole bond Issue It this plan Is ndopt-
od. but I stated facts Mislerday and
when I say the budget will earn
onomeh inlllnse to nay the Interest on
the present city paving bonds or
enough to pay ' percent on approxi
mately $570,000,111) I moan It.
I also will state that I think Mr.
Mnrshall is taking for granted too
much when he says the people will
bAglu to pa again under the present
assessment plan, If the MedMiski plan
Is defeated. He (Mr. Marshall) has
not paid In the past, as he admits,
and the reiords show approximately
a couple of thousand more, proper
owners that are In the same fix.
These delinquent people all know
now. that the present plan Is illes.il
Twp Shows In One
"The Man on the Case"
and "Booties Baby"
Tvn I'araiiMUintsliiiwiiii; the nuihmIjiv. If
.ii ,,.i- tp.t a iKttcr sl,w I'm- the nidui
u lulu t get it in Meilinril.
lnii.ssi.ii, Chihlivi,, ki,.: Adults 1.").-.
('(Miiinjc Sunday
"Via Wireles"
A Fiva-Pnrt Gold Rooitur Piny
i i- ih ih firwi nuhject on thU uaw i.-c.i.,i,.
u In tfhiiun in Mcdrnnl.
nnd unjust, nnd they will not pav
hii moru under tho present si stem
ir the are wses as they get-no In.
dividual credit, nor can they ohtaijj
a release, or thjlr property v,A
paid In rull.
ir the present plan was If ,,a t
groat number of them -would not pjj
either, WHY because thev nre Ilk,
Mr. Marshall, thev are Hard u land
poor or town' lot poor, nnd can't pa?
and ir Mr. Marshall don't knot this.
he had better talk wltli soiuc'ioiIt
besides his triond tho Colonel
Now as to myself. I own Jp i m
lot on a pnved street. In Medford nnd
that Is my Home No. S04 Soutli OaV
dale Ave. which has 114 ft on rave.
ment. Now I have been hard c , no;
due to crop failures on the ranch is
the rear, but due to mv in.iiuii'. t0
make lots of money. In n coinii, miv
thst Is aasoasod to iieatn, to , nj
logal and unjust burdens.
Tint I will sar nnd the n.,rdi
show, that I havo nlwnvg met ucr
paring assessment, that has 1 ten
charged to mo. on propertv tli.it I own
except this last assessment tl t Ii
now due on Onkdnlo Ave. nnd as i
have said beforo publlcallv In tl.. Col.
umns of tho Paper, that I wan done
palng this IIIbkrI assessment, ml
mean It.
MvseK whO'Mr. Marshall call Mr
Fehl (Thanks I and mv as'ci'nttu
which I will say right here V. ,t i
havo none, and I have no crowd nnd
this wliolo bunch, owns no o1ir
property In Mwlfonl on tho lui.Inir,
except my Home so, Mr Marsh dl Ii
stung again or has been misinform.
Now as to tho water ronirrixusr.
1 would like tn'ask Mr Mnr.-dt II to
explain ror the bonerit or tho p i'.IIo,
whv he wns permitted nnor ijfit - i
delinquent or over a onr tl i 1 Ii
water bill, to still have the use of the
water bv wholesale quantities rora
the FlItK UVmtAXT on Soutli H M
St.. which I can prove liv n it'll 'icr
or reliable Citizens when n !oor
widow womnn or any resident's w. iir
supplv will be shut otf If not i Id
In advance? There Is n reason Mr
Marshall. What Is It"
I obtained my Information from (lie
City Hall and from personal Inspe t
lon with a number of other tnxp..
ors. Now I am quite convinced from
whnt a number of prominent CltUent
tell me. who are also posted, that
water nrter this year, wont be ko
cheap, and running from open IP-
drnntH, to pnrtlos who nro delinquent
with their water rent, but bo that ns
It may there Is surely going to bo
some reforms In the old town.
So tho partleu who expected to
ritap tho biggest reward, by having
City Improvements, placed so as to
benorit lnrgo tracts ot land, which
thev liitended to place on the market
ami sell at fabulous prices, will have
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cares to call the Incident closed, P
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