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Medford Mail Tribune
Tonight ntul PrMitjr Milr.
Mnv. oil; .Mln, no.
miii,i m m
Ferfv fifth Tr
Datu Tint), rwr
NO. 2H7
m i
Efforts to Fcrre Congressional Ac -
lion Hake Litllc Prooress Major
ity Dock Up Wilson Until Diplo
matic Negotiations Arc Exhausted
New Berlin Clique Favor War.
WASHINGTON Krfi. 21. I'ton
nitre for aojjn'u wonting Americana
off a ritual critips apparently nintlo lit
tle iirivroM loduy in eongros. In
tit senate n liill nnd a resolution for
thnl pitrposo offered hy Scnutorc
Gore weic debarred front introduc-
t ion by tin) objection ttf Senator
Hrnndegco, n republican, under tin
ruli'fu Sunntor Gore announced In1
would bring them up again tomor
row. Chairman Stone nf the foreign re
Intiuim committee, wlm was said to
hint1 privately tbl his colleague lit1
would not stand against action of the
nuijorily, inHiieil a statement conn
welling ngninsl any congressional no
lion until diplomutio iicgolintioua hy
the president were exhausted.
Give rresiilent Time.
In the limine the agitation appar
ently tlitl not move forward, nllhnugh
it lender lo(Iti i fil no retreat was
being made, dl supporters were
represented n willing to give the
premdunt time further to consider
the situation before necking to force
Thy , fy j oka .. affair ., committee
made imnWleonepHhfon to the pro
ponent of notion li asking the Ntutu
dcpuituicnt to submit evidences nf
order to llrilish, merchant vessel
regarding armament and war on sttli
tniiriiicH, Thin withdrew support
from Hepreacntntne McLKinorn's
i (solution, which, in addition to a,
warning to Americans to avoid unti
ed ship, contained a lequest for
Mich paper. Support then turned to
Representative Foster' resolution,
"Inch only would nuthorixc the pre
iileiit to wnru American off armed
I'loeldunt SUM I'lnii.
I'tosidont Wilson' opitositinn to
un.v action by congress nt thin timn
wax unchanged.
Representative Hefliu,. one of tho
acknowledged spokesmen for the
president in tho situation, said hi
ennas convinced him there was no
chance for such a resolution to aac.
In the event nf itw threatened pass
age, he Haiti, ho would suggest invit
ing the president to address con
gress in e.ceulive Hessian.
(Continued on Page Two)
Xi:V YORK. Feb :t Frederlco
Stullforth, a Mexican-German banker,
was ordered today committed to the
custody the I'nlted States mar
shal Wjr Federal Judge Dayton for
refusing to answer questions before
the federal grand jury which Is In
vestigating alltged efforts of Gorman
agents to foment trouble between this
country and Mexico mid to Investi
gate strikes la munitions faetories.
Stallforth was closely associated, It
is said, with Prans Von Rlntelen, the
reputed head of the German propa
ganda in the United States ( who fled
tfeM&JJjp couatr) under a false nass-
aatfrvaton the federal authorities bo-
111$ investigate nig activities.
krth is the beau of a Ger-
Mean bauk with headquarters
H, Mexico.
Von Rlntelen waa in thU
h maintained headquarters
i lifMrorih'tt office In this city. A
Btm tif iijumeiit8 taken from Von
VaMftM b the Unelish authorities
ad tfinitd oer to the state depart -tent
Hoed, arcortlRtt to the fed
era affit-i.tlri. that (i riitun agents
had afteni i.n-- nr i monc in
Met.tw. -
Germans Claim Furtl'tr Gains and
1 Capture f Villages of Brabant,
Hamunt and Samonyneux
French Claim Line Not Broken at
Ar.y Point.
PARIS, Feb. 2 4. At the war
offlco todny It wim pointed out
that although some ground had :
been lost by iho Fronoh north
of Vcrilun where n florman at- '
taolt In unormoim forco Iuik
been In proKroM for the InHt
four day, tho Trench linos
havo not beon tiroken at any
point. Great confidence was
cxprcMcd that the II lie would
contlnuo to hold.
f 4
LONDON'. I'tih. St. Kmpeior Wll
llnm ban oNtabllilieil bin hoorauar
ters at tho Ciornmu poHltlons fac
Iuk Vonltin, nrcnrtllnK to Informa
tion received from Horlln by tho
KvouInK News by way of Copenhagon.
Tho dlRpatch nnH:
"AccortlltiK to Information re
rolved from Ilorlln, Hmperor William
vlnce blH vIhII to tho llalkans has
Itiioii In IIoIkIuiu nnd France. His
hoatln,Uftrterx now havo beon re
movetl to Vordun.
"""It ht'itiportetl tho emporor U
more energetic than oor, makluK
tlall) apttevhei to tho troopi and en
rotiruglnK tbo sobllerR not to loltt.
Ill majesty ! mainly Inaplretl nt
pi snout with a doilre to defeat thu
French army at any toil."
Cicruinux Clniui O.ilns.
HKUI.IN, Fob. 21. Further galna
for tho Germans In tho rofilon north
of the French fortreaa of Verdun
ware ieporte by tho war office to
day. The statement hu tho ontlro
Hoodtl district northwost and nrotli
oast of lleaumont and tho foioat of
llerbe ate In potmosulon of tbo Gor
wans. Aunouncoment alto was matlo of
the capture by tho Germans of tho
villages of Ilralmnt, llavmout and
Samongnoux In tho Verdun roglon.
Samogneux Is about onn mile south
of Haumout, the loss of which was
admitted yostertlay hy tho French
war office. It Is six miles north of
l'renilt Mno Holils.
PARIS. Feb. tt. Fighting is con
tinning with undiminished intensity
In the region north of Verdun, tho
Frenth war offlco announced to
day Loss of tho village of Ilrabant Is
admitted by tho war offlco.
The war offieo announces that tho
French line has not been broken at
any point.
Tho Rtntomnnt follews:
"In Artols a struggle with gro
nodes is In progress oast of Sou
chez. North of Vordun the struggle
the struggle continued all night with
(Continued on pago bIx)
WASHINGTON'. Feb 24 -Sedate-
Resumed debate on wator power
Objection prevented Senator Gore
from introducing legislation to keep
Americans off armed ships of bellig
erent, i
Hearing continued into fltneas of
Louis D. 'Iirandela for the United
States supremo court.
Inquiry resumed Into alleged mo
nenoly of sisal output.
CoNaMeratkw of the postoffloe bill
continued on the floor.
Hearing oh Representative Lon
don's neutral peace congress rtwlu
tion begun by the foreign affairs
Admiral Wlnslow apix-aretT before
the mi a I affairs cdmmlUee in ex-
iithe vtnslon to tetifi ou uutioiul
llt ll.l
Flist Attempt to Intro'fuce Legisla
tion Warninu Americans OK Arm
ed Belligerent Ships introduced hy
Democrat and Summarily Blocked
by ncpu'ilican.
WASHINmOX. Feb. 2 1. Tli-
find ntletnpt to introduce legislation
warning Americans off armed bellig
erent ship made in eonure4H todnv
hy Senator Gore, a democrat, was.
Hiinitnnrily blocked by .Senator Ilrnn
decee, a lepublienn, and under the
rulcH of the senate- cannot be re
Humed until tomorrow.
Senntor Ome nought to introduce
bin bill to prohibit pannage of Amer
ienns on such ships and also to in
trodueo n concurrent resolution, re
quiring pnKHngc by the bonne, hut
unlike hi bill, not the approval of
the president.
Senator Cloie mmicd a statement
declaring "it seem to me that the
ship nf stiite in diiflin or driMiig
hentllong upon the breakers. 1 I do
not sav deliberately, but nevertheless
When nhked nbout leporla thai he
hud conferred with former Secre
tary Ilrynn before )repiing his lull
nnd resolution, Senator Gore said:
"I havo not seen Mr. Ilrynn since
last January. I did talk to him at
that time about the bill ou this sub
ject." Senator Gore's resolution follew:
nine's Resolution.
"Whereas a number of lending
power of the wot hi me now engng-
tnl hi a war of tinovnmplvd proor-
tioiih and,
"Wlioiona, tho United Statew ik
hnpprty nt peace with all of tho bel
ligerent nation; nnd,
"Wheien, it i equally the desiic
and the interest of tin1 American peo
ple to remain at peace with all na
tions; and,
"Wherenrf, tho nrehidenl hna re
cently offered fresh and signal proofs
of tho Huponmitv of diplomacy to
butchery as a method of settling in
ternational deputes; and,
"Whciens, the light of American
citireiiN to trncl ou uuunned bellig
erent essel ha recently loccivod
renewml gunrautces of respect and
mviolabihty; and,
"Whereas, the right of American
citizens to travel ou armed belliger
ent vomsoIh rather than iioii uunnued
vessels is essential neither to Ihoir
life, liberty or safety, nor to the in
dependence, dignity or fcoeurity of
the I'nitcd States; anil,
"Wherea, congress alone bn boon
osted with the fwwer to declare war
which imohes the instigation of
war; now theiefore, he it
Keep Off Aimed Ships.
"Noiohcd, by the senate anil the
houie of representatives conoumug,
that it is the sense ot tho emigres,
vested as it is with the sole power
to declare war, that all iierson own
ing allowance to the United States
should, in behalf of their own safety
and tho vital interest of the United
States, forbear to evercise the nght
to travel as passengers upon any
unued vessel of any belligerent
power, whether such vessel be armed
lor offensive or defcnsio purposes,
and it is the further senso of the
congress that no pns.ort should be
issued T renewed bv the see re tun of
stute or by nnj one acting under
hun to he used bv any srson owing
allegi.tnce to the United States for
the purpose ol trael upon any such
uruud t .il ot ,t In lbgercnt power."
SALkiM, .Ore . Feb i - Ven W.
Olcott toi4) filed his declaration of
candidacy of renomlnatlon in tho re
publican primaries for secretary of
state. tteeretary Okott original
ly was appointed to fill a vacancy In
the office b Governor Oswald West,
democrat At the lust tloitlcu the
ieretar ot Mate a fleeted "n
Ihi rui'Ubll- all. tlfktt
Serbian mm Fflcts
FxUBE-jvfiAfiirjpVV F r -eR' I . gfw
A typical Serbian Amazon Is the young girl pictured ho.ro. Slio and
bundled of hor.klrtd fought through mauy campaign. Mho Is n prison
er In a German war pilxou Unable to secure female attire nho droo
In the clollilnn she can borrow from fellow wr prhoncr
LIN'COIA. X.b., IVb. J I. )m'x.
erj of thlee shoil Diet e. ol gapipe
ill tin1 wu-tf fiimiicp ol I lie .tale cap
ttol, following an c.ploiou ilamaunig
the furnace last night, led to wild
rumor today. A iiolice insestigation
i in progress. Gail Ilailand, a jan
itor, sovs the ipe were tilled with
some sort of explosive. Whether
lliey wen1 experimental bomb made
hy the aviation department of the na
tional guard or brought in by outside
I i tie has not been determined.
The piM' were about three feet in
length, two inches in diameter and of
bras. Kit eh wo tilled with three
iuehea of cement at one end and next
to this nine incite of a light yellow
ish powder which Chief of Detective
Antic believes to be uu explowite.
One of the tube wn blown from
the furnace when the oxploMon oc
curred, the fire wa acnttered nbout
the basement room, which i directly
under the state treasure! 's of! ice.
The flames were cxtinguiliid b the
janitor. j
Only one end of each of the pipes
bad come in contact with the fire m ,
the turnaee and Chief Antics express-1
cd the opinion that the ploMon wits
caused bv ll powdei I use ,'illnelied t"
the tube-.
NEEDS 102,815 IN
Admit nl Badger told the house na-
itl commitUe toduv thut the United
State, now would need on a wur
tin sis l(rj,isl."i men to man the fleet
which ll be in commission in 1017.
Ill present peace estimate of 07,000
men wu for OOuO wore men than
recommended bv Secretary Duniels.
The committee devoted most of it
time today to confidential at faint
voucerniiig ine navy a presented uy
Admiral Uadgcr in executive esiou.
Among tho subject wa the theory
Um which the gem nil boerd bnstd '
It - Ollllllllll
ll It till
I lilted
ii i -him i
hi, , -I
1. 1 ) .11 ..It
w on urn
LONDON. IVb. J I. The Rntislt
sicmnci Westlmiii, wlmh leporls n1
eeied last niuht lnm Suiitii I'rwi,
Teuciitfe (Canary inlands) snid hatl
reached that torl in charge of a Get'
man prue crew nnd carrying 'JO(l
prisoners taken from various vessels
captured by a German sea raider he
hextd t he the iloewe, ho been
sunk nulnide Santa Crux harbor by
her captors, fhi is the new receiv
ed today in a message from Kaulu
Crux. After landing their prisoner
in hnnla ( nix the German ciw put
to sea ngiiin pn the West burn and
sunk their prise, the message stuted.
Adtice received lut night from
Knot a Crux slutcd that the Hntish
steamer Westliiirn, which left Uer
pnol Juiiiinrv -1 fur Ktienns Aires,
hud put in there for repair, living
1 1 lie (iuiimii I liiy mid with a German
jpnxe crew of one ottictf ami setcn
no ii iiltojnil bi'siile- 'Jdtl prisoneisi
, l.iUn limn Mtiinii- ,ipt i red essels.
PKTROiiRAD, ri -' :, Ma Lon
don, Feb J I Kmpcioi Nicholas,
who illed the duina at its opening
session jesterday and delivered a
brier address to tho members, has
lett for the front.
l'KTHOORArir'eb. 81 The pres
ident of the duma, during yester
day' session, lead the following
telegram addressed b ISmpeior
Nliholas to the duma:
"I cordially thank the members of
tho duma for tho congratulation
which bey sent me on the octaslon
of tho capture of Krserum. I be
lieve, with you, that this fresh ex
ploit of the army of the Caucasus
will be of Importance in loading to
the final triumph of our arms, a
tokui of which I see In the eagerneHatbj,,,, iuftrKt,t Mt)ri, today. la the early
ot all ih.
lill.lr. n of our reut on n
i r in
i . M
nil, it .mil in till ill ts
Iowa Senator Points Out Fact That
Half of Men Who Enlist tor Army
Arc Rejected as Physically Unfit,
That Chi'drcn of Poor Have Large
Dcntli Rate and Seeks Cause.
iiiin and unvy ilqinrttnotita icpoit
that oer .10 per cent of the men who
uppU for culittncnt (tie rejected rs
being pbysiehlly or menially unfit
for the service," said Sunntor Kcrl
on of In wii, discussing tbo joint
resolution which he introduced to
dny in tho senate, authorizing tho
president to appoint a cnininisnion to
inquire into the cause of child pov
erh nnd miggesl remedies therefor.
"Inefficiency in adult must Intvo
some cause," continued thu fiouutor.
"In F.uglniiil nt the beginning of thu
war, UO per cent of the men who im
plied were i eject nl a unfit. In Ger
many, 10 per cent arc rejected oh
Dentb Itato of (lie Poor.
"The cliildien's huieati leporls that
the infants of men who en in .$10 n
week tlie at the rule or V!2.1 per 1000,
while Hit) infant of men who uain
i'ifi a week or nunc die ut tho rate
of only 8 1 r 1000. In other words,
the babie of the poor dly nt three
timoiK (ho rute of I hose who tiro In
fairly well-to-do fumilic.
"Tho iiiditatiiul relation commi-
sion repotted Hint 70 per cent of the
iuthen o wngit-euiniug I'liinilie euru
less than 1700 iter enr. This mcnim
that between onelwilf and two-
IhinlH nf thcMp fiimihe were living
below the staiulartl of decent sub-
Mstenee, while about one-lhird were
living hi n state of nbject imverty.
"And .ludge lletirv Neil, the father
of molhcrs' Husions, repitl that hi
iiivestnfiitinii ol the problem of child
povcily show thut thousunds nf
childicii are semtrntcd from their
iiudher ou account of poverty and
that (be depriving of children of
mother love tends to make inefficient
nnd iuiNiliiotii ndiills."
Iteating on ICfflcleiiey.
Senator Ken,ou believe that tho
problem of child povcily ha n di
lis't bcnil'ug on tho efficiency of Iho
nation in it relation to "prepared
ne." "V miiHt pietre ihe hu
tnaii resotiree n well n the mater
ial. It i just us important in fnet
moie unHirtnut that we take eaio
of our human resource properly, u
that wo ooiMene our miitcriul re
source. A nation of unfits is not
the kind of u nation out of which
to build u dweent civilisation or one
which will he proerty prepared to
reit invasion."
Senator Keuyoii' resolution j
identical with that inlroducel in the
house on Fchiunrv 8 bv Iteprcsenta
tive Kent iiilt ot Colormlo.
LONDON, Feb. 21. The Itntuli
Nbs totho urn iu the grip of the
most sever NiiowMiorw of year. It-
ports from tho ooutinent show that
scveie weather pievnil throughout
'Kurove. The snowfall in Kuglaml
began yesterday and this morning
the Mitow varied from one to several
inelie in depth. Sacotland has suf
fered mow than Kugland or Wales.
Along the i-ousu hipHtig is in dif
Tlculi.v, owiiik to blindin sleet.
NKW OIM.KANS, U.. Feb. 21.
'Aiuiety Oer uttrruutiouul politic
euoMod a wave of svllinv in Iku uut
.ittenmo't the it cukes t niouth were
iilninst $2 it bule dowu frouotho best
'it tbo t u suit.
TLrce-Story Moore Hotel and Col
lection of Odds and Ends of Build
ings Adjoining to Bo Wrecked and
' Modern Structure Erected, 70x100
Feel White Enameled Brick.
Tho Moore hotol bulltjlng will bo
wrcckod and reuuired, taftittior with
nil of the buildings nnd slultka on
West Main street between that Htruc
tttre nnd Fir. nud a now modern bus.
luosg block erected thorcon.
Arcjiltott Frank C. Clark lias per
fooled plans for a Htructuro to cover
tho sunro Hum olonrod, 70x100 feet.
TIiIh building will contain seven
utornrooms. five of which will fnco
Main Htreot mid two on Fir. TIiIh
biiHluoHM structure, to bo ono-Htory
for tho present, will extend from tho
corner of Main and Fir to tho ulley
west on Main.
Tho Mooro hotel, threo Btorios In
holght, Ih nn old typo of architec
ture and cannot tie. nufrtclently mod
erulretl for tho purposes designed In
tho proposed Htructuro. Tho old
Hlincka on tho corner havo long
nlnco been nil eyesoro on ono of tho
moat prominent bustncjui corners In
tho city. Tholr removal will bo
hnllod with dollght.
Whlto Ililck and ."Mm hie.
Tho owntvrn of tho properties In
volved aro Dr. K. II. Plcklo, Reginald
l'nrsons, L. Noldormoyor and Dolroy
GululiQl. Tli ay roulUo that a now
era of growth and development Is
dawning In tho Itogtto river valley
and Medford, Its principal buolnosH
center. They aro, thoroforo, erect
lug this utruetiiro with a view to
milking It eventually n modern of
fice building, tho firm story walls be
ing built of BUfdclont weight nnd
strength to hold as mnny additional
stories as futuio business may uttg
gost. Tho front of tho now biulnesa
Htructuro will ho ot marble, whlto
nnaiuulod brick nnd terra cotta. Tho
ornnmontntlon will bo peculiarly
niodorn and substantially attractive
being of tho polrhromo typo, includ
ing tho various colors of tho sovoral
materials used.
This noteworthy Improvomcnt will
probably suggost to othor owners of
prominent lnislnong Inflations similar
Improvements. Iu foot, others are
now holug considered.
New Front I'ului Itiilldlug.
In addition to this work, Arrhi-
(Contlnuod on page two.)
CHICAGO, Fd. '21. Disturbing
Illinois that drastic ponsvquunaed
would result from tension between
Washington and Horlln rognrdliiR
Gciuimuj' suhwaniiw poliuy omuiod
a breuk of more than 7 cents a
bushel today in thu price of wliont,
a eoiuimrt'd with rulue ourront
earlier in the eiou. Tho gUt of
the niumi-w wa that tho handling ot!
)uisporU to the Gorman nmbnseu
dor wn imminent.
The mot seiMatiotml full took
plaoe iu (ho priee of tho May option,
whteli droppod fixmi $l.aiyi to
$1.17, a loa of 7Vt. Tho low point
wa down 10 cent n busliol as eom
iwrvd with figures Monday.
For the greater part, the Iogsod
took place iu the last fifteen min
ute and were aeeomptinied hy wild
it forts ou the trt of holder to un
load. Closing pru-ea allowed a slight re
action, but woro A to 6 under yog
terduvV tinisji, with May at ft.lrVd
and Jul nt $1.1 Ulj.
MAV YORK. VH. 24. Weaknos.i
iirevuiletl all biniichon of the uiar-
let todn u u icsult oC tho complex
situutitiu uiising from Germany'
submuriiu' puluy, ,

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