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Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989. [online resource] (Oregon.) ????-????, February 24, 1916, SECOND EDITION, Image 2

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VAnb two
'I Iff... M',. Aff.fUOIfN.
fJl.'l f.fi III! IrJ-H S I I HIM n 'I. 1Mb -,n
.-MMM-aj-ainWaaMtaMa--aJaajari ii ! n imm - .--. -. . -, MM ,- rf
'i'lrf.H.. M' "
in., nam ,-,-t-J-f-f-f-f "-"-'" '
r. ft Moon, f. I. ffcfhmrt -11H R
If. MnM wini tn IM A-tptotrat by
an to Iwlay. via Rhi-Ii. It In tihw a
"IMP f lRi-MIION" than btlMtHMMi
l.nl, wln thro hiKlni m f that
affttft rtMk awny in MimwlMr, ih
mhMm la that thr art abont M
frUtft ftitiaUHM.
Mtfor1 rmlt Co.. Itth and Frtrtit.
Mra. It. C. Kw(nr la vMUrtft
hnr rarnt hi Albany.
11(69 te loan n kxhI farm, atone
In. H. S. Mips.
llnwunt A. tttlt anitHlnml mh Injury
to hta right knf tnlaj whllo
trylnjt to opcrntB a morf or load im-
inanaiwahlr lilcyclit. While lite In
Itiry ntipenrwl nt flrat to. tin slight.
It fliinllv iHtarriiptdl nla work. Ho
will probably lmva to nurao It for
two or llirpp ilaya.
(Int your tynowrlter jtanor from
Mfilforil Printing Co.
I) M Horn, of llornlirook, Oul.. la
diiiiiK ImilnoM In Moilforil Hi In wonk.
TurldMi nougnt 3Uc Hi, Tlio 8hnn
II 0 ICont mil itown to Mmtfnnl
from llio Sliuatn valli'.v yuainrilay on
ii iiiirIiiph nrrnnil. Ill will return
25 off on Koilaka at Weston's
rmern Shop.
1. MitntiltiK, of Kugfliin, Ii looking
aliont Hip valloy thin wnok.
antes noil Ford cm, J200 down
and $2& n month.
ficoreo Pointer, of ftalom. In n Imis
InofR vlwltor In Mod ford toilny.
Tvnpwrltnr Minora all kliul. nt
Mrjtfonl Printing Co.
I. C'artow. of l.nn County. In on
lo'lng n vlnlt lo Urn IIoriio river vnl
Ir till woek.
Btnolto it King Spitz filKfir, Cc.
They nro homo-nindo. tf
.loli n I) Olwell, of Soaltlo, for
In the valley, In iijn)lng a vlalt of
In Hie vtllay, In enjoying a vlnlt of
two iIidh In till city while on route
to New York on liimlltoaa. Mr. Ol
well devoted Hip eni-rel'M of III lioy
hond to life In HiIm vnlley, In onrly
clton lielnK roiiuorteil with tlio con
duct of (lie flour mill at Phoenix,
then known iin 0 unburn. Ill ninny
frlonil hero mn rIihI to Iwirn that
he In pronporoiiH In hla Heuttto IiiihI
iuh ullliouiili lie conftwiim I hut He
nltte Iiiih lifen rather a dull limlnoim
i enter for n year or io.
Boo Maddox ft Uouncy, I'ortUiti't
nve. greenhouao. about toninto plant
for ncroago plaiillni-. Standard va
rieties, Inwoat piloeg. 200
(' T llla'rkliiirn. of .UrkMinvlllo,
l hi . Ik lnialniMii vlaltor In the
Ill4iie river eauntry thl wnek, with
ieiuiqiiarler In thl rllr.
See Davo Wool nhout thitt Mm in
miranco pulley. Offlcn Mali Trlliuno
I'en) lloARrd, of Ymirolln, tliU
-tnt.-r Ih looking oer the valley In a
'I'll.'l way till week, while on IllN
wuv to Ited llltiff, Cal., to whleb
Hate liimliiena pulli him.
S ttlltoa, riro luauranrn. Weat-rhp-dPr.
New Xealanil and (lorman
iiiorlcnn, all old lino com pan lea.
Itioiiiond llltrhfleld, of lltoiimlua
t m III , U a liuahiwaut vlaltor In
Medfurd and at other Inwna of the
,.lies UiU waek. Tbla la Mr. llltch
iu'M'i riiat vUlt to mjuluei'H Orean.
lie i dellahteit with th valU).
Tel. Dirk Bandera jour troiiblea
..'out paperlag, painting or llnt
iii;: 107
1'imiiIv U. Owan of Merifortl la rg
leied hi Hotel Hewum, I'ortlaiiit.
Weaton Cumrra Shop fur (Irat claw
Kodak finlabliiK and Kodak biiju'llu.
IMu.tr Halt v. a mluor nf the Oalk-e
iitiiln, waa drowaed lu tb Itogua
r near the Alameda mine Tueaday
in lei noon, being waahed off a utaka-
iijt t brldg. upon which ha waa croaa
ma the atraaiu. The body haa not
'ecu recovered.
Prepuredneaa la tha laane, ao brlnK
in voiir lawnninwer and Uavu It
imrpeiifd and be prepared for what
i coming. J. W. Mltehell.
C II Ualilwlu aud S. It. Italdwlu
.ire Msiunii (irauta raaa.
Try a King Spit utxnr and on
courago home laduatry. tf
Mra. P. W. Ilamlll arrived In Wad
ford Wed wd a ft am la Angel,
where I be family have baaa KiMiidlug
th.i winter. Mr. Ilamlll and tlw
children will return iirxl weak.
A. W. Hhoeinakar, traveling pua
aHger aud freight ageat of the Mia
mri Pacific railway and tha Ut
laAMla, Inm MwuuUiIh railway, la at
IMNwlM to bualuaaa for hla llaaa la
IM city today.
The Star brand of tyaawrliar rib
fMttu ara guaratuaed to glva T&.O0O
iMtprgagloaa of tha tp "a" and ""
ltkaat W chsging tha ty-i aa U
allow w tha papar. Thla la a pnvtty
atiff warranty, but that la what tha
Wabntar cum pa ay 4graa to wtth -War
rlbboua. fetid by tha Uadford Prlai
lac (ompuio
r. i: ii a. of ciold Hill la duiui
buala i i ihia city today.
Have thai big vacuum cleaner do
vcuir Mink Ti l'ibuiU' IIT M. !'M
r ii I'll'' 1 1 nt I'd' 'i iri'i i
imvelHia alifrnl lh Hlk Mil-
on liimltieaa innneMeil alfli llr.i
InterMa lt Hie flfn matr.a.lf
Me will go tn Ragta Paint anil from
there la ipjr Howaa rter -Mrtni m
riav a ad tomorrow
Inattpa ynf aata la te Allfantn
galnat tlwrft, ffffl. C. T. TB)fwaW.
llol Manaen, f the AaktaM 41a
trlrt, hi la I ha tlty l4ay wHh a
Ifaa Mpanalve amllr thaa that which
Hlumlaml hla rhawry Am Imi warti.
tl aaya ha haa the mawpa and ha a
h4 to cat u the aprlagilino ami!
ff a week.
Ad ranee ahnwlhg of the la teat In
flaw aprlng millinery at l.ollle Jlew
ard'a. North Cenlral Ave. 27
Charley Detmore, of Kraano. Cal..
la "dolag" the Mngue rlvor eountry
thla month, armed with a kodak and
a Mantua rod. Ho far, he aaya. he haa
ra light more picture than flah.
Now la the time, to plant roaea.
8iHiP oxtra choice throi-yptir-olil Car
olina Taatout and Pran Karl Drurkl
frtim tlio fliieat roae hetlgoa In Med
fonl. Order at on re aa aupply la lim
ited. I'lerre Dm l-MorlM.
Colonel Dau V. tniie. or Willow
Sprlnga, waa a Med ford vlnltor Ttiura
day. He returned front Idaho Xnttir
dny, leaving three leot of aunw on
tint level.
Mra. II. K. Ilaney haa movod her
dreaa making ahop to Carnott Corey
hlilg. Itnniu 113 mid Hit.
I). Herald. ae'oniHiuled hy hla ala-
ler, Mra. .Innea, left loilay for Yreku
on legal liualueaa luvolvlng liiteieata
In a mining property In Slaklyou
Vhon hnttnr Inanrnnco la sold
Holmes, tlio Insurance Man, will MI
Krod T. Oalioru, auperlnteiideiit of
the Hell I'lncur inliin on Urn Apple-
gale rlvor, la In I lie city today on
Inialueas. lie reports operation of
the Hell in mil -nogrpaa.
J. 0, OrkliiK. tn? boat all around
phntographor In aoiithcrn Oregon.
Always reliable. NegutlvoH inndn any
wlioro, time or place. Studio 228
Main Ut. Phono 320-.T.
Peter T. Walte, of Sliauianla roun
ty. W'aali., la In the city today on
hiiNliieaa that may detain him until
circuit court couvoiioa.
Peanut brltlle, 20c. The Khnata.
Howard Majlieny, of Marnlifleld.
thla atato, la doing liualueaa In Med
ford and .lackaoiivllle loilay.
atralKliten up. lleath'H Drug Store
la aellliiK thla week $l.&0 Hhoulilcr
tiracea for 7Sc; $1.00 brace for M)c;
and Btlc onoa for 2f.c. 87
(loorRo Wright la In from tlio
Unite creok iVK.lun today, attundliiK
to huatiioaa and Incidentally re
plenlahliiK the coiiiiulaaitry of thn
ra u rh.
(Continued from page on.)
I mho far h opinion can lie gaiigeil
in Ihe aeiinle. a majority of repuh
lieaiiH ami democrat- feel that the
president xlnmhl not he linnipereil iij
diplomatic negntintiotiM. DeiniH-ratie
aeualoiM, however, feel that the sit
uation i eritieal and ilelieate, ami
'to otpoe ilia pieiileut Would he
Hlitifiilly ilaiigeroux lo the patty.
One Mutator in the eoufiileuee of the
white house was uuoted as eaying he
HioiikIiI the hit nut ion tin mivt seri
oils tluit hail faeed the Cnileil States
since the Kuropcnii war Ntiirtml.
(leituanv has not vet rcied to the
latest ivpiel tioin WaKhitigtou that
previous n skid unci's for the salcty
of uiuesistinB liucra aptdy lo the con
duct it the new Hubntariae eawpaign.
Slw hits indicated she want to itia
ells what proiH'ilv may ha det'ens.
ive iiiinauient. There ate luilieatinua
lltal hi (lertnnuv Ihe couaeipieuceH of
dcs ruction ut more Amencan lives
i fully realiaed.
l'livaic advices lioiu (ierwmnv tell
how the civilian element at court.
headed hy lite rltulieellor, Von llclli-iniiiiu-llollwca.
which has coulcudcil
tor piwKerviiig friendly relation-, with
Ihe I nited States, ban been over
shadow i b a newly risen piditieal
force headed h lleneral Yon I'alkeii
ha.vn, duel of stall' ut the army, who
has F.iii'M'ror William's fullest eonti
lU'iicv. Yu.i Kalkeuhayu, it ia aid, tlufnt
jtol connnh'r (hat a break with the
I'niltHl State would nflecl Oer
amuy's kiicccss nt the war.
Thee views are uudtHnlfloil to
have heen eoniiuuniculeU lo I'reMdeu',
Al uue tune the liauaa democratic
cloalmnitn ei.eiilisl a Kiortuy scene
a member in favor of aelHui arguitl
that the preaiilenl should be notified
of the ftaiiliuieut of the hmte. Kei
lesi'iitiitivo llellnt told Ihe crowd
thai an.v effort lo pas a ieoluliou
nguinsi the preident'a wUhaa would
lie n erwbclmiNl.v olad down and
that the president would he unstain
ed h the tan,v.
MKUI.IN. Feb. '.'I. -Tin. iriailae of
Miissjnii attacks agaiatt tha AuMrian
advaured itoMtiim muihweit of Tr
nom, (laheia. i aaaoiume! in tha
Austio-lliiuanrian headouartert. ili-..
(paich of Fi&raan X reaaived Uar-e
(hi the Italian front in tha latmao
district artillery engai;-aiefita h
'OiIiimiiiiu'. I. .114c I're- weieohscix
nl lulill.it I !i ll.ilii lilies. ( -)
VAr4iiNtrniN. f,.i.. j
Niillivnn, editor nt ullier-
testified tmln
fonimillee in veal igaflntr the numbia-
linn vt liiii- I). Mrnndeie to the aii
irtiin riturt, thai Mr. Ilmmlei wa
einploved l,v Collieii' attorney on
the Ihillinuer-I'incliol iiivetignliin
"to jitideel it interct- mill thoe of
the MiblM.''
Mr. Miillhiin -.aid Xnniian llui
goiHl, eilitof f t'ollier-' emiljrwl
Mr. Itmndeix and (hut no uttetnte
weii' mflde li eoMPeal the employ
ment. Wnililill Cnlelibig", formeilv nf the
office of Sullivan ,c t'lomwell. Xe
York lawyara, wbn re'ire-rnled K. II.
Ilnrriiiwii in the fight with Htnvo
nnt Fiali for eontml nf the IllinnU
T'enlrnl rnilninil, lithl the eommillee
ol hi Vtait In llrnndei-, Dnnlmr and
Nutter to get proxiea fur lliirHiiuin
Ihiiuiali .Mr. Xuller.
t'uiler eiiiaa-i'xauiinalioii Catch
iiijis mh ill he lind In I'limince llranileia
nl' Ihe inntiec uf the ene anil that
tlieie wax no eiiuftiel with other
work lieiug done by the linn, partie
iiliulv Ihe Xew Kiigliiml iiieitiPr enae.
Mr. Catching! itil Mr. Ilrnuileia Kent
Id Sullivan & Cromwell a copy of a
letter to (lie .Mnewii'liiiHctt Itj"iIt
ie committee in ll)0!j in whieli he tie
nicil he hail peraonnlly hi'en cinploy
ed liv UaniiiMin or any nf liia cor
poralioiia and tliat Sullivan & Crom
well replied it waa a corm'! alnte
uient. It woe iihiii thia Inter that
'Mr. Fox Iihni'iI his ehiii'ge of unpio
fcoiutial coiuliict.
Dr. J F. Itoddy. who came up from
(Irauta Pana liiat evening with
a party of ciiNtern cnpltullHta. loft
thla morning for the lllue I.edKe nilno
on an liivoatlgntlon of that property.
Tlio ultimate purpoxn of tlio Inaec-
(Ion haa not been annouiicod, but It
la auld t tut t an offer for the prop
el t la contcmphitod.
It la cut limit ml that thn ore blocked
out lu tho llliio l.edge milts haa a
value nf $2,000,1)1)0. n U on tho
line of (ho proponed railroad from
Humboldt but. up Ihe Klamath river
Into tho vaat timber dlatrlet of that
aeetlnn of the Slatdyou nioiintulns and
on through the lllue Ledge mining
dlatrlet, comprlatug tlioiiannda nf
ucrea of popper iropcrtlea. to thn
Itogue river vallcv
N'KW YORK. lVb. '!.
ol tin eitKciis' ci'iiiuilttcc
lor IuihI
shijHtienls which has
iiiir a eaniiMiiau for
Ihs'ii conduct-
Mllllissi0U tu
hip milk Hiwder to Herman babies
mu that two ol the cans of milk
Mtwiler aet by mail lo lterlin have
bi-eii tetiimetl to the American send
ers hy the Herman Hiiiillice and
ilecliue thia is eviileiiee thai Ihe
Itiiti-.lt t-ncmnieut has no tutcntioii
it siiipiuiti' iIicm' milk shiunent
1 1 urn America In the renli.il einuiiv.
The icturilcil pa, s.ics lime stamp.
Illdli .itlllK I lilt t the pt'lsous to whom
lhc i.ill' .uldli imI ruillil llllt hi'
SKATTI.i:. ..b, lVb. J I II II. j
Okmin, piesiiliiit ot 1 tn' .1 .Hum-!' .! - 1
sociatnm of N'urth Amciici. diint(
the statement made b t'li.tinii.in j
IVuniett of the house uunui;iaii'uj
comnvtlee, Utat JapainM "p.iinr
hrtih's" do not marrv then- .i!'c:c.
stiilttrs. hut Use them a- . iiu.im
entering America. Mr H id 1 -1
praclicallv all the "iv. tun Uwh
arc ciijovuig happv imiiniil ' ' s,
attic is the )mii ol ci 11 1.
of the "picture bride-."
t-L. II -H I- - - -
rQK" KAUM Wiir"iw'dei ii biiii."j
0. Cta it. " lK xai-rlllte lot
Immediate nle. t'laiU KimMn io
X0 Philips bldg
FOIl KALH Kgitk front ol. t.'il
wltitttr lolng Had i'rlK. mmtiiiK
tralH of S. O Khilf Ul.iul Ite.U.
SI mr wMtlng Mm (' A l.atiimv.
Uou Hlr. On. K I .'S.'
WQH S A IJ8- -ttooiir oirk "wii i Jn I y
OnlUvmorP Inculmtor. h
mfk: i heap fi iiulik lr (1
MMi'i tl- l.ititr j'i
TniiiniMH Men Inn lir M'Klnlnv
will addrci-i the lrnna league at Ihe
TninoifiH 'Menlnu lr M Klnlav I The aheilff of Mtiltnnmall fonntv j I rft ,' XSM I
Hotel Holland, giving hla lecture on
Tha Krwga of ArMaphanea.
Tha Froga la tha only rompleta
satirical comedy of tha early Oraek
choal wrltara add la an elanorau.
over iHrlona literary attaek om Ra-ripf-tiea
by tha ureal nwt A rial o
phanea. It waa written the year fol
lowing the death of the former, who
waa oho of tho more liberal echool
uf Greek tragml. Ailatophanoa In
writing The I'rofa waa no dijubt In
fluencmj by hla ultra conaervatiam,
which Impelle him alao to attack
Soemtea and hla teachings. He waa
thn enemy of anything that aavornd
of Induration, being a lover of tra
dition ol art. rellglona and -mlltlca,
ao that thoie who dared aiihatltuto
an Innovation to aupptaiit a tradi
tion Immediately drow hla fire.
The Froga la noted for Ita brilliant
miialcal lyric llnea. It abounila In
rollicking humor, and la the holght
of the groat poat'a atyle. It lamouta
tho decay of the CI reck tragedloa and
attrllmlea Ha fall to the wrltlnga of
Thn early comedlea were produced
at tho foaata of Donyaua, an ' the -
ennae given tho iioet waa llinltloaa,
tlinrefore many of ihe prnduptlniia
aboiindmt lu rnaran Jenta. and cnarae
antlre. Though profounil conviction
wore the mnln Vohlclea of exproaalou
and not liumornus fauclea, though of
the latter there are many etniuplea.
AiUtophnnes una horn In the mid
dle or the Rth century H. C. and died
3SS II. C. He bogan to write aatlroa
on jiolltlca, religion and lltornry top-
lea at an early ago, producing hla
first at hucIi an early ago thny wore
compelled to withhold tlio author
ahlp 011 account of hla youth.
In all ho wrote -10 playa, II of
which have ennui down in noarly com
pleted form to tin, and '0 fragmen
tary rnmaa. TUo Kroga la hla only
completo work.
Dr. MclClulay la a wouilorfiil speak
er, and the rendition and lecture on
thla romody la an Id to he tha flneat
of hla repertoire.
The public la Invited to attend.
there IioIiik no admlaalou fee. A 1
largo crowd will greet the noted lec
turer and. aa II will lit held lu the
parlor of Ihe Holland only a limited
number will be privileged to hear
him The lee tine heglnr al 7 'to
OMAHA Neit , fell. 21 rrlsl
lu Hie flood -.11 nar iuii on the Platto
liver Is expciti-il at Kearnc) tonight
according to leporta reaching hen'.
Water, which h.ia been threatening
tlio mile-long bridge there, couilniiea
lo rlae. Dynamite i-rewa worked
through the nlglit and all day at
tempting lu keep the channel clear.
At Oiaad laiand trmvel haa been ana
pended over two bridgaa croaalng; thi
Platte and rieaprrale offorta are Im
Ing made to break up a gorgi form
ing at another bridge down the river
a few miles from that place.
CHICAOO. Kob. ;t. .lesa Willard.
heavy welghi champion Toaiimed
tiulnlng lod.tv iur hla coming bom
wltli Kiank .Minati. March .' Hin
eeiic tonsl 1. ii ,,f road work It
wa1- .ii. be ! , io no boxiiti; uiili!
.ill, 1 bi. .1, l il ,ti New York W'H
lant i niiiil 1,) b-iitc for the c.ikI
ii'ii .. 1 ii tn 1
Maternity! The
Word of Words
i It U written pi 1 c' extvrt.qllaniili.il
' lml-''l't- t'?g p u fculiluuo accom- i
I -hment n,I If
tl -ti i anjlhiitf, mi
r liter !k.- alnap,..
Ik'v nrnirontlr tliii.il
It tmv ccm. If It rati
n ' lwi), iu4t nr in
n1 .ii conifitrt t'
cxrw' i t ruolhvr. It U
n LICMinc. Ami ucli
1 1 n wmcj'r tallr.t
MMiiifr'n Krlr-Ml."
i arnly It ow tiw
ttvna. u mtMflw. It l
in.- I'y ruiibol on tho '
(m(cr, and nmlra
tela vtvM tlio !-a:n on liauul, tiiri
tip ii.. hi tiWi r ,. c vilUiut uiuIim ettait
ntMH llto rnrr rt a lb tlM at.'
prwirlHw, tU tuinit Ut rite throuii a a.!
ijw of Ttvt, vt (.niv riiwUntr, an.l '
VM hai an unqtM-.ti,..,,.! influticv ua thai
ffli'i" nuiu ii ti ii. . t irur U rtulnttwl
br IU fa-t that thi- tonrrtlutM pf taothart
U iwctt aa,t mruat-tvriHiait "Moth
ViiMkl." AV ur iu.it tbunrbt tot a
kuttk ut Mil uUc-nttlil rraMily. Tf IU art
It tor M. AM IWb M-tte tu HmWaW Rc
utetar Ctt., 4t Uirwr WO.. AtUata. Oa.
tar A tattmi lnl,-lnit twk ot InfBratatlmt
t. pro-kn-llw itMrilhr It i mallrrl f,.
Ml U UslJT) It .. 4 uov'V )U4 .( IU.U),
The aheilff of Multnomah fonntv
wired from Portland laat night to
(lifer tllttaon that a Klaaelkar Ills
aad a JMiutobeker x, both Jl
modele, bad heea alnlan In thuat ally
and the thievea were en nAita aotitb
with them.
At 10 o'clock thla morning Chief
Hlttaon arreated a trio with In enra
named aa they came up Weal Main
atrei't Into thla city. Mayor ISmerlrk
waa with Chief Hlltaoii ut tho tlmn
of the arroat.
Tha drlvara of the par. together
with tho third person In comnunv
with thorn, were lodged In Jail to
await further devplopmenta, the
chief having wired to tho aherlff at
Portland concerning the arroat.
Tho men are young, none of thdYti
being over 2.'. They lmvo little to
aay, merely auggostlng that thoy
could o.tplnln how thoy came tn poa
toaa the cara. Wind la expected from
Portland anv hour. Meantime, the
ailapeclM will he held.
(Continued from page, one)
tect Clark haa completed the draw"
luga for the work of renovating mid
inoilerulaliig the front of the Palm
building, on Kaat Main and Front
atiueia, lu harmony with the front
Juat flulahml for I'M. Ilrown'a now ico
cream parlor. Thla Improvement
will Inilude the fronts of tho atoroa
of Ilehllnir. the ahno man, mid tho
adjoining drug atore. Them frouta
will he of marble-covered brick uud
plate glaaa, with tiled entrance.
Mean 1 1 me, Mr. Chirk haa flnlaheil
the nrchltocturnl work for a one
atory brick on the comer of Woat
Main a ail Oakdale avenue, dlngonnlly
ncroaa the street from the Wnalilug
ton school. Thla will be a biulneaa
limine L'."Ti feet and haa altcady
been leaned for a groierv atorn.
s: m
Its Rich, Sweet, Mellow Flavor Has
Been Famous for a N
The lecret of tobacco aati faction ii
known only to the man who Wirt-'j
lug faoa.iV. Tl'.e rcaion it that a
good dicw get unlit next to your
taste, while the leaf in Jlug tobacco is
in a state uf fresh, juicy richness that
it not possible in any other form of to
bacco. Tlwre's no tobacco in the world that
can give oti the hearty, wholeaome
flavor that yu yet from a delicious
cltew of l";ear Head.
Spear Head is made exclusively of
ripe, red Kentucky Hurley the most
richly-flavored chewing tobacco that
grows. Still more, only the very choic
est red Hurley leaf is used for Spear
This choice leaf ia selected with the
most painstaking car, is stemmed by
I ind, is thoroughly washed free of all
foreign matter, and is prcar:d into
Spear Head plug so slovvl that not a
dVop of juice or an atom of the nat
ural flavor escapes.
Try Spear Head, and vc-ti'll Get a
sweet, mellow, luscious, satisfying chew
that cannot b? obtained in any other
t'.b-i.-.. In 10c cuv, wrapped In wax
r r -.
We Insure that our Marinello
preparailona contain uo harmful lu
giedienta. You will find the heat al
wuvm the moat economical and bvuu
flcl.il Marinello toilet preparation ran
onlv be purihaaed here.
ll.Vllt SHOP
Itoom 107 Gui'itelt-foiey IIIiIk.
Mediord, Oregon. Phone ;.; u.
San Francisco
'POn-eUSt atOfamff
O'vg. .it i is Ilrt. !-
qi i .c while n
bn Fr-u.vt-eo
"Meet meat
the Manx
moderate rates
Ruiiliiij .luilll,-,! V t MjiKifciiirnt
uf i.'!.r ,n fii'v NJ Kci:.y
riKiin. S;w in' iinii
in. il jjti it i i l,iii , ,
- .-
iroivlm t'M.'s. i.. PlK''"'i
.i t i , . ,... !?'!:.. it
iliiiuijt mu,i, -'
1 Xj
. K ' l j
i I nrW' 4K i
In BusSding
You wmilil liiiild for ('H'i.'icut si-rvirc now niul roi;
(MicrnlioiiR to conic.
Tlu?"Uwi(l io Wcllvillc" i.s.liiiilt thnl wnv. 'And
llic piisawonl to tluit road is "right Hvjnft" in
wJiich food and drink play such m bij; part.
.Moro and mom people arc waking up t tiro
need ol' banishing from tho dietary heavy, indi
gestible I'oods, anil food deficient in the vitalizing
mineral salts, l-'ood scientists now hold that the
lack of these elements is one of the chief causes of
a long list of ills, including anemia, constipation,
nervous prostration, kidney trouble, a ml 'so on.
Long ago a food now famous was devised to
make up for this lack, and it does it admirably.
Thai food is
Smo of whole wheal and barley, it contains all
themid'itiiiii of the grain, including those vital ele
ments phosphate of potash, etc. which are in
dispensable for perfect balance of body, brain and
nerves, and for warding off disease.
This food c(imes ready to eat, is economical and
delicious. Digests quickly generally in about
one hour and is full of health-nmkuig goodness.
A ration of (Jrape-Xuts along with other food
has started thousands on the "Uoiul tn YVellvillc."
"There's a Reason"
Start the Dny Right
Knd a successful day with our succulent, spicy HAM.
All the leading stores in the valley carry our products.
We Pay Highest Prices for Cattle, Sheep and Hogs.
Oiir cotir.se; are arranged with one aim in view
to get the best results. Investigate then enroll
in Day or Night School.
Medford Commercial College
New Students May Enroll at Any Time. Phone 15-L
Property Owners
Have buyers for city and country property
We want your listings
Right Now
206 Phipps Bldg. Phone 233
And a Perfect Morosco Cast. Mail Orders Now
Seat Sale Wednesday PRICES: $1.50, $1.00; 715c SOc
11 vm
A Highway

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