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mmOHU MAtti TflTfltTHE, MKDFOUTf OUM.ny THfWKfixY. n.nurufv
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'l. !f('i
imp, nvr,
lly A. C. Howlett
'Freckles and His Friends
By Blower
Last Saturday Usury Trust v the!
K V -Persist mall carrier nitH f9
f Meter, broiiKht out word that Petor
Aprdeialo wm found dead la Mr bed
that morning.
Aubor Merer of Lake ereok. wao
In attending hlptli school In Medford,
mine out Friday nnd started oa ni
to his home on foot. He lmt tele
phoned to his father to meet him
on the way, nail Monday wo mi tut
ho oanic marching bsck In time to
cntelr the 10:15 ear. HI kind don't
slop for trifle. Ho In the one who
won thn trip to the Panama fulr liv
rststriK the host corn In thn state.
Hlvln Abbott of Hutto Falla cntne
out Sunday afternoon nnd spent tho
night at tho Sun'nysldo. Il was on
Ills way In Modfoid.
In my 1ml I spoke of u lady by thn
iinmn of Owen living hero nnd hold
Iiik n serlos of meeting. For seini:
months past it bus pecmed almost Im
possible to get tho people hero In
terested In tho subject of toliglou,
to oven rnmi' to chinch on Sunday
nnd whllo Mrs. Owen was tolling
ono nf tho members of tho church
hero of thn crowds tbnt flocked to
hear her In Central l'olnt thn church
member remarked that If she succeed
ed III getting a crowd here she would
glvn her a gold medal. Ily Sunday
night Mrs. C. M. came to her and
hold that she guessed that she would
liuvo to give up tho medal ns she had
I be house about full that night. She
had mndo the urrnngomont with Mr.
F. Newport to have him put off the
opening of bin picture show until
8:15 o'clork p. in. and hho would
commenco her services at 7 o'clock
sharp nnd she held tho large audlouco
(lurgo for this placo), Intensely In
terested until right up to time. At
that time she announced that she
would not hold any tervlces on Mon
day or Tuesday evenings as there was
to be u school entertainment and box
xoclal on Monday night and tho Re
heknha were to have their lodge meet
lug on Tuesday night, anil they ask
ed her not to bold any meeting on
that night ns at that time there was
to be a wedding ceremony perform
ed In tho lodgo room and the mem
bers of the lodge wanted to hear tho
lecture, so she announced that she
would hold services on Wednesday
and Thursday night und would give
mi cutortnlumcut, but Just then the
members of tho I. O. O. K. protest
ed saying that they had to hold lodgo
meeting tbnt night and go through
with tho Initiatory work, so asked
her to posfponq her entertainment
until Friday night, which she did. So
ns It now stunds Mrs. Owen will lec
ture on Wednesday and Thursday
nights In tho church nnd on Friday
night will give u'n entertainment In
the oporn house. She seems to at
tract more nttontlon than uny speak
er wo linvo had before In aiH.
mf '-q stocs TMvrs f . .. tV vV 1 ta aimi!
iTifuiMHTi r- xLi y. I 1 T
Mr. nnd Mrs. .1. H. Qnikcnbusb and
Mrs. N. Oormnn, Mrs. Q.'m sister, mo
toied Into town Monday morning and
were traiiwicilnn business with our
Monday morning I look a stroll
down to the 1 & K. depot and while
tbero discovered that there were 12
passengers on tho llttln motor car
hiii their baggage besides what the
mall eanler estimated to bo a ton
of mall matter, and that home morn
ing George Austin, the mall carrier
from beie to Climax had to take over
.'.no pounds of parcels post mall,
among the P. V. mall wan BOO pounds
of oat8 that was sent up on Ante
lope creek, but fioorge piled it all on
his light rig nnd carried It nil.
Mr. Kline, one of the fruit tree In
spectors, was among us lost Monday.
William Mann warn among the
giiesU at the g. 8. hotel Monday and
so mhs Sam Coiirlno).
f.ast Frlduy whlltt Mrs. Moogorhyde
waa visiting lior slter-ln-law, Mrs.
1,. K. tlaak, and was In the net of
changing tho llttlo boy's dress, the
boy U about 2 yenrs old. sbo step
ped Into an adjoining room for the
clean dress and In low time that it
takes me to write it he made a dash
for the creek about a rod away. Sho
turned Just In time to see him run In
to tho creek, and saw the swift cur
rent carrying him down stroam. With
u bound and n scream Mrs. 11 his
mother, jumpod Into the water and
grasped him before be sank, thus sav
lug him from drowning, but It was a
ory narrow oscape.
On Monday night our three teach
ors. W. O. Wheeler, Mi. Sbotler and
Miss Minnie Taj lor had their school
give an entertainment and the wholo
community Joined In having an old
fashioned box social. The entertain
mpt, consisted of Instrumental and
vel' music, recitations, dlaloguos,
eto.. tind the children did thomselves
jjfedltnnd showed that their lnstmo
iorsVhadnot ncitlectod their duty In
st- - - . .. .
rwpect During mo exerris,
Wan. tho lad evangelist sang
'the old fashioned sou thorn
ea. ' Old rnc a .Nwl. mstoiu-
DftnM.iprt the piano by Miss Clulrft
ppuu and tbe simply brought
IftKH ilig hpuw. They were eucor
(Vbut iPtad of singing aether
ang f Oweu gave a reel U I ion for
the toDm and then another seas. Th(
x I1U. of lbje botes was quits amus
iu. Frank Urown wa. the suction-
ecr und there was one little boy about I
six eiirs old who nttmcted more at
tention than most. He bud 25 cents
and be bid on every box, stniidlng
most of the time on the platform
near the auctioneer, until flnnlly
there wns u box bid off to him, but
he wa.s determined to have a box.
Tho handsomest box was awarded
to Miss Mrtle flrcb for the largo
girls and tho other to Miss Helen
Holt for the younger girls, und the
highest priced box was Miss Claim
Zlmmermun, und was bidden off by
loo Mooman and be received GO per
cent of the price back again as per
announcement The receipts of the
evening were $3G.5Q. If wo did not
ralhe much money we had lots of
1 see that tho bills aro out for it
movie plctuic show Saturday night
when they propose to show scenes of
Jackson county commencing lu an
early day ami coming up to the pres
ent time.
This, Tuesday mornlnc, when thu
P. A K. train camu out they bad seven
wood cars, a box car and tho pas
senger car In uddltlon to tho freight
they brought there seemed to be ciulte
u number of passengers. Somo of
them stopped here, but the most of
them went on up further on tho road.
Among other tblngn they brought out
wero 1C milk and cream cans for our
dairymen and two lots of fruit trees,
one lot wbh for 1. K. Hunk, one of
our prominent orcbardlsts, and while
I was in the depot talking to ono
hustling farmer he remarked that ho
had Just cut down and carried off
tho trees off of eighteen acres and
sowed tho ground to outs. Thus It
Is somo plant fruit trees and some
pull them up. I was relating the In
cident to Mr. Hnak shortly afterward
and he expressed his strong faith In
the future fruit business.
Hova. K. I.. Simmons nnd South
eamo In Tuesday morning with W.
II. Crandall from the Iteoso creek
country whoro they are holding a
protracted meeting. They claim with
somo Huccesa, although up to this
time they have bad no conversions.
Ardeu Tyrrell of I.. 0., enmo In
Tuesday on the Htago and went to
Since my lnsl report 0. Hooker
byde JuiH, renewed his sub to the I).
M. T.
Tho people out in these purls seem
to have n mania for making garden
during this fine spell of weather.
with very intnroatinfj set of pic-
lurcH fefiovru IbtvUMU n inirroscopo.
Atnonjr the pietures the beet intliw
trv won xliown.
'.Mr. and Mrs. If. W. Bldni very
delightfully ijnlerUiined the Presby
terian choir at their home, Oveen
Aciei, mi l'ridtvy uiglit. A very de
leeliible luncheon wn served nt, U
o'clock nnd n plensnnl Mocinl hour
was enjojed by tho mombcm and
friends of tho uhoir who were pres
ent. Tlioco who nvniled thcmiclvoH
of their hospitality included: -Mr.
nnd Mrs. Ilntliehl, Mr. nnd Mrs.
William linn ton, .Mr. and Mrs. Wnl
lnee. Mr. uml Mrs. W. t). (Muike, Mr.
und Mrs. I. L. Norcitiss, Mrs. Hnrry
t)aiss(in, Mishit lmogene Wnllaee,
Mnrgueiite I)nvison, Alia Noreross,
iFraneine McKasscr, K. A. Ficlnrd,
Messi. U. S. PicUard and lletbert
.Mrs. Frank MoKeo retunied to ber
home iu this ilislriol nfler u biihinoHH
nnd ileusuie ttip to AlbuiiH'iiuc,
K. M.
.Stinduy, Felirunry 27, nt Hie Piea
byleriun elimeli in Cent nil Point,
Hew Dorau of Ashland will deliver
a seiinon entitled ".lonnh."
Prospect Friday, .pont the mghl nnd
regihtercd the votei in that com
munity. Mr. Wsi returned with him
nnd went on down with him to Trail.
Mr. Higinljnlhiim was hniKKiiil? n'""11
his "ice ft cam feed" nt l'rospcet.
Ktl IHainhntlmm and family siut
Sunihiv nt T. II. llitfinhothnm's.
Fridny was Muster Unir Snelnis
filth hirtlidtiv nnd his nunt, Mr-..
Vinson, nud Metr?. Frnnk nnd Hob
art Ditswoith dined "t his house that
Mr. ami Mr. Lawrence f'miRPr
Hpcnt Sunday nt lihner Dawson's.
Fiumer urouiid heie nre cngnged
in spring ploujthinst nud sowiiiR. The
Oordoii boys me getting n fine start
with their xprinc work and they nre
nt it early und lute.
Judging' from the l.nurclhurst news
there mo a good ninny Ihc items of
news thnt we know nothing of.
Miw.es Uitswoith and Peyton uie Ihe
able ttlitois of thut sheet.
The Flounce Hook school elofes on
Friday, Febnmry U.". uml there will
be n pienie and banket dinner nt the
sehoolhouse thai tiny, to which eveiy
one is invited. The forenoon will be
devoted to gnmi'h nnd athletics nud
the Hohool has u well-piepuied pro-
f eorTf frwS wwTH i
ifc-, Itftllkl fWM A4AINIVTA Iak'VmKM HS-HIT MffOM , ' f V,
JWi 5 T ""icr :1 ty x -"r-lWr rtS
-- T" ttUsi.MM JilltHO'lOUV '
tiMtu fcjii'im
grnm of entertainment for the after
noon. All outun nud hriihr well-filled
fhnnkcta ns the athlete will hne
good nppetites. The provtniu will be
given rain or shine, but tin outdoor
picnic U it i.niis.
l.dll Aifcy"ir llrMtfgUCI-ff A
M-tlirt-ltrnliUnaf.il Tlr.nl
I'lllt l lltfl ln-1 II.M 1HAV
I. tti, Ifllr! 'Ji Mi Hlltwa, V
"rct.. A.wt'iii. irtH-TClts
ytm t mil lmi.S let. AItjpKtHblt
ron lXKXT--norBK8
FOU UKNT Furnished bungalow,
closo lu. 304 Booth Central.
FOU SAIiH-Young rod cow, also
John Deero disc plow. It. V.
Crum, near l.ono Pine school
house. 'i'J'2
FOU SAI.Ifi Milch cow, Jersej-. n
bargain, If taken soon. Phono
17-Ftr.. N. i:. Cbllders. 280
fn q A
FOU SAM. Ono flrst-clnsn Jersoy
cow. J. II. Stevens, Tolo. 291
FOU oAl.K UO herses: must bo
sold. Sou Wnlsh, nt Vinson's bam.
N. Hlvorsldo avo. 297
FOU HUNT -Modern
gnlow on King street
South Oakdale.
f.-room buii-
lniiulre t'.lO
FOU UKT a-roomed inoilorn fur
.nlshed bungalow, close In. 417
Jay St., tor So. Oakdale unit 11th
at. 2
FOU HUNT Modern bungalow,
furnished, 0 iooiuk and bnth, garage.
Jas Campbell. 287
Says skin pores arc closed nntl
une aeid mvmina
in blood.
Sundnv Miss and Mr. Clarke of
Seattle, Wah.. weie lookmir vcb
propei ty in this weunty.
Mrs. C F. Hieklev was a Satnr
ility to iMiintlity suest of Mih. T. C
Mr. Kntwiek of F.aule Poinl was
t iii iiMuct iiik liiisinisiB in Ihii tlitriet
several day last week.
HegiMer nt Scenic Height-, or
chard befoie April IS.
firange meotiiiK at tho sihool
house I'lidny evening. C'oino.
llcrheit Clarke was h visitor in
.Medford Kuuduy afternoon.
Mr. nnd Mi. Julius Iturkholz weie
guests of Fred Strwuho and wife on
Hoy Duiilnp of T'roapect orchard
spent the week end with Metntt
Mr. mill Mi. W. IX f'laiko mill
ilmightor motoied to Ashland uml
The Steunis, Dnwson, inson und
l'evton fiiiniht's have lieen inter
chuiiging M-siis the whole week. Too
many to chronicle, but we know they
huso been having a good time.
Mr. DiUworth went to the valley
Weiluesduy und cuiiio home Sundny
irilli ii ni'W burse anil lmtMfV.
I'.i ll..ll..iilii.nk uml l'niiiile nnd. Khcumatijni is no reincctcr of age,
Miss Aiktn enme from Prospect HnlJg ? .t'iflliftr Hi
urdny night to attend the "literary ime f ,,c moit painful. Thoic subject
nt l'evton sehoolhouse. They spent to rheumatiMii should cat lcs meat,
the night with fnends nud went homo '! " warmly as poMiblc. avoid any
,. , F undue exposure and, above .all, drink
ir i . .i lot of pure water. tT - t . .,
Miss MHi'Ki'r) I.rskine spent tilt f RhcuntatUm is earned by uric acid
week end with Mrs. Out Ditsworth. which is generated in the bowel and
Paul Pevton u brou workinK nl nliwrbyl into the Moml It U Uic fiiiic-
,. ,n : , ,.., tion of the kidneys to Idler this acid
Mr. roney s m-onllj. iwm ,)c tlool and ca it out in the
The litturelhurKt I.Hernr' society, urinc; the norcs of the kiu are al
which held iU seeond meeting Snt- a mean of frceiiiK the Wood of this
urdny night, was well ..,i,.od. Si, V. 'nj J,-
new members were ndded to the ho- forcill( l)le j,j,icys t do double work,
eiety. There wan n gient denl of they become weak .mil sluggish and fail
bus ss tiiinsnetcil, inchuling the to clhhiuatc this uric acid which keeps
. i , ... .i... arciimubilinir and circulating through
inoou impeuc.mrn, ,u ,v .,...... ,- -cvetually settling in the
itfler which there wnsu piogrnm mid j0j,u an, miucles causing stilTueis,
.lilmto. It was decided utter mini soreness and pain called rheumatism, i
nrguiiiB thnt it would not be best to' At the ilrt twinge of rheumatism get
anno, Mexico . present (Washing- JulSjtSTL
ton, I). C papers please copy). ,jagH 0( watcr Mj drink before break-
Mr. and .Mr.. J. II. F.rskinc spent fast each morning for a week. This
Sntunlav nt Mr. PeelorV. Mitt. Kr- j W eliminate uric acid by stiinu
, , , .. I,, i , . luting the kidneys to normal action,
skine temuined to attend Ihe l.ilei- .i,,.,:,!,! ,. i,ii nr ,i,-. inimir-
i- . i .1 :..i.. .. :i. :." -'a
pry society nun sp'in me input nun jtics.
Violet Ditsworth.
JiiiuoK Peyton is' heljiinK hix
brothel Km rl prune the Mnn-.tiolil or-
FOU HUNT Florldn rooniliiB house,
furnlshod. 820 V. 11th. Phonu
:US-r. John F. White.
FOU HUNT Furnlshod bousokcop
rooms. i;:il Knst Uth. Cull after
B. .22
aro operating tho largest, oldoot
and best equipped plant In tho Pa
clflc northwest. Uso our springe
when others fail. Bold under guar
antee. 20 North Fifteenth St.,
Portland, Ore.
rou hunt FimNisiii-:i
1 FOU HUNT Apartment for
Tho Ilurbun, 10 Quluc St.
FOU SAI.K Ono A-l ranch team,
meillitm weight. Inquire nt Nnsh
Stnbles. M. K. Hoot. 287
FOU SAIiK At nncrlflce, 4ft acres,
5 miles from Orouta Pass, nearly
nil river bottom, Include herd of
llolstelns, 3 hoifles, silo; liiiernl
terms, 5 percent Interest. J. M.
Wutklus, (1 runts Pass. 2Kb
liAXl)FOU SALH-'-WlifVeU "i 1 2C
aero stock ranch near Kaglu Point
with 40 acres fenced and cultivat
ed. On county road. Prlro onl)
$fl per ucro, pnyablo $3 pur acre
cash and long time on bnlanco. A
bargain. Beo R. 8, Tinny, 210
Onrnetl-Corey Uldg.
FOU SAIjK Some of tho best stock
ranches In Jackson county; cattlo
go with tho ranchos, Como m-o
w hat I have. Phono. T. C. tlalnes.
Trail, Ore. 311
FOU SAM-: Stock ranch of 10 nereis,
31 under irrigation, free wator; H
acres wheat land. 27 bend of cat
tle, 2 horsos, pigs mid chlcknus:
also farm Implements. Prlcu 1IG00
$2s00 cush, balance 2 yours at 0
purcent or will toko smull much
nenrur town as part of first pny
nieut. Phono No. C-F2.1. C. A.
Colby. Lake Creek, Ore. 287
QUO. W. CHKRRY Attorney., an
.Notary, Room 9, Jackson County
Hank Ilulldlng, ontranco N. Con
tral, Medford, Oro.
POHTKR J. NKI-'K- Attorney nt law,
rooms 8 and 9, Medford National
Dank Ilulldlng.
A. B. ItEAMKB, LAWYBK Qarnott-
Corey blug.
O. M. HOnURTS Lawyer.
Medford National Rank Building.
Onmctt-Coroy Uldg., utto
Modforo, Oro. Phono 85C.
Collections nnd Reports
FOU ltBXTHinlii nntl fruit lanali. ,,0R SAMCraoml stook ranch with
very liberal tfrms to ifsponslblo
man. Phone 712-J 2SS
FOR HAliK 8. C. R I. Hod setting
eggs. Ttdephoiie or write Hrnost
Webb. Central Point. M'i
FOiT"haTjI':--400() gallon oil Utuk
uml loo gallon hauling tank. ICr
nest Webb, Central Point. 292
FOR 8A1.U Ugga for liHtchlng from
my hoHvy llng pen of Dark An
comis uml Silver f'aiuplnes. O. II.
Ciaiy. 32S 13. 12th. Motlford. SS8
FOR SAUK- -Or tiade, piano In fine
condition; consider quickly; mov
ing awity. Hox P. Mall Tribune
FOR SAI.K Rlettm hoisting engine.
Westlnghouso ulr compressor, Kop
pol side dump ear. 1000 ft 8-lb.
rail. Oregon Ornnlle Co.
water right: good range, nt n bar
gain. Inquire Hox 80, Jacksonville,
Oregon. 300
WAXTISI) Wonisn for gonernl
iliousmvork, family of two; good
wHgos. Address Ho IC, Mull Tri
WANTKin"Wo7k by the day or hour.
Phono 8i5-W. 280
WAruTT To hour from owimr of
good ranch for said. Sum) cash
iprlco and ilotcilpilon. 1). P- Hush,
Minneapolis, Minn. 212
colloctod somo accounts 14 years
old. Wo know how to get tba
money. Tho Duiioclc Mcrcautllo
Agoucy, Inc., Rooms 1, 2, 3, lias
kins' Illdg., 210 E. Mnln st.
Engineer nnd Contractor
FREDNToiIMlNa8 Bnglncor nnd
contractor, 404 M. F. & II. Uldg.
Surveys,, estimates, Irrigation
drainage, orchard and land Improvement.
EARL S. Tll.MY Clonornl Insurance
office. Flro, Automobile, Accident,
Liability, Plata Ulans, Contract,
nnd Surety Honda. Itxcollent com.
panlos, good local service. No.
210 Garnott-Coroy Uldg.
FOU SAI.K Or trade, ono second
hand auto truck, I ton. In good
condition, will trade fur second
hmnl Ford. Apply to Hox C33,
Ashland. Ore. 20H
WANTED Two-smtted hack with
top. Must bo lensonablo. Phono
011-jn. 2U0
WANTED- Listings of city property
and acreage for ImintHllnto action.
Clsrk Kticilty Co., ZOR Phlpps bldg.
Poll HAI.K- -ttrnttu from iiilxe will-
fail Salti Is inexnensivc. harmless and nlnir Ituff OrnliiHinnu. tl imr l.'i:
is made from the acid of grmws and jr. per hitnUretl. J. W. Shirley,
lemon juice, combined with lithia and n Almond st.
is used with excellent results by thou- I - - - - '-.
ands of folk who are subject M rhcu- FOU 8ALB Stock enrrots 7 per
Tli. M.ui. Sni.iiL.lce nml matism. Here .u h uc a pleasjut. cf-' ton. Phone 1 2H, ( antral Point
! WANTED Sheep iMiiigbt and sold.
llosttniiorg nriHS., uoiiiimi roini,
Pboiitt 3lxM. 300
Poeliir tuiiiiil an old huiiiuu kull on
the (loidou rum It Frtdnj.
loelf Hen Hijrinbi.lliniiiwonttn
X Ends Dry, Hoarse
f Painful Coughs
t Quickly
X A Slmpl
r. Ilumr-Made Rrrarur.
lurjiirnaive but Lurijualrtl
The proinjit and ositlvu rettultA givn
by tliM pleasant tatin;r, liuiiii.-inailii
cough svrup bus t nu Mil it to be ued in
more Iiuiiim than un other reiiifdv. It
gives aliuuHt in.tant rcliet imJ will usual-
1 ove
y oveicoiue tli attfrugd cough in 21
(i.t 2 ounces Pinex 1 10 cents worth)
from anv drug sturr. iour it into u pint
liottle und till the lxitle with plain grumi-
viMto.lAlr.midMr.WeHverSuml,.y., J .tTOJ.!
.1. . I-Jdrn and family nnd Miss jtive eough remwly at a cost of onlv 'il
Kllen Kspiutr ot (Scnevu, 111., motored mta nr lei. You uiuliln't bui as unicl.
,,,,' ."c, , , ,, rtstilt-initile euugb inedieiiM" for W.-V).
to Mrdford .Sunday mornniK to t- J Kaailr prcimrtsl and in-tei .poll-, full
tend the icvital uiantnut m tlie .tfl- uim-uons wiin iih-x.
I lli priHnptns, ivrtiiiiitv
torium. with whieb this I'iiwx Strun
f.rv--rnt btliM-n.iltr drink wlucli
overcomes nn. an I .iti! is beneficial to
).nir kidneys as will.
Ileal Creek bottom, half lu
cultivation 88-50
Door Creek bottom, all lu
cultivation 115.00
Sticky, tin co-fourths cultivat
ed ... . 48.00
Dosert, under ditch 18.00
Foothill and Woodland, ono-
third cultivated 10.00
Coinintirclnl Orchard, choice . 050.00
Six yottr old pours, prime con
dition 830-00
Half fruit, half alfalfa .. 1X5-00
Applegate. Irrinntwd, half cul
tivated 80.00
This schedule Is 20 poreoul luwr
.wtsTrnf? U'n "y l",dulu f "vo I'hllhwl.
,mi a in, i All this la well locatetl. Hoar Creek
a ixl mc
iMis a
V..1 i ami Mlli-kv am well Imnrovetl. bo
il a burrr. Willi I ' . . .. .
a m-rWte it !. eiMUsk It stop the for- twneu Medford ami ASttianU. ntswit
natiun nf nbbwui iu the tnioet auil broH- I
hootliist a iMtinful ivugh in a burry. Uitli I
it perawtent Kkm' eoui
natiun nf nbbwui iu tl
euial tubes, thus ending tho annoying
Tho diteh erew is locitted just west it Und eotigh, chest or throat eo
i i w:i i. ...... Tl..... u-ill' rcHiarkuble. It (piieklt oos
of It. L. W lieen si home. Thev " , ,or.- or tight vowih awl
bitgiit work on tho (litest in un m
trict at. soon an conditions tire lav
o ruble.
1 It' C-. .t ...11.. ..!.. .M.a.1 I..'
... w. nitior anti .... m.n ., , j,, ft fWW1.M(,, eom-I ear Medford;
tlinr bouie baturitav after u thie ,,nj 0f fHmtw Xorwav pitwettraet .,.-. n.,,i,iin,
muntlw' visit vn.h Mi. L. M. Fo--, rtchT;. goaTeeol rt I. tanaa tW '?' ' mrWt .PU,C".
of ltsiston, Idaho. Mr. Stone if-! UMUouliuf i-..uli. brunrhial antlima and
rt Lowieton hA- efrtainly had rt-l 'mlMl.tmMt . Mk,
FOU SALE - A Waloa' adding um
chiue. Apply Medford Waitiboiis
Co. 8X7
FOR SALK-S. C. White Loghoin
egga for batching from my trap
liHsieil O. A. C. strain. Karl Knapp.
Phone 98I-J. 0
FOR SALE Overland roadster,
good running older; snap. 1225
cash. Phone 188-11, betwoon 0 uml
7 p. m.
FOR SALE--320-im Potaliiitid Ineu
lister, Phone &30-J2. 280
FOU SALE LIlllo club seed wheal.
.. Campbell. 887
by day.
-Droesmaklng at homo nr
HIS. Central, Phone
WANTED To cnio for children day
or evenings during slmeneo of par
ents at theater, ute. Phono 728-J.
WANTED Knitting mill wanta wom
en, full time; salary $15 weekly,
distributing guaranteed hosiery, or
r. cents an hour spare time; por
iiiuiieut work; experience iimioe
ossary. Address Maimgor Interna.
tlnnal Mills, Norilstowu. Pa.
FOU "TRADE" -flood, large safe for
small ono. Moo . Co.'u storo
Instrurtlon lit Music
401, Oarnett-Coroy bldg. Fred Al
ton Ifalght, piano; Mrs. Florence
Hnlllduy Ifalght, volco. Phone
72 MB
sin enw mi0 m-iSi iHS WiiW
OARIIAOE Oct your promises
cloHiiod up for tho summer. Call
on tho city rjarbngo wagons for
good sorvlco. Phono 274-L. F.
Y, L Allen.
Physician nml titirgcon.i
drT "i rJo."'oAULow, mtTTovA
MAINS CAHLOW Ostoopnthlo
physicians, 410-417 aurnott-Coroy
bldg., phonu 103Q-L. Resldoncs
20 South Laurel ot.
DR. W. W. HOWARD Osteopathfs
physlctnn, 303 Oarnott-Corej
building. Phono 130.
DR. J. J. EM MENS Physician and
surgeon, Practice limited to eye,
oar, nose nnd throat. Eyes scien
tifically tested nnd glasses sup
plied. Oculist and Aurlst for 8. P.
H. It, Co. Offices M. F. & II. Co.
bldg., opposite P. O. Phono 6C7.
DH. It. W. CLANCY Physician anfl
surgeon Phonos, offico 30, resi
dence 721-J. Office hours, 10 te
12, 2 to C.
share oi snow this sen.ou.
5uurintMdtot Welle of Jackson
ville Yisiieu tue willow ojns 1 1
ask vour ilniwiUt for iIH ounoth.
laex." ewil duet Ehwirt anvtMug
A tfuaranU of ali-obiif .Mtisiae-
r uuihv uroMiitlv ivlumlatl,
school Wednesday afternoon. He wIiL(WiIh MreWratWB.
eiitt-rtuiuetl the pupils lor an hoar
iimhv proMtptly ivromleit. sues
a unB.iratiaii. The 1' I lies Co..
Ft. Wayne, IM.
near Eagle Point. Foothill Improved
i place, Willow Springs district. Pears
will pay purchaser 50
ane price uses lor n
your lease. Apphgat. best land I
could find on the Applegate river,
Ii ell Improved, tit alfalfa.
10 : We.it VfSlit St Phone
OoO O u
FOU SALE Soudan grass ami Col
lege Minnesota No. 13 seed coin.
1'. S. Charley, Hrownsboro, Ore.
FOR SALE- 50-egg Cyphers Incuba
tor, also thirty laying While Leg
horn bens, high grade stock, In
cluding ten pullets nearly one year
old und twenty hens two years uiu.
Phone 34U-J for particulars. 2k7j
FOR SALE Ford one man tops and
top work of all description. Med
ford Tent and Awning Co, 106 X
Front, Pboue 78-H. 26
FOR SALE-- Eggs from range raised
S. C Huff Leghorns. Win. J. '
Ferns, Medford R. K. D. I or ptanuo '
Mrs. A. II, Forms. 1H-K8. lit j
FOR SALE- Uarreo" Rock eggs far
hateuing; youag thoroughbred
roosters J. II. Webster, R. F. P.,
Talent. Phone 3-HX ill
TAKEN UP Three cattlo, one Jersey
eo w, erop off loft oar, bell on; ono
Jersey heifer, crop off left eur;
one red steer calf, bell on. (Inner
may hare same by paving charges.
W. R. Lamb, Medford, Oro. 8'J1
LOST Two female Alrdalo pups be
tween Talent and Motlfonl. Mitiry
I-F1 Asklaud or 507-J2 Motlford,
or address II. W Hlnsbam. Talent.
and reiehe reward. 286
TO LOAX 11000 on Improved ransli
llolutes the lusuraneo Wan.
Hl'HIMSSt iMitmimx
clan and surgeon. Offico Palm
block, opposite Nnsh hotel. Hours
10 to 12, 1 to 4. Phono 110-J.
T. O. HEINE. M. D. Wyo, Ear,
Nose and Throat. Ilnndachos and
nervous conditions rolloved by
properly fitted glasses. Cross oyos
straightened. Offico 228 E. Main
st., phone 303, Consultation free.
-goad barley, eueap feetl;
.baletl barley straw. Oull T12-.I!.
Seicing Mitclitnoit
IALH Oil RENT Some usl m
hlues also for sale. Pleenlng aad
repairing. Baldwin Piano fur eaks
from factory to customer. Real
rouce 370 So. Central. Pboue 990.
llomoepnthlc Pbyslolan, Surgeon,
228 East Main St., Medford, Ore
gon. Offico phono 142. residence
phono 732-112. Office hours 1 to
1 P. m.
and Optlolan. Calls answered.
Eyes tested; Glnwoa fitted that
will correct auy defect of vision;
price roasonablo. Phono 8G2-X.
Office at rssldenoo for tho prosont.
Motlford, Oregon, 140 S. Holly.
Prlnteio and I'ublblier.s
ME7)FORDlTl7Jf INO 'CO.'" haV t&e
boat equipped printing offigo In
lOMtheru Oregon; book binding,
loose leaf letltara, blUlUB aystoms,
etc. Portland wrlces, 17 Nnrt
Kir st
HI m rnAHirmCil storaqk co
Offiae -it North Front st. Phone
311. Prices right HeMlco tir.
. r
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