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MKiwnn'MArfi fiuv.rsK M-:rKor. (m.mbix, tup
' " . i -1 i t i - i i i mill i Mfcjfc i.
rMv. r-'Knwr'ATfr 21. min
Kfty Ml of dandruff aHeapt ir
a'ter one of two application of In
ili-rlne rubbed wall Into the iip
with the finger tlta. (lei a 2jmi,1
ionle of IHwderia at anr drug nr
nnd iae vonr hair After a few ai
pllcHtlon ton can t find a parti-1" f
dandruff or anv falling hair, and t'a
arnlp will tiMei itch Adv
Countess Says He Is Not Up to American Standard
I s&k 1 sn . s . "
George, Antin, bead agro ulluriat
of tho Utah-Idaho Sugar eoiiiipeny
and tho Oregon-Hah Sugar com.
imny, met with field superintendent
of tb local company titU forenoon
at the Medford hotel. At the meet
iug n plan waa outlined Hint will be
followed out commencing- at otioe.
It waa deeided thnt Mensr. P. R.
Hrnmwoll and IMwin Austin will lie
111 charge of the Hgrieulturtil work
between Oold Hill Bnd aietulnle mid
Mesur. Samuel Storey mid J. It.
l'cttirigill will Imvc charge of lliu
Hitme work from Quid Hill south.
Those men will (jive thoir entire
time ntid attention to the boot grow
em in thoir rcapcalivc dialrit't, in-
st meting thum m tho nolodtion mid
proper preparation of tho land for
tin' planting of bat'ts.
Mccst. Ilrnmwcll nnd Aimlin ran
hi reach d by mall or phono t
(IrmitH Piibn mid Mr. Rloroy mid .Mr.
I'lttingill l Medford,
Tho heel grmrfrii mo urgmd Itv Hie
company to yot in tottoli with thrwe
urnllemeu nt tho curliest moment, am
M'ul mid soedur will ho here within a
week mill needing will commence on
the enrly laud n aoou n iho turn!
it ready.
Sufficient weed Iiah hren secured
to plant 7000 acre o thnt fnimom
who hnve nut yet signed oeiitrnela,
li it who are considering doing "
.lioiild notify the company at oneo.
nNiigcmcniM nnio neen muilu Willi
a reliable Jnaiicc contractor to
ItirniNli all linnil Inbor noooaanry.
Any bout raiser who ore depend
ing on Jnpmieitfl hihor should notify
the field auporinliiidonU or the coin
puny office at onee.
The eoniMiny will need from thirty
In fmiy good, practical fnnnora to
do the planting. Aiplifiiitlojui f,,r
Ibis work should lie left at the office
at onee.
Messrs. Anatin and Iliminvell will
eddies n meeting nl C'enlnil Point
tonight nl 7-10, to whieh nil citiren
are muled.
Miss llryau mid MIm Thorn, two
hlKh school girls, Jumped Into a I'nnl
utitnmohllo In which mio of Urn stu
dent had ridden to school and, ilnr
Iiik n recreation hour at that liistl
tittlon yesterday noon, iindorlook to
enjoy a unlit urmind the block, In
which tlii)' gulckly canio to grief.
Turning sharply, at n IiIkIi rate
of upend, Into Sixth utruut, they
mnashod Into a airing of aulON utand
ItiK In front of tho Klk Toinplo.
I nublo to inunitKe tho "liorrowwl"
inuchlao on the turn at mich a Knit,
they pi 11 nk ml plumb Into tho roar of
tun flrit car la the row. which hap.
poned (n ho JuiIko Kelly', iimaHbliiK
thlnRN up a littlA, flattenliiK a rear
tiro and vmnvhliiK a front Unlit by
throwliiR tho car Into tho noxt nn
In tho MtrliiK. which chaurml to bo
Architect Clarke. That, too. uffeiwl
Mime ilammiu. Tbe runaway mrhln
Mopped with flat I Iron and bent
axle iiid tho Rlrld Jumped out
'I be --cnioi iIiim uf the high school
bac been wry bus ichcaiiuir dur
1 UK Hid week for their vnudeille to
be imen at the I'age I'Vidny aud Sut
iirday b'ecH Mi pt4treii.
The ilifchA Krccl Sicwart, Finnceii
iiaeon, Alcne Allen, Wru lnuc, I In.
wl A Ml. LMkr 'anr, Dorothy
Thoru and Gladji. Wilon will apKa'r
itt a clown dunce.
31wn Dorothy Thorn, Italw fiwo
)U and ilildrcd Wick will mm
'in ail oriuiual etbctic daaiM", which
mIM b n fair demon t ration of Iwal
"Muir rilli.mHo.. will aiU' a
taw frtitaiatibU Chariw rha4w, ably
aaahletl in hi fiiimy Chadiu walk by
Lolam) Xo aa a fetching young daw.
Theic will be no adxancc in price
al I lie Mage.
l;.UI.s, Feb. 3 1. -A wiuudrnff of
I'K'in'h aeroplane ccrdaN boin-
The mimic at tbe .Vatatorlnm ml
Ink Mtt etenlni waa a apaeial tm
tare. The chorua loft waa crowttad
an i tho bin bolr certainly hav nr
donn finer work. Mr. Voaaof waa
at hl beat and tb groat aawimbly
ruaimndttl to bl enthu.ilaEm. A dikrt
aitng by Mr. Voaaty and Mr. Mil
niiNidea "O l.ovi That Will Not l.t
Mo Qo." wan exiwllsntly rHtitlrd.
A eorttot aolo, "Tho Itonary," and
a vihskI nolo by Mr. Vtiawy anrlehod
tb Rurvlea very much.
lirKii dHlenutldim wert preaont
from AKbland aud I'hftouix. ICvory
night there are many peopUi coming
from th adJolnliiK towua. Tonight
a larg dvloKallou la oxpoctiNt from
vMr. Ma I hi had a claar out atralgtn
forward ionnon on "Th Unniiawniel
Qiientloii." Ilia tent wna "excopl a
iiinii bn born again ho can not una the
kingdom of heaven." Vor a acrlptura
loaaoii ho read the account of the vlalt
of th" ipicen of Hheba to Kulomoii.
Ho aald In part:
"8he waa attrarlad to tho fa mom
king by reason of Ma groat fam for
wladom, wealth and powar. Tho later
wlHdom baa It (bat "a gruater Koto
mon la here."
"Solomon waa groat bofniiao ho
had a groat father- It la ever u groat
thing for any man to havo a great
father. He waa gieat (mcaiimi of the
loyalty ho Umpired from hi aiihjocia.
IU waa groat In Hint he aakttd flrat
of all the great gift offered him
that ho might have auiiorloi- wladnm
to direct tho affair or hi kingdom.
"Jiiau Cbrlat malchoa the wla
king In nery one of thoae parllcitlara
and ninny more.
"It I the unnuawored ipioallon of
life that bring man to .Inaua Clirlnt.
N'lcodomim, tha thoughtful and learn
ed whm aiked logaidlng tho problem
of tho now birth and Jeaua (old
him plainly. "Vo niuat ha horn again."
.Myatuloiia? Yea- o la tho flrat
birth- tlia pbyalcal blrlh. No man
cuter any world until he la born
Into that world. i
"If Cod ran fit a man for the phyil.
cal world by the phlcal birth -la
It anything atrange that He can pro
pore a man for the apliltual woild by
a uplillual blitb.
"JCaccheiia waa another man who
came with an unanawcrcd nueatlon.
"What Hball I do?" and J emu told
him what ho ahottltl ilo - lu other lan
guage but with the amt Import
"ye muat be born again."
"The rich young mlor came ha
knew full moII what ha ought to do
mid .lean told him Juat what he x
pooled him to tall him thin man
nuailiwl to aiirreujer hlmntdf -he waa
wrapiwiil up in bl morality - hla le-gallMiu-
and (he ono thing he had
not done waa to detach hlmaeir from
hla wealth ho tbe Maatar aald
"H and gle" Thla he wa not
wllllug to do
Tliua Is It ever the unamiwcred
quodliui bring men to the lourcc of
plrltual knowlmlga. And the anwe -I
tho mih for all man In order to
enter tha kingdom of hoaten and
have eternal llfe--a man mut bo
born uplrltnally "
The latere! In thoae mcetlngM In
cream from crlce to aervtce.
l.at night whan the Invitation waa
given aome twenty pai-eona toapoud
Tonight will bo Young I'mple'
Night a spix ial service for the youth
of the eomiiiuiiltv. liter body Is In
liei Krldm Ik Min's Night, when a
gnat tllloiu Is expected
Ashlaiiil pau'til- -.-cm unable to
find a cm.itivc lor tue uu lmaiin of
their bos to run awa i'rcipicutly
aud Mrilentl,. ):. 11. Faulk of that
city i iu Medford and neighboring
oomiuuuiteu Unlay looking for Willie
r"aulk, II year old, his M.n, who,
with a l'hillip hoy nboul the same
age, ran away from home a lew days
ago and are yet "at large." The
boya have been Haying "hookey"
from school i wristcntly lately
that the jiiMiiilc autborilica warned
them agniust turthcr oft'ciice of that
nut ure. Theu they bid. Tbe chic I'
of police lMian a search for (hem.
They beard of it and, fearing Iho
cou(Hiicucci. if duM'oerrd, they left
town. The mothers are wildly tear
tul aud I be fathers ate on the search
111 onuuoux silence. Kihuld0anyonc
discover two strange boyn of their
aiac und age "-.mmpiiii; around" they
should notify Clue I ilt (u, )lcd
ford, or Chief Purler of A -bland.
VnilTUO HI IM AUAV "", TT"8- '"V . ,,M ,flM' , ,T ,, . Wtt,or- Ve.,o.,havetopytbe.aine cine, and po.Hlvely contain, no chlo-
iuu no KUN AWAY h nui... f.w u. ,-. '1: "'- orother
IUUIIIU iUM mini w 11;1UUII, flll1 llllH,M.d Yoil Iml) NM.it.i.. ,, .., e .ho rti thlt ,onov, You t., maVie Blircot,,..f dfl moit cough IUV,Mres
say that hereafter I will nut lb., nl- '.d"r Misplclon aa Oolatora Of the . w..." ... .' . L. . .. ... V ' . " . " ,Hl,,p,
My Ciuiiilcss Itusscll.
I cun aeo how the I'rliue of W.ilr
eould marry an Amerlian. for nnr
lean women are charming, beautirnl.
witty; but. frankly, I cannot et win
an American girl should marry the
I'rltifio of Wale! I
Namo the A nalo-American mar- ,
rlago which have proved woith
while for the bilde. How many ,
Ainerlrau iiocrcaaoM are living with
Ihelr hubaiid How many ailentlv
thank their atftra and thslr abrewd i
marriage settlement--that they art
The plan lo unite an all-Important
aclon of degenerating phyalque lth
aoiiudHi- Mlock I nut new. King
Milan of Serbia himself a stupid, i
dninkoii figurehead of royalty '
ronllied that bf dwarfed. Hi develop- '
ml sou and heir, Alexander, bora all
iho pllnclplo Ktlgmata of degeneration.
The king therefore decided that ill iIhoiikIi. Alexmiu i dld chlldlena Ucargo nor Man would ever coll
ide ontwn prince ahould marry an am! bin dwiaty nded , rent; the heir to the crown would he
American! Ilcr clean vitality would t If you look at the photograph of ' forced to contract a royal marriage,
atrengtheu tlu rolled conMUuilon all the ii'IkuIok house sou will aeo What American girl would rUk the
hereditary In all royal fa mllles! , how closely tho mombera resemble i danger of flodlr.g hcrtolf a plural
Milan demanded oulv that tbe bride each other. All royalties are too wife?
bring a dowery of $20.oao,080, of
which he should approprluto one-half,
the bridegroom one-quarter, and the
remaining $&.nno,noo be spent on
agents' rommistlons, palace furnish
ing and wedding expenses.
Three trans-Atlantic cmdldatea
for iiucenhood were dlwoierod. but
their hard beaded falhei.i Instated
the stipulated clow im Kliould be set
tled 011 Hie mi 1 i ,111 nncrii und her
male belt-. Mtl.in'-. piaitliul plan
Albert I'.n'itci ..t tYuti.i) I' 1
wna ari'iiiiiiiul th- iinnnmg in iho
munieiMtl com I u the chai'i;i ol ex-
cceding the shc.I limit in him drive
.... " i
about the Mice.. f ihi. e.ty Sun-
lay. IU s lined i ll.ivinc iu
money, he . , m.u.d to in. on
his iimii recogni.iii' ' iutil be ''! il
and jmid (he l'm .
mi iiKKfi .. iiiw u-aiure or- - 1-" ' " " wasteo. ueiium moMt or tliem are rMldien like It it u sn nioauuni 1,.
'!" -.,'-".:! ' ojud.e.hiy .i W'-r?r ",-nl Principal., of sugar and , lake U U Xnl.ke an o" heTml. !
im ,... . . . . . , . 1 iktii.if i.t nut u rin., ..r -. 11,. ..in . . ...
iciioer tu jau 11 ue cm. 1 ,wi in. " - - ,,.,,. 'tlona. at home at one-flfth the coat,
"n'- " U B,fc0 rP,r,cl 'thoH- urelv o to the Uedforil Mh.rm.nJ
"Note the fact. U.. that rncing .- Ibat eviJence exl.ts ,0 the ef- .Mdk7or 2 ounce7,50c whTo"
by auto drifts .... the I'acilie high- ' ' ''' " tV gchlffmann-s New Concentrated Ux
way. both way- mm. Mcd.onl. nnd ","'- Thto report haa been un- pectormt. whu.h loej tumnl w
lilici.Arl Mw.,,,.1,1. ,y ,l dorlnvMtlga.onrorwmeday. with lw 8ntlsfaol,on or mmw:
Ashb.n.1. i. of fre...nt occurrence, i h rlt thai Tnltad ita.c. authort-. w1 , rMnnA MU
Miraeulo.., .-e..H.s In.,,. Mrnma ue- w w t ofH.-l r..Jguarters In Jin o, 1io1iij U(i Mh a
eiiienis an1 rciMxtctl nearly everv
till XflhMl' ..I1 lltM.. .Im,.. ..a... ....' f
,. HM V. III!".' M.IHIII 11- !.
Kor lo wv daiuaw. even when
they collided with oilier ears and
broke, them up, Thcf oftenders will
be reached under another luw. They'
are endanirerinir human Ht'c and prop-
..klt' lllll.w .1... k. kj ..I..... I...... )
11 11 1. , . . '
cii-ulile ioeUe.s..c-s. It I- evident
thai drastic punishment will tunc In
1 1. . . '.. .
b' ...lliclcd against tln.-e bo prae
tice it. linmaii b-i 1. i.,u pic-iou-.
to he saen'icc.b t
spcinl niaiii.ic4'
wuuie of Kliner .1. Bu,
former Cniled Ktii
V.i bl Oi.. 1. 1- I i.l n
1 ,nf I Jit
HMt ' "SI
1 wfflmv
elHnPri "
nearly related. Dog fanciers know
that Japanese sImvo dov, through
being Inbred, have no braln-iwwer debt to "generoua" Oermau Jew, I tacked wo hold our own In front of
tall. (- jand for 50 ycara tbe iiuarry of do- '"n'. where our foicoa hold a ra-
A progrcrlvc lo&a of mental power signing women once said, while Ine south of Horbo foiost.
marks almoH every ruling houae In ! watching the present prince of Wales ' "Tl1" retreat of our troop. In cer
Kurope. '"There goea the last king of ICng-1 ,0'n tlon which wore oidorod to
Contrast the crown princes of Ear- land!" 'avoid useless loose was o.xucutod In
ope all coui'ri, and the children of , Why, then, should an American , Prfct order and without permitting
coiiblna; the arevlteh stricken with girl, with life all before her ritk her ' thB enemy, who advanced slowly and
a mk Kit rioiis disease, the heir of happiness to stand in the shadow of a al l'" l""'4' of eonalderable acrlfIco,
I'm-m.i a tdouii maniac, tbe prince of , threatened throne? l0 break our front at any point. The
- i-s- - bombardment continues In the re-
" n .. .o, ,.,
:::; r ;:,:,r.k:r :::: :.'::: :
- .... .
or Jgcg l.alir. This U the first
WBglifei.i,i.ee ; that Intoxicant are
'"'"'H KO,d '" t'''8 ' or f-lnlt
obtained sin. e the atute-wlde prohlbl-
Hon law Incline effective on Jim-
nary I. I.ahr hud no money with
Telia How T Cct Quick Relief
from 11 wu -Cold. It' Splendid !
n one itiimiie jvHir cli". im.iiil
WiU a !'.. air ig of n... I. 1
will cVr and vu can Ini-mbo fie. i
W !........- .M ,1 ..
tj inu 1. iwsiii;, puiiiuin, ei n
hrada.'lic. lr,.aot. No struggling 1
I'fciilli u( ui0bti tour volj ur cAi.mii
dl be gear.
't a sin ill hottle ef El' Tr. im
I i! 11 from air druvi"' n .
' l Ui f.agrint. Am -'i t '
or Riwirlpi It ; i.
1 ' naiumj..' 1 f t
. , . . ..' -.K.lll. ..
- ---- !!-- r-ui.w isar- si mni-v sis anun. 1 iv aan by nn nn 1 as mti .n r AwanaaHA.
.', in daf. hi brother donf and
d imti. Hie hlr apparent of Austria
d m ended riom the mad Hapaburg.
In all Kuropo there I only ono
roal family of healthy and beautiful
clilldren-'tho Italian king's. King
Vidor. mi tindoralied. nhVHlrullv
handicapped rem of the usual royal
father, wisely wedded llelwm of
Montenegro, daughter of a penannt
1 r,nr- I tho same Intensity irons tho right
Physically the prlnco of Walea I ' bank of the Mouse a far a Onion,
pitiably alight head III shaped and j south of Orde. Owing to tho vlo
bony, arms and log like plpesteius. 1 lenrc of the bombardment of our ad
Intellectually, ho Ik not clover. Thoao vaneed iiosltlona at llrabunt-aiir-wbo
know him bet testify he know Mouse our troops have evacuated
his limitations, and tluloka from ho- j the village under cover of night.
Ing king. j protected by the flauklm; fire of our
nivon sufficient spunk, tho prince 1 PUlona on the left bank of the
I of Wa'ea could contract a aocrot mai-- ' -Mouao.
rlagj with a non-royalty, us hla fore-) "An attack directed on SainoK
beam have done ore this. Hut the n,,x has been roptilaed."
, union would not bo P-gil unlea tho Admit lletivnt In I'laci-s.
king gave hla approval. Neither
The late king. Kdward Vll.--gcn-
lal, poor In teady monev. always inidislolge us. liast of the front at-
1 Portland have been requested to take
I charge of the matter. It may b. that
Lawler i.n supply a m..R link or
tvo in Iho chain of exl.l.n.e against '
th.' ii-ecis ,
colds and whooping cough
.Make Uh llet .Meillcliie nl Home
t f ,ip w
'-X-iawto medicine u.uall, sold In
bottles holding only :.' to 'i 4
(10 to 20 teaspoonsful I Is lamely
full pint
l.'s tmspnontuli This
1 I. .l-.i.u r. ii I ;u,ir
1 .1 t' 1 or t 0 i-h or
Hew lt
..i.t 1
l r 1 r
1 r t s r- n ' r
' ' ' - .'.' .1- t I
va --- - -- v w c- - 1 iivvii 11 if iiniiu 1 a. - phipi nil i-
Q mratKgBTTani'wir-. I iinii ni. m immiin 11 1 iiw5ffl .
,1 nA
' 1 il' 'J ue and li ir-ln I 1
We have M.ite i."id-.i, iioi- toe r. ifc here as low as
I Tbe game btlwcen Ashland nnd
Mrdford in the N'at .March 3 will not
he of mhmitnge to the home team
becaiiKC of the of the floor. On
the contrary, Ashland will have the
.idantii.'e in their home frame nnd
an I'U'ii bicak in onra.
I...--I uiht (he AahlHiid lonm mo
iii'iil the Armory hall in which to
ptaiticc. Tbii gica Ihetn .1 floor
I lie same sizo n .Med ford's mid nl-m-
ibi'iti lo tirtin for the style of
p'n mnti'd ti tltiet couditiou. They
aUci hate their'Nninll floor on which
they will play I ho game wilh Med
ford. Wo hnve only the N'at lloor
ami no Mtnnller hall on which to prac
tice the giiine iiocpasury for tho Ah
land gniiici.
Why Aaliliiml will not play 011 Iho
Alniory lloor, which is of iccpihttioii
aiae, instead of compelling the visit
it'g tenm to play on their sinnll gym
floor is not understandable. The
largo floor gives better opportunity
for fcontiiift n largo crowd and Riven
punniaiiun for belter playing than ft
crowded floor.
The Aihland team u one of vet
ornni. Harrin mid Frnloy lmvo both
played throe1 yen in on the tcuin, (Iri
M'z four years nnd Delmumt two
yoniN. TIiIm makes lliem n team of
porfeclcd tuncliino play,
Ashland will piny Mrdford two
' gmnes nl Medfoul and two on their
hwe floor. Tluc with Mod ford in
f,,is "'tv will he played .March IMO,
, Ahlilniiira .March :!).
U "
(Contlntiod rtom puse ono)
A tlt,,, I tuck which was par
ticipated In b) at least one brigade
waa launched by tho enemy In thfc
foroat of Cauhos. Thla attack auc
refldixl in taking one part of the
forest. We still huld the southern
end. All the offenahes directed
Mlnat lleaumont, In front of whin.
'on between Orto and Komlzey.
"ln '0",a,, th0 omy "
CffCdwl '" aln,'nK J00"111, '" "C,
of our advanced pouts In the forest of
n n,,, vw hve (,rvon ,)ack gomo
niwinro panics cast of Itelllon."
fM TsisNioiisfiil for ,"d ('cuts
" M
bronchial asthma, bronchitis,
hoarseness and whooplug
(mili Hnu Ititfln t.ill itmL.k ...in... I.
- " -hummi
nonie-maue meuiciiie to probably last
the whole family the entire winter
and stop each cough before it gets a
firm hold. The above druggist. In
fact any druggist In this city, will re
turn the .none) (Just tho same as is
done with Schiffmann's famous Asth
madon In every single case where It
does not give perfect satisfaction or
is not found the best remed) eer
ued Vbsulutclv no risk li run I.t
i'ui. mis ren ed under this posl
ti. r larant.H
r t .
'rf port'tft
. r ui-. v 1. 1.1 Irs.
. 1
"I'apoV Dl.ipcpiln"
Tcs Sour
(usy, t'psct StDiuacliN In
l-'lu Mluutoi.
If what you just ate I souilug on
our stomach or Ilea like n lump of
load, refusing to digest, or jou belch
gas and oructuto sour, iiiidliiCKti'il
food, or lmo a fooling of dizziness,
heartburn, f 11 linos, nausea, bnd tnstn
In mnuth and stomach headache, jou
can Httrcly itet lollef In nvo minutes.
Ask jour pharmacist to show oit
the formula, plainly printed on these
fifty-coat canes of I'ape'a Dltipopsln,
then you will understand why dys
peptic trouble of all kinds uitiut go,
and why It rojlovo sour, out-of-order
stomachs or djullgostlon In flvo
minute. "I'npo'a fI)lapopIn" la
harmloaa; tastes like' cundy, though
each done will digest and' prepare for
assimilation Into the blood nil tho
food you eat: boaidoM It inakoao'oti
go to tho table with a healthy nppo
title; but what will pleaso you most
Is that you will foel that your stom
ach and Intosllnoa am clean unit
frofh, and you will not need to re
port to laxative or llvor pills for
biliousness or constipation.
This city will hnvo mnny "Pnpe's
Dlnpopslu" cranks, ns somo people
will call them, but you will bo en
thunlaNtlc about thl splendid stom
ach preparation, too, If you over tako
It for Indigestion, wascs. hoartburn,
sourness, dyspopsln, or any stomach
Oct some now, this minute, nnd
rid yourself of stomach misery nnd
liidlgcitloii In fe mlniitcp -Adv
I'l.Hiirr vot it TitoTii
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Notii,'7 cn t ll'o tbo place of a
illaitoml v.lrn i r nun to plighting a
You will ne( r regret the tasto and
oxiiendltiire Invested In this fitting
seal of your engagement.
To satisfy yourself and tho person
most directly Interested In the mat
ter that the diamond Is above ques
tion. bu It of a dealer who Is known
for hi fulrnoas and right methods.
Martin J. Reddy
IIoiism of Quality
agaln-t pa n arl rhaust.-n by hav
Ing nn tr-i tli m under t'.c I. VTKST
and HhST Fvtcn, of ce and nervo
measurements And if found neces
sary, fit then, to proper jjlasnes,
Suite l-'J, Over May's, .Medfoiil.
Bargains in
200 Tttree-year-old
Caroline Testout
ltood for sale av a bargala
w ami-iH is
Tbe finest roses in Medfor
from the tof roue hedge In tho city.
Tbe Caroline Testout la a perpet-
ual bloomer, larye pink rosea, and
tbe bent hedge or street rose for this
tilinato. f,
Pii??e, the Florist
liiiiiled a ruilwa hinlioii on Ilia iul
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