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Medford Mail Tribune
Fair Tonight mid Hnturttnr.
Mat., flj nitii., (ID..1,
or' fifth Yr.
lull TVntti Vff
SO. 288
h '
, 10,000 FRENCH
All French Positions In Region North
of Verdun South of Beaumont Are
Taken Fighting Diminishing in
Violence, Say French Kaiser Dl
rectlng Offensive in Person.
1IKHLIN, Feb. 25. Thp Clennnn
war offico announced today the enp
tnro of nil French positions in the re
gion north of Verdun ns far ob the
ridge of Loudcniont, just south of
The number of prisoners litis been
inoronscd by more than 7000 to over
Capture of tin fortified village
nnd l'anns of Chnmpiiouvillo, Cotoll
nte, Mnnnont, Bouuniont, Ohumbrot
tCH and Ornes was announced.
The text of the German official
j" statement follews:
"Western theater: On the right
bank of the Hivor Mouse our suc
cesses previously reported were ex
ecuted yesterday in different direc
tions. The fortified village and
farms of Chunipncuvillc, Cotcllntc,
Mnnnont and OrneH were captured.
"In addition, all the enemy's posi
tions as far as the ridge of Loude
mont were captured by storm.
"The snnjjuiniiry losses of the en
emy again were extraordinarily
heavy, while our losses were normnl.
"The number rif prisoners taken
was increased by over 7000 to more
than 10,000."
PARIS, Feb. 23. Thu fighting
north of Verdun is diminishing- in
violence, tlio war office announced
today. No attack by tlio Germans
was nttuniptad lusU night.
The official statement udiniia that
the French have fallen buck to the
rear of lleniiniout.
The toxt of the statement follews:
"Fast of Yauquui wo hnvo launch
eil fresh attack on the enemy's
works in the region of the forest of
Chcppy. Intermittent artillery ne
thity has been carried on between
Mnlnncoiirt nnd the left bank of the
Mouse. In the district north of
Verdun the eaiinouade has diminish
cd in violence and the enemy made
no attack on our positions (luring- the
night. We have established organ
ized positions in the roar of Beau
mont on the height stretching to the
east of Chnmpnoiivillo nnd south of
Ornes. Tlio night was calm on the
icmainder of tlio front."
Kaiser Directs llnttle.
PARIS, Feb. M. The Petit Paris
icn's corresKindcnt at tlio front says
that the groat Gorman offensive
against Verdun is under the personal
direction of Kmperor William, who
arrived at general lioudquu iters Sat
urday last and who, in older that
nothing- might go wrong, immediately
ordered that a .ort of dress rehear
sal of the coming attack he held. At
a given signal, the correspondent
say, overy infantninnn aud gunner
took the post Htofcigued to him m ad
vance aud tlio motions of a general
attack were gono through behind the
lines. The. omperor seemingly was
satisfied and gave the word to be
gin the offensive on Saturday night.
The French losses nro doelnrod to
be insignificant in companion with
those of the Germans. Tho German
artillery preparation, which reaclu-d
its height on Tuesday, was of unpar
alleled iolenec. Kvery inch of
ground was searched out; every
jMiiut where it was thought guns
(Continued on page two.)
fWHTEKSVlLLE. tia Feb. 25
Jesse Mrl'orkle. a negro, was takon
from jail here early toda b half a
'huudrod men and boys, banged to a
fCuig jfi front of the city hall and bis
' bo-riddled with bullet McCorkle
$ves arreted last night (or breaking
'(nte;4Ue home of A. T. Heath and at-
talking Mri. Heath, whose husband
Jyas awn. The woman shot the negro
a 4X0 m. rtt with a pistol, but she
was o.wrpowgj. When caught Mc
Cvrgjffs WOWHied rt van still
Mo'ttiitg And he lia the itiul in his
I'AIUS, Feb. 25. Snow la
falling heavily throughout
France. In Paris tho snowfall
has been heavy since 4 o'clock
this morning, having attained a
t depth of five Inches.
Tho Btorm Is In progress
along tho battle front. At somo
places the cold Is Intense.
ST VINCENT, Capo Verdo Islands,
Fob. 2G. Eight German steamships
in the harbor hero wero takon In
charge yesterday by officials of tho
Portugoso government.
LISHO.V, via Paris, Feb. 25. The
Official Gazette publishes two de
crees regarding tho thirty-six Gorman
and Austrian merchant vessels seized
yesterday In tho Tagus river and
placed under tho PortugOFo (lag. The
first Indicates tho work of refitting
to bo performed in order to adapt
these vessols for tho transport or
other purposes for which they hnvo
been requisitioned, as it is distinct
ly glvon to liu understood that they
have not boon confiscated.
Tho second decree appoints n com
mltteo to supervise tho execution of
tho work ordered. Portuguoso news
papers say that in other parts of tho
republic thore are eighty Gorman and
Austrian vessels, which it Is under
stood will also bo requisitioned by
the government. Tho total tonnago
ot the Teutonic ships is 150.000 tons
PEKING, Jan. 20. (Correspond
ence of the Associated Pross) Offi
cial acknowledgement of tho de(oat
of government troops by tho Yunnan
rebels on tho Szo-Chuon border was
withhold until today whon tho state
department Issued a mandato de
nouncing Tsui Ao, in which admis
sion Is uiado that tho revolutionists
surprised tho rogular nrmy and de
feated a small garrison,
Information received in Peking
from non-Chlnoso sources shows that
tho Yunnunoso who iloscondeil on tho
city of Sul Fu and captured It, mini
borod about 10,000. The govern
ment garrison at Sul Fu uumbored
about 4000, but thoso troops loft (or
tho north sovoral days beforo tho
arrival of tho Yunnanoso and conse
quently thore was no roslstanco to
tho entrance of tho latter. The flee
ing government forco aro reported
to havo startod north (or Tae-Chow.
Neutral military exports are of tho
opinion that the revolutionists can
probably put about 40.0U0 men Into
the field.
WASHINGTON', Feb. 23. -Fulled
State Commissioner Taylor today
dismissed tho attack on the indict
ments of II. Robert Fowler, Herman
Schulteis- and Henrv B. .Martin, re
turned in a federal grand jury's in
vestigation of the activities of la
bor's national peace council and held
that the three men must appear for
arraignment in New York March 7.
XKW YOItK. Feb. 23 The per
manent retirement of J.taeh (.'rose
f fruin the boxing ring was announced
today by hi manager, hanjuel Wal
lace, who said that Cro' fight with
lummy Griffiths h.id ln-n ruiK'elU-d
liV III lit It.) I roh-i lit. Iio., t, '.Uj
Jls old,
After Series of Battles, Moslems Are
Driven From Strong Mountain
Passes Russians Drivinn. to the
Junction With British Turks Arc
Driven From Erzerum.
PETHOOItAl), Feb. 25. An offt
clal dispatch from Heheran says:
"A(ter a scries o( battles In Per
sia, the remnants of tho adversary
troopB wero reorganized and concen
trated In tho region of Kcrmanshali
nnd with tho help ot German and
Turkish sappers, occupied and forti
fied two mountain passes Hide
Burks pass, an almost Impregnable
natural position and Sakaho pass.
News has now been received that our
troops dislodged tho enemy from
Ilhlcsurks pass nnd occupied Sakaho
pass and are now pursuing tho Turks,
who nro In full retreat toward Kcr
manshah. Our (orccs captured threo
field guns, ono mountain gun, a quan
tity of shells, ammunition wagons and
field maohlno guns."
Junction With IlrltlMt.
Tho Ilusslan successes In tho re
gion of Korniaiishali Is n sequel to
Kupsblan operations In Persia, wjth
the view o( ending the activities o(
hostile mountain (orccs and organized
bands of Kurds. Russian progress In
Persia, however, Is regarded horo ns
also Indjcatlng greater possibility of
a Junction of tho Itiissluns with tho
Ilrltlsh expeditionary (orccs In .Me
sopotamia. After tho retreat (rom Hamadan
all hostllo forces which succeeded in
escaping wero concentrated in tho
KermaiiHhah district, whore they
fortified themselves In tho mountain
passoH. Simultaneously frontal and
flank attacks already have (orccd tho
Turks to iiiuko a partial retirement
and they aro now occupying the mnlu
approaches to the difficult position
of Kormanshah. The Ilueslan troops
nro expected to make a determined ef
fort to oxpel the Turks from this on
tiro neighborhood.
Turks Made a Stand.
Although llttlu news Is available
(rom tho Erzerum (rout, It la appar
ent that having been (orced buck
somo forty mllos to the west of tho
captured fortroue, tho Turks, who
havo begun to rccctvo reinforcements,
aro beginning to mako a stubborn
stand. It Is not considered Impos
sible horo thnt tho serious fighting
which already has begun to tako tho
phico of the desultory rear guard no
tions will develop Into a big battlo.
CHICAGO, Feb. 2". Instead of
showing; a frc-lj break in nlueu, tho
wheat market today surprised ninny
trader by opening at an advance.
Opening quotations $1.18 to
jJUOVi for May and $1.1-1 to
$1.1.14 for July wero to l?',
higher than yesterday's finish. Tho
reason for tlio upturn seemed to bo
a ronction from the semi-panicky
selling of yesterday and optimism on
tho part of a majority of the doulor
that somo practical way out of tho
difficulty with Germany would yet
bo found,
Despite considerable nunounoss
shown by rapid fluctuations-, tho
market kept within a normal rango
today, tho difference between high
nnd lowoat price being less than 3
Closing price were firm at V
net advance, with May at $1.18 und
July at $1.13?g.
EL PASO. Tex., Feb. 2.1. Fran
ci.eo Villa burned xtveral houses at
San Huena Ventura yetenlay duid
ofcuiNed El Valle, according to of
fk'Uti refMirts received by General
GabrM Gawra, coiuinaudant at Jua
rc today.
( J mini siiid Villa' movement
imnh wii? tint- t pn--iiie of Car
ruy-i taVviirj trow Jug egutu,
XKW YOItK. l'ob. JR. In a
letter to Henry A. Wlso Wood,
former member of Secretary
Daniels' naval advisory board,
made public here today, United
- States Supremo Court Justice
Charles K. Hughes roltcrates
his declaration that ho Is not u
candldato (or tho presidential
: nomination. Ho states;
"lit view o( my judicial o((Ico
- I do not (eel that I havo any
right to take part In any polltt-
cal discussion or to mako state
: monts of the sort that would ho
oxpected (rom candidates (or
o((lce. I am not u cnndldatc,
active or tacitly."
WASHINGTON, Feb. 2.1. Tele
graniH to cougrrasiuen from William
J. Ilrynn, supporting the movement
for warning AmerieaiiH off urmed
ships, began nrriving today. Itcprc
sentntive Bniloy of IVniiKylvnnia re
ceived one und nfter n conforcneo
with Mnjority Loader Kitchin, made
it public:
"1 honestly hope that congress will
speedily announce legislation refusing-
pnHsportH to Americans traveling
on belligerent hiH, or still better,
refusing clearance to belligerent
ships carrying American passengers.
'No owner of lielfigorent ahipa will
claim thnt he has tlie right to safe
guard n contraband cargo with Amer
ican livcw nml no citizen should bo
permitted to endanger the peace of
the nation at n time like this. Ours
is tho greatest of the neutral nntious
and probably will bo the mediator
when the time comes for mudintion.
It would be u crime against civilisa
tion as well us against our own peo
ple to become involved in this war
and thus loan our army aud navy to
a European monarch to use in set
tling hia quarrel.
"If congress- has the right- to de
clare war, it certainly has the right,
to promote pence hy restraining citi
zens from taking uiiueeoasury risks,
A mayor kocps the people of his city
out of the danger one during ti riot.
Can our government afford to do
less when the world is in riott"
"That's- right," Iepreentutio
Hailcy limited Mr. Kitchin ns saying
when he rend the telegram,
WASHINGTON, Feb. 2.1.- Senator
Lodge, rankiug republican member of
tho foreign relations eoinmitteo, de
clared in u statement today thnt he
wn in full accord with President
Wilson's views on the submarine is
sue us oppressed in his letter to Sen
ator Stone, and that ha would stand
hy tho president.
"The president takes tho precise
position thnt I have taken and have
been urging in public speoches for
thu last eighteen months," said Sen
ator Lodge. "Of course, I shall
stand by him. I ugree fully with
whnt ho says. I bebwo it would pro
claim us to the world as cowards to
tell our oitizons that they must not
exereisu their undoubtad rights and
that if they do we shall not protect
them. A nation that will not protect
its citizens cannot protoet itself, and
if democracy fails to protect itself,
how fan we hope to live?
. "The iM-esideiit says: 'What we aio
contending for in this matter is of
the very essence of ths- things that
have wade Auiern-a a sorSieign na
tion. She cannot ild theinQnthout
eoueeding bar iuipotunuy as a na
tion and making virtual sui render
"( her indcteiiilrut poitnin iimiig
kt uutioUfe o.f the wytld.'
Dr. John Grant Lyman, Who Secured
from $300,000 to $700,000 in Two
Months hy Mail-Order Munition
Fraud, Arrested at St. Petcrs
hurg, Fin. Indicted at New York.
.. ST. I'KTKUSUUKO, Fla., Fob. 25.
A man arrested and put lu jail
hero In tho belief that ho Is Dr. J.
Grant Lyninu, wanted tn Now York
on charges of having obtained more
than $300,000 through Illegal use of
the malls, maintained silence today
regarding his identity. Ho took
steps today to bring hat.eus corpus
proceedings (or his release.
V. II. Smith, who sold the man a
yacht, said ho know him as "Mr. Put
nam." Letters found on tho pris
oner were addressed to "J. II. Put
nam." It was under tho firm nama
of John II. Putnam nnd Company
that Lyman Is alleged to have per
petrated fraud.
lu searching the prisoner's cloth
ing the police round ft 0,000 lu cur
rency and certified checks.
IdcntKlcd by t'ullfot iilnn.
A resident of Los Angeles, now
here, whose name Is known to thn
police, but withhold at his request,
today sold that the man arrested
hero yostordoy Is Dr. Grant Lyman.
He said he knew Lyman lu Califor
nia. Lyman left New York rffter expos
ure of slock swindling operations of
the firm of John II. Putnam and Com
pany, of which ho was said to bo tho
head. Operations of tho Putnam
company began December in last.
About two years ago Lymnn forfeited
$20,000 hall and (led from Los An
geles after conviction and sontonco
to fifteen months Imprisonment there
(or a laud fraud. Ho went to Kurope,
but returned and according to pout
office authorities, perpetrated a mull
fraud in Ponton.
Is Indicted Today,
NlflW YOItK, Kob. 85. -John Grunt
Lyman, believed to bo under nrrost
in St. Petersburg, I'lu., was Indicted
by tho (ederal grand Jury today on
the charge of using the mulls to de
fraud. Prompt notion was takon by
the (ederal authorities hero on re
ceipt of Information that tho prisoner
sought release on a writ of habeas
Koderal authorities aro positive tho
mun under nrrost Is Lyimiii. Thoy
say tlioy have traced his (light since
leaving fc'uw York through Ilillu
dolphla, Washington und Itiolimond,
Vn., to I'lorlda.
Authorities C'crtuln.
WASHINGTON, I'ob. St. Postal
authorities announced today that they
wore satisfied that a man arrested
last ntgtlt at St. Petersburg, Flu , was
John Grant Lyman, wanted In New
York for using thu mulls to defraud
und estimated at from $100,000 to
$700,000 the amount ho Is alleged
to havti obtained through his Now
York office and branches at Hart
ford. Conn., und Springfield, .Mass.
Federal authorities say they ob
tained a clue to Lyman's whereabouts
through a personal lu a Now York
papers, which was a communication
to his wife Informing her hu bad left
money for her In a Philadelphia bank.
Tho post office department says II
learned of his chartering n yacht at
Clearwater, Fla., uhd provisioning It
for a two H'wkt' cruise.
lu a Itlehmoud hotel, Inspectors
found .Miss Hello Hampton, hotel ste
nographer, who had bwm employed
by Lyman. Sho Identified Lyman's
ploture at oneo, they tald.
IIALTIMOItH, Feb. ih. Tlio Mer
chants and Minors liner Cretan, (rom
Philadelphia (or Savannah, was In
collision with the stunner Dorothy,
fourteen miles north of Cape Hatta
ras during a thick (og ourly this
morning according to gtdvlHNi re
ceived at the general offices of the
line from Its Norfolk office late this
forenoon. No ou was hurt uu either
vessel. The Cretan's passengers were
transferred to tlu Ijoij1i and both
eela proxMcd ty Norfolk.
M4W YOItK. Fob. 25. New
York's subway, which carrlos
more than a million passengers
n day, experienced tho worst
tRs-iip In Its history today bo-
cnuso of flooded tracks, tho ro-
suit of a hoavy downpour o(
rain. Trains became blocked
during the morning rush hours
by Goods o( water which poured
Into tho tube neor Times Sipuiro
' and rose two (cot over tho rood
bod. Trnftlc hod not boon ro-
stored to normal by mld-nftor-
TOKtO. Feb. '."i. ItucMun negoti
ations for the purchase from Japan
of warships which wore captured in
the ItiiHHo-Jupaito.se war nro reported
to be proceeding sntisfuetorily. Tlio
Soyn, the Tungo uud tlio Sngaini aro
staled to be thn vessels which Itus
sia desires to purchase. Itussin
would huve bought warships from
Japan at tlio outbreak of the war, in
order to tako pint in tlio bombnrd
ment of Tsiug-Tuu, tho seaport ou
the Chinese coast in tlio Oermaii ter
ritory of Kiiio-CiiNu, but tho negotia
tion which wero then undertaken fell
The Tungo and the Siiguiui lire bat
tleships mill the Soya it protected
The Tungo, foinietly tho Uimsinn
vvnishlp Poltava, was sunk ut Fort
Arthur and afterward niir-od und re
paired. She is of 11.000 tons, nnd
lias a voniidvmepl of 73U men. Hor
armament includes four l'J-ineh gum,
twelve ll-iiich guns iiiid sixteen tiueo
pouudors, She lias two lb-inch sub
merged torpedo tubes.
The Hngaiui, like the Tango, was
built ut I'etrograd and is of Hl.noo
tons, with a complement of T.V2 men.
She j united with four ten-inch guns,
ten d-incli gnus, sixteen Impound
ers and n number of small guns. She
bus two submerged torpedo tubes.
The Snyu was built ut Philadelphia
in 1001, wus Mink at Chemulpo in
100 1 and rained uud repaired in
11)03. She has a displacement of
tl.-jOO tons and curries twelve Cinch
gun-i, twelve l'.'iHiuudfrs und six U
poundcrs. She Iihh four torpedo
tubes, (w'o Mihiiicrgcd and lo above
NF.ATTLi:. Wh-Ii., Fell. J". It is
believed the two men who held up
and robbed the cuftthouud North
Coast limited tin i n mi the Northern
Paeiiie ten mile oust of Aubiiru last
night eneaHil tit Seattle in an auto
mobile. Thu rubbers rilled four
(Miuches of registered mail.
No estimate hu been made of thu
value of the content of the mail,
which Auuio diicetly from thu Orient,
uniting 'AYudiiutulay night 'on tho
Finpress of Jaiiau, but Albert 11.
HolU, asibtuiit suKrinlendeiit of
mails in Seuttle, sa,- that it was
tho hoaticftt shipment thut had pass
ed through the tulioii for eerul
WASHINGTON, Feb. 25. The
enutc todav coutirna-d the nomina
tion of Henry Prather Hotelier us
umbiisudir to the government of
M'ico. The vote was ID to 10.
LINCOLN. Neb.. Feb. 3A.--TIW
exitiusiou iu aawat furnace of the
stetv eapitol WedneedSy wus thn
work f a practical joker, thief of
iMeeiue Antic- dvvluredtoday.
Fight In Congress Over Warning
Americans Off Armed Ships
Marks Time With Developments
Favorinn Wilson's Position
Bryan Supports Warning Move.
WASHINGTON Feb. 25'. Tho
light in cungrcss over warning
Americans off armed ship!) marked
time today with the parliamentary
Hit nation uud other developments fa
voring President Wilson's position.
At nn early morning' conferences
with house leaders, the president was
told that if resolutions to wont
Americans could he forced to u votu
now they would be passed in tho
house by a majority of two to one.
President Wilson, nevertheless,
fimilv uud emphatically reiterated
(lie unyielding position ha outlined
lust night in his letter to Senator
Stone. The lenders went back to tho
house prepared to hold tho situation
iu check for the present at least.
Hi-) an Tnkva Stand.
Former Secretary Ilrynn'H influ
ence came openly into the fight to
day when Representative Uailcy of
Pennsylvania gave out n telegram
from Mr. Ilrynn opposing the presi
dent's position ami supporting tho
imitation in congress.
Iu the somite, Mr. Lodge, tho
ranking republican of tho foreign re
lations committee, openly declared
his support of the president's posi
tiou. Senator Gore, democrat, in
troduced u resolution to require u
break in diplomatic relations to go
first before congress.
The cabinet discussed tho witun
lion thoroughly and administration
officials said tho members woru
Htuiidhig solidly holilud the president.
Secretory Lansing mild so far aa
he knew no word had boon rccoived
from flenuany eoneoniln a post
ponement of the now siibiuniino pol
icy. President Is Finn.
The president told the house lend
ers he felt that the United States
must stand fur the right of Ameri
cans to the frgttdom of thu sens. IIo
said ho hostd ho Would he able tu
conduct the negotiations with Ger
many iu siicli fy wnv Hint war would
be avoided. ,
Speaker PI ark, Mr. Kilobit! and
Mr. Flood nil oxp)esod tho hope that
thu United Stales would not go to
war over the mined sliiii issue. They
left tho white house Baying they be
lieved thu situation serious.
Tho president i understood to
huvu declared that if the United
States gives up the right for which
it is now contending thut it will Inso
its position as defender of thu priu
eiplea of international law.
President Wilson spoilt pmelicaUy
the entire morning discussing phases
of tho foreign situation. Iu uddii
tion to conferring with thu hoiuo
leaders, he saw Houry Morgoiithuu.
American ambassador to Turkey, and
then took up the iuteiuutiouHl situ
ation with the cabinet.
Warns All Nations.
Admiiiiol ration officials said that
the president's warning iu his letter
to Senator Stone that thu United
States must defend International law
from infraction by any nation or
group of nation whs directed toward
all the Hujyipean hcJitgoronts. Tho
government i about ready, it was
said, to forward to Great Ilritain tho
eoiit rubaud note whiuh has beuu un
der prcmrutiou fur weeks, and will
(Continued ou pago two.)
OALVKhTON. Tex., Feb. 25.
Defeat of the .apatu foreos which
attempted a surprise attack upon tho
do facto government, troow ut tho
Ullage uf Mihuutlnn, near Ouxucu
I'ity, is reported iu a dispatch re
ceived hero today by the Moodoun
consulate. Tho attacking forou lost
nearly 300 killed, thu repuit sayw,
and a considerable quantity gff unna
aud ammunition was taken by tho
Carianicu forces, whose losses arq
$iH'ii at 1- WWd aui 20 wgumled,

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