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L lirary
Medford Mail Tribune
.Maximum Vtwtcrduy 78;
Minimum Today no.
Forty-sixth Tear.
Dnllv Klsvsnth Year.
NO. 81
. . , ji , " "TV -jf rniMim
Massacre of American Cavalrymen
Likely (o Brinn Drastic Retaliatory
Action Against Mexican Forces by
United States Occupation of
Northern Mexico Likely to Be Or
deredDemand Repudiation of At
tack by Carranza Nearly Entire
Command May Have Been Killed.
WASHINGTON, June 21. Kolu
t iiiiit- between tin; United Stilton and
t lie do facto government of Mexico
tiro closo to the breaking point today
tia a roittlt of the belief that Aineri
(tiii cavalrymen wore niBssiicred on
Wednesday ut Ciirrisnl by Curranzu
Secretaries l,nuing mid linker
wore at tliu wliitu house euilv con
i'oiiiug with President WiNnn. It is
known that the possibility of drastic
lulaliutory ni'tion against the Mcm
(an foico in Chilnialiiia wiih given
grave consideration. If tin Carranza
government ucecpts responsibility lor
tin attack at Currixul it is cniiidcr
cil virtually ccitaia liy officials that
oeciipntiou of most of noitlicin Mex
ico will he ordered by President Wil
feon to take ulace a, rapidly as (he
nuccwury military forces can be
placed at the ;linposnl of (icnciul
Demand Itepiidlutlou,
It in boliovud the- first act of tho
Washington government whun fuller
Snforuiatioii is at hand will be to de
mand icpudiatioii of the attack by
Chi rnnxH.
Preliminary re-airta have conviue
itd official here IIihI the American
troou were deliberately led into u
I'mpiabfied reHidintinn of the at
tack nail immediate ftiirreiidci' of
prisoners pridmbly will be demanded,
III iicwintion for early develop
liwitls of k serious nature, technicHl
harrier bud biien removed to allow
iiHtional guard unit from nil over the
country to be diNilchcd to the bor
der H soon nt4 each is iviuly.
Secretary linker hud issued orders
urging BXtiiHiio haste, and final ac
tion wan assured by congress today
to allow Piosident Wilson to draft
immediately for service either in or
out of the I'nitcd SImIck nil iiational
gnanlsuieu who subscribe to the new
Await I'lnat Itopoit.
President Wilson Mt ill awaited a
final reMrt from fleneral Pershing
m the Carrixal flm.li, anil arniy of
ficer Huid it might btt another day or
two before thin arrived.
Kridence now ' available flora
American source seem to show that
in both the Maxatlau and Carrixal
(dashes Carraimi authorities precip
itated the fightiug. At Cnniaal, it
IHHarw, the assault wax treacherous
and without wainiiiit.
Wlu'ii final renirts arrive, the
Wualiini'toti government i c.ected
to iihc theui the w,.i fur H direct
tefuteliou of claim of tlic Mexican
government that American-, wete (be
aggre..ors. Oeutaud probably will
lie made that the act, be disavowed
and the r-oiiMhlc Mewcun pun
Ulled. Oftlciul- doubt whether the
Carranza gn eminent will cuii-ent to
coinplt le di-aovvul.
POHTI.AND. Or.. June 24. --Com-lwny
M, Thiid Oregon infantry,
which wa reported troni Wa-liiiti'tou
today to be the tir-t unit ut the na
tional vuard in the I'mtid Stale to
m actually uiutered into the tedcral
Mtrviee, waa organised at Salem and
is under command of Captain Max H.
Oehlar. The compunt rvm-lnci the
luobiliiation center at i.m VVitht
combe on the mornuif of June 'u.
being the fir.t to arrive. Xobtlua
lion of the entire elate militia wa
completed on the following day, giv
injr Oregon The added distinction W
III llj tllC tllt -l.ltc It, IIKlfllllf iU-
mSk Wm mm- X jLJjal-JW ni 1
IX ijjHp VataBBP 'i 1 I ; V3S3KStlSSir'" - ,',Mtew &H?te?&,' iBPB
I M3 -" ,! & tLSZ
l J&tr ,?' - tW I roT 5hoiwoiiiiii m
1 ' ' s. xoSC 1
" J 'n-euibo on iloiui Horler. Souli-y on Oiito-l lluly.
S mSSm m mm fflffi SURROUNDED BY
i b ii iiii ! n a
American Columns Advancing From
Field Base Threatened Willi Same
Treatment That They Received at
Carrizal by Mexican General in
Command Mission Unknown.
Cimil'AlirA CITY, June 21. -Auieiiciiu
column. liuc been Keen
ailvaiicinK front the Aniuricau field
biiKe in the direction of San, Antonio
and Ojo Calicnte and (leneral Jacinto
Truviuo hax inmicil ordeiH to attack
them if they do not immediately re
treat. General Trevino ttaid the Ameii-
caiin would net the xauie treatment
that they received at Carriwil, hh he
in deteiuiined to parry out hi ordera
to the letter. In thi-, he Haiti, ho haw
all his MtihordiuntCM with him, and
they will Mick with him in enwe of a
The .Mexican ciuaiuauilcr -aid to
day that it M'emed probable, nut
i ii M'cmeii proiuinic, iiut-
flcneral IVrhhiiw m .dnAl Tfl OfTTI T
of the talc of the iioyd - i Y i M I I I ,M I I I T
t outMde of fie additional ! Lnll IU UL I ILL
much nx
limn, that
prihiuici-M now beinir liioubt here,
the Americniu were aanihilaled, al
though it was posible wore hud -cajl.
(lenorat 1'erNbinw haa wired
hrc for the name of the dead and
the prixonerx. .
Kb PASO, Tfv., June 21. Amu
officer here beueve that the roluuiu
bound for Ojo ('a I unite, which fleu
eral Twviuo baa threatoueil to at
tack, probably is eomMed of the
lrooto. surviinur the Currual battle.
Ojo Calieiite is hImmiI forty loiiew
south wct of Villa Ahumada.
San Aiiloiiui i- till, miles south
east nl Nnuiiiiupii, ami the uiiion
of the column procccdinir in that di
rectum i nut kti"un hoc unlesk it be
to ncaii h tui ,iIiii.
WASlIIN(i'l). .lane Jl llcprr
cutntii" nl tin oiti'iiic ullies have
ij.'iuhcd to the I iiitid Static u'ocrn
menl their uilliutfiie to ubordinate
their munitions contracts m thin
cotintr lo the needs of the United
Stale- in the pic-nit i mcrgencv.
ViUNfN. It J. ?,e 2l
Kulph He aliro tda trir. i'e an
nual He- Monica Oct UlAOO'le derh
ePl.Mi mile- Jlnl0r-im ecoud,
HiekenhaclQr DiiiI. Ix-wi, fourth.
mi 1 1 "- i mi,, i i; ii, ,,i, v , ,,,(.,
I I I 'I WS.
UKIIMX. Juno 2 I.- Canturo of tho
Hi'iuorcd fortiemi of Thlaiiiuout, north
of VordiiiH and tiio Tort and vitiligo
of Kloury, (urthur xouth, wng an
noiincuil toilny by tho war offlcu..
(Iron ml alio wan Knlnod Routh of
Vaux. Tliu aeiinans inndo 2,000
PARIS, June M.- The battle of
Verdun oontluiiod lant night with the
turnout vlnlcuro on both sldua of tho
JJcuh. The war offlr0 aniioiinriftl
today that the French have reiialued
a larae part of the ground northeaat
of Verdun, near IIIIU 320 ami 3X1.
UudertakliiK a vlgoroiu offenalve,
the Krencli drovo bark the nermana
over the Kroiind which they won
yesterday. The battle wn particu
larly violent In the vicinity of Pleury.
The Kreuob did not aucceod In regain
ing poaaeaalou of the Thlaiiiuout
More than alx German dlvlilona
liartlolpnted In the offcnulvo action
eaat of the Metti cHterday.
SAN rilANlISCO. June 2I.-I!om
of a -cttlcmcnt nl the iinif-hii emeu's
strike tsrew -tionuer carl today ou
the strcnifth of a statement of .Mich
ael Casey, vice-president of the
Teamsters' uuiou, that the Water
front Worker' association will ptc
sent to the lougshoteuien u dau
which, if accepted, would end the
strike immediately. Casey is a dele
gate to tha Waterfront Workers' fed
eration, which will meet with the e
ccntivc board of the Pacific coast
district of the longshoremen's union
1'nion longshoremen, however, are
trhiug to effect a sympathetic
sinke of the allied waterfront union-,
it Mas said, and the Ituilding Tradc
Ciiiiiicil of San Krajcico has adopt
ed ie-oliitious riieommeuding such a
-tuke, which would include the union
seamen. A similar lesultitiou, incited
b the oHn-shop ileelu ration of the
chamber ot commerce of San Fran-ci-i
o. i to be acted upon bv the San
Krnnei-eii l.nbiir cuiiin-il.
WACKKOiN. Til. Ji.ne 'i Tbo
delcn-e in the ea-l ot Wilf OtHt,
charged with the murdei ut Marion
Iambert, was oerruled bv Judge
Honnellv toirav when it a-Led that the
In- iKi-ii l'
i 'l.n,i ,i ,
ml tie
Seventeen Cavalrymen Captured at
Carrlzal Placed In Penitentiary at
Chihuahua No Arranncmcnts for
Transferrin!! Men Prisoners As
saulted by Civilians.
CIIIIICAIICA, ilev., June II.--The
Hcveitltieii American negroes cap
tured in the Curriaal buttle, lime been
jdaced in the H'iiitentiarv here. Theie
have bwm norrHiiKciiienti. mudc for
icmoviiig tlimn to Juarea to bo sur
rendered to the American authori
ties. I.cm Ki'illshury, the Moruton scout,
captured at Carrixal, also is in pris
on. The prisoners were assaulted bv
Mexican civilians as they were being
transferred fiom the train to the
Hniteutiary, but were landed safely
behind the walls of the building, and
according to tint authorities uru be
ing well treated.
The trooper Imiuuht here aic Pri
vates Page, Peterson, N. I.bivd, W.
Ward, .Ioiiuh, Koekes, Marshall, 01-
i er, M. Donald, Williams, (livens,
Stone, I 'a ii-is, ,ee and Orahatn of
Troop II, and Hove and Alexander of
Troop C.
According to a statement said to
have beeu signed by Spillsbury, which
was made public today by (ieneial
Trevino, neither he imr the negroes
know which side began the firing.
Sti)ltfhury'u statement say that
Troop C was lirst to advance against
the .Mexicans. It add- that practic
ally all the Americans who lost their
lives were killed when they advanced
to a deep ditch in which Mexicans
were stationed, und when other Mex
icans, getting around to a deep ditch
in the tear, attacked them from the
The Mexican numbered 250.
It was officially announced today
that none of the pn -oners brought
here will be hanged, that "not being
the cu-toin ot n i mlicd couiiln."
LONDON, June 21- The Iluti-h
steamship lirussels, with passeugers
on board, has been captured by Ger
man destroyers and taken into ee
bruggc. It is stated there were no
Americans on the liru-ueU,
Announcement ut the caiture of
th Hiu-scIk, which lieloiiifs t the
tirf.i Kastsrn Hailoav company, was
..d tisUv bt an otiiciol of the line
ntto. Tit etl oils on her nay
Inn, Uottcntutr to Tilbury with pas.
cuiit'rs nl niHiU. She Was captured
c-tcrda. Most of the passengers
were Belgian relugees urj) their way to
Kngbind. t
The Hlll-?els i- a 2 'MX-foot e-scl.
I ' l"ll- .in- ,,li tt.i- Ii nil Ill
VKItOOHAI), Juno 2 1. Tho C
capture, by the UumiIuiu of the
town of Kuty In (lallclu ncrnaa
:: tho llukoulnu border nt the fc
foot of tho Carpathian iiioun-
tnltta, waa announced today by
tho war office. .
iWA8IIIN(JTON, Juno 3 I gtrlpped
or Its $1,000,000 relief (irovlalnit for
families of iiillltlameu, the aenate
military eommitteo today orderoil
favorably reported tho Hay resolu
tion, adopted by the hiiuno yesterday
to authorise the ilrurtlng or tliw Xa
(lonal fiuard Into the service of the
(Tutted States. A substitute for the
relief provision directs that the
mUttlameu having dependent families
should be discharged at ohoo.
The sedate oommltte also ollmltmt
ed the priivislon that mlltlamen to be
engrafted Into the regular service
should "serve not exceellng three
years," thus providing that they shall
remain In service, "for the period or
the emergency," as passed, the meas
ure stands virtually as It was when
first Introduced In the house.
Denator Chamberlain, chairman of
the committee, announced that he
would report the amended resolution
later today and would aak unanimous
consent for IU Immediate coasldeia-
tlon and adoption.
The committee was praetlcally
unanimous In voting to eliminate the
$1,000,000 sectlou.
PoHTI.AMi ir June 21. - L'n
less the war department orders oth
erwise, Adjutant (leneral (leorge A.
White stated here today thut no more
infantry coniuiuies would be re
cruited in Oregon until the Coast Ar
tillery goes lo the front as infantry.
General White telegraphed lo Wash
ington offering the Coast Artillery,
which has been trained for infantry
service, for use on the border. If
the offer is accepted twelve new com
panies of Coast Artillery will be or
ganised lo take the (daces of the
present forces.
A. B. Hill and R. M Hill, Jr., ar
dyed last niaht from I'etaluma In
tMflr new Mm moil i ,tr Tlie will
ll'it .'"i l' tali ui.t (e)'iiotlow.
A 1 L)
Mormon Scout Captured hy Mexi
cans Tells of Battle of Carrlzal
Americans, All Out In Open Were
Surrounded hy Mexicans Durlnu
Parley and Raked hy Machine Gun.
CIIHICAHl'A, Mi.. June 21.
hem tSpillsbuiy, the Moiiuou scout,
captured at Carrixal, who is in prison
here, in a statement gives the follow
ing account of the battle.
I. linns Closo Toftutliui'.
"The Iron- were about 200 yards
apart during the conference. Cup
tains lloyd and Morey and I advanc
ed half way to meet (leneral domes.
It was twenty minutes after we had
returned to our res'iective lines mid
Hoy 1 1 had given numerous orders to
his men and those of Captain Morey,
who were stationed some distance
away, in line, before lloyd gave the
order to advance.
"The opMisiug sides were within
lot) yards of each other when the
firing began. Neither the negroes
nor I know who fired first. 1 re
mained behind.
"Troop C got aa far as a deep
ditch, where the Mexicans were
idaeed, practically all who lost their
lives were there, including Iioyd and
Adair. The Mexicans did heavy exe
cution with a machine gun, and then,
getting around to it deep ditch in the
tear, attacked the American from
that Minl.
"The whole of Troop C waa sur
rouuded ami not many seemed to get
away. The horn-holders bolted with
a few of the mounts, but the remain
der were bottled up und were cap
tured. "A bullet took off my hat and an
other grused my arm. One of the
negroes who waa captured i
All Out In Open,
"In jail here the uegmea are very
bitter about being led into what (hey
cgll a deadfall. They were entirely
in the ojien with natural defenses all
a round them, such as brush and
ditches, of which tbe a-Iexieana unt
il in II , took advantage.
"The Mexicans engaged were
about 2"0 in number."
The statement concludes bv cred
iting Spillsbury with saving that in
the first conference he told lieuten
ant Colonel Kivus thut if he person
ally were able lo get word to (leneral
Pershing, he believed he could avert
the trouble that threatened, and that
he concluded when he beurd after the
fight that (leneral Uoiaex was killed
that he certain!, would be -hot im
nicdialelv. AfflERICAN AVIATOR
PAUIK, June 24. -Corporal Victor
Chapman of New York, a member of
the Vaneo-Ameriuan flying corps.
wa- killed w-terdnv at Verdun after
In num.. ilntwi thiee (leiman aero-
Pershlnrj Reports That Out of
Boyd's Command of Eiflhty-fourT
Eleven Return, Sixteen Picked Up
hy Cavalry, Seventeen Captured hy
Mexicans, Leaving. Forty Killed and
Missing All Accounts Agree That
Shooting Was Unprovoked and Be
gun hy Mexicans.
SAN ANTONIO, Tox., Juno 24.
Comploto dlsorKnuUntlou of tho two
trooiw that woro onRnRcd In tho din
URtrotis combnt Wednesday morning
nt Carrlzal with Cnrrnnzn'a troops,
and tho practical annihilation ot
thon0 actually In tho fight, was Indi
cated In n roport from Oonoral I'orsh
Iiib to (lomirnl Kuiiston today.
(lonornl Pershing roportod lato to
day that 11 survivors of tho Carrlzal
fluht bad returned, 1C woro reported
to have boon plckod up by tho cavalry
relief column and 17 to havo boon
captured by tho Moxlcans, loavliiR uu
accounted for 40 of tho 81 offlcoru
nnd mon who woro under Captain
Ono lmckor nnd eight enlisted men
of C troop nnd aovon mon of K troop
woro plckod up yesterday inorntiiR
by Lloutonant Moyer near Santa Ma
ria. All woro borsoholdors. Tho
Marlon thoso men told woro almost
Idontlcnl to thoso told by tho other
HtniRKlors that ronched tho transmit,
solti IIiioh yostorday.
,Marhliic. (Juii Started l'jrn.
Tho troopora told their stprlos bo
fore tlioy bad ro-outorod camp niul
had an opportunity to talk with tho
atraRglora who hud procodud thorn.
The accounts they ihvo woro said to
have homo out In all oeeontlal do.tc.llH
those previously told.
They said they saw Genornl Kollx
domes and bis aldo ride forward to
parley with Captain Iioyd, and later
saw him inovo toward the flank or
the .Mexican troop that .had boKtiii
closing In on the American force Ac
cording to tholr story, tho first.
Intimation anyono had that hostilit
ies wore determined upon was tho
outburst of machine gun flro. Thoy
corroborated tho Hocounts that said
It was not until then Hint Captain
lloyd gave the command for his men
to dismount and return the flro.
The Mexicans during the parley
bad crowded forward nnd had an
sumed such positions that when thoy
attacked they were In position to
sweep with killing flro, tho Ameri
can Hue, standing exposed In tho
Only Wounded Isift,
Officers at (ieueral Kunstoit'H bond,
quarters seemed eonvluood after
studying (leneral PorshlnR's lutost
report, that all of the two trooiw
that would be found now would bo
wounded and that, therefore, tho
battered remnant eould not havo
moved far from the scene of tho
General Pershing's mention of tho
rescue ot 16 men by Lieutenant
Meyers gave headquarters hero thu
first Information that bo sent out
more than the two squadrons ot the
11th lu search of tbe scatt&rod troop,
era. It was believed that tho W(
Miuadrous bad beeu held Intact and
were driving directly along tho ter
ritory to Carrlsal.
Ueneral Pershing had net Indicated
that he had sent a supporting column,
(Continued on page six)
i , bs t w wrnt
WASHINGTON'. June 24. A fore
east tor the week beginning Sunday,
issued bv the weather bureau today,
says :
"Rocky mountain and plateau re re
geon: Generally lair, except local
showers are piob.iblc tir-t ot week
in northern Kocv mniiiitiim region
and Idaho.
"Par ittc states- l-'atr WtatUtr Hllll
moderate temperatures, except local
showers are probable Sunday and
Moudax in north Pacific ntuJosY1 j
yiini ie nonuiHAif

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