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Brief News of the week
Mls.s lorn Itilrnll uji.x a twentieth
century girl. Hor fitter tnd toother
bttOOgtd t the nineteenth. When then
dntiKliter w.ix Itnrn lliey exp.Mteil Hint mispicon of the Chicago Clenn Food
he wdiiui grow up ti sit mnnd and league in tha campaign to break tha
One hundred and tweritytwo in the
Bade in the record Rinds hy Hie first
heel arava experienced in Australia
thli utntner
The proposed tan agalnet dtase boh
oil and enaatlonal literature has boon
received with new bj tha majority of
the tiMi.'i'.it' ii states of Oerannjr.
One million one hundred thooannd
SRRS were sold In one day under the
look pretty, waiting fur a hnaband aa
ehe. the mother, hud done beraolf. But
when Cora l)ad received BOI education
lie disappointed her ptroBta hy In
anting on follow Intr a Mftet In Journal
Much to their CbagrlB, she neecpt
ed a ptMlttoa on the editorial stalT of
an atonlnc pcwapopei from thai
time forward nil hope of her living
the life of I sed.ilo marrie-il woiiihii
VrM nhnndoned.
Hut not long nfter her Initiation
Into the Donmpipor bOlneOa her father
maile a loss that crippled him. ami
within anotbtf rent he vn tlnam tally
0 re. feed Bo wns too old to begin
anew, and the fortunes of the family
appeared to he desperate. Cora step
ped t.i the from and tool the lend
Boiling .it what remained of the fam
li.t effect- furniture ocks watches
nn. I Jewelry- she realled a thousand
dollars. Willi this she proposed to to
to n sinilci place and BtSri n news
piper. Hei father ami mother were
both too broken down by their mmfbr-
tunes to oppose her. nml the result w aa
the eslalillshment of the Harvester at
Woodland, n town of nhout IX)0 III
There a i- another p:ier In ITooi
land, the Plowman, owned by Jamoa
Newrath. a merchant lie sold goode
ilurlnu the .In and go) up his BOWI
Mpor (in: im. the nuhl Whenbealept
no one kn He had a awn about
hreot) aoton yonra oM who would
have liked to innniiBe the apei. run
nine If on less antlipiated Hues and
making it some-thing for a Journalist to
kg i i iid of :nt nil ..id Mowrath
would do for Ills noli Jong "as t
Keep llllll .-Mii; t p. Ill tliillillilllll
egg market.
I'ldence taken hefore the tax ap
praiser at I'tica. N. Y . indicates that
the estate of Vice President Sherman
Will he at Mia! 1400.00C and prohably
Sweated oraimes, whirh had heen
HUhjecied t0 i high tetiiperature te
bring out i felloe oolor, arere placed
under the I. in al ChlCOgO by Federal
Judge Lendle, who ordered the eonfli
cation 'i rlghl car- Ol oranges slopped
recently from California and seized
by the government,
With the announcement that it had
hOOB decided to establish publicity
liead.piarters at WashliiKton. and with
the appointment Of various commit-
to forward the arorl of ergnntia
tion. the executive committee of the
progreOOiVO party adjourned a two
dayi :. 'ii in New York to meet
again January Ii,
That Viisiria slill Ogpeota war to
folio Us dispute with Sen ill OVOf the
announced intention of the Balkan
slate in ac(uire all lhanlan port In
the Adriatic sea is Indicated i Ksoaa
tlnUOd preparations for hostilities
Numerous steamships are helm: con
.ited Into transports, targe numbers
of troops are arriving dally In Dalma-
tie ami extensive fortification are uu
dcr ( oureo ot construction
People in the News
Lultpol, Prince H tent of Bavaria,
la dead He v aa '.'1 'l II I old
Governor elect Bullet of Nee York
has resigned as a member of the
house ol papreaenl nth
Qonefai Louis Botha resigned the
premiership or the union of South .u
rlca, which he has held .nice May II,
President elect Wood row Wllaon,
With Mrs. Wilson and tlieir daughters,
have returned home from their vaca
tion in Bermuda
The Swiss federal aaaOffibly elected
as preeMeni ol the Bwlss oonfedem
Hon President Mull.-r; at proaonl chief
of the military department
Because he aa suited newspaper
photographer, Jack Johnson, negro pu
gilist, was fined S0 and costs hy Mu
nicipal .TuiU'e Qoodnoa at Chicago,
w h.it is ; aid to be the world's rec
ord for Masonic InCUmbonoy Is estab
lished in- Hie Installation of R, i
Kingsbury as treasurer r I'nion IocIko,
at Scranton, Pa . tor the fiftieth time
A boom for district Attorney Chan.
8. Whitman for mayor of New York
, is the outgrowth of a hampiet to the
orosecutor which was attended by
' loon guests, reproaentlng nearly all
I political .'feels.
B Carol llirriman, daiiKhter of
the late K II. Ilarrininii. will he com
, polled lo carry bet right foot incased
in a plaster OBSl for .-onie time l)H n,,,
I result of au liijiuv received when re
A New Method
of Torture
lieutenant Wlnward of tha th DnR
ed states infantry, RtaUonod ra the
Island of I.uon, Pbltlppina Islands,
w u -cut with a deta. Iiinetit of twelve
in. ii to regulate some unruly tilth.-.
lie found a larger Dumber than be h id
expected, ami, instead of regelating
them they regulated blm and his men
There were about Hftj of them, and
thej had good arms and ammoultton
They drove I lie soldiers Into a sort of
pocket, where they killed most ..r them
Bltd put the rest 0 the sword. BtCOpI
the lieutenant. Whooa I lei, hip had
resulted in the slaughter ol nearly one
third their Bumbet Tins and their
haired for A r. aus gottorallj .!" i.lcd
them to put him to death by aa fright
ful a means as could he devised.
Ilelmr near the seashore, four of their
number were deputed to take the oil!
OOf to the beach and bury him to Ills
chin In the sand, where au Ineoinlni;
tide would drown him. The four men
were well arined. while Wliivv.inl was
defenseless. The Filipinos had pos
sessed tbemeofven of a dondjoha of
Whiahj and quinine Which the soldiers
had htOUghl Willi them as a protection
agnlnsl malaria. This the execution
Albany V. M C. A. Starts
Albany, permanent organization of
n oiitiu .Mens lirlstlan asHOclutiou
in Alhiuiv was effected at u meeting
wages nml l'Ivo him n small percentage ' ,",1 '" ""' room" r ,h' Albany com-
on u hat tdi be could pi. k m
Aa BOun is the Fulialls started llu
Harvester Newraili saw that unless be
did sums thing to run them out the
Bntronage wonhj ail m to the new pa
It w is evident that the manager
was a live wire und was dtgpoaod to
make luiiovatloiiH. 1 1 1 . . . 1 1 1 v sjothoded
avine luuiscir Hun Bpponrod to Kan
rath was to put the price or advertise
nienta so low thai they would all go
Into the I'l luiiini, h,. IM, i $;,,i h K that
he proposed to Mnk In this way
When Cora Fulrall learned that her
competitor waa taking ads at pii.-ea
whi.h to compete with would soon us
Up the few hundred dollars that
inalmsl to tier after baying the B a-
aury outfit lor n start she foil POOMld
ruble despondency. Though pill. ky.
she knew that u newspaper cannot
well he run without advertisements at
i.i mg price, ami wo long aa Newraih
n i.i I club The association adopted
I .institution and bylaws, arrniiKed
for Incorporation of the organization
und elected a board of directors. Thla
hoard will (iioo-tr the officers of the
i .ho.-tutiuii at a msetlug to be bell
Coat of Trials $250,000.
I.oa Angeles. The trial of the Mo
N.nn.ir.i brothera, the dyiuunlters now
In San Qiieniln penitentiary, and of
Clarence Durrow, who wna aci)ultte4
of hi.vlus bribed a juror In the caae
of James H McNumura. coat I.oa An
gelea county approximately $250,000,
banning scotch dance in which she ,lv "' Hrlng even man left behind
.1 I III K. look Willi llielii. hilt. Iieltl
aware Of Its BffOct, pi llilenl deternilu
isl to alrstain from it till they had B0
was to have nppeured nt (k charity
That Colonel i; ..re w Ooethals,
chi-r engineer or the PnnnnM eanat,
mny be secretary of war In Wilson's
cabinet Is the belief of coliKrcsstii.ii,
wlio contorrcd with the president-elect
r-centh at Hermiida. Wilson Is
known to sstoom Colonel Uoothala
very hlKhly.
The United States ateel corporation
Is to extend the sphere of Its luanu
DMtnring operntloiis Intu Cunudu.
Jndajo Onn haa jusi Bnaasnaoed that
construction will soon hentn on a plant
ll.nl S..IH,, t. times h.-r capital It was I g Sandwich. Just opposite Hetrolt. u
III the lieiKhhorllood of 30, ,
with tier
II.' I .' a miction of tllll
1 1 '.eiitor la holed antler "tie
w . son, w ho was nni.il
bet let Hi. i i his lather, had i ot
be ii to the ii.telci.lM of llie
flow i.i ' i vine, met Corn nl n
Clllli. .'. -' he hail laUeli a I uic.v
to he, Bl it is not long before he
Mils read. ti favor her al Ills lathers
expense liniei-d. he laid hare the sit
uation Cora was naturally fruit-till
for wli.ii she received, hut saw mi
way to save herself, ami John Newrath
was unable to help her However, the
in lot iii iii 'ii be jruve her wua some
tblUK f au advantage, nml he knew
Just how uiii.il money Newrath had lo
gfnb ami how fast It wua tfoliiK out
The nearer the plucky Klrl came lo u
Bnanoisl coJtapos the more sympathetic
became Hie mail of all work 111 the of- .
lice of the Flow man He ald he would
be sM "' "'!' ".. '"" e '".in sro Lm,mN of A1 ,aU, r ,i. 0w.i
Low he could. His lather scorne, to , (,(lli)
be InBoonrod by him. ami if ha ashed Bann i
the old man to let up in his efforts tB '" , ,
ruin the Harvester he would onlv do,, l-ouis It. Otavl h II rescued iron.
hlotham "'" s.cretar.v -! ! "i ihe . aliforniu
QOWOVer, John formed a plan and I stale conserv ai ion commission, fol-
gjgro Core a tip as i.. bun she Doaid . mwlng ohnrgjoa bronghl isVaMl hfeJi by
help It One day he told his rattier surveyor iicnernl KniKabury.
A call has been Issued for u pio
i gresslve conlerence ot lepiesentatlves
Of Miihiaan. Wisconsin North DuhOtB,
Soiiih Ihikotu and .Minnesota at Si
Hani Jnanofi H The oail was ghjw i
hv ihe state chairman and national
committeeman from each state named
The object la to decide oil desired
aiaie ami nimouai wiiiHiiiaa,
People in the News
United Slates Senator Jeff Dsvla
riled ut his home in Little Hock, Ark
Jun.es It Keen, the note. I financier
and horseman, died iu New York lie
war ?:t years old.
Lnthor Mi-cany, of Springfield, Mo.,
shatic.ed the henvywelKhi cbainpn.ii
Secretary of State Malta Credentlsli
To Successful Candidates.
Hnlae. Secretary of State W. I..
Clifford has Issued certlflcutea of elec
tion Iu state, district and legislative
officers elected at the last general
. -lection, as shown by the official can
vaes by the state board Presidential
electors are also Included In the list
Ihe stute officers were aa follows.
ITeeldentlal electors for Wilson D
Worth Clark. Ksra Dslby, Frank I,.
Moore, Frank Martin.
Congreasnieii -Hurton U. French,
Addison T. Smith.
tlovernor John M. Ilalnea.
laeiaenanl governor Herman H
Secretary of slats W L. (llfford.
State auditor - Kred I, Huston
State trenaurer O. V Alien
Viioinev general J II Peterson.
Superintendent of public Instruction
Miss tlraee Shepherd
Justice of tbe aupremn court Geo
u Btewnrl
Rob Eight Pisces at Post Pslli
Pool Falls -Klght business ban -II
Pool Falls were broken Into Sun
lav in in and money and goods we.,
UifcOB Ihe sheriff's olfice ut Coeur i
i loM wna notified at an early hour
.i.id '.I A Carabln of Hlllyard wus hur
Hod bl Ihe sceue with hla blood
Fourteen Perish in Sea Collision
Halt. more Fourteen it ten. hers ot
i ompllshed their purpose.
When they reached the seashore
there was a dtocnaalou amotu; them
wlil, h Wlnward. not uinlerstandlni;
their taagnags could not Interpret, hut
lij their gestures he Inferred that BOOM
were In favor of giving him a short
I time to live hj placing him far from
Ihe toCOgatng tide, while others pro
posed that he should he placed near It
: He also believed that Hie latter wish
ed to make ipilck work with him In
order lo get at the llij.lor. He hoped
they would p'-evall, since the longer
the contemplation of sii.h a 1 1 It pin
ged In the sand the more agoul.liig It
would be A compromise was made
! I iy pladmf blm at half tide, the waters
reeding This would give him till the
j return of Ihe flood tide to live
A hide was dug In the sand deep
enough to place him In tbe proposed
' position. When they attempted to put
him In he made a ricserate light hop
' lug to force them to shoot blm lint .
seeing Ills intention, they refrained.
nml, laying powerful men while Wln
ward was small ami alight, not with
standing that horror gave blm
strength, they had no great difficulty
In burying blm His arms were placed
Bgalnst bis sides nml Ihe sand packed
close about linn by Hie men tramping
gpOU It lie wus placed with Ills face
lo Ihe ocean III order that he might
suffer Ihe greater menial torture by
seeing it slowly crawl upon bin.
No sooner hid la been hurled than
some of the Filipinos began hi show
signs by their actions that lliey were
lu favor of taking a pull from thede.nl
John Wlnward could not see how u
could make uuy difference to him
WbOthOf they were drunk . sober
Had the desires of those who wished
to drink at once prevailed lliey would
have had lime lo get ilni.il and SOOOf
again iR'foro the tide receded and re
turned to their victim, but there was
one who seemed lo be a leader among
them who counseled delay Why, ihe
ollleer could not understand At any
rate he wus enabled to keep (hem from
the Uejaoff till Ihe tide had turned and
passed half Ihe dlstui.ee between the
ebb and the man It was lo drown
Then one of the men seized Hie deu.l
. . . l. k . loin and took a drink lli.it started
the crew of the freighter I, iickenback, ! Jl , , . ,.
the rest, tic in tug the leader, and thev
Wl.lcl. was Limine. i iti.i. -.inn. i... le
thal be had heard reports ghflSJl the
Patmlta (setting n partner with plenty
of money to establish their pOPOff, Thla
struck the old man with terror. Noth
ing troubled blm more than the Kallnf
game ii had boon playing, gad the
barn idea ..t rolling la hta plnn and be
lug run out of business besides was u
blow to bin.
A few da.vs after hla son coiiiiuunl
anted thla dlaheeitrdlng report there
iv as I BOtlce on the editorial pnfg of
in- Harvester thai the paper would
oon appear la b nan dress, wimt its
alitor meant was undress or no dreea
,it all, fOff she expe.ied to BM L
i or the in-' ""'' '" ble IUH Net "'
M-iiior consulted will, his son as i i the
report and the iinnoum euient. loba
llOCllned to five, an opinion as lo what
. meant.
Afle. this Ids father asked him bow
,. would HBO 10 take the I'lou
ban. unite It with the Harvester, cal'
Bg the paper Ihe I'nion. and give his
lOtOS on I'Uig time ill p iv iii. 'Ut. Johu
aid that If the Fnlrulhi had reuiij
noi iu capital ii would be too late. Bui
bis father lold blm to Bud not
The tWO Uipera were IbUS united U-
,,,.,. ,,. ,,.,,,,. ill Ihe Wuodl d I'utoo
The lust issue . nn. .inn ed another pro
sl..tive union ut wiii.ii Newratb sou
,,,! u it much aunirlsed ' '"'' '"'
J,,,, I ,.w latli and l o.a nm
I vv cell
Ihe Hussian inipcrial crown prince.
blabbed a few weeks ao by a nihilist.
and who it was thought waa maimed
to. life, has completely recovered bis
health and returned to hla aludles
General Kdward Merwln l.ee, once
toting governor of Wom.ng, and s
relative of Uobert K. I,ee, died at hia
home in New York. In Wyoming he
lulled the flral Mil giviug women the
right to vole
Following funeral serrlces In New
York, the body ol Whitelsw Held, late
Hiiiba.ss.idor to (ireat Hrllain, waa laid
nt rest in the vault of Ogden Mills lu
Sleepy Hollow cemetery at Turrytown,
less than gg feet from that of Wash
ington ireinff,
Captain AmundaeaV discoverer of
the south pole, IB lo bo the guest of
honor al the annual bjaaaajt of the
v i. hi I Pn.!i;il re MMMfiy. wuu "
lo b
lib hi
Pole lame vv ill a. I as I4M ...aster.
Qaerga llaidaoah a jf barer, ""
earliici I 17, M " geld wil,;!e digjlM
,, trench near the village ai ogieabv
in. la. Hurdaooh'a poaaeealoti of H"
wealth, however, probably wli be ot
short duration, a state law rltirin
ii.at sii.h muds be burreuUere'd .o Hie
all got drunk
When Hie last one hid succumbed
the waters had advanced lo within a
few feel or the buried man The si
leii.'e permitted bN mind to coii.cn
trate upon the approaching death Ills
despair led him to make an effort to
fie himself which he knew would Is1
futile Slowly came the tide, now and
again a wave ad valuing nearer bla
chin, (ill at last a ripple broke against
tils mouth.
Wlnward wna aaahled to put off the
evil moment by holding his breath h-
,....,...,,.... i l.Aouard Wood, chief ,i,.. ..a... ,,f .i,,. waves rolled past him
. . j i " .'... . - ,--.--. .
Hritisli tramp Indrukuala, lost their
lives iu lie- sinking of the vessel, oft
Tangier laland, in Chesapeake bay.
Kiglu nn- .1 ihe crew were rescued
..net i io tbe ringing for six
Iioiii. until they were taken off by
Ihe crow of the ateumship I'enusyl
va.uu The liidrakualu was badly
U.i.narteri and had to be beached.
National Capital Brevities
of staff of the army, will lead the in
augural parade in connection with the
ladaetfcM mto office of President elect
V 1 1 son
An effort lo exteud the senate cam
paign fund Investigation to cover the
presidential fight of 1MB will be mado
by Senator Cutpp. chuirman of ihe In
veatigaling committee.
For the first time in history wire
less Christmas greetings were flashed
from the Mare Island navy ard at
San Francisco to Washington.
The filial fight agalubi ihe BO OBllod
book trust" opeued lu the supreme
court, where a priuted argument waa
al lleograpuic soesoiy, wmmm w
held iu waaaJaWaa Batarda)
Hear Admiral fV.iry of Norili
filed askiug for au injunction agslnat , -m, vuls ggesd
the currying into effect of agreemesis
between publishers and book sellers,
alleged to control the supply uud sale
of books.
Among the democratic senators who
have talked recent l vsiih President
elect Wilson, there i considerable
talk to the effect thai no veetera can-
rreseiillv he liegan to feel that the
pressure of sand against the front of
his neck had diminished The water
was waehtaf N swaj tnm Bjanjg l",
piling It up behind Kuch wave In
creased this change. A wild hope
.or., i ,v within him Would enough
sand in front of him be displaced to
enable him to free hliuselfV He could
bead forward slightly. The water bad
softened the sand, and by doing so he
found he could assist in the displace
iue.it. It was not loin? before his
arms were free. Cslng Ilia bands rig
Ofoualy, be scooped away ii part of the
sand, while the wnvea coutliiued b
displace Ihe rest Hla body was loos
nod, Hv an effort be freed hla legs
Ills tirst act was to possess himself
of the arms of the Filipinos, and. re
mluing those he could use. he threw
the real lUtO deep water.
Wlnward h:is never told Ihe rest of
Hie si in for be was ashamed of It.
i The hriltalltl under vv huh lie suffered
'temporarily made a l.rnie of liiai The
, .i .....i Li,,,
ocean w lii.li was in nave uiin.nrii
. , ., . ,-e , . ....... . .. I ,..!.!
did.itc lor appointment m son-.... became Hk- uurui piace ui ins wuu...
ol the interior will receiv e serious cou- ' . ,Aecul ioners. Hut whether it en
side, iiion tor that offtOC unless he hss gulfed ""'"' ;lltv' ""' ,,,'", ""' "mi','r
th. nml, v, del support of the Jemo- elll not Bay. All he admits is that he
,s like I wild animal and thut he
cracy ot his gUM. t,u, (li.M(h ut lls lo,.tuIVI-s us ter
rible as poajdlile
Li . 04 n 4 1 1 f V f Vs i VaK tisjL jf PimI' " - H
Means Not Only
Time But Money
Do you ever consider how long it takes to travel the
(iisian'e from your house to the Doctor and Merchant
and what timeyou save by Telephoning? If your
time is worth anything you cannot afford to be
without a Telephone.
Malheur Home Telephone Go.
Build Your House of Cement Blocks
More Iijistingthan wood. More artistic
than Brick. Blocks made in any Style
or Color.
Calkins & Bingham
Concrete Contractors
I'hone 112X 1 Block west Ontario Hotel
J. H. COOK, Manager.
Capital Stock $50,000.00
Choice Apple and Prune Lands
Land and City Property
111, ill
- - as, " wHHPf
Talk To Our Lamp Man
Or oourag jroa hnen electfk l.bt in jronr home,
.iii.e .nul Horn, lint have ..u gnragjll ui it?
it .ni gra naing otdinarj laaaaaTeeeeni oarbmi
lamps it i gajg lo ;i.hiiil- lh.it ).m law Hot, l ause
the unl) way you oan nbaaia gasnajh ol ekn trie iu'ht at
mii.i.iiiini goal is by us'",' hc ""'',l ptriicl electric
lainp-, ui the .'oth Caaaaej
Edison Mazda Lamps
These lamps give from Iwa ti three times the
Igjhl "t carboa kunpa aithuul Incfeaaing jmui pngggg
Ughi bill
Till to our Lamp Man ahmit recent progress in
electric lamps and lighting. Hfl poaitivaljf cm show
.ai the f.ttfi r,'if not on!) Ml thi-- matter ot light
"tor the home, bul ilao raggwllng the novel ol lift to
develop )''"' business
Idaho-Oregon Light A Power Company
for Sdle or Trade
Forty acre? iiriksleil uuder ieei
voir, adjoiulnii town, one half mile
trow depot, (rood improvement plenty
rsnue. - BRlteaj from La-rauii. PM
paHienlaie rite Jobu Kskeheeke.
Uoler, Wyomiuii.
Old pagan tl Mm Vru ottl''t, -'
cents per h.iu.lred. Jtagl htl ?
uee.l 10 Hue your pahsM 'iui1 l'lMC'e
un.i.r tut- Mraai
Farm Loans
On Improved Property
At current rste.. Any amount.
F..r strfigM term or with In
stallment privilege.
Thomas VV. CUgett
fVitarrin - - Oivn
Hutk in ion
owner of the laud.
-p. led

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