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Ontario Pharmacy
Keep the Moths Away
From your Furs with Our Moth Compound
25 Cents per Can
Rexall Remedies
Eastman Kodaks
Local Items
Dr. and Mrs. Pogue are in
Hidford ttttndiag the mmiI
meeting of the Odd Fellows and
The Mothers Cluh met nt the
home of Mrs. Wood on Monday.
A paper wns read hy Mrs. New
ton on the physical training of
the child, which was very in
itructive and very interesting.
At club has fifteen members.
Leslie J. Aker accompanied
the bridal party, Murray Morton
and wife, to Portland, as best
Mis- Mary Harvey, who ha
been with Mrs. Grove for sev
eral months, left for Twin Falls,
her former home, Tuesday.
Mrs. MrWilliams, nee Hattie
(ilenn. of Bowman, California,
is visiting Ontario friends for a
ihort time.
Spring Farm Pontine Lass, a
cow owned by F. M. Jones, of
Clinton, has hroken tho world's
butter record. The previous re
cord was a fraction over 28H
pounds in 60 days, and the
world ln'iiting cow lias exceeded
this ly 20 pounds, having 308
1771000 pounds to her credit.
Duncan McRae was here from
Kiverxido last week. He says
the road grade is completed to
his house and that the engineers
ure cross-sectioning from that
point west and will commence
grading soon and extend tho
line to Dog Mountain at once.
The Oregon Short Line has
tecured a number of hulletins
on potato growing and -..me are
it the Argus office. The rail
road people are taking much iu
tereat in the potato and are do
ing their part to make the Snake
river valley as famous for the
quality of the potatoes produced
here as it is for tho apples
Mr. and Mrs. 1). II. Faires
ml daughtor, Gladys of Port
land arrived in Ontario Satur
day, and will make their home
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Ilagur
were la re this week visiting rela
tives and friends. Mr. Huguris
in the implement and hardware
ud ienorts business uood in
that Motion.
II hi v Nelson, who has a
MnestMd 00 Dead Ox Flat.
tart.. I tor Sweden this week,
0'i expect! to be gone for a
Year or 10, He will return when
bey have uater ready for his
The Ontario Woman's olnb held It
last regular meeting for the year on
Thursday, May ir. at the home of
Mra. Pogue. It wns Pioneer day and
after the bnaineea meeting the olnli
Sara Creem made a trip to
Boise this week and has a story
for you on the eighth page. He
also stopped at Caldwell, but
that is another story.
Miss Nettie Kicker and Mrs.
Dude Stacy of Vale, sisters of ' niatnbera Itateneg to interesting
Mrs. Morgan Carlile were here
last week to attend the Mortan
Carlile wedding.
Mrs. Morgan Carlile has gone
to Med ford rs a delegate to the
meeting of the Rebekahs.
Mrs. Carnefix was up from
Weiser Tuesday visiting with
friends and looking after busi
ness matters.
F. M. Hoopes of Payette has
bought the interest in the New
York store formerly owned hy
J. A. Williams.
Prof. Beatty and wife are hero
for the summer from Wallowa,
where the professor taught
school the past year,
J. R. Blrfckahy returned home
Wednesday evening from a
trip to Portland.
Harrison Seaweard sold a car
load of hoes this week to the
Portland buyers. It is only a
few years since this section was
importing their hog meat.
Fred Fisk was here from
Parma this week trying to get
some large horses or mules.
Mrs. Thos. Jones was down
from Vale visiting with rela
tives for a few days this week.
Mrs. K ahoii t and daughter
and Miss Smith were visitors to
Boise this week.
Church Announrcments
Memorial services at the Con
gregational Church next Sun
day morning, May 25. The
choir will furnish music con
sistent with the occasion.
Philip Koenig.
Methodist Episcopal Church,
Sunday, May 16, 11)1.1. Mom
ing service at 11 o'clock. The
suhject for discussion will he,
"Well with those who fear Cod."
The Sacrament of the Lord's
Suppor will he held in connec
tion with this service. The ev-
. t M lt.
eninu service at eiani o cigck
remlnlsccncee of early days in esaatern
Oregon, before Ontario exlated. Mrs
O. W. M .ill. it told In her charming
manner of her trip in covered wagon
and four horaea from Xebraaka, a din
tanoe of 500 miles, of their flrat
Thankigiving dinner In Oregon and of
the beginnings of the Nevada ditch
Mr. .Tncob St roup told of her ex
periencea in Idaho, jnat aoroaa the
river, with Indiana and made one feel
that the louelineaa and laolation of
living In theae agehruah land were
aa nothing compared with the terror
of the Indians and the dread of
an uprising. Thete atorlea of
actual experiences were supplemented
by Mm. Fraaer and Mra. Kerfoot with
tali h their fatbera and motbera bad
told tbaui and Mra. Pogue added mnr
of the doctor' thrilling experlenoea
Id dririog over the country. The
afternoon waa much enjoyed by all
Pumps and Oxfords
Utz & Dunn Make
Garbaqe Cans?
Tea tba U. 8. Plumbing and Heat
ing company make thcui. Ik aure
and get our price before buying.
If you appreciate a dlah of rlob.
amooth Ice cream try the Ontario
The beat of moving pleturea at the
Maze. Admiaalou lOoenta.
. east -
Horse Mii.iy.'.l Dark brown geld
ing weight 1000 pounda; barbed wire
scare on front feet; branded O wltb
bar. Infiu mat i. in to Argua office will
It aultably rewarded. ..
are made only of good leather.
They are good fitting and most
comfortable. Let your next pair
be a pair from our stock.
Don't forget the Slogan
Meet me at J,j
Money to loan
gated farms. W.
Improved Irn
H. Doollttle Co.
The loe ereaoi served at the Oota
rlo Bakery ia alwaya juat right.
ut (aniliiidge, Idaho yjl be a memorial
There will he
the choir.
special music hy
Cooked Food Sale
The Woman's Episcopal Guild
will hold a cooked food sale ut
the M. M. Co. on Saturday, May
24, all day.
Uet the Argua. only 11.00
Absolutely Purs
Economizes Butter, Floor,
Eggs ; makes the food mOre
appetizing and wholesome
The only Baking Powder made
from Royal Grape Cream ol Tartar
The heavy work ou the sewer out
let will ir oompleted tbla week wheu
tba pipe ia laid through tin- deep
ground to a point near the put house,
from there ou the trench will not be
nearly an deep aud the work will go
much futter.
The average depth of the i u eo
far la thirty feet butt bey are working
through high ground nnd in another
150 feat will not have to go much ever
twenty feet below the surface. A hirge
flow of water ia fouud iu the gravel
atrata and two pump ure neceiam t
keep it down so the pip oau be laid
Mniritv M.ntoii and Mia L'laig
Carlile were married ou Friday at tba
home ot tba bride a pareuU, Mr. ml
Mra. Morgkn Carlile, by Rev. Jobus.
Mr. Holeombund Mlaa Hieley aiiitd
the bildttl oouple. A dlunei m
aerved and the oouple departed (or
Portland for a short trip, accompanied
by a rice abower and good wishes.
Uncle l.yu- Hownrd nod hod Frank,
l,ave bought the aaloon back and are
again iu poaseaaion. Lyte salel tie
imply bad to nave aomething to do
be couldn't bang around any lunger
sheriff Kerfoot aud Tom Brasatsj
returned Monday from their trip to
Ha lew with a bunch of pruonere.
They taw aeveral at the institution
p. ut up from here and they all seemed
to he doing well.
Drayage orders taken at Moore
Hotel John Land Ingham, reaidenoe
phone 424
rii row lota for aala 2 blooka wast
of poatofflce at n bargain. Inquire at
Argua ottloe.
For sale Hon ee aud two Iota fo
rant or aale in Villa Park. Price
cheap for Immediate aale. A. I.
Caator. Cam. in. Oregon.
For Trade Kuulty la Ave acreH
tract of Advancement company, for
lota In OnUirlo. In. pure at Argua.
For Kent 50 aburea Owyhee ditch
stock for tbla aaaeoo. A. F. Buyer
Two furniabcil rooma for reut.
Private family. K. Cope, tailor.
Foi Kant After June let, Ave room
fin -ii lulled botiee. Addreaa box 2 in,
Ontario. Ore. tf.
For Kent Furnlabed rooma for
light housekeeping, cloae In. No
children. Impure ut Argua oltlre.
ml- '." Tsji Ka fit
BBS)" as j.in N,
w .ta
The House Comes Down
in raptures of genuine applWM
at every performance if our
moving picture enteatainment
We are putting m a cot. tan'
change ot
Most Attractive Pictures
that are amusing, instructive and
highly interesting, and young
and old derive delight from them.
Dreamland Theatre
l.dilidqr (dns?
Yea tbe ('. S. I'l'iint.nig .ml Heat
lug company lu.ike I belli, ije iire
aud get our price before buying.
You will aoon U think lug at taking
up tbe i.upets aud rugs BjsaJ will ueed
a few hundred old paper to plai-e
under them to vave the rerpet and
deaden tba iouud. Tba Amu h..s
them tied up in bundles of 100 each
which we eel I for 25 cent.
sir' fM 1 VI
aV ' Sflafcai
HaT-fX tlnfl II
T rs 1 sbbbU. .stssa
Have lust Received a Shipment of H. & (J. Cornets
You can get them at the
New York Store
The Star Brand Shoe
Is as Good as Ever and Cheaper
"No one thing will give so much
pleasure, to so many people, for
so long a time at so little cost."
Bermele's Drug Store
6 Publications Including the
for the modest sum of $1.50

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