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The Pivotal Point of the Great Interior of:
Ontario Arjrus
leads in Prestige,
The Produce from
15,000,(K)0 iicn-s is
marketed from On
tario each year
jrjt, and Circula
Ifounty Tribunal Dispenses
with Considerable Amount
of Business Concerning
Court Matters.
In the matter of the petition of T.
T. Morgan et al for county roal be-
pntilii in section 1 2-2 1 - !; id end
ing In section 2:!-:U-46. Action taken
V.t ... ion. Ordered opened.
In the matter of the petition of H.
j. 8ut ion et al for a county road bo
finning In section 14-17-40 and end
ing iu section 34-17-46. Action taken
jtyt. ... I!U. Ordered npelifl.
In il." mailer of the petition of
R,ml Robinson et nl for a County
Mil iiemnniUK in section 19.17-47
toiling in section 21-17-46. Action
uken Sept 6, 19111. Ordered open.
In tin matter of the petition of 0.
A Koshnlck et al for a county road
beginning In action 2N-17-46 and end
ing In Mitloii 26-17-46. Action taken
Sept. ', 1913. Ordered open.
la the matter of the petition of I.
'.V Hope et al for a county road bo-
I finning In lection 32-18 45 and end
ing In section 32- Action taken Sept.
, l&n. Ordered open.
Id the matter of the petition of C.
F linger et al for a county road be
ginning Hi section 16-17.47 and end
ing Iu section 2117-46. Action taken
Sept. 0, 1913- Ordered open
In the matter of the petition of J.
M Brown et al for a county road be
ginning In section 4-18-47 and ending
in lection 11-18-46. Action taken
Sept. I, 1913. Continued for the term.
In the matter of the resignation of
F. H. Lay justice of the peace of Har
per precinct. Action taken Sept 6,
1913 Resignation accepted.
Iu the matter of purchasing coal
for the court house fo the winter of
Ml and 1914. Action taken Sept. 6.
1113. Hid given to Home Lbr k Coal
In the matter of the petition Of Ed
mund Hutler for a county road be
diming In section 9, etc. Action lak
.. Sept. 6, 1913. Ordered open.
Iu the matter of the petition of
hau B, Oakes et al for right of way
ti 1'iiild a telephone line IrSSi Hrogan
In Jamieson. Action taken Sept. .
Ml, Petition granted.
In the mutter of the petition of A-
I) i! .deiv et al for the a cation t
i.iv. .-.hool district to be kSOWl M
district No. 68. Actlo.i taken
apt I, 1913. Petition granted.
in tin matter of the petition of Jeff
Proman at al for the creation Of a
ol district In Harper proa m I
town us sobool fJIstrM N
Action taken Sept. 6, lilt. NtttlOB
Iii the matter of the petition of
Davis for the creutiou of a tew
district out of school district
No . to be known as school district
No. 67. Action taken Sept. 6. 1913.
run 1st
in the mutter of auditing aud al
lowing claims against Malheur county
Continued on last page
Hen W. Olcott. the secretary of
state has isasueii tne Oregon Blue
aoog and will mail copies to anyone
ishiug them. This book cootsius
historical akeu-u of the state and
Dat officers ami a world of iufor
m.itii ii that will interest you.
John Spuiu. the greet roper and
tuitei of the (liuude Houde is here to j
take part io the event. He can do
BV le with his lemaiuiug l.aad tbsu
Wsuy (n with both.
He lost ooe baud last winter while
opian ou the range.
New York. At the request of his
widow, who said she knew he would
have wished It so, the funeral of May
or William J Oaynor, who died at sea,
will be marked by simplicity, without
or.ioHtra, or band music or military
pomp. The funeral service will be
held September 21 In Old Trinity
At Mrs. Onynor's request the only
escort of the mayor's body will be
mounted policemen. There will be no
military accompaniment. Though num
erous orchestras have volunteered to
play the funeral music, Mrs. Oaynor
nsked that only the renul.r choir of
Old Trinity sing. 8he asked that
Gounod's "Ave Maria" be sung, be
cause, nhe snld. It was one of her hus
band's favorites, and she often sang
It for him.
Mayor Oaynor was voyaging over
sea on the uteamer MbIHc In the hope
of regaining his strength to enter the
three-cornered municipal campaign as
a candidate for reelection, when he
died suddenly on the Baltic as the
steamer was within a few hundred
miles of the Irish coast.
Editor Htld In Contempt
South Bend, Wash Edward H.
Wright, Judge of the Superior Court
for Pacific county, has found F. A.
Haieltlne, editor of the South Hend
Journal, guilty of contempt of court
and has Imposed a fine of 136 for pub
lishing facts about and making com
ments on a criminal case pending In
that court In violation of Rule VII of
the court, adopted August il.
William J. Gsynor, late Mayor of
New York, who died suddenly at sea
whlls on his way to Europe.
Writ is Intended as Check on New
Hampshire Governor.
(:. (. ii .'i. tasHy
I ,ii' ol hale-as corpus winch
Ol Harry
K 'I haw alSM his Ml '" ' ' ll:ou '"
; as the iiit.an.' Mayer of
Stain Wilts cropped up aguln in
his fight to rhl" extradition 'roul
New Hampshire lIMf Ml nii'-xpecled
lOfOfHtlrn noiii the Dominion of Can
ada. This time and for the first time
in the history Si Thaws efforts to re
gain ins lib. riy the writ was issued by
federal court.
limed Slates Judge Aidrich in the
district ol New Hampshire granted
the application of three of the Thaw
lawyers, Martin. Shurtleff and Olm
stead. William TraverB Jerome, spe
cially deputised to bring Thaw back
to the as)lum, heard the news with
11) grace and characterlied the move
as one of-bad faith. Ml '
inspectors btart i,rusaoe.
St. Man.-.- QoOfgfl Robinson and
A. H. Wilson, deputy state food and
sanitary tSOS '"' - li;ivp ,,,en ln town
examining the restaurants, stores,
dairies and other establishments rela
.i... t .unii!.rv conditions; also ex
amining IS4 weights aud measures
and labeling of goods.
Bovill Man and Wife Arrested.
Moscow Matt MsOsffSOJ and his
wife. Bertha, were brought here from
Bovill and lodged in the county Jail
charts with '...:: Istasi a
conin.ua ISlHSIT and otherwise dis
posals' Ol liquor without a license).
OwF LH laMMflr
i 4DHE q I .'SBk
T adl &I
SFMaV ' Zv i eflaWTaE rw
1As jflnHP
' r ' .gfsCfMMMIMi
Xidttk BBBaMaV'st i i
Representative Newspaper of
Opening Day Attendance Is Greater
Than Any Previous Fair
The opening tjajg of the fair found
the t puces devoted to the sheep and
est tie, hiiR in I horses too mi ill for
the number ot animals on hand. The
additional number of dairy herds
speaks volumes for the way the people
or this county nre going into the
dairy business and the large number
of bogs indicate they are using the
two t beat mortgage lifters known to
the farming world.
Do not overlook that school ex
hibit as It has many valuable lessons,
showing tbc HlrHiititi-i.N of the modern
methods of Instruction.
The in. hi. parlllion was certainly a
beehive, wijh hundreds of exhibitors
putting I -.ii the llnlshiug touches to
the display that cannot be beat for
quality. I in growing season has
been a good ooe In the valley and all
the fralta vegetables, and grains are
ae good ss sre produced anywhere
sod better than In moet places.
The program Tueedsy waa nn In
terestlog one, but a few numbers
failed to All and It made It shorter
than expected.
Oox proved an easy winner in the
motor cycle race, with Oleen second.
the 3:30 tiot went to Vada In
straight heats with Ooldle second
aod Honnle third.
The two year old trot required three
heats, Bessie winning the llret and
third heats and the race, with Paosra
second aod liens third.
The mule race wae the best number
oo the bill and will ha repeated later
iu the week. Virgil Smith first. John
Rodgere seeood. Loraine MoW III lams
The oow pony race was won by
The September term of circuit court
adjourned at Vale Tuesday. Soma
equity cases on the docket which sre at
issue and ready for trial as well s
other exparte matters and in itions wil'
be heard next week by Judge Biggs,
prior to bis departure for Rums for
the Harney county term. The new
grand jury was drawn Saturday and
the rest of (he jurors were excused for
the term, with the exceptions of tico.
A. Newman and N. H. Matthieson both
ot Vsle, who were held to take the
place of memr.er of the grand jury
who may be unable to attend the ses
sions on sccount of illness or other un
avoidable circumstances:
The personal of the n w grand jury
is: Harvey Hatch, Hig Hend, far
mer, foreman; J. R. Woodcock, Mal
heur, stockman; John A Ward, Nysaa,
farmer; (J. S. Ridgley, Jamieson. far
mer; A. R. Cox, Jamieson, clerk; Ira
T. L)ail. Ontario, farmer.
In the case of Ren i'ayne of West
fall, charged with a statutory oirense,
the jury disagreed. District Attorney
Brooke was assisted in the prosecution
by ft. M. Duncan. Geo. K. Davis and
R. G. Wheeler represented the defend
ant. In the caae of Clayton Hancock,
charged with wonton injury to animals,
buy shooting a bull, returned a verdict
of not guilty.
Drexel Hotel Co. vs. Great Northern
Oil Co , recovery on account, jury re
turned verdict for pluiutitf ; Duncan &
Wheeler attorneys for plaintiff, G. W.
Hayes for defendant. .
Reynolds- Williams Co. vs. J. L, Wil
kins, et al, replei in, jury returned ver
dict in favor of plaintiff; McCmloch,
Woodi Kokhar . for plaintiff, Brooke
&. Swsgler an i Geo. Reibling fur the
Ma M. 1'ii iev vs. F. H. Csldwell.
jury returned vavdigt in favor of plain
tiff" McCu IISSS, Wood & Kckhardt,
attorneys fur plaintiff.
J. T. Le ,non vs. Great Western Oil
Co., recovery of wages, jury returned
a verdict is favor of plaintiff.
Ontario and Malheur County.
Turk with Spain second, slter mnk
! king a luinl drive and coining from
the rear, Klmer Dorry third.
The two year old race was a hard
I one for the judges. On the first race
the horses got away to a had start and
there waa a mlxup nesr the finish so
the juuilges concluiled they should
run It over ami this proved a tlcnil
heat between White and Loraine.
There were many exhibitions of
fanoy roping and riding buck lug
horses by men and women of the
The music hy the Welser lisnd
was fully appreciated
In the motorcycle race Wednesday
A. W. Williams won with A. P. Tyler
I 'an H. and Marie Fitzsimmons gave
a (rood race in the 2:25 trot, with Dan
B. nosing out ahead.
In the steer roping contest the men
were short of roping horses and made
several misses in throwing. Glen Wal
cott made the best time, 7 seconds.
In the bucking contest there were no
spills, although several of the horses
war good buckers.
The wild horse race brought them all
to their feet and resulted in many spills.
There were sixteen of them and it was
impossible to keep trsck of over fifteen
at one time. Earl McCullougb got a
bad fall and the horse rode by Hazel
Walker went over the fence falling on
Her, Dut the soft ground saved her from
broken bones. It was a caae of riders,
horses and saddles sll mixed up to
gether. On Saturday there will be thirty iu
the wild horse race and you cannot even
imagine what it will be like.
Other cases were disposed of aa fol
lows: C. N. Lawrence and N. 11. Davis vs.
Herbert A Jeise, suit for foreclose of
chattel mortgage to secure i. ul estate
commissions was decidtd by Judge
Higgs in favor of plaintiffs.
John Wood vs. Samuel W. Gould,
et al, forclosure of mortgage, djoSTSS
for plaintiff.
L. Relle Lees vs. .. R. Haz.lton,
sure of mortgage and sale of
property ordered.
Louis IssrtssttS vs. H. N. Ford,
foreclosure of m 'ftgage, findings and
decree for plain till'.
J. W. Allen vs. Bid Allen et rux,
forecli.hure, isofSS for plaintitr.
M. A. Woodruff, vs. J. W. HohTman,
suit to quit title, dismissed on motion
of plaintiff.
A. Ville, vs. D. G. Sutherland, fore
cloeure. default and decree for plaintiff.
Wm. H. White, vs. O. F. Neice. M.
J. Neice, et al, foreclosure of Mort
gage, findings and uecree for plaintiff.
I.illie M. Glenn, vs. L. L. Noonches
ter, foreclosure of mortgage, decree
and sale of property ordered
Nevada Ditch Jo. vs. Ontario-Nyssa
Irigation company, injunction, findings
and decree for plaintiff aa prayed for.
J. U. Hoffman vs. M. A. Woodruff,
suit to set aside deed, dismissed on mo
tion of plaint ill
M. A. WoodrutT vs. J. II. Hoffman,
two suits, damages, dismissed on mo
tion of plaintiff.
A. L. Dona van vs. Joseph Bonge and
Harry Flynn, recovery of money, con
tinued for the teun.
Howard Auto Co. vs. C. R. Sesguine,
Auto Co., recovery on account, settled
and dismissed.
Howard Auto Co. vs. Seguine Auto
Co., recovery of money, settled and
Weant & Co. vh. Jeff Frornan, re
covery on account, continued for the
First National Bast of Vale, vs. E.
C. Palmer, poosVoQ uf money, default
and judgment and sale of attached
proderty ordered.
What will he without doubt the
greatest civic celebration ever held
In ihe northwent will lie held nt Boise
during the week Of MgtSlbSf II to
27. In conjunction with the Rain
makers Carnival and Idaho Jut i -mountain
f::'r there will be the Boise
Stampede produced by the famous
rMofl and ropers from the Cleienie
Frontier Dsjn celelnailon and a mon
ster ploneei's reunion and OSlsbfStlOS
in olmeivunie of tbo fiftieth an:d-
rSSTf of the creation of the territory
Idaho SI d location of Fort Boise.
The RalnimkiiH have planned on a
greater and mure magnificent c.uni
val than ever before, the Indications
are that the Inlet mountain fair will
he the most notable one ever held and
with the two other allied celebrations
Ihe week of September -- to 21 will
doubtless bring the greatest crowd
of visitors to Itin-e in Its history.
Tim railroads have granted special
rates of one tare for the round trip.
QrSSl Interest Is being taken In the
Boise SI, impede and riders from all
the west are sending In entries In the
various contests. The show will hn
even larger than the original at Chey
enne as there will bo other riders In
attendance In addition to those from
the Wyoming city.
Moving pictures of several of the
Rainmakers' pageants will be taken
and the promise of the rainmakers
"something doing every minute
day and night" v. Ill be fulfilled
0 ISIt, by Amerl.-un I'm. Asaoclalloa.
"Big Tim" Sullivan, New York Con
gressman, killed by a strsst car,
whose remains Isy unidentified In a
New York morgue for thirteen days.
Almost Consigned to ' Pauper's Guve
Whsn Found.
New rsrt i ho bod) ol "Rig flsi '
Sullivan, iiiemlM i ul I 01 081 ""'
ihirie.nth New N..iK dUliul and a
local Taiumai.v IjOSSSTi MS ISStSllfloH
by chance. In PordhOJO morgue, I
where ii had I foi II days Bull I
vail dlnapj e.n. il An. U I 1 1 . when lie
eluded one of his DUrseS, set Io attend
bim I, ' a ineiilal malady, ami
nice then hil frieuda had h
ed for liim in vim His body was on
Its way tn the potters field when ihe
eh.iliie olinel Vlltioll of a pollcelll.HI
win, had known him intiiiiaiely obOOl
ed its course.
Sulisr Has No Pardon Power.
Kiugston, N. V The .xaci status
of Qsvoraof WIUlssi slsof of n.-w
York, Impeached by the state legis
lature, was d finitely i, i. imlned here
when Juhtlce Manhroiick ruled that
ISlSOff Is pswOftSSO IS pardon Joh.-ph
t; It, don, torSJkM Mt"J York banker, I
comi'ded ol nn .-appropriating bunk.
deposits, pending Um roOSM of Ins
trial before the imp.ai BSMtSl court.
China Will Employ 200 Germans.
I'. kniK I kg i om liihlou of arrange
meiit win reported here by which
ChlSS will eiuiloy a (jermaii 11
aut general witli a staff of six, and
.uii oil,, i i,. riiian officers to reorgan
arm) B VSS aid the KrVBps
will pay per cent of tho UuruiuLi
NO. 38
Mulheur County Institute
Proves to Be a Very In
teresting and Instructive
A most successful institute waa
that held at Vale commencing Wed.
nesduy, September in and ISStlSJ that
and the following two days. Them
was an enrollment of 7!' teachers
from Vnle. MfSSS. .bed n Vall-v, West
fall, Ironside, llromm ami other Inter
ior points. It wiih a gutherlnr of the
fialerilty at which loial taleit filled
in the cumbers of the program Fol
ery Ontario teacher was present. Kol-
knrlst is Um osroliaasnl list:
Supt. of schools A. Il MacpluMHon,
K. 0. Bailey, 10. II Conklln. Ray U
Smith. I) C. Petiee, (1. W- Hiiiieau,
Will .1 Roherts, Mrs.. Retta I'ayne,
Mrs. Anna Ktoetel, Mm Kdmi (lilf
ftn, UlS. Mav Roberts, Misses Meta
II. Rettlg, Alice Stoiliinl, June tlrey,
Nona Austin, llcuy Tajhu, Wllmoth
I'm i.v, Ruth I'urcell Nellie I'lntt, Kae
Shi i, m, Knmiu Mctilv Sylvia
lllghy. Lulu Tompkins. Amy I. Udell,
Irene he i n I. li t Duncan,
Mildred David. Utilise Griffin, Shells
lau-key, Mell K Carter, Ida Miiilnson,
Susie Htoetxel, Luuroso Halley, Ida
Scott, Ontario: (1. A. Rurlng Mnr
gret Cnpp. Ullve Hweltser, Fay Clark,
Laurel Iiiman, Margiet Duuhur, Alda
McDonald, Vera Patterson, rtlioda R
Sasser, Agnes M Kills, Kims Ray
mond, Mabel Mercer, Nellie T. Jacobs,
Vale; U. O. Looper. Misses Florence
McDonald, Hessle Thurston. Kdlth
Hiukley, U. Kva Boydell, 0NM Chlld
ers, Nyssa: Frof. and Mrs. C D. Rush,
Stella Robinson, Clare Glover, Amy
.McDonnell, deorgla Hodgson, Jordon
Valley; Kdlth Powell. White Star;
Roht. Carlton, Rockvllle; Mm. Mur
phy, Hetilah, Kdna Uelsler, Mabel II.
Smith, Helen sun... Mathilda Stuve,
Mrs Kloe Johnston Teat, Humid It
Shake. Payette; Delva I. St. Clair,
Cieston, Khlella It Parker, Clara
Howard. Malheui . a..l Doty, Wi
nona Doty, I nut ii ia' ..oil Miller,
Drewse . I, W Wallace, Big Bend;
Phi-ohe Sheldon, Owyhee. Kdyth II.
Stanley, Welser, Nannie Duncan, Iron
Hide. Isabella Kskihl -. Skull Springs;
A. I-' Marlln. penile fsJMlOSOSi Hio
.io ia r Bob) ska, Moamooth.
Mi Flank Pitman nf M. mouth,
ii ,i, was a miir surprlSO as a
npe.ik.'l. Ills add.. , 00 MW
ii.-i " I... .Id i i by every
Hlhn.il paiellt III I' Uf, Plt-
ulily on.- Weak ""in I ' iihUiiu
where he has i su - aut ol
large d
IssptrsUonsl I
He i
w.ih rsproooatsd b W I I i ,'H.
Hi Walls ossd lo
int. -mh at oi Ifull ou ! -
BjSS SSS" 'lid a
t lontinued u
Hick laickett hid hi. tral at liaker
last week aud wan I'liiid guilty by it...
jury. sfsffSSSil L uketi had hi trial
Monday and the Jill v took ten 111 1 n ii l
to way he was also guilty as charged
iu taking soiiih cattle delimiting to
tin- Thumps. ii Cattle ciiipunv There
Mere a uuml.-i of pmim.iih troiu tills
county as wituesaes in the case.
The track lat.n OS 'I- Idaho
Norllieiu aie making guod tune ohjgS
they are imt lili.iJ.-i. 1 by bridge
building. They cum.ed the river uvei
im i.. .. i si t"rawi id mi the
ath ami are now et '.ill rk. SSjSSS
they have a ', nr f,,,,t tte.llu to li.ild
uii good wesliiar they will reach
Hi -Call this full.

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