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Should be purchased
from your home jew
eler who stands ready
at all times to make it
We have the late pat
terns and standard
makes to select from.
Official watch man for the railroad
of thin flection.
''0 acres of choice land near Ontario
with water right; 48 acres in high
state of cultivation; farm machin
ery, 4 head of horses, farm wagon
and hack ; all for $6,000. Half cash,
balance on terms.
Postoffice Box 94
Ontario, Oregon
Old papers at ttv Argus office--25
rents per hundred. Just what you
need to line your cabins and Place
under the carpet
Empire Lumber Company, Limited
Sash, Doors, Lumber, Lime, Cement, Plaster and Coal
Malthoid Roofings and all P & B Products
The Most Complete Llof, of Building Material. If you cannot And it nnywlinv rise
conic to us. We have it.
Don't Scrub Them
Avoid the backache and sore knees caused
by scrubbing bare floors. Painted floors are easy
to keep bright and clean, are attractive and
very inexpensive.
gives a hard, durable, sanitary finish for floors,
steps or any inside surface to be walked on
McBratney Hardware and
Ontario, Oregon.
5aafcat .-1 K V jL Jl
laaaRttflaaaaaV N.
In a
We have several hundred Government Bulletins on
corn and hog growing, and on the selection of seed
corn. We will distribute these Bulletins free to all
who call for them, as long as the supply lasts.
Resources Over Half Million Dollars
A. L. COCKRUM, President; H. B. COCKRUM, Caahier
T. TURNUULL, Vice President C W.PLATT Asa't. Cashier
A Complete Line of
Hefting tatuntmj
At the Argus Office
Kitchen Floors
easy to keep clean and hard to wear
out. You can apply it yourself.
It dries in a short time. Offered
in appropriate and attractive shades.
ynfraiiaf lyfon : t
Good Bank
Good Country
Furniture Co.
Mrs. Delia Long Unable to Stand
On Her Feet More Than a Few
Minutes at a Time.
TVndcrgrnss, Oa. Mrs. TVlla Iong,
Of this plnre, In a recent letter, nays:
"For five or six years, I suffered agon
ies with womanly troubles.
Often, I couldn't sit m .-.'"re than a
few minutes at a time, and If I stood
on my feet long, I would faint.
I took Cardul, and It helped me Im
mediately. Now, I can do my work all
the time, and don't Buffer like I did."
Take Cardul when you feel 111 In any
way weak, tired, miserable, or under
the weather. Cardul Is a strength
building tonic medicine for women.
It has been found to relievo pain and
distress caused by womanly troubles,
and Is an excellent medicine to have on
hand at all times.
Cardul acts on the womanlv consti
tution, building up womanly strength,
toning up the nerves, and regulating
the womanly organs.
Its half century of success Is due to
merit. It has done good to thousands.
Will you try It? It may be Just what
you need. Ask your druggist about
('.mini Ho will recommend It.
N n - Writr tn ; UilltV Advlaory Papt . Ctntta
ftnnfa Madid na n..Chattantmfa, Tans. .for Nprrial
Jntlnirlum', ml M-rata Nk. "Hum. Trraimant
x Wumtn." m in In plain wrappar. on requaat.
He wln (lies for virtue docs
not pei-Mi. Pbiutus.
Although virtue twelve MM
of Its excellciielcs from nature.
yet It Is perfe. tfl by education.
Nature has placed nothing mo
hldi that virtue tUtH reach
II lillfllN.
Provided a woman be well
prlW Ipled. she bus dowry
enoiiL'b. A lion
We estimate great men by
their virtue, not by their -i M
I. it lllrlll ithe wick)d) ON the
beauty of virtue and pine ut
baring fofMhM nof .luvenal.
ll ymi waul 0 lOMti near town
that lias a very liriftlit fnliiro I
have 7l acres ol tin- very ilmn I -I
land, has a nice h1- to the
cast, a first-class water rinht;
!() MM! in alfalfa, rest has Imiii
in grain. Not having it all paid
for it leave me HMDM t take
cart- of that intnh land. I will
s anywhi'ic from 6 l' TO. nits.
My pi ue rangw from l "' ptr
acre lip. Ahout hall cash, fOod
tiim nil rest ut S per cent in
terest. Land exactly the -nine
adjoining has Inin selling ut
900 to 1800 per acre, so Mr
is your chain e if VOU want a
(OOd Hail ut land. J mile- lnn;i
Onturio, OfOi near Malhcnr
Junction, win re car shops and
round house will no donlit he
built in the near future
J. J. 1)1 B8S
llo ;,l Onturio, Oregon
Vdludbk- Property to be Sold lo The
Highest Kidder at Sheriff's Sdle.
Two of the best i. Ces lit Unil III
Malheur county, Oregon, air olfi-ml
for sale at one o'oloek oh the 4th lay
of April, 1914, at ill ut Ii'.iim- in
Vale, Oregon, ut slier, ill's sale All
uiii-i oi-i In securing a bargain in line
lands should be prt si i i in i . . .
of lllllli la III I be i, nut i. -I. lp of . latum
M. lilniii i,. and is part of his famous
ranch. It description la:
The liiirthwcat ipilll'lei of section
14. Touiiahlp. Is south, range 10
Willamette meridian, with out bun
dred shines of the cupital stock of the
Nevada Ditch I'oinpany.
The othel piece of land is in tbn
owuuiehlp of Wairtto F. i ' u ami
Hi ii v. M. I'luminer and is de. i ihi .1
as th :
Ktiat half of tbn southeast iiiui l r
ot Hectiou Hi Township 1H south,
Kaoge 47 east. Willamette Meridian,
Malheur county, Oii-gou, loiithiuiny
HO acres mon- or I, ami with it
2 ft snares of the capital stock of the
Owyhee Oitoh compauy.
For a further description of tblt
laud address rooms 1 0 Orunbaiiiu
Bldff., liui.e, Idubo.
Meals '5 cents and up.
Everything the best the
market affords.
Wong Ton, Proprietor
Postoffice Department Perfect-
ing Plans to Assist Con-
sumer and Producer.
Washington. Preliminary steps
were taken by the postoffice depart-
meiit to perfect Its plan for having
the parcel post carry products of the
farm directly to the door of the con
sumer. Ten cities were selected to begin
work of establishing direct connec
tions between producer And consum
er. Orders went to the postmasters
at Itoston, Atlanta, St. I.ouls, Sun
Francisco, Ilaltlmore, Detroit, La
Crosse, Wis.; Lynn, Mass; Hock Is
land, III., and Washington, directing
them to "receive the names of per
sons who afe willing to supply farm
products iorat ail quantities by parcel
Printed lists of thean names, show
ing kind and iiuntlly of commodity
available, will be distributed amoiu:
town and city patrons.
Wilson 8aya Toll Repeal Party Idea.
President Wilson asserted that In
seeking the repeal of the Panama tolls
exemption, ho not only asked that tli
nation do thai which It was bound In
honor to do. but was going the n
of the Majority In the llomorratlc par
ty. He pointed out that when Hie
Panama canal act was passed a ma
Jorlty of demoi rats then In the house
Mit.il against r I . . - tolls exemption, and
that only In a coalition of a nilnorlt)
of democrats with number of re
publicans did the measure become n
This announcement was taken In
administration clri les as the pfi
dent's answer to the arauinciit lli.it
the Ilaltlmore plaltorm made the tolls
. M'lnlitlon ill I ralle doctrine The
President Is understood lo bellini' lli.it
the majority opinion of ili'inorrais In
the house, as last expressed, was the
result ol more deliberate considers
t loll of the ipiesllon than was pusslhli'
at llu' Unltlinorc cnnwnilon.
New Haven Agrees To Be Dissolved.
After several weeks ol negotiations.
lb)1 department ol Jiutlei. and taM N'W
Yolk. Now llaw'ti K HartfOrd rallnad
atiiioiiuei (I that tBO) had rendu d . n
agreement for a dissolution ol I In- Now
II. IV I n
Tin Ilostiui Kallro.id HiiIiIim nun
puny Is a Massachusetts eorpol ll .hi
holding a majority ol Ihe stock ol taM
llosion ti Maine railroad and flu p r
ei'iit ol ihe former slink. In lain. Is
owned by the New II I in. id
Sim k of tli- holding MWpM) "" '"
tiansf)rred at MM to llir Irtl It
ami alter armiuemcnts hit vi' boon
lllll ill' III plllllll III)' 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I '. :,lik ol
Ihe holding company Ihoj will MlltaW
llosion & Maine slock, prior to .Ian
liar I, 191 T. 'Ihe ollni suli. nil UN
i oiiipalilis will glso be sold
Suffrage Loses On Senate Vote.
Woman suffrage iiiImm.ii. Inst
tin Ir fight in ihe rnii.-d s tm s- u
at' tot a risoluiion pioposiii
:'in. mlini nl lo Hi. I. ill nil OOMtlttltlOD
giing v. on. in the ballot
The vole was ;.'. for the meaauro to
M against ll, a twolhluN allirin.iliv t
vole Inlng ri ii.iiod loi p. i
I in It a01 all Over, snll i
I. .idi ts jiihilanin polnli'd lo the inn
JorllN oi one as OOOCltialva plo.il tli.il
Ihelr cause bad M on d a itiuin.li n
defeal and was luiuiea.- urably i.Hoi.n
er t lut ii ii: opponents had avei i
Willing tO rollieile
National Capital Brevities.
Si-i iiU.it ol Ilie Inli I ui I. .on' lni
naiin d one ol Ilie pom!, in (Jluclur
.allim.il park Kllen WiImhi, ultei llu
plisldenl s wife
The opt mug of the legl latlve ball
tie for the repeal of lie . . mii Ion
provision of ilie Panama oalUal Ml 10
dilajed until Mil week by pi
eoiisldi talloti III Ihe lion-. HI Ilie riv
is and harbors appropriation bill
Whatever promotion Is gfeii lolo
ml (ioellials and others Idi-ni ;lu-d wiUi
1 1 ii - building or the Piiiihi .iii.il will
be (Ii termilied b Pi i sld.-iil Wil on
lillnsi If. Ht'foiillUg lo an .) K In ill t
a btvorabla ropori M Iho Tayloi
bill (tea I lug u liillilug expii Hii.'Ul slu
i one to be lot tiled Hi Alaska and
the others In western iiu-tallurglcal
stall . was returned b Ilie hou t
minis eommiitei- l ... Mtlion, by
tin' i runs or the bill, will be allowed
to spend Itf.OOO aniuiiills
Kroin a llttli- rami ol II aires, own
ed by John Joins, an ex slaw In Slid
by count), Tenui'ssee. lias i ome to tin
HUiriUiii' in I a iiieslioii allml ing in
Kiors all iu.i Ihe couuii Tin- M
lion s whether former slaves are en
titled to inherit from then brotbai
ai. d slhlers, who were ... wi ex
'I hi- House hill providing for high
way work In conjunction with ihe
was lavoialdv reporn-d to tin
si mite hv the agi n ullui'a I i lUiilnil lei-.
ll would al.o appropriate 11,000,000
lor ItH and au'hoiue n propria
nun oi 14,000,000 for HIS, with addl
I tonal yoaiiy Increaaai until i
wlieii tin ainouiit aulhoi ...I suuld
be 110,000,000,
Premier Asquith Tells House It
Was Only the Result of a
London. The defection oi Ihe M
officers who refused to srve in
t,.r h now I closed Incident. In l
1 101)1 I'ipieuces are IlkOl) to pin..' .
reacliitig. I'leiuier Asipiltli nnl I
onel Seeley, si'iretnrv of state for wa .
mad.' explanations before an Melted
and tiirhulent house that the aii'alr la
the ti'sult of a inlstinderstandlne.
The misunderstanding, hi Interred,
also, though he did not direct'' MJ Mjj
was due to misconstruction ol ihe kuv
ernnient's plans by the coi:.;natullng
general, Sir Arthur Paget who In
formed the officials In In nd that
they wi re to mova on Dloti t for a re
pressiv e campaign.
The goveiiiiiienl's ml lit .i i precau
tions to preserve order In I'lster have
precipitated a crisis without parallel
In the history of the British army.
Hat her than he placed In a position
where they might he cnllod on to act
MJOtaOt the I'lster covenant) rs, num
bers of officers have resigned their
The present disturbed situation In
Northern Ireland Is due to the avowed
refusal of taauv I'totestanl residents
Of I'lster to accept home rule and lo
their having armed themselves, threat
ening lo resist by force If Irish rule
is thrust on them.
Ilclfast. Heports received bj -
officials of tin' provisional goven
would seem to Indicate thai at
,"n p.f cent of the officers of II
fatiltv battalions of regulars
uuarteieil in I'lster would NfBfc.
serve lii a campaign against Iho pro
v luce.
The provisional miv i rnment orriclals
ar enlhuslaslle over whal they 0Of
tlder u crushing defeat lor the Imper
ial government, bill continue tlnlr ac
tive piepnrallon lor war at the behest
of Sir Kdward larson, Vast declares
that be will coiillinie lo tak)- such ac
tion until assured that the danger haa
I'.i id.
Noisy Crowd Jostlea Fashionable
Women From Sidewalk.
N'i w York. Under a silken black
hum r bearing In blond n d I. 'iters
Hie inscription "Demolition,'' luuo
men and women auari hlsis. the mi
eiiiplo.veil and ini tnhi I- it Mn Indus
trial Workers of ihe World mineiieil
Up flllh Am. me I. II nllOl villi'illt
waiting lo ask of Iho Oltjf imilioi it i-m
the pi i nut i , iln .1 b)
It was Ml a sym netrli i
matloii, bill a bolsti ion d
thai joslUil fashlonab1 . d Wl SB
and men ii 1 1 slibv It
was no eni.in log truffle rub
mobiles and I roll II 'hat 1 1 , .1 lo
I . I i nil "ll Ilie I. ml. wi Ii' held up.
Borne Jl Ho, Mur.ingo, Ml llOO Hav
ing i leureil iho wu) for R dlras i atiuk
on Torn on by his lUOOaoi in establish
ing a ban lure and driving In tin- ted
ivain e gu.iids lioiii M iplnil, ',i
liuallln. Sai ranieiiio NOO. Hi inliighaiii
Junction and siiinller polRta iii IM en
v ll nil i I the Tlllllll Mll'llllgliold. IJeii
(I.) I Iranclsco Villa, Ihe I'hel chief.
It It In i' for the south
The , : i .mi iii dial-1 1 'mi rah
Is, ImIimUM latO almost naked In
illans who olteieil lluur services and
'! ..I I ball OOWI and ciiows at I III
hn.ihiia a month arm lull who have
been i illipieil with llledi l ll lllll fin IllH
and i tt '"' I ' I i he ' III HO ''
l.i I i !. mi .linn i ion. ot ! v . I.
(lilies inn Ih ol I ot ii on
Move To Abolish Oregon State Senate.
s ih in. Or Declaration 'or Iho la
Itlatlon or oooatltutloual anendonta
aboil hlng the stale senate and pro
vuliur lor proportional n-pri seiiiaiuui
in tin- laglalativa a sambly, cbainplon-
ell b OfftOOn of Ihe Stale l'i ih I at lol,
of Labor, farmers' I'uioii I'anneis'
Sneiilv of iaiully. Propoi I Iotial l(ep
reseni i'ioii liiiieaii. People's Power
ami Ihe OregOll Slate Ui.
wiT)- filed, with Heeriiaiv ot Slate
HOI After Rogue Valley Lu
Mi dinni. i r Judge i bona
of Se.iiie, eounael foi the llli
In Waahlogton, puaaed do) ll
ford .'iiiii gooordlng to Altorne)
Canton, look the Initial it pi for
purchase of ihe Rogua Itiver Valla)
ralli I, owned b) the Uarouits, of
J ' I mn illu.
Wool Loses By Grading.
vvYeahlnglon tnericau wool grow
eis i MlM ndd i m. a pi.. mil lo the
valni' ol their linaliiii t the) wen- I.
i i ' i n i and put up
. , ruling win it
according U eatinata ol i M" n
II '

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