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AdmHiistrotion Trust Program
Bills Passed, Are Now Up
to Senate.
Washington. All three bills on the
administration trust legislation pro
gramme passed the house and were
sent to the senate for action.
opposition melted when the final
teat came, and the voting went
through quickly. The Covington In
terstate trade commission bill waa
passed without a record vote; the
Clayton omnibus antl-truHt measure
received 276 votes, to 54 HKalnst it,
an. I the vote on the Rayburn railroad
capitalization bill was 362 to 12.
The Covington trade commission
kill would create a commission with
broad inquisitorial powers over cor
porations ciiKHged In Interstate, coin
Senate May Segregate Bills.
The senate Interstate commerce
gonimlttee voted to report out only
the trade commission measure of the
trust bills The action was construed
by miitiy ax nn Indication of limita
tion of the administration's pro
gramme at the present session of con
gressv There wss no record vote. In a gen
ml discussion some senators opposed
the motion and others declured them
selves opposed to the bill at the pres
ent time. Chairman Newliinds said
the committee later might take up
supplemental legislation and issued
this statement
"The committee determined to seg
rugate the trade oomiiilsslou from the
supplemental legislation aud author
lied me to present an amendment In
the n it ur.. of a substitute for my orig
inal bill for a trade commission. The
com tn It tee concluded to mime the
trade commission Iks federal trade
commission, Instead of the Interstate
trade commission, In order to clearly
distinguish It from, tho Interstate com
merce commission.
States Secondary in Rate Question.
A long Htep toward placing railroads
under "one master Instead of msny"
was taken by the supreme court In
UpbolilliiK the power ol the Interstate
ooiumcrre commission to strike down
state rates that discriminate ugnlns'
Interstate commerce.
The case arose out of complaint by
Bhrevcpori, Ln , uierclisntM that the
Texas railroad coiiiinl-'.lon bad shut
them out ol all Texas business by
OonipellliiK die railroads to reduce
Texas Hini" rates far below it hut MM
Interstate commerce commix- ion al
towed (lie railroads running from
Hhrevrpoi l in Texas cities to charge.
The court decided that congress
I. ad Hiwer to control Intra state
cliiirges our an Intcisiutc currier to
the extent necessary fo ptovout Inju
rioiix di iiilnallons afgl
:i HI . mid Inld thai 00
i id 'I tlm. piwcr upon the
111" (Mute commerce eotiilu i "loll.
Greatest Wheat Crop Ever in Sight.
Nine i r idrad iiiiiiiuii i.'istii'U of
vtin-.it. Blmo i a hall of the average
1. 1 no .. i ii.'.ii product loft, and
a iii' i.. . i lor ili.' I tilled .Slates, is
the prospective total yield of the
tarsal of lli- country ihls year, the
(lepill llllcllt ol itgilcillllirc nniliHI'l'-ed
III Its June crop report.
The ssormous orop win ss IST.909,
MO bushels nn. re IBM i v
In -line III the lulled States ill any
one year.
There also will be large vlelits of
oats and hurley, probably second in
alio in l In- hihioiv ol the niiPiiu.
National Capital irsvitiss.
Pfasldsal Wilson rscjtisati that, for
seiitiineiii il mmii the Lincoln in. in
tirla) lllghv, ay tSfJ through Washing
Kcw senators expect debute on the
trade commission hill to end In less
than two uionilis Al present the puis
peels for adjournal. 'in before Ihe mid
ol.- of August, or even later, are not
There are null, allium that the In
quiry Into the ill His of Ihe New York,
Now lliven llurltord railroad h
Ihe iuii iii ai- commerce . inunssioii
will he completed this we
1'ie idem Wilson went through the
evidence on which IPS lndl.it.'
dv niiltllters were convicted. A Ilirlloil
lal.vriug men have pelllloned Ii..li to
extend executive clemency .
Narratives of the bruvery of uliit
etl meu of the navy and martin . orps
dining the lighting at Vera Crui on
April -1 ami U were Included In Rear
Admlral Fletchers report of the Mexi
can port's seuure. made public by
the navy dcputtmeiit
Two measures are to be prvr .1 as
quickly us the appropriation bill la
out of ihe way They are the Moon
poaloliu'e bill, providing for railway
luall pay i adjustiuciits and opening
up the a l slant po ' uiaslershlpa
throughout ne country to competitive
xuailnatloi and the "Clieial dam
bill, which II betore '.hi house for
acilou ou a moment notice.
Governor West Issued a proclama
tion declaring next Friday, "Rose Fss
ttval" diy, a legal holiday.
Moving pictures of bears In their
native haunts were takou In the vicin
ity of Koseburg. Traps were set In
Rome instances.
The "enate has passed the Cham
berlain bill appropriating 160,000 for
erecting aids to navigation along tho
Alaska coast.
The case of Frank 8tet)er of Port
land, to determine the validity of the
new minimum wage law, has been
put on the docket of the supreme
court of the United States.
Timber men and mill owners of 1-a
Orande are planning to wage an ex
tensive fight on forest fires this sum
mer, and It Is expected 30,000 acres
of timber will be patrolled.
Three Portland boys entered a plea
of guilty In the circuit court at Ore
gon City to a charge of burglary, and
each was sentenced to a terra of from
two to five years In the state peniten
tiary. All were paroled.
For violations of sections of the In
terstate commerce law relating to the
working of employes overtime, the O
W. R. tt N. company wss fined a total
of $:i:i5i by Judge lien u In United
Stales district court at Portland.
The department of commerce hnl
notified Hens tor Chamberlain that It
has requested the treasury department
to detail a revenue cutter to patrol
the course of the regatta at Astoria,
July 2 and 3.
State Forester Klllott announces
that he will appoint at once about ''"
road supervisors and about 100 other
persons fire wardens to work In dis
tricts which are not petroled by regu
lar wardens.
The OruntN Pass commercial club
haa asked for advice on how to pro
ceed lu case the lands in the Oregon
P California grant suits revert to the
government. The persons interested
are appealed to.
Despite threatening weather condi
tions the crowds at the Lebanon
strawberry festival were greater on
the closing day than on the first day.
Auto parades were better than ever
Two Oregon Hems Included In the
sundry civil bill which will be report
ed to the senate are 1100,000 for Cra
ter I.I.. and II.'i.uihi for (he Improve
ment of ihe i in. saiiMH salmon hatch
ery. Professor V. I. Safro, assistant In
the entomological department of the
Oregon agricultural college has ten
tatively accepted a position as ento
mologist at the in liege extension sta
tion lu Montevideo, South America.
The secretary of the Interior has
awarded to W. K. Mason, of Klamath
Falls, tin contract tor the construc
tion ol In- I. o.i Id, ! d vet. .Ion chan
nel of the Mumalli Irrigation project,
lit a cost ol HMtl
Revival ol tin. old wars between
cattlemen ami i.lieepmeu Is Indl.-ated
by Information received of deprpda
tlotis, suppose, by owtlets ol i attic,
aillilim sheep on the novi-ril men I range
oil DtllS creek, west al Dlll'kee
Diirlii.; ihe first year's operation of
Ihe corporation depailmeiit, sine- the
enactment of the blue sky law, the
receipts of the department amounted
to 1226,163.47, according to figures
.Im'ii out l.v ( '.irpuratloii I 'omiiilaslon
er R. Watson.
A Chinook salmon weighing; S7
pounds was caught In the lower Co
lumbia by ii. I. Nelson, it glllnetter.
lb" f.sll i.M prize
offered by kV liinnli Co . of Hrooluiolil,
lor the large. -aluioii which will be
seni to ihe fulr at Sail Francisco next
s ail-Hurts
will be made through Ihe
Oregon delegation ill congress by the
Portland chamber of commerce to se
cure an amendment to the homestead
act which will ri d uce the amount of
clearing ii ou ihe part of tho
seiiler on a homestead In Ihe coast
roiini les ol Ol 'noli.
Determined lo wilt tor Portland the
l.'i.. niitioii.il convention of the Amer
lean Osteopathic association, members
of Ihe Oregon association will con
vene Friday and Saturday. iisico-path.-
from ail over the stale will be
in attendance an. I Ihe t'oillaud con
llugenl lias arranged ill affairs to be
pre. urn I al all ihe sessions.
Oil re pi a I eolations of Senator Chant
n. hfajor BJOajBP ' ,'"' Isthmian
canal commission has ordered new
bids called for for cauul supplies. Ob
jection wa iftj.le that the term mi
oraps iiiiiiifd leaden to proprietary
cuttle food Portland millers mi
crene was the name of a proprlei...
cattle food, which only one firm could
Secretary of Slate Olcott announce
thai the boiiutv appropi i.ttiou of S4l.
0oi mads at the last session of the
leg'slature l. r the capture of wild
.-tun ills had been exhausted. A law
I lu iBpf provides (hat the boun
ties ou predatory animals shall be
paid by the state and enmities, each
paving lis 11 Mr Olcott has notified
the county clerks that the appropria
tion has been exhauitsd and haa ask
ed i hem to discontinue forwarding
Claims until auollier appropriation Is
The very many friends of Ross A.
.Soward of Vale, Oregon, and Mlsi
Gertrude Ward of Nysia, were agree
aly surprised to learn of their mar
riage at the home of the brides uncle,
Mr. J. Boydell, at about 5 o'clock on
Wednesday afternoon. Only the near
relatives of the bride and groom were
present- The Rer- A. H. Soward, the
Methodist pastor at Mlddleton, and
Mrs. Soward the bridegroom's parent!,
his sisters, Mri. Winnie Kluckholm
and Mrs. Roy McKenxle, the brlde'i
uncles. H. J. Ward, John Ward and A.
W- Ward and their fqftnllilcs, were
The ceremony was performed by
the Rev. Thomai Johns of Ontario,
assisted by the bridegrooms father,
Rer. A. H. Soward. After the cere
mony the you n a people left on Ihe ev
ening train for Welser, Idaho, and
after spending a few days there re
turned to Vale whers they will make
their future home, where Mr. Soward
has been tax clerk for about a year
pnd a half. They were accompanied
to the train with a large number of
their young friends who showered
them with rice aad roies- Their
many friends wlih them a very happy
and pnmperoiis Journey through
ther wedded life.
Sunday. June I it h. being children's
day there will be appropriate lervtcei
at tho Methodist Episcopal church,
sermons especially prepared for the
young, both morning and evening.
The subject for the morning at 11,
"The Shepherd of Israel "
r.venin, at 8. "Youthful Religion."
The patent . as well ai tho children
are all cordially Invited to these ser
vice!. Thomas Johns. Pastor.
Garden Ginseng.
Tho thing appear to have
conn))! red to knock the hottom
utit of tho market for cultivated
".iiiHeng. Too many have m
I'ui kcil i ii tho business and
nearly every -into in the union
now has extensive acreiig-e, pro
ducing u supply which is large
ly in excess of the demand. The
Chinese think the cultivated
root pOPPPPPBf hut little of the
clliciicv of the wild rool, while
most people cannot detect a dif
H rt-ticc in the appearance of
one from the other. .1 u -1 ut
present I hey will not touch the
cultivated root at any price. It's
jnt fo with lovers of golden
train I'tlt Leers nothing tlse
will do, advertisement.
I .oral Druggist Says:
'Take Drily One Dose"
We want to tell those in Ontario suf
fcrin' from stomach or bowel trouble
that we are agtnts for Ihe simple mix
tnre of buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc.,
known as Adier-i ca, the remedy which
became famous by curing sppsndieiUa,
This is the most thorough bowel clean
ser known ami J I ST ONK DUSK re
lit-ves lour stomach, gas on the stomach
anil constipation almost immediately.
V. u will be surprised at the QUICK
ne lion of Adler i ca.
K. K. KVKRMART. Druggist
Dissolution Notice.
The t mi of Cope & Ounnuck has
I. ten mutually dissolved this 11th day
of June, 1U. K. Cops will remain in
ihe same location. See locals
E. Col'E
Ant Dunnuck
1 ( ursieus to Hull I aki Illy
Jh nn 10 to It i I'lusive
Vla Oregon Short Line for Young
Men 's and Young Ladies Mutual Im
provement Association Conventions,
Salt Like, June 1.'. and M. 80S
atienis (or rates and fill ther particu
lars Loxdl (Market Keport.
Corrected Apr. :I0, for the beuetit
of Argus readers by the Malheui .Mer
oatiiits Compauy.
Kgga. per doseu. 17o.
Hutter, per pouuJ, alto.
Pats, psr huiiilred. sl.aO
Wheat, per huudred, SI. 75.
Umj, per tou, $8.
Potatoes, per bundled, 1.00
Onions, per hundred, S3. 00,
Apples, per box, SI. 00. to 11.50
Chickens, diassed, par pound, 1 So
fork, dressed, ' to 9 S, a.
fork, live, 6.50 to 7
Veal. . to 10o.
Beef, Ho to lso.
Not so many yean PM display was
the main Idea In Sodo fountain manu
facture. The old style Onyx Wall fountain
and the later counter service fountain
with great maaeive Onyx draught col
umns snd beautiful Art class cano
py i and elaborately decorated back
bar all were things of beauty, but in
both, real utility haa been sacrificed
for display.
The old wall fountain Is now n
thing of the past and tho later
draught column service is being dis
placed by the low full counter ser
The Soda Fountain of today Is
built with the Idea of service and san
Itatton uppermost-
The work, board construction Is of
Cermnn Silver and put together In
a way so as to leave no laps or rre
vlcei to collect dirt, it Is built up and
finished with Opal glaii instead of
wood ard Is always clean and sani
tary. Ihe draught arms are built low
and soda is always delivered rl lit
direct from the Ice In perf.-ct condi
tion. The syrup pumps are construct
ed so as to be drtplesi and are Im
bedded In the cooling chamber, in
ttirlng them always In perfect condi
tion. The Ice cream cabinet Is built It.
the fountain Itself and the whole in
tern Ii refrigerated from the same Ice.
The whole fountain Is built permanent
ly for utility, and display is ths secon
dary consideration.
Our new fountain Ii built on th
tinnier i Idea. It will be here In a
few dayi, witch for our opening an
nouncement neil week. You are to
be Invited
Ontario, Oregon.
"The right place to buy drugs."
Klection Notice.
Notice Is lierebv given. That pur-
siisnt U s resolution had by ths
C' mimon Council of the City of On
tario, st ill rcgulsr nieetlog held on
ths 'J-nn day of April A. O. 19U.
and likewise spproved tie the Msyor.
A special election is bertby called
to be held ni the City Hall of Ihe
City or nodi! io. Thursday. Juus
25th A I) !! between the voting
hour of nln o'clock A. M. and five
o'clock I'. M ss by Isw provided,
and W. J run .-. J O Htaptes snd II
I. PooruiMU ate hereby desigusteil us
Judges of ssld election slid l P Drar
boiu anil J II 1'ciiii.iui as Clerks
At which time sod plsi'a will be
submitted to the .pisl I lln.l elector! of
I lie inillitclpnliiv. for I tun Mil ., t Inn
or rejection, a proposed charter for
the city ot Outaiio. which msIiI pro
i .....I i i, ni, i has I., en printed ami a
c i'v thereof -.ii mil. I to each !, .
tar. i'v order of the Common Council
.Attest: rJAKR) h OBAUHL,
j:i "21 City Kecurdsr.
Notice To Contractors.
Hids will be received tip to Juue
loth. Hill, for election of a one
room pi ick -ch. ..I biilldiug In Diati ict
No 23. Malheur Couuty. Ors
Flans to be had st tne ott'oe of
Cbss A nn tier, i'systte. Idaho
Ollbtrt 8li tj. Clerk
SoodHv School- 10 A M
Fraaohing Service 11 A M
Junior League 3PM
Upwonh League 6:110 P M
Preaching Service -73:0 P M
Thomas Johns. PsTnK.
( (uimjdtitiniil Church Notice
Hunday Usrviotts,
Suurlay Kchool 10 a m
Preaohiug Services Ham
C K Meetiug 7pm
Freachiug Services s p in
Midweek Lectures every VYc.liiesdsy
evi-iiing 8 o'clock
Philip Koeulg, Pastor.
Mas at 8 A M on 1st and Urd Sunday
ot each month. On all other Sundays
st 10 A M.
M. A. Cainpo, Rector
Rev. Rob't J. Davidson O O Pas
tor. Ssrvioas at 11 :00 a m snd 7 :30
p iu Sableth school ai 10:00 a m
Kv. . ' aturday
abbaiu ebool 10:S0 a m
Hi l Htoay 11:30 a m
Vouog peopls.i meetiug 1 ;30 pm
Pjl A W
u -rmiut v Ms Mr La
jRsBBBrsT 7t7vlSBV
(fasflP I Ii III XJ
n K ' JL I
hi mA
pi i
1 1 a
V '?
We're Looking for
the Man
For men who are willing to wear the
newest, the latest that's out, both in
fnr th mpn vvhn will wpnr htinH tail
ored, standard, high grade clothing,
even though we charge no more for
them than for the
made kind.
To Such
Today We Offer HIGH ART
Rightly Tailored Suits
This season's models not last.- This
year's patterns not what was out a
year ago; and to all this we add that
these suits cannot be duplicated for
less than $20.00 a Suit. Strange thing
to say sounds rather dubious but
give us the chance to prove it Come
in and examine these Suits; try them
on. No charge for the proof.
One Price Clothier Ontario, Oreg.
WHO wouldn't wear
new clothes in pref
erence to the old, and
yet there's many men
who won't. Who would
not wear the new 1914
Styles and Models in
preference to those of
a year ago, and yet
there are those who
prefer the old.
who Will
ordinary machine
Men Our
Will Appeal

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