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Get Your McCormick Mower And
Rake This Week
They Will All Be Gone Soon
All Machinery Moving Faster Than We Ever Saw It
. . i in mu
Celebrate The 4th AT New Plymouth
The Big Celebration in a big little town. We are going to entertain you and
entertain you right. Dancing day and night in the big open air Pavilion. Moving
Picture Shows and many other attractions too numerous to mention. Excursion on
all railroads. Come and celebrate with us. Two Ball Games.
Fruitland Vs. New Plymouth Ontario Vs. Payette
For a $50 Purse
Top-notchers of the I. 0. League
Aged Monarch Wants to Sur
render Throne to His Son
iii'in -i i It Is mi open acrel In I'll
r.i hi illiiiiiiiiulli' circle Id. ii llif ii n il
Kin- I', i i 'f Sen la wish, tn mImIi
ti Inn' lit III HUH mill settle
(InM II In i ;l t life III liellcWt Hi.
majesty n is U IlllKC circle nI private
friends heie. In- having paasisd ten
in- Inn) no choice In the clmfnianneea
Ah hihui iih iirTiili's ieriiilltcil he would
return to tin- iiilet life of H coiiulr)
l'i iiili'iii.in In lienevit.
ImuIiiu h II IMSM year hi mnjeitv
lui kept ii hu correHMiinlcnce vlth
III- former friends here mnl in pilviitc
letter hi-. Htil.il iiille recently iii.ii
In' hopes to lie III tjeneva iil'Hii Ml no
distant date Am lie Hlt It "Nn I lull
the win I over. I cilii llnlsh in) ggj
In M'iire with honor "
Whan Mat H It Moan, and RiluMI
Food For a Day.
.New Sork -I'loin In o clock In tilt)
iimrnliiK niiill hue nt nlgfel Suuau. a
SI"W 1 . 1 1 it llMH Vl'lllH Oil). stood
iih In. tnii' reel iilnnliil m rosa the
hotly ol his ileiiil in lie. Mill. urn. in a
ti'i I) loot sipiillc outdoor cugu In Hie
At iiiiciviiIh he niKcd his tieilil anil
round lony mnl iliiinli ely. BfWf
lime lie did till the II. 'lis mid ggjMgfl
on cither .side or the leopird i'ilK rills
..I Hii'lr voices in n gevgJ throated
In mi effort to make Sultan alum
dull Ills death il till keeper liivld
s. liw.ni placed ii Mi juicy hirter
lioilse siciik in Hie HVtkW of (he Bag
inside llie animal li.ni!'. but Null. in
, I Ii" nil. Mill. in to it
hell iixki-d H h 'li In- tggggMsl to IV-
xc Sllll.lllll s IiimIx Kl'bWHlU Hlilii.
"Well. I u. ml. lii I p in there while
Si. linn I- fcu.i mi; - not for twenty
.'.".IS "
A WOIII.II llliillllilllnlilsl. who Willis
10 Kel in. lined, ha been Informed by
the secretary or ht.iie of California
that Hbe iiiiimI run In the final !- lion
for the legislature under the same
MUM hIm' iimI Iii the primaries
lour i 1 1 li.mks in I'liliiiKo. with
aKKiiKHii- MMMM of ii.-m.n77. and
reported caiih means of $1.4:i4.(SUL'.
were i.ik.u i harae of by the state
bauktiiK 1 i.i r t m .-ii r . hich closed taM
bunk doors mut Msjgg examination of
the llllllkn' affairs
Willi the avowed Intent to defeat
Senator Hinool for reelection (he item
cmtiiIIc and progressive htate con V en-
tin lis, held separate!) In Salt Lake,
1 I'liiiihlued on a Htatc ilrket. nominal
Ilia James II Miiilr, of Sail l.nk.
1 democrat, for the senate; Frank 11.
Sii'pln'iiH. ol Salt l.nki diiiiii. rat. ror
; supreme court Justice; James II. Ma)
of Salt Lake, Progressive, and hew in
I..II-.OH, ol M.inii, promessive, tor rep
1'hotu by Am. il.. in JYw.i AasocUtrm
KIN.. I '.ii n 0 m ii
years here lor Hi. education of m- two
Iki a.
For nine tii. in M'ir p.ist private
iiii.sMiuii'- hi. I- i.ei'u ou thi' lookout
trying l.' di.d i kiill.ihle residence for
tin old l.lui;. bill Hie notorious conduct
of l.ix sun mid lieu to the throne una
aoin.'wiiMt i-in 1..11I ids mi. nal
plans, and he is ndviscU that iiib secuuil
ami is stni i,., i yoniiK to MMMM i ho ro
aponsllillil.v or a ruler
The .lii after the aasitaatuatlou of
King Alexander and Queen I ruKi
King Peter -.Id hi- wax then 1'rtuco
K irtigi-oigcx ii Ii lhai he ihborred the
torrlble crli .-. In whl.ti lie took uo
part vvliai.' i II.' i II.' th.u lie hs
tOO Old tO l.il'l'pt til.' IL. mi -. nut Unit
Calitorman Held Up Eight Man and
I), lie. I Tham For an Hour.
San Kalael. 'al -All atteuipt to or-
iiiii' a i-oini in.v ol sol.liiMs lor the
lMii'..s... be s.ud ol in IfcblBf mi Mi x
tin lanliil II. in) Klopp. caretaker of
a l:iru" iv-lil. iii'.ir licre, In j.ul
Kl.ipp hIiouIiIimisI ii rlllc, went to a
loiinty blllliWM) and baited men on the
r.'i.l until he had accumulated an
"army" of Mffet ' "r H" '"'"i he drill
etl them
Word reiii'licd the sberlfTa iittlce that
the men were heliig h.i.l irtouerts
and a deputy hIIpihmI up behlud ll..pi
lllllt Willi the lllltt Of Ills KMIII klllK'ktHl
him dowu. Klopp'a kuu waa found to
he empty. Ho will b eiaiulued for
lus aauity
1 lie r.inb) poktniflci waa rob
l.isl week, the robhi'ia leaving no cli'W
ixn'pt the toola with which thay h.nl
forced (h toon The ni fice haa no
h.tie, m IM po.st Blister ki-epn hit) Pt$
Mlaw in (he hank vault, ami an near at.
i ,ui In- asecriaiuad tha loot takeu con
alata of fh) In Money and part of a
honk of iiioiu') older containing 14
bl.o'k Olii.M.
People in the News
Harry Thaw ban been granted ier
mission in H Iroin New Hainihlre
to PltttMH to lealil) renanliiiK lltl
c i ' i. 'ii .illeeliiii; tin eslale of bin
fatln i
TwMaM taaWMaV ' fuiaiieler of
Huston. Mass, will spend llie entire
annum r in Oregon.
JUdga Hen l.imhe) ol Iii uer caiiM .1
a HUH ion I... accusing Major .1.
Brougatoa oi nuking false itntMMaiU
r nrwlng IM battle M l.miiow, luring
the nun. is strike
Miss SIm.i I'ankhurat. MiffraKCltc
lead. r. IM .mesied in I. on. Ion as she
prepnrtni to lead a small army
I In a mar. h on (he
i ienl l
I he I'l-eseiu bUnlMM depression is
due Igggwly to a siiiio of tiilinl, aecord
M to a staleiiieilt Issued by I'rank A
V'anderllp, u meeting of die New
York Hankers nHOClntlM
Ceiicral ilia has nolifit'd the stale
dci . ninent at WtehlngtM that the
property left hy William Henloii. Hnt
Ish suhjeet. who was killed in Mexico
would he protected lg the Igtweti of
the w nlow
i.e Hi "sldent Marshall scored the
practice of iisurloiis proflta in an ad
dress helore ihc I'niv erslt of Maine
MMnged PUbllO opinion should he the
aim of youui; men who assume to take
leadership, he s.ii.l
Marshall Cusglng, editor of How, a :
ne i. ureeei the big nianu
faituieis. denied ife txietence of a
plan (o boycott niwspapers by with
' tragi those who
.! tnui- Interest,
pTotbM of Sale of Slate I amis.
Notice Is heleliy KlVcll that the
State I,mi(l Hoard of tbe State of Ore
Kou will receive lealed hlda until 10
o'clock a. in. July II, 1914, for the
folio wIiik described lauds, to-wit:
Se.iin ;:;. T 1;: s u II K
8V, of m:'.,. xk of NWI4, NV of
SK', SE'. oi SWV and lou 1, and
4 of Ne,! inn Hi, T. Ill S. 11. 40 K.
Se. lions Hi and ill!, T. T S 1143 K
Sections 16 and 36. T. 32 S K. 44 B.
Secllona 16 and 36, T. 33 S. It 44 K
Becllona 16 and 36. T. S3 5. It. 45 IS.
Seeti.iiia 16 and 36, T. 34 8- K 45 K
Sections 16 and 36, T- 36 8. II 44 K
Sections 16 and 36, T. 36 8. It. 45 K
''; of aectlou 16, all of section 36,
T. 36 8- It 46 E.
Se, 'i.ms 16 and 36, T. 36 S. It 47 B
Sections 16 and 36, T. 36 8. It 48 K
Se. ti'.iis 16 and 36, T. 37 8- R. 44 K
gMMOM 16 and 36, T. 37 8. It. 45 E.
Sections 16 aid 36, T. 37 8. R. 46 K
Sectlona 16 and 36, T. 37 S R 48 K
All bids must be accomponled by a
rcKiil.irl. executed application to pur
chase and check or draft for at least
one-fifth of the amount of tbe bid.
The rl.nht to reject any and all bids
it reserved.
Application and bids should be ad
dressed to Q. ti Hi own, clerk state
laud hoard, Salem, Oregon, and mark
ed " Ippllaatloo and hid t purchase
s'ale lands."
Clerk State Land Ho.u.l.
Hated May 1, 1914 8t
,- .-TH-RIPr & (3
si j"i2l
'sH ggggf m H Lggm
" i .DlrTJafl ggf y i
3i "" Wtlwm R
aaamgggggggggS BBBUiBaiBaiBaiBaiBal
Seven Sisters Bills Debate Invited.
North Yakima. Wash C Q Kit
lev, inasler ol the WashiiiK'on Stale
Orange, which bagM IM UgWJgJ IM
sloll hire 'l'liesday. issm. 1 HblllSJIgS
to any repte.-ent.ime of the Stop,
hook and Listen League to discuss
nubltcl) the Sevan sisters blUa M IM
com. ii i ion or where in the state.
Shifting Wind Saves Town.
Itaiidou. Three blocks In the heart
of the bMUeai sivtion were destroyed
by fire here A shiftitiK wigs oa all
that saved the entire town from de
struction. The loss Is estimated at
Peach Crop is Promising,
t'ottaice Orove. The peach crop in
this section promises to be unusually
large this season. While thla crop
is usually the most susceptible to
frosts and ihere were several late
frosts this year that caused some In
jury to cherries and berries, peaches
seem to have escaped entirely.
IMPRESS on the young man who it burning; the candle at both ends
and who it spending hii big salary as fast as he makes it the VALUE
OF A BANK ACCOUNT. Stmt him on the RIGHT ROAD today.
If he is not hopeless he at once will see the error of hit ways. The open
ing of a bank account has put a stas to many a youth's wild desire to be
The Ontario National Bank
Picnic in a Shady Grove
Baseball Games
Sports and Races
Inspiring Music
Stirring Orations
DANCING In The Evening
Special Invitation to Ontario Patriots

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