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PAUK Sit r A
Get in Touch With the Man Who Has Wants Through the Argus Classified Columns
Classified Advertising
A column that gets results for the buyer as well as
those who have goods for sale.
Five cents per line per insertion
Phone49 J
For Sale or Trade Residence
liropcrty In (MHiirlo. Will trade for
horses, cows, or hogs a bargain If
taken at M i '.ill at tin- Argus
I'm- Sale Oat Orpinglnn cod, anil
a tew cockerels. Rhone 112-tu. No.
ANTKI) You to know we are
iiiliM'l lo handle, your Job print
ing, and ready at all to give
you the most rMHMMt prices pos
sible. Whiskers-
The after effects, sometimes
are worm than limit whiskers.
We make a specialty of the rare
of your face Olve im n I rial
anil If not .nih.il. (! tell u.
Mimicr lttltlir.lt Mini-
Johnson A Hire, 'i'ois.
rut M UNs
nn i mi,,, nit iron
Office In New Wilson lllock
(iiti..- hour 9 to 13 2 to 4
Hit. VV. O. HOW K
Wilson Hide.
Oltlie 117
KeS II..'
I Mil KI'thlM.
J. II FAKI.KV Ft r.il dim tor
ami in hu liner. Lady usslstaul Rhone
I 12 W Ontario. Oregon
Meets all trains.
Afk ill I
Alririi' ij II.
Went Itounil
No. 371 Mixed lcnvcs Ontario
10:00 a. in Dally except Sunday;
Arrive Vale 10:50 a. tu., Juntura
2:00 p. m ; Klveralde 3:20 p. ni
t'rane ft: 20 p. in.
Nil. :I72 Mixed Leave Crane, Oft
7:30 a. m. Dally Kxcept Sunday.
Riverside 9:30 a. m. Junturii
10:35 a. n. Vale 1:15 p. 111., Ar
rive Ontario 2:00 p. m.
No f Mixed Leave Ontario I II
p. in. Dally Kxcept Sunday. Leave
Vale 2:30 p. in . Arrive Hrogan
3:30 p. ni.
No. 374 Mixed Leave Hrogan 3:50
p. in., Vale ft: 05 p. m.. Arrive On
tario 5:50 p. in
Kxtra Mixed-Leave Ontario 8:16 a.
m. Dally Kxcept Sunday.
No. 363 Mixed Leave Nyaaa 1:36
a. in. Dally Kxcept Sunday. Ar
rive HomiKiale 10:36 a. m.
No 3::S4. Mixed Leave Homedale
t0:66 a. in. Dally Kxcept Sunday.
Arrive Nyaaa 12:05 p. m.
Kxtra Mixed- Arrive Ontario 12:30
p in
Attorney at law.
WllaoB Hlda Ontario. Ore.
Attorney at Law
Will Rractlcc In All t'ourta
Notary Public. Otlli-e Over Rnntnltlce
Itoom 9, First National liauk HI. Ik
Ontario, Oregon
MclTI.LOl till WOOD
Hooiiia UM r'irst Nat I Hunk III. Ik
Ontario, Oreaon.
Attorney al Law
IIooiiir , 14, 1 6 Wilson III. Ik
Ontario Oracoa
Hoonis in Wilson Hlda
Ontario, Oregon.
depends alloctlicr OH your own cllorts. The contents of the
little chaps sample cases arc what you choose to make them,
largely. In other wonls, it is up to you to make 1917 I rousing
good JT0M lor your business, and your strongest ally will lie the
good printing service we are ready to render. Let our repre
sentative bring his samples for your consideration.
Visits Capitol Unannounced to
Discuss Bills to Prevent
Washington PMSIIbBI Wilson at I
conference with Senator Newlanda In
the aenate office hulldlnir urged UM
immediate enactment nf a compulsory
arbitration hill jis a prolrrtlon to in
teratate rommert-e against railroad
It la understood In have be(h agreed
at the i onlereiii e thai such an answer
Hlmiilil lie made h congress to the
lateat disagreement between the
brotherkooda and the railway man
The president did not even permit
Secretary Tumult) lo know of hla
plan to vialt the rapltnl. He tele
phoned to Senator Newlanda aad
made the appointment hlmaelf. The
chief executive fa paid to have ap
proved the bill which haa been drafted
and ile. In. I to urge that It be pasted
with the lean poaaible delay after
congreaa convenee.
Tariff Outlaa on 3 llama Probable
The edviashllltv of reatoring tariff
duties on wool, rubber and coffee and the second time In Ike mmiiiiI sninial
of Increasing the present' tariff on post season football game, alien the
sugar Is nailer consideration by treaa husk) I'nlverslt) of Oregon eleven de
nn department officials and In enn fealed the speedy a4 aaart expert
greta aa a means of averllag the.onced I'nlverslty of NaMBJ I snls
thraalened deficit at Ihe end of tke tram bv a score of U tn r tt'aahlng
next fiscal yaar.
No return to the recent stamp tasas
Is enteasplaled In Ihe adaaliilatratlan
programme, officials assert. The un
popularity of this farm of taxation
waa fully demaastrated. It la felt, in
Ihe operation af Ihe emergency ice
aue leglalatlati adopted soon after
the war.
New Raalamatlen Bill is Introduced
The irrigation of countless aorea.uf
arid lands, and the drainage of still
greater araas of ewanip lauda. m 1(1 be
made possible If congress passes Ihe
l.lll re, enlK 1 1. 1 ri.,1 . ., .! lit Ihe .ert.le
nv Hrnator cnamnerism. or Oregon, i
and In the house In Hepresenlallve
Smith, of Idaho Whether the bill can
reirlxe final consideration this
atoll la problematical.
Stat Department 'Leaks" Admitted.
As a result of the sensation stirred
up by Thninss V l.awson. ho offered
lo prove that millions had been made
In Wall street as Ihe result of "leaks"
at Washington. It admitted on
the tloor of the senate thai luforma
t'on , oncerulliK the honor of the Na
Hon" had heen bet raved l BOBMOM
in the department As lo information
of value In rigging the slock market,
Senator Stone alio made the flral dta
cloaure. said he did not know
chairman Henry nf the house rales
cotnmltiee. after an Interview with
Mr l.awsou announced thai tha s)os
Jdnuary j
mam DEllLllllIlffl
aaaaaOl WSt U HMMM
The Ontario Argus
Ion financier Had heen unable to fur
nlsh inn mum or other definite in
fnrmalion hIioiiI the alleged "leak" in
advance of President Wilson's peace
Bote. .id.I thnt mi far rr he wan con-
earned Ih. matter would he drnnned
ir i aeaaaa . .i. ..,.,. ...
Herlina Washington did not want nil10"' ln-v '"' Nfcir9)iri HIT, for the
InvcallKHiion. and Chairman llenrv P"P of determining whether or not
Mould not Ml unless the "leak mak
era" and beueflclarlra confeaaed to
him In advance.
Record Enceeded by Almoat One
Bilhon and flral Place Takan. s1'1 Dtetrfcl slmll M deflgnalcd
Nan fan From Ihe Inlted Statea "'"' Kn"wn " "" 'u,e l,e"'1 Irrlfi
in l!i; niHiinfHclurea were exported'""" ",H,r,ct" Tl1'' houniliirii oi
to a alue greater than the value of "a,l Pr(,l"wl lllstrict are hm follows.
nianulai liircK ivportcil In in an) other Heglnning at the Intersection of
coiintrv In anj vear. ui cording to a
compilation iraiird by the National
Ctt liank. which ahnwed that the
year a total exieeded fX.tlOO.OOO.OOd, M
againnt $2.ni I'.oon.odO. Hie highest ex
port record ever made by (Iraat llri
tain, formerly Ihe world's largest ei
porter of niHiiufacturea Knglsnd'a
H.i. ni was made in ii:i, the year
immedlatelv preceillna Ihe war I'rlor
to the war the Inlted State hslri
third rank.
Orsgon Beats Pennsylvania.
I'aaadeua. Cal The weM triumphed
over Ihe east here New Year's dav. for
ton Slsle College defeated Rrn n I'al
verslty here last year By a Ilka score.
Teeth In Their llomic'n.
Whatever II may be Ibat the lobstrr
and Ihe i tali. laps, lulls, never dulnl
are eallug ihey always see something
elae that Ihey want and lau't wall un
til i in have masticated the first lie
fore attacking the second. tut they
don't give up Ihe first, nol by any man
ner of mesne Nature, humoring thia
rapsi Ions hcni, has filled ihe lobster
sod the crah with Icrlh In their stom
ach, and Ihey swallow their half mas
n .hi. I feat) and finish the hewing
vv lib their stoma, lis vv li lie tbev
sclxe and chew the other ililiu: that
baa aiii.i. led ihcoi I olmteis and
i nil is have no teeth In their i nl-
'lli. , hew with Ihelr . Iiivvm vv hut they
have time to and band the unfinished
Job i..vvii fo their mIoiiiii. lis to do t lie
rest of the i he" I ni;.
nr Share.
"So (be latvyeis BBl about all uf the
eslali- Did Kdllli get any HilugV"
"Oh, ir,: She nol one of the law-yai-a."
BBBteB Ti hiis.i Ipi
Made Hastily.
"She uiairled In liasle."
Ilei , -lollies allow II. Look at tSsf
hang of that gowu." Kaunas City
His. ouieiit that is born of envy la a
toe to pes. e
l.nt.tl. NOTICES.
That, an election will he held on the
, ""' "Trhory an hereinafter MMTflr
'''' HMH" '"' organized into an irrfga -
lion dlstrlit under the provisions of
Chapter VII. of title XL1 of Letd'a pnsod dlHtrlct.
Oregon Lam, heliig Sectiona 61 R7 tol At aald election Hot it til ba
f.:M7. l.oth in. luhlve. el Mild tewajtllrae directors ider.tetl lij Hie illalrict
.md the Acta amendnfory thereof.
the north lank of Snake river Kith
the state line between Idaho and
Oregon, on the east lino of fraction-
al aection 6, townahip 22, south of
range 47, east of Willamette mcrl-
Thence north along the state line!
o the Intersection of the canal known
aa the Riverside canal and tha east
line of lot 8, section 31, township
21 South, Itange 4 7, Kast Willam
ette Meridian:
Thence West alonit and adjoining
the South side of th- Klveralde Can-
al. through S.-vcllun It, Township 31,
South, Itange 47, Kast of Willamette
Thence West through Section 3.
Township 21 South, Itange 4t Kast.
and Sectiona 1 and 2, Township 22
South, Itange 46 Kast of Willamette
Thence Kaat irted Nor herly. along
the Weatorly boundary line of the
right of way nf aald Riverside Canal,
ihroua-h Sectiona 35, 26, 35 and 24,
Township 21 South, Range 46, East
of Willamette M.rldlun, aa acid can
al Is constructed through aald Sec
tions, and also through the sw ', of
Section- 10, Township 21 South.
Range 47 Kast of Wtllumttte Meri
dian to where said Riverside Canal
Crosses the Stale line between Idaho
nn. I i if ton In null I Section 16;
Thence Ninth along the said boun
dary line hciw.'iii I. lulu i and Oregon
lo the south I. ..hi. of Snake river:
th.-nce Soiilli and West along the
hank of Snake river through shcIIoiih
7 and IS. Township ?! Soiilli.
Range 47, Kast of Wlllanielte Mali
diun: and
SSttoM :i, li. , , 27 and 34.
of township J 1 South. Itange 46,
Kual of v ill. no. ii. Meridian; and
S.-riions I. ill, II. and 1 in Town
ship 22 South, Kuiikc 4(1. Kast of
Wlllamelle .Meridian, and Section li
of Township 22 South. Itange 47, eaat
of Willamette Meridian, lo tho plui e
of beginning.
Alao l.iil 1 of Seel lou !',. Township
South. Range 47. Kast of WHI.ni.
tie Meridian; tails 6. 7, I, 9, anil in.
of Section 31, Township .'n South.
KaiiKo 47. Kaat of Wlllamelle Mattel
The landa included in Ho- forego
ing description, and which are Intend
ed to be organised lulu all irrigation
dUlricl. are aa fullewa:
Said lota 6, 7. 6, and 10 of Sec
tion II, Township 20 SouOi. Range
47, Kast of Willamette McMillan;
l.ol 1 of Section 6. laiis 4 aud 6
of Sertiou 7. and all of H...M I
-eel Ion IK; ihe NW ' of Section IK.
and Ibat portion of SW ', of Section
l.viiiK North of Ihe riKhi of say of
the l(lvetldu Canal, and thai por
tion of Ihe SV4 of SW', ol Section
31 lying South 0! Hie right of way
of Ihe Riverside lanal. all in Town
ship 21 South, ItnUKc 47 Kast of
Willamette Mi-i i.ll.ni. and Lola 1, 2.
:; .mil 4 of Motion I TnwBshlp 22
South, R.iiiKii 47, Kut ol Wlllanielte
Tho SL. of XUj mid Lots I, , 7.
X and the NK', of fj of Section
Li; I .ols 4 and . 01 Section 14; all
oi section 11 Intel Baal al Inake
Itiver; Ihe SW ', . the .. and ..II
that portion of Hie SK'i of Section
'l Iving KoiTli Bl IBB run! ol way ol
Ihe Itiverside Canal: all thai portion
of ihe Nty ol Seiiion hint North
of Ihe 1 IK ll ol vv.iv ol Ihe Klveisi ,.,
Canal: all of Sections 16 ..ml II Iv
lug North and WeM or the Kiv.-i-i.l.
Canal, and all of Sections 27 and .". 4
lying Kasl of Snake 1 1 , .-i all in
township 21 South. Itniii;i. 4ii, Ku-i
of Wlllanieiie .Miriili.Hi .
Lots I, 2. ::, li. 7 and 10; Hie U
of NK't and K Vi ol SK', of Se.Hoii
:;; Lots I and I of Sction 111, l.i
,, ol Section 11; Ihe NW1,. Hie W'-.. I
of SW',, Hie NK'i af SW1,. Lots ,
and 7 and Ihe NK1, of SK' of Sec
tion 2, Hint ail thai poll ion of the
'.'K ol Seiiion 2 lying. BStttB of
Hie right ol way .,i ll,. K1v.11i.le
Canal; Lots 1, 2. , , ll, 7 and X ol
Seel Ion 1, and .ill thai pail ol l.ol 4
ol Se, Hon 1 IvIiik South of ihe right I
of way of ihe l(iviridi (anal, all In'
Township South, Range 47, Kasl;
of win tie Meridian:
Also thai pol'lloli oi Ihe jiL. of'
) of laatlnn !! In Towntnln ill
South, Raaga 4i;, Kat ol WllUwetu
Meridian, lying South of the right of
way of the Riverside I 'an.il;
Tho teatOM ahall cast hallota at
such election which Ihall ontaln tho
wonN. "IrrlKntlon District, yea", or
"Irrigation District," no. or worda
equivalent thereto, and also tha
.names of the persona ni-d lor to
fill the elective offlcea of said pro-
i at large Said dlatrlci ihall i onHtl-
, tute oae election preclm i atul aald
.Inilon ahall M held on the 10th day
... February. 1917, at till hoolhouae
'f School Diatrli t No. II, in Malheur
.County, Oregon. The poll ahall he
Opantl at 8.00 o'clock
A. M., anil
shall remain open until N.00 o'clock
' M. of said day.
The ofleari
he aa follow .
at Hind .lection shall
Frank Miller
John Holly
Mrs. I.lbhy Hillabury
Mrs K II liromback
Harvey It Hatch
Pone and dated at Vale, Oregon,
""" "'" "BT "" Jn"r'- '
County Judge
County Commissioners.
First Publication January 11, 1917
Last I'ulillrntlon February I, 117.
Whereas, at the regular election
held on the 7th day of Nov. IS-l.
there was submitted to'thw voters of
Fair precinct the queallon '-Shall
stock be permitted to run at large"
al which election there were raat 52
voles for stock running at large and
87 votes against stork runing at large
and there was a majority of .15 volea
against stock running st large In said
district, now therefore
Notice la hereby glvaa I Hat after
i .. vplraiion of alxty days from He
mmher 21st. I91. Ihe date of Hie
"" Miihllcatlon of Ibis notice, to-
" ' d ll,r I "liruary 21. 1117.
" '''ll '" ''"l.i.viul lor stock to run
at large in that portion of Fair I're
i Im i III Malheur ( ounlv. Oregon, Ihe
i. ..un. I,. i i .,! a tali . hod aa
follows, lo-wil :
lloglliiJng ill a pilnl on Snake Hlv
"here K.. I and .-i BBBtBff
line 01 Se, I... Twp. IS S ItiiK 47
K. W M inlersecls Hie gate river;
lln-nie in a Nortlnilv .lll.itl.nl along
tin- gate itivn 10 a point arhara ih
Malluur river .-niers ihe Snake 1(1 v
il. iioc lollowliiK the Malheur
llivir In a general Soul li w'.-Merly dl
leition lo lis Inteiaeci Ion vvlih (he
Ka-I and V , 1 BBBtW line of Sec 10,
Twp II I Kiik l I W M . I
Ill.l- of Si I, Twp. IS
S Una 47 I W M . tin 11.. Sou I
10 Un 11 ni. 1 ol Sec. 17, Twp Is I
Rag '. K W M; lluiic Kast to
Ihe place of hcKinnlng
I'nder penult) of len dollar
lor Ihe first oitense. and twen
ty dollars for each and ev
rl V ,iiIim. lit ol f, 'Use, to be IL'COl
cl eil Iron) Ihe owner of -.1. h slook in
11 civil action in Hie name nf Hi
Siale of OreKon a- piovldeil by S.
Hon .',.'.7.'i of Lords Orcein; .aw
aniendcd hy Chiiilet I. 'ill e: t Ua Kin
,1 .,1 hi B ol Ol i-koll lor I II I I
Willies- inv hand and ei, of I i,i
Coiiiily ( mill ol .Miilhciir Couiilv,
01. mill, this llh dav ol I )i c IdK,,
1 ounlv clerk.
l'"-l PUbl imi Inc 2 I . I N I 6
1.1, I MI lit IC.il 1. Ml I. Hlll.lt V II, 1 Kl .
wheat elm. 11.41; bluaatea ' Mj
red laaalga II 4ii . f. .11 II 41.
Harlev No I li . .1 . 1 1 r ten
llav liniothv. Ill p 1 ion. alfslla
Sutler I realm 1 4.
Bus Ranch 4m
Wool F.aHci n Oi . i.
i . valley.
Hops li, . n. p. .. .'
Hhl.Ml-UI 1 Hj
. i 11.47;
fori y fold 1147 red Russian
rile II 47: turkev red. 1JJ
Harlav ;IT per ton
Uutler iraaniery. 3e.
) II;
KgKS 41c.
Wc waul so 111 u Ii to put one el
our elecli u'iilly operated pollo
I'lavci I'lauos in a home Hi Ontario
that we will make a IjIk (lis. oillll on
Hie flral one. knowing that i iioui i
orders will follow lo wan-nit Ihe s.h
ill i- 11 plavs by hand and pedall
al .. A I. -Her of lijulrv will do no
harm. ' if ou may aak Mrg
III I lllli.l 111 i . I'l.lllO II. .11
Boiaa, Idaho. i. ii

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