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You Get the Right Kind of Goods at' the
Right Prices Here
The Ontario Pharmacy
piiom m. a
l matilla
Tin' nan who boliovM
in llic ik'vt'loprnent of
Onion's opportunities.
If you have not received
complt'te eopy of my prim i
pleH, write DM at Stantield.
ll Argaa i.
copj ol ta Kan thai appaarad in iii,
Miiinili . Ill ! n i . Aiirn ttlllni a
I Rad or ) n bj v.iniiiiri iii
I ill. il i ion itt unit v Tli. ITOIIIW ni'-n
II il being h friend iii ,i v.i known
den) nf this section, Judge Hmwn
;iin! hi . brotaw Tha following li
i' ellpplai
"What mm itni lYaaa Worker has
"Tin- auMarfal work that i ba
'ii- (linn- In miic woman nf I In- count
ny Inr Hie Iti'l t kim In shown Iii a
itrlklBi naaaar by the list nf artlalaa
produced h ime AlliinlH III. worker,
Minn Alice Tuttle, POM Juno 1917
in .In n mi ry 1918.
TIllH HH lldlic III Cllllliccl oil wll'i
all (if hr regular house work Kol
low lug Ih Hie IIkI :
6 mending kiln. 14 -(inifnrl bar .
i .in1 n baiwatat bag covers. 1 1-2
doen bad socks. '.' pair operating leg
King., I (Inen lowide, 7 kIiiiiiIiIi 1 I .
. . I ilni n knitted sponges. 2 donr.cii
knitted iinIi chillis. 8 sweaters, :i of
nuilllcrs, A pairs wristlets, in llllkllin
puis. 7 rolldii irrigation pails. II in iir
lln bandage '' pieces Kait.f HUrglc
11 1 durcislngs
High School Students Take
Interest in Many Activities
Willi IV). mi.-. Ifcivl.,1 Hull, aid l.ne Ml
Miiiini-1 in-ill. siiiiicni An- aaaq Cmmu
III! .
The "Owasln-, Mill
1 lulu siiiiin Hnttle
Monday iftarnoon 1 praatlaa iafeata
bafara Iha Seventh and
Kighth ITadag Mr l..il .mil .Mr
1 iiiini) in . in iiciiiiic agataai
tiio ii Ik 1 1 aabool team, defending tbc
affirmative side of the question lie
solved, that Oregon Hhoiilil hIioII.'.
llic Somite Hut Mr Tweedy bom,'
illiiihle In roiiic. Dottle ( 'rum nut
look his pluee. The high Mbool
leaui won. Mr. t'lilherlsnn ,.ih 1 1 it
llic leaui did not heut, they only re
1 el I'd mom votes.
Saturday aiti rtidon Mr. WunacoM.
assistant state director of the wnr
saving slump nun pa Ik 11. spoke to the
;i 1 milled h Ittti school a ho u I the
work In which he la InteriMteil He
pdlnted out I'ncle Snm'a pressing
ih d tor iniiney In curry nn the ir
.iini explained clearly the -mnnl In i
ness basis upon which the war savin.:
slump laraataaaal rests
I'li'tni. Dl ' ' Manual ir.unli:.;.
( 'iininiernal and Doiiiisiii Sen ni'e,
fhautatrj .md taaobaf-Utlalai iriaa-
-i"i, Hie Nut (lull, the hoys and girls
nit" ataba, mi etbar anaalaaibiai
were taken at the school Tuesday and
Wednesday for Hie "Owachee" Hie
HlKli llbeal annual
o -
The staff or the 'Owaches' the High
1 Iiim.I annual let the I imtr.ii t for Ihe
aaiiailai Ul the llrnch-Haffncr In
Km vlna Co of Denver, which comp
any was l!ie lowe I Imliler of the half
dozen companies submitting hills
The Manual Training Depart inenl
cdiistrucled six iiiorc hncs for Ihe
Ideal K.il Cross chapter this m
I'OK .HA1.K One I'.i; Maxwell
.... ..klll.H fllllL- ..llllll.llldl . . I I . I I. r-t 1 . 1
inni , 11111 "iii'" , - , 1 fi 1 ,. n 1 , .
aoousorles, and tires; all In a I '" do. lb.
condition A luiraiiln Trice fCUO
cash, see K S Halle), nr phone
II nj :i.
V l-KWKITKH Wanted to renl a
laiidard kevlmaril typewriter fur
fun.- iniiiiths. Notify Argus office.
The work (ill the High School An
nual I. progressing very nipldlv
I The stuff say the are nearlv rushed
while the faculty .Mr Inn
iliac an equally bard time Hut tin
wurk 1 ' so Interesting and the Annual
promisee to he so ery giniil thai
iiiiiniii' feels hard labor will be
liinilil II illl rewarded
m 1
' j& PWattfll Jlfllll 1 " 5
fewm He who wastes '$$$$
Wyi a crust of bread iij
JH prolongs the war WBk
Vili'lan Minis Tells of In.- mi X r
ship and Hnts New turk "Is
.Some llurg" In li-hn lloiiie.
: 1 . 11 IM 1 1 I II M 41
Ti 111 li ITuiisfei-
I'hnne i:.7 M
A f- I'll idle I I'nugll Mrill. 1111
I 11. im .... 1 liaiuheilalu a I'odgn
K d .1 uuuitier of 1 inn- during
the past two in lline year- lor colda.
cougba. and bMNtMaa, aud am
pleased la aay it haa alwaya gives
me pidiiipt ii-liei I couslder I'liaui
heilaiiis iim: - inedy a aplendid
uimlii toe and iiuve recvm mended it
(0 iiuuii ol mi irieiids, who have
' II and likewise pl.Hse II high
ly,' wines Mrs W Krantx, t'ol
d.n. V. Adv
If li Joh I'riutlng. iim wiah W
win ptaaaa raa Wa ara raaty at ah
iini.'s io quote pfMM ou all youi j
60, Head
of Cattle
Including 20 Dairy
Cows, at ranch of
W. H. Beary 1 8-4
in i les north of
New Plymouth, Idaho
Monday, February 11th
At 10 O'Clock A. M.
I a i e Inesday morning Superln
lendenl Douglass passed out a tag In
,ii er pupil In (lie high s. hdi.l. which
aa to he lllkell liollie ,lll, tied III the
coal shovel The card contained
hints on saving coal, and Ihriiiigh Ihe
scllddl inn.. I of Hie hollies were reail'
ed o -
l.i i r'rldH) night nlghl Mr ( ill-
hertsou took .Madden. Weaver, t'brla-
tensi-n. Dean. Ilowser. Kadi i and
to l'.i. He I,, Btal the I' II 8.
.ml huskel ball team Tin ',
m re ilef, ated 15-14 hut
n i .di derini! Ili
!l,irt that lhe had "iil one night's
iia. Ih i
' O
Mouila) evening after s. hind Ihe
in I. hi ho.u of the O II s held a
. mefiiiiK In ui. ii s plans tor the on
i ., hi. ai ion ui .la-, and si hodl baski I
ball teams, for boys and girls Mini,
eiitliUHiasiii was an. us, si hall Ima
Ins n leciired for ninttlio and the ' nm a,,,r'K
I Hie high selniiil will mikiii
hatra aa ayyartaaUj to i' mme
i d,,il Ki,ma.
The parents nf Adrian Davis re
ceived he tollowlug letter telling of
the life of cook on one of I n le
Sam's warships for that Is the occu
pation Adrian la leading these days.
I S Krederlck. Jan 16. 1918.
Dear Kelka: I received your let
ter -.ui.- lime ago but have In. n
hilsy must nf the time. The rest 'if
he crew are coaling ship tnila 1
il.in'l huve to en. 1 1 ship, you know, a..
I am u mess cook All I have to do Is
io I ii-il '.'(I men, was my dishes and
peel a dish pnn full of pi. latin a day.
I get :, n month extra, ton I am
getting f4:l 40 a month now Hut I
am otilv a mess cook three months.
I am in Norfolk, Vs., Dow. I guest
we will pull out tomorrow for New
York t'lty. I was In New York aliout
a week ago She sure la some burg
1 sin going to bsve my life insured
for $".000 tdinorniw It looks like
foollslilie.is Id me hut it will help
you fidUs out If anything happens In
me. It will only ( oat I3..15 niinii ti
IjihI h'rlil.n tin high school enjoy
il a very pleasing and Interesting
talk h) Mrs Ornish), the Idaho re-
.laliye nf one ot Ihe phase- of u" !
ih. hoys and girls dull work sin
Inlil what the Iniys and girls of Amei
n. i rinilil do io help with the (rent
to liny a $100 l.llnriv
llonri the next chance I get. Ob. I
am going to do lots of things I'll
get the Kaiser, if I get a clmiii. toa
I have not nen any real action
yel hill III hrl 1 do before another
month I'd like to get a chame at a
"suli" for once 1 am a three Inch
but have never hud a
0 show w hat 1 can do
It tieorge due- have to Join th
ai my I il, n't think he will have to
Thirty years ago tba telephone was a luxury Today,
through personal Initiative and private enterprise it has become
a necessity within the reach of everybody Wheie once a busl
- had hut nue telephone with a limited talking ruuge, today
that business has service with a range three-quarters ot a conti
nent bioac, aud every branch of every business Is linked to ev
.i 'liei hi ,n mi lcininiunlcattug telephone system
ihe taphoaa has .an . 1 us responsible place and thara are
now s mil' lien II, !1 lelepl, ones in llil.s counti. over which go
l ,ily.
Bra) Ik'll Telephone is a Lome Distance Station
Mai hem Home 'telephone km.
I world war, ewii tin, liny are nut old
ciiinigh in babMal la the .mm of navy.
I ineuially In del, '
'dear oldflgg'.
Krnlay alicriniiin fnur IiikIi
,ii i- -did iiuuii
laiilllv for tin- I'-ac'i. r pillnw to Im-
l ..111. I II III. benellt of II
i:tii an bOll and a
the uirls had sold (Illy .lollar-
arorth ot tu-ki t-
morning Mr. Aiken
of the Oniarii.
,.ly lie pi.k inl.-n -lincly on
liiui n.ilisin nidi Us ic.jiuriiient.s for
Sliidenl and in.'lli ln-r- ol
the tai uiiy Ihuroughly enj,
Viken's talk
lunii.i I;. ,illl.ries art l"
i.TIH'-'l 111 the dlflel.lll noli
, . ..1 Kiiniiis lauu.il by
Hon x' lloydell and 1'latt imw
buie beiii enrolled en i.iaase. It
ii every room iu icliool
, .ivimaiely I M p"i i.i
.lie i.nupaigu is ov-
In I'r. II. e
Wall, I den't knnw mill h In wrlle,
so will (i.i-e I in.pe y.m iniks are all
well ..in1 load It is awfully old
I go) two letter, front
ni have lost in i addles- Drup
her u cird and tell her. will mil'
Well, it- all.llH .1 Illie. Mine sd will
s, nue I'immI l..- I I. ..lull I
I'. -dpi.- en tyw l.eic are beginning
to raalln tbal it pv to buy me.ii
ale .ui e.-lablisllcd repU
latloii us they are most Iruatwortnj
and ible I'hainlier-
' "Ugh Iteuiedy is one of them
I.. . ii in iim (01 aliiio.-t ball a
..nliiry I'loni -mall heginnuiK n
sale am) use lias extended In all
pari- ,,i ' i.e I lilted Slates and iiiani
foreign i. .mime- When yim iiiim
a cough or cold give it a trial ami
realixe for yourself what an en-ell. ni
lliediclliu il I- fell
.-i Moatla) the Military company
. a sham tiench battle nil the
i in. .in. CoastlMitaiu.
li i- by im nn'uiia au aaay atattar
to cure th's disease, but it can be done
in lu.i.-t cises by taking t'hauiber-
laln's Tableta and complying with
the plain printed dire, t m. that ac
company each package
As ire predicted lust week pro
duce prices iaercMOQ materiel-
Iv. And our (Misloiners rccoiv
cl the benefit, ire ere stil!
pejitig those prices though the
market is uncertain on account
of traffic conditions.
Bring your Cream,
Poultry and Eggs to us
And remember, we pay cash
Ontario Ice & Cold Storage
Special Bargains
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