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tier In hereby riven that the un-
Itned executor of the Inst will
testament nnl estate of Harah
Ituaaell, deceased, ha filed In
Ing and parsing npon said final
account and settling the aald
mate. Any and all persons Inter
ested In aald estate are hereby
lounty Court of the State of Ore-1 notified to appear nt aald time and
for the County of Malheur, hla place and file their objections in
account of the administration or j writing, if any there are, to aald
testate; and that Snturdny. the final account and contest the came.
day of February, 1918, at the Done and dated and llrat publlHhed
lof one o'clock .p. m. of aald day. ithls 17th day of January. 1918.
court houae In Vale, Oregon., J. I). FA1RMAN,
leen duly fixed by order of said j Executor of the Katate of Sarah Ann
aa the time and place for hear- Ituaaell. Deceased.
Wlllt trade for Ontario property,
or will take livestock or cash for fonr
residence lota In Portland; four In
Boise and one In Montpeller
entertain any reasonable offer
property offered la desirable,
dresa n No. 7, Argus -3-4t
Corn meal for rle. wholesale snd
retail, on noulevard. 1 1-2 miles
from Orange hall J 11. Taylor. On
tario, Oregon. No. 3-It
ing's Fruits
Make your Pantry a
Garden and Orchard
I'lie Kurd Model T line-Ton 'I
f 0 k It. troll, has lie
ruck t'liassl. tiuu
'ii tlmruuKlily tested for more
man iwoyear. it la hoI.I you now In the IllgJll
'..nlidence that It will meet y,,i ..,,(, ,., ,,,(
v latlons. The regula.' JYrd rr.uie. only largor
'.ml h.-utlor. tii.- regular Kurd in..i..r villi ,,,.,i
driven ,rtn (tear, wheal ba of 124 inches and
will turn Inside a IMM circle It kjaj all Hie
impm-iiy ,,f ii... rord car. nil the ,-. ,,,,,,, u, .
bun .iiui maintenance. Onine in aud wu'll
flirtlie: ,1 .all- ,
KItHIK HAY KM. Manager.
give you
'his is the time to sell horses
y will be high ami it will he expensive
feed this winter.
horses now.
The market is rijjht
from 5
ant to gel good BOUnd horses
10 years old from !f0 oonnds
Mules Wanted, Too
III also buy goo,l sonnd mules Irom ten
irs old. Irom ll-U uoward. AiMiokk
A. McWilliams
tario Oreuron
That a special election will be held In
the 111k Hend Irrigation District,
Malheur County. Oregon. M the 23d
day of February. 1918, at which
election there shall be submitted to
the iiialifled electors of the District
the IVJWttM of the right of the Dis
trict to enter Into a proposed con
tract with the I'nlted States of Amer
ica, and whether or not Hie Hoard of
Dlrectora of said district be iiuthor
lr.ed to execute said proposed con
tract for and on behalf of said Dis
trict, In which contract the I'nlted
Rtates of America agrees lo furnish,
durng the low water season, from s.r
row Hock Iteservolr, or other sources,
for lands under the Itlverslde canal
within the Itlverslde Irrigation Ills
trlct In Idaho and the Hlg Mend Irri
gation District In Oregon, the same
proportion of storage water actually
available from said Arrow Hock Wch
ervolr as 1000 acre feet of the rapa
city Is of the total available rapacity
of said Heacrvolr, for the sum of
$20,000.00, with maintenance aa In
said contract provided, and agrees
to construct a drainage syslcin for
the said llig Hend Irrigation District
of Oregon and the said Itlverslde
Irrigation District of Idaho for the
purpose of draining the water-soaked
lands within said Districts, as pro
vided In snld proposed contract, to
(lie extent of expending. If necessary,
the sum of 1280.000 00 In the con
struction of said drainage system.
as provided In said (outrun, which
contract Is Included In the general
plan adopted by the Hoard of Direct
ors under date of Vo-eniber 14, 117,
it ml the cost of said water supply and
drainage system Is to lie apportioned
between said Riverside Irrigation
District of Iduho and the Hlg Hind
Irrigation District of Oregon In pro
portion to t!ie number of acres within
the boundaries of each of said DIs
li lets, the said Districts being
Jointly liable to the lulled States for
the entire amount of the il.llniiiliin,
the number of .ores within .ml M
Iricls being as follews: Itlverslde
Irrigation District of Id.iho, 9.211
aires, ii ml tin. Hlg Hend Irrigation
District of Oregon
imhI I In- salil Districts agree to pay
the cost of said dialnsge and uddl
llonal water supply in twenty annual
Installments, wit -unit Intereat, as pin
v tiled III snld eoti-riiet The p:ivneiit
of the first installment for I In- I i. i
apply shall become due and pavahle
I -'inhe.r first of the year during
v -.ii teli witter Is lirst furnished to the
District by the I'lilled States, mid
Hiil)seiiu-nl Installments mi uaremhor
first of each year thereafter. TlnJ
p. it in. Ill ol the llr-l Installment inl
the drainage st stein shall heroine dun
ami pay. hie lleet-niher tirs of the
year In which the drainage system
shall he const ru. -ted. to Ihe exlenl de
termined propt r b) Ik
the lllliTl.i. Hi. I lUll M ill-tl t IllMull-
manl on the Ural of December of
eui -h i ear i Installment!
tor bath and dralaaga
shall be us folio- st four two
per i out. the next two Tour per it ni
viili-d ! ,iii.i a 'in ; , .intract
is on nli ii ,. Hoard ol
Director- of Mid district, at Krattk
A. Mill i. ure within aaid In-
tricl, alioiit i .i miles Souii..
rmintt. Hilton, anil is herein n
. 1 1 id lo .ill.l iii.i.Ii- p.u i hi retif.
Maps, plan- I t. mates. surveys
and spei -Ifle.itions. together with the
repnrl of I he Slate Knglrieer, are on
file at -.till limn ..i il,.- Hoard or Di
rectors and at the office of the Raja.
Engineer at the State t'apitol, Saletu.
That under an nnlei nf Ihe Hoard
nf Director! the whole of aald In
trim shall coustlnn.- dm ehn lloa pre
clnit, and the place nf holding said
elccll. in shall heat Hn W..-I. School
liiiii.- in naid District
The polls shall be open ..
n'clnck in tha liil'i'lUMjil ami hall i'iiU
liuiie open until five p in of aald
day. at which eleciinn ll.e ballot -i
shall enntaiu Hie wonl-. ii.nlr.ei
with thr rnileil Si ' and
I'ontract with the I'nlted States -no,"
or words equivalent ln-i
That the Judges for aald elect mn
ara L. K. I'llisbury. Krank Millar and
A c Holly
By order of the Board of liiininr.
or the Big Bend Irrigation District,
this la day of January, 11 a
Set ret art of Big Bend Irrigation District
Great Hid In Fighting Mall
Order Houses.
War Wastes
Meat Supply.
What Qunpewdtr Did For War the
Printing Prtss Can Do For Horns
Merchant How to Make tht Beit
Us of a Very Efficient Weapon In
Fight For the Horn Market.
- Ited l IM . Lt . Iimilaa J Hlllllvsn
III funnel days superstition rites
were lived In aSOfCbM el II spirits, hut
in Out limes Ihe -nine cITci t Is attain
eil mid hcyiuiil . ninHrlsn more ef
fcituall.v iy tin ncw-spiiiier Hefme
tin- laliMimii chosls. Htuplres. will lies
anil nil their klndretl tribes ure driven
f ri. in ihe land pet er bj return. Noth
ing is mi Iniiik-riiblc to them as the
smell or priming ink.
Nsw Element ef Power.
WIihi gunpowder did for war the
prliillng pfaag I an do fur the hs nl met
chants wlui n i e competing with Ihe re
tail iiuill nitler houses, but the drat
step toward enlisting the aid ami
frlendihlp nf the editor is to undei
stand thai be lv ready to Ismst his
home Inn u nil the time aud i hat every
dollar cxMiilcd with him fur iiiImiIi
Ing iH i ft ii i ti n dollar's worth of bt-u
III ni ii. in.' lie asks no (alius of
ant niie. he has a dnllal s win Hi o ell.
snd sn dellit-i the gnniU et-ry
I In ikcMIi.ii id . ilnllng added a
new i h-iiiolil of .uwer In the l .
l-'rom that hniir tie- liraln and mil Ihe
ami. Ihe Hunker and iml Ihe -ulilli-r.
bask and ma ktaajsX were to rule I he
woiltl. Hie wcii.oii firu-i.i In Ilic in n.l
lyi-d and luluhlel llinii Ihe sun
Is. mi. n.ir in ii..laiil ihe IWord and
the biittlea t
Power ef the Pre.
The praBJ i not only free; It Is
powerful ih.ii no war is oajm, it is
the ajNaeajl ibnl man rat kxj it
araa mi itantad bj monarrba' it a-
inU Mined Im IM hi a-i-inira. les, but
American Stock Reisers Co-operate
With Food Administration In Con
servation Measures.
YOUR washing!
It Is probable that Kuropo for many
years nfier the war will look to a
great cvtsbt to America for Its meat
Kumpe'e herds are dwindling under
war's ilfiiiiind faster than they can be
When the Herman armies retired
fr-un occupied portion of franc, and
llelgliim npproiliiidlely 1 simissl hend
of cattle were appropriated, This ad
ill', .. a tiriiuiiit siifccunrilnd Herinnnt
from caltle shortage other n.i I Ions now
In l.'ngland some MStMSt acre of
grnss lands have bj coinpuNory mens
lilts heen forced lillo grain production,
thus reducing pasturage ami hay lands.
A declining scale of ii.h t liimiii incut
price for live cattle was orihilned In
Kngtsiid. aa follows : Kor Kept ember,
$17 76 per huiulred Ojound ; ficlohcr.
17. '1H; November and December.
IMM, snd for .liuiiiary. $14.40. The
ethleiii Intent of this measure was to
drive the I f siiltuals Into market as
Soon hs possible.
According lo offlelsl I'reneh figures,
the cattle of 1'iniiie lutte decreased to
a fatal of u'ui ikki as inn til wiiii
IdJSTpSM In Kill. Today. dtieSo lack
ef forage principally. Kram-e Is pro
dnelng only one gallon of milk where
before the war Iwo and one half gal
lons weir pioilin id
Meantime the Culled States food ad
snlliiNlrstli.il hi. i n kin stem in con- I
aertf our flocks and herds ami to In- I
crease ihelr numbers. 'I he k bfajad
Ian of ibis i-oiiniiv kIiow a dlsHislllou
aaaM tdMaa
la one of
tha essential things
with your everyday X
You want your washing well 2
done, and under proper run. It- X
tlons, with proper nml
Ojkll) deslgiied eiulpnu -lit . so
thai wneti It conies hack In vmi 1
II a 111 be clean and the natal
alia will not be .lamageil ,
vk CAM DO Yont
v sfHINQ .n -si in vr
v v.
H. U .IOMS, I'ropileloi-
ti perale w lib the gut eminent III
lor many venrs it has been a prac
the aiming miiii.t of Hie dalrt pie
nf Ibis iiiiinlrt to kill male ealtes at
Dl ri It and In many lusuim-os Hie fe-
I mules If iml iieeiled lo leplcnlsh Ihelr
Ifearda rather Hum go to tha !
liuiiiii'iiig I hem inn. teul. The h
prices nf im. in caused Ihe vlriiial
leontl ime nf Hiis killing Another
eneniiiagliiL' fm-i Is TO per . ml. of
Cllltc- killed fat Ve. il Ihls villi Wile
it sprang from tha paofda and with nn henlaa,
lin tnl Instinct II baa n vv avs wiii-ketl Siiiiiebnilv baa very aptly snld Hull
rr Mm people the man a the atiriil have i n araa
t as with grease, meaning thni baron and
V..I InficpienHt are the isdliois imd Lave I.e. n ns ossenllnl to success
thcnisitos p. i. la,,,.- r..r the aaajanl j " aan paasdor, whtrh ha trans,
lliiHi sshui thai the i luef tnllle nf The lings if RumajO bar a been tery
ttiial paper Is all i-v lllelli e (hat llle gle.Hlv -in I llleed III presenl ilav m eds
tow ii Is fullt allte slid fully up to This UNtkaa Hie Aiii.i h nn l.iii.hn all
dale. Ihe more heuty ami makes doubly ,.M
White Space Hi Stock In Trad. seiiiiul mi In.-r.-nseii pork pro.liictluii
'Ihe publisher's stock In trade Is the
while -i.aie in bis papei vt till Ii hi
Has In .ell. Ihe value ur vv hi. n tile,
men ii. mi can determine uj iii efforts
In make uisni use nf il. unl liy a Utile
fniii or six iii. Ii ail mi. e a imuiHi. Inn
lit a t.sill. Utrge, vvell prep, I ad run I
lllllg week nflel week
Expert Service
Charges and
The kind of treiitmentSteady
customors deserve Is the
principal upon which we do
! business.
Accessories carried forj all
kinds of cars.
Gasoline, Lubricating
and Supplies.
t Ontario Auto Co.
Phone Hit
oNTxIilo. OattSOOM
In Ihls tint liii. In llaly grain Is now
i forlihlllell lo he fell III lloL'S. In le
I mart under a r nl order one fourlh
or Hie l,ni, were niihlcd In be killed.
Il Is cslliiinieil iIihI one half have now
been killed
Hllnilav I ell. IO.
Kmily Si tens
I'lltbe News 1 . St. War I Hoi
Tlie hs nl uieicliHIils and low us
people who are li.luiiig Ihe retail mall
nd. . boaaaa aaa Hud no more valuable
aid than Hie In-sl t-dlloi
a at
Tin I. unl merchant can do liulness
on a smaller uunglii of prulii than the
mail uidei bullae as In- expenses are
less Hi' does II. il Boa! I" ealiv .lull
ii large sps k. as ba knoara his naaada
and lli.li desires, and he kii.vv mil
t-aii pt.-
llil II '. I 'in II I (Ml "'III. I lelluW
How to Get ReiulU.
n llnlllil I III- pllll. I.'.' lea-. .11 In a
few ....
local papi r ihn-. n il pa.. Is Is
llleV HlelllHcIV IS II I I k s , , I 1 1 lis.- Ill ill.
i hev Inl' Ill I In I.lv .1
III Hie piper lilt:
III I 'i- time BHd Ihuliuhl I" :
Hun or Villi! nl- I In men haul vt Im
i . this will .is and g ill
In nmpl ilu of
being im a I is
. limn
llnvt inaiit nl then: emphiv lli.sleru
up I" date iiielhoils in Ihe uudin l af
Iheli hllsiuess i., Ihev nlv el Use III
tellin. -ully end ..iisi-teni . lelllug the
pill. ii. what 'lev ha.e I" -i1. and a'
whnt prleal When there is a slight
hllsitiesi, (Ivpresslnll 111 I hell low II fit
they In.-rease their adveafjotaai M SO
Hoi burn '" Um bteal newspaper ami
cut anil lllell I
He Weu dn't Advert.ee.
H.v . "i -lam .mil In nf the
advei i.siuu nliiiiiiis of Ih.
the merchants rm unr -ige lln- editor I
efl..l I III pi "I llllllg lie
Iielt.l In. al ic nil a. ,. it Ii ; a i .1 ill Hi-
i. in. adeerttelng aortb nf Ibi
is materially .
of a ier mirth whi,
awaited in the boaaaa M raw uiisum
at k
And wlieu you i-ome tu the end g
life's Journey do nut lie in a position in
urvr i he following iiiwillied upon ymir
Ami nen he oiefe go plsnt him deep
Thai uaugbl msv hietk hie 4rsjile
Wher 'it rutie t-liuui may iipl
Tt uuiet that be loved o well
Arwl erhee tSe world mar know lis toss
nit. H. lit gists ffath of uiuee
Aad uei th el. ..I- iiwfti. "Nei lies
A sbaissa wfcci ttoutdu t advertise" ,
K Sc aa aa v
LbbH Lv
Bi BBr
M. iii, In I ell, I I .
llomlhv I'hlpps
lunicilv. Memllug the llabt
h.v I ah. IH
lltlillHl STM '!' Hes
Klrst ni i ..i i iv im ' .
toil I'll! lie I a. lime.
Ttilil ul Tttlllgbl. Halu llslMilne,
A. inn gon i and
ttiulo l. A... i. an I'll s Aaeis-latloa.
-!(!. e- tinrl Cileries J. Stsikty.
W..I I . I. I.I
Barton Holnn
I loo I I.
illi II... il....
I i i .mil sal Id. I.i .unl III
i lark
I toney Home Helens.-
Put i 'I i H. vn Glauses when ymt set tiic
I. i tha lie you've prepared foi the nuri i I
ng As u . ggrstioi. lor a duinly I
Cream rhafM and rhopped oBv
adl, Idl picklei Bhrunp sulu.i I
Its. If ii nutritive dun's, Sn.. ii...k an appetising
.irhghll 1 llddltll i, I,, am lnr.,1 let Ol
light ni In
Hevu t tie all-y ear-Youuii soft drink.
u L"ttm ..... . - ,nrl) by
''-aaa..s.jibaf-- ' ' .fl B"

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