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Sty? QDutarin Argua
GEO. K.AIKEN, Editor and Publisher.
Published Thursdays at Ontario, Oregon,
isd entered 1 1 the Ontario posl office' ftrr
distribution ms 2nd class matter.
The attempt which is to be inade by the hav growers
and the stockmen to solve the feeding problem thru bring
ing about proper hay standards lias merits which should
linii success. lid Iht or not complete results; are si
lars for everyone he would spend for Ms own advanta
Remember this when yon gn to the polls next Tuei dai .
Remi mber thai yoti arc going to make a decision in favoi
of a bigger and better Malheur founty1 by providing roadi
thai will knit the county Into a unified whole Instead of
scattered settlements as it Is at present i thai j on are going
to express Malheur's desire to be on the road map which
will pull Oregon out of the mud, and which will keep th
state where it belong!) among the most progressive com
rnonwoalths of the union.
There is room for another good big town in the Hriak
iic i' valley,'' said a prominent business man who visited
thin ii i.' ntlv.
Will Ontario he that town I That is the question thai
(...I tl,iv v..; krp.fli.1fB thu uoik h. 1 1 1. 1 mint iiiilt- C:Vf V I., ii 1 1 man III Ontario sllolllll he asKHI- IlllU-ell
until a hett'er understanding Is reached and the interests And a- a romllan to thai queitinn is another he should
of both industries are placed on firmer footuig. address tn himself: which nnghl he like tin-:
That BUch an effort should liud it- -tail with the hav "What am I doing to help make Ontario "Thai
growers is in itself a fact worthy of note. Should the eon "own
sultatiou of the alfalfa rai-ers' and the stockmen rcsuh Or some might with propriety ask themselves thi.
in the elimination of inferior hay, or at hast relegating il qii 'tlen: "Am I holding Ontario back .'
to an inferior place In the estimation of the stockmen it Rverj man musl answer that Question for himsell
will he the ha growers who will be the financial losers. Others may think what the please, but it is what n man
Thai is what the progressive, hav growers desire to thinks ol hisowi iirsc that should determine Ins futur
seeure, and what shoiihl be attained, for the man who nl actions.
tempts to sell i low grade hav at a high grade price is n Now " t as certain as the sun dunes thai (here
detriment to his neighbors, to the community, an. I ultl '" be " big town In this valley somewhere, and it i
match to himself also certain that 1 hitario is as favorablj situated to lie that
There Isnodoubl that as good businessmen thestoeV town ssanj of its neighbors. In manj ways it has the ail
m.-iTof this section will be glad t" differentiate between vantage of its near bj rivals.
,d hav and hav when the buying season comes. The' Hm whal Is Ontario doing t achieve progress wha
trouble however is that the) cannot always Ml when they has been done of hit. to forward the interests ,,i the com
are buying poor hay. It is also true, no doubt, that man) munityf
men in the stock business an not as good judges of hay as '' ' nahe uoneal with ourselves, What has been don.
they si,uld he. Kverv business lis among its followers to advance Ontauio s ssition i
men whoare not as good judgesof the materials thei hai Kverj da) we read of regressive steps hem;: taken
die as are their competitoi '.v Nampa and Caldwell. The) are growing. They are
There is alto another reason wh r hav often Sells doll thin.- thai attract people to their communities,
for the same price as a much superior article; ;,v etei 'I"' ivsuH people arc going there.
Tensenof Nyssa i-xplained to the businessmen last Thuw Thej have no better territory behind them; no great ei
da) evening; thai is th( almost impossihh to determin "csotirees from which to draw trade and wealth. But the)
nftei tholun is in the stack what proportion of it is weed havi greater conmmnlt) pride and more aggressive spirit
,he;.i nnd otln i foreign matter. To nropcrl) grade a hav 'I'll'', ;" 1 waitiug on changed eondit or the return
....... II... lillVi.l' ia ....l.it.elle.l til View the llllV iield when till '" 1' ' VC'I I' price- t() make impi'oV eclil B.
alfalfa is glowing; see how it is raked- shocked and stacked ("' these days Ontario will awaken to the fael
before he is in a position to put a proper value on the thai while she waited her neighbors have hit her behind.
Finished product s'"' u'" "I"'11 '"''' ''v,'s " '"' ,i"', 1m, '"' procession ol
Of course individual stockmen whose cattle are ou the business onportuuity has passed by while she slept a.,.,
ranges during the summer can not do this; nor would the) dreamed of opportunities to come, instead ol being awake
l,e apt to accept the dictum of ;, committee of hav growers and hustling t . . make opportunities t..r herself.
nlom so hoi ther method will hav. to be secured! N"w If the time. This is the place. Ontario wants
It riiould not be difficult for the stockmen and hav lo n main in the vanguard ol the conimunit prjK-ession H
growers gf this section to secure a ma 'ability, traiiiiui muni lMtir itself now. It mu t not only strive to hold the
audim aitinlit) to remain in this section during the gro Irad It now has hut reachou! lor that which passes it by.
inc season and 'to appraise the value of the various crop " ! serve not onl) the present needs but be prcjian
The ihjs1 of Ibis service could be divided between the In ,n 'thai which is coming when the land settlement mov
.lustii.,. .n n toirtiagc basis """ wriU be upon us.
I tl inuiutv. which is vitall) Interested, tile sue mnpoDpniAi vj-vnTrnta
,l this movement means more than the mere solution THE SPECIAL ELECTION
of the hai problem. It means continued prosperity tot Oregon voters will la) aside their usual vwatiuns next
I..-,,; iiidus stipou which the welfare of even liusiiicss Tuesday to take their place as legislators t.. detcnnim
n vp man. important questions. Iv this time of course most ol
As stiN'kme'u of tills section learn that when thev con thevoi i i have deteamined upon their course lof action but
t,,tl Mall., it and Hnake river allevs in Oregon that t . hen- ";'V wl"' i,,v ftill in doubt, so the Argus
will git ha- for their stuck in abundaiiee, proper!) gradl 'ke most ol thi other pers m tbstate takes the liberty
for the vurious purposes and priced accordingly, the, topresenj .ts recommendations, tor what thev are wort
tioii ol oie. .1.1 hav will Ik' eliminated frotn consideration, to its ifadeiu:
The fanners will' be assured n market and the stockmen On the question of normitting counties, b) a vote of the
will I., assii - I n I supplv of U-,A. When these ti 'l""l l.to id themselves to 6per cent oi the total ralun
dementi eiiinc toavthcr then.'and onlv then- will prosper lion for readpunsjses: Vote 300Yes.
it v hr as-ur. d lo all On the industrial and reconstruction hospital amend
uieu . Vote 1102, Ves. Because this does no1 appropriate
VOTE FOR ROAD BONDS ".' money, but provides where such an institution may I..
i. .1 . i ... .i ...hi ..i .i idaced,
ll i incunceivan.e inai men- win oe mn ,. .,, ...(.n. ,. ;....;....;., ...l
flt I (M ((Ui U, I U I I ill i I ' I ''I ibis it i '-i! ii i i.iw''ii ...
lion I., the issuance of .':.! i.hiiii worth of Malheur (iUUt
lolls to he Used for the e. llt lllct l li ! glKxl POUdS O
drai i.mc l.onds, '..te ::ni Vea This is the most important
.1 i- a measure oi niei n hj miib mtik.u im hi -....
The Anrushas no rceoumiendation to make on the uext
Lieut. Governor amendment or the
nouns ii. ne u.-eu ... in. r..ii.ii uciii'ii "".. ..i'.- - . , , .. ,
,, . ... ii i , .ma aire r '.astern Oregon, aiu dues imt a .r.u.iiatc a
course the iv are some who are constitutionally opposed t .'.' . . , ., ,, ',. ,
... , ,. . ,, i r .. .,, . .. kii', lu-oiMr sa tLiuards urrt.iind its a.lnunistration and
any change in conditions, progress to tuem is an aoliorciu . ... . ,
thing to I., avoided whenever possible,
I f I I i.e. iu i tint ll.il... in, ,r, I Ii:. 1 1 :. 1 1 . .1 Inr I ll.ll ha -die Ii I
hack the development of Malheur etmnty, it lathe lack of lx.v". "." ':'v"'"' 's;,1 "i, Ll
. ..., i .. i .. ...i,: i. . .a ...... -T' .'" '' .' " nil mu.
e.iot mails. In. i ..ads, s.. ealhil, o er w Inch people aie . .. i',,i, ,.
., ... ... On tic ,'..oseel I'JlVav, Note ..1(1 cs. I Inter
lorced lo travel t.. reach maiiv ,. the important eentei-. ,., - ,
..., ',. ,. , ,.,,,, this measure the State is i.. Iuruili hall tile luiiils lor tli.
lie e.iiinlv are inisnoiiiers. Ihev are little better than , . . ,
, ;. i . , ,, , i, , .,j. i ,,, ..,,, an ding of a highway along the coast where one is ueeo;ea.
t rails, ad. iiiial. lor the pa-sauc ..I lie. ..r cattie. nut not i . , . . . ., ,. .
1 .. . ' ' ' t ..era "iivi'i-n nent d' imt uic aid in l!l tin
for modern vehicles. . ... "
Ho louir as these conditions exist, so loug will Malbciu '' 8V,' , , , ion i m i.. .; .. .1
. , ,, v ..... , ,, ,.,n ... On the Soldiers and Sailors and Marines educational
tountv acluevi luit little primes-. c residents will not I. .. . . i . . . i.
I, I, i ,i , hi t ie Argils has no recoinnieiidat ion to inaKe.
euine to a IVgtOll where the people are so l.a.kuaid that ,. . ... . ,. vi i . i iv, J1V 'IM.,
., ,. ,iM i i .i ,i, , , , Ou tile mill tax for Market lloads, Vote 31b Yes. l in
the will not 1 hi i It I gotul roads when there are so nian .... .11.,. .; ,
I . . I . . .. I ; I ... , 1 . 1 1,. ...ij ii in 1 r in IM' niiiMiui-iuui hi iiiKiiii.M.i i" .'..ii.'i.-
ee lulls ...en . . set t led le I it W hlcll sppl V t Ills e-ellt ll ' .11 I I .,11 ,,,l, 11.,, .1.,
' ..1 .... . , 1 . n-.t ... I..,. ).iv. - ..in vl... 11 I.I .:. .V .' iih 1 -
. , . , , . 1 , , . -1 , , , , , , , , , 1 1 . , , , , , , . , ........... , ............
The siate Federation of Labor.
The Central Labor Council of Portland.
The t'iiv Commissioners of Portland thru
its lommissioners.
The Portland Kiwanis Club.
The Portland Ad. Club.
The Portland Rotary Club.
The State ( 'hainher of !ommercc,
The Portland Chamber of Commerce.
The Men's Club of the First Congregational
The Hotel Men's Association.
The Oregon Motor Dealers ociation.
Portland Papers.
I apt 1 ! in the State.
Fifteen Granges throughon! the Stat ofOr
Also 1000 lettei from pn in n i of all
walks of life throughout the State of
VoteTlO X Yes
Special State Election June 3rd.
Roosevelt Military Coast Highway
"Oregon's Road to Prosperity"
I . llll.illlllllillliilllHlllllllllllliilllllli.Hijl
I llll Illlilll
Ontario business men demonstrated last week thai
It is a matter ol fact that u" d roads llUVC alinout tak. r
the place of giMHl schools as a criterion hv which to Ulcufc
. m 1 iti
are tn.. iirogreasive spi.it ,,i a nnunnv 1 nev go u- ,. .. ,,,,,,,, ,,, ., fellowship diuner. And the dinner
ether .,, ......I sections for hj having wmmI roads school demoiwtmtoi 1h;lt mch Rfttherings are , ceded, for at that
districts aivbr.it Ugcthersotha moiv effieient si-hoolsaii ssi ( ;i M 1()ili(.l. of Vlt:i, .)PiblelllH ,,. the general g -I.
..pen and r. ,-idilx aecessible to.the children ol wldel. sep ,,s u n ... ,-, the specific good of huil id lal memhork was
ll'a,,,,i awjtmua, L,vll, lah (i,,vlls.s,.( t.,thc profit 'of ail.
Kxeeut hctween Ontario ami Vale and between run 'Jhercii . incth ng contagious about si ih event 'Idle
per and westfall there i- not a siugle u 1 wad in Mallien u., v ,j,i,.lt tf being i ne of the bin h mak? bun who par
eoiint.v. so fai as the Aius has l.eeii aide to learn. TWa i tie ipates feel more kiudlv tow . m fe-JuW men. And
indeed a s.urv state ' atVairs for a . oiu.t.v of this kind. . . u.;),. ., ,,.,,, i(.t.s ln.Uv t.'.ward !i- 144 M iat.s in a eotnuui
pe.dall.v this s.etion when tin land served is so rich and ,utv be i.su ly is better compaiij -I n.si!''. Tlmt nbne
raises such Immense crops. im . WM DHtherings worth whi .
Milt this Is not all that is to lr. rousidelfd in vol . ti iK- tin good fellowship ret ultuig is an end ill ttsell
the io.ul hoiuls this imie. Malheur .oiintv will Secure Hot t should ut he the nl ohject t.i di o '. Vi the r mlt of
only the henelit derived fioiu 1 hi peial it ui. ..f it own ti,,. . ;. together should dew- team WOJ'k that wdl
funds. hut will secure twi.e that siini. if not more from the c.rwud the community interest-, will '. ev eiti; li
Htatc and Federal road funds. This alone is worthy of eon t.n: Ki .h ir to further, That o . ! U he the i.lt m.. i-
sideratioii. and dense indeed he js who would turn down aini ,,f su.h meetings. Thta is the goftl for which all should
this oppoitmnt v to s.eii re the heiielits i' t w .., or more do! gtl'ive,
During tin wnr, when their man
ufaeturing facilities were 'in the
crvice". tin UNITED STATES
Siparator cnRincus aad woikmen
w. e t. ' I i produce an all Ainer
t thai would be the
prids "I (l.i- iikii who uned it a
well us tlu- ii: n who made it.
No fundamental change was neces
sary because UM UNITED STATES
already held the . oord for
close skimming. But these separator
specialists WlCCWdsd in pfodudtSJ
a fine mechanism that sit a new
standard im i.i . .".i eoDvwaiasjM
of i .. long life und mcchaii-
ical jKifccti.
ii iuiiM.itd.it ..
1 ritj ili.it tin
stpai 'c.
Come und see
Troxell Implement Co.
Ps-Vf"al 8V-0 "Rd Crown" qusl-
4rmt j&4 !v K A ity is proved by its
Qk LjlWtn Pcrlorrnanc. Look for
Bm V WiW ) EF''l he'ore you nil
vTi Br Tii"'',tW',enlSEW company
'v m WMsaaBi isaassS-ir' icuii)
0 H. TEST- Speeial Agenl Btandard Oil Co., Ontario

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