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August 24
Donlta Sowing Club Holds Achieve
ment Day
N The Bonlta Sowing club hold
their achlovoment day on Wednes
day at the home of Mr. Pholan.
Twenty-flvo people were present for
the picnic dlnnor and entertainment
In tho afternoon.
Immediately after lunch the sew
ing was Judged by Mrs. Jones, Mrs.
Phelan ana Mrs. Wellman. Mabel
Lees was awarded first place, Mary
Lewellen 2nd and Cora Lewellen
3rd. The farm bureau put up $3.50
for prizes. The other two members
of tho club, Doris and Violet Lees,
did not compete.
The demonstration team composed
of Doris and Mebel Lees, Mary and
Cora Lewellen demonstrated how to
make several kinds of stitches and
explained their use.
This club will have a 100 per cent
exhibit at the County Fair In Sep
tember. Every members is doing
exceptionally fine work and they arc
determined to carry off some of the
prizes at both tho county and state
Violet Lees Is not only taking up
Division II sewing, but Is acting as
local leader for the club. The
splendid succoss which this club has
achieved Is largely due to her ef
forts. The quality of sewing which
the girls are doing shows how pains
taking work on tho part of tho local
leader In directing the project In
leader In directing the, project Is
dub Picnic At IUverdale
Over fifty people attended the
Boys' and Girls' club picnic at Riv
er dale on Friday, which was held
In tho grove at Robert Watson's.
The clubs represented at the picnic
were Moores Hollow Poultry club,
JofferBon Pig and Sewing clubs,
Lincoln Homemaklng club, Annex
Cooking and Pig clubs. After din
ner at noon the boys went in swim
ming. About the middle of the af
ternoon several games and contests
were staged, ranging from boxing
to water baseball.
The Baking Powder that Gives
the Best Service in Your Kitchen
Pure and Wholesome Food
No Failures
When a "Bijj and Cheap"
can of baking powder is
offered you LOOK OUT.
Every can of Calumet is
the same keeping Qual
ity Perfect last spoon
ful good as the first.
No Wuti
The moderate cost of
Calumet combined with
the highest merit estab
lishes the greatest of
You save when you buy it'
You save when you use it
The World's Greatest Baking Powder
Get Your Share
mSmmKm -
Most Miles
per Dollar
r? is all true very word of the news that's
going around about Firestone mileage rec
ords and the phenomenal sales that have
Chances are you really haven't heard the
full story of the wonderful success of Fire
stone Cords. We'd like you to call and get
the actual facts. , That is one sure way to
make your next tire purchase a logical busi
ness buy. Well explain the blending and
tempering of rubber double gum-dipping
and the air-bag cure special Firestone
Tb oraaoal mila bclnr road vt rrmhtrm will
tlr yonr ambitioo to rduc th operating cost of your
ti car.
A can on at entail no obligation. Gt tha itcorda
divUU U fltane th Cords art covering by
Firtaton prices. Than rooTl be convinced that Moat
MlUa per Dollar maana what it aaya.
Drop ImAnf Tim
Nil ou&cu "MS-. . tia yn3H tu"i.r si , utAi
MxlX OMScM "WT . , U B.lf a Mm . . UJU
......... lm 5v :::::: ?,l
..... I&ai JJU . 4 6 M
v Soldby
Jefferson Sewing Club lias Nearly
Completed Work
The members of the Jefferson
Sowing club have nearly completed
their work. Somo of the girls are
through with tho exception of fin
ishing their final . report, while
others still hare one or two gar
ments to make.
Club Members to Compete Against
i Parents
Besides being eligible to compete
for prizes offered In the club depart
ment the club members may enter
their exhibits In the open classes.
That the club members can put up
a quality of work equal to their
fathers Is not to bo doubted. . At
tho state Fair last year tho club
membors successfully competed
against the large breeders In tho
The boya and girls who wish to
enter their club work In tho open
classes as well as In the club department-
should get in touch with
the county club agent.
Burmese Story of Man's Orloln.
A myth current among the Bur
mese says that heavenly beings came
down from the skies to the eiirth. nnd
there nte Thnlesan. a particular kind
of rich rice, which gradually muric
them gross of habit, so that they were
unable to make tlielr way back to the
higher heavens again nnd had to" be
come men nnd women.
The Chins have a story of the
Tower of Babel to account for the
various clans that Inhabit the range
of hills looking down on the Hay of
Bengal, and .traditions of a deluge are
found everywhere.
The Knchlns tell a story of the pas
sage over a bridge, to the afterlife,
and there are many more of the kind
that suggest these folk-myths come
down from a long-gone past.
August 17
Club Members to Have Large
hlbit at County Fair
From present Indications the club
members will hare one of tho larg
est departmental exhibits at the
County Fair. Fully 60 per cent of
the 300 club members have ex
pressed their intentions of exhibit
ing their work.
The largest exhibits will probably
be in the pig and sewing projects.
Tho other projects of cooking, can
ning, home-making, corn poultry
nnd dairy herd record keeping, how
ever, will be of good slzo and quality.
In nearly every community the
club members are beginning to take
stock of their work and study where
It can bo improved. In the pig
clubs a little more grain Is added to
the ration, tho vigorous application
of soap and water is giving the hair
a glossy appearance, and tho pig is
being taught the gentle art of con
ducting himself properly in the
show ring. Tho corn club members
are busy pulling weeds and Irrigat
ing, and many an anxious moment
is spent by tho poultry club mem
bers in deciding on what birds to
select for the Fair. The girls are
also beginning to study where their
work might be Improved. The com'
petition is going to be keen and It
will Indeed be excellent work that
places In the prize money.
Besides tho general exhibit there
will be several special exhibits. The
sowing club at Ontario is planning
a small booth to display their doll
clothes project. Tho Valley View
Poultry club will have a demon
stration on tho value of a balanced
ration for poultry.
nuviaing a Writer.
I have no means of knowing
whether you are patient In the pursuit
of this art ; but I am Inclined to think
that you are not, and that you do not
discipline yourself enough. When one
is Impelled to write this or that, one
has still to censider: "ITow much of
this will tell for what I mean? How
much of it Is my own wild emotion
and superfluous energy how much re
mains that Is truly belonging to this
Ideal character and these Ideal circum
stances?' It Is in this laborious strug
gle to make this distinction, and. In the
determination to try It, that the road
to. the correction of faults lies. Per
haps I may remark, In support of the
sincerity with which I write this, that
I am an Impatient and Impulsive per
son. myself, but that It has boon for
many years the constant effort of my
life to practice at my leak what I
preach to you. Dlckensf
The dinger and the 8ong.
A song Is a great adventure Thou
sands write It, tens succeed ; and when
they have succeeded, Its fate still lies
entirely with the singer. No one ever
had It so much In his power to make
the worse appear the better cause, or
to refrain from so doing. The ancients
placed Thamyrls and Narnda among
the gods ; the moderns pay the.r coun
terparts royalties. But the singer's
personality Is still Incalculable In
terms of canonization or of cash. That
personality means all that he has been
able to crowd into bis life ; and ho may
still enlarge it A good way to do that
Is to read all the poetry that he docs
not sing, and to listen to all the music
written for some other Instrument
than the voice. A. II. Fox Strang-ways.
Harmony of Colon.
It Is a well-known fact that a pleas
ing harmony of colors attracts the
eye much as musical harmony pleases
the ear. In order to test the har
mony of color combinations, a ma
chine has been devised, described and
Illustrated in the Popular Mechanics
Magazine, with which a colored disk
Is revolved rapidly, so as to cauae the
colors to merge, and this visual mix
ing ef the colors gives- the same result
to the eye as would the actual mixing
of the colored Inks themselves.
Great Publicity Stuff.
"I understand Gladys Qladeyes, the
movie star, paj i her new press agent
flO.OOO a year."
"He's worth It,"
"The fellow bat brains. The first
thing he did was to have Gladys pho
tographed In a bungalow apron, stir
ring something on a gas runge." Blr
Bungbaui Ago-IIerald.
To Tell Time Elsewhere.
For the convenience' to know the
time In other leading cities of the
world as compared with New York
time, n new desk clock has been placed
on the market. This comprises an
attractive brass front in the center of
which Is n small clocL. snjs the New
York Times. Surrounding the clock
Is u dial. This Is inurked with lines
on which ure placed the names of the
nnous Important cities. By turning
the dial to the current time in New
York the hour at San Francisco. Lon
don, Paris, Petrogrnd, Bio de Janeiro,
Tokjo mid other cities may be ascer
tained. The dial Is marked with a
dark portion, representing the night
hours, and the entile face Is easily
The Kingman Kolony Canning
team with their teachor, Mrs. Conrad
Martin, picnicked nt the DeBord
home Wednesday afternoon. Aftor
the business feautres of the meeting
were disposed of tho members re
sponded tho the "old smlmmln'
hole", and desported themselves
merrily In tho Owyhee river, after
which a picnic lunch was served on
tho lawn.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Newblll of
Ontario, wero Sunday guests' at the
Geo. Glascock 'home.
Willlo McQInnis nnd S. D. Blge
low nro getting their potatoes dug
this week.
. Owing to weariness of the mem
bers as a result of hard work in hay
ing potato digging, etc., no choir
practice was hold at Kllngback's ns
Mrs. Paul Brainerd and eons Earl
nnd Ralph, formerly of Nyssn, but
now of Manhattan, Kansas, where
her husband is a member of the fac
ulty In tho University, visited from
Wednesday to Saturday evening at
tho Lowo homo.
Mesdames Ada and Verna Sch-
weizer called at Fonn's Saturday.
Miss Marian Lowe returned homo
Thursday after spending two months
attending tho Delta Gamma National
convention In Now Jersey and visit
ing with relatives in Missouri and
Oklahoma. She will visit with her
paronts until tlmo to return to
Whitman College in September.
Mrs. Warren Fonn and daughter
Bernlce, and son Carl, vlaltod rel
atives in Nyssa Saturday and Sun
day. Mildred and Evolyn DeBord visited
over night at Kllngback's Saturday.
Earl Flock and father, of Pay
ette, havo purchased a threshing
outfit and havo several threshing
jobs engaged in Owyhee.
Mrs. T. M. Lowo and daughter,
Marian and Mrs. Paul Brainerd and ,
children visited Saturday at the
Sherwood home where Mrs. Brain
erd met her husband's mother from
Notice is hereby given to all land
owners in Malheur Dralnago Dis
trict that on Saturday, September
ICth, at the hour of two o'clock P.
M., in tho City Hall, Ontario, an
election will bo held for tho pur
poso of electing three supervisors
for the district and to transact such
other guslness as may properly como
before tho meeting.
C. R. Emlsori", president.
Attest: Thomas W. Clagott,
FOR SALE LotB 35 and 38 In
block 3 of Riverside Addition to
City of Ontario. Send us your very
best cash offer at onco as this prop
erty must be sold to settle estate.
D. Stoutenburg, Butterfleld, Minn.
Andrews Grain Co.
Wish to Announce
that they are opening a complete feed,
seed and grain store in the JBoyer building,
1 kitty korner from the Post Office. High
est cash prices paid for seed and grain.
Rex Marquis will represent us and will call
on you, explaining our plans, or if in town,
call and see us,
Keep on Smiling
and enjoy the satisfaction of know
ing YOUR TEETH are
Such Satisfaction is Assured
Through Proper Treatment
-Dental Preparations
Pastes - Powders - Liquids
used in conjunction with a GOOD TOOTH BRUSH
will contribute to Good Results
We recommend them as a little tho best
Prescriptions our Specialty

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