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Has leven churches.
Has a most promiiing future.
Distinctively a manufacturing city
Adjoins the city of Portland.
Has neatly 6,000 population.
Has a public library.
Taxable property, f4,500.000.
Has largo dry docks, saw mills
Woolen millt, iron works,
Stove works, asbestos factory,
Ship building plant,
Veneer and excelsior plant,
Flour mill, planing mill,
Box factory, and others.
More Induttries coming.
St. Johns Is the place for YOU.
Is second in number of Industries,
la leve ill in population.
Can to Portland every 20 niin.
Hat navigable water on 3 side.
Hat finest Rat and electricity.
Hat two strong banks.
Hat five large school houset.
Has abundance ofjpurett water.
Has. hard surface streets.
Has extensive sewerage system!
Has fine, modern brick city hall.
Has payroll off 95.000 monthly.
Ships monthly 2,000 cars freight.
All railroads have access to it.
Is gateway to Portland harbor.
Climate Ideal'and.healthful.
Devoted to tbe Interest of the Peninsula, toe Manufacturing Center ot the Northwest
VOL. 8
NO. 11
Mayor Files on Land
Let the Children Do It
Adopt Resolutions
RcIocating5tate Fair
High School Notes
Council Proceedings
I Al 4k . t I
It was stated in last week's
Review that a man whose name
had not been learned had squat
ted on a strip of valuable St.
Johns water frontage. Before
the paper was out, however, the
individual had folded his tent
and silently departed. It is sup
posed that he got "cold feet."
Ho had never filed on the land.
uut since men there is one
man in St. Johns who has filed.
It ia Mayor ;A. A. Muck who
filed on over 7,000 feet of water
frontage Tuesday. .The Iandiis
uist year, as near as wo can
get at it. there were about G0,
000 children engaged in making
;! ..I. ; ...i
ur nusiiiK suinuming wun wnicn
to compete for prizes in the in
dustrial contest. That was only
a little start in the work, but it
was a great stimulus to future
eflort. As a result of the inspi
ration gained last year we hope
to have practically every one of
the 125,000 school children of the
state engaged in some phase of
the worktniB year.
To those who did not get inter-
most valuablo and includes over ested last year, and are not fa
a mile of St. Johns best water
frontage, the value of which
is about iuu per iront loot, or
$700,000. And that Mr. Muck
will pull his undertaking olTwith
flying colors is more than possi
ble. Ho has thoroughly mvesti
gated the original surveys, field
notes and transfers, and neither
he nor the land commisioner ground and
could find any evidence of the child must
land in question ever being
deeded from the government.
Thcrelore, Mr. muck at once
made claim and secured his filing
The land he nronoses to home
stead and upon which he intends
to construct a dwelling in a
short while is over 7,000 feet in
miliar with the rules of the con
test, we wish to say that they are
very simple. The most import
ant one is that the children must
do the work themselves and that
the parent or guardian will be re
quired to sign a statement to
that elTcct. In raising garden,
some one else may plow the
harrow it, but the
do the rest the
planting, cultivating, harvest
ing, etc. In raising poultry tho
child docs not have to own the
parent flock, but must set the
eggs and feed and care for the
chickens they exhibit.
Tho 'meeting Saturday at the
local Seventh Day Advcntist
Church resolved itself into what
might be tormed a mass meeting.
when resolutions were passed
remonstrating against proposed
Sunday legislation now before
the United States Senate in Con
gress in Washington. D. C. The
resolutions were brought beforo
the congregation by E. D. Hurl-
burt, Elder of the church, and
were passed unanimously. They
read as follows:
Whereas, The Johnston Sun
day Bill, now ponding in tho Sen
ate of the United States, is religi
ous in its character, in that it is
designed to foster the religious
obsorvnnco of Sunday, and,
Whereas, tho exemption clause
attached to one of the sections
of this bill indicates most clear
ly its religious character, by ex
empting from the application of
this section those who belong to
a religious society which observ
es some other day of tho week
than Sunday as a Sabbath, and.
Whereas, religious legislator!
is contrary both to tho snirit
and letter of tho Constitution of
the United States, nnd if carried
Manifestly there is occasion to
discuss the relocating of the
State Fair. In its true function
that institution languishes; and
the need is to hold it where the
In an exceedingly fast and
rather rough game, the James
John Basketball team defeated
tho Clatskanio team at tho high
scnooi gym. Saturday evening.
demand upon it in the matter of The teams were evenly matched
comprehensive exhibits will be ml t tho end of the first half
high, and where flthe patronage y'10 scorc stod four to three
will adequately support it. That h favor of Clatskanio. But in
means that tho fair should come the second half the locals out
to Portland. 1 played the visitors and the final
True it ia that the Portland Bcore was. James John, thirteen:
advocacy of suclva move may be C'Ktskanie, ten.
charged with selfishness, but it . Clatsknnieclaims the champ-
does not necessarily follow that lonship of tho Columbia river
Ono of the main objects of to its logical conclusion means a
these contests is to get the boys
and girls interested in doing
tho charge would -be true. Port
land is the metwrpolis of the
state the finanical center and
the trado center tand incidental-
lir t rr it- to rri i rtC f!i ttWwtwil
IJt VW7. IL IO UlIU W bllU IM 1111.1 Mill
cities in tho United States. If
thero is timo oft leisure to go
. a . a .a -
sight-Bceing within the borders
of the state, the average Oregon
ian would prefer either to include
Portland in tho itinerary, or
more Itklcy, perhaps, make Port
land the objective point. It is
this largo and general consider
ation that is the foundation of
the argument for moving tho
SUito Fair to this city
OfllcialB of tho State Fair As
sociation say that they would
persecution of dissenters: there-
length with an avcrago width of something. To teach them to fore.
Kcsoived, That wo respectfully,
out earnestly.
union of church andstntc,and the not like to decide upon the merits
overiuu loot, it starts some
where near the St. Johns Ship
building plant, and extends far
below tlio Weyerhaeuser tract on
tho north.
It seems that the parties who
took up tho original land donation
claims adjoining were more con
corned about their land reaching
farther up toward and including
tho level land at the top of the
hill than they were about the
water frontage, which at that
time was practically valueless.
Hence the monuments, by which
the land claims aro described,
do something practical, some
thing worth wliile, something
by which they can earn a living
when they grow up to manhood
and womanhood. And the onlv
way to learn how to do some- May which may come before
thing is to do that thing with senate.
against the passago of this bill.
or any other Dill requiring tho wil nnd Judgment?
ouservancti'Oi sunaay as a rest
your own hands. If you show
something that somo ono else has
raised or made vnu are client nir
yourself out of tho most valua
bio part of tho contest - the ex
perienco gained by doing it your
Not only that, but in showing
something that is not the pro-
were placed from 300 to GOO feet duct of his own effort ho is prac-
m f i 1 I il I I . I I a a . a . a a a a
from low water mark. And this
atrip omitted from tho original
survey is the land that Mr. Muck
proposes to secure unto himself
in regular homestead style. Ho
is quite confident that he can
make good his claim to the St
Johns water frontage. After
filing on tho land Mr. Muck has
six months' timo to establish
residonco thereon.
The description of the land as
described in tho filing papers
follow: Being n Btrip of vacant
government land on tho cast sido
of tho Willamette river, between
said river and the Donation Land
Claim of James Loomis in the
NWiand SEJ of Section 2, and a
similar atrip in tho-NEt of bee.
11, twp. 1, north range 1, west
VM containing 28 acres, more
or less.
The Library
Open Hours: I k to 5:30 and 7109:30 p.m
Sunday.: AJU to JU
ticing deception, cultivating dio
honesty and laying tho founda
Hon for a life of dishonor and
trouble. He may be successful
Similar resolutions were pass-
cd in every one of the 2000
Seventh Day Advcntist churches
in tho united States, thus show
ing that about 70,000 members
in this denominiation nlone are
strongly opposed to uny kind of
Elder E. D. Hurl bur t said the
reason Soventh Day AdventiBts
aro so vigorously opposed to tho
Johnston Sunday Bill in Congress
is because tho passago of it would
bo tho first step towards the
01 the question: and the reason
for that diffidence is obvious
enough. But why Bhould not the
people take up the issue and do
cidc it according to their best
T ie poopo
01 overy section nnd ot every
city anu town in uic state are
tho Interested names. No one
local interest ia paramount or
should be. The State Fair is not
a proprietary instititution that
belongs to any partial ur com
munity. It is for the benefit nnd
the pleasure of tho neonlo of the
entire state: and it should bo
held whero a majority of those
people decide it is best to hold
it, nnd tho movement in that di
rection was stnrto'L months ago
by the stock and allied interests
which realize that if tho Fair
is to attain its maximum of im
chnmnionshin nnd ns this is their
first defeat tiiis season, it shows
the strength of the local team.
In a rather one-sided prelimi
nary game the James John sec
ond team defeated the Swastika
team from the Christian Brothers
Business! College by the score of
fifteen to three. The James John
team showed good form and com
pletely outclassed their oppo
An interesting nnd enterta'n-
mg program was given bv the
second Rhetorical division, Inst
Friday afternoon. Tho paper
enumerating some of tho New
Year's resolutions which hnd
been overheard during the first
two weeks oi the new vonr.
showed the good intentions of
tho students for 11)13. Tho de
bate on a novel question proved
to oe both amusing and instruct
( At the regular meeting of tho
city council Tuesday evening a
Mr. Crawford, who stated that
he represented one of tho lartre
electrical constructing companies
in mu tuuiury, wmcu nau put
in the power plant for tho Mount
Hood company near the Penin
sula Lumber Co.'s Mill, wbb
present, and advised against tho
city putting in n municipal
lighting plant, which he under
stood the city was contemplating
doing. He said it was a serious
proposition for anv ctiv to un
dertake, and that a plant sufil-
cient to supply a city tho sizo af
bt. Johns with juice would cost
from $100,000 to $150,000. He
believed, he said, that with two
competing electric companies
soon to be in tho field, that
cheaper light could bo secured
than by municipal manufacture.
Against tho urgent advice of
tho City Attorney Stroud thoun
plication of transfer of liquor
license lrom James Mellon to Mr.
F. Joyce was reconsidered and
finally granted, it rcmiiring the
deciding vote of the mayor, how
ever, to settle tho question.
Attorney u. J. uaizmver ron
resented L. .1. Anderson in ro
monsiraung against his appor
tionment of cost of Fillmore
street sewer, claiming that it
was of no benefit whatever to tho
property.and that no assessment,
Bonville 99-Year System
Industry-From Bondage
to Freedom
By A. Porter.
Progress is ever transforming
thojroal into the unreal, and vice
Without industrial Hhnrr.v nn.
cial liberty is a mockery.
The political machinery lins
the appearance of n sorcery fac
tory. Laws resemble sorcery nml
judges are strikingly real, as
demonstrators of the power of
sorcery nnd salesmen of the com
modity. The common people are the
willing victims, and the stunts
are the driving of multitudes
into tho wilderness, forcing them
to develop tho wilderness at the
rate of $10 per day value nor man
and causing them to believe they
were only entitled to 10c value
per day for food and raiment
and all development belonged to
the juggler.
Next, printing a mnn'H name
on u piece of paper. Btampinir a
square outline opposite the name.
causing the victims to gather in
masses throughout a groat na
tion to put a little cross in the
square outlined and cause them
to believe it would make their
ve. The musical noumbora were therefore, should bo mndeiigninBt dinner pails fill as by magic.
it t .
wen rendered and tho program
as a whole, was very good.
JameslJohn High met its first
experience in inlerscholaslic de
bating with much credit last
Friday night. The allirmintive
1 1 . . . .. 1 W I I MnV f , 1 1 1 ! 1 f W (WH.l n t t t. . . ..1 ..
inu propcriy in quesiion. flint- , 1 ,7 iiiinapui ni
ter was held over ono week for P0" 8nin3 between San Frnneis-
fuller investigation. co and New York (empty), col-
W. C. Turkington, R. W. Mc- lecting in actual cash, out of the
Koon nnd O. .1. finlzmvnr wo pockots of their victims $900,000
sworn in by tho city Attorney as annually for the sham service.
Rnwson, met tho negative of St. and extension of Polk nnd Tvlnr them as great Btntesmon.nnd tho
street, and resolutions embody- victims didn't even know, until
ing the appointment of theso My were told, that they had or
gentlemen for the purpose were loa ir,.e money.
Mass Meeting Called
in deceiving others. No one but union of church and state, which portanco it must como
himself and tho members of his would ultimately bring porsecu- Telegram.
. 1 . if -i ti 1
own inmiiy may over know tnnt on upon uisseniers. it was
ho has cheated, but that is stated that not only are Seventh
enough. In doing what ho knows uay Adventlata opposed to Sun
is not right ho loses resnect for day legislation, but nlso thous
himself, nnd that is a long step nnnds of others who lovo religious
.a aa .a . ' I III 1 . V J 1
in tho wrong direction. When nooriy. in giving lurtner rea-
sons why his denomination is
opposed to Sunday legislation,
Elder E. D. Hurlburt said:
"Our denomination hasalwavs
stood for the entire separation
of church and state, and has
earnestly opposed all attempts nt
religious legislation. Sunday
team, Basil Smith and Lnurona yiewe s on tho proposed opening causing tho victims to laud
ivmouii, iiiui inu iii'Killlvu in 31.
Helens in our own auditorium.
Their arguments showed that
thoy hnd a well grounded
knowledge of tho question and
their points were presented
clearly and with convincing log
ic, 'lheir manners on tho plnt-
xorm was easy nnd grace nil.
Tho St. Helens team advanced
good argument also and their
manner was most enthusiast c.
a person loses respect for him
self he soon loses tho confidence
nnd respect of others. "To thy
self be true, and it follows ns the
day follows night that to no oth
or man thou canst bo false."
Every child should early in lifo
:et this principle firmly fixed in
liis mind, and through life never laws wo bolievo to be religious
,l.,-t f.. it I Inilio tUnmfnvn urn nwi
are promisingly opposed to all legis- J,t,m",
i . ... i i . ii ii i
favoring your child by giving or Nation in behalf of Sunday obsery- "2
loaning'lum something to take to ance. Sundny is a religious in- ft j n ""F we J
UiV mil IU Will U W1II.U Willi, 1U1 umwuwti, .m uuwt.. ruiivu ia ui
On tho Library walls you will
find two new picturo bulletins
calling attention to tho following him to be
groups of books:
Books on the Indian:
Eastman Indian Boyhood.
Eastman Old Indian Days.
Eastman Soul of tho Indian.
EellsTen Years Missionary
Work at Skokomish.
Gunnell Indian of Today.
Gunnell Story of tho Indian.
Hyrst Adventure Among the
Red Indians.
Johnston Famous Indian
McLaughlin My Friend, the
Wade Ten Big Indians.
Books of Adventure:
" Dellenbaugh Breaking the
Du Chaillu-Wild Life Under
the Equator.
Fountain Great Mountains
and Forests of South America.
Franck Vagabond Journey.
Hanney Spanish Gold.
Melville Omco.
Patterson Man-eaters of
Patterson In the Grip of the
Sienkiewiez Desert, and Wil
Stevens With Kitchener to
Weal Indiscreet Letters from
Here is a remedy that will cure
your cold. Why waste time and
money experimenting when you
can get a preparation that has
u i i
won a worm-wiue repuuiuuu uy
its cures of this disease and can
always be depended upon? It is
known everywhere as Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy, and is a
medicine of real merit For sale
by alj, dealers.
you aro not On the other hand.
you aro doing him an absolute
injustice. You are cheating him
out .of tho valuablo experience of
learning how to do something,
nnd nt tho samo time educating
dishonest Character
religious act; a law enforcing
that observation is a religious
law; therefore wo believe it
should not exist in this country.
wo would be uncompromising
ly opposed to any legislation for
the enforcement of tho seventh
building is the most important day of the week. Tho Sabbath
part of the early education of
the child, and the greatest value
in these industrial contests is
along that line forming in the
child habits of industry, econo
my, system, honesty, self reli
ance and all of tho traits that go
to make up the good citizen.
is a religious jnstitiution, and
its observvanco is a religious act,
and from our standpoint it would
bo entirely wrong for the state
to attempt any legisation for
the observance of tho seventh
day of tho week. Tho same may
be.said regarding baptism.prayer
A mass meeting of tho property
owners nnd water users of the
City of St Johns, Oregon, is
horeby called to meet at the
City Hall on Saturday tho 25th
day of January. 1913. at 7:30 p.
m. for the purposo of discussing
tho New City Ordinnnco prescrib
ing the amounts to bo paid tho
St Johns Water Works and
Company, by water
confer with
tho Utilities
Commission on tho arrival of
said Commision in St Johns,
and tor tho d scuss on of anv
. . a r
other matters that may come bo-
lore tho meeting.
Ait citizenb oi bt. Johns are
interested in tho amount to bo
paid for water, so turn out in
force, and have your say.
Respectfully submitted,
C. J. Anderson.
401 Philadelphia Street
sr m m . .
Aiemuer oi oiu committee upon
the water question.
The decision of the
was unanimous for the nllirmn
tive. Thoy were Ex-Governor
Geer, Professor Burton of Wash
ington High and Supt. Fiko of
At the same timo at Astoria
our negative team, Johnston
Cheney and Edna Hollcnbeck.
wero threshing out tho q estion
with the nfllrmalivo team of that
place. Their contructivo nrgu
ment was very strong and thoy
wore ablo in rebuttal to meet
their opponents skilfully. But
their task was not easy, for thoir
opponents, presented good points
nnd presented them in forceful
speech. The judges were. Clar
onco Godfroy of Seaside, and
Judge Bolan and Row Van Fos
sen of Astoria. Several of tho
Astoria people complimented
tho James John speakers upon
thoir pleasant voices and natural
maimer, ns well as upon their
With this total of 5 votes for
tho Jamos John debaters, they
carry oil tho honors of tho tri
angular and now must bo ready to
meet tho other winners of the
Columbia River district nrelimi
nnries in a contest for thechamp-
lonship oi this district
1 ho city recorder was directed
i a a n
to order jirs. uipics to remove
a Binall building from Polk
Iho c tv Attorney suggested
that this is the best time of tho
year for petitions for street im
Again, selling for S180.000 thu
plcasnnt smile or good will of u
few men known as "Tobacco
magnntcs," nnd actually taking
from the pockets of the victims
15.500 per cent Interest in 'nctunl
cash, and the victims did not
even know thoy had it or lost it,
ing force is not crowded with
work, and advised all property
owners who desire street Im
provemcnt to present t ie r no
nitons at once.
judges nrovoments. while tho onirlnoor- actually gathering from the pock-
ill II i il i sw..t .im.
eis oi tneir victims wu.uuu.uuu
annually for 25 years in uninter
rupted succession what thoy
knew they had hut could not tin-
dortand how it was taken away
from them.
I'or 30 years those .higglers
have kept tho people working
for them or warring among
themselves and striving in nur-
of suit of delusions, but always un
conscious oi realities. How
great is tho power of this sor
cery? Surely its ell'ect has be
come chronic. It is no longer a
remedy for tlio.tn nvlls? t In hnw
trouble. Ho was 62 shall wo restore a deluded people
Recently he hnd made to consciousness of themselves
their inherent power, and the
horrifying uso this juggor has
been making of them nnd the
conditions in which he has
placed them. Reason does not
justify us in accepting, ns in-
fallible, such unnatural condi
tions as now exist, or in dream
ing on, mockingly praying for
somo supernatural power to come
to our rescue and make us all at
onco. ratienco with a tyrant is
not a virtue, it is inexcusable
If any of
Captain DeLano Dead
Captain George DeLano.
the schooner. W. II. Marston.
which is loading at the docks of
tho St Johns Lumber company
died Tuesday at the ofiico of tho
lumber company from nn attack
of heart
years old.
his homo in Portland with his
son-in-law, Dr. S. C. Slocum.
I'orU5 years Canta n DeLano
hnd been connected with the
shipping out of tho Pacific Coast
ports. Trior to that t mo ho
sailed on tho Atlantic Coast
For several years ho Railed for
Houghton & Company out of
But h. Me., to San Francisco, in
the old packet days. He was
for a time master of tho Semi-
There will bo many valuable or anything else pertaining to
rizes for the children at the religion. We believe that ChriBt
tate Fair again next year, but the founder of the church, taught
none of them will be worth as
much as a clear conscience and
tho experience gained by raising
making something with which
to win the prizes. Contributed.
Chicken Thieves Active
Building in St. Johns
Mr. W. Rose has had plans
prepared for the rebuilding of
his homo on Stafford and Tyler
streets. The contract for these
alterations has been awarded to
Tallman & Co. of St Johns.
Elliott Gordon, who is erect
ing a residence on Burr and
Dawson streets, will soon have
II O ..i .1 r i
uncompromisingly opposed omilJuLi ?.
the complete separation of the
church from the state: and this.
we believe, should be the attitude
of every professed follower of
him. Now, as to our attitude
regarding a law to close the
saloons on Sunday: It is well
known by all who know anything
about Adventists that they aro
Five steamship companies now
operating vessels between Eu
rope and the Atlantic coast havo
announced that with tho open
ing of the Panama Canal thoy
will extend their passenger ser
vice to tho Pacific coast. These
lines are the Red Star Line,Mes
the saloon on all days of the
Some miscreant killed about
thirty chickens and ducks own
ed by Harvey Smith at the North
End last Thursday night The
throats of all were cut and a large
sack was filled with them lying
near the coop. It is evident that cure laws for closing the
the party after kii ng and bag- entire y.
gmg the lowispecame inghten
i il Ti r i i
Snaceto the welfare of thS has Prepared plans and wilt erect immense volume of immigration, ished housekeeping rooms on the
!t?t? nnd that thTv JhoiSS not asixroom residence on West Ty- prompts the announcements. second fioor. His location is 76
burg American Line. Hamburg
American Steamship Co., and
the Royal Mail Packet Co. Ex
pectations of a great passenger
traffic through the canal, and an
state, and that they should not
be permitted to carry on their
destructive work; therefore we
join in every movement to se-
ed and decamped without being
able to take the bag with him.
Tho chickens were high bred
and valuable, and the loss is a
severe one. While no clue has
yet been discovered, Mr. Smith
has his suspicions as to who
the party is. Arthur Anson also
was bereft ot several blooded
chickens the past week. Some
body is liable to receive a well
merited load ofhot in his anat
omy if these depredations con-
Guess we will have to offer up
a little apology. Last week we
inadvertently-stated that snow
did nrtseem to be much of a suc
cess in St Johns. It is. Nothing
could be more successful in the
way of a snow fall than what
happened afer the paper was out
last week. About ten inches fell.
and stayed right with us long
enough to satisfy most any Ore-
We will qualify our pre-
A chicken thief is as low yious statement now by remark
on the thievery
possible to get
scale as it is
ing that sometimes
success in St Johns.
snow is a
ler street Daily Abstract
"People of St Johns could
save 40 minutes of the hour now
required to come to town, should
they succeed in spanning the
river with a bridge in the vicin
ity of University Park and ob
taining a direct car line instead
of the route now followed." said
the manager of the Ureater Port
land Plans association to tho
Civic Betterment league during
an address in the bt. Johns Bap
tist church Monday night The
speaker also said that the. time
will come when the docks for
deep sea vessels will' be built in
the slough just north of St. Johns
and that suburb, to meet its new
commercial importance will need
grow greatly. Journal.
Redmond had a notable cele
bration the past week when the
big potato warehouse lately erect
ed by the co-operative efforts of
farmers in that district was
opened. This building marks
the beginning of a movement
among the farmers of Central
Oregon district whereby abetter
market is offered for their pro
duce. Potatoes and other crops
can be stored here and sold in
large nuantities when the mar
ket is best.
nole and later of the barkontino
n..i. i..t :i! i. l i.
uuiiii i-iiiiuur, ijuwi wining out oi cownruice. it any ot us are
San 1'i-ancisco, and he was also awake wo aro nwakoto our dutv.
... .. . j f l .. T1 I I .... '
iiiiiniur in. uiiu iniiu ui inu vur- ami nur nntv in to nmnyi nm
ett Griggs, sailing out of Puget neighbors to a sense of his duty,
Sound. After leaving San Fran- until all are conscious of thoir
CISCO 110 Piloted III I'Uget Sound dutv. Adont d met ni'tlnn bv
lor a number of years. grasping our opportunity. If
wo aro awake to the cause of our
condition tho cure is simple nnd
Do wo realize the present day
a . .a - .a "
conuuitions to no tho direct re
sult of a legalized co-operation
i a man is
entitled to vote ns many timoii
as he has dollars invested in a
proposition To illustrate, throe
men, Smith, Jones and Brown
incorporate forSSO.OOO. Smith in
vests $30,000. and Jones S10.-
000 and Brown $10,000. If each
man votes ns many times as he
has dollars invested Smith has
30,000 votes, Jones 10,000 votes
and Brown 10,000 votes. Has
nnt Smi'tli liu uii-Htr. nf Ma flft
- 1311 1 , . I IIUV I VViV W aJ JJf JJf
ii yuur ciuiurei. are aumuct 10 votes, got control over Jones and
Tho Piedmont mercantile dis
trict is being augmented by the
addition of a new und second
hand fiirnitnrn hIopp. whli'li fV
sageries Maritime. Cio Generale W. Edwards, tho proprietor, says !!l!!Lle;! S
Transatlantinuo. Kosmos Ham- ho will onen for business in fFA"1,0"1' by which
about a week. Mr. Edwards.
wno comes lrom St. Johns, is mak
ing quite an investment as in
addition to the furniture store.
ho contemplates conducting furn-
Killingsworth avenue at tho cor
ner ol Missouri street Penin-
mila Herald.
attacks of croup, watch for tho
first symptom, hoarsoness. Give
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
as soon as the child becomes
hoarse and the attack may be
warded off. For sale by all deal-
When you want a reliable
medicine for a cough or cold take
Chamberlain's C'ugh Remedy.
It can always be depended upon
and is pleasant and safo to take.
For sale by all dealers.
Tho Russell Sage Foundation
has probed the public school sys
tems of all tho States and finds
Oregon ranks 15th in efficiency
among tho 48 commonwealths of
the nation. This slnto. linwflvnr.
is found to stand first in point of of money ;.
attendance, tho percentage boing
87. 8.
Brown's 20,000 votes, by allow
ing him to invest more dollars
than Jones and Brown? Did not
they tako control from the ma
jority of men and place it in
money? Is not that centering
tho control of industry in tho
hands of the few and does not
industry control tho political
II money is to represent tho
votes of men then wo should
require that thero bo a majority
of men to represent the plurality
The Bonville System
requires that the $30,000 bo
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