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Punllshod Every Friday
At 117 West Uurllncton Street.
Tint RHVIKW Is entered nt post office
In Saint Johns, Oregon, ns mnll Matter
of the second class under the Act of Con
gress of March 3, 1879,
Offlcltl Nwpper of tbs City of 8t Jehns.
Subscription prleo $1.00 par year.
Some exceptions have been ta
ken to the comment made on At
torney Perkins' article in last
week's Review concerning Wil
lamette boulevard, and it has
even been chawed that wo have
favored those contenders for a
100 foot street. This is a mis
take. We have favored a 100
foot street no more than wc have
favored an 80 foot street in the
Uoview. In fact, there are sov
oral reanons why wo would be in-
clinod to the latter more than the
former, provided it was m con
cord with the records. The
comment last week was based
itiion the nrciiumntinn that Mr.
Perkins stated the simple facts
in the case without exaggeration.
If ho erred, as some would have
us believe, the comment neces
sarily erred also, remaps no
comment should have been made,
since the (iitestion is of such del
icacy. However, it was not our
intention to oflond or "butt in,"
but rather to note the obvious re
sult that Mr. Perkins' communi-
q&mmM SSTS FlaL. 55rt Grocery Specials
to Freedom
Huililinir permits
l i
uicycie licenses
Dog licenses 3.00
Liquor licenses 2,400.00
Continued from first page
vested by GOO men, thus placing
control in the hands of the major
ity of men.
The present day system allows
a promoter to incorporate lor Miscellaneous licenses
1 11 (HI nin r ;.ilnaf r.inl nnrnnano r""
i ii.. r . . 1 1 i i . i . ' . i'i niui - - "
no is auqweu to cmim. ou.yuu improvement llond Sinkint!
shares as his own. He sells $40,- l'und 7,205.69
UOU worth Of StOCk to the PUOIIC, improvement Jiomt Interest
takes the S10 000 and navs for Sinking Pund 3,246.18
JLY!? T'.Vli rPtTtJ.. Interest on street warranls.ctc. 486.04
auveri sing nnu aoiiciuiig uiiuuKii Rcnt roa(1 ro,ler , , 22.75
to 8C1I HIS personal OU.UUU Snares, KtiKinccr's 5 per cent 1.849.31
Which he Sella at an advanced Street Improvements 35,854.92
price, receives the cash for GO,- IS?"' 2:U
h(VlDl,n,0U.nr nil nvnnnen '",8t-"n"co w
I VVw Lltli VI Ull V-AI.IIUV i
turns the books over to the Stock Total receipts ;$54.339.74
holders, who hold certificates for Cosh on hand Oct. 1 :.. 13,899.56
100,000 shares of stock in noth
1 KI'n.'IIIKI' l 11 I'l IK I I - - . a . n t i
vet the Third Quarter, October i, 1912, Read this ad., you can save by it. vi course it means
to January 1, low. rash purchase. Phone vour orders: we deliver them as
1. -I -v . 1 n n I4n n mtt 1 -t -1 1 t n -4 S T
uasn uaiancc uciooer i, lyiz. fw,o.w wen as r)erSonai orders, rnone uoiumDia dio. nemem-
n nriMliiiil I . . .
I Imv. 4-Uir, onlrt .... 1 1 nnnf nun n in If
uui tiiio Dtuc win uuiibiuuG iui uinjr
Four Days Beginning January 27
1 11 1 n wl
'"Hi iiu
which to
Grand tolol $68,239.30
rtlttwly, imt sural v no's onmllu hums uwny
hot h ilny imri nlfrht. HA XtCyour money mnl It will
worle For vtui vvarv suuumli Htiutmttav It mnl It will
worle For SOMHIIODV liLSli. JlliGtX htmtclnti
your money, mnl tho SATISFACTION of suctnyr
ytmrsull hooomo linlopeiulonl will anuso you mora
runl jtlonsuro thnn tho Frivolity of Fooltnir nwtiy
wlmt you vnrn.
Lot OUli linnleho YOUtt Itimlc.
Wo my 4 pur uuut Intarasl on Snvliifrs,
Dock watchman and crematory $
Drinking fountain
l'lrc department.
i'erry slip....
cation led to. Personally wo have
no interest whatever in the
width of the street. If no clear
and definite record can be found
whereby it was made a 100 foot
street, eighty feet it should re
main, iiiid vice versa. .lustieo jn tho County Court of the
is all that any one can ask. ami si,,f,. nf Oi-mmn fm Mniiiimmih
wmioiiL liiBiicu in l-ru L-uiiuoi r'niin v
Ihmw niy do liarinony. . lo our tn ,o matter of tho I2slato of
nimu an eiunty iooi inorouitn- Thomas Foster Harton. deceased.
iiu-u m an wiuu im wiii iu iiuuiiuii Tho uiKloraiimed havimr been
loi yeain to come. The Donio- ni.iwilniiwMnf liffiimivfVuM.i . f
I 1 I.. .1 1 f I 1- ..j
viini ib ncarcuiy iiimuiiuii mr u hi S H lo of fli-oirnii fni- in Inn.
nisi nous street, but is likely to m, County Executrixes of the
lUllllllll ll lliuil I'HIHH rwiiiiuiici- ,ui I,, n nf " ininnu Kn in- Hnr nn.
First National Bank, St. Johns, Oregon
street. To serve such it puriiose,
so far as necessity uoes, oiirhty
foot is wide enotiirii. Then it
may bo years before the property
will attain sulllcient value lo
stand for full improvement of the
street oiirhty feet wide. Audit
is iiuilo certain that the public
will not care to help pay for im
provement for more than that
width. As we see it. tho e ty
and the property owners tiro just
about as well -oil' if this street
shall over remain 80 feet wide.
If tho time for appealing the
case has expired, as has noon
assorted by parties Inturostud.
tlioro is untiKhl to do but abide
by Judire McGinn s decision, am
lot it be eighty foot. As a mat-
tor of fact it has never been
clearly demonlraled to our satis
faction that a street for any pin
ioho more than entity feet wide
in a necessity, ii not nccesst
ty it must Ik m luxury, and
whether it is olicy for tt city to
njrni lor a luxury is iiouiitiui at
host. Washiuutoii street in Port
land is, we bolieve. only sixty
foot wide, and any one who has
occasion to cross that street can
readily attest that sixty feet is
plonty wide enouuh to dodire
street cars and vehicle. And in
spite of its sixty feut more busi-
mm is transuded on Was himr
ton street in one day than hap
pons in at. .loiius mono year
Property owners, if you want
your stretiUi improve! this your,
now is the time to present your
pout ions to thu city council.
Tho ontfini'tTinir department is
not so press cm with Duainoss and
can k'ivo its attention to new
work. Don't wait until too late
to complete the improvement be
fore the I all mins stl in once
more. Now is the time. Get
busy on petitions. Don't wait
for your neighbor to do it do it
yourself. Wanks may bo scent
ed at the city hall. Every street
in at. Johns should be improved.
iioi inisy.
deceased, and havinir (nullified
as such, Notice is hereby Riven
to the creditors of and all per
sons haviiiK claims against the
said deceased to present them
verified as required by law, with
in six months after the dale of
the first publication of this no
tice to Nancy C. Harton and
Klly N. Kooat the office of Perry
C. Stroud, First National Hank
MuildiiiK, St. Johns, Oregon.
Nancy (.;. Harton.
Klly N. Hoe.
Executrixes of the estate of
Thomas Foster Marlon, deceased.
Porry C. Stroud, Attorney.
Datoof first publication Janu
ary II, l!)i:i.
Dale ol last publication, Janu
ary 111, lt)i:t.
Proposed Assessment
NiiUre in hm-tiy uivt-n llmt Hpportloii-
nit nt n the oi ol ImprovliiK IMwsmi
liit-t from tlit-Miiitlu-rtiiitrrlv line f Col-
iitnlim IxiiiU'viifil to the renter line of
liU trii-l. totnl i-o-t ol which U
f lll.Sill. 17, hw U'fii HiiimrlliMied mid I
on li It? in the olliec ol the iiudurieut'd,
Mihjet-t to (xmniiMlloii.
AiM-Miueiit dUtiict extend lwek to
the center ol oU, liliK'kN mid trucU ol
luiiil hImiUImk on mU HtrtH't i pruvidetl
hy the city elmrter mnl rM)liitiouN.
KwiiMiiuttMUee uuMliiftt Mid inixirtinu.
UH-nt nwy Ik nunlr in writiiiK itid tllwl
with the uiiilervlKiieil until 5 o'clock p.
hi. l'l. S. UUS.
1'. A. KICK,
PuhlUlutl Ih the Kt. JoIiim Review- on
Jii. 17'ud 11. lOlii.
Porson's troublod with partial
paralysis are often much bunefit-
ed by massaKinj; tho aH'octed
parts thoroughly when apiilvitiK
Chamberlain's Liniment. This
liniment also relieves rheumatic:
pains. For sale by all dealers. 1
Notice of Cost of Improvement
Notice Ik hcrchy ulvcti that the nssc
tiieut for the Improvement of Olympla
street iromiAiyerHMrcctlo, iiiarlculoii
street, the total colt of which
I f 1,891X5, was declared hy Ordinance
No, r26. entitled "An ordinance declar
I lie the cont of Iiuprovlui; Olympla St.
from the northeasterly Hue of Mycin
Mreci in i tic eiiMcriy sine line 01
Charleston street mid ncsiliiK the
iroiertv Iwucflted thercliv. declur ut
siieh MMeiHmeiit mid directing the entry
fif Hut fcfilili. In tin flfirbi.t .if rllu 111111 I
The cost of snld Improvement Is levied
iim mi tne lots, purls ol lots nuii mr-
have nothinp; with
develop it This is
fake stock sellintr in which stock
buyers lose their money.
The 99-Year System allows
only 10,000 shares instead of GO,
000 for promotion. It requires Hicctrlc light (dock)
the promoter to pay all auvertis
intr and soliciting out of his indi
vidual resources: forbids the
transfer of this stock and makes
it impossible for him to in any
way extract a dollar lrom the
incorporation until the industry
has earned a dividend. It allows
no collection from tho stock buy
era until CO per cent is sold, then
it turns over the books to the
stockholders. They arc in pos
session of their $60,000. They
take possession of tho $100,000
industry, hand tho promoter a
certificate for 10.000 shares of
utrwk nnil linlil ,10 1100 Hlinrna fn City Attorney
the tronsurv. Is not tho stock lW"c" iirtmeiit
i ... - ... t i. . ..... i rom
ouyor protecteu in nm invest
Under present day methods the
controller of lare corporations
can, by raising the price of pro
duce, raise the money to buy any
intcrpreuttion of law necessary
to inBiire his personal trams
Tho majority of people, divorced
from productive or linanclnl con
I Cream of Wheat 16c
Homany Grid .5c
I Pill Hurry Beit Wheat cereal only 16c
I Wheat Heart only 23c
I Uncle Sam's Dreakfait food.... only 22c
2 Col. Oat flakes 65c
Our 30c coffee .only 27c
Uncolored Snider leu tea 45c
Gunpowder tea .....43c
5 Boxes of bird eye matches for only.. 20c
Fountain Brand Peas ........for only 25c
Fountain Brand Beans for only 25c
3 Large boxes of salt .25c
6 Loaves of Bread 25c
3 Elastic starch 25c
6 Big bars of Royal white soap ,25c
6 Bars Gasoline soap,... .....25c
10 Bars of Elks savon soap 25c
I Box Citrus powder at only 23c
1 Pyramid washing powder. . .at 'only 22c
3 Cans of Eagle brand milk... 48c
3 Cans of Carnation cream 25c
2 Cans of Oakdale I'unkins for 25c
2 Cans of Cupid brand Homany. .., .25c
3 Boxes of egg Noodles 25c
Arm and Hammer Soda 7c
I Bottle Amonia 10c
I Bottle Uluing 9c
Health and charity.
Library rent
Prisoners' ineaU,.,.
Janitor ,
interest on lmprovcm't bonds.
Interest on street warrants. ....
Improvement bonds retired...
Office supplies
Koad roller expenses
Street Improvements 34,458.38
Street repairs and cleaning. . . 301.82
i-niiiiK ni icrry sup U'Jl.OO
Willamette boulevard rn- 7fi or.
Uty installment rhlln. street. 410.81
Mayor and Council 233.00
Recorder's department 450.00
Treasurer 150.00
... 225.00
... l.. ififl.no
Police department 930.00
incidentals 107.81
2 Karo syrup light or dark. . .for only 25c t IB Pound of good line sugar for only $1.00
3 llest corn starch , 2 Jc Durkees solid dressing for only 23c
3 Riverside gloss starch,.,. 25c I Cider Vinegar 2 Hollies lor only 15c
. 702 N. IVANHOE ST.
Total f 57,297.10
llalnncc January 1, 1913 10,912.14
January 1, 1913.
General l'und...., 3.472.30
improvement noun Sliiklnn
u, 0,797.24
eels of hind within the Imundarles of the trol, llllVO 110 means of acquiring ,SSL,unrt
district described its follows: llctwecn ., ..,7 l-"y ".clc" . 9.84
111.. norlll.uiklt.rlv i. r llnr. nf Mvkh nmiuwui ui vii Uliui mi umiv IlllcrcSl Oil WArralltS. ClC.
street mid the easterly side line of of law intcrpretation.BO arc help- J'esjciidcii street ojwnlnK. . .
Charleston street. (OSS VlCtllllH to tllO ravatTCS Ol the
a stateinent of said iiH-sncnt has monopolist. Tho constitution nnd
;;1,ry,,,i f, 'i,,! Irs:.0 , iSs? & r of thu w,10 V Yvxv
f ' .. . . . u.mlnn. i iiAlnnlA.I lilt Miinnlit.
is now due and
the recoider of th
eion, nuil will lie
interest niter Jan. 25, 191,1, nuil II not
iwild on or before l'cb. 14. 1913. tiro.
eeediuus will be taken for the collection
of the Mime by wile of propoity as pro
vineii ny uic cuy ciiartcr.
1'. A. KIV.K,
Published In the St. Johns ltcvlcw on
J (t II. 17 mill 21, will.
Notice Of Final Account
imyahie nt the oificc of System itro protected by twonty
eciiyof st.johns. or- nino U. S. CopyriKhts. The U.
iieiiiKiuciii nun near s. nirroofl to nrotoct wlmt tlioso
copyrights represent from mis.
lutururuuiiiou, uiirinKmuui. or
as means of deception.
Under tho 09-Year System tho
instnmiept of control is thoirJ
Vear constitution and bylaws,
placed in tho mouths of tho di
rectors, to which is attached
reins of tho streimth of the U.S.
Copyright laws, governed by the
copyright directors and the ma
jority of tho people. Docs not
i nn
huh insuru oucuiuiicu iu inu vv
Year System If tho industrial
workers buy sliaroa in a corpora.
tion nnd tho directors arc np-
t.j. cieeton, jiidKe ol pointed, or employed, by a ma
i Court has deslKimteii the jority voto of the sharo holders
VVf" aro not mo snare noiuers, tne
)f the i e .ii i ' i
eounty court nt the court house in the empiuyvrui uiu uirc-ciora, mm
city of Portland, oreuoii.tis the time nnd aro not tho directors tho em-
iimi'c mr iii-uiiiik uoji'cuuii
Kichmoud street openiui!.
Sewer No. 3
Jersey hard surface
i'csenneii naril surlace
I vnnlioe street ,
IlurlliiKtou hanl surface
Ivanhoe, Dlit. 2
Total 1 1.053. 54
Dr. Improvement Bond Inter.
e ainictiif: l'uml 111,40
f 10,942.14
City Treasurer.
The Best Light
At The Lowest Cost
ELECTRIC LIGHT is tho most suitable for homes,
offices, shops and other places needing light.
Electricity can be used in any quantity, large
or small, thereby furnishing any required
amount of light. Furthermore, electric lamps
can be located in any place, thus affording any
desired distribution of light.
No other lamps possess these qualifications, there
fore it is not surprising that electric lamps are
rapidly replacing all others in modern establishments.
Portland Railway, Light & Power Company
In the County Court
le Count
of the State of
ty ol .Miiltnnmali.
the Kstntc of C. O.
OreKou for th
in the .Matter ol
lllurek, DeceitK'd.
Notice is hereby ulveu that the under
MKiied executor of the nbovo estate lias
liled his I'linil Aeeouut herein, and thai
the Honorable
the above mimed
10th. day of Pehruiirv. 1913. nt 0 o'clock
In the forenoon In the court room of the
abjection to the Mid ploj'COS of tllO shnro holders and Streets ,, .
tf i,"?iMP,,t ,.,,ere" f tho directors employ tho shnro street bond sinking fund
,hl. i'..,xt'cu,or' holders aro not tho sharo holders r.e! Vml ,,,tcreit
Account mid
of. 1'. P. DU
Perry C. Stroud. Attorney.
Dated ut St. Johus, Oreuou January 9,
Date of first publication January 10,
Date of I-.t publication PcbruHry7,
Mow Is Your Title?
Have your abstracts made, con
tinued or examined at the I'eiiiusu
la Title, Abstract and Realty Co
Accurate work, Reasonable feci;.
II. Henderson, manager, 308 North
Jetsey, McDounUl InttlilitiK.
holders aro not tho sharo holders
the employees of tho directors?
Do they not hnvo equal powers
over each other to demand jus
tice from tho best judgment of
all.' Does that not install har
mony between employer and em-
Recorder's Quarterly Report
Cash on hand 2 ifti.sr,
General 187.30
I axes 2.884.77
Pines C0.00
Mccnse 2.rjv..rii
Street bond sinking fund 7.209.35
Street bond interest 3,240.20
Streets 36.337.30
KiiKlneer's 5 per cent 1,849.10
Total 150,444.00
General 1,811.26
Janitor 175.00
Salaries 2,616.60
ii iKinecrini; ucpt. .......... . 1.048.00
l'lrc fund 83.00
street repair.... 73,47
Health and charity.... , 10,00
innuiiK 211.56
One lot 50x106 set with bearing fruit trees.
One corner lot 97x1(16 near school house,
One corner lot 106x117. Leonard street.
Two lots 50x130 each, Kellogg street,
One house and lot 50xroojer.se' street.
One cottage and lot 50x106, Central Avenue.
Two lots 50x106 Central Avenue.
One business lot ou Jersey street, near postoflice, 50x100.
One 7 room house, lot 100x106, ou Central Avenue.
The above properties are all first class and can be purchased
at reasonable prices and most of them on time payments.
For these and other desirable bargains see
Room 4, Holbrook Block
ployeo? Ought not an industry J1 roller 26.44
void of friction to produce better
than nn industry hampered by
f t -t f t t i f t f
In order to Insure a ehanae of ad
vertlsement the copy for such chango
should reach this office not later than
Wednesday, at 3 o'clock p. in. Please
remember this and sava tho prints
Satisfaction, is
more, the Harbor.
the word Oil-
Gold Bond Trading Stamps
Mark the progressive store
Do your trading tliriras the stamps re
turn )ou a percentage on your puichasrs.
Celling these slumps it like havinu u sav
ing account with tur men hant.as they are
redeemable in auh or michmlic
toon uook or stamps Is worth
$2.00 in Cosh or $2.60 In Morohan.
St. Johns Furniture
Peninsula National Bank
Oldest Bank on the Peninsula
IT.TER AUTZEN, Pie.ident
l"Ri:i C. KNAI'P. Vice President
STAN! ON LDOlllE. Asst. Cashier
PETER AUT7EN, President Portland Manufacturing Co,; Director of
First National Dank of 1 louiam, Wash.
M. L. i lOl.mtOOK. Vice Piesidrut of Merchants National Hank of
friction? And if thoemnloyo bo
a sharer in tho onrninirs ot the
industry is it not to his interest
to increase tho earnincr power
of that industry And can he
not do so by ffivintr better scr-
vice? Aro not tho advantages
pointed out sutlicient to justify
a further investigation that we
know will develop n far greater
volume of advantages than what
has been referred to. and if this
system proves ndeminto to take
control from tho few and place
it in tlio hands of tno majority.
transiorm tno channels ot con
centration into channels of dis
tribution, eliminate fraud, open
up opportunity, givo men all
their money earns, inspire hope,
life and energy, creato harmony.
nnd create in tho nature ot in
Total 152,971.64
Balance ou hand Jan. 1 3,472.86
City inventory fl20.627.3l
iiumicu inacuieuness 10,000,00
improvement bonus 235,073.38
Ord. 161. C. Scott. successors and as.
signs, to operate a water system.
Ord. 31 Portland General Klectrlc
to., to supply electricity.
Ord. 34 O. W. R. & N. Co. to lav
side track on Bradford street, from blk
o to blk. H, James John's addition.
Ord. 7&-0. W. R. & N. Co. to Jay
side track on Bradford street from Rich,
tuond to Philadelphia street,
Ord. 144 Home Telephone Co, to op-
cnuc a icicpuone ami leiettratm svstem.
J200 per year, payable January 1 ol each
Onl. 14S Pacific States Telenhone &
dllSt ty tllO most perfect elementa Telegraph Co. to operate a telephone
of economv. shnttorincr the yteni. $100 per year, payable Oct. 1st
:... r-J ii.- i f Ol eacn
ueti-saiiy iur uiu iiunuriiiui Jiru-
tection of accumulated wealth
against tho hungry mnsses and
converting these great armies of
false law executors, with all
-t- 4 4 4 4 4 .'f 4
Slabwood '.
Prompt Dty,
Deliveries. Green,
Quality Blocks, .
Guaranteed. Trimmings
Phone Richmond 131
H. HENDERSON McDonald Bldg.,208 Jersey S
Real Estate, Loans, Insurance
Abstracts of Title Prepared. Accurate Work Guaranteed. jj
1 year.
Ord. 237 rortlaud Gas Co. to operate
ki (uttiii. iuu per year, payaoie uec.
1 of each year.
Railway. Licht &
rower v;o. 10 operate street railway on
Pesscnden and Jersey streets, f 50 per
Uieir ItlUUIOUS expenses attached year, payable Dec. 1 of each veor.
into developing ana producing om. soo Mount uood Raiiwayxight
KNAPP, Secretary of Peninsula Lumber Co,
PLAIT. Plait f Piatt, Attorneys; Director of Lumbermen National
l. T.
Bank of Poitlaud.
J. N. EDLEl'SEN. Cashier.
OUR MOTTO: Service and Security
& rower Co. to operate an electric light
and heatine power svstem. Two per cent
of gross earnings, payable the first of
each year.
bt. Johus Lumber Co., lease of Brad
ford street. S20 per year, twvable Tan. 1
of each year.
Onl. 503 FortUnd Railway. Licht &
Co. to use Dawson street. 1.00 ner vear
jmvuic juiy nrsi.
St. Johns Lumber Co.. lease of Bur.
llngton street. J160 per year, payable
senii-annuaiiy. r, A. RICK,
Published in the St. Johns Review on
Will Revolutionize
A thoughtful husband bought
niswiieasnot gun lortJhristmas
and then expressed himself sur
prised to find that his wife had.
presented him with a dining
room rug for Uhnstmas.
powers. Surely if wo aro cons
cious we will install this system.
Second and Yamhill
Conveniently located, modern in every re
spect. Hot and cold running water in each
room, telephones, elevator, etc. European
plan. Kates 3.00 per week and up, daily rates
50c, 75c, 11.00. Reasonable rates for perma.
neut guests; also special rates by the month.
Main 8726
the Business World
Funeral Directors and Embalmers
rortland Office and Chapel St. Johus Office and Chapel
Cor. killiuKsworth Ave. & Kirby St, .118 North Jersey St.
Phones: C 1 133 Woodlawii 3306 Phone Col. jSj.Res.Thone Col. 559

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