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gl Work, but Accomplish Very
Utile at It.
PeofcTS in general have an idea that
Turkish wnieu absolutely do nothing
that is either useful or ornamental,
aside from the decoration of their own
persons but that is not altogether true,
says a writer in the Pittsburgh Bulle­
tin, as my residence of over a year in
their country taught me, for tlmy are
really dexterous with the needle, and
do work which is as fine as that cl«ne
by the bisters in the convents, or that
of the wives of the feudal noblemen of
olden times.
Thet fayorite pastime of the Turkish
women is the kaili, which brings to
gether the wives and slaves of all the
well-tj|do Turks, and is like a picnic of
[wives, most of them very
pine, indeed, not over twelve
Wjy ltfiPr'een years old—take their
lnch a&Dg. and they eat and steam,
plunge and splash, and play pranks
upon each other in the wildest glee the
whole day long.
No fear of an angry husband li^unts
their minds, for they are not expected
to do anything, and their husbands
very rarely enter the harems before 6
o'clock. By this time they are all back,
rosy and tweet, from their bath.
At the baths the is often an old
woman who has the faculty of relating
stories, and she ie eagerly 'listened to
by the grown-up children and the
stories are generally of the "Arabian
Nights" order, full of gentle, beautiful
ladies find charming youths, and jeal
ous husoands. Many a lesson is given
as J0 'he most jealous of
uejusjfljplson they are neither slow to
The Tsay they were watched and con
fined always made me thiuk of the
woman who cautioned her innocent
children not to put blue beans in their
noses while she was out. The magic
lantern entertainments amuse the*e ig
norant caged birds. Dancing girls,
singing and playing the lute, playing
with the babies and occasionally quarrel
ing with each other, take up some of
their time: a weekly tour of the bazaars
and once in awhile a visit to the harem
of some other Turk stii 1 leaves much
time on their hands that the rare calls
of their husbands, the ea ing of Bweet
meats or smoking of cigarettes cannot
ill], and so they give their poor litt.'e
minds to fancy work. They very sel
dom learn how to read, or perhaps
books would help them through, and
they never make their own clothes,
though they do sometimes decorate
them elaborately after others have
made them.
|They have frames made on whicli
^embroidery, is worked, and on
itin or that beautiful and dur
^gauze they embroider with
fiueiie is and taste. The most
ot^B^ir embroidery is done in durable
and admirably arranged colors in sub
dued tones, which seem to me remark
able in womeu who are so fond of
brilliant primary colors and ill-assorted
contrasts. They have no patterns, but
work out beautiful and graceful
fantasies, and all done with the most
extreme care and fineness, requiring
patience and extra good sight.
They work in gold and silver threads
to a great extent, and they make
cushions for their cl-ivans which are stiff
with the finest of gold and silver needle
work. Their jackets ate worked so
thickly over with gold and silver
arabesques and other patterns that they
are almost as stiff as our cor.-ets.
Their slippers are ornamented as
well with gold and silver embroidery
over velvet or satin, and seed pearls and
fine coral and turquoise beads are
lavishly n-ed with beautiful effect.
They also work gold borders to their
bathing wraps. This is done in outline
work in chain stitch. The little Broussa
neckties aire worked ia the same man
ner that the ton rah, or nations.
day, and his associates wondered who
the little miss could ho when they found
that one morning, when Mr. Barrett had
been up until 4 o'clock, attending a re
ception, he had risen at 8 o'clock, and
an hour later was driving on the boule
vard with his then unknown "child
sweetheart." —St. Louis Post-Dis
Fate of it Ketintkful Almleli
One of the most tamons of modern
pictures in llans Makart's "Diana Hunt
ing," and perhaps the most striking
figure in this animated grouping is that
of a beautiful naiad in the foreground.
\Vheu the picture was first exhibited
this particular figure created a wonder
ful sensation, aud there was manifested'
a widespread curiosity to learn who
stood as a model for the painter.
The tradition has been that, an
Austrian nobleman, falling in love with
the figure upon the canvas, prosecuted
a search for the beautiful original and
married her. The truth about this has
just come to light.
A short time ago (last month, aa I
learn) the model herself appeared iu a
Vienna police court to answer to the
charge of vagrancy. She told a re
mark able story. Made, famous by
Makart's masterpiece, she w:\s sought
by many, and finally wedded with a
Vienna tradesman, an exceedingly well
to-do man.
The poor fellow seems to have been
infatuated by the girl's singular beauty,
and she, flattered out of her wits by the
compliments of the town and her sud
denly acquired fame, exerci-ed so evil a
spelt upon her spouse that from a keen
man of business he betimes sunk into a
condition of setisuous slolb fulness, and,
neglecting his pursuits, eventually be
came involved in debt and presently
died in poverty.
For a considerable period the widow
subsisted on the charity of friends, but
by degrees the ^e re-tources became ex
hausted, and now in her old age the
once-famous beauty is homeless, penni
less, and a vagraut.
Tracesof personal beauty still r'em'ain
her figure is still remarkably fine, aud
her bearing is that of royalty. She re
peated in court a number of interesting
At one time she appealed for help to
a certain lady who had expressed great
admiration for Makart's masterpiece.
"You must really excu-e me," answered
this grande dame, "but I am not in the
habit of giving clothes to women who
have made a profession of going with
out any!"
Saw a Tniin Coming.
The train was passing over a high
trestle work, on an Ohi" railroad, when
a man who had beoii smoking his cigar
iu silence suddenly ob.-erved:
"Ah! gentlemen, but 1 have cause to
remember this spot all my life."
"Anything happen to you hero?"
asked one of the quartet.
"Indeed, something happened. It
was two years ago this month. I was
visiting my aunt in that hamlet at
the other end. One day I wanted to
come over to the big stone quarry, a
quarter of a mile further on. It was a
near cut to take the track, and so I
took it."
"And met a train l" exclaimed a
"Yes, I had reached the center of the
trestle, which is ninety-five feet above
the ciuel rocks, wlieu I heard the
whistle, of a locomotive, and a moment
later caught sight
fms, is always. placed at the
a vert-e from the Koran
gold thread at the bottom.
Jake a very boautiful and dur­
able lace out of silk thread, which re
sembles no lace I ever saw. The mesh
is thick, but not heavy, and different
flowers are frequeutiy made in relief
upon it. I have .seen a piece of this lace
three yards iu length and a quarter of
a yard wide.
Wilson Hnrrett's Sweetheart.
Wilson Barrett, the English tragedian,
refers to Miss Mignon Shattinger, of St.
Louis, as his "child sweetheart." The
story of the meeting between the actor
and this charming little rni-s is a pretty
romance which no doubt has brought
many a happy hour to him thousands of
miles away from his own four little
ones, and many more to the less occu
pied object of his love. When Barrett
was here in February last, Mignon, who
has just entered her teens, saw his pic
tures in the window and on the fences,
and liked them so well that she wanted
to go to see the man ia one of his great
She went with her father to see the
tragedian in "Clandian." The fascina
tion of the face in the picture was inten
sified, and next day, steeling clear of
possible parental objec i.jn, she induced
her grandmother to accompany her to
the Southern Hotel to visit ihe object of
ffiiyittle girl's admiration. They wore
very pleasantly, and the con
lasted only a short while be
fore il^wat apparent that Mr. BaPrett
was quite as much interested in bis lit
tle admirer as she was in him, and be
fore she left he begged permission for
her to come to see his "Hamlet**'' .To
the theater they went that night with
an understanding that after the per
formance they were to call upon him on
the stage.
Then he asked little Mignon to write
a criticism of his presentation and send
it to him at Cincinnati, whither he was
going, Shg did, and lie has since said
that hers "Cis as fine a criticism of an
actor as he had seen from the pen of
any critic. It was truthful, candid,
keen, and wiiiie it prated extravagantly
this sceue it cut keenly for faults in
another. It touched iim so deeply that
he sent her in return the ivory tablets
housed in the play, which he had used
ever since be first essayed to picture that
miffhty character on tho stage.
from that lime on they corresponded,
and when Mr. Barrett played his return
engagement here he visited her every
Twas Queer Hut MioulU Dto Hard.
It was at an Irish wake nt town. A
poor fellow who nad worked on the
railroadfor years and suffered tho loss of
an eye and finger and perhaos a toe
had died. Paddy was a popular fellow,
though, and his friends turned out in
great numbers and the Aldermen of the
ward were both there, for Paddy was a
good Democrat and a bit of a politician
"Shure, an' it was a great pity that
Pat should die so harrud, him as had
always ken a frind to iverybody and
was "always aisylike to bis chiider,"
moaned the bereaved widow.
"An'did he die hard?" inquired one
of the Aldermen.
"Faith an' he shtrained himself, lie
"Sure, an' that's queer he had only
wan eye to close."—Buffa'o Courier.
A. Versatile Baby Coarh.
The newest thing iu baby carriages is
a contrivance that by means of various
appliances may be transformed into a
sled, a cradle,and a go-cart. The cradle,
instead of being provided with rockers,
hangs from the ceiling by a
spiral spring
and the spring itself pays an important
part iu the adjustment of the sunshade
that goes with the carriage when it is
Used in its normal character. The
maker boasts that the whole contriv
ance in almost simple enough to be ad
justed to its various u»es by the infant
^occupant hims-eif.—New York Sun.
great advantage Brigham Young
had over married men generally was
that, while living, his turn to get up
and light the fire came only once iu
twenty-eight days. Now he puts in hi*
whole time shoveling coal.
a freight train
rouuding the curve. 'There was only
one possible way of escape."
And you—you—"
"1 seized it. Though considerably
rattled, I did not lose my presence of
mind. Dropping down between the
crosspieces I swung clear with my feet
and hung on with my hands. You can
judge of a man's fee ing- with almost a
hundred feet of space between his feet
and a great mass of jagged rocks."
"Great Scots! How long did you
hang there?"
"About ten minutes."
"But did it take the train tliafc lang
to pass over you
"Ob, no."
"Then how was it?"
"Wl.*, the train side-tracked at tbe
other end, you see, and I hung on until
one of the brakesmen walked out to me
and said if I wnsn't in the circus busi
ness to stay I'd better get out of that."
"But I don't exactly t-eo."
"Oh, there is nothing to see. I got
off the bridge all right, with three
hours to spare before jinotlier train
came along. I was very much obliged
to the brakesmau, very much. I might
have hung there all day, you know.—
New York iun.
The Advantage of I'rosonoe of Mind In an
Killers: licy.
During tho late striko on the New York
Central Railroad, the militia were ordered
to be in readiness In case of a riot, hut they
wcro not called out.
In an Interview Gov. Hill said the troops
were not to be callcd upon except In case of
an emergency. Tlio emergency had not
arisen, theroforo tiiey would not be ordored
out. He remarked that (his was the first
great striko with which ho had had expori
oiicc, and ho did not propose to lose his
head tho only point at which there had
then been any serious trouble was at Syra
cuse, and there a deputy sheriff had lost his
head and precipitated an encounter.
The striko continued several weeks, and
there was riotous' action at various points
along tho road, but tho civil authorities
were able to cope with it without calling on
tho militia.
Tho to it of a man's real ability comos
When an emergency arises which makos a
hasty call on his good judgment aud discre
tion. The man who retains his presence of
mind, maintains his equipoise and exercises
Bound discretion at such critical junctures,
Is to be rolled on and will be put to the
Men wlth'level heads have the staying
qualities which do not falter In the faco of
danger, Otis A. Cole, of Kinsman. O.. June
10, 1800, writes: "In tho fall of 1888 I was
feeilng very 111. I consulted- a doctor and
ho said I had B: l^ht's disease of the kid
neys and that he would not stand in my
shoes for the State of Ohio." But he did
not lose courage or give up: ho says: "I
saw the testimonial of Mr. John Coleman,
100 Gregory St., Now Haven, Conn., and I
wrote to him. In duo time I received an
ans.ver, stating that the testimonial he
gave was genuine and not overdrawn In
any particular. I took a good many hot
lies of Warner's Safe Cure have not taken
any for ono year."
Gov. Hill is accounted a very successful
mans he Is cool and calculating and be
longs 1o the class that do not lose their
heads when emergencies arise.
SUNDAY observance is steadily gaining
ground in Paris. In the west end the
great majority of the shops are closed,
and the railway companies have lately
agreed not to reckon- Sundays fn charg
ing for the warehousing of goods. The
postoffiices, too, arc to close iu the future
at p. m. instead of 8, and the two even
ing letter deliveries are to be abolished.
A SCHOOL girl coming home- to report
having won two prizes, says the Cincin
nati Commercial Gazette, remarked that
one of them was for having the best
memory. Being asked what the other
was for, she replied: "For the life of
me, I can't just now think what that was
medicine ia given a child, parents
like to leel it is a sufn uu proper one. Such
a remedy is Dr. Bu i's Worm Destroyers.
A MISSOURI family left the cars at
Sallna to take in the town and the train
went on having the sleeping baby on
board. There was a squally time until
the family got together at the next sta
LIFE in tho little gcrman village of
Strobcck, in the Ilartz Mountains, is
almost entirely given up to chess playing.
Even tho children in the schools are pro
iicicnt in the ancient and royal game.
(Then Baby wan *ick, wo save lie?
When she was a
Child, she cried for Costoris,
When she
became Miss, she clung to Castoris,
When (he had CbUdrea, she gave them Carter!
SCBrprtntB rendered In the prevailing
fashion of speech: "The lady tempted me,
und 1 did eat.*'
is tho most un ort -nnto vegetable
they could have ou board a ship? A leek.
From a Catholic Arch
bishop down to the
Poorest of the Poor
oil testify, not only to tho
virtues of
The Great Remedy For Pain,
but to its superiority over all other remedies,
xpress (1 Uiux
It Cures Promptly, Permanently
which means strictly, that the pain-stricken
seek a prompt relief with no leturo of the
)niu, aud tills, tliey sny, St. Jacobs Oil will
give. This is its cxccllunce.
Both tlie method and results irhen
Syrup of Figs ia taken it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and acta
cenUyyet promptly on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses tbe sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup, of Figs is the
only remedy of its lcind ever pro
duced, pleasing to the taste ana ac
ceptable to the stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects, prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substanccs,
its many excellent qualities com
mend it to all and have made Ik
the most popular remedy known.
Syrup oi Figs is for Bnle in 50o
and (1 bottles by all leading drug*
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro*
euro it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it. Do not accept
any substitute.
October Is an arrant knave,
A coward, cringing treacherous slave
A hoastinc Falstail. weak in knees
Fair weatlier friend in days of ease:
In day« of waut foul weather foe,
Just where he is you never know.
His solemn oaths are rudely broken,
Like dicers' oaths, as soon as spoken
The proof whereof is quickly told—
He's always blowing hot and cold.
—Chicago Times.
Tills Is Meant for Yon.
It has boon truly sail that half the world
doos not know haw the other half lives.
of us have perfect
health, owing to tho impure condition of
our blocd. liul we rub aljng from day to
day, with scano'y a thought, unless forced
to our attention, of the thousands all about
us who are suffering from scrofula, salt
rheum, and other serious blood disorders,
and whoso agonies can only be imagined.
The marked success of Hood's Sarsaparilla
for these troubles, as shown in our adver
tising columns irequently, certainly seems
to justify urging tho uso of this excellent
medicine by all who know that their blood
is disordered. Every claim in behalf of
Uood's Sarsaparilla Is fully backed up by
what the medicine has done and is still do
ing, and when its proprietors urge its mer
its and its use upon all who suffer from
impure blood, in great or small degrees,
they certainly moan to include you.
Guelpliand Roilischlld.
The Dublin Times in its London cor
respondence announces that the Princess
Maud, youngest daughter of tho Prince
and Princess of Wales, is about to be be
trothed to Ferdinand de Rothschild, with
tho full approval of her father. The
princess was born Nov. 26, 1869, and the
time has fully arrived to obtain for her
suitable matrimonial alliance. Whether
the queen's consent will bo given to this
match remains to be seen. The social
atmosphere of London is filled with
rumors concerning the proposed
union. Should a social dispensation
be granted by her majesty, the joining
together of these two scion of the house
of Guelph and Rothschild, will be the
event of the coming year. The fortu
nate possessor of millions has had the
glamor of royalty thrown over him by
the princcss, v.Tho appears quite favora
ble to such disposal of herself in matri
mony. There is nothing less than a
dukedom that would be suitable to the
consort of a king's daughter, so that the
house of lords must e'er long receive a
Jewish duke with *no less enthusiasm
than it accorded a Jewish premier in the
person of Disraeli.
Electric Soap does not chap the
hands, being perfectly pure. Many people
afflicted with Salt Rheum have been cured
by its use. Preserves and whitens clothes.
Have your grocer order it and try it now.
Asr attempt to rob a chicken house at
Fresno, Cal., was made the other night
by a tramp, V.ut the owner a plucky little
woman, was on hand with a shotgun.
She pulled tho. trigger, and the tramp
had' to bo taken care of by a doctor. By
the iime he was through he extracted
156 shot from the back and the legs of
the intruder.
A. M.
satisfaction. Can get plenty
ic cares every on* who takes it." Druggists sell
it, 75c.
[. PBIEST, Druggist, Shelbyvilte, Ini„
"nan's Catarrh Cure give the best of
etion. Can get plenty of testimonials, as
BISHOP BLYTH, of Jerusalem, says
there are now- in Palestine nearly 70,000
.Tews, whereas in 1883 there were only
23,000, and in 1.841 only 8,000.
latest things in morning dresses
fashionable ladies at hotels.
think house-cleaning easy, but un­
less a womau uses SAPOLIO the proverb
ia trtw. "Easier rule a kingdvm thaa man
age a houses"
THE population of France has been
steadily decreasing, or, at least, its rate
of increase has been steadily diminish
ing of late years.
It afflicted with Son Eyes, use Dr. teiM
Thompson's Eye Water. Drnggiatssellit 250.
EIGHTEEN and one-half tons of celery
were shipped from Kalamzoo in one day
Contain!' Compte aod Concise Biographical
hkeicbes of ihe Eminent Pcjsoiia ot &ii uiia
'Couuries Bv J.
M. D., LLJ). 1 voL liu-
peri»14vo. &£0 patftx*. htierp, flz.O
A Complete Pronouncing Gazt t'eer or Geographical
Dictionary ot tie d. Containing uotu-eo of
over placed. 1 vol. imperial octavo. Knibrao
ing 288Spages. Price: Libr^iy i-hi an, tl .00.
fubUahera, 715 and 717 Market St*
R. tailed at wholesale prices. Oar Company is
not a member ot tbe Nor liwes'eru Lumber Pool,
hence can ell nsuraers. and orient.? request
any nee needicfr anjrtniug in cmrl ne to *eud 10 us
for deiivt red price* *t your ne*re R. R. tatio i.
AUdrasd PintsviHe Lumber Co., Minneapolis. &*iaa.
THE city of Vancouver, B. C., paid
8500 to be advertised in a pamphlet pro
fessing to be an accurate description of
the province and designed to influence
.mmigration. When the work was
printed it was discovered that Vancouver
was only mentioned in the index, there
being no account of the city whatever.
The Way Made Clear.
One of the most serious obstacles to success
in the way of man is planted right in the mid
dle of tho road to health. How to restore and
to maintain a regular habit of body and diges
tion is too often a source of needless and, un
haj'jifly, of vain inquiry. It is not necessary to
inveigh again6t drasiic purgatives. They who
ha-va used them continuously know tbe con ae
quo-ice. A remedy which unites the action of
a regulating modiolno for the bowels with that
of a tonic both for those organs, the liver aud
the stomach, is Hostetter's Stomach Bitters,
sanctioned by tho best medical authority, and
receiving daily the indorsemeut of our fellow
countrymen. With this effectual, though gen
tle, laxative at hand, it is possible to defy those
changes of temperature productive of constipa
tion, as wel 1 as constitutional attacks of bil
iousness, which beset even people naturally
healthy. Malaria, dyspepsia, rheumatism, aud
kidney troubles are remedied and prevented by
the Bitters.
A THOROUGH reform of tho Prussian
system of taxation has been planned by
Finance Minister Miquel and will be sub
mitted soon to the Prussian deputies.
The principal ideas of this reform aro
the closer estimate of the Incomes of tax
payers, the heavier taxation of funded
income in comparison with salaries or
wages and the extension of the inheri
tence tax to children, parents, and tho
widow or widower. Herr Miquel also
purposes to introduce Several quite new
provisions concerning the number of
children and other dependents in each,
household with a view to lightening the
burdens of fathers of large families. The
income tax will decrease relatively from
incomes of $2,250 downward.
CAKIO, 111., boys are doing a wholesale
business in sparrows. The birds make a
roost of an old chimney in an abandoned
house. Tho boys have secured a net,
and after the birds go to roost at night
they spread the net over the chimney's
top. Every morning they have from 50
to 200 sparrows, for which they get
cents per head bounty.
1 1
A BIBD fancier oi Washington, who has
twenty parrots, says that the Mexican
double-heads are the best talkers, while
the African grays make the best mimics
and whistlers.
White Swelling
•In 1887, zsy eon, 7 years old, bad a white swellinc
come, on his right leg below tbe knee, which con
tracted the muscles so tha. bis
If TOO Buffer from Catarrh. In anv ot its forms, it Is yotir flntv to yonre-lt and fami'v to obtain the
me»n"o£ a certain euro before it is jo late. This yon can eaiiiv do at an expense of one e:it for a postal
c»r1.bv sending your name and al ire«s to Pro '. J. A. I.awrence. Mew York, whu will senU ou
FllETC, br return mail, a cooy of t'ie nrtzinal recipe for prepari itt tin* best and surest remedy ever
discovered for the cure of Catarrh la all it-t various stages. Over one million cases of this dreadful.
di«iiK Ing and oft' 1
nil's f.tv disease hav been cured permanently u.iriag the ptxt five years h.v tbause
of tiiis dlcine. Write to-day for this FKEK recipe. ts tiraelv nse may save you from tlie doatn toils
of Consumption. DO
tiOK JDi£tAY
was drawn up at
ght angles. Icossidered him a confirmed cripple.
Hood'? Sarsaparilla woke up his appt tite, and soon
pieces of bono came Irom the tore. Tbe discharge
decreased, the •welling went down, the leg fctraight
ened out, and in a few months he had perfect use of
his leg. He ow runs everywhere, and apparently
is as well as ever."
Public, Ravenswood, W.ya.
Hood's .Sarsaparilla
Sold by all druggists. $1 six for $5. Prepared only
by C. 1. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass.
(OO Doses One Dollar
that peopl^ will know your hair is dyed If
you tud that perfect imitation of nmture,
Tutt's Hair Dye
No one can detect it. It imparts a jrlOM?
color and frenh life to the hair. Easily an.
plied.^rice, SI. Office, 39 Park Place, N. a.
•UBriELn neeixATAR e«»„ ATUNTA,
Warren New York. Frio*(Octal
Catarrh Cured,
longer, if .von de-e a spi-edy and pHitnaurnt cure. Adrtre.-B
l'ro& J. A. LAWUESCl'., 188 Warion Street, Mow York.
re like Sa.poIib.-They waste
hheni selves to rri&ke the world
jri*hter. 3 A POLIO is the J*
leleclric light of house-cleaning-
and old methods are not the easiest by far. Many people travel them
because they have not tried the better way. It is a relief from a sort
of slavery to break away from old-fashioned methods and adopt the
labor-saving and strength-sparing inventions ox modern times. Get out
of old ruts and into new ways by using a cake of SAPOLIO in your
IS' 98 LYE!
in twenty
m'nu »s
mthout boiling.
«Weill Weill"
That's the way you feel after one or
two of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets
have done their work. Tou feel
well, instead of bilious and consti
pated your sick headache, dizzi
ness and indigestion are gone. ^It's
done mildly and easily, too. You
don't have to feel worse before you
feel better. That is the trouble
with the huge, old-fashioned pQL
These are small, sugar-coated, eas
iest to take. One little Pellet's a
laxative, three to four are cathartic.
They regulate and cleanse the liver,
stomach and bowels—quickly, but
thoroughly. They're the cheapest
pill, sold by druggists, because you
only pay for the good you get
They're guaranteed to give satis
faction, every time, or your money
is returned. That's the peculiar
plan all Dr. Pierce's medicincs aro
sold on.
Can you ask more
Regular Graduate in
vcan hospital and privatejaraeUee-Medicine—SO
in Chicaqo and Hew York—Km-
Atabllabed in Sioux City Nine
"UI1 treating all Private.
Vervous, Chronic and Special
trretularitia, etc.
Seminal weakness
lona) I in potency
of eexuat power),
and all Female Diseases,
Cares guaranteed or
money Charges fair. Terms
ROand experience fire important. No In­
jurious medicines used—Wo
time lott
from work or
business—Patients at a distance treated by mall—
Medicines sent everywhere iree from gaze
age—State your case
Quiet Home and
Ladits t—-
Our Well Machines are the most
They FINISH WelUwhere
others FAIL! Any size, 2
Inches to 44 inches tii&meter.
ana break.
and send for Opinion and
terms—Consultation strictly oonflder tlal, person*
ally or by lcttep-Dr. WOOD has the largest
Medical and Surgical Institute anil Kje
and Ear Infirmary in the West— ooms for
patients fair rates, ttciHttes to meet any emer
best tare and skill for
Popham's Asthma S-ectffo
Gives immediate relief.
It Is believed to be the
Best ASTHMA Bemedy
known to humanity.
As evidence we give
Trial Package KREE.
Sold by Druggists.
bent by mail, postpaid,
for 81 per Box. Addrese
THOS. POPHAM, 2001 Ridge Avenue, Philada,
The Disability Bill Is »Itw. Holders disabled slnr*
the war are entitled. Depeudeut widows nd parent*
now dependent whose son* died trora effects ol unoy
service are included. If you wiMh yonrcJaim *pee
•cuted^addrea*11'1111* JAMES WER,
Late Commissioner of Pensions, W(5g|il|Tfil. B.
XtADIES.'nse Dr.Le
Due's "Pcrlodlcal"PlUs.froiB
VhrU, France. Established in Europe, 1839 Eocland, ld&O Canada.
United States, Cores ill sapprissfona, irregulsrlliM, tad
CDOQthly derangement*. Safe, harmlet*, rellablt. Tbey pMilivsly
•mstcotbs taken durlnjy pregnancy. The lege proportion of lite
to which ladles are liable tUa direct result of a disordered tail
fcrcgalar xienstruatlon. Continued monthly suppressions result
Hood polsonlnj and quick consumption* $2 a package, or 3 for
permaJtjtapliiQnealedenvelope,onrecelptofprice* TbsAasrfs
can Pill Co., Wholesalers and Rovaltjr Proprietor*,
The gewt!ne p1!l soM by SETX3WICK DELONQ.l
(loosely, low% Vf'halMsls sadlWiaU Asaui*
1 presrrtbe and tvUy ea*
dorse Kit as ike only
specific for tbe
certain cut
of this dleeaee.
O. U. INURA HAlf.lt.
Amsterdam, H. T«
Hfisaly kf tte
We have sold Bff for
many years, and ft his
best of sail*
Cbtcato, lit
•l.OO. Bold
by PragjrJst*
»lor forms ior application and full infon iktton
Attorney at Law. WaftliTiuton, II. a
(Mention thiH Paper.)
and WOMEN c*» enra
themselves r.ulvlilr a* heme*
of Ws»ttn« Vitality,
Exhausted Ncrvc*. onJ jitlred ailuients. 64 i*?e lZooli
•n i'rlvute at:dNcrYo-sDracnftf^ »cct I- JIZ.E («eaied)»
CURE CtT.V!:A? Tr.r.TK &-> VAES'cxj?r!enee.
per package,
arnt post-paid,
CUlars ami f«r 6c «tani|»*. Allrt*x*
.PR. SNYDKlt, Lock Box 401, Chicago* TQ»'
wmn»- m»««nasas.
ing the feet k!ALt.i K. instant
relief for cold or cct. a Drug
Mioe Stores, ser.c free on receipt of coc.
Sample package only a dime, illustrated
Vamphlet Krrc
Ti.E 1 LIUJ^K CO., 25S Eroadwny, M. V.
16 to
S» lbt. per
br tfes aetentJUe appUcaUoa «T
mlm r—dlifc Mo t»—fiesta.
...... MTierrs
made. 'Will make tho
It ia
the ke-tt for disinfecting sinks,
•losettt, drains, washing bottles,
barrels, paints, etc.
A~ta.. PhHa.. Ps
PAPER wvsit warrine to abtiriuu.
rer cfrcstara end testtmoalals. sddreu *itb
se. stamps,
DR. O. W. F. SNYDER, S «3 fttst* SLMH, Cfvtoftff**
MENTION THIS* PAPER w«IN VImxe TO aavaaraass.
Ml A NTCn Tb* addresses of so'dlers wife
WHI1 I Kt# hi me-tead-d ales number oT
QAI fllCDfi' acre* tbaa ifid at anv tim*
OVkUIBH9 befora June
1871. aud
GU&ON, Denver, Colorado. 49~Menttun tbis paper*.
How to Ob
a I at-
out, frentlrra,
PATRICK O'FAKBEIX, Att'y at Law.Wa-hii.ifnJXa
inventor *^Writiat
once for nU-uuok
CO.. WabhiaEion, D. C.
ill5lvll Waaliinstou,
'Successfully ProFecutcs Claims*
jate-'r! acipal Examiner U.S. Pension Bureau.
vrsvaiast war, ISiMliudicaliuscIoiius, attj »iuo*.
I paeLaffe
•all to taffcrcp*. Dr.B.BCH(fFW*5, Kt. Paul.Vina.
dipcouiit to
XNSL'tw. HincJtiey. III.
T. L. to i:
s. c. K. u.
No. 43—OO

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